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Time Link Crystals – The Past & Future Made Present

I’ve had Crystals on the mind a lot lately again – not that they aren’t always part of my life, but there are periods when their voices are much louder and they show up more than simply as daily companions and healing partners in my work and life. I feel this is their way of messaging to me, and us, that they are ever-ready to be of service and to also step up their service in more ways, in mirror to our opening to new levels of readiness and experience.

There are times when new Crystals make themselves known to me, ones I’ve known about but never had find there way to me or become very resonant, or that my healing work is deepened with new discoveries prompted by synchronous messages and directions received from them.

I’ve worked and taught about Crystals before and it appears they would like more of that, hence with my feeling called to the local Gem Show that opens today again, just 5 minutes from my house, I felt a Crystal article wanting to be shared. Seems there are Crystals to bring home that will be part of upcoming workshops and that will be part of experiences we will be sharing together.

And with it being a refreshing/cleansing rainy and winds-of-change kind of day, it feels to be the perfect time to be in my watery essence and intuitively receive any Crystal soul essences that speak up and volunteer their services to the teaching and fun to come.

strawberry lemurian starbrary4

My first Strawberry Starbrary

You may recall my article Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals – The Scarlet Temple to the Heart & Beyond where I introduced the new and rare Strawberry Lemurian friend that found its way into my heart. In the article I shared a lot about their energies, how they are said to be encoded by the Wizards of Mu, and the unique attributes, including hexagon Keys, a Window, and Morse Code encodings, I discovered about my friend.

What I also learned was that she was a Strawberry Starbrary, meaning she is from one of the Star Systems – Lyra – and is a Rosetta Stone Starbrary, which indicates she can translate between a minimun of two Star languages. She translates for Cassiopeia and the Pleiades, which was a perfect partner to my Pleiadian Lightning Strike Starbrary I had received around the same time.

But since her arrival, I then found myself housing 2 more Strawberry Lemurians – each of which ALSO are Starbraries. The three feel like a perfect Trinity Family, with two around similar sizing and the third being a much larger integrative one.


Sister Strawberry Starbrary

The similar sized new friend feels to be a sister Crystal to the Hexagon Key Strawberry from Lyra, and so they are always side by side together when I am not actively working with them. Interestingly, I got all of them from the same supplier friend, but hadn’t been energetically drawn to the 2 others the first time. Always interesting that we become aware of things when and only if we are ready.

But they came from the same batch family, so it made sense they would be connected.

I discovered that the sister Crystal is from Cassiopeia, which is perfect for its counterpart Rosetta Stone Crystal that can translate her and the Pleiadian Starbrary I have.


Large Master Strawberry Starbrary

And the larger Strawberry is a Master Starbrary from Sirius.

Now that everyone’s been introduced in this family, I can share a bit about one of the attributes that they each share. In the above article I talked about what a Window Crystal is and included an image of what a “Window” looks like. But for this article, my Lemurian Strawberry Starbraries would like me to share briefly on Time Links.

Back several years ago, I took a Crystal class when living up at Lake Tahoe, to learn a huge body of information about Crystals and how to decipher their unique qualities in a text book sort of way. This included learning about their sides, faces – Generator/Transmitters, Isis/Goddess, Receivers, Wedges, etc., edges, axis, 3 types of energies Crystals have, types of inclusions – Record Keepers, Message Plates, Keys, Veils, Phantoms, Rutile, Portals, Windows, Time Links, etc., Nature Spirits within the Crystals, types of Quartz and origins, etc.

Phew! And there is always so much more you can learn. I took the class at the time to just get an overall download that would trigger within me things I knew in my soul. But over time, I went back to my intuitive ways and just felt the Crystals, rather than trying to dissect them – allowing them to be whatever they wanted to reveal in each moment that I was ready to receive their gifts. And I enjoyed relaxing into the love and wisdom that opened to me, as I did.

s6That being said, now and then, some of those attributes start to stand out and when they do, I realize how they reiterate to me what I intuitively was feeling, experiencing, and receiving from my Crystals, even if I wasn’t “naming” the process or particular identifier.

This started to come about more when the Starbrary and Strawberry Starbraries arrived in my life, as well as the Andaras and Tibetans.

s5A dear friend of mine that I procured two Strawberry Lemurians for, brought to my attention again the Time Links (of which her two new friends ALSO had). And since, I have felt it significant to bring this to light since we are more consciously moving through space and time these days and having more access to things than ever, because we are ready to receive and experience it.

I discovered that, among other things, my 1st Strawberry Starbrary has a “future” Time Link and a Window, the sister to it has a “past” Time Link, and the Master Strawberry Starbrary has a “past” Time Link and Window. (I love saying Strawberry Starbrary – it’s such a tongue twister)

Like with anything, there is always so much more to explore, experience, and learn and that definitely is true for our Crystal friends. I have but scratched the surface of my Starbrary friends, let alone journeyed to the depths their Time Links can take me. They have a lot of unique qualities I haven’t mentioned yet and am still discovering.

s7But I do know that from the moment they arrived in my life, things have continued shifting. A lot of it happening in dream time, as I sleep with most of my crystals under my pillow at varying intervals. And that’s beauty of processing is that you don’t have to understand it, walk it through step by detailed step, or even have to know what is happening in a cognitive way, because it still IS happening, still will affect change in your life, and you will understand it in Divine timing when you need to and are ready to be consciously aware of it.

