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We All Could Use A Little More Wonderland ~ A Dose of Daily Down the Rabbit Hole

The Merriam-Webster definition of Wonderland is: “an imaginary place of delicate beauty or magical charm.”

The Collins COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary says, “Wonderland is an imaginary world that exists in fairy tales.”

Webster’s New World College Dictionary’s definition of Wonderland describes: 1.  an imaginary land full of wonders 2.  any place of great beauty, strangeness, etc.

Your Dictionary says Wonderland is: “An imaginary or real place full of wonder or marvels.”

What ever Wonderland is for you, perhaps at the least it is a place of possibility.

I know, for me, it is where my soul dwells, my innocence thrives, and my heart goes wild with boundless abandon.

I noticed that the more the world outside has shifted, the more my world has increasingly gone Wonderland.

You may have already noted my new word, “wonderly,” but my shared creative space with Astrid (do you see her mirror reflection above left? hehe!) has increasingly become an actual daily dose of “down the rabbit hole.”

It seems no coincidence that things naturally transformed so much in this vein while my current transformations have hurled me into greater need of creating and embodying a different reality than the one being presented to me.

This will be a short-worded post, but full of glimpses into the world of my imagination come true.

This is where I am able to focus on creating what I want, rather than what others want for me.

It’s where I feel nurtured to keep on believing, dreaming, and expanding – drinking from my own cup of wonderly tea (do you see my “Drink Me” teacup above right?)

It’s where I find ways to strengthen my innocence so that my heart stays open and can do the alchemy it was meant to.

It’s where I talk to rabbits and faeries and every being in between.

I feel we have enough of the current stream of information overload going on, so if for even just one moment these images can help transport you into the world of imagination and childlike wonder, then that’s reason enough to confirm why I feel to share them.

I believe this is where our power lies and more of our creative potentials will be discovered.

You may even feel inspired to start writing your own story a little bit more each day.

Or, even more fantagickal would be experiencing yourself feeling more comfortable being just who you are. (There I go making another new word combining fantastic and magickal weeeeee!)

I present these windows into wonderly things to ignite your own curiosity, activate portals of possibility, and perhaps help you to believe in “as many as six impossible things before breakfast” too.

Things are evolving here quite rapidly in many moving parts and so I’m not sure when I’ll hop in again, or from where I’ll be when I do.

But know that no matter where I am, or where you are, Wonderland is a place your heart and imagination can always take you to.

You simply have to be curious enough to enter or mad enough to dream a wish upon a dandelion star.

Open the door and let the magic(k) in.

And the second you let your mind wander, you just might slip in.

Welcome to Wonderland.

We’re all mad here.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Endnote Curiosity:

I’m so completely off my head that I fall into rabbit holes like these with magickal alignment, and so can you!

On the last day in Portland of our recent adventure before we headed toward home, we were led in twists and turns back and forth over bridges and in circles, finding every place we navigated to was closed, all to have us land at this delicious and only open spot that just happened to have the address of 555 – my favorite number repeated in the message sequence my rabbit family in the other realms send me when they have something important to tell me or confirm.

I will never have enough of Wonderland.

Hope to see you there!

Reframing Your Well Being

In the midst of disasters surrounding us, including the highest priority fire in the U.S., I find evidence of hope, new life, abundance, and creative life force energy continuing to emerge – and these are the images I want to share today in effort to evoke hope for whom ever may find this post.

Perhaps I see or find these things because I choose to, but once again it speaks to perspective, which can mitigate or completely shift our experience, AND the power of our focus, thoughts, and feelings. I find this to be essential to my well being, especially in more challenging times, and so I make it a priority to redirect things when I immediately detect something feeling off.

Although our air is hazardous here and the smoke continues to create eerie veils across the landscape before me, my garden tells another story of the circle of life continuing and not giving up, despite what hovers in the air. I still find solace in tending it under the red glowing Sun.

The whole side yard is filled with tiny blooming wildflowers and clover, while my lamb’s ear plants and netted berry bushes are happily thriving alongside them.

My 20 plant nannies are doing an amazing job at replenishing and nurturing my potted, container, and Garden Tower plants with the hydration they need during these dry and ashy days, which also decreases my watering time and helped with things while we were away.

I am seeing renewal of plants I thought were gone for the season, new sprouts and buds, abundant herbal harvests for Astrid to enjoy, the most tomatoes I’ve yet had, my very first bell pepper maturing, veggie blossoms, and exciting new babies from some of my experimental plants like cucumber, okra, and pumpkins.

I’m also seeing an abundance of pollinators continuing to enjoy the sweetness I planted for them.

I’ve even been able to enjoy steeping a mug of echinacea, mint, and pineapple sage from the garden to add to my well being and centering rituals since returning home. 

I maintain a healthy level of awareness alongside refocusing, as I know that what we put energy into will grow. That’s why my amount of time spent in the refocusing and peaceful centering is higher because I can immediately feel the difference if I spend too much time in constant monitoring, listening to, or thinking about what’s around me or being put out there in information overload.

I just heard a fantastic spot by bestselling author, research scientist, and host of the #1 Health Podcast in the U.S. (The Model Health Show), Shawn Stevenson, that underscored the theme I’ve just written about – shifting focus being essential to well being.

His piece shared the science behind how chronic fear, internal conflict, excessive stress, and anxiety have a direct effect on our biochemistry, immune system, and overall well being – in other words, they become compromised when constantly in a heightened state. In fact, as he shared, the CDC itself has published a brand new study done on over 540 thousand patients revealing the biggest risk factors for death from the current virus we’re dealing with. The #1 factor is obesity, but the #2 factor (and perhaps most interesting or surprising for some to learn) is anxiety and fear-related disorders. You can research this (and the other factors) for yourself, like I did, as it’s public records. He went on to say that this isn’t being focused on because media uses fear stories to keep us reliant on the news networks, although the knowledge has always existed that our thoughts control our biology.

I’m not one to focus on this subject because I think it’s getting enough focus as it is, but because this factor affects our well being in its entirety and isn’t just isolated to being a factor for just this current challenge we’re facing, I felt it’s worth mentioning here. This isn’t new information, but it brings to light something that is relevant to current events and concerns with tangible evidence, if in fact we didn’t put a lot of emphasis before on it when things didn’t feel as crucial to do that for, or it seemed perhaps more of a theory. Plus, I do know that if this kind of information was brought to the surface more, we’d all feel less vulnerable with a fuller understanding and tools to be empowered and have hope.

The bottom line is, rather than remain powerless and vulnerable to things outside of ourselves, talking about and focusing on ways to empower ourselves from the inside out, and refocus energy, are fundamentally necessary for our well being. Also finding things that bring us joy, ways to express our passions and creative energy, and simple self care rituals and mindfulness, can hugely benefit our lives and health. Focusing on kindness, the hopeful stories, seeing and creating beauty, finding inspirational muses, or sharing inspiration with others, looking to nature for answers and reminders, and living more from our heart centers can refocus and instantly change our biochemistry – therefore also making us more energetically aligned with things we do want to see or manifest.

Our thoughts and feelings are powerful in regulating our immune responses and powerful in creating the changes we want to experience.

I could sense when I first arrived home, the heavy anxiety of the area weighing on me and trying to pull me into that energy stream. Without my own realization of this, nor having ways to refocus energy and shift my perspective, I could easily have been pulled into the swirling disempowerment and compromise my well being or even ability to reason and function when my acute awareness and faculties are even more necessary right now.

My garden, my creative projects, my best friend Astrid, and having future goals I’m working toward – all help me to reframe things and as a result, also help me to be a clearer energy conduit to send support to the situations at hand and to join with others for creating a stronger collective bridge to journey toward empowerment.

They also help me to be stronger and healthier, on all levels, from the inside out.

