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Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals – The Scarlet Temple to the Heart & Beyond

strawberry lemurian starbraryAnother new find of crystal is the Strawberry Lemurian Seed Quartz – sometimes known as Scarlet Temple Lemurians by some. These are very rare and very powerful, natural crystals that have a gorgeous strawberry red color as a result of being coated with high quality Hematite, which is the mineral form of Iron Oxide. This Iron mixing into the Quartz is exceptional and is said to come from collapsing stars, which gives these crystals links to the Cosmic and Ethereal Realms.

With the addition of Hematite’s properties of grounding, protecting, balancing, and overall strengthening of personal vitality and our connection with the Earth from the Source of Cosmic awareness, it creates a very harmonious synergy when integrated with the Strawberry Lemurian’s energy.

Strawberry Lemurians are a very new find from Minas Gerais region of Brazil that, after millions of years within the Earth, are now surfacing. Because they are so new to our “re”-discovering, there is limited information about their energy and properties, but as more and more people work with them, this information is coming to light.

The images you see in this post are of my special Strawberry Lemurian friend, which I also discovered (unbeknownst to whom she traveled through to reach me) is a Starbrary as well. This makes her a Strawberry Starbrary – say that 10 times fast LOL!

strawberry lemurian starbrary4You may remember my post on Starbraries where I detailed the different Star Systems each derive from and some of the unique types that include Master Starbraries and Starbrary Rosetta Stones. Well, this sweet Strawberry Starbrary that has graced my life, I have discovered is from one of the Star Systems more recently discovered – Lyra – and is a Rosetta Stone Starbrary. (this is the 2nd Rosetta Stone recently I’ve become aware of, as a friend of mine discovered she had one too after my Starbrary post)

Rosetta Stone Starbraries help to translate between a minimun of two Star languages and this one from Lyra translates for Cassiopeia and the Pleiades. Very opportune, since my Lightning Strike Starbrary is Pleiadian. 🙂

Check out her deeply embedded Hexagons, along with her numerous encodings that are very pronounced on three of her shafts. Then on the rest of her shafts she has the identifiable ladder-like grooves that Lemurian Seed Crystals are known for (this is where they have been programmed with spiritual information and wisdom from the ancient Lemurians), along with tons of tiny Morse Code dot-patterns accompanying these grooves. (both the grooves and dots were harder to photograph)

strawberry-lemurian5I am still discovering so much about her, but she happens to be what is known as a “Window Crystal” as well. The name itself will likely mirror to you that old adage “a window into your soul,” and that is just what they are. Window Crystals have a small diamond-shaped face at the corner where two of the parallel faces meet. (You can see this diamond shape in the photo of her to the left.) These crystals help you to see what is inside yourself, hence are introspective, and help to draw forth deep things or things you hide from yourself, so that you can effectively deal with them and make the correlating changes in your life to do so. In this way they help you to understand the “why’s” behind challenges you are experiencing and help you to face things head-on. Window Crystals are very personal crystals and it is said that if one comes into your hands, it is intended to help you specifically. And I knew the moment I saw her, that she would come home. Her Hexagon markings were another clue, since those show up so much for me as well.

But back to these amazing Strawberry Lemurians…

Strawberry Lemurians date back to the times of Lemuria and Atlantis where they were used in healing ceremonies by the High Councils, Priests, and Priestesses to provide insight, guidance, and assist with healing, as well as stimulate recall of the “beginning.” They are said to have been encoded by the Wizards of MU.

strawberry lemurian starbrary3Strawberry Lemurians are each structured differently with their own purpose, helping to activate the Heart and Crown Chakras for self-empowerment, self-guidance, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency. Through the Crown you are able to access the ethereal energies to integrate and activate your leadership role from the Source of your Essence. They are also powerful healing tools to assist with distance healing and Reiki, help enhance Earth healing and energy transfer, and support access to the divine, compassionate love of Oneness. It’s no wonder that they vibrate to the number 1.