But back to Time Links. If you don’t know about them, I’d like to provide a little bit of insight so you can see what is possible to partner with, when you are graced with such Crystals that offer you this gift. And then you can run with it from there, as to how far you want to go and discover your own unique ways to work with this bridge.

strawberry lemurian time linkTime Links show up “randomly” in Crystals, and not often. A Time Link Crystal is a special kind of Crystal that contains a 7th face (maybe more) that is just below the 6 main faces of the termination. You can easily distinguish it by its parallelogram shape, which is like an elongated rectangle turned at an angle. Some will help you travel to the past, others to the future, and some will take you to both.

I’ve shared some photos of the time links on my Crystals and the two I procured for my friend (they all come from the same batch family procured from Brazil at the same time) so you will be very familiar with what these look like.

The parallelogram is known as an ancient symbol for the power to emerge from your present state and position, through the flexibility and willingness to learn and accept new ideas and directions.

The way to distinguish the Time Link past or future abilities is to look at which direction the parallelogram is sloping. If it slopes to the left when you look at it, like this: \ then this will link you to the past. If it slopes to the right like this: / then this will link you to the future. As mentioned, some may have one of each, in which case if you have \ and / then you are working in multi-dimensional realities simultaneously.

It is also thought that if the parallelogram leans left that it supports you in achieving your goals and if it leans right, it is a tool for igniting your natural inspiration and creativity.

But then there’s also where they are located in relationship to the main face that is said to have an added dimensional quality to their energy too. The “Activation” Left Time Link Crystals have an extra inclined facet located to the left of the main face of the crystal and can also be used to activate the right hemisphere of the brain, having the attributes of creativity, imagination, psychic ability, and meditation.

The “Activation” Right Time Link Crystals have an extra inclined facet located to the right of the main face of the crystal and can be used to activate the left hemisphere of the brain, which accesses logic, intellect, and action-orientation.

I like to think of these Time Link Crystals to be like Bridges, much like the Distance Healing Symbol in Reiki, which bridges space and time. These Bridges support your soul access to travel through these portals in order to consciously connect with aspects of the self existing in other times and places. This enables you to free yourself from 3D illusions in order to immerse in nonlinear exploration. While journeying these “pasts” and “futures” you can transmit intentions, do integrative work, and send healing energy/Reiki to affect change in the present.

strawberry lemurian time link 2So if you aren’t attuned to Reiki, these Time Link Crystals are another tool to here to serve and assist you with this healing work that is outside time lines our mind constrains us in. With the aid of these friends, we are able to assimilate fragmented aspects of ourselves, release blocks where we were frozen in time from painful trauma and misunderstandings, and free ourselves into wholeness of the eternal now.

Perhaps these Crystals are showing up more now because many of us are ready to do the deeper journeying and integration, and the collective is ready for the bridging assistance they can provide to this.

I mentioned that I like to sleep with my Crystals under my pillow. I find the work done during dream time to be powerful. You can also meditate with them in wake time. In either meditation or sleep, the Time Link Crystals will help you begin to unravel the intellectual challenges around your personal concepts of Time.  They can help you to trace past and future lives to understand the evolution of your soul essence.

Time Link Crystals are also great telepathic communication tools since they work inside and outside the limitations of Time with understanding beyond perhaps what you are capable of grasping otherwise.

Time Link Crystals also symbolize your willingness, readiness, and ability to learn, grow, and freely emerge from your current state of experience, are considered a Shaman, Channeling, and Dream Stone, are powerful tools for past and parallel life recalling, help you to understand the limitless available to you as you transcend Time, remind you to have patience, see illusions, ignite creative inspiration, work toward goals/intents, assist you with challenges connected to definitions/concepts of Time, and help you to expand your reach with integrative healing processes.

strawberry lemurian time link (1)Like with anything, you need to ask yourself if you are really ready and wanting to know the information they are capable of bringing into greater clarity for you. It’s always helpful to speak with clarity when you are engaging with your Crystals, as to the specifics you seek. And never forget to honor and respect with great awareness these powerful beings that you work with.

Crystals have experienced much abuse over “time” and still many continue this treatment. This disregard and disrespect is not okay and many of our Crystal friends need our assistance to support them into their highest service once again by recognizing who they are, cleansing, reactivating, charging, and loving them.

Always ask first. Do not expect or demand of your Crystal. Meet them with open heart and great reverence.

I LOVE my Crystal friends and hope to inspire others who feel drawn to this Crystalline beings to explore your Divine relationship with them in your own way. Information you learn can be guidelines and foundations, but like with anything, let your heart and intuition guide you, as to the journey you are meant to uniquely take.

Contractions and Expansions – Spiraling Fractures Shedding Their Way to the Pearl Within

spiral-shellSo yesterday I shared some thoughts and experiences surrounding the energy of my birthday and one of the things that I mentioned had to do with growth cycles as contractions and expansions within a spiraling experience.

One thing I didn’t mention from my beach adventure, was that I was also gifted a special “spiral” shell that may appear ordinary, but to me was significant and extraordinary. It’s symbolism immediately stood out, the moment my eye caught it in the water my feet were immersed in alongside of it.

I also instantly recognized the lovely synchronicity connecting it to the card my parents had sent me for my birthday, which I mentioned the message that was inscribed within, also in yesterday’s share.

You can see both my shell gift and card above.

Perhaps you have already noted, if you see things like I do, that this shell not only has the same exact shape as the ivory one on the card (just spiraling the opposite way), but that part of the outer brown “shell” encasing had been “shed”, revealing a gorgeous, rainbow-infused, mother of pearl, sparkly inner layer.

And perhaps this already speaks for itself, but in case not, I saw it immediately as the evolutionary growth process of shedding of old structures, illusions, veils, and layers – peeling the onion so to speak – to reveal the vulnerable and valuable “pearl” core essence that is at the “heart” of things.