My heart goes out to everyone – souls in human and animal bodies, and all realms of Nature.

The collective is going through so much these days.

Let us join our hearts in the common denominator of love and help each other to see the way through things by maintaining our own level of peaceful centering and empowered reframing, while finding the hopeful inspirations that are seeded all around us to discover.

And if someone around you is having challenge in seeing or finding that, be an example of the light for them.

Innovating & Creating Change Outside Our Comfort Zones ~ Aquarian Moon Illuminations

I’ve been laying low since we returned home, integrating back, spending extra time with Astrid, and getting a lot of things accomplished. That’s why my friends on Instagram haven’t seen me there yet, as I’m building my energy reserves for what’s at hand.

We’re sitting in the middle of fires surrounding us on three sides, one of which is pretty much fully contained and the other two little to not at all, and spreading. So the air is literally ominous with ash, smoke, red glowing and hazy Sun, and cooler temps, but also energetically ominous with the undercurrents of everyone’s feelings I am picking up all around. There are many losing homes, and many more animals losing lives and homes, as well as forests going up in smoke by the acre.

I’m using all my energy right now to maintain my own equilibrium and peace amidst it all, while sending out supportive and protective energy constantly. When not doing that, I’m trying to stay focused on creative things to help fuel energy into other directions and to help create new possibilities. I’m envisioning, over and over, what results I would like to experience and matching my emotions, energy, words, and actions the best I can to that. I’m also focusing on building the steps toward beneficial changes in my own life, even if they’re things I wouldn’t have seen myself doing in the past.

It’s time to do the unexpected.

I’m grateful to bring back the feelings and experiences I had on our journey to assist with keeping me balanced when I feel outside anxiety trying to pull me off my center. I can only be of assistance to others, and at my best in my own life, if I’m managing my energy, tending to my well being, and being mindful of what’s mine and not mine. I also work at reclaiming parts I’ve given away so that it doesn’t have to show up so dramatically outside of me.

It’s far too easy these days to invest energy into everything we see, hear and feel around us and while it’s balanced to be aware, it’s also balanced not to let ourselves get sucked into where the energies want to take us. It’s far more effective to use our time to create and embody the energy of the things we want to see and feel. It’s far more effective to act with kindness even when we’re scared or stressed ourselves, reminding ourselves that everyone’s going through their own version of things.

Yesterday’s 8/22 Aquarius Full Blue Sturgeon Moon was the second Aquarius Full Moon of 2021. This is an astrological Blue Moon and being in the sign of Aquarius (the innovator and visionary) amplifies change in a big way, encouraging the new that you’re being messaged about and inspiring action to stretch outside your comfort zones. Other energies around this Moon may support some of you to find clarity around ideas and decisions if you’ve been doing a lot of work around it already, while others of you might find it better to let things percolate a bit more so it really anchors. Reflection will be of benefit, but with a Leo Sun, this adds courage and creativity to the mix so that you can go for it with fresh gusto once you feel things click.

Trust what’s coming through those Cosmic energy streams, as they’re on high with this Moon, helping you to see with fresh eyes, expand hugely, and create that gray between the finites. Even the most unusual or seemingly surprising ideas for change will ultimately benefit you if you can trust your instincts and stay authentic. Full Moons illuminate truths and help reveal the hidden, so be ready for revelations that can be life changing.

I feel that this one has the ability to be pretty profound for many. Even if you don’t see it yet, something will come from this in the months ahead.

I felt this Moon quite a bit and found myself with a lot of energy the couple of days leading up to it. I was so amped up that I didn’t feel tired when I went to bed the two nights before it and I woke at the precise minute of the peak of the Full Moon on the morning of the 22nd.

All I’ll say for now is that change that’s been in motion in my life was supported by our recent time away and this 8/22 Moon’s energy, clicking in its anchoring with the fluidity of the ocean, rivers, and waterfalls we were journeying. It made what would have felt in the past to be someone I wouldn’t want to dance with, now feeling like a welcomed partner and the puzzle piece for the Middle Way evolution I’m traveling into 2022.

I see a 22 Master number theme connection showing up.

I also find it interesting that Great Blue Heron showed up so many times on this trip, after my friend sent me one of her sacred GBH feathers that ignited me finding my own large GBH wing feather, and Bald Eagles did as well – finding their feathers too. Both of these sacred birds are predators of the juvenile sturgeon, which links to this Full Moon being known as a Sturgeon Moon. There’s another link to this as well, but I’ll save it for another time.

So, things really feel aligned and perhaps my Aquarian placements are being highlighted and strengthened, so I do feel ready to ignite innovation in even greater ways.

How are current energies and this Moon affecting you?

I know there’s a ton we’re all trying to navigate out there, but Aquarius energy can be a guiding force in our lives to think humanitarianly for the highest good, while we activate our unique and visionary authenticity within the change we aspire to create.

I shared this inspired message on Instagram four days ago, before I took a little break. I’m guided to share it here again.

Even if you feel your voice is not the popular opinion, it’s never been more important than now to embody it.

However that plays out for you, empower your personal energy signature – your vibrational frequency – and stand in the purity of that.

Encourage, support, celebrate, and love others to be exactly who they are and not who you want them to be.

Nurture vulnerability in yourself and others to reach deeper for creative expression and feel the power of transparency and compassion.

Fear is the only thing that separates us and this isn’t a fear of others, but a fear of what others reflect about ourselves and the conditioned perceptions we hold.

If we each did our part to stretch our capacity for growth, courage, acceptance, and love toward self, we would meet each other on the side of a clear mirror, rather than a distorted one.

We would reach through that glass and find who we thought was our enemy was in fact our friend in wolf’s clothing.

Unclothed, we’re all just vulnerable beings awaiting love’s embrace to see beyond the illusions and stories.

We all want to be loved for the essence of who we really are.

Creating Our Own Wonderly

This road trip has been one of exploration, flow, and freedom. It’s solidified the power of perspective, response, and empowered anchoring. It’s also reiterated the value of imagination, innocence, and the power of creative energy.

Embodying what ever it is we would love to experience is the way to experience it. Kind of like the reverse of that old saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” which we’ve come to understand the flip side of is actually where the point of power is…. The transformation lying in its shadow…. “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

And so, too, does that apply to experience across the board.

This trip has also increased the need for opening to even more potentials than we may have entertained before and seeing where we’re led for the highest good. We’ve been exploring options in light of what we find all around us, and I’ve been feeling more need to amp my energy up than ever, as I sense the intensities abound.

And while I’m increasingly unsure of what the future will be, I’m equally more detached from any outcomes.

Yet a fun thing that was prevalent involved an underlying energy running parallel to everything. I’ve noticed a lot of childhood memories merging through and inner child wonder beaming bright as ever. Even Dave has had his own version of this, which is fun to see.

In fact, on a recent river walk we found maple tree seeds, which I’d never seen before, and he told me a story of how as kids he and his friends would split the seed and press it on their nose with the sticky part gluing to it and run around with maple seed nose helicopters, that to me are witchy or Pinocchio noses. So we did it.

I often remarked, with a giggle, how anyone nearby, especially on explorative hikes and walks, were getting blasted by this energy wave from me and witnessing quite the show, as I would unabashedly blurt out oos and awes and exclaim things like, “Oh my goodness! That’s so magickal! Look at that energy! It’s the most amazing thing! Wow!” etc. along with me lighting up and flitting around like a little faery.

It’s been “wonderly” – my new word I created on this trip that merges wonderful and lovely, but also is my way of saying something is abundantly present with wonder and delight.

And that’s been the main theme showing up, regardless of the rest – the value and impact of living from that space of innocence, imagination, creative expression, and greater flow with anything and everything that shows up.

Being oceanside has increased that feeling, while supporting a carefree energy and vibe through and through.