But they are especially vibrationally aligned for stimulating and opening the heart center and drawing forth the love and harmony into integrative balance in your life – basically filling your whole being with the feeling of true, unconditional love. Strawberry Lemurian Quartz is known for its ability to provide opportunity for you to travel (stimulating the astral body) to the “center of the universe of life” to receive the available information there. This to include the strawberry lemurian starbrary2pathway to the source of knowledge and relevant data that relate to the actual, chosen reasons of your soul for the reality that is of most importance in your life, as well as the creation of the planetary forms, reasons behind everything, and guidance with respect to living fully in each moment.

While very powerful, Strawberry Lemurians are extremely gentle, calming, and nurturing with the ability to help you to recenter, restabilize, and rebalance your energy field through the guidance of your Higher Heart. This refreshing energy provides a sense of emotional strength and love. They can also help you to access past life information, if desired, and can bring exciting discoveries about Universal origins that can become assimilated wisdom.

I really love this crystal….

Well goodness, yes I love them all, but there are some you develop an extra bond with and these are the ones that remain with you for long periods of time, if not your lifetime/s. 😉

Last Chance to Receive a FREE Reiki Healing Attunement & the Last Month of This Offer

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If I don’t get at least 3 people participating this time, I will choose from the people who shared last month and were gifted the group Reiki Healing Attunement, but did not receive the individual one.

I thank you and honor everyone that has courageously taken accountability in their lives and hope you will continue to do so. This was my way of supporting and rewarding your active efforts. I will continue to share intuitively guided support, as always, and I’m sure other gifts will weave their way into that down the road. Abundant love to each of you always and Samhain Blessings!

Samhain Blessings!

A perfect, magickal, enchanting way to welcome today. Thank you my sweet Laura for sharing this piece of peace for our beloved Gaia ❤

There’s More To Creating Than The Law Of Attraction

mirroring swansI shared a short post on Facebook about this subject a week or so ago, but the topic was something I felt I would later be elaborating on, as I felt it to be important. Today is that day. 🙂

What I’m finding is that there are a lot of “key” pieces that have been overlooked in the processes we have been undertaking with our awakening evolutions. I’ve written on some of these other topics and shared posts from others as well, on things like full integration, walking the walk, acknowledging and releasing the root and core of patterns – not just scratching the surface with things like focusing on only “positive thinking” to reprogram the new.

“When it’s time for a breakthrough, virtually nothing – no amount of mental and emotional density – can stand in the way of a soul whose time has come! …. What’s necessary will keep reappearing until you engage it fully. ~ Penney Peirce

There just isn’t the luxury of “I’ll do that later” or denying with “That’s not me” anymore, nor will we be able to ignore and repress things without very large wake-up calls experienced, which include effects on our health, as well as emotional and mental landscapes of well being – not just what we manifest, both wanted and unwanted.

And that brings us to another very popular topic – that of the “Law of Attraction”. The information shared below, however, may not be so popular in comparison to what has been taught on this subject, or perhaps less touched upon, but like with many things we are starting to see more of the “whole” picture now, rather than just pieces. So, while you may already have felt frustrated in reprogramming and reconditioning into the new thoughts and teachings you’ve been practicing, remember life is a constant evolution, so there will always be more to integrate and more being revealed when we are ready for the next pieces.

No need for frustration, as you have already shown you can shift old thought patterns, now we’re just going to do the deeper work to really help your “new” to solidly hit the ground and make greater, overall impact.

Here are some thoughts to ponder before delving into greater detail:

Forcing something will show you where you are out of harmony with flow.

There are many reasons why something you want may not happen. Just because you want something and think positively with intention for an invested amount of time, doesn’t mean you automatically get or attract the thing you want. Some underlying reasons for this are that it may not be needed as part of your soul’s plan, it may not be for your best nor the best solution, it isn’t the way your soul has decided to learn and grow since getting the thing may take away from that or negatively impact/harm you (yes your soul has the inside on the future), or you may be using too much willpower to “try” to create and control the process, which is being out of harmony and missing key points.

