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Golden Bears & Hope Rabbits ~ The Earth is Full of Potential & So Are You

I knew I wanted to share one more blog with you before the turning of another year and so, here I sit feeling into what wants to come through.

I feel short on words, but big on feeling so it’s no wonder that I will be ending this post with a gift that is loaded in meaning, but absent of need to express what that is.

Until then, unless you bypass this intro to go straight there, I thought I’d share this fun, little word prompt that a friend of mine posted recently on Instagram and seemed to be a hit with others too. I’ll follow that up with a few thoughts on the year ahead and the feeling tone I’m ending this one with.

The word exercise is simple…just follow the prompt at top, soften your gaze, and then take in the block of letters below. Go!

What words showed up for you?

I just did it once because each time it’s going to be different and I trust the first energy stream that flows through.

My four word mantra that came through is:

Gratitude Change Breakthrough Miracles

It’s up to you how, or even if, you want to approach this. It’s just a light-hearted way to perhaps create an intention, energy focus, or mantra around your year ahead if in fact you hadn’t given it much thought as to what you feel this year to be about for yourself and wanted a little something to direct energy toward.

Intentions aren’t just something for one time of the year, but can be a check-in point with yourself whenever you feel you’d like to create more focus and/or commitment toward something. You can also upgrade your intentions at any moment, if you feel yourself shifting.

I know some people also like to focus simply on one “word for the year” and in fact in our recent meditation Meetup, this was something people were sharing in our last meeting of 2022. I didn’t have one in mind at the time, but I’ve since been feeling into things and revisited the four word mantra that in totality really DID resonate with me.

However, “breakthrough” carried a particular resonance to the overall energy field I sense I’ll be navigating and so for now this word is feeling like my partner.

In any event, 2023 is a big one for me and I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was to learn that my turning 50 would be paired with the Year of the Water Rabbit.

Although I’m a Water Ox by birth, we all know I’m part rabbit and that many of my Cosmic family and cocreators have all been, and currently are, in rabbit bodies. They support me tenfold and to feel the impact this year holds in terms of changes on so many fronts, I’m feeling extra lit by my rabbit kin.

I love that their energy will be supporting the collective at large too, as the Year of the Water Rabbit is said to be one of hope.

And alongside an incredible gift lineup of the perfect alchemy for this year that I received so sweetly from others, I also LOVE that I received several rabbit-themed gifts this Christmas to kick things off! These are just a few including rabbits slippers, a heated lavender rabbit snuggle bunny, a jackalope and Moon beanie, a rabbit holiday dress, a sweet ballet bunny in her warmup clothes (a faery bunny version of the ballet dancer me with great symbolism of dancing through this year’s new portals), and the three wise rabbits (instead of monkeys.)

I may have also baked half a dozen lavender chocolate chip bunny bread loaves on Christmas Eve too!

But personally speaking, not only will I be 50 this year, but Dave will be 60 (and in fact, he IS a Water Rabbit by birth – so this is his year), my mom will be 80, my parents will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary, and quite a few others close to me have big birthdays, anniversaries, and new beginnings all igniting as well.

What the year looks like in terms of how I’ll be showing up here, or in general, has yet to be seen. That will reveal itself as the changes take form, so I am not placing parameters on anything and just allowing things to organically unfold.

I do continue to feel relief, I’m still loving the unearthed feelings and fears that surround the changes, and I’m feeling the perfection of exactly where I am.

And the more I do all of this, the more I am also able to extend greater depth of sharing the same toward others.

I can feel the paths to new doorways lighting up like neurons in my brain and each transmission carries valuable keys necessary for the next steps.

I loved finding this little tree on our snow hike the day after Christmas, lit up by the sun like a star at top.

Do you also see the faery portal on the tree in the background with a snow lock, or key, etched onto it?

Oh the wonders all around us.

And the mirrors too! Hehe!

Everyone spends the holiday season in their own way. Ours was a mix of warmth and love shared with family and peaceful intention and quiet cozy on our own.

Even the fur babies enjoyed their fun gifts and having mom and dad snuggle time. The Moon and Stars tunnel was a big hit with all three of them.

And Astrid was all thumpers for her Christmas extravaganza.

But their favorite part was just having us all together…hanging out watching the forest through the windows, opening gifts, helping mom with Christmas Eve baking and last minute wrapping, napping with dad while he reads, and cozy nights by the fire.

No matter what’s going on externally, the inner world is ours alone to experience the way we choose to and can never be taken away from us.

Our power is there and is determined by how we engage anything outside of it.

The inner sanctum of your heart is just that….a sacred place that you are the keeper, creator, and emanator of.

And speaking of the inner sanctum, I had an incredible dream about golden bears Tuesday night that felt like it emerged from that vortex.