We began our explorations on the coast of Northern California bringing me full circle to 2009’s Mendocino shifting adventures there, and journeyed to our furthest point of Astoria, Oregon – home of the Goonies – for any of you kindred fans like my brother and me. Hehe!

I’m a huge 80’s fan and 90’s holds close hands with that too. The mid 80’s is when this film came out and I’ve since seen it more times than I can count and in fact recited much of it to Dave along the way (along with other childhood favorites). I, of course, had to take a photo of the famous Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach to send to my brother while we ventured through.

None of our trip was planned. We just followed intuition and air quality, literally day-to-day. They both proved to be aligning us for the highest good and also aligned me with deepening peace, as I was able to relax, release, and rejoice on this journey even more fully.

We did actually end up hitting four states on this road trip, although briefly while traversing. Beginning in Nevada, into California, on up through Oregon and dipping ever so slightly (merely a drive-through) over bridges into the Southern tip of Washington on our way back through Portland, and an unknown next stop before onward home.

The Pacific Northwest was actually going to be the last leg of our Magick Bus RV adventure, but we ended up stopping our trip shorter than we thought, as we followed our gut instincts to anchor. In fact, I had the whole trip mapped out, as I was the navigator of the journey and the one making reservations and plans for all our campgrounds. I researched all the cities and best routes and had us exploring the whole country through the spots that stood out to me and followed the weather patterns to have us in the right place at the right time to enjoy the best of each season.

So, this mini two week road trip – mostly up the Oregon coast and dipping in a bit – knocked out part of that journey we would have done back then. It also provided feedback on much and confirmed things for me.

As always, these little journeys end up being great for us to reflect on upcoming changes we are feeling drawn to implement, to activate new energies, and to infuse inspiration to bring back and integrate into our lives. I’m excited for what’s in the works.

I can’t tell you how many instant alignments unfolded over the course of the trip, nor how many treasures I kept finding along the paths we took. This included another enchanting bird nest and an abundance of feathers and ocean treasures galore!

My latest major find was a Great Blue Heron wing feather – the first I’ve ever discovered. Its appearance felt tied into a dear soul friend who had just before our trip asked me if I had a Great Blue Heron feather. I, of course, told her no and she proceeded to tell me that was why she had received the message from her sacred GBH spirit of the feathers she’d been gifted that one was to go to me. She actually sent a small, lovely wing feather to me before my trip and it’s waiting for my arrival home. I felt that this energetic portal she opened through communicating with GBH spirit led me to find this new one as an accompanying partner to work with the one she gifted me. I had seen both Great Blue and White Heron on this trip, so the energy was prevalent.

Everything that happened, no matter how one might view it, always proved harmonious. That anchored way of viewing all things as simply experience went a long way. And being the peace influenced how it flowed.

There were also countless encounters with nature that oscillated between life and death including the sweet white faery butterfly above (saw 2 dead raccoons to add to the 2 dead possums and also a dead doe – came upon an osprey nest with two young osprey crying out to mom and dad for food and watched them get fed, several bald eagles on a distant bank, a variety of cormorants, brown and white pelicans, great blue herons to add to the great white heron and so much more) and responded to instant communication spoken literally or telepathically.

One such was with bald eagle. We were on one of our drives between destinations and stopped for a sign indicating an eagle sanctuary. It was merely a turn-off with platform overlooking a waterway and sand bars across wetlands. I noticed several large bald eagles on the bank way across the water, but Dave was having a hard time seeing because his eyes and glasses aren’t as crisp and they were in fact very tiny to the naked eye. We waited there a while, but without binoculars, it was going to be useless to get him to see. We got into the car and I drove on slowly, watching the eagles on the bank. Gently messaging them, I hoped one would come our way so Dave could see. And what do you know?

One suddenly took up flight. I stopped the car and asked Dave if he could see him. It was still hard, but the eagle looked to be aiming straight back toward where we were and wasn’t stopping. I said, “oh, he’s coming this way!” And in fact he did keep flying toward us and then making a large turn when near so that we got full, undisputed sight of him from the side view as he passed.

I turned to Dave and said, “he came just for you because I told him my love can’t see…can you come closer.” Dave could of course now make him out clearly and smiled touching my knee and said, “you’re the eagle whisperer.” I said, “maybe it was random, and maybe it was intention, or maybe random and intention met each other to create alignment.” In either case, things like this increasingly kept happening and turned many an unknown into an adventure of trust, peace, and harmonious unfolding.

Another also came through osprey again, after seeing the nest family. One sat perched on a branch and Dave again wasn’t seeing her clearly. We approached, but then a tree was in the way and my intention was for him to see her well like I could, as her head and feathers on it were so amazing. Next thing I know, she takes to flight and is circling overhead. Her circles got smaller and closer, so that she ended up just above us and when she was basically above and making the tiniest circle possible so that she appeared to be hovering, she then cried out an acknowledgment as way of greeting us and to let us know we’d been seen and honored in the same way. Then she took off into the distance.

The same day I ended up having quite the encounter with a squirrel after having saved him from a raven. The squirrel then ran up to me just a foot away, standing up on hind legs peering at me deeply, and communicating his thanks. We did this little dance together for a few minutes, as I talked to him. A way of sharing reverence for each other, as Dave watched from afar.

I’ve noticed this trip has been full of magickal energies revealing themselves along the way and a different me to go along with it all. I can’t explain it except to say I feel more connected to everything than I already thought I was. Everything happening instantly and like a faerytale novel in many ways with all the varied characters and fantastical, epic, mythical, mysterious, and even eerie energies of light and dark elements weaving a story. At times I felt like I was reading a story and just being a character journeying through the character arcs.

But mostly I’m feeling the simultaneous writing of that story and how it increasingly becomes real, the more I actively and whole heartedly invest myself into it.

The vistas along this trip and little pocket realms have been inspirational and also confirming.

Today’s blog will be the last while I’m away, but I’ll return again after I settle back home.

I mostly want to share the energetic themes I’ve been moving through so that you might connect dots, water seeds, or find something you’ve been exploring by reading this, but also to share inspirational images I’ve captured, how they made me feel (as you can see in the photos), the abundance of portal energies opening and aligning everywhere, and simply wonder and beauty for you to immerse in, as seen through my eyes.

I hope you enjoy gazing upon these vistas and the little wonders that called out to me along the way.

It was so lush in areas, I looked like a tiny faery immersed in the dense rain forest at times.

We especially loved the Multnomah Falls area and all the pockets of wonder there. But one was our favorite ever, as you’ll see below.

One of my favorite spots was Fairy Falls – I had no idea I’d be at a place called this – where literally the energy shifted, danced, butterflies were fluttering all about and hadn’t anywhere else on this hike, and pure magick just beamed through. And it all had me lit up from the inside out!

It was a world between worlds where everything felt possible.

One of the photos caught what appears to be a white butterfly in motion (see red circled area on bottom right and then close up), but it sure could look like a faery too.

We also came across this incredible web and just look at those light beams streaming through – the architecture of the Cosmos in energetic codings!

We were both full of wonder and delight indeed.

Wishing you a wonderly day and journey ahead!

The Gift of Kindness

In these challenging times we are all navigating, sometimes we go through more profound ebbs than maybe others do and it is in these times that it’s wonderful to know we have a collective buddy system of support. My dear friend Brad shared this blog post a few days ago and I felt that the message in it and his beautifully transparent and vulnerable experience of it would speak to others. When reading through all the comments, it provided an added boost of hope, inspiration and love felt across the collective tapestry.

I had no idea what this creative project I was inspired to bring forth would turn into, but have been so touched in ways beyond words to hear the trickle effect of kindness and life-changing experiences I’ve heard from others. Even the people who do not share on social media, sent messages that warmed my heart and have fueled confirmation of why I will always listen to intuition on what I write, create, and share about.