Pushing toward an end result with willpower or any form of controlling energy (even if you “think” it’s not) will result in your field of experience stalling you in direct equality of overextended amount you’ve invested, until it can recalibrate back into a natural flow pattern.

Penney Peirce, author of “Frequency – The Power of Personal Vibration” so eloquently elaborates on this and I found her words to be in exact mirror with my own feelings and thoughts. I would like to share these excerpts from her book because they are so well explained on the topic of there being more to creating than the Law of Attraction:

At a time when society’s transformation process is hovering around stage 3 (emptying Pandora’s box, or the subconscious mind), stage 4 (retrenching, resisting, and resuppressing subliminal fears), and stage 5 (old structures breaking down and dissolving), many of us are strenuously trying to avoid the chaos caused by loss and letting go. We want control over our lives and think money and possessions are the answer. To date, the law of attraction, which actually addresses a principle of spiritual growth, has been skewed a bit too much toward overcoming insecurity by attracting material success and relationships – and that means the principles are predominantly being applied out of fear. To progress into the more advanced stages of transformation, you’ll need to penetrate further into the frequency principles that underlie the law of attraction.

One of the hallmarks of having passed through stage 6 of the transformation process – where you stop, recenter in your soul’s love, and let your home frequency reprogram your personal vibration – is that you discover a new world based on unity. You experience yourself as energy and part of a unified field of vibration. You directly experience how everything exists in the present moment as a superposition, or potential reality and how all beings cooperate to materialize the world according to the highest, most current vision moment to moment. This new perspective means your goals need contain no desperation, and a high-frequency life or destiny, where soul expression is easy, is your birthright. As a result, your understanding of the creation process and success changes dramatically.

I don’t know about you, but the more I learn to maintain the new perspective of the Intuition Age, the easier it is to hear the false notes. (I so agree with this!) Some days I feel bombarded by the rather forced cries of the “marketeers” hawking internet sales strategies, coaching-for-success services, get-rich-quick schemes, and one-of-a-kind seminars that will change my life. Many of them advocate law of attraction principles without having moved very far through the transformation process themselves. If I’m not alert it’s easy to become exhausted dealing with society’s need for celebrity, fast money, and material possessions. I find myself rebounding off the strained voices and gravitating to the peaceful ones who radiate joy of creating with each other for the pleasure of expressing themselves harmoniously from their home frequencies with win-win-win outcomes. One way screeches, the other makes beautiful music. There’s a challenge here: to see past superficial success; find our way into our destiny as a new kind of success, and to understand materializing and dematerializing as a normal part of our awareness repertoire.

… you believe things occur is the inner blueprint beneath the blueprint of what you want to occur. If either blueprint is misaligned with higher truth, you’ll experience snags and distorted results. Thinking that you need to “attract” material abundance, for example, is a slightly outdated model containing a few inherent misperceptions.

in unityFirst, material abundance may or may not be your soul’s real goal. Second, in the holographic way of perceiving, you and the thing you want are in the same moment and space, so you can’t actually attract it because you already have it. Attraction is an idea that comes from the linear mindset of separation: what you want is “over there,” and you must make it come to you with will and cleverness. (I must note 1111 was the word count at this point) In a unified world, instead of attracting something, you notice it already existing in your reality, and you keep paying attention to it. No effort required. Third, because you use will when attracting something, no matter how happy you make your personal vibration, you instantly disconnect from the experiences of unity, love, being provided for, and how the universe is always win-win-win. When willpower surfaces, the ego is back, thinking it’s running the show, reinforcing the idea of isolation and difficulty. It’s a setback for the soul because this subtle willfulness means that you’ve stopped trusting that the soul is bringing exactly what you need. Therefore, energy is wasted in protesting, overriding, and trying to change what you have before you fully understand the perfection of why it’s there.

