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Come Explore the Crystal Illuminations at My New Etsy Shop

bannerI’ve shared the new Crystal Illuminations healing art – my latest body of work featuring crystal infused sacred paintings as a source of light in your life – but I’d like to announce that they are now available via my new Etsy Shop, “crystal illumination” for convenience and ease.

Please check back, as there will be a TON more new creations coming, as shared below.

At my shop you will be able to explore all of the new empowering energy of these “crystals of light” that you can bring more of into your life through sacred healing art creations channeled through me and nature.

To see examples of other sacred crystal paintings that have sold please visit: Crystal Illuminations and you will get an idea of the abundant creations that channel through when thinking about commissioning a special piece for yourself or loved ones.

You will sometimes find stand-alone, very unique and powerful, sacred crystals available in the Crystal Illuminations collection of healing art, as these intuitively chosen healing crystals are nature’s art, as seen through my heart to yours. Every crystal you see here and that comes through me, to you, are heart chosen, powerfully charged, Reiki infused for integrative healing, and specially attuned to assist you and the collective.

Some of the Crystal Illuminations you can look forward to soon will be featuring sacred crystals such as:

Malachite, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, various Fluorite, Lingam, Apache Tears, Selenite, Lepidolite, Sugilite, Libyan Desert Glass Tektite, Calcite, Fire Agate, Singing Quartz Wands, Tangerine Lemurian Seed Quartz, Pink Lemurian Seed Quartz, Faery Quartz, Angelite, Agate, Carnelian, and more Amethyst and Kyanite, as well as carved sacred Animal Guides, magical Andaras, and a special “Sea Treasures” sacred piece.

If any of these crystal and stone energies call to you, you can commission them by contacting me. A few may be available as stand-alone sacred healing crystals, but most will be infused into new sacred paintings as a source of light in your life.

You can choose from the crystal essences of light available, or you can commission a specific energy or crystal you feel you’d like to integrate and empower more of in to your life.

Each of the crystals that come through me are what I like to refer to as, “Joyful Earth Crystals,” which are here to help us create a New Earth experience in joy and creative love.

If you have any questions about items you see in the shop or would like to commission a custom piece, please contact me at

Bird Wisdom Appearing in Our Lives

great blue heron

I love this photo I captured of a Great Blue Heron flying – reminds me of a Pterodactyl and had such an ancient feel to the image

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark. ~Rabindranath Tagore

Be like the bird who, pausing in her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing she hath wings. ~Victor Hugo

Birds have been very prominently showing up in my life in the last several months and it increasingly is happening by the day. They seem to show up when something poignant takes place, many times in direct answer or reflection of something I was just connecting with or integrating, when having an epiphany or breakthrough, or simply appear as a supportive presence.

From Hawks, Turkey Vultures, and Ravens, to Seagulls, Pelicans, Great Blue Herons, and more….these bird guides have been a welcome experience in my life. I have even had the rare opportunity to experience an owl flying over my car across the freeway and just a couple of days ago, a Great Horned Owl showed up – both of which I have never in the wild experienced, let alone in suburban California, where they both appeared clearly for me. The Great Horned Owl was indeed an auspicious blessing to see.

Each animal carries their own medicine as a totem in our lives and this is true for all birds, as well as reptiles, insects and even plants, flowers, rocks, crystals and minerals.

Being that birds seem to especially be showing up, I was pondering their symbolism in general and wanted to look into more of what they mean, besides the things I myself was familiar with.

To many people birds symbolize freedom, the future, eternal and renewed life, and can also represent transition between life. They have also been seen as a supernatural bridge or messenger between heaven and earth and symbolize lightness and connection with Source. In this way they carry us messages that can provide insight and wisdom to support our path.

They remind us that we can soar above any challenge and to trust we will be safe when we take those leaps of faith because we have the ability to take flight.

Birds choose flight over fight, which also reminds us to rise above reacting and becoming defensive or combative. They teach us awareness and adaptability and the ability to change with greater ease because of their superb reflexes. And being that they represent the “air element” they are good examples of the importance of clear and honest communication, powerful mental acuity as well as physical strength, the higher mind, and connection with our breath, teaching us proper breathing and the necessity of it. Song birds teach us about the healing properties of sound and the integrative resonance it creates on deep levels.

Air animal totems also assist us in accessing higher knowledge that comes through. Since “air” is an ethereal element, the beings that are of it have the ability to support us with greater understanding of its invisible ways, as well as provide a channel to the Cosmos for direct access of integrating our physical with the other-worlds and dimensions.

Birds symbolize sovereignty and support new shifts and transitions in our lives in all ways.

When birds show up and catch your attention they are strong reminders of the ultimate power available to you within this present moment, regardless of what you can see or may not know, helping to boost confidence and courage, as well as providing positive omens and signs equivalent to a wink from the Universe.

I am grateful for the powerful presence of these beautiful and wise beings in my life and their messages are well received.

The Wound Is Where the Light Enters You – You CAN Find Joy Again



Today is a special day I commemorate with love and honor of the being that has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love, alchemy, magick, authenticity, and reminds me daily of my chosen path. Nestor, aka Nestie (as she embodies both Divine Male and Female), transitioned 5 years ago today. The number 5 has always been an auspicious and potent number between the two of us, and so this year-mark seems poignant.

