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Revolving Doors ~ Walkers of the In Between

The revolving door of cyclical shifts spins rapid shedding and renewal, round and round again. And the axis point to that rotation is our heart center that provides a resilient anchor and beacon for our journey home.

Autumn Equinox is upon us shortly, or Spring Equinox for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, and the golden glow that befriends the shadows stretching across the land is the wisdom keeper who reminds us we are powerful walkers of the in between. With outstretched fingers, bare and aged, the limbs of months gone by still hold memory of the trees that stand resilient through impending storms of then, now, and yet to come.

Changes have come quick and changes have come hard, yet like the stones of yester years, the sands of time soften our edges and reimagine new forms that may one day even be the crystalline promise we forgot we gave to ourselves upon setting foot on the ground.

Hope and dreaming are secret powers – untouchable and yours alone.

Hope helps you remember that there’s more than this or that version available.

Dreaming helps you imagine and create the new and preferred versions.

On Astrid’s birthday – the 15th – I had another exchange with a dying sea lion on the sands of this sacred ground the indigenous once lived. We hadn’t been to this biking spot for a little over a week and as we approached, I wondered what sea lion might be awaiting – and there she was. Without going into full details, I had a long and layered exchange with the sea lion that aligned with my path on this day – grateful that what I’d processed with the others had anchored a significant change that enabled me to just be the bridge for fluidity to move through. We held deep gaze the entire time. I could see puffs of mist flow from her deep, releasing breaths. She turned belly up in vulnerable display to openly receive and give through the exchange. A vision of a tall, luminous female being in blue appeared, after starlight flowed into the sea lion and then materialized.

Alongside some personal messaging that included it was time, there was also this short message:

All is fading. Everything is changing. Be in the wonder of who you are.

It’s likely I may not share another blog post until we return home, as I’m diving into the next phase here, so I wanted to leave you with this one and my warmest wishes as you enter the Autumn doorway of your preferred version of the journey. So much has taken place in this ocean vortex of six weeks that it seems lifetimes ago since leaving home. I’m curious about the me who will return and what I’ll be returning to.

That’s pretty much all that I’m called to share in this post.

The rest I’d like to convey through music and images, as well as these short poems:

rebirth by Alex Elle

there will be moments when
you will bloom fully and then
wilt, only to bloom again.
if we can learn anything from
flowers it is that resilience is born
even when we feel like we are

The Beautiful Changes by Richard Wilbur

One wading a Fall meadow finds on all sides   

The Queen Anne’s Lace lying like lilies

On water; it glides

So from the walker, it turns

Dry grass to a lake, as the slightest shade of you   

Valleys my mind in fabulous blue Lucernes.

The beautiful changes as a forest is changed   

By a chameleon’s tuning his skin to it;   

As a mantis, arranged

On a green leaf, grows

Into it, makes the leaf leafier, and proves   

Any greenness is deeper than anyone knows.

Your hands hold roses always in a way that says   

They are not only yours; the beautiful changes   

In such kind ways,   

Wishing ever to sunder

Things and things’ selves for a second finding, to lose   

For a moment all that it touches back to wonder.

Here is another of my favorites from Narsilion for you to enjoy, as you gaze through the visual spell of coded dreamscapes captured on the Virgo New Moon, which we didn’t realize coincided with this doorway until we returned home from the immersion. The photos are storytellers of my experiences (listening, communicating, wondering, imagining, singing, dancing, merging, traveling, being) in these magickal spaces and throughout our time away in this in between. If you listen and look with your heart you will receive them. All of the photos in this post are from that day, although the forest portals will dance with the musical frequencies and the others with my and the poets’ words above. I chose this video version that doesn’t change visuals so that my own visuals I’ve threaded in can be the backdrop for the overlay of enchanting voices and music. I love that the visual the video does land on, mirrors the forest spaces I found myself in, as I moved through the portals from realm to realm. May they help you drop into the essence of your own richly woven being.

Magick Seals for My Magick Rabbit

In honor of my little harp seal’s birthday today, I’m posting this video share from yesterday morning’s kayak outing to visit my favorite harbor seal colony. I’ve already mentioned how Astrid reflects many of the animal kingdom to me, with seal being one of them, and how much the seals and sea lions here have touched my life. Both – Astrid and the seals – are profound facilitators in my own evolution and with rewiring my DNA. I’m so grateful and touched by them both and no words will ever relate the depth of their reach.

Dave and I have been cherishing our early mornings with these divine beings. Even Dave says, in his own words, that kayaking out to be with them in the silence of the morning “is just magickal.

I hope you enjoy this 3 minute and 33 second video immersion with us. At about the 25 to 26 second mark you’ll see the cutest back flipper display by two large seals who seem to be giving us a big, playful wave. Their flippers take on the form of whale tails for a moment. Then the smaller white seal gives the one on the left a little smack. There’s wiggles, grunts, penetrating eyes, and a whole lot of creative magick beaming through these beauties. Near the end you can even hear my “shhhhh,” as I try to keep the silence when Dave got excited seeing something. He didn’t know I was videoing and I didn’t want the seals to change behaviors from hearing vibrational shifts. But, it IS hard to stay silent when there’s just so much sweetness, beauty, magick, and joy beaming through. For instance, I can’t help but giggle every time I see one wiggle up and down the sand, as they look EXACTLY like me doing the cosmic worm! LOL!

It’s a bit challenging to steady the camera while kayaking by, but you really do get a good feel for their energy and this experience – priceless! We’re taking advantage of every moment we get to immerse in the things we love and that are calling out to us here, before we return home.

Sweetest potent 8th birthday wishes to you my magick rabbit and cocreator, Astrid! I’m so grateful to be able to share these experiences with you and life here on Earth at this time. I know, in large part, much of the enchantment and alignments are due to our being together and what you help bring through for me to experience. Thank you for finding me and being a guiding light in my life. I share this enchantment and other worldly sweetness, as a reflection of your enchanting and pure, cosmic soul.

Our Traveling Triad ~ Interspecies Relationships Supporting Change

I’ve received a lot of inquiries about the fur babies and how they’ve been doing while on our long coastal staycation away, so today’s blog post is dedicated to our children who are journeying through life with us and sharing our daily adventures – a way to honor their unique personalities and paths. It is also a small dedication to souls in animal bodies in general, with a couple of other stories interwoven.

I know many people who have lost animal companions over the last couple of years and increasingly are going through health challenges and passings where they are concerned. Their transitions mirror human experiences and rearranging at collective hand. So, I feel it equally as important to share about these souls, since the only difference between us is the body they chose this time around.

For those of you newer here, we have three animal companion soul mates whom we share depth of history with beyond this lifetime – a male black cat named Boojum (about 15 years old), and his two sisters, a smaller black and white female cat named Sweet Pea (also about 15 years old + a bit), and a larger female rabbit named Astrid (who’s about to turn 8 years old in a few days – Hoppy Birthday my beautiful cocreator in life and powerful queen! What a gift you are in more ways than I will ever be able to share.)

