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Ask Astrid ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Walk in Confidence & Crystals that Care


Today Astrid wants to speak to the voice of doubt within everyone – that little voice that finds ways to hurt you, says you’re a failure and never will amount to anything, the voice that never feels good enough, and the voice that cuts you down even when you make a step forward.

“Enough is enough,” she says. “There is only one you and you would not be here if there wasn’t something special you have to share.”

This made me think of the documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” we watched a couple of nights ago on Spring Equinox about Mister Rogers – you know, Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers Neighborhood. I had no idea his birthday was March 20, 1928 and here we were being drawn to watch this documentary on the eve of what would have been his birthday 91 years ago.

That felt like a rebirthing in itself, as there’s so much of how Fred Rogers is that mirrors myself. And as I walk forward on a new path, I know that feeling confident about exactly who I am at heart is what will carry me forward into unknown territory once again.

Perhaps Astrid felt how much I loved this documentary and tuned in deeper to the underlying messages around it, knowing how important they are to the heart of everyone.

I did turn to Dave several times in the movie saying “oh my gosh, he’s so like me and the things I do daily from the moment I wake up!” and he giggled back in agreement.

So often I’ve felt that people think I’m naive or too “pollyanna” about life and that my simplistic and innocent ways of viewing things, the magick and wonder I see, and the love I feel that underlies everything is just silliness and I can feel (even if they don’t say it) that they wished I’d “grow up”.

Many have wished I’d immerse myself more into the drama playing out in the world or be more like them as activists and taking stands on things like politics and such.

And it’s not that I don’t understand what is going on, but I see it all through different eyes and heart, have my own way of working with that, my own way of embodied activism, and my own way of desiring to find that bridge between all people, species, and life.

I’ve always loved Mister Rogers and remember watching it when my brother and I were growing up.

Last night I made so many connections and in hearing his story more, it deepened my belief in the way I approach life and that there’s a very valuable and much needed place for that level of sweetness, simplicity, innocence, and love, as a bridge.

Not that I haven’t always felt that, but it was a very loud message that solidified things and connects with Astrid’s message that I know she is sharing from the heart and wanting each and every one of us to really, REALLY understand and take to heart.

Many of you have probably watched the clip where Fred Rogers addresses the U.S. Senate using emotional intelligence, speaking from his child-like heart and in just six minutes convinces the Senator from Rhode Island not to cut $20 million for PBS.

If you haven’t seen this here it is:

You’d think you’d have to be some kind of genius, attorney, or whatever definition of someone you think has the power to persuade and talk a good talk, but in fact it was someone with innocence and love, who spoke a language everyone could feel, that won $20 million dollars.

“Being you from the heart is the most powerful thing you can do,” says Astrid. “Don’t ever be less than who you are. Don’t ever let anyone or those voices in your head persuade you otherwise. There is something special inside of you and when you express it vulnerably, you create a clearer and better world for everyone.”

That reminds me of the song, You are Special by Fred Rogers, 1968. Here are the simple lyrics:

You are my friend
You are special
You are my friend
You’re special to me.
You are the only one like you.
Like you, my friend, I like you.

In the daytime
In the nighttime
Any time that you feel’s the right time
For a friendship with me, you see
F-R-I-E-N-D special
You are my friend
You’re special to me.
There’s only one in this wonderful world
You are special.

Practice having more confidence and belief in yourself more everyday.

Take steps to push pass discomforts one at a time and feeling okay with it.

Stick to doing something new even when the voices emerge, and learn to trust yourself more with each time, creating a new habit.

Experiment and learn that with each attempt you are stronger and more capable than you imagine – more resilient of discomfort and are better for it.

Learn that even if something doesn’t work out as you hoped, that you can be okay with that and the feeling of going past what you thought were your limits during the process, is the success.

Astrid always knows what’s needed and where to direct me.

I hope you find a little pearl of wisdom that speaks to you in today’s share.

Astrid is encouraging me to speak a bit more about things I’m working on, including my new book.

I don’t talk much about it, but with my focus returned to it, I feel her encouragement.

I think she brings this up for this post, because she knows that the story I’ve written is very much who I am at the heart of me and it comes from a place of innocence I’m putting out in a much bigger way.

Another reason is that one part of the story ties into the offerings below.

I’ve shared that the main characters are rabbits and one of the pivotal elements in the story centers around a very special crystal and what might unfold if it were to get into the wrong hands.

I wasn’t going to post these until Easter, however, Astrid and the bunnies prompted me that people may want to bring the energies home to enjoy now and actually have to work with and ignite energies with the dawning of Spring. Plus, they know they will need the right alignment to match energies with their new guardian and friend.

They are crystals that care – here to support you into your highest truth, support the collective through your gifts, and align energies to reflect the heart of you.

So, these incredible offerings will be looking for their sacred partners later today in our Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop. UPDATE – now posted and ready for adoption.