You’ve heard me share much about Nestor in many a blog, so today I just want to share how life transitions carry with them a powerfully beautiful message, despite how painfully tormenting it can be to the human heart when it takes place unexpectedly.

In the moments she released from this Earth plane, she gave out a cry that simultaneously embodied the pain and the joy of that transition. “Pain” in that breaking from the 3-D world and how that feels in physical release, as well as pain for the totality of leaving behind an experience she so cherished with me and the pleasures of Earthly gifts.

And “Joy” in that release into the expansive, boundless, and powerful experience of the Universal being she truly is where she is free to do so much more service than she was able to do in a tiny restricted body, can be with me where ever I am, and she can travel the Universe to continue her beautiful integrative work for the collective.

In her duality of pain and joy experience, I came to “live” the experience of how the two exist simultaneously, bringing my studies of duality and integration, and the idea of “no boundaries” nor judgments, into full flesh knowingness.

And for me, it is through the greatest pain I have ever, and likely will ever, experience – my twin soul released from this plane of existence – I have been able to find what she always wanted for me – the heart of Me.

In place of my shattered heart, birthed a new one that continues to blossom infinitely. Where she experienced a “death,” I was reborn. And this is the natural cycle of All That Is. Destruction and creation are one in the same and not wrong or right. They simply ARE and through the darkest of experiences, there will always be light.

When your experience becomes thickly enveloped and you feel you are clamoring around, lost, beaten, scared, and reaching and straining your eyes to try to see, this is the time to stand naked and raw amidst this black ocean so that the liquid light of your heart can shine from within. It will then soon permeate into the fluidity and guide you from your core, bringing the wisdom to understand and transcend the limited perspectives that only serve the feeding of fears.

Although you can’t see her, Nestor is ever-present beside me and within me, and together we continue our heart mission, unified.

I know many of you are going through “dark night of the soul” experiences and have lost loved ones and feel there is no hope. We each have our own experiences of things like this and it is relative to each, but I can say, having been through my own years, in this life, of torment, pains, confusions, loneliness, loss, endless emotional cycling, challenges…that you can create that peace and you can come to trust, hope, love, and refuel passions in greater, more expansive ways than you ever imagined.

Part of it has to do with be willing to let go, surrender, and allow yourself to receive and open to the possibility that joy DOES live on the opposite side of the same pain coin you are holding. We have the ability to flip the coin when we are ready to say yes.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you. ~Rumi 

The human heart has a way of making itself large again even after it’s been broken into a million pieces. ~Robert James Waller 

As my sufferings mounted I soon realized that there were two ways in which I could respond to my situation — either to react with bitterness or seek to transform the suffering into a creative force. I decided to follow the latter course. ~Martin Luther King Jr. 

There is an alchemy in sorrow. It can be transmuted into wisdom, which, if it does not bring joy, can yet bring happiness. ~Pearl S. Buck

Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us. ~David Richo 

What happens when people open their hearts?…They get better. ~Haruki Murakami


The “Emerald” Heart Path – Alchemy for Challenges

raw emerald

I woke this morning feeling drawn to my raw Emerald that sits on my desk daily and felt that a blog post around its energy, which is connected to the Heart Chakra, was in store. More specifically, I knew it was about sharing the importance of “Authentic Heart” presence, again, as a powerful tool to assist the challenges that people are experiencing.

Heart Chakra energy focus was coming in strong through the collective needs and interestingly today’s Mantra Meditation (if you’re following Deva Premal and Miten’s 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey) happened to be the Mantra for “I am Love” ~ Aham Prema, which I ended up doing while holding my Emerald friend. Synchronicity always at work. 😉 Another synchronicity was that it is the 4th Mantra Meditation and this coincides with the Heart Chakra being the 4th Chakra.

I received a lot of messages in resounding connection to, relief, and gratitude, between yesterday and this morning, in relation to the newsletter update I sent out sharing about the energy we are all currently going through, compounded by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. People are really feeling hit hard and going through intense things right now, including the animals.

In line with my message received about the Heart Chakra focus as a way to support these shifts, synchronously, Laura Bruno shared some very helpful ways and tools to help you keep balanced and grounded amidst everything going on and from not absorbing things around you in her blog post: How to Protect Yourself from Empathing Societal Angst and EMF Madness.

One of the ways she mentioned was through helpful crystals and stones. Another serendipitous connection to today’s post. 😉

I just felt guided today to focus again, as I write and teach a lot about the Heart Chakra, on that unconditional love and compassion energy, as it is so needed right now towards yourself and others to gently support all of the intensity of these very intense and interesting times.

Perhaps even when you gaze upon my lovely raw Emerald friend (which incidentally reminds me of the shape of the actual physical human heart when you see it in person) you can feel her energy speaking to your heart and helping to envelope you in a green blanket of nurturing love.

I’ve shared many times about where my company name, Emerald Bridge, was derived from – divinely inspired as a reflection of the Heart Chakra, which is the source of powerful, creative and unconditional love energy that acts as an energetic “bridge” and balancing integrator that emanates Divine power. And the Emerald is one stone that promotes emotional and spiritual balance and is naturally connected to the Heart – Anahata Chakra, helping to balance the energy flow between the upper and lower three Chakras.

Like the heart, Emerald is a way to inspire a return to natural harmony within and without.