In the dream I saw a mass of golden fur in a large ball across the field from where I stood on a porch. The mass separated and I realized there were two golden bears that had been entwined together. They separated and started running around playfully. Then one bolted all over…the smaller of the two, although both were quite large. There were other people around outside and the bear was running toward everyone, but without any threat. He was simply bursting with joy and running as a way to release the feeling of exuberance and wanting to share it. He reminded me of a dog running at top speed after a ball and returning it to his human with joy. I noticed the people were running in different directions away from the bear, even though he was bounding toward them with joy. The bear ran here and there and doubled back and straight at the other people on the porch, but they continued to dodge away and the bear just kept joyfully running. Some people seemed to just step out of the way so as not to collide with the bear, while others ran away. He then was directing his joyful explosion at me. I was at the end of the porch with the railing at my back and no where to go, so the bear would definitely have collided with me. Not wanting either him or I to be hurt or stopped in the momentum, and although the bear meant no harm, I decided to jump off the side of the porch to the ground since he wasn’t stopping and didn’t know the magnitude of his power and size. To my surprise, as I started my jump, the bear leapt at the same time. We were in perfect unison and divine alignment, as I started to descend after my leap up and the bear was able to jump over my head with just inches between us. We appeared like synchronized jumpers, keeping the momentum, and both landing in unison as well. The space of air we shared in our jump was this in between place that carried incredible potency. I landed on the ground filled with exhilaration and the bear continued on running with joy. I just remember the beautiful, thick, silky golden fur dancing like flames on these bears and how it dazzled and delighted me. The essence and meaning to me felt like alchemy for the year ahead, since I had been focused on things to come. Perhaps it may also have collective and wider meaning too.

Synchronously, it also came on the heels of having earlier that day listened to a 2023 message from Lee Harris where he stated, “Be a protector of joy and love on the planet, by being a creator of it.”

He went on to share how these energies of joy and love diffuse so much, are healing forces, and can break the spell of disconnection in the most powerful way, but are often dismissed. If others around you have a different narrative, or you keep noticing lower vibrational, doom and gloom narratives circulating, it will help you greatly to unhook the tethers to them, let go of giving power to them as the whole truth, and become heart consciousness in yourself.

There’s only hopelessness if you believe all is lost.

And now I’d like to end with a little gift to welcome in 2023 – The Year of the Water Rabbit.

It just organically unfolded. I didn’t know what was going to come through and wasn’t even sure if I was going to share it, but I knew I was supposed to do it and see what happened.

So, I started the record button and surrendered to the energy streaming through. The result is below and was done in one take without any prep other than a prompt to do so.

You may notice woven layering of different realms or frequencies building upon each other. You may notice portions to be somewhat familiar, as there’s a recurring melody undertone in parts I recall from past channelings, and then shifts into something that may spark remembrance, but is altogether different.

Is it a language? Is it just sound?

Perhaps it’s simply the language of the heart when the veils are dropped.

I’ll leave that to you.

It may be intense for some at times or it may find you only when the moment is aligned.

Sound channeling is a meeting of heart and spirit through the body. It’s a very intimate and vulnerable space to allow and surrender to the frequencies that want to move through.

Like the golden bear, I share the source of light and creative force within me for anyone who would like to dance in synchronized momentum together.

Yuletide Sound Channeling ~ Opening the Stargates

Impromptu layered sound channeling of star codes joined with a harmonic pair of crystal singing bowls that help balance, invoke conscious dreaming, receptivity and open a gateway to the subconscious and beyond. This was recorded on the eve between eves – after Winter Solstice and before Christmas Eve. Both times connected to a return to light and star energy. May new inspirations ignite and your courage be strengthened to emerge brighter than ever before. The gateways are open. The Earth is full of potential, and so are you.

Winter Solstice ~ Hibernating in the Luxurious Domain of the Soul

Another magickal Winter Solstice (here in the Northern Hemisphere) blows in like starlight on a snowflake and I find myself immersed in so many sweet visions, feelings, and thoughts on what this time of year means to me.

There is extra presence in everything I engage.

There is stillness that fills each breath and not just the in between pauses.

Art by Wendy Andrew

As I surrender to greater alignment with the seasons I know that restoration and replenishment are the whispers of Winter to my body’s rhythms, telling me I deserve the extra rest and feeding my spirit with the nourishment it desires.

Our ancestors knew this time well.

Art by Wendy Andrew

Winter brought us Great Bear Spirit’s wisdom of hibernating in the luxurious domain of the soul. More time indoors, with loved ones and in sacred intention, weaving stories and crafts as the creators that we are, immersed in ritual, resting, and receiving.

Warmth is a state of heart that comes through the sharing of our love, kindness, and creative magick.

You may recall last year’s celebratory reunion on this special day. And although this year will be a quiet one at home, we are going to honor last year’s fun by opening shared gifts between us and our Vermont Faerie Family today.