We’re grateful that all three of them weather travels as well as they do and although we wouldn’t say they love the long car journeys, they are super troopers with embracing it and brilliant at their resiliency.

We’ve taken them on many a car trip, as of course long vacations away are ones we prefer to have our little family of five all together on. Boojum and Sweet Pea are long haulers in the travel department, as they traveled with us for almost two years in our Magick Bus RV. Their then travel partners were our two rabbits, Joy and Cosmo, making it six journeying across the states together.

Anyway, the kids are doing well here in our little place on the beach. They listen to the waves and sea life outside, take in the fresh coastal air, and enjoy the new smells, sights, and sounds, overall, that the environment has to share. And of course, they partner in the changes Dave and I go through, adding their unique frequencies to the mix.

The space is much smaller than their home and without ownership of spaces, many boundaries get blurred and crossed, so that is something they all adjust to and figure out in a new place. But the space was perfectly set up to make it easy to cat and bunny proof, so that mom and dad can have peace of mind when out on human adventures and while sleeping at night.

Everyone has found their spots and for the most part are engaged in their normal behaviors, as much as possible without all the luxuries of home.

Now and then Sweet Pea will have a boundary blur with Astrid, which is just her thing, as something in her past made her more insecure about herself and especially around other female animals. She is also super attached to Dave so if Astrid comes around when Sweet Pea is with him, she’ll make it clear to Astrid, “Hands off! He’s mine!” She may even throw a human a glare as well in similar cases.

But Boojum and Astrid don’t share the same dynamics. Boojum is more at ease with himself and has always been more engaging with the bunnies. He used to love Joy and you can find him and Astrid touching noses at times. He often follows Astrid and Astrid follows him. There’s almost a sense of tag or playful curiosity between them.

Astrid can jump up on the same chair with him and nothing ensues. With Sweet Pea there’s more deliberate boundary drawing, but luckily there’s never been anything vicious or troublesome other than grunts, charging, and thumping from Astrid, and hisses or a paw swat from Sweet Pea. Neither intends to hurt the other. It’s simply about standing their ground and honestly, Astrid wouldn’t even be doing that if Sweet Pea hadn’t started the ball rolling. I’m glad Astrid is a tough cookie for a rabbit. She establishes being a force to reckon with, but ultimately, that’s her own survival technique she learned from a hard past, too, when met with triggers.

Astrid would like to play and be on fun terms with everyone, but the cats aren’t sure how to engage a rabbit. And Boojum often takes queues from the older Sweet Pea, so he is conflicted at times. Overall, they know Astrid is the Queen and in a way that energy dynamic is hard for Sweet Pea to swallow, as she likes being daddy’s Princess. Having a stronger presence like Astrid plays on Sweet Pea’s insecurities. That said, there are many, many times the two of them can be found sitting just a couple of feet apart in complete peace and truce. You can tell they are communicating and finding their common ground of respect.

Overall, the three of them are peaceful together and you can often find all of them laying around near each other.

Their days are filled with lots of napping here, cradled by the ocean waves on the shore and seagulls calling from the rooftops.

We even have a resident baby seagull that is in process of learning from his parents.

I find the baby seagulls so endearing to watch with their moms and dads here. It’s amazing how big they are – larger than their folks in many cases – but that’s the way of survival for them, to grow fast. It’s funny though to watch these huge babies crying like wee just-hatched birds would in a nest. Their cries are incessant, but I find them super precious and soft to the ear, and every time I hear them continuously crying, my heart melts.

There are many on our beach, but this one little family hangs out near us. Mom has been teaching this one to swim and fly, while baby cries and pouts all the way, saying, “But mom! I’m hungry! I’m hungry!” not realizing he’s organically and innately swimming and flying nonetheless, while his tummy distracts him from figuring out how.

I enjoy watching the juvenile seagulls and often times my heart goes out to them for how challenging it is while they’re growing and trying to fit in. They are also more vulnerable to the bald eagles and in fact the one we saw feasting when we first arrived, across the way on the beach, we later discovered had in fact gotten himself a juvenile seagull. I found his beautiful set of wings on the shore when we biked there, in the place where bald eagle sat the evening before. I honored the life cycles thanking the little one for his gift of life to the eagle’s. There were also a lot of beautiful feathers laying in the sand. I find the juvenile seagulls’ feathers to be exquisite and so varied, in contrast to the three-tone feathers of the adults in black, white, and gray. I was grateful for some of these feathers that both shared the essence of the young seagull and bald eagle merged in the circle of life.

And look what showed up in the sky on the Pisces Full Moon of 9/10.

A winged portal in the sky with seagull flying through it, as Dave spread his own wings to fly.

It’s almost an illuminated heart with angelic wings expanding wide. Can you see it?

It could be an avian being (owl jumps out), dragon, an angel, a star craft, portal, or? There’s a lot of layered images as well and more than one being.

I see a lot in it, including a star right below the Sun on a staff.

And then the day after the Pisces Full Moon and this sky portal, 9/11 brought me another profound experience and interspecies exchange – again with sea lion.

We’ve come to learn that where we’re staying happens to be in the middle of a colony of harbor seals to the left and a colony of sea lions to the right. We went on our long over 5 mile walk down the beach yesterday and about five minutes into it we heard a slap on the water. We turned and saw a sea lion swimming in circles and each time he went down he continued to slap the water over and over with either his front flipper or with both back flippers, like a whale’s tail smacking the water. I told Dave we should stop and watch and he continued for a couple of minutes then stopped and disappeared. I said to Dave, “He wanted to get our attention about something.”

I learned about 15 minutes later what that was. We suddenly saw a sealion in the crashing waves, very close to shore. It was unusual for one to hang out so close and be in the very rough waves like that. Then I saw something long and rectangular stuck to the side of his head. At first I thought it was something stuck in his head, then convinced myself it was a fish he’d caught that I just saw quickly and misinterpreted. He went down in the waves. We saw three other people stopped and looking too and so we got closer and after a minute he popped back up and I saw the shape again and now could make out some line around his neck. He was caught in something and struggling.

Oh, no. Here we go again I thought. I turned to Dave and said, “This is what the sea lion was trying to get our attention for. He was trying to communicate that help was needed and to stay alert.” He knew I’d understand.

Long story short, as this post is mostly meant to be about our fur babies, however all of the animal world I feel to be my children, we knew the sea lion was in trouble. We talked to the man who was standing watching with two women who said he could tell it was some kind of fishing apparatus that he’d gotten stuck in. He said he had tried to walk toward him when the sea lion came closer to shore, but the sea lion would then back off, feeling afraid. I told him I could see a line around his neck, along with the larger piece stuck to his side, which no one else was able to see clearly like me.