In our deepest moments of struggle, frustration, fear, and confusion, we are being called upon to reach in and touch our hearts. Then, we will know what to do, what to say, how to be.  What is right is always in our deepest heart of hearts.  It is from the deepest part of our hearts that we are capable of reaching out and touching another human being.  It is, after all, one heart touching another heart. ~Roberta Sage Hamilton

The Way is not in the sky.  The way is in the heart. ~Buddha 

As we travel deeper into transmutation, it is our hearts that will need to open wider and expand to envelope everything that is. This is a time to recreate from the inside out, after tearing down the old foundations to build anew from the strength of your ever-resilient heart.

I know things feel heavy for many of you and like sometimes you are stuck in quicksand, but what is the best thing to do when you actually are caught in quicksand, rather than flail, struggle and fight?

Be still.

In the stillness you can be with and receive from your truth. The more you fill up your time with this and that, external comforts, temporary numbing, instant gratification, reaching for the next exhilarating rush or wallow in self-sabotaging thoughts and old emotions, the more you keep yourself off balance and unable to hear the voice within that has wisdom to share if you only would nurture it.

The heart is the way and it is what keeps us balanced, flowing, healthy, and in harmony, matching its rhythm to the beat of all that is natural and sustainable, amidst the constant fluctuations. Through the Heart Chakra we are able to see to the “heart of the matter” and are presented new perspectives that can help us immediately shift our experiences and create healing alchemy.

The deeper we go into our feelings and pains to receive their pearl of wisdom, the deeper we heal and create greater capacity to love. The heart is resilient and strong, holding within it the most powerful energy in the Universe, which is why we still go on, despite and in light of it all, and do so with the potential for greater and greater possibilities.

I also love the other synchronicity in Laura’s post about “singing” and how it can be helpful as well during these times. If you remember I had posted about the new experiences of integrative healing that will be focused on during the next Bimini retreat and one of the things I mentioned was that “my unique sound melody healing may make an appearance if the occasion arises to support integrative healing.”

Sound has been an important facet of me since I was a baby in this life, and carried forth from past lives. In this life it has always been powerfully transformative and is something I have infused into my healing work and paintings, that sings to people through my embedding it in the process. But I have used musical sound for major shifts, including a profound experience I can share about another time when I visited Egypt on my first of two trips in this life. It seems to be coming surfacing more now in direct ways, and as always, I flow with where I’m guided. I’ve expressed about the mantra chanting already and how powerful that can be, but I love what Laura shared in her post today about sound:

“Release energy by making a joyful noise unto the heavens. Watch what words you’re repeating through song, since music intensifies the power of words. Once you find sacred chants or affirmative songs you love, let ‘er rip. You’ll strengthen your throat and heart chakras, enabling you to align your words with your heart. You’ll also increase your intuition and spiritual awareness, joy (2nd chakra), confidence, and feel more grounded in your body through the physical act of singing instead of just mentally mumbling the words.”

So express whatever wants to come through you song-fully, as long as it is from the joy of your heart, and you will experience the power inherent in loving sound. It is life-altering, as sound is a Universal resonance that transcends.

Just remember to release judgments, to the best of your ability, while you are going through everything and to be gentle right now with all that you are processing and experiencing…and S L O W down a bit to breathe and be able to really focus on refocusing. The extra external stimulation with so much already going on in and around you can be enough to blow you out and keep you away from the core transformative things trying to get your attention – AND away from being in your heart.

Surrounding yourself with only things that mirror the new that you are focused on creating, and releasing all of the old toxicity in your life will be of great benefit.

And whichever supportive tools and experiences you feel drawn to – for me that is my crystal friends, my animal companions, tons of Earth nature time (as Laura called it in her blog: “Get Dirty” time), music, doing only what feels right in my heart, and retreat – utilize these well.

Here is some interesting information about Emeralds I thought you might enjoy, which for myself speaks very deeply. Like Laura mentioned, as with the Raw Ruby from me that she has and discussed, raw stones are much more affordable than cut and I find them to be far more energetically resonating right now, as they are naturally connected with the Earth. So perhaps you may be drawn to get one for yourself and in the process will find yourself a heart-supportive friend to aid your deep, integrative healing and awareness:

Emerald is a name believed to come from Ancient Greek work called “smaragdos” which was originally applied to a different green colored minerals, but simply means “green stone.” They say its history is traced back to Egypt where they were mined in Cairo before 2000 B.C. – one of these mines being associated with the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra because of her love and honor for and use of the gem. The mine was named “Cleopatra’s Mine” and beautiful jewelry was fashioned with it by the Egyptians.

Emeralds were also prized by the ancient Babylonians and Indians, as well as used by the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayan cultures for carving, adornment and even medicine.

A Roman consular and writer named Pliny had written that “nothing is more intense than the green of Emerald” and added that “sight is refreshed and restored by gazing upon the stone.” It said that after hearing this, the Roman Emperor Nero followed the advice and began to wear Emerald sunglasses while watching gladiator matches.

In ancient mythology Emerald was associated with Mercury, who was known to be the messengers of the gods, and of travel. This is where Emerald being referred to as the “Traveler’s Protection Stone” came into play.

Something that people don’t hear about much is the unique aspect of Emerald to sweat or expel water when subjected to heat. This extraordinary phenomenon is interesting to me in terms of its connection to the Heart Chakra, where emotions are like a deep ocean.