Here is my comment from Brad’s post, copied and pasted in here, so you can learn more about the backstory on this:

Seeing this post this morning was pure joy to my and your sweet Earth angel’s hearts. I loved what you shared here: “I’m letting my new Cosmic Manifestor Chest be a reminder to live each day as a gift and an opportunity to spread a little beauty, love, or kindness. Even if I don’t make any big changes to the circumstances of my life, deciding to live more purposefully will help bring meaning and joy back into my life.” – so wonderful! I find that things like this make all the difference…those little shifts of perspective and focus. May these seeds of love and hope kindle within us all and may we all be reminded that even the smallest acts of kindness can be life changing. We never know what even just a smile can do for someone at the perfect moment, right? Remembering to view each other in reflection of connection helps us open our hearts even more. The interesting thing that happened with these chests, which I had no idea would….it turned into a “Pay it forward” act of kindness, as the exact day that your gift happened, I was contacted by someone else who also wanted to gift someone else one of them. A very sweet couple (I’ve become great friends with through magickal connections online) reached out saying that they loved this Cosmic Chest project and the energy behind them and felt that there was someone out there who really wanted and could use one (had seen the post, but wasn’t able to get it themselves), that they’d like to gift one to. We figured out who that was and which was perfect energetically, and off it went….it was hugely life-changing for her. This is beyond beautiful and what I could have imagined when first I listened to making these. SO SO touched by the kindness and love out there…there is indeed so much hope. Much love to you dear friend!

writing to freedom

I was recently reminded of the beauty and power of kindness.

Someone choose to anonymously give me this unique treasure chest made by artist and friend Tania Marie. My chest came with bonus gifts like an oil diffuser, crystal, and bath salts, a heartfelt note, and reminders to be open to new energies like possibility and wonder. You can learn more about these delightful Cosmic Curiosity Chests on Tania’s blog. At first, I was a little disappointed at the anonymous part, but now I see the beauty of letting it be a mystery. Some of the best gifts are random and spontaneous. I appreciate the kindness of this mystery person sending me a gift and feel like a kid receiving a surprise!

My chest is called a Cosmic Manifestor Chest to aid in manifesting new energies in my life.

The gifts have percolated in my consciousness, doing their magic, and…

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Deepening Into the Middle Way

This is a post I waited on sharing, but had been percolating for weeks. I’m glad that I waited, as the energy of the last week on our journey brought ideas that initially clicked things on, into the experience of being. This may push some buttons or be challenging to fully comprehend as is meant, but I’m called to share it nonetheless and waited until it felt anchored enough within me to do so.

The details of the message I felt inspired to write about actually channeled through on one of our hikes a couple of months ago. That’s where I get most of my big epiphanies and download, integrate and/or shift a lot – while I’m hiking out in Nature.

There’s always something profound that happens when I’m out moving energy and breathing in that raw essence. Regardless of whether something seemingly significant happens on the hike or not, something significant can happen within, simply by my fully opening my channels and senses. So, time moving out in nature has proven to be my greatest classroom.

I’ve mentioned in the past how my inner dialogue becomes my own philosophical discussion where I quite naturally take on three roles within…two voices that go back and forth about contrasting perceptions and an observer who listens, transmutes, and works the alchemy of it all. Sounds complicated when I spell it out, but I assure you it happens fluidly without thought in the moment. It’s simply my way.

The particular discussion in my head that day was about exploring contrasting definitions of how we experience things and how even when we think we’re taking what we might think is a so-called more progressed approach, how even within that there in fact still can be judgment and we have further still we can go with detaching from the words and ideas we have become accustomed to.

And in so doing, having the potential for deepening into a Middle Way and navigating by untethered energy streams.

That may not be where everyone’s headed or desires to go, but since it is my path, discussions like this take center stage for me and I share them in case they stir any seed that you might be exploring too.

What I discovered was that I had more I wanted to release and transmute, and that day of inner dialogue hugely transformed and freed me, yet again.

Even in many “spiritual” or what some might call “new age” circles, I often find the dialogue no longer to resonate with me. Not that it’s right or wrong, but that my view point and resonance has shifted the more I journey down the path I’m on. I think we all, at some point or another, and likely many times in our lives, come to those turning points where we outgrow something like a too tight pair of jeans, until the next and the next pair. It’s an ever-evolving experience.

This particular day I kept running the voices in my head that I was hearing over and over:

“You don’t have to experience things so harshly.”

“Everything can be a gentle experience, rather than dramatic or harsh.”

Gentle, soft, beautiful, easy, without trauma versus intense, hard, dramatic, messy, and traumatic.

Do you notice the either or descriptions here that subconsciously impart a better and worse experience even if one doesn’t say that?

We have a particular conditioned reference point for everything and the words we use are attached to these energy triggers they carry.

I hear and have said myself, things don’t need to be “such and such” – usually referencing that hard or harsh wasn’t necessary and easy and gentle could be the new intention.

And while that’s all true, it’s still only half the story.

Magickal experiences are about flow and alignment and any experience truly can be in flow and alignment if we navigate and respond to them as such.

Without going too far into the energetic dynamics of things, as that’s for another time and space, basically yes, we can experience things in a different way than we currently are. The key here being a choice.

However, I find that there is a subconscious charge placed on those choices and specifically “harsh” or “gentle” ones that in fact still is a judgment even if it’s sugar-coated as a spiritual “intention.”

The place I’m being taken is the exploration beyond both and still encompassing both.

On my hike, the widening perspective that continues to beckon me further down a Middle Way path with a come-here finger, had me feeling off, as these voices swirled around in my head. I began to see how these phrases and words no longer resonated, even though they were ones I used so often myself.

I began to see how this was creating division that I didn’t want to fuel further.

What I arrived at was this.

You certainly CAN choose or intend to have any type of experience you want…”harsh, gentle, intense, easy, etc.” But I feel that when we put emphasis on things being easy or gentle only if they look a certain way, this doesn’t mean that that IS THE WAY, nor does it mean that it’s THE BETTER WAY.

We can experience anything that comes our way in a variety of responses, but our responses are instead funneling through as conditioned reactions most of the time and not necessarily coming from our higher selves’ innate wisdom.

The trick being to not have a judgment, attachment, or charge around what you intend and don’t intend, and simply know that it’s your choice of intention just like you get to choose what color you want to wear that day or thing you want to eat. But it’s not better or worse. It JUST IS.

Being human is like being a kid in a candy store – you get to choose any kind of candy you want to taste, but they’re all still just candy here for you to try.

If someone chooses a particular path, that doesn’t make them any less than someone who chooses a different one. They’re just different. How the person relates to and responds to their path is what makes the difference relative to that person alone. It sets up the relationship for the experience.

Let me try to explain.

Let’s say I asked for answers and a sign about how I could make certain changes in my life or receive the answers I needed. In the interim, I may even have neglected listening to some inner messaging that arrived about how I would do better if I slowed down or took some down time to nurture myself and rest more so I could recharge and clear my mind. And then maybe I found myself missing a step on the staircase and falling and breaking my ankle. Some might say this was a way to get my attention and create the space for me to do that – rest and recharge – since I was having a hard time listening to other messages. Some might also say, well, if you had listened then it didn’t have to come in such a harsh and traumatic way. Or, to back up even further, if you had intended that you only receive things in a gentle way, then you wouldn’t have broken your ankle. And still some may say, that was merely a random and unfortunate “accident.”

In any of these cases, harsh/ankle break is being deemed as less than or not the ideal.

Easy and gentle/without ankle break is being deemed as more than or more ideal.

It’s not stated, but it’s implied.

However, what if any way something unfolds simply just IS. And we deem it harsh or gentle, easy or hard, simple or traumatic all on our own?