As I’ve written before:

Winter Solstice celebrates a return to light and provides a regenerative portal to honor the remembrance of this light that YOU are, for making those leaps in consciousness by moving within to shine your own light even when no one else around you is, and to “see the light” even when things get dark and you’re unsure of what to do, where to go, or even how to think or feel.

Through inward focus you can receive insightful guidance on the months and year ahead. Perhaps you might envision the light and inner fire of your heart and soul expanding and filling your entire body and emanating out and joining with the light of our Great Central Sun, allowing yourself to take up more space and be who you really are.

The Yuletide season is a celebration of brilliance, which is innate within us all by our very existence, and everything around us.

We are also approaching the New Moon doorway of the 23rd, which will be in the sign of Capricorn – the perfect bearer of this season’s message.

With a lot of Capricorn and other key connected energies to this time period in my chart, I always feel a surge of support around this New Moon and this one feels particularly defining.

So much has been woven together over the years to bring light to these new potentials individually and collectively.

We may have yet to know where things are headed, but when we drop into the navigational pull of our hearts’ compasses, there is where we can find the peace for the journey and trust we’re exactly where we need to be.

Peace sign I found on a ski run at Heavenly Mtn.

It’s also within our hearts that the spirit of Solstice can shine forth from.

For me at this time of year, and especially if I find myself at any holiday gatherings, I find my focus to be on the connective threads between myself and others increasing.

All the little things stand out to me as years move on, we all grow older, and I continue to evolve…I pay attention to the feelings, the essence, the details of experiences, people, the environment, and what’s most important to me. It all becomes etched in my heart.

The individual expressions, joys, shared stories, the warmth, the festive holiday touches, the unique differences embodied, the inner child flame I catch behind the windows to each soul, what makes others light up…I soak it all in, drop into the feelings being shared by those around me, and even drop into my Cosmic self observing it all as the brilliance of human expression and connection that make up the reasons why we find it compelling to bring Spirit into embodiment.

I step out of judging and defining and just open my senses to absorb the magnitude of life force beaming through the feelings and creative expressions of humanity.

My attention goes to the inherent beauty in it all and it makes me smile…many times also I find my eyes welling up from the stardust I seem to touch within the vortex of my heart in human body.

One of those moments was just a few days ago at the performance of Messiah by our local Tahoe symphony orchestra and chorus we have here at the lake. They always put on a lovely venue for this, with additional holiday song favorites the guests can join in on.

It’s usually held at a church here and this year was the fullest house yet. I happened to be sitting right in front with direct open connection to the artists and access for vibrations to pulse through every fiber of my being.

I was especially moved by the chorus singing O Holy Night – one of my all-time favorite pieces (I actually once used to play it on the piano many Moons ago).

It’s not the words or any belief system that this time of year or Christmas songs are connected with, but the melodies, tones, and feelings the pieces evoke – and the moving way that they are sung that affects me.

This particular one always touches every part of me and I found tears slowly flowing down my cheeks on Sunday, choked up by the present moment and feeling a unified synergy of everyone’s hearts and voices joining together at highest frequency and depth, singing like angels.

Stardust Lodge (note that “Stardust” is so bright you can’t read it)

In fact, that’s what I saw when I looked out at every individual – angels shining their passionate lights through song, together. Young and old alike…they were all simply light and exquisitely, glowing on highest voltage.

I get transported to a space looking on from outside of the Earth, and feeling the broadcasting of frequencies that beauty like this pulses out into the Cosmos and across all multiverses.

In part, it’s likely this expansion within that continues to open doors of experience for me. It’s extended both in waking and dream life – the latter increasingly connecting me to many people where I am receiving very specific details impossible for me to access otherwise about others and wider unfoldings through telepathy, remote viewings, and downloaded messages.

I’m also receiving snippets of clarity on things personally to my spirit journey that are stringing together like pages in a book I know I wrote once upon a star and am simultaneously writing, again. And while this is happening, the magnitude of current crystal beings surrounding me and Astrid is beyond explaining, but each of them holds codes to those pages unfolding. It’s in part, why we are more silent, as the inner world is loudly calling our focus to unlock and integrate.

Just a few days ago I found the most precious, pure and perfect little mouse in the snow on our deck. He was so perfect in fact and full of life force, I was convinced he was merely asleep and dreaming (interesting tie-in with dream prevalence for me), and almost felt like he was about to stir awake, as I rubbed him softly. Perhaps that was me sensing that death is not an ending, but a beginning and how energy never dies, but gives rise to something more in a seamless blink.

He immediately brought Fiver to heart – you may remember his story from a blog I shared in 2017 that I’ve linked to here in case you haven’t read it or would like to again. If you don’t read that post, I’m including the following excerpt from it because it speaks loudly to me around why mouse spirit has yet again found his way to me and what he means to me especially in terms of mediating worlds, things in transition, the bigger picture, and innocence and purity found in the crossover between cycles of endings and beginnings – deconstructing and recreating. All so divine with Solstice and the New Moon energies upon us.

