Creating Life As A Work Of Art With A Magick Rabbit By My Side

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Creating life as a work of art is my personal motto and I’ve learned that I do this best with a rabbit by my side – a magick rabbit, to be precise.

I’ve always lived a creative life, but it wasn’t until a life-clarifying experience a few years ago that I uncovered a deep truth in my heart – I wasn’t me without a rabbit. These complex and mystical beings stir something within that opens my heart wider, tears me inside out, lights the deepest recesses of inspiration and imagination, and makes sense of what can’t be explained.

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Rabbits have played the biggest role in 16 years of my life (I’ve been blessed with 5 rabbit companions – currently Astrid is my cocreator on Earth while the other 4 are the star guides to my Cosmic compass) and in surrendering to learning the wisdom they have to teach, I have come to know myself even more. They have helped me to create a life that reflects the dreams and visions of the child within. We share a bond of watching over one another and encouraging the best in each of us to step forward courageously.

Their connection with creativity, abundance, and that fertile Spring energy of joyous blossoming reflects the importance of cultivating this renewing energy and innocence.

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I’m passionate about sharing the magickal qualities of rabbits with others and the art of presence they embody that can help reveal the mystical origins we long to discover. The way of the rabbit is a recipe for creative living and enrichment. They indeed take us down a rabbit hole of discovery and adventure where the only limits will be how far we let our imaginations run. I love inspiring people to remember who they are and rabbits are way-showers to hearing that song again.

astrid and tania

“Life as art” truly expresses the way of the artist, mindfully creating every part of life.

You don’t have to be an artist to do this. You simply are willing to tap into your creative energy and allow the vortex of its power to spiral and weave into all corners of your experience.

How do you do this?

With intention, with imagination, and with love.

Every little nook and cranny of life can become a masterpiece of your own creation. You can infuse your own creativity into how you craft your day, design your world, envision your goals, and express yourself.

Imagine that you’re an artist creating your most magnificent masterpiece, only the masterpiece is you…your life.


You choose with intent and sensibility the perfect colors to blend together, a line or curve here or there to emphasize or soften, the right amount of both light and shadow to create illumination and intrigue, and the perfect measurement of subject ingredients for savory inspiration or journeying to cauldron depths of greater mystery.

This is life as art and every element and layer of your experience can be creatively composed by you.

It takes presence and intention, a surrender to riding the currents of alignment, as well as the willingness to stretch your imagination and take risks with expression.

You discover the elements of alchemy at work that can seed new blossoming potentials.


The more you do this, the more you find reflections of what you love drawn into your life.

And the more you find the journey fun and adventurous.

It’s a way to be a co-creator and to understand the power of creativity to change your life.

And from here, the sky’s not the limit, but instead opens you to limitless possibilities.

It’s my pleasure to share my own experiences and inspirations around this and eventually, if you haven’t already, you’ll come to see how rabbits have played such an integral part in my own discoveries – perhaps they will for you too.


I welcome you to a little piece of my world and invite you to share yours with me. I believe we’ll discover the heart as the bridge between them and realize that we’re simply creating different ways of experiencing our unique songs in the symphony of life.

And when we share this, we realize our connection.

I also offer a blog where I post inspirations I hope you’ll find of value in some way. You can explore topics by typing in words and phrases into the “search” box (the one with magnifying glass on the top right). I’ve written extensively on many metaphysical, whimsical, and spiritual growth topics.

Alongside any inspired musings of the moment that channel through me to share, my blog has also evolved into a new, three-part series each week that includes the following:

Monday Musings – The Writer’s Corner

  • blogs with a writing theme involving anything from my own journey with this, challenges, inspirations, Top 10 Lists, support and helpful insights for writers, behind the scenes looks, and favorite books, to book reviews, other writers’ work, or even author interviews….fellow writers welcome to share their work and experiences to be featured as well

Whimsical Wednesdays – The Artist’s Corner

  • this includes artist’s of life, creative visionaries, and anyone who loves being artsy in their own way or has a creative passion…blog themes are around “life as art” and how to live this way more mindfully, inspiration, sharing the creative journey, featuring artwork, favorite artisans, how to get in touch with this side more…

Ask Astrid Fridays – The Rabbit’s Corner

  • blogs from Astrid’s point of view…any advice or wisdom she has to share for the week, a day-in-the-life of Astrid, a bunny’s perspective, getting to know rabbits more, and will be open at times to take questions Astrid will get to answer from our readers and down the rabbit hole we’ll go….


On a whim of inspiration I may post something outside of this three-part series’ scope, but primarily this is the new focus.

Thank you for hopping by and I hope you’ll find reason to stay.

Remember who you are and may all possibilities be open to you.

“Ever wonder what your life would be like if you started LIVING the wonder?” ~Tania Marie, The Rabbit Faery ~ Creating Life as a Work of Art with a Magick Rabbit by My Side

Moonlight Whispers & Astrid

“And yet, I know artists whose medium is Life itself and who express the inexpressible without brush, pencil, chisel or guitar. They neither paint or dance. Their medium is Being. Whatever their hand touched has increased Life. They see and don’t have to draw. They are the artists of being alive.” ~Frederick Franck (Fun fact: Appeared in the 1973 book “The Zen of Seeing: Seeing/Drawing As Meditation” by Frederick Franck – love the connection to my birth year of 1973) 

  1. Dirksen Gabriel Abellar

    Hi Ms. Tanya! I loved your art. Can you make me a tattoo design? Because I’m a tattoo fan. I also had some tattoo on my arms. I’m from Phillipines.

  2. You’re AMAZING, Tania; I’m so glad I found your site. 🙂

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