Penney goes on to further detail and thoroughly explore this subject that she, like myself, is quite passionate about. But here is her summary, in her own words, of what she shares, and you can explore more in her book if you find her thoughts of interest, as I do (I’ve quoted her a few times in my blog):

When using energy and your personal vibration to help materialize and dematerialize things in your life, use holographic models based on unity rather than linear models based on separation, because this makes the process faster and more accurate. Ideas materialize not because you attract them, but because you notice them already inside your field and invest attention in them until they become real to your body and normal. The soul is responsible for the first level of materializing your important growth lessons and circumstances, and your feelings and mind are secondary, serving to either block or assist the soul. You can intentionally focus on things you want to create, and they will materialize if they serve the soul’s purposes. There are a variety of frequency-based reasons that things do not materialize when you want them to, such as using too much willpower, not feeling the result as real in your body, or the soul knowing something about a negative future impact of the result that wouldn’t be on purpose for you.

You do not create alone but as a function of the cooperation of particles, waves, and other souls. Luck is a state of awareness in which you trust the soul, the moment, the perfection of the way your needs are being met, and the timing of events. In the Intuition Age, we need to see success as being more than material wealth and superiority over others and be cautious about who we partner with, as the hidden time bombs in people who have attained success through methods based on a belief in separation are likely to explode and cause failures soon. Your destiny is your high-frequency life, and you can help materialize it by clearing unhealthy feeling habits, choosing what’s choosing you, and engaging fully with what you already have.

Spiritual Skin Comes Alive in Video – Cyberkaz & Tania Marie Team Up Again

kaz and me at mount royalI’m excited to share the new video production for Spiritual Skin – a co-collaborative effort between myself and Cyberkaz that takes you on a journey through a montage of some of the sacred designs I have helped bring to life.

It’s been about four and a half years since the last time I got to team up with the amazing Cyberkaz. Not only is he awesome at video production, but he is also a fantastic musical composer, creating the original musical scores for both the last and current video we did together.

I just adore “Kaz” and feel blessed to have such a great and talented friend in my life. (He’s a faery’s perfect little elf friend – perhaps even my lucky little leprechaun) 😉

You may remember Kaz from my trip to Montreal and Toronto this summer. Not only did we get to share some laughs, good food, and good times, as he showed me around, but I had the honor to support his Reiki Master Teacher training after all of these years of knowing him. He is a sound engineer and musician, as well as a soul brother I’ve known for nearly nine years and only met in person for the first time this year.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this latest creation as I team up again with Cyberkaz to bring you “Spiritual Skin”. It’s so cool to see some of the amazing co-creative designs, which I’ve had the blessing and honor of being able to support beautiful souls with, come together – a lot of potent energy indeed!! Love how people are embracing transformation and empowerment!

Video Synopsis:

Tania is a visionary artist and Reiki Master Teacher whose tattoo designs have carved out a unique niche in the realm of sacred body art that will help alter your DNA code to match the vibration of its potent symbolism, while empowering emotional and spiritual healing.

How would you like to know how to create the perfect tattoo for your body that will not only energetically turn heads and hearts, but most importantly will support your spiritual awakening and fulfill your deepest drive for authentic self-expression? How important is it to you to empower yourself, grow spiritually, and consecrate your body as a temple to integrate a “New Earth” experience?

Tania Marie can help you to do all of this and more. Her book, “Spiritual Skin”, will show you how to create the life you choose as you embark on your most powerfully transformative tattoos ever.

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at Remember that there is currently a waiting list and price changes are going to be in effect at start of 2014. 

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle format here: Spiritual Skin

November 2 Orange County Creatives Santora space exhibiting artist Tania Marie

Here is the promotional story “Orange County Creatives” just posted today about my upcoming participation as exhibiting artist in the November 2nd Art Walk at their Santora Building Gallery. Looking forward to it and grateful to be sharing the evening with so many talented creative visionaries.