They will include the following three items that have some of my own personal collection, amazing crystals included – these are just quick sneak peaks of the entire basket as a whole, as the listings will have close-ups of each beauty included in the baskets.

ultimate rabbit.jpg

Two Ultimate Magick Rabbit Easter Baskets:

cosmic 1.jpgcosmic 2.jpg

Cosmic Basket – includes rabbit basket, faerytale spiral moss, mushroom, Celestite open egg with rainbows, large Sunstone egg, medium Moonstone egg, and Alice in Wonderland natural vegetable soap in Vanilla Frosting scent. Two small silver stands included in case you want to display your Sunstone and Moonstone eggs separately.

rabbit basket2 (3).jpgrabbit basket2 (2)

Enchanted Forest Basket – includes rabbit basket, faerytale spiral moss, mushroom, large Ametrine (Amethyst and Citrine) Spirit/Faery Quartz plate, sparkly Amethyst cluster, Goldstone Butterfly, sweet little handmade rabbit decked out for Spring, and Alice in Wonderland natural vegetable soap in Tea for Two scent (sweet blend of freshly baked butter cookies sweetened with a dollup of tart, ripe blackberry jam)

amethyst (1).jpg

UPDATE SOLD : And The Rabbit Faery’s Wing/Ear – one of the large pieces of the giant Amethyst Geode Rabbit that made its way back home to me. We discovered that this one was only to be worked with for a short while and that part of that was to include Astrid being able to activate energies with her and reprogram her to be ready to find her sacred partner.

We love you!!

Just a quick note: We’ll be away on a surprise last minute vacation starting Sunday and back next Saturday, so there won’t be any posts next week. I’ll be back the week after with more from Astrid and any inspirations and messages we have to share.

Understanding Symbolism is a Journey of Personal Discovery & Empowerment


With the Pisces Full Moon’s heightened intuitive energy today and people looking into the meaning of things more and more, along with inquiries about signs, messages, and symbolism I receive consistently, and a recent request for a source on interpreting symbolism, especially things like animal totems, I felt to share one of my favorite websites from Avia Venefica who shares insightful cultural and archetypal meanings of symbolism across the board. Her website is one of the most diverse sources (check out the menu of topics in the top, left hand corner) I think you’ll find helpful with learning to understand the deeper meaning of things and how to harness that for both personal and collective implementation and awareness.

Here is her site:

Behind the Signs: Avia Venefica

I also recommend tuning in and meditating on the symbolism in question, asking for its message directly and how it applies to you, as although there is universal symbolism, how and when something shows up for you can have its own meaning and interpretation, which can only truly be understood or accessed by you. And I truly believe that if you spend the time you will discover the meaning and make those connections to what is going on in your life that brings purpose to what has shown up.

Teaching yourself to engage your own inner wisdom and using things as aids and tools to access that, will help not only to empower yourself, but also strengthen your gifts and open up more doors within you that have been hidden, conditioned out of conscious reach, or repressed.

You can also simply go online and google key words to bring up associated links to what is in question and trust what shows up or what you’re drawn to, as there is always meaning to why that particular message has been brought to your attention. The same goes for a book you might see in a book store, or one you have that you pick up and open up to, finding the perfect message right before your eyes.

Also, stay very aware, present, and observant to things that happen, you hear, someone says, etc., at the time of the sign, just before, just after, and pay attention to recurring themes taking place in your life currently that are trying to get you to pay notice and either make changes, adjustments, are aiding inspiration, or simply are reiterating you’re on the right track and being supported.

Then be open and willing to accept the messages you receive, as if you have a pattern of denial this is the very reason the messages or reiterating signs keep showing up.

Much of interpretation is relative to you, and although things can be guides or someone else can tell you what they think, these are simply keys to help access those closed doors within YOU that has the answers and that you can then run with and discover whole new worlds of possibilities once you engage them with curiosity and trust.

Enjoy the journey!


(Photos of the mystical Pisces Full Moon aglow in rose gold above Lake Tahoe at 6 am this morning and Astrid Moon gazing along with mom. At 6:45 am it disappeared behind the mountain, and she stayed there the entire time, in zen mode, until it did)

Trust, Abundance & Balance ~ A Message to Leave You With

As shared, I’ll be away from blogging for a while after today, as I have a personal goal to meet with completing my book’s first draft before leaving for Australia on May 10th and away for 19 days. I’ll be joining Dave who will already have been touring for two weeks speaking about his book Meatonomics, and then we’ll be leaving for a week to Austin, Texas less than two weeks after our return. Alongside this full plate I am also energetically preparing for a new addition to my life coming in once we fully return from all the travels, which is the focus of this short blog before I head off.

The short story, which I will fully share when it happens, is that a new bunny love will be joining me in partnership and it’s all divinely aligned itself in incredible potency on the upcoming Summer Solstice portal. It’s all truly a magickal story and timing that I know my beloved rabbits have set up as such.

Without going into detail, a special rabbit has made connection with me the second I became ready and made my own realizations and commitments and we are in relationship telepathically until we can be together.

I felt that since I will be away so much, this was not conducive to bringing the bunny love into my life, as my priority is establishing a stable and supportive experience for the physical bonding, and it is not responsible of me to just up and leave bunny love with a pet sitter.

So, once again, I am being asked to trust with all of my heart and walk fully in that trust of knowing that if it is meant to be this little love will be there when I return to adopt on the appointment date that has been set upon my arrival home.