The Universe doesn’t judge things. They are simply all experience. So, in fact, those that say it’s “just an accident” might be on to something – “it’s just an experience” or “it’s just energy moving through a particular expression.”

But subconsciously we’ve been conditioned to think that a broken ankle is a horrible thing. That pain is wrong or bad. That we could choose more wisely and have everything go in the vein of this idea of what smoothly and gently is because that’s deemed as the better way.

But what if our perception, interpretation, response, and experience of the experience is what could ultimately be the game changer, and not the experience itself?

What if we flowed with anything that showed up and THAT was the alchemy and magick? That anything could be smoothly and gently received and processed, allowing the natural flow of things to simply unfold without stopping to latch on to attaching judgments to something or halting the movement of energy expressing itself.

Not changing the results, but changing our relationship to the result.

Seeing the gift in anything and that something is only harsh if we believe that it is and fuel thoughts around that definition.

If I break my ankle, it could be like anything else in life….and I could fluidly and seamlessly embrace it and immediately thank it for the gift just as I would anything else, have gratitude and go about my day. I could move forward without spending endless time analyzing it, researching the metaphysical modalities about it, and judging it, wondering why or how I could have had a so called “better and more gentle” experience.

I could love my body and soul wisdom for gifting me something it knows better than my ego does as to what it has to give to my experience or better yet, simply say “thank you” just as I would to something deemed gentler. I could relate to everything as an energetic expression I am given the choice of response to. I could live with greater awareness and consciousness to all experiences and their value and place in things and see the gift in all things. I could begin a new relationship and dialogue with experience in general, understanding the incredible miracle that inherently lives within all experiences and all feelings or expressions.

And of course, I can also not do these things and choose to relate differently to it than I just shared, or our individual energy signature can choose to dance in what feels most resonant and intriguing since we’re all different.

After all, the gift in being human is to be able to immerse in the full gamut of feelings and experiences not possible in other dimensional realms of consciousness and that includes every single kind you can think of. Experience and feeling is an art form itself…a miracle…and our spirit can assist us in understanding and integrating the diverse duality presenting itself.

I’m merely describing another possible pathway we may not have considered quite as much as the either or approaches and sharing my own personal experience of transformation down that path in case it speaks to you too.

And rather than try to teach myself how NOT to have certain kinds of experiences, I could teach myself how to relate differently to them so that the charge is removed and a widening of perspective can root. I believe this can also open us up to experiencing greater capacity for unconditional love and compassion. At least, that’s what I’m noticing.

This is something I’ve been exploring and working with a lot more in recent years, but this next layer has only felt to anchor, beyond just mentally “getting it,” and this is changing everything in a much more freeing way.

When things go to the subconscious and emotional core levels of change, embodiment is then accessible.

This is where I find myself….deepening into a Middle Way and while this isn’t a new concept, as I mentioned but will share again, it clicked past those surface or mental layers and anchored into my core and subconscious in a way it hadn’t fully before – the no boundary way.

And like with other things and words or ideas, I am now releasing this way of expressing things. Just like I don’t resonate with the expression “being of service” and asking, “how can I serve?” along with the conditioned definition of this because it anchors what I feel to be a deep enslavement energy in our DNA that has been latently running the show, I am also being very conscious of how I relate to all experiences and dropping certain phrases that don’t feel to encompass nonattachment.

I listen to how I speak and I do my best to explore and expand when it feels limiting in some way or I get the sense something’s off or charged.

Again, this isn’t for everyone, as we are each forging different pieces of the whole and none are better or worse. This is just the next deepening leg of my own path and I share it merely as a potential catalyst for curiosity, thought, and exploration to anyone who might be interested or perhaps might have been journeying similarly.

Since July 8th and the New Moon of the 9th after that, I’ve noticed increased activation of things and rooting of energies. And this current road trip we found ourselves on has been revealing the shifts quite literally in experience and reflecting through photos in things I’ve later found showing up.

There’s been a surreal quality to everything, but it’s only increased my experience of more deepening into this merging point and a desire to continue on the trajectory of this Middle path I’m on.

I’ve shared some of these photos laced throughout this post. They are from our time in the Redwoods and along the coastal region of Northern California and up into Oregon. Some of them capturing in between elements of how I felt and not really being here nor there.

And others capturing what was showing up and being experienced along the way in reflection to that.

We explored a different part of the Redwood forests before heading back to the coast. The energy was a lot different… very high vibed, more active life rather than time standing still, and filled with unusual encounters. But what I noted was the mirroring of energies showing up during the 2 1/2 mile loop hike (our favorite amongst these Giants so far) and it proved to be activating this other level of experience I’m sharing about here.

Everything was stepping forth, rather than in the background and was a literal opening of doorways between worlds, as a new reality emerges.

It all started at the Immortal Tree, which has survived lightning that removed its top 50 feet (it still stands at 248 feet and is 950-1000+ years old), a logger’s axe, forest fire in 1908 and flood in 1954 (these are all marked on the tree), but is still going strong!

Nothing can take it down and this is why this ancient Redwood is called the Immortal Tree.

The following photos are of this tree and surrounding area.

Look at all that incredible energy beaming through!

It reflected to me our resiliency, but also eternal and expansive being.

I connected strongly here with this tree and the energy seemed to speak back to us what I felt.

It also encouraged me on with where I feel called.

After this we explored an area of the forest that was different than the rest, lying between it all.

I noticed wild clover flowers and baby blue hydrangea for the first time, pockets of birds singing, and a more alive feeling dancing around everything.

This is where all the light and energies showed up around me, which are in the photos you see near the beginning.

But this is also where we encountered Great Horned Owl.

I had just found what looked like a druid, Merlin, or forest guardian naturally etched on a tree with long beard and hair (see below) and then we heard a large group of jays chattering like crazy around a tree.

A man with long gray beard and hair to his chest then appeared on the path with a tiny dog and said, “did you see the owl?”

He then proceeded to take us back a few steps to a better clearing to show us what you see in the photo below.

The jays weren’t happy about the owl being there and were stirring up a ruckus. After moving on I then found the only feather I’d seen in the forest, which appeared to be a small owl feather, although a different species…perhaps barn owl.

We both remarked this was our favorite area so far in the Redwoods. It was definitely otherworldly and in between realms.

Had perhaps my continued conviction toward piercing through the veils and creating a merged way helped to open this portal?

The more we can embody what we want to see, the more we experience it because the energy is a match.

On our transition over state lines we were stopped by a small herd of elk crossing the highway and not long after I saw two dead possums – first a lighter one and then a darker one – on the side of the road.

On our first stop into Oregon we immersed in many walks and hikes along several beaches where I continued finding so many treasures and reflections of what I had come to learn.

A contrast of dead to this world and alive to this world creatures mirrored to me there was only a thread separating them, although they existed on flip sides of the same hinge of the doorway of perception.

Physical death being a birthing into awareness of eternal consciousness and physical being a birthing into temporal life and death of eternal awareness. Neither better or worse, but could we in fact have placed judgments and attachments on one over another because we are so deeply invested in a particular side of the hinge of perception?

And in doing so, have we limited our scope of the possibility within the very things we judge or deem not to be ideal?

I started to have a very different experience with each transitioned being that I found.

I think it’s interesting and not surprising that I always find SO many dead animals, parts of animals, bones, feathers, etc., as I continue to walk this path.

And I’ve noticed my interaction has shifted greatly to include a fascination with the essence and stories I hear from each.

I kept finding mystical dead sea birds each time I walked a different beach – about 8 in total, and a beautiful small and large dead crab, but then so many incredible sea creatures still in this world too – including a fav of mine – starfish!

Or, as I call them, star people.

I found 17 in all, in vibrant colors – my fav were the orange ones!

I discovered a huge cosmic looking jellyfish – just like a space craft – and saw many smaller ones too.

They spoke depths to me.