Emerald is known as the “stone of successful love” bringing with it loyalty, good fortune, abundance, growth, peace, harmony, patience, love, honesty, integrity, eloquence, enhances psychic abilities (known as a stone of prophecy), stimulates greater mental capacity, strengthens memory, clarity of thought, brings awareness of the unknown to conscious recognition (great for the deep delving and uncovering we are processing through right now), imparts wisdom and reason to discern and understand it all, inspires deep inner knowing, promotes truth (reveals truth or falsity of all things) and discernment, and are supportive in successful business and relating, as well as for the creative arts – magicians have used them in spells and rituals to promote harmonious and fortuitous practices.

As the sacred stone of the Goddess Venus, it enhances and preserves unconditional love, unity, balance, hope and partnerships of all kinds. It also helps focus intention, raise consciousness, and draws in, as well as incites, positive, focused actions that enhance the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. It is well known as an aid to growth, and assists people who are not so well adjusted with this world, to adjust, thrive, and prosper. The green of Emerald is closely tied with the vibes of the natural world and the plants of nature. The strongest time for its powers is said to be Spring. 🙂

Alongside all of this it is most effective, as shared, on the Heart Chakra because it has the ability to access desires held deep within and provides infinite patience, inspiration, healing, and harmonious balance. Emerald promotes physical, emotional and mental equilibrium so that all aspects of life can be unified.

For this reason it is good for lifting depression, helps with insomnia, knowingness of the heart and peaceful dreams. 

The pale, clear, green Emeralds (which the one I have is) are connected to all things spiritual and are powerful in meditative work, as well as healing. They say that if you stare at an Emerald and meditate upon it by visualizing the green color washing over every cell in body this can greatly benefit your well being. 

Emeralds are not to be worn constantly, but instead to wear or work with when you feel the need. And if worn, magicians say that it is best set in silver or copper.

Physically Emeralds an excellent general healer that enhances the immune system and was used by the ancients as a blood detoxifier and anti-poison. They are good for breathing issues with lungs, heart health, swollen lymph nodes, blood problems, the thymus, the pancreas (balances blood sugar), help detoxify the liver, good for labor and delivery, eyesight, sinuses, strengthens the backbone and spine, muscular, and the etheric field.

The Emerald can be a good bridge between two people, just as it is through the heart that we find our bridging connection to All That Is.

Wishing you each gentle patience, hope, clarity, wisdom, guidance, and strength along the Emerald Heart path of your personal journey.

New Jersey Summer Synergy – Reiki, Yoga, Crystals, Meditations & More

The Reiki workshop portion of this weekend has been postponed. Will keep you posted when new dates are confirmed. The event portion will still be taking place. Contact for details. 

Join us for a pre-summer celebration of you as we join together again for another high-vibed weekend of energy flow and fun that will leave you feeling enlivened.

If you missed our marathon fun, high vibed New Jersey Reiki & Yoga weekend last time, now’s the chance to catch it again, but with new fun events added for a chance to jump in on a life-enhancing experience that will support that inner glow from the inside out.

We will begin each day anchoring in the experience of Unity with Reiki training by myself, which will support you to open yourself to living, giving and receiving in empowering ways and support a fresh new journey. And we will have a fun event that will bring in the synergy of offerings from Yoga & Reiki Master Teacher & Holistic Health Coach, Venus Banguela and Intuitive Artist & Healer & Reiki Master Teacher, Jennifer Helminski.

Reiki 1 and 2 will be offered together on Saturday June 1st and Reiki 3 Master Teacher training will be offered on Sunday June 2nd. There is the option to join for one or both of the days. See details below on pricing.

Pre-Registration is necessary and will help dictate how the weekend unfolds and the rest of the fun events we have planned. 

Deadline to Register is: Monday April 29th

A non-refundable deposit holds your place. I’ll be coming from out of town and have travel expenses, so we hope you understand and is also why we need to know official head counts for the Reiki classes ahead of time for the preparations it involves. 

Payment Plan Options Are Available. Please Inquire If You Need Assistance With This

As mentioned, we will also be offering a fun event of gentle and empowering spiritual offerings that will leave you feeling blissful, either in the evening on one of the days or on Sunday afternoon in place of Reiki 3 Master Teacher training. This is also why early registration is necessary, as I can only schedule things based on need.

Once we receive all registrations we will announce the official event times and day, and specific details, but to give you an idea, this event will offer an eclectic mix of short sessions including:

  • A Reiki share (where all new and already established practitioners and teachers will offer Reiki healings together – all new students encouraged and welcomed to join in to practice)
  • Empowering Reiki Healing Attunements will be offered by the Reiki Master Teachers (Tania Marie, Jennifer Helminski & Venus Banguela)
  • A specifically focused yoga session with Venus Banguela
  • Guided meditations by Tania Marie
  • A talk on Crystal energy and get a chance to see some of the beautiful crystal jewelry creations of Jennifer Helminski
  • Other offerings will be available as well – more details to come!

You are welcome to come just for this event as well, if you can’t make the Reiki workshops in the day. 


Infinitive Wellness Sharanam
Nutley, New Jersey – Location provided upon registration
Vegan lunch and beverages provided, but please bring any snacks, lunch or beverages that you may desire


Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Time and Schedule for Both Days:

9:00 am – 4:00 pm Reiki training with Tania Marie

Summer Synergy Event – To be determined (either starting at 5pm on one of the days or will replace the Reiki session on Sunday) – This event is $5 to join and covers your food. Reiki Share, meditations and talks are FREE. Other services and offerings will be available during this event for purchase.