I love that the shell is “in process”, as it perfectly mirrors my own journey and each of our journeys, constantly and eternally shifting and recreating itself through the wisdom of experience, integration, and learning.

Powerful stuff! And it was another beautiful part of yesterday’s meaningful impact.

But what it also speaks to is something else that had recently happened, and the meaning for me that it has personally. This part of the story may sound a bit odd – you’ll understand as I share it – but as I mentioned yesterday, I simply can’t NOT express my truth and what feels to be wanting to channel through.

First off, let me recap part of yesterday’s post about the above mentioned cycles. I shared:

…These choices and growth cycles come with times of contraction, in order to create huge spurts of expansion. Within the contracting may be pains, facing fears, and feeling the challenges to their depths, but then that naturally comes with the counterparts to all of these, as we partner in the dance of life and make leaps forward, sideways, and ALL ways. And this natural pulsing of going within, then emanates more largely with each cycle, as it begins to remember and experience the fullness of All That Is while still enjoying every unique expression within that Source field…

…I’ve come to be okay with making so-called “mistakes”, stumbling, looking awkward as I grow, or saying something that makes no sense in my spiral efforts to keep moving energy in order to flow into the next phase of my growth expansion and experience.

And while I do this, I also do my best to support others to do the same and remind myself that they are merely spiraling along their own contractions and expansions to embrace more of their own pulsing hearts…

And just a reminder on spiral symbolism:

Symbol of creation, movement, fluidity, surrender/releasing, holistic growth, and awareness of the one within the context of the whole. It reveals the cyclical nature of life, the consciousness of nature from core center expanding outward, and the relationship between unity and multiplicity. It is the limitless spirals that move both “inward towards the Source of creation and eternally outward with Source’s continual self-creation.” In this way, the spiral reflects the contiguous journey home to who you really are and the journey to be one with Source.

And so that brings me to the recent “happenstance”, although I see it as another Divine reflection of evolution on my journey home to who I really am, which took place the day before my birthday, this past Tuesday, February 24th.

I had just returned home the night before and the next day was out doing errands. I mentioned in yesterday’s birthday post how my car was graced by a bunch of little moths that were fluttering about inside and on me. Moth symbolism is about transformation, ease of movement in darkness/shadow, psychic awareness and deeper inner knowing, otherworldliness, dreams, vulnerability, determination, intuition, and faith, to name a few things.

Moths move in blind faith, trusting and relying on their intuition solely, as they are nocturnal. This speaks to living YOUR life by intuition and with faith in yourself and your abilities, but with wise discernment and conscious observance. If you aren’t listening to your intuition, then Moth will remind you to do so.

Avia Venefica shares this:

Even in navigation, when we observe the moth to fly into artificial light or flames, the moth demonstrates its faith and determination.

It is still unproven as to why the moth is driven to light – but the best hypothesis is that the moth navigates by lunar light. In the absence of moonlight, the moth moves to the next best thing: man-made light.

Even at the risk of losing its life, the moth is ever-vigilant in following its path of light. This may also serve as a moral to us to keep our own vigilance, but not fall victim of blind faith.

Here we see a fragile vulnerability in the moth. The moon is her mother, and she will follow her course at all cost. This makes her open to distraction, vulnerable to harm. Here we may find another message to adjust our course as our path indicates, rather than drive forward without heeding important signs along the way.

As a creature of the night, and by her navigational devices, we see the moth is highly influenced by the power of the moon.

This all is very meaningful to me and speaks to the messages I’ve been channeling as important to be embracing and consistently practicing – trusting in myself is “key” and something I can’t afford NOT to do anymore.

The interesting part that stood out most, was the part about “adjusting your course as your path indicates, rather than drive forward”, is exactly what I got from part of the message of my experience. I actually used the same words when describing it to my mom yesterday.

So what took place on my way home from grocery shopping, with moths in my car, was any ordinary kind of thing. Stuff that I had sitting on the passenger seat fell onto the floor and while I was stopped at a red light, I decided to retrieve them.

I did unbuckle my seat belt and leaned to the right at a forward angle to reach the things, retrieving some of them. Determined to get all of it and quickly before the red light turned green, I then thrusted and “drove myself forward” hard and with extended effort, achieving my intent (cause), but not without result (effect).

I heard a small crack, but wasn’t sure what it could be. I just knew my right side hurt a bit, but wasn’t anything horrible and didn’t seem unusual given I had thrust into the side arm of my chair when reaching deeply forward.

Things I could have done differently? Not worry about picking them up until I got home, which was in another 3 minutes or so. Lifting the arm of my chair to make it easier. 🙂

I didn’t think much of it, but noticed a tiny bit of ache on my right that evening, intermittently. The next day was the same – on my birthday. I didn’t notice much of anything, until the evening and then realized that my side was starting to ache a lot more than I thought when I did anything utilizing/straining that area like bending/lifting, sitting/laying a certain way, sneezing, coughing, and laughing even.

Then I started to realize, “I think I’ve cracked my rib/s”.

And today I felt confirmed that this was an actuality, as I had all the symptoms (the sensitivities to things when that part of my right side rib cage is activated) that were exactly like what I experienced when I fractured my tailbone back in 2001 or so. You don’t realize how much every little bone in your body is integral to your day, until it doesn’t function “normally”.

It’s not a big deal, in terms of “bone fracturing”, as it just simply needs its time to heal naturally, but I found it relevant and interesting that it happened the day before my birthday/new cycle (this is a big year for me energetically) and nearly perfectly mirrored the timing of 2 years ago in 2012 when I fractured my left foot twice within two months! The first of those two fractures (a  perfect spiral fracture to my left metatarsal) happened one week, to the day, of my birthday that year and when it healed, I then fractured my left pinky toe.