Then there were these amazing gooseneck barnacles that I LOVED because they looked just like dragon babies hatching, which was fun after having seen this written on a rock not long before:

Everywhere I go, I discover more keys to expansion and why this human experience has presented itself and even these current times are as they are.

There is SO much more than even what we think we get a glimpse of, now and then.

Looking out at the vast ocean before me I am once again a pilgrim of the Cosmos on one of the greatest, immersive expeditions called Earth.

Nostalgic Curiosities ~ Time Travels in Motion

Everything has felt very soft and flowy the last few days since start of our journey, even though I know we’ve been swimming in deep and ancient subconscious energies with the ocean, rocks, and Redwoods.

Between moving from an 1878 historic hotel with old vintage furniture and decor, to a suspended tiny house within the forests that was nearly a treehouse with skylights to the stars and Moon and even a star and planet dusted ceiling that lit up with black light at night if we so desired, I’ve felt between realms and timelines.

And today we will cross state lines, as well. So, I wanted to share these reflections and images while they were fresh in heart.

What was once latent is becoming the norm once again. There is no need to distinguish or define things and no reason to pass judgment as better or worse. It all simply is, no matter how it unfolds. This I’ll expound upon in an upcoming post.

Anytime I see myself, I also feel like I’ve stepped out of a different space and time, all adding to this sense of all things blurring into one and past and future all happening now. I’ve recalled stories of what’s been and sensed visions of what’s to come.

I’ve moved between lifetimes, ages, and vast galaxies like a time traveler journeying in the blink of an eye.

And alignment continues to be our shadow walking with us and calling up reflections of it all.

We even found a lion painting next to our bed in the treehouse and an ethereal lion-like cat that visited us the night of the Leo New Moon Lion’s Gate, which also happened to be the 13th anniversary of Dave’s most beloved cat companion’s transition. He was quite the large, lion-like feral tabby with thick paws like this cat. Check out those glowing green eyes though!

We also enjoyed two brother kittens who came around and hung out outside our door as well.

So much Leo energy – RAWR!!!!

I kept discovering owls in different corners of the room, echoing a white cosmic barn owl dream I had the night before leaving on our trip and continued finding treasures and feathers galore every time I stepped outside. These were the latest big finds.

Animal spirit messengers have been plentiful as well with a couple of giant hawks, five deer (does and fawns), a Great White Heron, fun cliff squirrels, a giant red dragonfly that kept shimmering and was hard to clearly capture, and many others of the avian clan.

I also baked us some delicious muffin cakes from the wild blackberries we picked before landing here, adding some sliced almonds and a touch of vanilla. Every bite was a mouthful of scrumptious wild yum!

They came out amazing given I measured everything out by eye since there were no measuring cups, I mixed them up in a stovetop pot, and baked them just in large cupcake liners, as there were no muffin pans…that’s why I call them muffin cakes, as they created little mini cakes without the pans, rather than perfectly shaped muffins.

This, too, created the nostalgic memories of foraging off the land, baking without all the tools or to-do’s, and creating a cozy richness that enveloped sweet experiences of another time and place.

We moved from ocean-side to river and deep forest and I remarked how walking through the Redwoods was like time stood still.

While so lush and full of life, it also felt as if life stopped.

I was so drawn in by all of the incredible roots of these giants, more so than anything other than the Otherworld portals I discovered all around me.

They are a work of art themselves, but felt especially nurturing to me and reflective of Cosmic architecture deeply hidden under Earth’s blanket until ready to be revealed.

It was a strange feeling of neither here nor there and as if the Earth stopped breathing. It was very quiet, not an animal or sound, and the essence was prehistoric – transporting us once again.

What I did note, however, was the very magickal little Faery realms hidden along the base of these giants.

Doorways upon doorways into the Otherworld and mini kingdoms thick with whispers and peering eyes no one would ever notice unless they walked in wonder themselves.

Check out how both Dave and I seem to be partially in this world and not of it, as we shift into emergence from within the dark doorway of these giants.

Curiosities around every corner showing up now and then in a dance of energies caught on my camera.

I’m unsure where I am right now and where this journey is taking us to, but in every way I feel myself morphing into the in between and in some ways perhaps becoming invisible like the Unseens whispering through from the open veils.

Nostalgia isn’t just about memories of times before, but also of remembrance of times that already have been that you are right now. I find myself walking a fresh path where all timelines are merging and my experience of existence has been turned upside down from what we were taught… becoming more fluid like I remember. And more free than they would have wanted us to understand.

A New Moon Hello & Activation from the Pacific Ocean

Leo New Moon Lion’s Gate wishes of expansion and unbound potentials to you from me. I am currently coastal bound and the rugged cliffs facing the vast Pacific Ocean is where I find myself – the perfect backdrop and energy for manifesting infinite possibilities, navigating the reclaiming and releasing of unconscious parts, and activating a fresh slate to create upon.

I love sharing dreamscapes of the vistas and beauty my faery eye spies, as I feel that the energetic frequencies speak through the photos and in and of themselves can be an activation for shifts beyond what words I, or others, could share.

We were led intuitively to where we are and our first couple of days returned me full circle to where a pivotal life-turning point and one of the most magickal experiences took place back in 2009 with faery sister, Laura. Although we did not revisit Raven’s at the Standford Inn like that trip with her, I did in fact find three beautiful Raven feathers along with many other treasures while in this area again.

The vistas, as you can see, were stunning, but also filled with potent memories of my time here before – this life and beyond. And now here I am again, integrating the next leg of the journey ahead… where ever and however that may lead.

We had planned to leave on the 6th for some time, and it just so happened that the morning we left the smoke created bad air quality at our home that is projected for the week due to the winds bringing in the particulates from the huge Dixie Fire. I had my hair appointment set for the 5th since 10 weeks ago, which just happened to be the only date available, aligning a huge shift in energy for me just before embarking on our trip.

I have to say, this change has amplified things in a way that I’m still recalibrating, but feels so powerful. I keep catching glimpses of myself and not recognizing me because the change is that profound energetically – in a good way….another dimensional aspect of my essence that’s been awaiting embodiment that was not fully of this realm or timeline.

And it is here, by the ocean, that created the energetic backdrop for the Group Distant Reiki Healing Attunement I did this morning. I set my alarm for just before the highest point of the New Moon and spent the next half hour immersed in the potent energies tuning into each and every one of the souls who was part of this. To each of you that joined, thank you for sharing your intentions and presence for this potent portal. May your days be filled with all that was intended and then some!

Feeling the support of living in alignment (our friend remarked back home how uncanny it was we left just as the air quality got bad) while continuing to send energetic support to help in any way with the fire. That is supported by having this fresh perspective to lend to that energy.

Breathing out and in, as the rugged coastal cliff tops provide an expansive vantage point full of gorgeous blossoms, wild blackberries and lush fields and forests.

We have enjoyed blackberries on our hikes and picked about 3-4 pounds to take with us to our next destination where I plan to make us some fresh blackberry muffins.

The field of dreams awaits each of us to awaken the creator within to widen our perspective and realize we are more than we think…reality is more than we know…the attachments to this experience is the only limitation we have. Life is something far more than we have embraced and is far more than this reality on Earth.

Change has never been more accessible than now and so quickly integrated as well. How we harness these portals like today, or just in general, the landscape of energy at our discretion to use with responsible consciousness, molds the journey we will travel.

No matter where you wander, the Earth sings in melodies your open heart can understand.

May you hear the songs in these vistas and may this New Moon activate the alignment for all your hopes and dreams to unfold.

I’ll be reflecting, imagining, integrating, and reinventing along the journey the next two weeks and hold you all in my heart.