I explored with the rabbit rescue my options and this was the only one that made most sense to everyone, but also asked of me to be in that trust given that anyone could come along and connect and want to take this love home during the two months of waiting.

I believe with all of me that we will be together, and that these two months are preparation, as well as standing in the truth of my trust. I know that if we change and shift together over what takes place these two months then when I go to pick this love up, all will unfold as set in motion.

But either way, what has been set in motion is that a bunny love will be coming home with me nonetheless on that day, and if we both shift differently, it is because another has taken place of the new alignment created.

However, this little love has a special story and needs, I’ve already received the name, and we have connected in dream time indicating a bond that no matter what takes place is already playing out.

It’s such a beautiful connection I can’t wait to share, but for now the reason of my sharing is simply to reiterate the message of trust.

There is no reason to act out of desperation with anything. There is no reason to worry or do things that would not be responsible simply because we don’t want to lose out on something or are trying to control a situation and outcome that needs the freedom of choice, growth, and natural transformation to take place.

As mentioned before, abundant beings recognize the unlimited way abundance plays out when we trust and that there’s no need to attach to any one idea because more will show up.

And also, when you stand in the truth of who you are and trust with your heart, that’s all the confirmation you need.

So, there is much preparing for birth in the next two months for me with the first draft of my book completing (still have a long way to go, but that’s the biggest step), some transformative travels, and preparing myself for a new co-creative partnership that is going to support the next phase of my life.

All of this to balance things out and remain true to my spirit.

And the need to pull back from writing blogs right now is to conserve my inspiration and creative writing, as well as devote my time where it is most needed.

So I’ll not be posting until that goal is met, or if I do feel a strong guidance would only share a very short channeled message or reblog an important theme.

And as mentioned, I’ll only be sharing via Instagram/Facebook during this time if you happen to be on those platforms (although may be limited in interaction), since they are quick ways to still stay in touch and share some daily inspiration and beauty with you, while creating that healthy balance for me as well.

So I’m not completely retracting, just continually tempering that perfect support that ensures optimal well being, creative output, and resonance for the highest good.

Wishing you all a beautifully transformative Spring, rich in abundant expressions of your creative spirit and loving trust.

The Path I’ve Been Walking

This was part of May’s newsletter message I shared and today with things I’m processing, I felt to share it via my blog as well.

This month I’m feeling the increased importance of embracing the entire journey – both bitter and sweet, of loving the light AND the dark, of walking the middle path, and more deeply embodying harmonic resonance.

My own journey the previous six weeks through Utah’s National Parks has been one of rich exploration that has taken me to the depths of ancient Mother Earth womb energy, and catapulted me through portals of expansiveness.

I’ve been daring to go further and at times feel pulled back like an arrow in order to shoot forward with focused intent. This has also activated the very cells within my body and the latent DNA strands that we all have awaiting our unlocking.

It hasn’t all been easy, as greater levels of vulnerable courage have been needed to expose myself, to reveal the essence of pure, unabridged energy at the well of my essence, and to be okay with holding the energy of misinterpreted darkness for others to reflect and throw energetic arrows at, while I stood in my truth as the only deflection – a deflection that courageously allows the arrows to penetrate the core so they can be alchemized before returning.

I have humbly walked the path of the Ancients, receiving their guiding wisdom for the new and unknown journey ahead, and have assisted with the release and integration of energies through sound channeling.

I have felt the loud silence within and without that can be deafening and also beautifully penetrating.

I’ve communed with the harsh realization of collective belief systems and conditioning residing in my own DNA and made better friends with them.

I’ve stumbled and I’ve gotten back up.

I’ve spoken the truth of my own fear of not being able to do justice to the message I’m being guided to channel through my own expressive embodiment.

I’ve seen the other side of blind faith, as I’ve walked through doorways, bent time and reality, and made new breakthroughs that were miraculous in nature.

I’ve received the gift and messages of so many animal spirit guide encounters and of Spirit itself within the elements and every living part of Earth I come in contact with.

I’ve channeled new expressions of creative energy – always and only when inspired and guided to do so.

And I’d like to add, which was not in my newsletter, I’ve unearthed grief and known both tiredness and freshness with life – realizing the power in all of it and how every emotion is potential alchemy.

And all of this is a continuous journey that will further unfold as we continue traveling in the Magick Bus and I open to the energies each place reveals and draws forth.

I don’t know what I’m doing or how I’m going to do it anymore, until I do it.

Perhaps many of you can relate with that.

Life is all about the eternally present NOW unfolding and being willing to experience it as such with faith and humbleness of learning all things from a clean slate where nothing applies that you once did or knew.

To add another element that was not in my newsletter, there’s simply nothing more powerful to do in challenging situations than to trust, as no level of anxiety and worry will see us through. Trust in the highest good for all always unfolding, regardless of how that ends up looking. Remember that we are conditioned to judge the human condition, but there is always a bigger picture at play that we can believe in beyond reasoning. Our resilient hearts will understand, when our limiting thoughts step out of the control seat.

I am holding the vision of your wholeness and do all that I do with intent of the highest good of all concerned always at the forefront of my fullest possible expressions of personal embodiment in each moment that I can embrace.