We all stood watching, helpless and concerned. I felt many things flow within me, knowing the sad suffering this being was going through and of course also understanding something else bigger was in motion here beyond my feelings. I immediately started doing energy work, as we talked about what to do. I said we need to call for help. Dave reminded me that the other ranger said they let nature take its course, but I tried my cell. I had no reception and battery was about to die soon. There was only one other woman now with us and the man and she said her phone worked so she called 911 and they ended up sending a trooper out that was in the area. As we waited, I continued sending very directed energy and a call for help, and then we saw a smaller sea lion appear. I felt like this one had come to be with and try to help the larger one. Then they both disappeared and we never saw them again. The trooper did show up within about 15 minutes and looked for the sea lion, but he was gone.

I continued tuning in and hoping, sending energy and will continue to. About 10 minutes after we had left the man and woman to continue walking, I found an incredible and largest agate to date, which was followed by another abundance of crystalline gifts that equaled the other groups I already shared finding.

Of this group, these were the largest finds.

This large agate, however, had the sea lion’s essence and some of his coloring, and felt directly connected to him.

These agates and the, now third (a death, a transitioning, and an injury with potential fatal outcome), sea lion encounter all came through the Pisces Full Moon energies. It was all bitter sweet.

This all reminds me of something a cosmic soul friend shared with me recently about one of our star connections – finding soul family in dead bodies, supporting peaceful and safe passage between worlds for them, and sometimes being at the right place and time to keep them safe, carrying forth their messages, or helping them through portals. We’ve had a lot of similar animals around us recently and especially snakes. She said, “We are vultures in a way I think. Shepherds for all kinds of transitions beyond the death one.” That resonated deeply and put a clarity spin on things that made sense to me energetically. It also gave me a vision of being bridges of transmutation – a message continuing from my last blog post.

This is something that our animal companions are also involved in with us, as they experience everything through us – especially Astrid who assists me and feels all that I do since we’re connected as one.

I’ve been learning a lot about sea life in intimate ways here while we immerse so fully. As I write this, our baby seagull friend has finally moved to the next stage of more time on his own. The seagull family – mom, dad, and baby – started to make the rooftop by us, their safe spot. Somehow he’s come to know my voice and is sitting on the rooftop across where I am on the deck. Mom and dad will leave baby there to go off hunting. I talk to him and it seems to comfort him from crying out. I feel like a surrogate mom and of course I’ve been surrounding him with protective strength and love for his growing process.

We also feel like we’ve become locals with all the things we’ve learned about the area we’re in and how the people here have embraced us. We’ve made a few sweet friends, which has been a nice surprise. They have become familiar with Boojum because he likes to sit in the window and meow at everyone.

Plus, they get a kick out of seeing Dave take him on short walks in harness and leash on the deck, driveway, and little path to the beach – something many of them have never seen before.

In fact, when they find out about our little traveling family, they’re in awe of how we do it. Not to mention, are floored by our Brady bunch being made up of cats and a free roaming rabbit. It changes people’s perspectives about what is possible and they are fascinated to be educated on the ability of rabbits to be more than some animal you cage.

Here’s Mr. B, as we often call him when we don’t want him knowing we’re talking about him, on one of his beach adventures with dad. He only goes as far as the pebbles, not interested in the sand or the water beyond it.

Check out that violet “x marks the spot” energy at the base of the driftwood log under Dave.

Sweet Pea doesn’t care at all for this, but Boojum is quite proud to wear his little harness vest.

Actually, anything you throw over his back, he loves. We often put a shirt, sock, towel…you name it, draped over his back and he walks around proudly with it.

We even saw a Boojum flag while kayaking one day.

It was just placed on the shoreline and waved confidently in the wind…much like Boojum proudly waves his tail when showing off his attire or when he returns from his walk and prances around the house with his harness on like a badge of honor.

Boojum is quite a character and has many vocalizations. He also has a mind of his own,

Sweet Pea’s much more of a home body and doesn’t like change quite as much.

She loves to lay curled up in one place, whether at home or abroad. You can find her curled up on the bed for the majority of the day here, but recently started cocooning in her mini pocket we brought with us.

This behavior has earned her the name “Pocket Princess” over time.

I tried giving her a new roomy, plush bed our friend Lynne got her, but so far it’s our bed or the pocket cocoon. Change isn’t easy for her. Boojum, on the other hand, likes variety.

Sweet Pea does have a sneaky side though, so don’t let her name fool you.

Poor sweetie went through stuff in her past (just as Astrid and Boojum have) before us that made her grow into being much like many of us learn how to be….to push things down and repress them. And unlike Boojum who loves to push everyone’s buttons and be a brat when he pleases, she’s very docile and doesn’t like to do anything wrong. At least not in front of your face and definitely not to us…Boojum is a whole other story.

That said, because she pushes things down, they eventually will crop up! Her brother likes to play-attack her, then is surprised when she fights back. He’ll go off crying like a baby to tattle on her, after instigating things.

Sweet Pea can also suddenly just decide enough is enough. After a month of build up from dealing with brother Boojum’s antics, she’ll just walk by him and smack the heck out of him for no reason, even when he’s sleeping and peaceful.

“Remember that one day a month ago when you bugged the heck out of me? Well, that’s what that’s for!” So, she has a bit of dad’s Scorpio stinger for sure.

Not the healthiest thing – to save up her frustrations – and so she definitely is a good reminder that moving energy, communicating, and self expression is always a good thing to do in the moment. She does feel bad later, if we give her a stern talking to, and listens and processes.

Boojum, on the other hand, has no remorse and also no recall or memory in terms of his reprimands.

Both Boojum and Sweet Pea like to steal Astrid’s orchard hay, but Boojum does it out in the open and Sweet Pea only does it when she thinks I’m not looking or around.

Both cats do love Reiki and being around me when I have taught it in the past. But Sweet Pea is the intuitive one and knows when you need some healing and will give it. She’s very discerning about people and shies away until comfortable. She’s also very much like a Mother Goose or Grandmother, who mothers everyone and has strict ideas for what we should all be sticking to. Boojum is the forever wild child who will never grow up, and LOVES attention. He’s much more like a dog than a cat.

I’ve often said, Sweet Pea is a healer cat with complex understanding. You can always see her processing things with her facial expressions and thoughtful eyes.

Boojum came here for the sensual enjoyment of life and just being and taking in everything he possibly can on all physical levels of experience.

He has a black stuffed bear named Humpty Bear that he of course likes humping…many times a day and in the most hilarious ways, despite being fixed. Sweet Pea and Astrid roll their eyes during the show. Astrid sometimes tries to attack Humpty Bear. Poor Humpty Bear has been through the ringer though. I sewed him up many times. He’s become somewhat of a Velveteen Bear and finally we decided to try to transition him to a new friend, Humpty Bun, we found at Good Will here. So far, there’s been little interest other than laying with her.