Quick Reminders – Free Reiki, Reiki Renewal Retreat Discount Deadline, Art Showcase, & Official Sale of Eternal Harmony

A few quick reminders on things going on right now and coming up soon that you won’t want to miss:

global heart1) There are only 3 more days until the end of the month, which means 3 days left to send in your email entry shares if you’d like to be entered to receive a FREE Reiki Healing Attunement, which I will announce the 3 recipients of on Friday, November 1st.

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A Reiki Healing Attunement amplifies the energy available for healing and helps dissolve any energetic resistance and blocks, so the Reiki energy can work more quickly and more deeply to promote growth and integrative healing, as well as aid the creation and alignment for manifestations to take place.

For all details on how you can enter to receive this powerful gift, explore the link below:

FREE Reiki Healing Attunement


family room leading to rear deck and fantastic view2) There is only one month and a half left to take advantage of the Early-Bird Special $100 Off Discount for the upcoming Reiki Renewal Retreat. Deadline to pre-register is 12/12/13. There is extremely limited space and room options are filling.

If you are a local and not staying overnight, but coming for the classes and day’s food and activities, you also won’t want to miss out on this special. Message me for rates in accordance with your class choices.

All details can be found at the link:

Reiki Renewal Retreat: Spring Equinox in Laguna Beach, California


art walk3)  This Saturday, November 2nd is the upcoming Santa Ana Art Walk Showcase with Orange County Creatives at the Santora Building in the Artist’s Village on the 2nd Street Promenade from 7:00 – 10:00pm. (Promotional story to follow)

Details and location of this event can be found here: 

Santa Ana Art Walk

I will be featuring my Crystal Illuminations body of work, along with some crystal jewelry and crystals.


Eternal Harmony4) I’m excited to announce that many people’s favorite painting, “Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home”, is officially available for purchase in giclee prints today, both on canvas and fine art paper.

You can choose from 3 different size options and purchase here:

Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home

Payment Plan Options Available for all paintings – Contact me at with inquiries and orders for this special piece, or any of the visionary art your heart is feeling drawn to.


More announcements to come! 🙂

Reflecting & Rejoicing – How SaveABunny Helped Save Me

joy playing hide and seekTwo days ago I received a voice message from – the nationally recognized non-profit adoption, education and volunteer-based foster center that rescues rabbits, based in Mill Valley, California. This is where I adopted my precious little Joy Julianna on February 23rd, 2009 – just 3 days before my birthday, coming up on almost 5 years ago now. She arrived at the shelter after being neglected, but still retained her loving quality, despite her experiences.

She was named Julianna by the shelter, but I added Joy to the front of her name. Since, she’s taken on a few nicknames to include “Tiny” and “Jules”.

I’ve shared a lot about Joy and Nestor (my two rabbit companions and soul partners) in many other posts, so I won’t go into detail here, nor could ever possibly explain the magickal experiences I have had with them in the decade of time they both have graced my life.


i love this photo…look who’s peeking from behind the chair 🙂

But because of the synchronicity of SaveABunny contacting me, mirroring not only my thinking of them in the last week and some ways to support their efforts, but also their call coming in directly the morning after I hung my original painting, “Once in a Blue Moon” which features both Nestor and Joy, in my office (after receiving message to do so, which has created a portal and shifted the vibe of my space), I felt moved to share this short post today.

Anyway, back to the phone call from SaveABunny….the lady calling was asking to have my contact information updated, as well as was checking in to see how Joy was doing and asking if I’d be willing to update them with a brief share about her along with some photos, as they love to hear and share about happy endings for these sweet and magickal creatures.