Avia Venefica shares about Symbolic Mouse Meaning:

“Our ancient ancestors observed their affinity for ground-burrowing, and likened this to mice being ‘one with the Mother’ (Mother Earth, that is). This ground-loving behavior was also seen as a connection to the Underworlds (or Otherworlds, depending upon your source of reference). This kind of connection makes the mouse a kind of mediator between physical life and recycling life (spirit energies in transition). This Earth and Underworld connection continues in western, medieval Europe, where folk superstitions tell of mice possessing the ability to carry souls of humans who have passed from this physical life.

In Native North American Indian symbolism, tribes such as the Navajo established the mouse having governance over the southern quadrant of their medicine wheel, which represents a macrocosmic view of life. The southern quadrant of the medicine wheel holds sacred tenets such as new beginnings, connection with the Mother (Nature/Earth). It also represents youthfulness and innocence. Because the mouse is quite modest, and connected so closely with the Mother Earth, it has gained great prominence in this and other branches of Native wisdom.

Mice are incredibly prolific, as mentioned earlier, and can bear up to a dozen pups every four to six weeks. That’s a lotta mice. This is symbolic of fertility, abundance, and expansion. For example, a mouse in your awareness could be symbolic of your ability to mass-produce new births in the form of new ideas, development, creativity, social connections – any number of opportunities are available for us to give birth often and abundantly, the mouse is a reminder of that.”

I’ve found a few other mice before as well, but the prominence and synchronicity of Fiver’s and this little one’s arrival in my life came at nearly the same time of season, separated by five years. Fiver arrived on January 5th and this sweet one, I’ve named Jonathan Whiskers (for his whiskers stood out most prominently to me and felt like antennae to all the worlds/realms he travels), came to me just short of three weeks earlier.

In Fiver’s blog, someone shared a comment and this part of it I felt to copy and paste in here, as it may whisper something to you as well:

“…by sharing the story with us, Fiver is a teacher for me in terms of trust and finding a good place to be and for self-care and for surrendering to what must be in a sacred way with just right timing.

A beautiful reflection for Solstice and Winter don’t you think?

After energetically spending time with Jonathan Whiskers, I found him the perfect little box, gave him his own special crystal like Fiver received – this one being a tiny amethyst shard from our special giant master geode – and placed him in one of my outdoor garden tubs to keep him “on ice” so to speak until the ground thaws for me to bury him properly. His presence has yet again moved me greatly.

Like the dream journeys and downloads, the connective threads I drop into, and all of the heart opening experiences in this transitioning time in my own life and world-wide scene, Jonathan Whiskers again spoke to a part of me within him and him within me that can peacefully surrender into slumber and live on in the light of my birthing star. Like my seal friends of this past Summer also reflected, I am ready to let go and trust in the new cycle

The inner becomes the outer and the outer reflects the inner…each opening and download keeps demonstrating the transparency we are accessing, the more certain realities continue to crumble, and the eternal force that is in constant momentum.

It’s simply evidence of our collective connection and our true nature in its purity to be able to access any part of that web.

While the world evolves, the seeds of genius lie in the madness.

It’s like seeing the lotus in the mud.

The mud must be brilliant and pure in order to birth such brilliance and purity.

Let your greatness shine from your inner light alone.

Warmest Winter Solstice and Yuletide wishes!

May you create space for this time of restoration, sacred crafting and celebration of your brilliance.

I’ve laced this post with recent captures of the enchantment, beauty, and vibes that stir the Spirit of the season in my heart. The first two are by artist Wendy Andrew. I hope you can feel the essence of this season through them and that they might caress the seeds of your New Moon hopes in the most nurturing of ways.

What speaks to your heart in terms of something you would like to craft and/or cultivate more of, be it a project, new venture, or a particular aspect of your life (emotional/mental/physical/spiritual realm)?

Beaming out my light with yours to ignite that flame!

Another Storm Blows Through ~ Pre-Solstice Enchantment, Reflections & Stocking Stuffer Magick

This 12/12 update comes on the heel end of another snow storm – again the biggest here yet that we’ve had. I don’t blog very often these days, so posts tend to be longer when I do, to include an overview of experiences that have unfolded and tie-ins with what I receive and integrate through them. Many times these weave collectively shared messaging and themes, so they represent my mirroring thread.

We are definitely receiving some great moisture earlier than we have in years and the snow pack is growing! We received another nearly three feet at our elevation and more up at top just between Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and the snow tapered off after that. I took this photo when I woke in the middle of Saturday night to a power outage, using slight flash to capture the scene before me.

It was a strange outage, as I woke to flashing yellow orange lights outside, but when I looked I saw no wire or pole down near the house, which one would have expected to see. Dave said he saw the same a few hours later, still in the wee morning hours, when he woke to do his early morning meditation.

