Reframing Your Well Being

In the midst of disasters surrounding us, including the highest priority fire in the U.S., I find evidence of hope, new life, abundance, and creative life force energy continuing to emerge – and these are the images I want to share today in effort to evoke hope for whom ever may find this post.

Perhaps I see or find these things because I choose to, but once again it speaks to perspective, which can mitigate or completely shift our experience, AND the power of our focus, thoughts, and feelings. I find this to be essential to my well being, especially in more challenging times, and so I make it a priority to redirect things when I immediately detect something feeling off.

Although our air is hazardous here and the smoke continues to create eerie veils across the landscape before me, my garden tells another story of the circle of life continuing and not giving up, despite what hovers in the air. I still find solace in tending it under the red glowing Sun.

The whole side yard is filled with tiny blooming wildflowers and clover, while my lamb’s ear plants and netted berry bushes are happily thriving alongside them.

My 20 plant nannies are doing an amazing job at replenishing and nurturing my potted, container, and Garden Tower plants with the hydration they need during these dry and ashy days, which also decreases my watering time and helped with things while we were away.

I am seeing renewal of plants I thought were gone for the season, new sprouts and buds, abundant herbal harvests for Astrid to enjoy, the most tomatoes I’ve yet had, my very first bell pepper maturing, veggie blossoms, and exciting new babies from some of my experimental plants like cucumber, okra, and pumpkins.

I’m also seeing an abundance of pollinators continuing to enjoy the sweetness I planted for them.

I’ve even been able to enjoy steeping a mug of echinacea, mint, and pineapple sage from the garden to add to my well being and centering rituals since returning home. 

I maintain a healthy level of awareness alongside refocusing, as I know that what we put energy into will grow. That’s why my amount of time spent in the refocusing and peaceful centering is higher because I can immediately feel the difference if I spend too much time in constant monitoring, listening to, or thinking about what’s around me or being put out there in information overload.

I just heard a fantastic spot by bestselling author, research scientist, and host of the #1 Health Podcast in the U.S. (The Model Health Show), Shawn Stevenson, that underscored the theme I’ve just written about – shifting focus being essential to well being.

His piece shared the science behind how chronic fear, internal conflict, excessive stress, and anxiety have a direct effect on our biochemistry, immune system, and overall well being – in other words, they become compromised when constantly in a heightened state. In fact, as he shared, the CDC itself has published a brand new study done on over 540 thousand patients revealing the biggest risk factors for death from the current virus we’re dealing with. The #1 factor is obesity, but the #2 factor (and perhaps most interesting or surprising for some to learn) is anxiety and fear-related disorders. You can research this (and the other factors) for yourself, like I did, as it’s public records. He went on to say that this isn’t being focused on because media uses fear stories to keep us reliant on the news networks, although the knowledge has always existed that our thoughts control our biology.

I’m not one to focus on this subject because I think it’s getting enough focus as it is, but because this factor affects our well being in its entirety and isn’t just isolated to being a factor for just this current challenge we’re facing, I felt it’s worth mentioning here. This isn’t new information, but it brings to light something that is relevant to current events and concerns with tangible evidence, if in fact we didn’t put a lot of emphasis before on it when things didn’t feel as crucial to do that for, or it seemed perhaps more of a theory. Plus, I do know that if this kind of information was brought to the surface more, we’d all feel less vulnerable with a fuller understanding and tools to be empowered and have hope.

The bottom line is, rather than remain powerless and vulnerable to things outside of ourselves, talking about and focusing on ways to empower ourselves from the inside out, and refocus energy, are fundamentally necessary for our well being. Also finding things that bring us joy, ways to express our passions and creative energy, and simple self care rituals and mindfulness, can hugely benefit our lives and health. Focusing on kindness, the hopeful stories, seeing and creating beauty, finding inspirational muses, or sharing inspiration with others, looking to nature for answers and reminders, and living more from our heart centers can refocus and instantly change our biochemistry – therefore also making us more energetically aligned with things we do want to see or manifest.

Our thoughts and feelings are powerful in regulating our immune responses and powerful in creating the changes we want to experience.

I could sense when I first arrived home, the heavy anxiety of the area weighing on me and trying to pull me into that energy stream. Without my own realization of this, nor having ways to refocus energy and shift my perspective, I could easily have been pulled into the swirling disempowerment and compromise my well being or even ability to reason and function when my acute awareness and faculties are even more necessary right now.