I, of course, immediately stopped everything and sent them the small share you can find below, along with the photos you see in this post (I’m only sharing a few of the many I sent them. Yes, I love my little one so much and I wanted them to see how happy and wonderful Joy is).

me and joySome people have human babies…I have animal babies, but to me they are much, much, MUCH more than that. They are powerful beings, my best friends, and alchemical magicians that have not only worked their magick with experiences in my life and the lives of others, but have worked their magick on my heart.

After having experienced a traumatic transition that Nestor left this experience through to continue her eternal one, I found myself in an instantaneous “Tower” Tarot card experience where the quick and intense lightning strike of change flashed through my soul. Not only did it mark one of the largest shifts that have me on my current journey, but it also had my heart in a pain I had not yet ever experienced until that moment, and likely won’t again. Not only did Nestor take me to the depths of unconditional love, but she took me to the depths of anguish in having the physical experience of my Twin Soul move on, which at the time felt like – without me.

joy with stuffed friendYet this proved not to be the case, and rather than continue that story I’ve shared before, through a series of magickal circumstances, messages, and signs orchestrated by Nestor, Joy Julianna came into my life (something I thought I would never allow in again), but she, with Nestor’s guidance, helped me to mend and integrate healing of my heart and come to know the true resiliency it houses, as I love her with ALL of me again.

From the depths of dark and light, I have learned about the fullness and wholeness of experience and deepened my capacity for unconditional love and compassion. And from the experiences they both have shared with me (much too long to explain the how’s), I have been able to harness the authenticity and clarity of my/this life’s path and get myself aligned and on track with greater strength and courage.

joy-and-skullAnd woo!! what an enchanting life we experience together. My life is graced by Joy’s devotion, purity, innocence, love, musings, magick, and service-focused heart.

The word “Gratitude” is far too limiting for what I feel.

You never know where and how gifts will show up in your life, and it is often the most challenging experiences that are, and hold, the greatest of gifts that hold the opportunity for us to grow exponentially.

Here is the brief, general update I shared with SaveABunny about Joy:

I’ve attached several photos of sweet little Joy Julianna, as I call her now – nickname “Jules”. She is doing amazing and has integrated beautifully into our home with a sister Tortoise named Gaia, a sister cat named Sweet Pea, and a brother cat named Boojum. They all get along beautifully and it’s been such a delight to have Joy with me. She is healthy (has had no major issues since I’ve had her), happy, loves jj and gaiato be with me all of the time, and shares my office with me, although has the run of the house since she’s potty trained and I keep her free. I work from home, so it makes it nice to be with her and the other little ones, and she has proven to be quite the powerful little healing bunny and loves to assist me with all of my healing work and artistic creations. She adores crystals (is often laying with them), is very telepathic, adores and admires her sister Gaia, and loves her stuffed bunny friend that I swear she has enchanted. I just love her so much and am joy and sweet peagrateful that I found her through SaveABunny, as she is my beloved best friend. Thank you so much for all that you do!

joy and crystalsAccording to the ASPCA, rabbits are the third most frequently euthanized animal in the country. Adopting or fostering a rescued rabbit saves precious lives. If you can’t foster or adopt you can still express your care and support with a donation:

Russell Brand May Have Started a Revolution Last Night

This video share of Russell Brand with Jeremy Paxman of BBC’s Newsnight goes along with the theme of the RuPaul and Marianne Williamson video I posted a few days ago…more evidence of change taking form in the world-wide, collective reality.

Russell was invited, as guest editor of the New Statesman’s just-published revolution-themed issue, to explain to Jeremy why anyone should listen to a man who has never voted in his life.

Again, I’m the farthest thing from being political, as I work change in other ways, which is why what Russell shares here speaks a language I understand.

Not everyone will agree with what he has to say, and that is as valid as his free will and right to say it. Sometimes I feel that when something is uncomfortable and challenges us to think differently, our egos devise a mechanism to trap onto the one thing about the person or what they have to say that validates our fear, and makes us shut down to hear the crux and core message that is being conveyed.