This makes 5 fractures in my lifetimes (5 is my favorite and magickal number, so let’s see if this is the charm rather than 3 lol!), but I have to say that like with my “aging” process I shared about yesterday, I simply don’t find any problem or negativity from this experience. Rather, and this is part of what may sound odd/weird, I find it to be an amusing and perfect gift.

Now that’s not to say I think that everyone should go around breaking bones. lol! However, for me, it is simply part of my “contracting” and “expansion” that I am experiencing, along with that shedding of old structures – which the bones and skeletal system of our bodies represent – in order to shatter what is no longer necessary so that the new can fully emerge within the regenerative process of integration in a new way and form.

I also know that the sign of Capricorn rules the bones and is connected to the Male or that “Father”principle, if you may. So shattering this would be moving through the processing of “old and traditional, out-moded, and over-used Male energy, and working at integrating the Divine Male into harmonious dance within.

And being that I had just recently gotten a sacred and potent tattoo on my right arm, to help empower and integrate this “new” Male energy (as your right side of the body is connected to your left/male oriented side of the brain), it wasn’t surprising that some shifts would be taking place both literally/physically and symbolically/energetically.

I also see bones in what may seem to be an interesting way, which is something new I’ve explored in the last couple of years since my last fractures. I have mixed feelings on needing to get my bones stronger, so they don’t crack so easily, as while on one hand I believe in supporting our bodies to be strong (which I am mindful of in the food and nutrient, exercise that works for me, and lifestyle choices I make daily), I also am seeing these “rigid” structures – represented by bones – in a productive light of breaking down to expand, transmute, and regenerate into something new and more representative of the freeness we are manifesting into.

They need to be strong, but flexible, and not so rigid and “dense” and that may be about the restructuring of DNA and molecular patterning that we are experiencing and will continue to, as we are shifting into new and luminous human beings.

It immediately reminds me of how we look and form like a fish when in the womb, but then go on to have more dense bones and skeletal systems than fish, reptiles, and sharks, which are more flexible. Sharks, and some fish, in fact have skeletons made of cartilage and are known as cartilaginous.

Now I know we aren’t living in the ocean – although that sounds like a fun plan to this Pisces fish 😉 – however there’s an interesting evolutionary process here that indicates differences between flexibility and rigidity of the different species. And we aren’t even talking about beings “not of this world”.

I’m no scientist, doctor, or evolutionary expert, however I do know that change is happening and this includes our body structures that will reflect the shifts we are making on levels of consciousness and that are taking place with transmutational evolution, as we are expanding that consciousness.

Fun stuff! And needless to say, I have a cracked rib or two, but fully am delving into the messaging and symbolism of this experience, feeling the potency of the shifts I have been making, while heeding that reminding advice to “adjust my path based on the intuitive and discerning messaging I’ve been receiving, rather than drive forward quickly” – even if I can see the target clearly and know I can achieve it, as it simply may not be the result that I ultimately want and may not be for the highest and most harmonious good of all concerned.

I LOVE how everything we need to know is right here (inside of us and reflected all around us), if we truly believe and open our eyes, listen, embrace it, and put it to active practice.

This rib fracture is merely a contraction to expansion and part of the spiraling cycle of natural growing pains that do not need to be fueled with negativity, sympathy, sorrow, dwelling, anger, frustration, or anything else of that nature. It simply needs to be surrendered into, as the seasonal change that has its own wisdom and divine unfolding.

An accident? No. Could it have been avoided? Sure. However, if the totality of learning that was received in this experience wasn’t integrated, then it was inevitable something else would take place at some unknown time.

I’m grateful to have it be as such, and I embrace the vulnerability that is being revealed, like that mother of pearl like core essence of the shell I found, as I shatter, shift, and shed each old layer and “make leaps forward, sideways, and  ALL ways.”

A reminding bone, rather than a thorn, in my side, helping to reveal the pearl of wisdom and wholeness within.

I told you this may sound a bit odd, but then I never claimed to be anything but. 😉

End of the Month Specials & Registration Reminders – Tattoos, Workshops & Retreats


A few reminders as we come to closure of February and get ready to embark on the tail end of Winter/birth of Spring this coming March.

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I Kissed A Starfish – Birthday Thoughts & Beyond

butterflySo today I began a new rebirthing cycle, as I celebrated another year upon this Earth plane. And it was like any other day-in-the-life of me, with the added infusion of a little extra self-honoring and gratitude I chose to gift myself with.

Yet, it seems that the Universe had it’s own surprises in store, including one of the things I’ve been wishing to do for a while – to kiss a Starfish.

But let me step back for a moment to share a few thoughts that have been percolating the last few weeks.

For one, I’ve been reflecting on how excited I’ve been to continue moving forward in my life and now on my way to 50. I know that may sound strange to some, but I smile and giggle each time I think of my chronological age.

I have no concept of what 50 is “supposed” to be, however I do know that 50 in my world, or any other age for that matter, is simply how I feel and express myself at any given point of experience.

So turning 41 today, to me, is no different than being 5, or 11, 23, 75, or even 11,000 years of age. As, for me, I know that my soul is eternal and timeless and that I both exist as ancient and freshly new, simultaneously in each and every now moment. This is because we are the ever-shifting Source constantly recreating itself, but that always is and always will be.

All I know is this experience of what I am feeling and seeing through my eyes right now. The only difference between now and then, or later, is the seasons of change my physical Earth body may go through, but my feelings, thoughts, and Cosmic soul essence are as alive and vibrant as the Source from which they emerge. And these things will actually reflect in your physical body and how it “ages” as well.