My garden, my creative projects, my best friend Astrid, and having future goals I’m working toward – all help me to reframe things and as a result, also help me to be a clearer energy conduit to send support to the situations at hand and to join with others for creating a stronger collective bridge to journey toward empowerment.

They also help me to be stronger and healthier, on all levels, from the inside out.

My heart goes out to everyone – souls in human and animal bodies, and all realms of Nature.

The collective is going through so much these days.

Let us join our hearts in the common denominator of love and help each other to see the way through things by maintaining our own level of peaceful centering and empowered reframing, while finding the hopeful inspirations that are seeded all around us to discover.

And if someone around you is having challenge in seeing or finding that, be an example of the light for them.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Such an important share by sweet Tania Marie! As she says, these are not new messages, but I feel they’re important reminders to share. Any challenge brings new life and opportunities. How we shift our micro experiences and choices also affects what unfolds within and around us.

    Last night, I happened to read a New Yorker article about Lake Powell and the megadrought in the West. I’d had this article open in a tab on my laptop for awhile, but the moment I started reading it last night, a huge thunderstorm rolled in. Torrents of rain poured forth like the old waterfalls described in the article. The more I read about the drought, the more the rain poured down, and I imagined this water energy permeating whatever areas most need it. I also expressed inner gratitude for the rain.

    Just as I finished reading the article, the storm rolled away, leaving only a gentle rain in its wake. This felt profound and encouraging.

    A few weeks ago, I dreamed about fire extinguishers putting the “icing” on three wedding cakes. When I awoke, I saw a client had emailed me right as I was dreaming, telling me of a fire near their home. I shared part of the dream and said I sensed she and her two daughters would be safe. She kept me posted, and indeed, the fire miraculously avoided them and their neighbors. Thoughts, prayers, Reiki and gentleness have profound effects. Sending love to everyone, especially dear Tania and Astrid.

    • Thank you so much for sharing sweet L 😘πŸ₯°πŸ’š It’s difficult these days to speak about things because everything is so charged and divided. There’s never a perfect way to express something, only the expression that speaks through in the moment with trust in the highest good. I’m led to share from the heart, paths to empowerment regardless of what specific we’re facing, so that what ever we find ourselves in, we can navigate it with expansive awareness and sense of anchored centeredness. βš“ Thank you for sharing the hopeful stories. Astrid and I send our deepest love and gratitude always. πŸ™

  2. I just realized after typing this up that I also had icing in my dream this morning. No fire extinguisher, just icing on a cinnamon roll that someone gave me. Hopefully it bodes well for mitigating the fires around you, too, like my dream about my client and her two daughters. There were three houses totally protected, and my client and her daughters also miraculously just happened to have perfect accommodations during the scary part of the ordeal.

    • LOL! Well, on the day we drove home we had a giant vegan iced cinnamon roll πŸ˜‹ Sooooo…πŸ˜‰πŸ€­ I always believe whatever unfolds will be for the highest and that we’re in alignment with things without judging how that needs to look. Thank you for the continued energy and prayers to add team work in supporting the mitigation of all of these fires devastating the land and homes for so many people and animals. The other 2 fires that have been burning are not a threat here and have more containment. That’s why they’re sending all resources this way. It’s the new one that’s the biggest priority right now in U.S. that’s knocking on the door of the south Tahoe basin. The fire fighters are doing an incredible and selfless job. πŸ™Œ

  3. Kudos on keeping your focus and energy on empowering things Tania. Your garden looks wonderful. I could use some goals and projects to help my focus.

  4. Desiree Bergeron

    So on point!!!!! There’s this one really powerful quote I remind myself of, it’s by Red Hawk, and it goes: ” What goes unfed weakens, what you feed grows stronger”
    I can feel the anchoring power of light, hope, love and positivity that is radiating in concentric rings from you, and how deeply important it is!! This is no small thing by any means. And if everyone could shift into this same kind of awareness and energyβ€” soooooo much of the fear and stress would just lift! I feel the same about not getting sucked into the heaviness around me, by maintaining my core positivity and light, and just beaming it around with loveβ€” to everyone I can! These times are an opportunity to practice firm, loving, conscious awareness of what streams we send out from our hearts into the collective!
    We cannot underestimate our power to shift things….as you so amazingly exemplify to us all on a daily basis! I love you. I am so grateful for you, your message, and today, the gift seeing your exquisite garden, and how you stand strong in your awareness and love!!
    Craig and I talk often about how there’s such a need for people to shift into a positive energy, and how toxic the fear is, and how that’s the huge factor in keeping ourselves truly healthy!! So I loved reading this, and am going to share with Craig too!