Both cats know I’m the disciplinary parent. Dave is the softy. That said, they respect me and we have a healthy relationship of their trusting my judgment and knowing they’re safe with me. They also know I draw lines where dad doesn’t. This fact has actually been a life saver, as Boojum can be an escape artist. But anytime he has gotten out and I’m nearby, once he hears my stern voice call his name and tell him to come, he stops in his tracks and either runs back inside, or stops and sits, awaiting me to pick him up. The funny thing is, his escapes happen when Dave opens a door. LOL! If I’m by a door 99% of the time, that just doesn’t happen. And the 1% it has, with just a stern call of his name, he doubles back inside. With Dave, he takes off and doesn’t listen.

Boojum is a momma’s boy and you’ll always find him cuddled up next to me on the couch, especially in the morning at breakfast time.

He loves for me to pick him up and swing him over my shoulder like a baby. He’ll hang there for long periods and enjoys me taking him along on my chores, while he lays slumped over me. He also loves me to pat him on the bum while doing so. I won’t even go into the goo-goo eyes he eerily stares at me with constantly. It makes us laugh, as he gets mesmerized by my whispering and singing to him.

Sweet Pea is a daddy’s girl and likes to take naps with him during the day. She’s attached to dad’s hip and back home follows him around every where. If he gets up, she is right behind him without missing a beat, and won’t rest until she knows exactly where he’s going. It can be a bit challenging for Dave to work on his computer, as she will march right over the keyboard, trying to help.

But when the lights go out at night, both cats like to curl up around me. Sweet Pea will start off with dad when the lights are on, but soon as it’s dark, she’s by my side.

Here by the ocean, she just starts off with me from the get-go and stays by my side all night.

And then there’s Astrid.

The ocean air seems to have induced another round of shedding when we arrived here, even though she had already gone through that back home before we left. She seems to finally be completing that cycle and I feel it mirroring my own layered transformation by the ocean, so beautifully and powerfully reflected by the experiences here and especially my snake brothers and sisters and the shadow and death ripples through my soul.

That suddenly took me on a little Egyptian detour of energies flowing through, and of course Astrid chimes in with her Sphinx pose, maintaining her regal stature regardless of being away from her kingdom.

Although I know she misses her Queenly Wonderland realm back home with her castles and towers overlooking the Forest Portal enchanted garden, and all the routines she has there, what I love about our travels together is that with each journey, she expands a little bit more.

She softens in more and more snuggly behaviors, cherishes and wants lots of family time, and becomes more comfortable in trying new things that stretch her learned conditioning.

This trip it’s been about becoming a chair queen and couch bun. She especially loves this when I wake early in the morning and sit on the couch to work on my computer. She first started it off with jumping onto the armchair right next to me.

She will stretch over to say hi and make sure to nudge me into knowing she’s ready to tune in too. Then, she sits regally and goes into trance, becoming the queen on the throne that she is. She LOVES being two queens sitting together, side by side, when all else is quiet and we have the vastness to ourselves.

She then moved into jumping over the arm of the chair onto the couch. She has done this at home, but just jumps up, explores, and jumps back down. She hasn’t felt safe to just stay there above the ground she feels most secure on.

But now she not only jumps on the couch and explores, but deliberately jumps up to sit and lay next to me. She’s also jumped up while Boojum is next to me and the two of them both lay by my side. And she loves it when it’s the two of us and she’ll lay by me while I caress her with one hand and type with the other.

In the evening, she jumps up with both Dave and I and will move between us, hanging out while we pet her and feeling safe to stay for long periods during movie time. She then, of course, loves when Dave has morning and evening stretching and yoga time on the mat, and joins him on the mat for some down bunny and love. Hehe!

It’s all too much preciousness, my heart explodes.

Astrid likes to wait for me in certain spots, to return, when she knows we’re going out for our day adventures and loves when I show her the crystalline treasures I find.

As soon as I got back after this recent sea lion encounter, I could tell Astrid already knew. She had the look and comforted me when I came over to tell her about it. I pulled out the large agate connected to the sea lion and she immediately went into trance, taking it in. My little harp seal could feel the whole story. I placed the agate on her third eye and she was calm, as she tuned in.

And she stayed that way until I removed it myself. She and I will be connecting with the sea lion and doing all we can to support the process and what is his higher self’s path with this.

Astrid is such a crystal healer.

She also really loves mom’s faery star pendant with moldavite. I placed it on her third eye one day and she left it there without shaking it off or moving.

Back home, Astrid and I spend a lot of time together in our Wonderland realm surrounded with crystal beings. She loves to lay at my feet under my desk and be a part of everything I do. She comes when you call her name and loves to be chased, as she zips around and hops and twists high with glee. Most of the time, she just loves long snuggles and kisses from both mom and dad and comes around asking for it.

And in general, on travels there’s just a lot more togetherness that happens. Even Boojum and Sweet Pea who mostly enjoy their own solo space with random times together, find themselves drawn to be closer on a daily basis when home boundaries aren’t present.

The shift in dynamics is sweet to watch, as our family unit seems to bond deeper on travels and becomes enriched through the changes we all share, support, and embrace together.

Can you spot Astrid through her maze portal doorway while her sister and brother nap on the chair? A triad of harmony.

It’s truly an honor and joy to be riding the waves with this bunch. It’s not always easy for any of us, but together we are more powerful and together we are making the impossible possible.

I Used to Dream of the Transmutation at Hand

Spending late summer by the ocean has been a rich experience for the change of seasons taking place both within and without. As we approach Autumn Equinox I can feel the key turn in the cycle of life’s door, supporting the shift of focus onto the bounty of growth that has taken place over the months.

The continual deep explorations, internal awakening, and filtering through my own heart lead to immense possibility and a renewed relationship to my true power and gifts. The same is true for us all.

When days were very dark and trudging through mud felt unending in my life, I dreamed of a time when this wouldn’t be my experience. I couldn’t see the way out, although everything I learned and believed pointed me in the very direction I kept going. It never makes sense when you’re in the middle of the process, how it will actually unfold the way you have come to mentalize it “should”. How does hope turn into a new reality?

And yet, it can, and it does. With a mixed bag of teetering courage and discouragement, it does. The pendulum swings come to feel like heart beats necessary to pulse life force through our veins. The miracle of our very existence makes itself more known.

A new reality does emerge…just not always in the ways or timeframes we might want it to, but in the ways and timeframes that see the journey through and come to accept the journey as its own creative mastery.

And when you harness the power and beauty of personal transformation you are then weaving a transformative thread through the collective tapestry – both by default and intentional focus, depending on how you feel called to what is available through you.

The beauty is, you get to decide how you want to share and apply the source of your inner power.