Catching the Sunrise of Your Life


You never know what gifts or opportunities await you in each moment unless you are open, ready, and willing to embrace them when they show up.

Life can be scary at times when you dance with the unknown, but riding that edge of wonder and fear is a sweet spot where courage of the heart can rise up and draw in rich experiences because of those moments you took the leap and said yes, I deserve this.

These are photos captured of this morning’s brief, but richly fertile sunrise that was gone within moments, leaving no trace to those awakening later.


Surrender, Release, Renew

Shifting Roles Supporting You Into Your Empowerment ~ Reminders on Services I No Longer Offer & Why

After I posted this on Facebook this morning, it continued a dialogue and reiteration of things that I felt called to share and expound upon here.

I’ll reshare what I wrote there first, and then add what feels important to impart in addition.

Here is my original post:

I am so touched by all of the messages I receive of interest in wanting to work with me on sacred tattoo designs, however I am not taking on new clients and feel I should reiterate this, as I continue receiving a lot of requests.

I’ve also had several people message me with long shares about themselves and wanting me to at least help with the idea and how to come up with the design, asking me to tell them how to do that.

I hope that others can understand and honor that that is a huge part of the work that I did with this, which involves a big investment of time and energy on my part and is actually half of the process when I am working with someone.

That process involves people writing me about themselves and the essence of what they want to see in the design and I take the time to review all that they share, tune in, channel the energy, vision, images, inspiration and guidance and then begin the designing.

But the first leg of the journey is as much work as the designing, if not more crucial and energetically involved.

The interesting thing I find is that these people are so intuitive and within their messages are the answers.

My desire is that people come to trust their intuition and feel the empowerment of that process.

I know you can tap into the vision and then take the time to find the right tattoo artist that understands you and can take your vision and bring it to life.

The more you embody and trust the energy you are feeling, the more easily you’ll align with the perfect tattoo artist.

Just have patience and believe in yourself.

Part of why I think I’ve been guided right now to move away from this, besides supporting the energy I know I need to follow, is to empower others in trusting and empowering themselves.

It’s the same reason why I’ve moved away from other things as well and why the things I AM focused on are very deliberate in supporting just that.

This is one of my the biggest focuses of everything I do and am moved to do involves – to help others see that they have what they seek within them.

I believe in you.

After I posted this, a dialogue continued and while I didn’t share the extent of what this all meant in my post, my dear friend Dawn picked up on it and what we exchanged felt important to add here in a bit more detail.

Dawn mentioned how Lee Harris has announced his stopping his monthly energy forecasts and will now only share short updates as he’s moved to. She noted a recurring theme around trusting ourselves and listening, with hopes people will invest the energy and time into that for themselves.

I chimed in with agreement and that I’d seen about Lee Harris’ announcement, finding it synchronous to how I’ve shifted things and feel moved to only share as I’m inspired and guided to and to only focus on what is most resonant to my heart and essence, knowing that is collectively connected to what is also most needed at this time.

Another friend, Jayn, also chimed in with reiterating messages without seeing our comment thread and made a point that we resonate with those that are growing with us.

I have felt myself for some time now feeling very pulled into new directions and ways of sharing my individual gifts, and that has been a process to work through the feelings of responsibility and what that TRULY means, while aligning with the right timing on this that felt most supportive to my own and the collective’s process.

This has been why, little by little, I’ve moved away from things and released things that I once offered because it no longer aligned with what I felt the path now for me and my role was/is.

We all have different parts to play and we are all on different legs of the journey…none better or worse than anyone else’s part…but all integral and necessary.

Yet, my part has shown me I will often be forging new energetic territory where the guidance will only come from within and often may not always be understood, or embraced by only a few.

And that is perfectly alright for me, as I am clear on who I am now.

So, in order to align with who I am, and what best I have to offer the collective by embodying that more fully every day, I have had to make boundaries, take stands, support what I feel, and ground the new.

This has led to certain services being released for now, or for good, and new ones developing, as well as fine-tuning what remains to really focus on the energy signature I’m supporting from my piece of the collective tapestry.

This has included sharing videos that channel what is coming through me in inspiration at the moment and feel important to impart, or writing a blog about a current experience, reflection, and learning that is time relevant, or rather than certain kinds of ongoing support, creating very specific types of support for specific types of souls that will feel called to them to make those empowered leaps in their lives.

It has also included focusing on new channels of creativity and inspiration.

All this created and shared, rather than offering things people rely on – much like how Lee Harris is not doing his “scheduled monthly energy forecast” but touch-ins instead.

I feel like everyone is shifting their roles right now and some things we used to do will be taken over by others moving into that leg of their journey, while we move into another, and those that were in our new roles can now be released to move into a new one too.

I know for myself, I don’t want to enable people, but to empower them and I’m very clear on how that looks, as to my role shifting.

I feel that there is definitely a huge shift taking place that asks us all to step up into our power. And this is not going to be done in the way it used to where you may have more leeway, but rather will really engage and trigger you in the ways that light a fire under your feet in order for you to choose where you want to step next with greater personal power that knows how to utilize that fire alchemically rather than being burned by it.

I love you more than you may know and everything I’m guided to do is from that unconditional and cosmic love that only sees your wholeness and will meet you there.