    • Thank you!!! Love the Red Hawk quote you shared too ❀ I agree so much that these times are presenting us with so many opportunities to exercise all that we’ve learned over the years of our work and put it all into actual practice. I so appreciate the way you and Craig are working as a team and helping others by example. Fear isn’t a bad thing itself, as a healthy level in quick bursts can prove helpful in making changes and recognizing our strength and resiliency. It can help us to make moves we wouldn’t normally. It’s the chronic and sustained fear and anxiety that is detrimental. I never believe in eradicating any emotion or feeling, but to learn from it and recognize the hidden gifts and power when we reclaim it rather than project it. I love and appreciate you so much!! Thank you for your constant support Des!!! 😘😘

  5. Hi dearest sweet T, I had to respond to this post. As you are aware my son lives in the area of where the fire initially began. They went under mandatory evacuation at 3 am a week ago Monday. The had prepared that Sunday because they had been warned it was coming. They were able to leave with their 2 horses, 3 dogs, 1 kitty and my two beloved grandchildren. I reached out to so many I knew about this to pray for them and the area as well. You were one of so many special souls that DC I’d so even when you were on your vacation. So so many responded with prayer, healing energy and positive vibes. My son and his family had purchased this home a year ago this month. Their dream home. And it’s been such a loving, creative and expanding

  6. Support for them. Theyve all blossomed. Truly a blessing. I had told my son that a friend of ours could probably let them camp on their property In the Santa Cruz Mountains because they were planning to go camping. Thet had also headed down thst way just south of Santa Cruz because their home they sold last Suguestvwas there and the new owners, who’s husband is a firefighter offered to let the horses stay there where they used to be with the barn and corral. Such as blessing. Then they put 2 of the dogs in a kennel up by my friends. Unfortunately, we didnt know at that point she was in the hospital, later we found out it wasnt serious but unexpected. So they found a hotel close by they could stay I. With one dog and one kitty. As it turns out that was a wise move to come south because all the boardingfacilities by them were either closed due to evacuation or filled up quickly with no where to go. So many beautiful synchronicities happened. They also focused on gratitude, joy and lightheartedness all this time. And that weather the house survived or not was out of their control. They let go completely. Then this Monday evening, before I had my 2nd eye surgery on Tuesday, he told me of his neighbor that had gotten into their neighborhood, how he had lived there 42 years, was ex volunteer f ou reman and was part of the team investigating the fire. He told them at this point the house was es were safe, the fire was running through the neighborhood low brush, but hadnt caught the trees on fire, and there were tons of fire trucks amd hoses, and crews all working on that area. Then after my surgery this morning I received a text that the neighbor had let them know that the whole neighborhood was safe now and their house was still there. Best news ever for them. But at the same time still so ku h to continue to pray for because it continues to expand and others hones are gone, and the wildlife are in jeopardy along with their homes. So bitter sweet, at this point ssd one friends of my ssd on and his with lent them their condo as of Sunday for them to stay in till vh they can return which they dont yet know when that will be. We all have such gratitude. And it really does teach one how there are different ways to look at things. They could have totally been devastated and felt bad and been angry at the world. Instead they chose to turn within and find the blessings in a challenging situation. In choosing the latter they were blessed with people coking to assis them even with offers of financial help if needed. You know I will continue to pray for this situation and all involved hope bbn this is a readable. Typing with one eye ❀

    • Wow dear D! Thank you SO much for sharing your family’s story. Such an amazing example of seeing the gifts even when facing challenge, as you said. I’m so glad they are all okay and their house was saved too. So many beautiful synchronicities and alignments! So grateful to all who are coming together and helping each other and the incredible fire fighters who work so selflessly. Thank you for writing this even while you are healing and going through so much yourself. I understood everything 😊 grateful for the prayers and loving support you’re sharing toward our all and please know I’m sending you love, healing and continuing to stand with you and others in praying for this situation too. Love you so much. πŸ’—

    • Dawn, I’m just reading this now. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. Sending you lots of extra healing for after your surgery, too. ❀

  7. There is definitely a relationship that is developed with nature that is innate and personal. It responds accordingly to the reverence it receives and knows each one of us.~ Very special indeed

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