Registration Contributions (Payment plan options available & secure Paypal credit card payments accepted):

Reiki 1 and 2 classes on Saturday: $400 (savings of $100 off regular discount price of $500)

Reiki 3 Master Teacher Class on Sunday: $600 (savings of $66 off regular price of $666)

All 3 classes: $800 (savings of $200 off regular discount price of $1000)

Contact Tania at to register 

Integrative Healing & Reiki – New Experiences In Store for You on this Year’s Bimini Retreat

my old logo

My old logo Reiki logo I created

I’ve posted a lot about all of the amazing experiences and offerings that are available to you during our Summer Solstice Rhythm of Renewal Retreat in Bimini, Bahamas at The ARC, but I haven’t delved into more about what will make this journey unique in terms of what will be facilitated, as there has been a continuous flow of energy shifts I’ve been riding in terms of how to best support that. Everything is constantly changing and so I am open to where that leads in order to provide what is in highest alignment.

No matter how much I describe or share photos, I always come up short in being able to express the actual experience of what a retreat like this can bring, especially due to the fact that we create with what the moment brings us, which can always be such a journey of wonderment and surprise.

However, I have been guided to expound a little more on the the aspects of Reiki and the healing journey that you will embark upon with my support, especially since these have shifted since I first posted the retreat.

As always, I am listening to where Spirit guides me and matching the resonance of the Collective’s needs with what I’m being shown to offer.

If you follow my blog posts, you may notice a lot of focus on “integration,” which has always been my focal point of the work I do in totality since the get-go.

“Integration” and a “return to natural harmony” – HUGE for me! – and all focused on the inner truth stillness and power of the heart.

Actually, my original business name when I first began things many years ago was “Integrative Healing Arts.” I still use this term to describe my work and services all the time, but now it just goes under a new umbrella of “Emerald Bridge,” which represents the Heart Chakra “integrative energy” that “bridges” and merges things into harmony.

See a theme here? It all goes hand-in-hand and focuses on that unconditionally loving and compassionate energy that honors all and empowers from the inside out.

So, what I am guided to bring into the experience, this summer’s retreat, is supporting integration and bringing our Reiki training to another level with some added goodies. 🙂

On our 6 night and 6 day retreat I will be supporting each person within the group to become attuned to Reiki Level 1, which will be a shared experience of teaching and learning, gaining an understanding of and experiencing the Reiki energy, receiving an initiation, and becoming certified. Once we have, then we will be journeying into practicing on deeper levels with practical applications and experiences to support your own and others’ integrative healing journeys, which will be inclusive of and beyond Reiki.

This will be a week of transformational experiences that will lead you to greater sense of self, clarity, empowerment, peace, joy, and deeper love and compassion. One of the focuses will be on deepening and expanding your heart through Reiki (pronounced ray-key).

The practice of channeling Reiki is an easy-to-learn, gentle and powerful system of natural healing that reduces stress, induces relaxation, supports intentions, helps return you to a more natural and clearer flow on all levels, and provides many other healing benefits. The Reiki class offered is part of the Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Certification Training.

In Reiki Level 1, you’ll learn about the history, principles, ethics and practice of Reiki and the foundations that really are at the “heart” of its essence that are important to consistently embody. You’ll experience Reiki, receive an attunement and start a 21-day energetic cleanse. You’ll learn scanning, Reiki lineage, hand positions for giving in-person, hands-on treatments to others and yourself, (including your animal companions) and more. This class can help you begin the journey of creating more harmony and peace in your daily life and in your interaction with people to help center you more in compassion.

Whether you are new to Reiki, have already been through Reiki Level 1, are preparing to teach and want a refresher, or want to incorporate Reiki into your current healing practice, you will find these classes to be supportive and timely in terms of the now.

This offering is provided with intention to help you to step gracefully into learning how to support yourself, other people and animals towards compassionate goals, intentions and worldwide healing and change.

You will have access to any support I can provide during your time on this retreat with personal attention to meet your desired goals. We will also participate in global and personal healing intentions and sessions that will take you on a life-enhancing and empowering new path.

And as the group comes through the Reiki Level 1 experience together, we will then continue our journey with deepening this experience and supporting that integrative healing.

I believe that integration is a key point to supporting us to the next experience of life that we desire to have. I feel that doing the deeper work really makes the difference and helps you to understand the continuous triggering taking place and supports you to move through the frustrations of wondering why things are not improving when you are doing so much spiritual stuff already.

So, rather than skip levels, which we have all fallen into doing at one point or another, we’ll focus on some ways to work more deeply and all-encompassing through guided meditations for personal and collective connecting, practical tuning in as we practice Reiki, doing some personal and group work to look within,  and also be guided by the moment and the energy needs of the group to where it takes us in flow.

My old logo

My old Integrative Healing Arts logo created from my very first tattoo

I look forward to what may transpire, all the while 100% being there to support each of you. There may even be some spontaneous fun with crystals, healing art, and my unique sound melody healing may make an appearance if the occasion arises to support integrative healing. We will play it by heart…

“Wholeness, healing, integration; that is what the inner journey is about, and it happens when our inner and outer selves, when the world within us and the world around us merge as one. We experience this fleetingly through music. I feel it deeply, often through song.”

“It is the closest I have ever come to wholeness, and I suspect to holiness as well. It is where I turn in search of healing, not to be alone in my isolation but in order to center myself within the Center of all my longing, within that Presence, that Power, where all that lives resides.”