Making Dreams Into Realities ~ My Nearly 3 Year RV Dream Manifests

It’s a dream no more.

I’ve held a dream about living and traveling in an RV now for quite a while – somewhere between 2 1/2 – 3 years. And it is finally happening, but all in perfectly divine and aligned timing, just as I had posted it would back on May 17, 2013 in this blog, when I saw an interesting all white RV parked across the street where I could see it directly in view from my office:

Faery Stones & Crosses

It’s always fun to look back at how things have evolved. I actually didn’t realize it had been that long, as time flies, but at the same time I’ve kept myself focused on moving forward as if it already was, patiently awaiting the alignment to light up.

The more I’ve connected with my essence and heard the truth in my heart, the more I’ve connected with what that looks like for me in terms of my life callings.

I have a deep desire as a soul to explore, forge into unknown territory, create beauty, imagine expansively, flow naturally, live freely, simply, and with ecstatic softness, and love boundlessly. I’m a soul, that much like my dear Twin Soul, Nestor, cannot be confined, contained, nor bound.

Ideas come to me without some long analyzed process…I get the idea as a spark of inspiration and knowing first…and then I start working out the details, looking at the angles of how that looks, and exploring possibilities after.

This is what took place when I first got the RV inspiration. It just came to me. I knew it was right. And little by little, things started showing me and messaging me that my guidance was on point for my life with this. I knew I was meant to move on from California at this time. I’ve lived here nearly all my life, except for 7 of my 42 years, which were spread between Seattle, Sedona, Lake Tahoe, and Reno.

And I knew there was a timing on this. It wasn’t until I returned from Alaska last August of 2014, that I knew with all of me I had fully moved into a new embodiment and was living in the new reality, which was no longer in California. It would just take time for the rest to align. From the moment I arrived home everything felt so unreal to me and like a parallel reality to my own. And since then, I’ve upped my energetic work and movement forward to create what I knew was needing to be done.

I know that as long as I listen to the nudges I will always be supported, safe, and taken care of – in the right place at the right time. And there was a time limit on when this needed to take place, how long I knew I would be able to wait, but this would also coincide with an opening that had to be taken at the precise moment it was offered.

I think people didn’t take things seriously when I said a move and RV living was coming, since people operate only on the tangible things they see and experience. So, I just worked toward it, not mentioning it much, as it wasn’t important others were consciously in on it with me or not.

I operate in the intangible, as that’s where the tangible is created. So yes, for most of the time I may look like The Fool Card in the Tarot, but that’s where I live with great peace.

That used to be a big challenge, especially when I was much younger, and now I relish in it. It doesn’t much matter to me if people don’t believe what I share about experiencing, seeing, and knowing. If I’m happy and experiencing magickal things, plus doing no one harm in the process, I think that’s all that really matters, right?

I just know that I’m needing to move around right now and not root at this time, although will plant many roots along the way, and seed much on the journey, while also doing energetic work for the collective since all of my travels are intentional for the highest good of all concerned while I’m guided by my heart.

It will be interesting to see what evolves and where the journey leads. I have some visions of things that may culminate along the way, as well as potentials for what may happen at some end point of the journey, which has no time limit. It will be as long or as short as it’s meant to be. Until I KNOW with all of me, like I did with this first step, I’ll just be following the path unfolding one step at a time.

But once I fully embodied the truth that this was actually going to happen, things have just continued to unfold to open the pathway there very clearly.

And synchronously I’ve been calling up a lot of RV energy over the year. And even on my visit to Indiana to see Laura, little did I know until she told me, that Elkhart County, Indiana was the birth place of about 90% of RV’s in the country. So there is a good chance mine could have come from there.

And another fun thing was just after word came that things were a green light with the RV last week, I pulled out of my driveway to do some errands and a large RV came down the street, ending up in front of me and leading me out to the main road. AND, on my way back home, the same EXACT RV was coming back at the same EXACT time, turning back onto my street just as I was.

When you’re in the zone, you call up a lot of synchronized alignments and reflective experiences.

So, while it may seem overnight to some people, since it’s something that I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes, it has been a process of continued belief, dedication, and moving forward without letting anything deter me from knowing what is in my heart would happen.

It’s not necessary that I dictate the timing, as that would go against natural flow and divine alignments. It was only necessary to gently (like a soft, but potent gaze) hold the energetic connection, relax, and realize that I was to be patient for what was on the threshold working itself out to bring it all together in the most supportive way for the highest good of all concerned.

In the meantime, fully embodying the new, not holding my life back, putting anything on hold, or stopping life until it happened, but continuing to cultivate things and live in abundant creation, which helps keep the energy moving and manifesting the pieces into place, one step at a time.

It’s a balance of intention without attachment or expectation, full embodiment of the new even though it isn’t here yet, flowing with the energy rather than forcing it, not allowing setbacks to deter you or discourage you, realizing the perfection of what shows up, and then courageously leaping when there’s a green light. Plus, don’t forget to intend everything for the highest good of all concerned to create the most harmonious and love-centered experience for everyone involved.

The Universe then supports you tenfold.