My life hasn’t always looked like the work of art I paint it today. Anyone who is an artist of any genre knows the mess artwork, tools, and environment can look like while in process of creating. Although, the splatter of colors or scattered materials, and disheveled quality to ourselves and our space can have its own brilliance and beauty, right? You’ve seen images of an artist’s studio or creative’s workspace – there’s an admiration and wonder evoked from the residual energies, born from the impetus of creation, lingering in the air.

Creating life as a work of art – my personal motto – is a perfectly messy and unpredictably divine process. And this process shifts over time, as we learn, modify, apply, and refine our techniques. Some of the time this will be an intentional process…and after a while, the intentions are inherent in our organic way of being.

As new ways are adopted, we find ourselves on an ever-increasingly seamless, creative journey, as we approach things like nature does…everything is a masterpiece artwork in motion of being, every single step of the way.

As we move along the road of life transformations, we discover changes to the way we travel it. And even when we let go of focusing on it, that in itself is part of the evolving process. Surrendering and being are just as much their own brush stroke to the art you’re creating.

These days, a lot is resurfacing and getting dredged up because the old, dried colors that were layered over the collective oil painting as cover-up, are painstakingly being removed with turpentine.

It’s needed in order to not just keep placing old layer upon old layer, but can tug at us during the process since we’re reminded of both the shadow and light of the images we once created.

This does provide a clean slate of possibility, however, that allows us to mix a new batch of colors and imagine a whole new layered masterpiece.

There are many things that tug and try to get us to turn back and replay old stories, as the past resurfaces. Attaching isn’t our divine Nature. It’s a conditioning we’ve learned.

There will come a time we will be able to surf any stream of experience again with unconditional curiosity and compassion and move seamlessly through the things that usually trigger us.

Why are we prone to get stuck in old emotions?

Perhaps they remind us why we are human… to experience the spectrum without judgment, as feeling in general is a gift. All part of the cycle and are simply life in motion…Nature being Nature.

Perhaps we stay in certain emotions until we master them, as those particular ones may be part of the collective’s processing toward alchemy.

There is a lot these days cropping up that we may have thought was gone or aren’t sure how they could possibly still be there in this day of age.

While moving forward and looking to new horizons will keep us in creative momentum, let’s not forget the parts we left behind. May we lovingly integrate and reclaim all we pushed away, in order to move forward with greater embodied wholeness.

And remember that direct action isn’t defined by only one version of scenario to fit a mold. I know that my own versions of change have taken various forms…some that shift over time and others that are long-standing. A lot of it is comprised of “being” and tendrils of that have included unconventional and complex methods of integration, especially where the Shadow is concerned.

I shared about this just over three weeks ago on my Instagram page, and felt called to include it in today’s post:

I wear sacred tattoo art on my skin that tells the story of my soul and the collective dynamics in order not to forget, but to also merge those parts toward an experience of greater nonjudgment. It might seem like some arbitrary fascination or artistic whim, yet I assure you a ton went into the process of imbuing the sacred ink I wear onto my skin, into my auric field, and beamed out through the cycle of transmutation.

As my kindred nature cocreator, artist, and faery sis, Laura shared in a long ago integration post of her own:

Different people engage Shadows in different ways. My dear friend and sweet faery twin, Tania Marie prefers not to work as an activist exposing wrongs or fighting for rights, but she’s got a body full of extremely potent, powerful, deliberate, beautiful and what some people have even called “scary” tattoos. She’s got a dragon, snakes, and jaguars, occult symbols, Moon goddesses, and ancient languages all in black, black, black ink all over her body. That’s a lot of intensity, money and pain, which she wears in indelible ink as an unapologetic reclamation of the power, Shadow projections, and often corrupted goodness attached to all these things. Embodying the Shadow literally on her body allows Tania to live her life with innocence and childlike wonder while still honoring the vastness and power of her being.

It’s one of my versions of shadow work to wear these as my skin and to take on the vibrations as a whole.

Light and dark exist as their own doing and undoing. There is a new reality where a version of them as One emerges through the birthing of a new element we have yet to know, just as we are each birthing into new versions of ourselves never experienced. We are integrating, blending, and transcending duality to know our multi dimensionality like never before.

And this feels to be the continuum.

I love this image of the white headed and dark headed pelican that appear to be sharing one body at center.

I didn’t actually have intention to write what I did in this post. I had a whole other idea, but it transmuted into what is here instead.

I’ve laced the passages, so far, with recent captures of expansive vistas (including cliffs and dunes we climbed, enchanted landscapes, more inspirational sunsets and floral beauties, and even kite flying) experienced since last I shared.

I also wanted to include these couple of photos of Dave I took on a hike yesterday. I saw this tree and asked him to sit there so I could capture him in his favorite forest.

I love how he, the light, and tree came together in a way that made it feel like they were melting into each other. Another reflection of things merging and transcending boundaries.

The rest of this post will be highlighted by the animal messengers and special little treasures that have punctuated my journey along with a short recount of the profound shift on 9/3 I mentioned in my last post that reflects how processes shift over time and that there are unlimited ways integration and transmutation takes place for each of us.

We’ve continued to be graced with an abundance of daily encounters that, of course, are very different than back home.

Bald eagle continues to show up. The one I had special connection with and shared reverence, appears when something is in process and follows us across the water.

The animal death discoveries have continued but at a lesser degree, or perhaps my processing their experience has shifted. They’ve now mainly been in bird form, with the addition of a vole, deer, and large fish. The most profound to me was the cormorant I found atop a big rock on the beach a few days ago. I climbed up and discovered, yet again, an absolutely perfect and beautiful cormorant that simply had passed without injury in sight.

I was taken in by his dark beauty that truly glowed, to me, and listened to the nudge to gently push back his wing. There I discovered black scaled legs and webbed feet with talons that immediately spoke to me of dragon’s feet. I was actually quite taken by their appearance and literally took a double take because of how much they resembled those of a dragon. That was especially meaningful to me.

That said, and as you know, there’s continued to be an upswing in departures (many surprising ones) from this Earth plane throughout the world, across all species, and in closer circles to us all – not just what I’m experiencing, although these have been intimate and transformative catalysts for me. Many friends I know have shared of countless losses and in some cases like one especially dear friend, the numbers of losses from two siblings, to a best friend, to siblings of close friends and additional illnesses of more family members that all happened within months just recently for her was astounding. Where some things yearn to birth, others let go to give way for the new.

Even since I started writing this post, a fire broke out on the 6th about 45-50 miles west of Lake Tahoe called the Mosquito Fire that’s putting a lot of communities under evacuation orders, as it initially grew quickly due to conditions. The Tahoe basin and surrounding areas have horrendously bad air quality, depending on the way the wind blows, due to the smoke and ash. And it’s one of many fires, once again, burning across the states. It feels a little like déjà vu with added gratitude for the foresight that gives ability to provide an anchor during the challenging times. Prayers and Reiki support for all who are being affected and experiencing losses. Fires both destroy and give rise to the new. These fires feel to be part of a larger collective transmutation process.