I wrote a blog last year on turning 40 that you may enjoy, so I don’t really want to recap much from that, but I will share a few thoughts that have stuck out to me recently as focal points.

The more I vulnerably open and deepen into natural and relaxed harmony of my personal and home frequency, the more I realize things that take me out of the experiences I hear about and observe around me. It’s not that I am not aware of things, but I simply don’t experience the things in the same way that others may be experiencing what is surrounding their external world, and in many cases am experiencing completely different things.

That said, I certainly do understand why we have certain feelings and reactions to things, but there’s increasingly become an experience of feeling peace with everything and being able to create a different reality that exists parallel or, say, overlapping to the one around me.

I hear from others that this is also increasingly their own experience. And while we are sharing this journey together, it is indeed becoming more and more clear just how much we can affect and shape our world and our experience of it, merely through our own internal reflections, choices, and integrative processes.

All of it being beautiful and perfect, without judgment, rights or wrongs, nor higher, better, lower, or worse. Simply different ways to create what we choose to experience for experience sake and to assist Source with learning about itself and the infinite possibilities that are its/our free will to walk in.

These choices and growth cycles come with times of contraction, in order to create huge spurts of expansion. Within the contracting may be pains, facing fears, and feeling the challenges to their depths, but then that naturally comes with the counterparts to all of these, as we partner in the dance of life and make leaps forward, sideways, and ALL ways. And this natural pulsing of going within, then emanates more largely with each cycle, as it begins to remember and experience the fullness of All That Is while still enjoying every unique expression within that Source field.

At times we dip into the shared pool of experience in all ways – this being when we feel things that feel foreign to our natural frequency that provide us moments of moving in and out of these feelings at conscious will – and then we expand out in a way that encapsulates the pool, hence able to observe and interact with all of it, but as a loving bubble who has the ability to hold the space for the next wave of contractions to expand from the pool within.

Perhaps that’s more esoteric than I had planned to be, but I have also learned to go with whatever wants to be expressed in the moment without filtering.

That leads me to another thing I have been pondering, which is this natural self-expression I have increasingly, over time, experienced with utter gratitude. The “older” I have grown, the more I have stepped into this and for this reason also, I honor the years I’ve grown into and that are yet to come, as each one keeps revealing more and more beauty I am enjoying to experience and share with others.

There was once a time I would have censored my words, thoughts, and feelings, perhaps afraid to state them for what people might think, because I lacked the confidence to just say what I felt, the courage to stand out if that in fact would be the result, to not hurt others by my way of being a truth revealer that always felt things as they actually were and not what others were telling me, and was very scared to reveal my vulnerability and share the depths of me because I may get hurt.

There was once a time I cringed to share my art with others and even my very first website was something I was really shy to share even with dear friends because it was the first time I put myself out there in a way that said, “here is who I am and who you never knew I really was.”

I’ve also been pondering the “definitions” we have and create around everything. While I am grateful for the opportunity to express myself verbally and in writing and to be able to write in ways and in a language that others can understand and perhaps find valuable, supportive, or inspiring in some way, I will time and time again admit how much I also feel that words are far too limiting and can be a form of entrapment for us.

I see this so much, as people get hung up on words that people use, especially when in writing, since we can’t see the person saying them, don’t know for sure that person’s meaning, and have our own learned and conditioned beliefs and definitions about words and expressions that we have come to understand over time and that can trigger responses from past experiences with them.

I find that people easily can focus on one or two words and miss the bigger picture, because those words stand out for any or all of the reasons I just gave.

Because of where we are in each moment, what we read or hear will always have different meaning for us as well, and which of course is part of the beauty and value, as we can learn and grow with every word spoken or read.

We all have different filtering and interpretation systems and so it is nearly impossible to say or write something that will always be taken in exactly the way we intend and hope it to be. But what I have learned is that it really doesn’t ultimately matter, and while I prefer telepathy and/or using things like sound, music, art, and symbolism to project the essence of what I am wanting to convey from my heart, it simply is important to be expressing what you feel in each moment from your heart. And, to detach from judging or worrying about how all the different ways what you say may be taken, as you will never know that. You can only be as responsibly committed to speaking your authenticity and using present, wise-discernment based on your own knowledge of your processes and how you react to things.

I have learned to share what feels important in each moment and to realize that the next moment I may feel completely different. Why? Because I recognize that my writing or speaking is a form of processing, healing, and integrating…it’s just energy being energy, which simply wants to be expressed, but never intended to be attached to, judged, repressed, or blocked.

So I have become accustomed to realizing I will change moment to moment, day to day, month to month, etc – just as Nature does. And to let go of worrying or wondering how that will be seen or experienced by others. I’ve learned, as I’ve grown, to just move from moment to moment and embrace that it doesn’t ever really matter if others understand my ever-shifting expressions, life choices, and experiences. I’ve learned to live my life out loud, and to recognize and accept the world as my classroom, rather than the inside of my bedroom or mind to solely be that.

I’ve come to be okay with making so-called “mistakes”, stumbling, looking awkward as I grow, or saying something that makes no sense in my spiral efforts to keep moving energy in order to flow into the next phase of my growth expansion and experience.

And while I do this, I also do my best to support others to do the same and remind myself that they are merely spiraling along their own contractions and expansions to embrace more of their own pulsing hearts.

There are a lot of things that have been on my mind, and likely they will show up in future blogs, as they each could have their own story, but these for now felt to stand out to share as part of the journey in arriving to this 41st Birthday and into my 42nd Earth year of this life.