“Through music all life can be present to us, and in some sense present within us…For some, music accompanies their inner journey into wholeness and healing; for others it is the journey itself, the journey into ultimate meaning. When we embrace music as a healing presence, we are already home.” ~Miriam Therese Winter

Integrating, to me, means lovingly recognizing, honoring, embracing, surrendering to, healing, and bringing together so that unification and harmony can be experienced at all stages and on all levels. It is a process of transmutation involving going beyond things like affirmations, and understanding what the feelings that prompted the affirmations have to share and teach us while learning how to lovingly support and understand their process. In doing so, you learn that life is more than black and white and within the gray you will discover unconditional love and compassion for others, as well as realize that you are loved in all of your wholeness at every step of the journey.

“The moment you completely accept your non-peace, your non-peace becomes transmuted into peace. Anything you accept fully will take you into peace. This is the miracle of surrender.”  ~Eckhart Tolle 

I am very much looking forward to our beautiful experience together and where it leads us. And of course alongside all of this, the retreat will be enhanced and supported by the rest of the magic offered at The ARC – wild dolphin swims, sacred site snorkeling, raw vegan food, yoga, the energy and mysticism of Atlantis, and a lot of loving support.

If you have any questions or would like to register for the upcoming Bimini Retreat you can email me at You can receive up to $200 discount if you register by 5/5/13.

21 – Day Mantra Meditation Journey with Deva Premal & Miten – Nurtured Empowerment from the Inside Out

My sacred arm tattoosMantras are a Universal language that vibrationally resonate on a cellular level, having the power to effect our physicality as well as connect us to our Higher Consciousness.

Sound creates a unique reflective response on very deep levels. Sacred chanting of Universal Sanskrit Mantras creates powerful sound vibrations which are capable of transforming energy at all levels of creation.

Mantras have the ability to reach the subconscious level in order to shift things within our karmic stored patterns. Proper recitation helps invoke the latent power within us and can bless us in every facet of our life.

I have experienced the power of chanting Mantras and listening to and singing them while I paint and facilitate Reiki healing sessions. I chant them sometimes when I am hiking, as a walking meditation, and other times enjoy singing them while I drive on long road trips or any time I desire peace, stillness, and supporting shifts in my life. I keep a couple of Deva Premal’s CDs always in my car to pop in when ever I feel the need to be in that loving space. I even wear two Mantras as sacred tattoos on my Spiritual Skin.

At Sunday’s Earth Day event, upon conclusion of my guided healing meditation, we had the group chant OM together, which was very powerful. To almost everyone, the meditation and chanting was a new experience, but they all expressed their gratitude and felt it to be a blessing and very heart-opening. And for me, to see everyone leaving with peaceful and refreshed bright eyes and emanating smiles, was the true gift.

deva premal and mitenI love that Deva Premal and Miten are sharing a 21 Day Mantra Meditation Journey, which begins today and continues to unfold over the next 3 weeks. You can join in with them and many others in these daily Mantra Meditations to powerfully shift your life.

With the powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio there is an amazing opportunity right now for deep spiritual rebirth amidst this intense, breaking-down-to-build-anew, chrysalis phase before transformational awakening unfurls its wings in our lives.

These Mantras can support that process and so I felt guided to share Deva Premal’s and Miten’s FREE meditational journey you can easily follow along with in your own sacred space, giving yourself a gift of nurtured empowerment from the inside out.

You can sign up and access here. Enjoy the journey!

21 – Day Mantra Meditation Journey with Deva Premal and Miten

Celebrations of Connection & Integrative Healing – Earth Day & Beyond

tania marie

Me on the sanctuary grounds doing the nature walk with the attendees

I’m always reminded of the unification we share as a collective through synchronous events and experiences that take place. This has been a constant reflection in my life, which I carried through to yesterday’s APRL Earth Day Celebration (Animal Protection and Rescue League) with a healing meditation I led.

When I was first approached about the event I felt right away that I wanted to be part of it and knew what I would like to bring as my contribution to the group – a healing meditation of connection, unification, and integrative healing from the inside out. It was a way I felt I could support others to connect mindfully with their center, the Universal Source, and the Earth, by grounding and anchoring within and without, while sending and receiving healing love in partnership with each other.

My weekend, like most, was spent out in nature and focused on nature…taking a beautiful hike Saturday, which ended in a picnic lunch and relaxation to the sound of the waves at the beach, and then concluding with a nature walk at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary yesterday, which was on the grounds where our Earth Day event was held.

great blue heron

Great Blue Heron at the sanctuary

The event also included inspiring and educational talks by the speakers of the day – all focused on ways to live with conscious awareness, compassion and honor for the Earth and each other, an inside look at Dave Simon’s eye-opening, upcoming book, “Meatonomics,” a preview trailer of the amazing upcoming movie, “Unity” – a film for all who hunger for a deeper meaning to existence, and a more unified way of living with one another, with all expressions of life, a vegan spread of contributed dishes by all that attended, and concluding with a healing meditation I contributed to seal the resonance of unification.


vegan potluck at the APRL Earth Day event

Today, I join in energetically with everyone in continuing my own personal Earth honoring and am happy to see and feel so many others connecting collectively in celebration of our beautiful Gaia’s gifts of life. On our own we can powerfully affect change by embodying the change, and yet together the bar is raised to our limitless potentials. Every day is opportunity to live in awareness and to continue our consistent presence of being the change we dream and desire.

