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Yesterday timing aligned for a photo shoot on the New Moon, which I felt was really symbolic to be doing in the support of that energy.

For part of the photo shoot we were on location at an amazing park I’d never been to in the area, which was huge with all kinds of meandering grass and trees, trails for walking, biking, and horse back riding, and then surrounded in the back by forested areas that were truly magickal in the hills.

One of the very cool things about the park is that there are wild peacocks and peahens roaming the grounds.

I was with one of my very favorite couples, as he’s a photographer and she assists with many of his shoots.

On our way to the area we were going to be shooting in, we saw a couple of peacocks in the park and just as we’d crossed over the dry stone river bed to the forested area, a peahen appeared amidst the trees.

We’d just got finished saying how cool it would be if one showed up for the shoot, but although she did not end up as part of our photos that day, seeing her felt very symbolic. The couple had been to this spot several times before on location and said they’d never seen any of the peafowl in the forested area there. So I loved how she showed up to infuse a little magick into the experience.

And throughout our time there, moving from one enchanted area to another, we were serenaded with the eerie calls of the peafowl and unusual bird songs that we’d never heard before. Between the approaching sunset hour, the bit of humidity that seemed to set in, a lovely stillness in the warm evening air, the magickal Faery land all around us, and these unique bird calls that made it sound like we were in a jungle or Garden of Eden, it truly added to the feeling of our work there.

Not to mention, I happened to be wearing the bright male peacock colors and a skirt that somewhat mirrored their feathers, although I had no idea peafowl would be here.

And upon our last location with the sun setting behind, I discovered an area that was full of plumage from one of the female peahens. There were tons of soft smaller fluffy feathers of her undercoat, medium, and larger ones, all in a circular area that made it very auspicious and almost like a sacred site the way they were laying there almost intentionally.

So after we finished, catching the last of the sunset, I walked over to the feather site, as I felt it calling to me.

I’ve come to honor feathers over my life when they make themselves appear to me, are in my path, fall in front of me, etc. This mirrors Native American Indian ways, as feathers mean a lot to them. They know that a feather means much more than simply something that falls out of a bird. There is the message of trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, freedom, etc. that is thought to be carried in the symbolism of the feathers and so to be “given” one is to be hand picked from the tribe to receive what they feel is like getting a gift from a high official.

And so once one is received it must be cared for, respected, and honored.

For this reason I have done so with the special feathers I’ve been gifted and I felt I was to do the same with this peahen’s feathers. So I gathered up the just the large ones I found and brought them home to work with me and my altar space, healing and creative work, and shamanic rituals.

I counted 7 in all that I took with me, which I counted several times before I got home. But when I arrived home and took them from my satchel, at first there were the 7, but when I looked through everything to make sure I got all out that I had transported with me for the shoot, there was now an 8th feather that appeared!

So I have now 8 beautiful peahen feathers.

peahen feathersOne might not have cherished these as much as I did, preferring or valuing the peacock feathers more. But I felt the beautiful reflection and honor, and began to see the symbolism in the connection with this peahen. Having seen one right when we arrived and then finding the feathers where we ended, felt important and spoke to my personal journey of renewal currently.

For those of you not aware, the males are the ones we call peacocks, which have the extravagant feathers. The females are the ones we call peahens and they are brown, and sometimes grey. The babies/offspring are called peachicks. And they all belong to the family of peafowl.

In general peacocks and peahens bring messages of the beauty (within and without) that we can achieve when we show our true colors, wholeness, immortality, renewal/resurrection – rising from the ashes (as the closest description to the mythical Phoenix), vision into the past, present, and future, self-confidence, self-respect, self-love, integrity, benevolence, compassion, patience, wisdom, and fortune…to name a few.

They naturally replace their feathers annually, which is why they are connected with renewal energy. They can help us shed the old feathers of the past and take back the true beauty and authenticity of our individuality, as we stand in our personal empowerment.

We’re reminded of our hidden beauty and innate gifts that are waiting to come forth and that our imperfections make us uniquely beautiful. Although the peahen is not as visually beautiful as the peacock, we are asked to go within to see her true beauty and value, which reflects to us how we need to love ourselves in this same way, as well as others – always treating everyone with respect and “seeing” their inner beauty and wholeness – look within to see the true beauty of life and the world at large.

We’re encouraged to step into our wisdom, dignity, integrity, and honor, rather than pride and arrogance. Peacock/peahen helps us reclaim our powers and reinvigorate self-esteem through the nurturing of self-love. They are definitely a mirror to the soul and help us to remove masks so that we can reveal, and be, our authentic selves.

They support us in more fearlessly being ourselves and expressing that through our unique colors, song, or dance of life. And as we do so, we raise our vibration, which will inspire others to do so too. So it’s all about shining our brightest and leading by example.

What might one take away from that? Not to hold back and to just let your creative heart have at it and choose to act upon your inner wisdom.

They have the ability to eat poisonous snakes and plants without harm as well, which speaks to their ability to thrive in the face of danger and/or suffering. It also reflects their protective symbolism.

They are compared to the great bodhisattvas in Buddhism, for their ability to consume poisonous things without being affected, just as a bodhisattva is able to take in the toxins of human evolution, yet still attain enlightenment.

Might this reflect our ability to embrace and integrate our shadow aspects. That truly there is nothing to fear in going into those dark journeys, as you will find your way through courageous self-reflection.

Peacock feathers are thought to have protective powers and are used in shamanic rituals for healing, to cleanse the aura, and remove energetic pollution.

When I saw the feathers all in one place, I felt the symbolism instantly of the shedding old layers, renewal, and even a literal resurrection from the ashes.

It was very powerful and remains with me still. And for it to take place on the New Moon, connected to what we were doing symbolically there, felt particularly potent.

I am so grateful for the gift of these 8 large, amazing peahen feathers that will be a part of my new journey I’m embarking upon.

Eight is very connected to things for me and holds a powerful energy all of its own.

I love that it was the female that made her presence and message known, as I think many take the female peafowl for granted and yet without them there would be no peacock.

So many wonderful gifts she shares. Her beauty I do see and thank her for the reflection.

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  1. I love that you wrote “I think many take the female peafowl for granted and yet without them there would be no peacock”

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Beautiful feathers, beautiful you, Tania.

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