I feel it is so vital to open ourselves up more and more, so that we are ready and willing to receive all that is innately abundant and available to us. Once we are in alignment with the essence of Source that runs through our individual expressions, we will find life to flow in synchronous, harmonious, and miraculous ways. It is this Divine self within that knows, and within that knowing is also the ability to discern and dissolve patterns that will not only free you, but your entire lineage, since we are connected and every effort trickles out.

Revealing your truth is scary, I know, but it is more scary NOT to and to experience all that comes along with not doing so, than it is to take that step over the threshold of fear.


sealion swimming by


great blue heron that i stumbled upon just feet away from me and then he fluttered to this spot

I experienced some symbolic potency over the last couple of weeks that included getting my last magickal tattoo, having a very expansive growth experience skiing and utilizing Reiki to support my challenges with it, feeling a huge download and shift take place while a coyote spoke outside my open window, moths all over the inside of my car yesterday (my vehicle in life – symbolic of me while moths have their own magickal symbolism), a dream last night where a bobcat (an advanced teacher definitely assisting the next stage of this journey) was standing and walking on top of my body while I slept and another dream where I  was calling in to a radio show prompted by waiting for the exact timing, which got me through immediately and with the right answer to win, celebrating one of my greatest birthday gifts two days ago  with the 5th anniversary of Joy coming home with me, and today ending with a prompting to go to my favorite beach by myself in the middle of my “normal” day and being gifted a baby Starfish, literally stumbling upon and surprising a Great Blue Heron, a Sealion swimming by me, an Ocean kiss from a wave that drenched me, and finishing off with two guys singing on the beach with their guitars as I walked by with the words “It’s gonna be a bright, bright, sunshiny day!” floating through my ears, and ending with my Hawk friend waiting for me on the light post near my home, as I returned there.

And if you know the lyrics to this song, it definitely has some powerful symbolism. If you don’t, sing these with me:

“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all the obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) Sun-Shiny day. I think I can make it now, the pain is gone. All of the bad feelings have disappeared. Here is the rainbow I’ve been prayin’ for. It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) Sun-Shiny day.”

As I just finished writing that I just got a surprise dozen red roses. Feeling truly grateful and filled with love enough to make my heart burst wider!

And that leads me to how I first started this post, and with the surprise gift I mentioned the Universe gave me.


baby starfish i kissed today

When I first got to the beach I thought to myself, “It sure would be awesome to see a Starfish friend.” And literally 10 seconds later one little baby one – smallest I’ve seen – revealed itself to me. It was the only one during the 2 hours I was there that I saw and it was in the most hidden place that no one would have seen. I was so grateful, and that magick continued with the encounters shared above.

I had always had the intention of wanting to kiss one of my Starfish friends to show them my love and appreciation for the joy they bring me when they show up.

So I intended this to be before I left the beach.

When I got back to the place the Starfish was, the tide was now much higher and waves were rolling in over the rocks it was at. I had my Lapis Lazuli with me and had along the way found this beautiful translucent icy stone I intended to leave as a gift for the Starfish. I also intended to kiss it, as well as let it sit and absorb some of the Lapis Lazuli’s energy I had been working with along my walk.

So I stood with water knee deep, waiting for the waves to roll out and in between each time I laid my Lapis with it, then the next time buried the stone gift next to it, and the last time got on my knees, bent down, and kissed it lovingly. The next thing that happened was a wave came crashing in and kissed me. 🙂 Happy Birthday indeed.

I feel that everything experienced is such an amazing gift. Even when things go “not as we planned” and don’t feel so good, it is such a gift too – and that includes when “waves come crashing down upon us”. We just don’t realize it in that moment, but later, we come to see it simply as that contraction, like the waves going out, and that expansion, like the waves crashing with exuberance back in.

I’d like to close this off with the words from the birthday card my parents sent me, which were so meaningful to me. My parents have experienced me in all of my crazy, weird, quirky, colorful, lows and highs and didn’t always understand me, nor did they always feel as they do now. But as you read these words of their card, you’ll not only see how when we make the changes to embrace and stand in our authenticity that we affect others in doing the same and/or to see you in the light of the beauty you really are, but you will also come to see a very brief (but MUCH layered) summary of the things I have moved through with great challenge, and now with much larger embrace, to this 41st year I walk in.

For Our Daughter:

Strength to try anything,

talent to succeed,

courage enough to fail,

wisdom to learn,

and resilience to bounce back

even stronger…

these are the things

that make you who you are.

We’ll always be proud of you.

I am keeping my heart open and embracing the fortuitous waves that I trust will lap on my shores, the more that I do. 🙂

Blend In or Let Your Light So Shine?

This post from my dear friend Laura Bruno shares some interesting and insightful comments on how you can choose to maneuver through chaotic and challenging times, as well as “potential” dangers. I happen to agree with all of Laura’s comments, and have experienced exactly the same, so for me, they hold true and is how I can confidently say that it IS possible to be invisible and thrive amidst anything. I also happen to have absolutely no fear of death, given my own experiences, so this lends to a feeling of constant peace and harmony within, which I do feel also supports courage and trust in divine unfolding. I hope you enjoy reading the commentary exchange and I’ll be back at blogging tomorrow after I get back to things here upon arriving home. Shine on!!

Laura Bruno's Blog

Zen Gardner posted an article called, “When Chaos Hits: Blending In With Your Surroundings is a Must.” That post has generated some interesting discussion ranging from “just lie low and blend in” to “you can’t hide” to “Better to burn out brightly, sharing one’s light with all one might reach. than fade away deservedly.” I thought I’d share the portion of the conversation that I participated in, and you can read the rest of the comments by clicking here.

by NFR2014 on February 24

Blend in? Isn’t that what 90% of the world has already been doing their whole lives? Modern Orwellian society IS a blender. It blends. And that’s what most of the herd has been raised to do. Blend.