Right now, the house here is infused with fragrant aromatic scents from tangerine blossoms from our garden, and peppermint and oregano plants (gifts from yesterday’s events provided to the speakers) which takes me away to the outdoors and visions of wild fields where animals and faeries spread their magick freely. My desk and studio/office is filled with crystals, stones, and shells from the Earth and my animal companions. The kitchen counter baskets are overflowing with organic fruits to make a fruit salad with (including our last harvest of tangerines), and the sun is shining warmly through my window.

flowers and herbs

My tangerine blossoms, peppermint and oregano plants

I can find my connection and be aware of all the natural, free, and simple Earthly beauty that surrounds me daily, realizing and having gratitude for the gifts that my human senses provide me in tangible and pleasurable ways. And alongside them, gratitude for my personal heart and soul feelings and beliefs that provide me inner peace and need not any proof beyond their connective experiences, regardless if that experience is mine alone.

I’ve always been one to pay attention to the visions, messages, signs, and voices I receive, especially when they seem random, as those are the times I’ve learned to trust even moreso, despite there being no rhyme or reason to them, or despite nobody around me feeling the same way. Following through with the intuitive nudge has been a process of supporting, and the more I have and do, the more the fluidity of meaning and threading of the tapestry of life, seamlessly melds together.

My waking and sleeping dreams and visions are always very lively and powerful, revealing integrative messages. And it seems more and more people are having the veils drop between waking and sleeping life as well, and bridging the subconscious and conscious through dreams remembered and revealing what has been hidden. More people are connecting via dreams, working with and supporting one another, and are experiencing unity consciousness.


flowers on the sanctuary nature walk

Whenever I dream of people, many times about people I’ve never actually met in person in this life, or people showing up after years of no contact, or out of the blue without any conscious thought about them, in my experience it always has a message for the person or pertains to their needing support that is taking place in my dreams, or in some cases, is a cry for help that I hear. Through what some may call my Piscean dreamy state I find my channels of connection to more easily meld into receptivity with everything and everyone that is around me.

An example of this happened just a few nights ago when a dream revealed a friend I haven’t seen in maybe 6 years, and only keep in touch with sporadic emails. I couldn’t remember the very involved dream after I woke up, but what I was left with upon waking was a very strong imprint of him and the feeling, which prompted a need to check in on him, which I did.

Sometimes it may seem silly to us and make no sense, causing a feeling of doubt, or we end up brushing it off because of fear of our power or what it might mean to really be “in tune.” However, in time we learn to trust there is a reason for things and to support that, as later the meaning always reveals itself, even if not immediately, sometimes in very big ways as well.

In my trusting and simply saying hello and wanting to check in on my friend, I learned he had actually put out a cry for help, of which by my simply acknowledging the connection and following through with it, made a difference to him. He responded,


Great Blue Heron flying

“WOW, what connection you have. Your email came at at time when I needed it so much. I usually don’ t get into the needing, but I fell into that trap lately with life overwhelming me with having to face new directions. I have been doing OK up until recently, then fell into a lower consciousness. I sent out a spiritual ‘help’ call that night, since I was needing some uplifting and support. You are so wonderful to have connection with and received my message. THANK YOU so much for responding and lifting me up so I can get back on a higher level. You remind me of where I was and where I am going. Thank YOU.”

Things like this remind us that we are not separate and our ignoring the connection we have to everyone, every being, and everything, doesn’t change the fact that it is true. What it can do, however, is affect change in varying ways, depending on our choice to listen or not. My experience is that when I listen it has a life-enhancing effect for all concerned. And this “listening” pertains across the board to all of our choices we make to act and be consciously aware and unconditionally compassionate. When we embrace this way of living, we open the channels to receive and experience the abundance of life and the fulfillment that comes along with it for the highest good.

I know many others experience the same kinds of things, as the dream experience I shared, and that even more than admit it actually do, but likely don’t note and/or sometimes even acknowledge it. We are all so connected and when we open to the truth of this and are ready to receive and give the flow of that clear channel that is available always to us, the more our experiences reveal an inter-connectedness and synergy that starts to make greater sense, as well as deepen our feelings of inner harmony despite not having a clear explanation of things – it just clicks. It also allows us to be of service and to support one another and co-create with greater channels of understanding and clarity of communication.

AND, it will also allow us to start to hear the voices of the “voiceless.” We begin to understand the ways that animals communicate nonverbally and what they have to share that is valuable to the cycles of our life journey. Then, too, do we start to hear all of the plants and all consciousness that is sharing this experience with us. Our sensitivities heighten in a way that will support the changes we dream of, as we come to recognize the reality of our connection and what that means.


Ducks at the sanctuary comfortably resting and unafraid

I was just reading a Buddhist teaching, which spoke a truth I share, regardless of what line of thinking and belief it stems from, as it is a Universal way of being in my eyes and heart. It talked about the life of all beings – human, animal or otherwise – as being precious and all having the same right to happiness and that all the creatures of this planet are our companions that we share this world experience with. I was sitting with this in my heart feeling how simple life is to me and feeling that unity of connection.