And although the next steps are not seen yet, I will be living and cultivating the life I want, while I await the next green light.

So, moving out of the house and into an RV park here locally, until the next leg of the journey comes together and reveals itself will be beneficial on many accounts.

It will help get things settled, integrate the new lifestyle, get the animal companions all situated, and work out any kinks, while also getting to live waterfront on the beach, which will be amazing and creatively supportive for my sabbatical projects I’ll be channeling.

I don’t know how the next thing is going to happen, but I do know that it will.


The new baby that has birthed into manifestation – A 39 foot Fleetwood Discovery with the absolutely perfect inside layout needed and desired, with 3 slide-outs for quite an off-grid home on wheels


A sneak peak of the main living salon with slide-outs out….pretty nice even before clean-detailing it and making it home.

This Sunday, two days after the Aquarius Full Blue Moon, and one day after the celebration of Lammas – “first harvest” – the RV arrived home at 6pm on the nose (all the way from Arizona), just as I finished in the garden.

garden towerI had been tending to my garden tower, tinkering around because I like to make all the plants pretty and give them attention, pruning, watering, harvesting, and also planting a few new plants. And lately, whenever I go out to the garden to check on my plants and do any work, it never fails that a white butterfly comes to greet me and will flutter around me with such loving grace, ecstatic softness, and gentle support. This day was no exception.

applese galoreI also made the rounds in the yard checking out all of the fruit trees and flowers – seeing the abundance of Fall fruits that are getting ready including apples and persimmons, and finding my two out-of-season, surprise tangerines getting really close to being ready too!

tangerine surprise3tangerine surprise2

They aren’t supposed to be harvested until February, but low and behold, just like me, a couple of them had to buck things and prove that “anything is possible”. Perhaps they’ll be ready, just like my two sunflowers out front, to harvest and bloom right at onset of embarking.

It was a most lovely and perfect timing to be out planting and cultivating, only to then have the “fruits of my labor” (both literally in present time and symbolically in terms of a few years of work) manifest at the exact timing of coming in from the garden.

There’s a lot to do between now and October, both with the RV, the house, my work, and all preparations, but I know it will all get done, as it always does.

Right now the RV is going to be getting an upgrade, making sure everything is functioning properly, fixing any little things to have it move-in ready, detailing it so it is fresh and clean, adding in a new washer/dryer to the hookups already there, getting a new mattress, adding solar panels to the roof, installing the towing kit so it’s ready for hook up to the car, etc…and then of course a nice little ceremony to activate her and energetically surround her in a new frequency of experience she’ll be supporting.


I love her model name, “Discovery” and I love that she “just so happens to be” mostly green with some gray, but the gray shifts color in the light and next to the green, so that it becomes a green/blue.

“Coincidentally”, the house we live in is also green – the only green house in the neighborhood with an address that numerologically holds the essence of #6, which is all about harmony, love, home, balance, family, groups, friends, truth, sincerity, peace, calm, beauty, responsibility, and service.

The reason the green color is so significant is because that’s the color of the Heart Chakra and the focus of my work at “Emerald Bridge”.

Emerald Bridge was created to be a compassionately conscious business that fuses visionary services and creations focused on a journey of the heart.

And that’s just what this adventure ahead in the RV will be – a journey of the heart.

I’m excited to see what gets created from this new abode, and look forward to exploring the entire U.S., Canada, and Mexico. I’ve traveled a lot abroad, but now I get to explore all of North America and areas surrounding.

Everyone has their own path, but it seems collectively, as Lee shared in his August Energy Forecast, that it’s a time for going within for a recalibration and redefining of how you want your life to be and allowing fire into your life to move through you to create growth.

For some that inner depth focus might reflect as deepening roots where they are and cultivating things locally. And for some, like myself, that inner depth focus is about deepening the roots within (home is where the heart is) that can be carried where ever we go, spreading and cultivating connection, community, and love around.

I look forward to being able to connect with people I know all over the country, but have never met in person, and I also look forward to meeting new people and having new adventures. I’ll be able to offer things locally, where ever I am, making it easier for people since I’ll be accessible to any locale I’m at.

I especially look forward to all of the beautiful nature and peace, inspiration, and expansiveness that I’ll immerse in, and how that channels through my work.

All I know is that we each need to follow the inner guidings we each have.

For me, right now I know this is what I am to do, and I’ll see where it leads and where I end up. Part of the journey is about exploring where I may end up wanting to root after this adventure.

But for now it’s simply about the journey…no end goal in mind. Seeing where it all leads and listening along the way to the promptings of Earth and Cosmic messages that will alert me.

(P.S. – before I added this end note and the two photo captions the whole share was 2222 words 😉 )

Recognizing Potential & Surrendering to Natural Flow ~ Hope Blossoms Out of Trust

So, I found it incredibly interesting, as well as profoundly symbolic, that I wrote an entire post and lost it all this morning.

I was really excited about it and was just about to publish when I “inadvertently” hit some keys that shut everything down before having saved it.

It expounded upon nurturing hope, trust, love, extra conscious presence, belief, inspiration, and motivation, as I used the example of how I care for my animal companions and plants, as a reflection of the consistent way I care for the seeds of creation I am nurturing and cultivating in all other areas of my life.