In any event, the outage lasted twelve hours, but luckily we have a gas fireplace and were also able to warm up hot water for tea and coffee on our gas stove. So we all stayed cozy upstairs, as you can see by the kitty babies snuggled in by the fire with Astrid keeping warm watch from her castle tower, as mounds of snow, three plus feet high, built a buffer of powder between realms.

And this was the morning scene we woke up to surrounding us outside.

And due to the ski runs being closed because of the storm, we headed out back for a pre-lunch snow shoe through the thick blankets of white. We were the first to break tracks, so the journey was quite a work out especially with snow up to our knees most of the way and to our lower thighs at times too.

Everything looked like a real life Narnia in our backyard.

Including a portal entry point to get there that crossed over a frozen creek.

Snow covers everything to be seen and it’s just beautiful!

Just take a look at these dreamy landscapes (above and below) from pre-storm, recent adventures (also) right behind our house on the forest.

We so enjoy our mountain life nestled into the woodland realm, making our home feel like a forest cottage from faery tales. It’s definitely not for everyone, but we were made for this.

I took this photo above on our way back from snow shoeing a few days ago, and this one below at night with the forest scene lit up from our deck.

Life on the forest is a special feeling we carry with us always and never stop remarking on how much we love and are grateful to live here.

Even just our street enchants me, as the serpent-winding road provides delight around every corner.

I’m sure you can tell I love me some white wonderland enchantment, as I just can’t get enough of capturing the inspiring vistas before my eyes to share with you.

We have continued our doubling up on outdoor activities with skiing and snow shoeing/hiking pretty much daily (because these are some of our musts for life fulfillment and wellness) except for a couple of days we had finalization to this year’s indoor house work projects done. You can see how much joy it brings us.

Besides, we can’t resist this kind of enchantment that OUR dreams, at least, are made of.

I, for one, won’t stop exuding my heart’s joy and gratitude around every corner. I am known to just blurt out exuberant statements and feelings, as we wander through nature’s beauty.

And steal kisses from cutie snowmen we “randomly” find in the most secluded places.

But amidst it all, closure continues to be the name of the game as we’ve been wrapping things up. I even have an eye appointment tomorrow (I haven’t been for a couple of years) and had myself a successful dental exam recently as well. These felt good to add to the cycle of full circle conclusions.

Some other key celebratory endings we’ve been waiting on with other facets of our lives were supported by the Full Moon energy too. I took this photo very early on the morning of the Gemini Full Moon when I woke to feed Astrid her greens. The light was beaming through the windows and she was of course sitting tall in that glow.

Speaking of which, the Moon felt kind of like a landmark crossover on the journey and these gorgeous landscapes from our Full Moon sunset snow hike out back punctuated that feeling.

The 9th was a “call in the miracles” day of manifesting as I focused energy toward some intentions while on the slopes. Some seemed impossible, but I believed and would not falter. They did in fact come to fruition within minutes of a deadline.

It just so happened to be a day where the sky was filled with giant cloud ships too. I noticed them while skiing…the whole sky had quite the cosmic presence that was literally surrounding the area. I usually just see a couple of these at once, but a whole sky full of them?! Hmmm. I only captured this one shot on the way down the mountain that day of the 9th.

The 9th was also another day for bear tracks sightings.

Once again, the bear tracks were super fresh like the family of three’s tracks we found that other time. This time it was just one bear, but she likely had been there minutes before us. It seems they are still not fully hibernating due to the early onset of Winter that no one was expecting.

Bear has been around quite a bit and on my mind a lot too. Polar bears as well.

I always love bear showing up, as I connect bear with Arcturus (the bear keeper or guardian of the bear) and the constellations surrounding it (Ursa Major and Minor – Great and Little Bear).

And so it is bear that inspires these themes:

These days I feel that our Cosmic connections are streaming through even more deliberately in the form of undeniable synchronicities and experiences. I feel that the more the frequencies on Earth are shifting and the more we are evolving to match those frequencies, incredulous kinds of things are increasingly being experienced and at some point will once again be the norm. I feel that they’ve always been and been possible, but now can no longer be dismissed so easily. Evidence of how powerful we really are and that the seeds of potential are ripe.

I experience this as more than just glimpses these days and it increases the more I maintain my own perspective on life. I’ll get back to that thought in a moment, but for now I’m super excited to be seeing the finish line finally within reach well before year’s end. What a great feeling it is to cross off things on my list without adding anything more for once! Yay!

And how good it feels to be implementing so many changes all around. The release of things definitely frees up space for so much to flow in with ease and to receive support with. The momentum of inspiration flooding through has helped me to stay focused and feel how good the new energy is worth remaining unyielding to old stuff for and staying the course towards. I also love how I feel another aspect of me working on new things behind the scenes, the more I stay on path. Things feel lighter and freer, even when surrounding energies want to try and bog stuff down. I feel capable of much more than the mind, alone, would otherwise allow itself to believe.