Amplified Messages, New Moon Reminder & Heading Out

Just a quick share today to pass along the energy of some of the experiences this past week, as I love to share the threads in the tapestry with you all. I know that what shows up is not just for me, alone, and that there is collective messages to glean that can help paint a picture of things you might have been pondering, feeling, or asking for your own signs about. Many people often share resonance with the timing of the messages and/or receive confirmation of something they were feeling too.

I’m also wanting to remind anyone who would like to join the 8/8 Leo New Moon Group Distant Reiki Healing Attunement that tomorrow is the last day to register and for those of you who still haven’t sent me your intention, to please also do so by tomorrow Friday, 8/6.

Here is the link to register: 8/8 Reiki Healing Attunement and here is the place to contact me: Contact Tania

This past Monday and Tuesday we had a whirlwind of adventures on our hikes we took some friends on that were visiting for a couple of days. It began when my powerful bear messengers stepped out into reality from having been mostly within dreamscape journeys – you’ll recall my saying how they are cosmically connected for me.

We encountered not one, but two, black bears that appeared near the end of our five mile hike.

Previous to seeing them, a whole series of messengers had come through carrying very aligned meaning for me.

I found a dead vole in the forest (messenger of intuition, awareness, destruction and rebirth – eliminating and tearing down unproductive patterns to move forward to what you want, going after dreams, creativity, persistence, bigger picture, and invisibility), an osprey flying overhead (messenger of visionary power, illumination, sovereignty, vigilance, the Sun, royalty, Egyptian symbol of the soul, honing senses, precise timing, keen sight to see through illusions and hunt in the waters of emotion, communication from Cosmos, and master of conscious and unconscious since no other hawk family member leaves its natural air element to dive into the water element), and four beautiful, blue Steller’s Jay feathers (messenger of bold, fearless energy, power of presence, how to use personal power effectively, integration of spirit and body, mind and heart, channeling universal wisdom through the crown, adaptability, resourcefulness, and using talents in a bigger way).

Then the two yearlings appeared. I found two being interesting and also that one was light and one was dark and we stood at the middle of the trail between them at first. And each of them had different behaviors. The light one was much more courageous and actively curious. The other was more in the background and shadowed the lighter sibling’s actions.

Bears are also messengers of inner power, strength, protection, boundaries, healing, fearlessness, grounding, authority, illumination, introspection, dream-time, ancient mysteries, restoration, vision quests, vitality, family, magickal powers, and sacred ritual.

The first one had blonde and cinnamon fur and came forth from the forest onto the trail. She/He then met her/his sibling – another yearling, but with dark fur. The darker one climbed partially up a tree then the two of them resumed foraging together. The friends we were with had never seen a bear in the wild, so they were a bit unnerved and fascinated at the same time.

The lighter one seemed to take particular interest in us and both didn’t seem concerned by our being there and in fact wanted to come closer. Momma bear will leave the young ones at around one and a half years old, so by their second Summer they are usually on their own.

That was the case for these two, since mom was not anywhere in sight, which put them at about 1 1/2 – 2 years old. Still, I felt we needed to give them space, as they were a bit too curious and young or not, we needed to create boundaries. So, I led our group off-trail to get around them so we could re-enter the trail ahead.

We heard some other hikers behind with a dog. We couldn’t see them, but heard their dog who obviously saw the bears. This seemed to make the young bears want to follow us, likely thinking we might know the way, away from this barking being.

We made it to the trail again after bush whacking and widening out away from them, but the yearlings followed on the trail alongside us, even though we were several yards to the right of them, and then behind us for a bit. Lol!

I led our group, but would peer behind to see where they were and saw the lighter one following slowly behind. We did get to the car just fine and the bears went back into the forest, but along the bush whacking journey it appeared that we likely stirred up a wasp who decided to give each of the guys a friendly warning sting on their legs. They are both fine and all healed up now – nothing serious – but definitely quite the zap they each felt with burning until the next morning.

While I didn’t wish it upon anyone that they get stung, I was happy it wasn’t me since I react much more harshly to stings of any kind. But apparently it wasn’t us girls who were in need of a little powerful wasp messaging – (messengers to help you to discover your strengths and potential and get you to take action to achieve something you want with laser focus. They also help you to pay attention to your emotions and which are on the rise so you can temper things where needed).

So, yes, many messengers in a short period, but the bears continued the theme in a string of encounters and dreams I keep having with them – as you likely may recall. They also felt connected to other dream messages of something big coming – timing unknown.

Interesting side note, as it feels collective, is that one of my recent dreams included massive fleets of spaceships flying through at tree level just feet away from me and Dave. Fleet after fleet they came in groups nonstop. Some more sophisticated and others fake looking – like woven toys – that felt to be government fabricated. Then tons of things came floating through the air like chairs and desks and debris, interlaced with people that looked like they were in a trance floating through the air within all the debris. Their eyes were open, but they were not conscious and laid flat in the sky as they floated by.

And the next day I found the feather of osprey who flew overhead the previous day, followed by a woodpecker feather (incidentally we had a woodpecker come knocking at the eave under the front of our house for a few days before our visitors arrived and stopped after they left – our male friend and I both saw a giant red crested woodpecker peering at us over a fallen tree after I found the feather too), and then found a hawk feather.

There feels to be an amplification of energies and messages trying to thread together a story and to help us navigate the new energetic terrain we find ourselves in so that we can make more conscious choices.

And speaking of new energetic terrains, Dave and I are headed out on a road trip beginning tomorrow, Friday the 6th. I’m finalizing trip prep today and have a hair cut scheduled before we go, which feels so needed to change up the energy in a big way before departing. We’ll be away for two weeks and are navigating the journey intuitionally, as we don’t have a plan since we’re monitoring air condition, fires, and simply how we feel for divine alignment.

During our time away I’ll continue to share a couple of inspired blogs that have been percolating and of course am doing the 8/8 New Moon attunements, and completing a sacred tattoo design because journeys feel potent for that, but beyond these I will be immersed in the adventure. I will limit my time online, so if you message me please be aware I may not respond right away. And if you happen to purchase one of the remaining Cosmic Chest ritual bundles in our Etsy Shop, please know that they won’t go out until after the 20th.

Wishing you all a revealing, cleansing, and activating New Moon!

Nature & the Nature of You

You might notice one of the themes that consistently shows up in my blog posts is that of Nature in one form or another. Whether that’s all the time I spend immersed in outdoor adventures daily, the garden journey I’ve been nurturing, cultivating the simpler ways and more Nature-based living all around, the animals I encounter and their messages, animal communication in general, or of course the journeys with my dearest companion and wisest guide, Astrid, who happens to reside in a rabbit’s body this life – Nature is at the heart of it all.

This theme has also included what I feel is one of the most vital missing pieces, which is that of embodying and knowing your own natural essence and nurturing a return to that basic nature that includes and does not negate or condemn the human body. I’ve spoken often about how increasing time not only spent in Nature, but getting to love and understand the miracle of your body’s awareness and how key it is to reclaim all of your parts (shadow projections, as well) will support becoming a more fully conscious, empowered and integrated human being, not to mention provide so many benefits to your well being all around.

It’s basically, and at the base level, about remembering the nature of who you are. 🌿

The farther we stray from natural awareness and being, the further we lose our humanity.

Nature has been sharing awareness with us for ages, but she speaks in a language only your heart will hear and your instincts will understand.

When your heart is closed or you weigh heavily in mind and thought alone, it will be difficult to ever hear.

Over-thinking can lead to fear and anxiety.

Trusting in your heart and instincts can lead you to harmonious alignment.

You can choose whatever direction you prefer to go in, but the question is, are you really choosing with conscious awareness?

I chose this photo, taken by KC when she was visiting, to go along with the theme of this post because it reflects the essence of what I’m expressing here with me so deeply immersed in Nature and being the nature of me that you almost can’t distinguish where each begins and ends.