I love what my friend Kelly Smith had to share this morning:

“Many people pass judgment on popular and unpopular opinion. Placing energy into the ‘fight’ is a distraction of sublime consciousness. Sublime is the rising of being. One can notice the fly, the mosquito, the insolent remark, and simply wave a hand in Peace.”

Starbrary Quartz – Fortifying The Earth By Returning To The Cosmic Foundations It Was Built Upon

starbrary5As promised, today I want to share about another new crystal discovery that has quickly become a new best friend of mine. I absolutely love this little, but powerful crystal. The information about this crystal feels very timely, so I was nudged to share it now.

And what kind of crystal is she, you ask? She is what is called a “Starbrary” Quartz Healing Crystal, but in the particular case of mine, she is also a “Lightning Strike Starbrary” Quartz.

My little one comes from Minas Gerais, Brazil, is connected to the Pleiadian Star System, and has a Lightning Strike.

What does all of this mean? Well, here is a bit about the Starbraries, so you understand why they carry this name. Perhaps you’ve already heard of them, but I hadn’t, and I’m super excited I now have! 🙂

This information is gathered, paraphrased info you can find out there, along with some of my own.

Starbrary Quartz Healing Crystals:

Starbraries are rare, precious, extraordinary, but completely natural Quartz formations that have been individually encoded by various, distant Star Systems throughout the Universe – at least 6 different ones who have left ancient crystal records of maps, histories and legends of their people. Their energy is undeniably different and I felt this immediately when I saw and first held mine – giving me an Essence chill. 🙂

lightningstrike1They hold information from the peoples of these Star Systems that positively influenced human evolution. They have come to be known as Starbraries and are identifiable by unique glyph-like symbols, markings, or sometimes geometric patterns along their shafts (occasionally also on the main face) and usually will also have a doorway/portal or key. And even if they don’t have keys, which they may not, they always have a shape that makes them very easily and comfortably held in such a way that helps to access the opening to these many layers of information stored within.

They are like encyclopedias of Cosmic knowledge.

Much like other kinds of record-keeper crystals, you unlock the doors by aligning your fingers with them and this facilitates journeying though the multiple layers of informational experience. The information received was meant to be a permanent record to help humans to rebuild Earth, in the event of catastrophe.

These Starbraries were scattered in chosen places across the globe so that a variety of people everywhere could have access to them. There are sets of these crystals that are like chapters of books, or series of books that you will want to ask the order in which to read them. Once you welcome one into your experience, you’ll likely receive more.

lightningstrike2The Star Systems these come from include Cassiopeia, Pleiades (these first two contain more philosophical information, are the basis for most of the Lemurian and Atlantean recollections, and are the most sought after), Leo (more historical and factual information), Ursa Minor (often called cosmic crystals with dots and dashes resembling a meteor shower to decode), Orion (Titanium included with very clearly defined glyphs created from deep ridges/furrows in the faces – the only Starbrary that is marked here, rather than on the sides), and Andromeda (these are DT/ET – Double Terminated Extraterrestrial) and have very tiny keys, layered sides where the ET crystals overgrew the main one, appear connected with the Cassiopeia and Pleiadian peoples pointing to collaboration among Star peoples).

Of all of these, the Orion Star System Starbraries are the only ones that need important companion crystals (which will usually come with them when gifted to you or purchased, or will show up soon after) to help to decipher the very detailed info it is encoded with, or acts as a key itself to access the other crystal. These crystals were very integral to the Native American culture. The companions apparently don’t have to be quartz.

Other Star Systems are starting to slowly become recognized (Sirius and Lyra to name a couple) and likely more will turn up, as we collectively are ready to receive them.

They all have variations of flowing, geometric, linear, or indented Morse Code-kind-of patterns to them.

Now, you may ask, how are they different from Lemurian Seed Crystals?