Through the crossing of t’s and dotting of i’s – tending to details, not missing a beat, believing in endings creating beginnings, and not letting minor set backs and momentary stresses define us or the course ahead, things DO get done. We can learn to dance with the distractions, but remain focused on the goals.

Things keep trying to veer off into different reality spectrums and steer us off course by getting a hold of our emotional wavering, but I’ve been reminding others not to let that energy overcome them and to maintain anchor in the trust and peace, as this has been my saving grace.

I’ve continued believing in last minute miracles and am grateful they do in fact keep manifesting. I haven’t let others sway me – stay the course I say! It feels like things are dragging us down, but we have the ability to float and rise above the waves.

The Full Moon of the 7th felt like greater alignment anchored in as a precursor reminder that everything is in divine order if I continue trusting the stream I’m riding. Things have taken some small hits, but none that are disastrous. We can’t let things dismantle us, as things are going to continue to shake up and throw a monkey wrench into the course we are working to stay on, but our strength and resiliency is where we can fall back on keeping us balanced and continuing momentum forward.

The forests here in the mountains remind me of that, as we just remarked yesterday how resilient the trees are to go through such extremes in weather conditions…freezing to drought…weighed down upon by loads of heavy snow…whipped around by harsh winds, and so on. And yet, the forests and trees live on. Life goes on.

We will continue to stand and thrive no matter how many rocks get thrown at our windows. Essence still remains in tact even if you strip all the framing away because the energy field outlives the superficial structure. Your frequency of purpose can weather any storm because it exists without reliance on outside validation.

You master the unknown by knowing your deep self and you change history by becoming the author of the story. See yourself through the lens of your soul and this becomes a spiritual awakening.

I often feel that a false sense of powerlessness is what drives actions and even with things like changes we want to see in others, we tend to forget where the power truly lies…in changing ourselves.

Many of us, I feel, are involved in ending the ancestral lineage of outmoded patterns in order to create a new collective experience. And so often we admit how we, ourselves, aren’t operating and behaving in alignment with even our own ideals or visions, yet we exert energy over others to try to change them to be these very ideals, nonetheless.

I’ve come to a place of being okay if others don’t change.

It’s only important that I do and to know that when I do, I can stop the ancestral line’s patterns. No other person has to do this for me to be able to do it myself. And no one may ever any way, as that may not be their role. Their role, in fact, may be to hold exactly where they are in order to strengthen me into my own power, to ensure I don’t sway or give up. They hold the old energy as a gift for me to alchemize, as if there weren’t the necessary ingredients then alchemy wouldn’t be possible.

One must have the old, the in between, the desire for evolution, and the belief in imagination, to create the new.

This current season makes me believe in that kind of magick and miracles, incubates the potential, and even draws upon the old through nostalgic feelings that are conjured up in the comforts of memories.

I love all of these feelings and their potentials, as we approach Winter Solstice/Yule on the 21st – just nine days away.

And with every recipe I bake, every decoration I string, every creative thread I weave, and every snowflake that melts into my skin, I am rewriting, recreating, re-envisioning, and reintegrating the way I want to begin again.

I’ve been getting in the magickal mood for a while with baking fun, getting out our Holly King seasonally scented soap, making ornaments like this crystalline snowball encrusted in lilac sparkle, and adding to our woodland tree with decorations since last I shared some photos.

The new Christmas delights come from a couple of fellow kindred spirit bun moms. One who makes bunny-themed creations (see the awesome mini wreaths she made me – one of which symbolizes our life here on the forest).

And one who shares a love for all things whimsical and bunny-filled (see the cutest bunny and magickal deer additions below).

The Wonderland room I share with Astrid is always decked out in whimsy and year-round mini decorated trees and lights even though these other decorations are ones we put up seasonally.

We love to always feel the warmth and enchantment of all the seasons and find no greater joy than our sanctuary realm with every single tone of our frequencies etched into the space around us. The warmth of this time of year, as our house is surrounded in white, simply adds magickal vibrations to the already-muse-filled mix we are immersed in. And with all the crystals that surround us, it’s a wonder we haven’t lifted off already as the energy vibrations are through the roof!

The enchantment is real and the portals of possibility are open.

I’ll be back again before year’s end, but for now, in case I venture off deeper into the powerful silence over these upcoming magickal days, Merry Yule and Happy Solstice!

May the light of the Great Central Sun be known within the vortex of your heart and may you celebrate the power of your faith so that you may stay the course and see dreams become realities.

Let the darkness spawn inspiration and new impetus, deepen your strength and resiliency, and nurture your inner light to glow against all odds and in spite of them.