I also just learned of another person in my own life passing, without warning, just four days ago who was part of a major course redirection from my past. Synchronously, he and I had a butterfly connection and this next messenger feels tied in with him.

Swallowtail and downy woodpeckers were messengers on one of the incredible view hikes I posted photos of above.

We stopped to have a picnic lunch at the top and the whole time we feasted, the swallowtail you see in the grass kept us company. She would flutter now and then, but came to rest on the blades of grass, as we were. I now have made the connection my friend was contacting me across the ocean, as he was living on a Costa Rican beach. Then there were the wood peckers. Two of them gathered at this one spot I said looked like faery stools around a tree. They drummed their beats upon those seats, as if inviting us to the gathering. They were not afraid of us and seemed to want our attention. It wasn’t long after that swallowtail came through.

An abundance of banana slugs continue to line the paths of a favorite forest we explore regularly that has truly magickal energy. This last time, every color from shades of brown, green, and yellow, to even a very unique blended one with a single dot on his bum and jaguar markings on his side, all greeted us.

This shapeshifter slug carried a message of integration and the beauty of the in between.

Even a cute pair that was like mom and baby appeared, as you can see in the collage above.

I call them the sentinel slugs and I swear they show up just as we are coming. Dave always lets me go first down this path, as my eyes always spot the tiniest of things. In this way, we avoid hurting anyone silently making their presence known.

In this forest we always hear the strangest, most magickal sounds…like music and odd pitched calls. Recently, from the top of a towering tree, smaller one by three inch fresh pine cones started hurdling down to the ground just a few feet to our left. They looked like ones a squirrel or chipmunk might be prepping for Winter with, but this took place right after I said the way the trees faced the path and us, they looked like they had outstretched arms reaching for us, pointing, standing guard and trying to tell us something. Immediately following, the pine cones came tumbling down. We could not see who was throwing them, as the top was so high and hidden by branches.

We also continue seeing so many snakes. Many times the snakes and slugs will show up on the same path of the forest.

This one below, although appears the same length of any I have posted, was actually only 6 inches long – a baby!

And with lovely reddish orange markings at the side of just her face. I love that we found her on the same path where I discovered the dead snake I buried. Again, reflecting the cycle of energy constantly a part of the ouroboros symbolism. And a few days later we saw another same 6 inched sized baby in the other forest we love, but this time her full body stripes were reddish orange and spoke to me of Autumn vibes.

The morning before seeing the second baby snake I saw this rabbit just downstairs across from where our car is parked. A much larger wild rabbit that reminded me so much of Astrid in her presence, look, and bodily demeanor.

Pure magick it was to know this one is just outside of where we’re staying. She didn’t seem scared by my coming closer either, reminding me a bit of Frith back home whom I miss.

And then there were these cinnabar (striped) moth caterpillars we stumbled upon after seeing several golden fuzzy cuties, also reflecting Autumn glows upon us.

We actually found a bunch of yanked out plants along the path that we believe were laid there by a hunter we came across to mark his routes taken through the forest. He didn’t pay attention to the fact some of the plants had all these little caterpillars on them, readying to cocoon. So, once again, we picked the plants up with caterpillars and placed them back into the thick brush so that they’d be safe and could relocate if needed instead of being exposed on the clear rock path. The caterpillars speak to the value of presence, awareness, and patience needed right now, while metamorphosis is at hand. Things are not what they seem.

On our way to this fav forest hike we also came across a magickal little painted rock garden in front of a house. What a joy to see the 50 plus rocks painted so beautifully with much attention to detail and infused with a lot of love. I could feel how the artist intended these to touch the hearts of anyone who walks by, and also was a way to place her own love and creative power out into the world. I was especially moved to see that so many of the rocks had very specific animal spirits and symbolism that were directly connected to me. I photographed these ones to share.

And speaking of beautiful finds, I’m in awe of the crystalline discoveries showing up on my path. Agates, quartz, zeolite, jasper, opal and moonstone-like treasures, and more. I took this photo of some of them to share with a fellow rock hound.

And the very next day I had doubled that with this treasure collection below.

These are just some of the treasures I’m so grateful to have infusing my life right now. Every time I find something it’s connected to a direct thought and intention I put out. It’s also a direct answer, as I’ll share shortly.

Before I do that, I just wanted to add how much the harbor seals, sealions, and herons have been some of the animal messenger standouts to my experiences here. I’ve already shared about the dead and dying sealion exchanges, as well as some images and videos of harbor seals surrounding our kayak. We’re blessed to have a large colony of harbor seals just a few minutes walk from our place, enabling us to see them swimming, bobbing up and down from our window, and resting on the low tide-exposed beaches as we go by. It’s a favorite thing of mine to kayak by them when all elements of tide and wind are in perfect alignment.

I’ve been able connect with the great blue herons in a deeper way than ever, as so many are around us here daily and call out to my soul. Every early morning, there’s one particular heron that I connect with outside the window who comes to feed each day. I am so drawn in by his presence and very deliberate, precise movements. I’m coming to understand their ways and behaviors even more. I’ve now added them to moose as being spirit animals I identify and resonate with walking through life as.

I love how they fly by our window, feed, and hang out below so I can view them daily. They also fly over us, call out with their very distinct screeching mix of croak and roar that sound like a pterodactyl, and stand in stealth serenity.

Twice we’ve seen a great blue heron with a great white egret hanging out near each other and then flying off together. That’s been especially beautiful.

We witnessed a seagull trying to dive bomb a great blue heron, not happy she was on the beach. The great blue firmly stood her centered ground, retracted and snapped her long neck like a boomerang with croaking roars at the seagull, establishing she would not be unhinged by his squawking desire to take over the whole beach for himself. Eventually the seagull gave up and planted himself a little way down on the sand and the two shared the beach without ownership.

One of the days we kayaked by the harbor seal colony, I captured the following photos.

I only have my cell camera on hand these days, as I like its convenience versus my more elaborate and bulky camera, although the lens on that one would produce much more incredible images.

I still think these came out great, showcasing the quality of their eyes and souls as I feel them….hauntingly penetrating and otherworldly.

Being so intimately involved in the seals and sealions lives, as well, has been a huge connective dot and reflection for me too. It’s sweet also because one of the many animals Astrid reminds me of is a seal. I always call her my little harp seal, as her coat, body, thumpers and way she lays looks just like all of these beauties on the beach.

The harbor seals with their lighter, spotted coats and huge, dark star-gazing eyes are breathtaking and mystical. They truly glow like beings from another planet.

Even Dave, on his own, mentioned how he was most taken by their eyes, which feel like extraterrestrial beings gazing at us with inquisitive and compassionate looks that hit you to the bone.

Some of the seals were profound standouts that spoke volumes to my star soul – more than meets the eye – as we rolled softly past on our kayak.

Can you feel which ones I’m referring to?