Now is the time to Stand. Stand Up. Stand out. Stand in…..but NOT stand down. The coward “survives”. Those living with actual purpose THRIVE and inspire…

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Jon Rappoport ~ Logic, Imagination and Magic

As an artist and artist of life, I always find these posts by Jon Rappoport on creativity, art, magic, and the alchemy of living from the imagination to speak a language I understand and experience. I saw this post earlier today as I was about to take off to San Francisco, so hadn’t the time to post it. Always grateful my faery sis knows what would resonate so I can reblog from her reminders. Some thoughts to explore from Jon – enjoy the journey they take you on.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Another timely, insightful and creative post by Jon:

Logic, Imagination and Magic
By Jon Rappoport

Logic applies to the physical universe.

It applies to statements made about that universe. It applies to factual language.

Many wonderful things can be done with logic. Don’t leave home without it. Don’t analyze information without it.

But art and imagination are of another universe(s). They can deploy logic, but they can also invent in any direction without limit, and they can embrace contradiction. They can build worlds in which space and time and energy are quite different.

Magic is nothing more and nothing less than imagination superseding this universe. Magic occurs when imagination takes this reality for a ride.

Which brings us to what I call the Is People. The Is People are dedicated with a fervor to insisting that this Continuum and this consensus reality are inviolable, are the end-all and be-all.


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Finding Direction When You Feel Lost

soul restAs we move through our experiences and processes, there are times when confusion and feeling lack of clarity on the direction to take, will step in. This may be something you are experiencing now, especially during these times of Mercury being Retrograde. And in general, since many are in the midst of making huge shifts and taking leaps in their life, there can come periods of temporary “void” where things feel stagnant, like you’re floating in the abyss, you may feel discouraged, or perhaps even lost.

If treated and fueled with fear, anger, frustration, and disappointment, this will add to the confusion and create further inner turmoil. But if we can accept this as a natural current of energy that simply is moving through us and going through its seasonal changes and temporary growing spurt pains, we can honor our processes and take more conscious, present, and nurturing steps that will support and lift us up and through the journey, rather than have us getting stuck and sinking deeper in the quicksand.

Sometimes it simply is about taking a break, stopping everything else, and being still so you can hear the answers more clearly. Rest will also help clear your thoughts and refresh your outlook on things. Recharging in nature and spending time alone with yourself so you can get rebalanced will supply you with more centered vibrancy that helps you to also be more acutely aware of things that are not aligned with the natural you. Focusing also only on the here and now and the immediate steps and action you can take, rather than looking at the the wider picture (which has the ability to overstimulate while you torment yourself with trying to figure out how in the heck you’ll get to this destination you’re focused on), will decrease and release the tension, stress, anxiety, and self-created pressure.

If you’re not sure on the direction to take, make a list of your goals and prioritize what things you can do now that feel joyous and aligned with your frequency, are easier to implement, and that will keep you moving forward. Don’t attach to the specific outcome, but really hone in on the essence of what you are creating. This way you can focus on enjoying the journey, while supporting your intents. And by taking it a day at a time, you will also be open to where those steps lead, which may unfold in a completely different, but even more fulfilling way than you could have imagined. 

Remind yourself that you’re in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. And state with your intents that “this or something better now manifests for me, in totally satisfying and harmonious ways for the highest good of all concerned.” – I think that speaks for itself. 🙂

The most confused we ever get is when we try to convince our heads of something our hearts know is a lie. ~Karen Moning

I have come to accept the feeling of not knowing where I am going. And I have trained myself to love it. Because it is only when we are suspended in mid-air with no landing in sight, that we force our wings to unravel and alas begin our flight. And as we fly, we still may not know where we are going to. But the miracle is in the unfolding of the wings. You may not know where you’re going, but you know that so long as you spread your wings, the winds will carry you. ~ C. JoyBell C.

A few other things that will help:

Stop over-thinking and analyzing. This creates stress and anxiety and takes you out of the present moment and out of your heart. It can leave you feeling defeated before even starting. It’s supportive to have wise discernment with things, but when you allow your mind to run wild, then wild it will run you! You will find yourself drained and burned out. All we can do is manage what is in front of us currently. The future will unfold, as we take loving and empowered steps in each moment toward the things we want. The here and now is most important and when you focus just there, you will be able to recognize the possibilities and opportunities that present themselves, rather than miss them because you were focused “out there”.

Don’t wait until you “think” you have the perfect action and idea. Just do anything that feels good right now to do. This will immediately help to shift your energy, to become more enthusiastic, to fuel your passions, and to feel better in general with more positive outlooks. You have the ability to empower yourself with every day choices. And every time you take a step forward, you are showing the Universe you are serious about the things you are asking for and wanting, and it will create a momentum that unfolds more and more synchronous experiences that will assist the journey.

Listen to your heart and inner voice of intuitive guidance. Let go and trust more and more that voice inside of you that nudges you gently toward your joys. You know that saying, “you’ll see it when you believe it”. It doesn’t work the other way around. So start believing in yourself and trusting the feelings you have that will guide you to the results you desire. Take those chances and the more you do, it gets easier and easier to take the bigger steps. Plus you’ll be learning and growing, expanding your abilities and not waiting around, but taking action in an empowered way.

And realize that you have unique gifts that are wanted and needed in the world. Support them and bring them into every thing you do. Focus on your own voice and do things the way that feel right to you. Not the way others do it, or how others tell you is the way to do it. There is no one way. There is simply you being you and you supporting you in every moment.