(More on what’s evolving, as a result of that, to come!)

The same ways in which I trust my instinctual nudges and don’t give up on any of them simply because they are in need of extra tender attention for the time being, is a reminder to how all things in life can be approached to create amazing possibilities and to be in alignment with the underlying energies at hand.

Sometimes that translates into tending to the little, yet important things a bit more consciously, or being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel with unwavering trust and love.

And sometimes that translates into surrendering into peaceful embrace of what is naturally unfolding, realizing the perfection of the bigger picture at hand that is at work for the highest good of all concerned.

And when doing so, we receive beautiful gifts and surprises that birth forth with renewable thriving.

This may not always be the case, as some things simply are showing us the impermanence of life, the continuity of life cycles, the natural evolution, constant change, and the need for loving release and surrender into the flow of unfolding that is presented to us.

pink gerbera daisy

My Gerbera Daisy plant hadn’t looked exceptionally well, but I hung in there with it and kept giving it love. I’m happy to say it not only pulled through but presented this lovely pink bloom surprise! Yay!

So, while I could likely have pushed my brain cells to try and retrieve what I wrote somewhere in my memory, instead I let go of the need to do so, and embraced the natural evolution and instant reminder of death and birth, endings and beginnings….that all simultaneously take place and provide a new spark of invigorating creative energy potential.

I decided not to allow frustration to take over and that whatever REALLY wanted to come through, would.

Much like what is unfolding in very big ways, very literally in my life…not just with my plants.

There are reasons things unfold as they do.

Sometimes they call for us to take heed more and tend to loving nurturing that we need to be more present to, and which can make the difference in what we want to create, when we do so.

And sometimes we need to understand the message that there are times for us to move on and the culmination of closure is at hand.

Many times both of those come hand in hand.

All of which is not a loss, but simply a gentle embrace of potential adventure into the brilliance of your next choosing.

Something new is always available to us.

It may not be the same…and in fact it shouldn’t be.

It will feel different.

It temporarily may feel uncomfortable.

You might go through a short grieving period, as you let go with gratitude.

It might bring to light your fears and feel scary at first.

It will take an adjustment period while you integrate.

But it WILL present you opportunity in every way.

Opportunity for greater potential.

Opportunity for something more than you thought possible.

Opportunity to be more naturally you because you are in the flow of life, rather than using your energy to go against the current.

Thriving, rather than surviving.

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.” ~Lady Bird Johnson

Seasons of the Soul ~ Take a Hope Holiday!!

faery forest magick

Faery Forest Magick – from the park I returned to this weekend to explore more – the setting for a recent photo shoot


I just put out my July newsletter yesterday, a bit earlier than usual, as I’m going to be away the beginning of July and wanted to ensure time to get a message out.

Sometimes I’ll share the message here as well if guided to.

This is one of those times and so here is what I shared as July’s Summer reflection, which includes the inspiration that came through, as well as some insights on the energy of tomorrow’s 1st of the month, Full Moon in Capricorn.


“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Changes in light and seasons can affect your mood, energy level, health, sleep, and general behavior. For some people this can be gentle and easy, as they merge with or transcend the seasons, while others experience some or all-consuming affects.

If you haven’t paid attention to your patterns with this, perhaps you might do so, as you may discover there’s a rhythm to the madness you’ve been experiencing.

Knowing your process is key to shifting it.

That said, it’s not just the seasons that we reflect, but we also go through seasons of the soul, which will be different for each, as well as at times collectively experienced.

Alongside things like solar flares and all that is shifting planetarily, having an effect on the evolution of our DNA, we also go through periods of ups and downs, needing to be more inward or outward…all in reflection to the journey we are on and what we are either consciously engaging or subconsciously avoiding, repressing, or denying.

Energy wants to flow and move. And as a result, it will take us on an adventure with many twists and turns, roadblocks and speedways, downpours and easy breeziness.

Yet, as we know, there are ways to embrace it with the example of grace that Nature provides us. And so we, too, can flow more easily and efficiently in our lives without depleting and wasting energy resisting, fighting, blocking, and whining.

So while we have ventured into Summer with the Solstice we just celebrated, the light may feel bright, joyous, and promising for many, with hope easier to harness.

This is a time where Spirits may feel more on high and many take vacations, holidays, and breaks before they settle into Fall and Winter.

But wouldn’t it be nice to bring that light and hope with you all year round?

When things get “dark” why is it that we forget all of the experiences where the light shined again in our lives, or how good it felt when we gave ourselves the nurtured opportunity to have fun, explore, be creative, take a break, and recharge?

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” ~Desmond Tutu

I propose we each commit to taking a “Hope Holiday” on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, as seems most beneficial to your life and personal experiences.

What does that mean?

It means allowing yourself to hope and dream, creatively engaging your imagination and bringing the music of your heart into your every day, even if just for a couple of minutes of day-dreaming, journaling, or visualizing. Doing this to the extent that you give yourself permission to immerse so fully into that minute or two that your body tingles and sings from your heart with that “becoming” that takes place, as you get lost in your hopes.