I came here receiving orcas call, and discovered how they were the ambassadors for all of these other sea creatures I was to engage with since I have strong connection to them, although the cetaceans are speaking through the crystalline channels strong and clear while being here too. As I just wrote that, I looked out the window and saw this incredible wave that came up through the surface like no wave I’ve seen, and looked just like a breeching whale. I’m told more is upcoming through some channeling.

Every being I experience, adds their ingredients to the pot of transmutation at hand.

And that leads me to the treasures I mentioned coming through as a direct, manifested answer, along with the 9/3 extraordinary shift I experienced, as part of that transmutational alchemy.

On that day, now a week ago, my pilgrimage as spirit in body went through another profound turn in the road. I’m sharing as part of my own contributions to the layered ways we weave energies. I’m going to summarize things, as the details are personal.

We were biking our favorite 12 mile stretch of beach at low tide and on this day I was called to do some intentional processing while I journeyed along. I prefer to do things like this while I’m out engaged in nature exercise, as it feels the most natural and powerful to me for moving energy. Organic processes are my go-to and this is what I call my walking meditation.

Anyway, on this day I had a particular theme come up that felt exceptionally important to move, as it not only was a lifelong energy I’ve dealt with, but is tied into some of the big stuff on the collective scene. So, while I biked I went through my processes in a natural, self-dialoguing way that took me through revisiting things from where I am now. I moved through the layers fluidly, as I pedaled along and the water moved in and out along the shoreline. I asked all of the elements and my support guides to assist, and especially worked with water and air since the ocean and wind were my partners on the ride. They were the perfect partners for the process and energy exchange. And with the perfect backdrop without anyone around, I was able to do this out loud, which adds to the potency when speaking it through the throat chakra.

After I felt complete with addressing things in the process I’ve found most efficient that included firm, but loving acknowledgment, embrace, compassionate understanding, and even laughter at the way we all make things so serious and life and death feeling, I then became the great blue heron – firmly, but lovingly standing my centered ground and did something I haven’t in some time, and not in this way.

In my early years I used to have very profound experiences of strongly expressing emotions to the point that anything I felt to the core would instantly manifest some pretty wild things ranging from making myself invisible, shutting down electronics, cutting off telephone lines, rewriting and manifesting realities instantly – both desired and undesired, to igniting earthquakes, winds, and other natural phenomena. The latter is what moved me to make changes, once I understood that responsibility with such direct effect was not a luxury. I actually had one of my hard-to-believe encounters with someone who slipped through the veils many years ago specifically to tell me about this gift and gave me the same message. From then on, I reined in my energy until I knew I could control and focus it better. I dreamed of the day where transmutation would make things possible, but it never seemed to come, or at least not in the way I imagined.

I haven’t fully unleashed my energy until this day of 9/3. After I completed the movement I felt was necessary to my process, I then felt this surge within say it was time.

Because I hadn’t done anything like this in a while I was a bit unsure how it would go, but I just started to release and it escalated from there. What I mean by this is, I literally roared through my throat chakra at depths and decibels that would seem out of character, as well as inhumanly possible. I became the great blue heron and the harbor seal, with both screech and bellow, and more.

It came from every level of myself and it embodied the transmutation of everything I had just processed, while also voiced a deliberate no-more (you shall not pass Gandalf power), every emotion possible (from the deep, painful, and scary to the strong, immense love, and lightning rich), and here-we-go (impetus of new). It held the frequencies of light and dark in the most merged and balanced form I know to date in my experience and became laser focused alchemy.

It increased, as I released, and went on until my breath was completely exhaled. No one was around, so I wasn’t concerned with anyone hearing it, and Dave was far ahead of me on his bike. However, I got a surprise to see Dave’s head whip around, as I completed the sound movement through my throat. This was unfathomable to me, as he was between 50-100 yards ahead, riding beside the ocean waves, with wind rushing through the air, and his ear buds in while listening to music. It confirmed to me what we’re capable of moving through when we fully channel the purity of our power. I waved him on, to let him know all was alright. When I later caught up with him at the end of the ride out one way, I asked why he turned and he told me because he heard something wild and could only think that it came from me and thought maybe I got hurt. Part of me was still amazed that he heard anything.

Once I released it, I felt such a huge shift and release that penetrated the physical. On our return back up the beach, I could feel the depths I reached. My throat, ears, nasal passage, and third eye were all feeling the effects. My nose was even running like the water I was next to, until I blew it. As we biked along, I spoke to the ocean and asked for help with transmuting all that I had released and to assist with manifesting the new from it. Not more than a minute after this, I looked down at the sand and saw something. Dave was ahead of me, but had turned around to see how far back I was at this moment, and saw me turn my bike around to go pick it up. It was the largest agate, to date, that I found. AND, it was in the most “random” of places up high on the dry sand sitting out in the open all by itself.

I instantly got chills, feeling this was a direct answer from the ocean placed there for me to find. This crystalline structure was the embodiment of transmutation manifested that I asked for. An instant reflection that the process had anchored. I will cherish it for sure.

I pedaled as quickly as I could to catch up to Dave and showed him. He was absolutely amazed and said, “Wow, that’s a big one! And so random to find it where you did!”

I felt sense made out of the senseless and sweet tears swell in my eyes with gratitude. Harnessing my inner powers wasn’t something to worry or fear about anymore. I can direct and create with ALL of it and not hold back when it’s needed the most. I knew that what I had focused this energy toward would also experience the manifested effect, even though right now it was not something I could see.

After we returned home, we went for our usual beach walk after linner (our lunch and dinner since we have a lifestyle of intermittent fasting). While we walked, I looked at the dry sand again and saw something hidden in it. I picked it up and was amazed again. The second largest agate was revealed. When I saw what it was and held my hand out to Dave he said, “What the ____?!” He couldn’t believe I found another so “randomly” in the middle of nowhere AND that I even saw it since it was 95% hidden in the sand. You could see that even he was feeling the effects of the impossible, becoming.

This was the second confirmation of change and greater alignment at hand.

And I continued to manifest the “random” out of no where the next day while we hiked through one of the mystery forests, finding agates and quartz on the path there…far away from the ocean. Dave kept being amazed, shaking his head…”I don’t know how you keep doing it” and added, “It’s like the faeries are putting them there for you.” It really felt clear that I was being given all the reinforcement possible to let me know the shift had taken and this was just the start to harnessing my fullness again.

And here are the largest of the crystalline collection cheering me on.

It took five days for the physical shifts to integrate. I felt residual recalibration happening in my throat, ears, and third eye area during that time and has now come to settle into its new frequency.

For what ever its worth, I share this story. In part it’s to support all healers, creatives, visionaries, and harmony weavers who have experienced a shut down of your gifts because of latent fears built up over the ages. I know the experience far too well, and opening this door I feel will help all other doors to continue in the same vein. It’s time to bring your powers forth fully in responsible ways, knowing and intending that you are capable of directing them in the highest of good ways and won’t repeat the past. This is your time and it couldn’t be more needed on Earth right now.