This was taken the day I found my faery crown and wore it for the rest of the hike. It becomes part of the tree behind me and all of the branches seem to be reaching into and from my crown, while my foot nearly looks webbed and shifting beneath the water it merges with. I’m feeling right at home in this perfect little nymph haven of the lake and more at home than ever in my body, at this current space and time, by embracing all of the elements within.

But this didn’t happen overnight and the journey still continues. It came with consistent devotion to making that conscious shift. It came with an understanding that the best things I would ever learn, need, or receive would come from listening to and dedicating time for the elements that had long gone neglected. It came from tipping the scales to regain what I lost and spending the majority of my time in Nature, moving my body, being with my body and learning to navigate more by her instincts and what was being reflected to me in the environment – in essence, aligning with natural harmony.

It’s about reclaiming parts we’ve forgotten, letting the ancient knowledge within our DNA whisper louder, and not being afraid to stand our ground like the trees do, despite the weather and terrain – legs rooted to the navel of Earth’s wisdom while crown and hands open to our vast Cosmic origins.

This continues to be my journey, but it has made all the difference and I believe is what will continue to make a bigger difference in terms of the dynamics playing out.

It’s where I remain devoted both in personal integration and in shared relationship to Nature all around me.

And I’m grateful for my garden that is part of this journey of integrated embodiment and conscious awareness. It continues to evolve, much as I do and I am grateful for the growing relationship and understanding I get to nurture through that.

This includes the intimate knowing of every plant and flower and every creature great and small.

They are me and I am them.

Here are some looks at current garden reflections.

As you can see the wildflowers continue to bloom in radiant succession.

Depending on the angle and lighting it all takes on a whole new perspective and mini world, which I LOVE!

And then there’s the new field of beauties on the rise.

I’m in love with the little carpet of mini wildflowers on the side yard that I seeded this year.

Look at how they’re reaching happily for the Sun and by Autumn’s end will be quite something, with next year matching my garden. Yay!

This new area, I only just started to work with, has truly captured my heart.

Listening to and working with the wild that was already there and adding in some more magick in between is really beginning to explode with joy and become what I had hoped – a faery wonderland!

I love the blend of raw and imagined merging together.

Look at that glow, lighting up the flower faeries, as they share their joy and life essence. I love captures like these that reflect the experience I have when I’m out in the garden alone. There is so much enchantment here!

And I love the surprises that bloom everywhere in between.

I’ll save garden yummies and plant nanny updates for another post, but everything’s doing really well and Astrid continues to enjoy delicious harvests, while I enjoy adding to my dried collection of delicacies for the faery kitchen.

And here are a few of the forest friends I get to play with daily.

This chubby chipmunk is much larger than any other around here and he took it upon himself to make a delicacy out of my incredible hybrid lilies, taking down a couple of the stalks on his own to eat the petals. This was my huge plant that had grown over 56 inches – likely was at 58 when I removed the tops of the last stalks he bent, to enjoy the flowers he left behind, indoors. This hybrid kind is obviously not toxic, as he’s totally fine and I still see him around long after he’s eaten quite a few lily petals.

Dave actually came down to my office and we watched together as he climbed up the stalks like a tree and sat there enjoying his meal while other little ones were running and flying about.

He said, “wow, it’s like a nature show down here.” I said, “yes, everyday there’s something new happening and much to-do about everything.” The perfect mirror and world for Astrid and me.

The other joy has been seeing Strawberry around so much, nearly every day now. She looks really healthy, despite not having all of her fur anymore. Her face and eyes reflect so much wisdom when I see and talk to her and they speak to quite the being who resides inside. She is one of the elders here and I cherish her presence so much. It’s no surprise she found her way to me and inside Wonderland with Astrid and me when I took care of her.

I noticed that she had been trying to remove these towels we had under some things on the deck for protection from scratching it, tearing holes little by little in them, but making slow progress at removing any part of them.

I realized she wanted to have the towels for her nest – likely to stay warm at night and the upcoming Autumn and Winter seasons. So, I decided to put out a small little white towel where she was pulling at the others. The next morning it was gone. I recently put out two more small pink ones for her and she did in fact come back for one of them. I believe she’ll be returning for the other soon and that all makes me happy. I envision her cuddled up in them for a long Winter’s nap.

You may recall that I took care of her and got her cleaned up and nurtured when she needed it (after getting stuck in the epoxy in our garage) and now I’m helping to care for her again, out in the wild.

It was human-made things that damaged her fur in the first place and so it will be by human hands that help and a human heart that listens to her needs. In this way I feel we are sharing a conscious, symbiotic relationship now. We are connected for life.

I then also bring that beautiful, wild, and sacred Nature essence inside, surrounding myself with reminders of the cycles of life, the divine connection that is shared with all, the wisdom within everything, and the sacredness of all things and parts of who I am.

You may recall the nest mobile I started creating a few years ago. Well, it’s certainly grown!

I have many a bird, wasp, and bee hive nest (parts and wholes) adorning this tree of life indoors that I’ve created from all the beautiful little homes of amazing sacred geometry and architectural genius I found on the ground and brought home to cherish.

And most recently, we finally put up the powerful staff I made for the Autumn Equinox day retreat gathering a few years back that Laura and I hosted here, which includes some of the most potent Nature adornments I’ve found over the years.

It reminds me of one I used to have from many lives and Moons ago.

The birthing of this creation was quite the undertaking, as I strung everything together with great intention, piece-by-piece. My huge way of honoring the sacredness within all of life and reclaiming these wild, raw, primitive and ancient parts of my and Earth’s lineage.

It is quite the power piece and the way we hung it makes it easy to remove and replace when ever I want to use it in sacred ritual.

I’ve wanted to put it up, but we just never got around to it. Then, it naturally aligned for it going up on the potent New Moon in Cancer we had on the 9th of July.

I didn’t plan it, but it was perfect and it activated a lot of things once it was finally in place anchoring energies.

And I also bring Nature’s wisdom and gifts through channeled creations I’m inspired to make and sometimes offer over the years.

Most recently it was the Cosmic Curiosity Chests that called to me. As you might recall my sharing, they “invite you to engage parts of yourself more consciously and consistently, to explore, be curious about, or open a dialogue or connection with parts of yourself through the invitation of each spirit energy they embody. In this way they activate an initiation of sorts into a Cosmic dance for you to merge into your human experience so that the two become One. The magickal then is integrated into your daily life as a natural ritual, rather than being separate. This is one of those ways to live the magick.”

This also reminds you not to forget any of your parts, and so I included gifts from Mother Terra herself within each ritual bundle to reflect the nature of you.

It’s been an honor to see each of them off to their cocreators. More than half have journeyed to their heart homes and I look forward to seeing where the last 5 – Cosmic Woodland Faery, Earth Guardian, Blossom, Mermaid, and Dream Weaver – will fly off to.

You know I enjoy wrapping and shipping them off, just as much as I do creating them.

I have some upcoming new sacred Nature creations I’m going to be working on for our home in the coming weeks, too – something I’ve also long been wanting to create – and there’s potential I may open up to creating custom orders if they speak to you too.

It is so important to me that Nature is a daily part of the experience, as I truly believe that if we desire answers, we’ll receive them in conscious communion with Her as a mirror to know ourselves, and we’ll gain greater clarity for the pivotally crucial choices life is presenting to us right now.

Happy August to everyone! May this be a month for gentle transformations that bring even greater conscious awareness.

Here are some beautiful August fields from yesterday’s hike down to the lake.

Everything was so lovely and full of life – a perfect reflection for Lughnasadh celebrations.

Even the one remaining duckling from the mallard couple we see at the pond had grown, and we were happy this little one had made it.

I did bury a tiny bird I found along our hike and discovered some lizard skin in my planters that had been shed.

Nature demonstrates with grace, how life goes on and the wheels continue to turn.

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