Until my next peek-in, if you’re still looking for some sweet stocking stuffers or mini magickal gifts for the holiday, we have a variety of Enchanted Realms items in our Magick Rabbit Zazzle Store that include year-round ornaments – each whispering a message reminder for your journey. These specially picked items were created from the original wood art as seen above.

And a little surprise of mushroom magick for anyone who loves mushroom energy as much as I do (I’m literally surrounded by a mushroom crystal forest with Astrid here) for the depth of their mycelium web of connection that has been a powerful messenger for our evolution. We’ve added four crystal mushrooms at the link below that also make great stocking stuffers, as well as powerful little companions for self. I feel strongly about mushroom energy and so I got extra ones to share with you. Now and then something calls to me to be a bridge for and this is the current energy stream.

Mushroom Magick

December’s Fresh Start to a Year-End

Once again we kick off the first day of a new month with fresh snow here. I love that energy of a clean slate for the cycle ahead.

Mirroring the first big storm of November 1st, today – December 1st – we’re sitting cozy watching a huge storm come through. As you can see, Astrid was awaiting the snow early this morning. She loves sitting by the window watching for Nature and Cosmic displays, and this is her (above) early this morning right before the snow hit.

And this is her snuggly napping on her castle tower (see the dark shadowy ball of comfort) while the snow continues to build thick blankets of white.

This one is said to be the biggest yet with several feet blowing in and continuing through Monday. So, things are definitely starting off with much more moisture and white than we’ve seen for a few years this early on in the season. We received our first teaser on October 22nd, and we’ve consistently had snow on the ground since.

It’s been a bit more patchy around the house and some sun-drenched areas, but higher elevations and shadowy areas amidst tree cover have been holding their white blankets. In fact, I had to wait to complete my Autumn seasonal cleanup because the yard, garden and pots were still covered with snow and ice. But I’m happy to share that this past Monday I finally had a chance to put the garden to rest once and for all – and also, so much more.

That little delay definitely mirrored how I was still focused on other projects that were being finalized. So I was grateful for the time to keep the momentum on that. Then once I saw the opening, the upcoming storm, and the alignment of timing with my end of things, I jumped on getting that done in one day.

It was quite the task, as things had really gotten overgrown this Summer with our being away and having the new drip system. The only opening there was for me to do this also happened to be quite a brisk and windy one. So much so that my garden-themed head wrap was standing hilariously straight up on my head like a pyramid most of the time…I then switched over to ear muffs to protect my sensitive ears. But, at the end of the day, I was once again feeling that relief and release to see it complete.

And so has continued nearly everything else in that same vein. It’s been a joy to see my list completely disappear and things crossed off without adding more.

This snow storm is the perfect pivotal juncture – a shift point – where the thick white blankets will clear things all away. I’m feeling lighter by the day and keeping present to what shows up.

The messages keep coming in loud, but gentle.

Even if I think for a moment to try something in some way connected with the old, I’ll receive an immediate and supportive redirect/intervention. In fact, I place intentions in that regard so that if in the moment I waiver, it’s like a safety net to ensure I stay on the new path.

It’s very clear where I’m meant to go and not go…more than ever. It’s very clear that this is the point of no return.

And in the last couple of days leading up to this snow fall, it was definitely the calm before the storm all around us.

We’ve spent the last two days skiing in the morning and then snow hiking into the early afternoon and you could almost hear a pin drop in the stillness.

The mountain and trails have been super low key and quiet and the water of the lake and river we walked along has been like glass – pure reflections of the inner and outer and above and below.

And what does that storm feel to be like for me?

A transformational doorway that hinges on exhilaration of a promise I never stopped believing in.

And I’m seeing that reflected also with people close to me – big leaps of change are anchoring and it’s beautiful to witness. Things that have been years of journeying for some, now look as if they’re happening over night. Yet in fact, they have been long in the works behind the scenes. And the changes are rippling out with widening effect.

I mentioned in a previous post that we shared a lot of celebratory gatherings this last holiday and that felt deepening of the gratitude that has also anchored more in our daily life practice.

I’ve spoken about this quite a bit, but it never ceases to come to me as something key to continue sharing. In fact, I had also commented more in detail on Laura’s blog about it recently, where she chimed in along with me. This is a summarization of that (from an IG post I recently made) and why I feel gratitude is so powerful to implement as part of your daily routine:

My gratitude practice has truly been one of the most valuable tools I have for instantly changing my experience. I love to list off things I’m grateful for when I wake up, to start the day, and when I go to bed, to put loving closure to it. And any time I find myself feeling anxiety or off balance I use my gratitude practice to shift me back into harmony and peace. Literally within seconds I can change how I feel and it’s worked wonders where other things like even breath work haven’t helped. I simply focus on things I’m grateful for and that space of anxiety is then filled because stress and worry can’t exist where gratitude is being held. I focus on both the gifts in my life that aren’t always recognized AND on things I may want more of stated as something I already have and am grateful for… this is a manifestation practice built into the gratitude as well. It’s all been a life changer for me.