We are being shown just the beginning of what we will be able to tap into and achieve through focused intent, but I know through the personal exchanges I received during my experience, there is huge support for this and huge potential available. It will simply take our courage and trust to know it is possible and it can be done responsibly.

We are becoming aligned and holistic manifestors with ability to navigate, break through, and intentionally and strongly redirect energy, as we experience natural resiliency. You and your gifts are valued and needed in an environment asking for a shift change.

You are a force of nature here to impact the collective with quantum momentum that initiates cosmic transformation. Everything you are shines a light on the crevices, as you attune to the life force around you, channel your energy wisely, and follow the beat that illuminates your heart.

And this happens through being you without conditioned restraint.

As we enter the Pisces Full Moon doorway, the messages woven in this post are what wanted through and I thank you for reading this, if you have, or for simply being here at this time as you are.

I know not everything we each share is understood in the ways they are intended and perhaps, even, it’s challenging to understand each other in general, and yet our hearts can still connect in love and compassion that transcends any illusory boundaries.

I used to dream of the transmutation at hand.

Sending out a dandelion dew wish to your heart, nourished in the flow, expanse, and creative potential of this ocean-essence Moon.

In the Forest We Merge ~ Mirror of Nature

The forest is such a huge part of my life, so I’m grateful we continue to have so much of it around us to immerse in while we’re away at the ocean. It creates a bridge to connect to our home on the forest, while adding rich layers to help anchor the abundant water energy we’re held in here. I find forests nourishing on many levels and full of mystery that stirs the cauldron within. They also embody an exquisite and clear reflection of micro and macro woven cycles.

The forests here embody their own frequency, and therefore look and feel very different than our high altitude ones.

Moss covers nearly everything in sight and evening moisture, as well as morning fog, leaves canopies dripping with dewdrops.

Here, the light has to search for ways to beam rays through, as the density creates a womb experience.

Back home, most of the woods are drenched in liquid Sun.

Indeed, everything is about wet here and so this can be enchanting or foreboding, depending on the way one integrates that kind of watery depth.

Each aspect of nature where we currently are has a mirroring quality to what is integrating on the inner realms for me and giving rise to greater wholeness.

It’s also the force for undercurrents being unleashed like the Kraken in the collective, although opens the door to shift from warrior to magician in our approach towards unity.

The water element provides opportunity to do the subconscious and shadow work so that one merges these parts into greater wholeness and fluidity. It’s not an easy realm to wander, and most prefer not to or find it extremely challenging to look it in the eye. And yet, it moves through our veins and calls us out at every chance it gets.

I was moved to share the forest magick today, as just like with the sunsets and sunflowers there is a frequency here meant for anyone who finds themselves landing on this page.

These are from recent days of the flora and fauna we’ve wandered through and marveled at.

Mushroom beauties still marking the faery paths.

Many of them are covered in brown and white, thick velvet skin, which is just dreamy and adds to the rich layers of experience.

And then there’s jewels like this one. Blue seems to be a theme with breakthrough finds, like the magickal little sea star.

Banana slugs galore in brown, green and yellow – the most either of us have ever seen. We’ve come across several dozen camouflaged on the forest floor.

They’ve been added to my save list, as I will gently move them off trail away from eyes that may not see them. Every time I DO see one, I immediately flash to images of little saddles and reins of golden thread, forest twine and leaves atop them with faeries gliding along.

(Interesting side note: To date, we’ve saved 66 starfish/sea stars, found 66 whole sand dollars, and saved 6 jellyfish…there’s a 6 harmony theme going on)

Lovely palest violet to vibrant fuchsia blooms continue to line Summer’s path into the change of seasons.

And then there’s the light frequencies pouring through. Sometimes they’re seen by the eye, but always they’re felt with the heart when one walks through, as in these images I captured of Dave traversing a lush, green tunnel of richness surrounded in rainbow brilliance.

And sometimes they appear on film alone, as a way to convey the unseen that travels alongside us even when we think nothing exists beyond meets the eye.

Check out the bottom left corner energies in the above photo and the pure magick that takes my breath away in this next one. I literally stopped in my tracks to snap this shot, as I could feel the energy dancing in this one spot next to one of my favorite trees on this hike we do quite a bit. This is pure enchantment to my faery heart.

The day after the Virgo New Moon, Dave took these next photos of me on one of our favorite hikes in the mossy forest. The intent was to use one for our meditation and mindfulness group, as it’s gone through its own evolution.

What I later discovered upon viewing them, was a lot of stuff was happening, which we could both feel and now was apparent. So, in the window of the New Moon energies this exchange took place between Nature, myself, and the Cosmos.

Take a look at the stream of energy that changed and increased in the following five consecutive images, as I shifted mudras.

The stillness I dropped into was experienced like a merging with everything within and without.

When I saw some of the photos like these two below, I immediately felt our Earth Mother, Gaia (or Terra as I also lovingly also call her), making herself known through them and perhaps even having a message my own vessel might support conveying.

I went into a deep space of being and expanding my energies and connecting them outward, while receiving inward.

There’s a feeling of morphing and dropping away boundaries so she and I became one. It was sweet to see this captured as a reminder that we are all a part of her, each other, and All That Is.

We have yet to tap into all of the powers innate within us and to move beyond concepts of understanding our connection and reach into actually knowing, experiencing, and directing these. And yet the door is there for us to walk through.

The earthy richness abound and immersed in was the perfection Virgo essence for this New Moon.

What is streaming through speaks to me of energy streams we have available to us and how much support and love IS all around us. They also reveal the depth of creative energy in motion and weaving new threads of potential.

AND, there is the reflection of the power and grace available when we drop into the essence of who we are in partnership and harmony with nature. The two become one and the possibilities are unlimited as to what we can create.

Ultimately, pointing toward a sacred partnership that will easily be understood when we nurture and cultivate that relationship of parts within us first. And from there, our approach to life will experience a profound shift.

Speaking of big shifts, yesterday on 9/3 I experienced quite a large and deep one on all levels. I mention it in case others felt some kind of change or energy on this day as well. I may share a bit more on that upcoming and, separately, also share images from the exact day of the New Moon as another potential visual spell.

Until then, may today’s images work their wonders on the inner realms, while you enjoy one of my favorite artists. I’ve shared the song and video below in the past and couldn’t think of a better reflection both visually and in essence that partners with the energy and images of my own. I marveled at the very first image in the video, nearly matching one of mine and the title is a perfect reflection too.

September 2022 Energy Update

As usual, I’m sharing Lee’s insights for the month ahead, as I know they’re helpful for many of you. That’s right, another new month is upon us and we’re quickly closing in on the end of another year too. As we speed right along, may we find ways to deepen into the moment and ride these waves with as much flow as possible.

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