Clarity will come, the more you allow yourself to be ready to “see” yourself, voice yourself, and bring forth who you are, more and more through your life expressions. Be patient, kind, and loving with your journey, as there is no time frame to accomplish things by.

And remember that:

Successful people have fear.

Successful people have doubts.

Successful people have worries.

They just don’t let these feelings stop them.

~T. Harv Eker

Exploring Ancient Mono Lake

mono lakeToday we had the chance to explore Mono Lake, feeling a bit sore from yesterday’s first day back skiing, which meant today was a chill day. So after a wonderful massage with a therapist that was also a Reiki practitioner, to my pleasant surprise, and a wonderful lunch, we headed out to take in the majesty of this place.

mono lake2I don’t recall ever having visited, although perhaps I was too young to remember if I did. Nonetheless, it was such a magickal experience, timed perfectly with two visitors leaving just as we arrived, and no one at the site, until we left. Having the whole sacred ground to ourselves to wander through and just sit and take it in was stunning and very peaceful, to say the least.

If you haven’t visited Mono (rhymes with “Oh no”)  Lake – the largest natural lake completely within California – it truly is a special place to check out if in the mono lake3Eastern Sierra area of California, just a half an hour from Mammoth. It’s an ancient oasis that is habitat for millions of migratory and nesting birds and under protection to heal the damage done that made it once endangered. This took place when water feeding it was diverted toward the Los Angeles basin, which caused it to lose half of its volume in the 40 years before an agreement was reached to save it.

Today it is still seven vertical feet lower than the targeted level.

Three organisms that are important in the Mono Lake Ecosystem are the shrimp, flies and the microscopic forms of life.

Its best known feature is the dramatic tufa towers, which are truly amazing and once were submerged under water. It’s like walking through a forest of otherworldly sculptures on another planet or a cosmic underwater world of limestone, coral-looking cities.

mono lake4It really is a special place and it was interesting to walk through the landscape and learn about its history and importance to migratory birds all the way from as far as Argentina and traveling from the North to South pole. It’s truly a shame California diverted the water, which depleted the lake and affected the wildlife, but I am glad they are taking action to allow it to recover now.

Every time man has stepped in to “better” things, they destroy the natural harmony that benefits the greater good. Hopefully we’ll become better listeners to Mother Nature.

mono lake5I hope you enjoy these photos I took today.

There’s also a brief, just under 4 minute, video I found that shares a little about Mono Lake and takes you on a visual journey to soak in and just “be” with the energy and beauty of this amazing place.

mono lake20mono lake19mono lake18mono lake17mono lake16mono lake15mono lake14mono lake13mono lake12mono lake11mono lake10mono lake9mono lake8mono lake7

Gentle Repatterning ~ Permission to Transform Your Fears

This was such an important blog to me when I first wrote it and a very powerful tool for processing fear that I continue to practice mindfully with amazing results. It was one that people messaged me a lot about, thanking me for helping them as well. And since I am away skiing right now, and today was my first time back since last winter, I was reminded of what I learned and was able to continue putting it to practice today – my first day back. I’m pleased to say that not only did I do amazingly, right off the bat (at least for me), but when we accidentally went the “wrong” way (ending up exactly in the “right” place I needed to see how far I had come) and ended up on a very difficult Blue run with mounds/moguls, I was able to face it with confidence and trust, whereas in the past I would have been frozen with fear and likely started crying – perhaps even needing to walk down it instead. And the rest of the day I increasingly demonstrated this fear process had become second nature for me and no longer did fear control me. I was now in the driver’s seat and knew I was equipped with the tools to support myself through anything. Feeling really proud of myself and the way I ventured out and said “yes” to things I wouldn’t have been able to in the past. The reason this is so meaningful is that I don’t see it as isolated to skiing, but really tells a story of how much I am expanding and embracing the next level of things in my life that at one time would have been unheard of. I know I can trust in myself to always have the ability to move through the next challenges of growth that I am choosing to embrace. And that makes all the difference.

Tania Marie

Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe

A lot of new energy and experiences came away from my time this last week in Reno and Lake Tahoe. Some things are still percolating as to how they will manifest, some things still need my focus to receive full clarity, and others have already kicked into motion. I love how every moment continually creates anew and is opportunity to embrace the flow of that.

Having come to realize over time that the magick lies within my own capabilities and understanding in order to learn the intricacies of self-transformation, I constantly engage myself to be more and more conscious of my individual processes and triggers. In being more present and mindful, there is the opportunity for a bit of self-alchemy. You can become just as masterful in your abilities to transform anything in your life, as you have been masterfully agreeing to allow things to transform you, up…

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The Alchemy of Responsible Reflection

I have been feeling prompted to repost this blog for the last few days, given what I’m picking up on and hearing in the collective field of experience. So as always, I’m listening to that nudge and sharing this again. Perhaps it will speak to you in some way needed, or will be the little reminder or click that aligns with current experiences. Wishing you clarity and balance in your relationships with self, others, and your experiences at large.

Tania Marie

Take time to reflect

As we each move through the waves of current energies flowing in and out of our lives these days, it can be helpful to understand how to navigate more easily and transmute energies more quickly.

One of these ways is the mirroring process, which we all have heard of and hear reiterated often, but if you really actually put it to practice, you will see it as one of the powerfully effective tools that it is, which can instantly shift your experiences and empower you.

Many times we avoid, repress, ignore, turn the cheek or our back on, and convince ourselves about things, while we may find excuses to have our choices superficially fill the spiritual ideals we have come to value, yet haven’t really integrated at the core. One red flag or message that shows you you have not fully transmuted something is if it…

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