Part of that expansive gratitude practice is also about embodying what that feels like and I love expanding that out to the colors of the rainbow I infuse into my bodily adornments.

I love expressing my joy for life through life as art, as you know. Celebrating the wide range of expressions and creative energy strokes we can infuse life with and add to the bounty of beauty is a way I share gratitude for the very fabric of consciousness unfolding and each of our unique and valuable threads of that tapestry.

Just as I tend an actual garden, I am also a walking garden ever in process of cycling through the shades of each season.

I love aligning with Nature’s cues and cycles. It becomes easier when the mind is relieved of needing to run the show and instead can support the heart’s flow.

I also love following her lead and how she says so much without actually talking.

That leads me to some thoughts, as we move through this last month of 2022.

Strengthened silence and loud quiet has become more prevalent for me as this year unfolded. While I’ve generally been more of an observer and inward all of my life, it’s more recently that I’ve really understood the layers of that. Also, after years of my shifting journey where triggers could prompt me more easily out of that, or my comfortable recurring soul history took over in feeling prompted to take on certain roles, I now have been rewiring a new norm and comfort for the next phase of the journey.

And I’m seeing a lot of reflections come faster through this space of letting go and letting be, but holding a more solid vibration that speaks on its own. It’s a sweet spot right now to be in and by not having a foot straddling worlds, I love seeing that open space being embodied by others. And so, too, do I know the same has happened for me to be able to go into this newer space more fully.

People are making powerful soul shifts, even if we aren’t seeing exactly what that will look like yet on a wider scale…it’s certainly changing the playing field and moving dynamics around the Cosmic board.

I feel that often we don’t give ourselves permission to let go, enjoy the fruits of our labor, and may take on a persistent martyr-like role as a way to support our conditioning. At least for me, I sense this as a diversion built up from old ego feeling “if I don’t, who will?” Yet, as long as we believe that, we don’t allow others to step into their own new phases of empowerment and growth. And we don’t nurture new roles, creative energy streams, and frequencies to be part of our potential either.

One of the biggest lessons of this past year for me has been a deeper anchoring of this, by calling up particular experiences that replay the theme or triggers so that I nurture that trust both in myself and others – that there is something beyond what I’ve known and that in allowing my evolution to progress, I do actually nurture the same in others. Because truth be known, people are more ready than we give them credit for and in perpetuating a dependency reliant upon us or some idea we are attached to, we may actually be enabling disempowerment for all.

Another lesson has been the power of that silence and, in addition to that, being extra mindful with behaviors that have been on overdrive, but asking to press the power button to off. I make it a point to immediately process things and vulnerably shift into a state of activated realization, where I implement and commit to the new version I want to live. It’s making a huge impact.

Synchronously, 2022 and this last month of the year also reflect the last years of my 40’s, as 2023 will see me beginning a new decade. I’ve been sitting with what I want to call in for this fresh cycle and a good majority of that is continued implementation of what I’ve shared, as I relax into a celebration of closure I have permission to enjoy, as well as excitement and gratitude for the space others have helped open for me to create in.

So as this year speeds along, and transformative wild vibes have spiraled through our lives, what do you feel has been your biggest lesson/s this year and what are you excited about calling in for 2023?

As always, I love sharing Lee’s perspectives on the month ahead. They’re a great way to give yourself permission to sit with your own experience and reflect on the themes he brings up, so you can see what nudges you and/or helps strengthen a direction you’ve been heading.

Here’s Lee with December 2022’s reflections:

December’s Full Moon in Gemini is approaching with that energy illuminating on the night of the 7th. It’s known as the Cold Moon, Long Nights Moon, the Moon before Yule, Oak Moon, and Wolf Moon.

A great time to focus on your mental realm and the thoughts that feed your experience past, present, and future. Where might changes in head strong perspectives, be approached with greater lightness? Rather than feeling at war with ourselves and others, perhaps we can find ways to broaden our mindfulness so that we channel the heat creatively rather than at each other.

I took these photos yesterday of the Moon above Heavenly Mountain where we ski and hike.

I love the second one where it looks cradled in deer antler-like branches. I feel a powerful symbolism in that and how it kind of reflects the Celts name for it – Oak Moon.

Last Saturday I started my woodland themed seasonal decorating, as I felt it would really ground all the new energy and nurture what’s stirring within even more for me.

I have always loved this time of year and having these sweet, magickal touches twinkling in our space, tickles my heart into even more trust, hope, and creative momentum.

And if you want a little help with lightening the energy for yourself or others this magickal Yule and Christmas season, here’s a link to gift ideas all under $40 that each carry sweet reminders and animal messengers to kindle your heart’s flow.

The Magick Rabbit Zazzle Store

Sending you magickal, crystal-infused snowy fresh energy from our hearts to yours for this last month of 2022.

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