Right at that moment two large ravens landed outside my window and starting chattering loudly and after a minute of getting my attention they flew off.


bee friend doing his thing

Ravens powerfully speak to the crux of esoteric secrets and understandings becoming exposed to the light of our own consciousness through consistent unveiling of inner depths and active utilization of inner drives. They are powerful teachers of mystery and magic. Their intelligence and speaking ability has led them to being legendary ultimate oracles as well as are known to be messengers between heaven and earth, relaying messages back and forth from other dimensions and planes of existence. They help to reveal meaning from within the darker places and shadows that are misunderstood so that we can become aware and create the change needed within that will reflect in change externally as well. Their incredible perception helps us to change the perspective from which we are viewing ourselves and our challenges, when we feel perplexed by knowing what to change. You can learn to understand the meaning of symbols and messages buried deeply in all that surrounds you by working with Raven energy. People have come to fear the Raven guide at times because it causes us to take responsibility, dedication and persistance at greater depths to develop strong willpower, embrace transmutation, and exercise intention.


squirrel saying hello

Introspection, Self-knowledge, Courage, Magic, Mysteries, Shape-shifting, Creation, Divination, Wisdom, Truth, Answers, Secrets, Messages, Instruction, Change – all part of Raven Medicine.

Raven is a beautiful example of “being in tune” with the deeper meanings and messages and how we can bring things to light and together when we connect the importance of our inner and outer “nature” reflecting each other.

I believe we all have access to these wells of understanding, feeling, and experiences that bridge the separation between any and all duality. On days like today, when a day of celebration comes into the awareness of many, it is a reminder of the power that unification can be and helps drive home the message that integration is our means to wholeness, from the inside out.

We are all connected and our living, breathing Earth beats to the same rhythm of our hearts, as does the life force energy in everything embodies a consciousness that Universally has no boundary.


the ripple effect 🙂

Yes, “be the change that you wish to see in the world,” as Gandhi so beautifully expressed. Truly embody that change daily, walk the walk, and watch the ripple effect that inevitably follows. Open your heart to receive and to give to yourself so that you may give to and receive more fully from others. This includes gifts of abundance on all levels, being able to hear and supportively respond to each other, and even to be able to receive and hear the Earth and Cosmos in totality when they resonate their tones and frequencies that take our presence and consistent awareness to hear.

Celebrating Universal connection and exercising the power of integrative healing is a moment to moment, integral experience that is invaluable to practice on this beautiful Earth Day and beyond.

Remember the life you have chosen…..

Ancient Wisdom For Natural Balance – Celebrating Mother Earth Today & Always

ammoniteIt is a gift and privilege to be in a human body and anything we can do to integrate our experience in synergy with the natural harmony and rhythms of the Earth is a step toward change and making a difference. Embodying that change from the inside out is the gift we give back to the Earth, and our entire collective family, which includes all of life.

Remember to bring your celebration, honor, and gratitude for Earth into every day of your life.

Wishing you a return to natural harmony today and always.

Pictured here you see one of my Crystal Illuminations painting, “Ancient Wisdom For Natural Balance” created as the essence of Ammonites speaking through as the sages they are, sharing their wisdom so that we may receive their message.

These crystal sages are “living” pieces of healing art that draw from and integrate the Earth and the Ethereal, as channeled through my heart, and continue in the vein of my life’s work focus – to support a return to natural harmony.

Crystal Illuminations are meditational portals that assist you with invoking the key essence of each crystal’s energy into your daily sacred space in order to access new doorways of experience. Each painting is a channeled imprint of the specific crystal’s vibrational resonance, as they come through me in the process of working with them, and are charged with Reiki energy.

When you gaze upon or simply have the painting in your personal space (supporting the flow of Chi), it can assist with energetic activations and help shift the energy in and around you to support desired intentions. Crystal Illuminations are a tool to help draw in a bit of magic as you journey through life.

Someone recently shared about this painting, “It is like you brought the power of the Fibonacci spiral to life.”

This painting holds a very ancient wisdom and energy that can assist an integrative experience of wholeness, healing and empowerment.


Orb energy from Ancient Wisdom For Natural Balance

Ammonite: A fossil remain of ancient creatures that dissipated from the earth millions of years ago, and eons of time have turned them into stone. Since these creatures were once alive, they are linked with the fifth element, Akasha. Fossils represent time, eternity, evolution. In general they are used as protective objects, worn in jewelry to increase your natural defenses. Fossils of all kinds are worn as amulets to increase life span, due to their lineage.

Ammonites were known in the Middle Ages as draconites, due to their spiral appearance they were believed to come from the head of dragons, and were often bound to the left arm for magical projection. In more recent times in Britain they were called snake stones.   In ancient Egypt, this fossil is named for the Egyptian god Ammon, because their shape resembles his ram horns. Ammonite was prized by the ancient Egyptian and Roman societies and likely many other cultures the ammonite was seen as a symbol of almost any deity was connected the curved horns of the ram.

Ammonite is used in finding your way down the spiritual spiral path to the center where the God and Goddess await, as well as used in past-life meditations.

ammoniteIt is told that these ‘stones’ radiate positive Earth energy, and to bring good luck as well as general prosperity.

Ammonite is said to assist with general good health, stamina and high energy. It is told to change negativity into smoothly flowing energy.

It is also said to assist with childbirth, help life the heaviness that is sometimes felt during depression, and general survival instincts. Ammonite helps to release karmic debris and harmful thought patterns.

This fossil also works on stimulating the instincts while providing clarity and enhancing personal power.

Ancient Wisdom For Natural Balance is available and can be purchased here: Crystal Illuminations

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