As in many ways they may appear similar, but in fact are not. The main difference between Starbraries and Lemurian Seed Crystals is that Starbraries have been encoded “remotely” by civilizations outside of our solar system, while Lemurians have been embedded by peoples that actually “inhabited” Earth long ago – seeding/planting them in a sand bed in Brazil for us to discover thousands of year later.

lightningstrike3They have to both be deciphered, but the Starbrary language is much more complex, partly because they contain such huge amounts of information within each, which is also considered “crucial” to the human race’s evolution and survival, along with the planet’s as a whole. Times of extreme crisis, major shifts, or global need may herald many of these showing up more and more in the hands of lightworkers, visionary leaders, bridge workers, and Earth keepers.

There are also apparently a number of what are called Master Starbraries and Starbrary Rosetta Stones. The Masters are decoders of other Starbraries, while the Rosetta Stones help to translate between a minimun of two Star languages.

There are also some, like mine, that are Lightning Strike Starbraries, which are very rare “spirits” of profound change that have had their information downloaded/embedded into them using the intensity of a bolt of lightning as a conduit. They are identifiable by jagged, zig-zag scars along their shafts where the lightning struck. Lightning Strike Starbraries can be from any of the Star Systems, but not all Lightning Strike crystals are Starbraries.

It’s thought that the cosmic travelers imbued their knowledge into the crystals (that were exposed or purposely placed on the surface) during electrical storms over Brazil thousands of years ago.

The Lightning Strike adds another quality to the crystal, which is easily understood by what we know of lightning to symbolize. These crystals help to connect, balance, clear, and unify all of the Chakras, as well as your energy field. They will also increase your personal vibration, taking it to a much higher frequency that actually assists access to information found on Master Starbraries. While accessing the higher dimensional frequencies, you also are supported in releasing deep, old emotional patterns at the cellular level, which helps you along your path with greater clarity.

Some of the Lightning Strikes will appear more fresh and others will have been healed through the eons – each of these also having different energies. The more fresh ones will help you to work with very traumatic and dramatic change that needs to happen quickly so it will herald rapid clearing and be experienced more intensely. The healed Lightning Strikes (like mine) are softer and more gentle, and avoid unnecessary negative effects of instant results. They assist with old beliefs, past childhood or life carry-overs and help you to repattern things at the core.

Both are all about change and herald flashes of enlightenment. If you get one of these, you are ready for, and asking for, transformation in big ways.

starbrary4In general the Starbraries are starting to appear rapidly and are being united with their guardians who will need them to work with things currently shifting and things to come, and one has to ask why that may be? I believe it is because, as in many posts I have shared before, we can no longer sit idle, no longer turn our heads, no longer straddle the fence, not take action, not walk the walk, and not take responsibility for all of our choices in support of both personal and collective well-being.

The knowledge the Starbraries hold from our cosmic elders is potent and it is thought, that just like with the Lemurian Seed Crystals, that they will experience a simultaneous awakening that will create a grid like “lighting up” across the Earth.

Now is the time to raise collective consciousness and awareness and to become aware of the truth that resides within so that you can walk through the door of the reality you really think you are walking into…not the devised parallel matrix that has all of the look, but no substance of the authenticity your existence was Sourced from.

It is time to integrate at the deepest of levels and evolve from the fear, anger, hatred, greed, jealousy… that have been allowed to run the show.

Starbraries are tools and keys to support a rise to this new level and fortify the Earth from the inside out – returning to the Cosmic knowledge and foundations it was built upon – returning to the Heart Source of All That Is.

When you become a guardian of any crystal, it is a responsibility and partnership not to be taken lightly and always to be a commitment of respect and love.

When it comes to Starbraries, I sense this raises the bar exponentially in what you are being gifted the utmost honor of partnering in. You will want to work often with your Starbrary (I am finding mine to be always with me, even when I sleep) so that you can learn its mysteries that will have great impact collectively.

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