This isn’t to deny that you may be experiencing something very dark and restrictive feeling, as that is a valid feeling to allow yourself to explore. But it is a way to actively engage yourself into learning how to make a safe space for your heart’s desires to see the light.

The more you do this, the more that part of you feels supported and begins to expand with your cultivated love, much like a garden.

Your couple of committed minutes of daily “Hope Holiday” journeying may turn into any opportunity in the day you find yourself worrying and going over your usual mental chatter religiously. You’ll soon discover how much more productive you are because your energy is being engaged in a way that can create more of the things you want. And this starts a ripple effect into manifestation.

Small seeds of hope become blossoms of creation.

“Hope is a waking dream.” ~Aristotle

Hope is a place all to yourself that no one can take away from you. It’s like a self-induced “holiday” you can take at any time, and go anywhere you’d like with it….it’s only limited by your imagination.

It is where you are free to dream and activate your creative potential as a powerful multi-dimensional, creative being.

There are unlimited possibilities because you are an extension of a limitless Source gifted with evolutionary experiences at your will’s choice.


I’ve always loved this scene from Shawshank Redemption. There are many cool parts and lines in this movie, but this is my favorite. I’m such a water faucet when it comes to stuff like this, as while I was searching for this clip and watching it, I just kept crying with expanded excitement of possibilities, like a baby. 🙂

If you don’t know this movie, you may enjoy it. These were the best clips I could find. I only added the second one because the first cut off the full end, which I felt was important to see through fully.

“Get busy living or get busy dying.”

Enjoy and remember to hope.

“I hope…..”


I’m putting out July’s newsletter on the early end because I am going to be away the beginning of July. The last few newsletters are also longer since I’ll not be sending out any during my 3 month sabbatical.

I’ll be away July 1st – July 5th in the mountains and again July 9th – July 12th for what’s turned into a very special weekend with Hillary and the Horses in BC. So I’ll be unavailable for work during that time, although still online for emails.

Fourth of July around here is kind of crazy since our city allows fireworks. While others enjoy that, we prefer the quiet and having our animal companions feeling safe and calm. So we’re heading to the mountains of Big Bear for some peace, which is an easy trip with the animals.

I don’t plan these things, but July 1st happens to be a Full Moon and so once again I’ll be taking in that energy on the onset of this intentful recharge.

7/1’s Full Moon is in Capricorn, which I love. It’s also cool it falls on the 1st of the month. The Cancer Sun/Capricorn Moon is a powerful energy to work with and can be quite challenging for many. Cancer triggers the emotions and so one needs to be aware of this pulling that can potentially be harmful since it comes from the subconscious and from old attachments. The key is to channel that emotional energy and watery passion into being a creative force in your life with Capricorn wisely guiding it.

Full Moons provide the ability to have clarity, bring to the surface, and make aware things that are being shown to you through your experiences. This moon will illuminate your inner knowing and ancient wisdom, but provide support in solidifying and rooting with your feelings. Great time for focused energy, perseverance, and successful outcomes that come with doing the groundwork.

The other thing I find interesting from what I’ve been reading, because it has been a huge key theme for me, is there’s an emphasis on personal boundaries right now that empower you toward the things you want and have been working on. I’ve been getting that message loud and clear that it’s about saying “no” when you really mean to, and not letting guilt or any other driving force outside of your truth guide your decisions. You are being most responsibly compassionate in being authentic and saying “yes” to you. This is a mirror for others to do the same, not to enable otherse, and for energy not to be wasted.

So, do look at the places you spend your energy and time and whether it is really the most efficient use of it. Ask if it is feeding you in return or just going out one way. If you aren’t achieving your goals then you may want to change your process in a way that actually supports them, or redefine them altogether, as perhaps you’re out of alignment.

Everything not aligned with you will need to be released in order to align yourself with what you are creating, but do so with reverence and gratitude for  the role it has played in your evolution.

Are you where you want to be?

Stay focused, get back on track, and firmly ground yourself in for the challenge with trust and wise discernment – much like the mountain goats that defy gravity, as they climb sure-footedly.

Next month will be my last newsletter before I take off on sabbatical beginning September 1st. In it I’ll share more about this time for me and what has inspired it, as perhaps you may find your own soul journey reflected.

I leave you with this:

Remember to always ask if what you have around and within you, what is feeding your day, what messages you hear, read, and see, and the source, channels, and people they come through, are really helping or hurting you.

If they aren’t nurturing and nourishing, then release them from your experience, understanding their place in the bigger picture, but not in your reality you want to create.

And that doesn’t just mean the things and individuals that seem obviously out of alignment, or completely not what you’re about. That goes for the ones that are in your field of interest, that look the part, but don’t feel, or consistently act the part.

Question even the spiritual new agers and all of the messages we are bombarded with from the very accessible channels we have these days.

I shared this recently with a dear friend:

“I can’t tell you how much aversion I am also experiencing to a lot of the ‘spiritual new age group,’ yet understanding it’s all part of the bigger picture…just not MY picture and reality anymore. It’s about creating your OWN healing elixir even if that completely rocks the boats of everything you once knew or at one time felt aligned with. It’s time to create new paths and forge ahead into the unknown, but personally aligned, creative adventure!”

Here’s to YOUR creative adventure!

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