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A Message of Hope


Although I still intend to continue with my sabbatical, I received the strong message to peek out briefly on today’s Spring/Autumn Equinox portal (depending on which hemisphere you’re in) to extend my heart and voice to the collective in this challenging time. I’ll write more when I officially return, but for now I’ll say that I find it fascinating something nudged me to retreat nearly three months ago, and I am understanding more of what that meant now. For one, it has allowed me to anchor a stronger frequency of inner clarity and peace, which has helped prepare the way for what we are collectively now experiencing.

Although I may have a different way of navigating things, I know that we will each experience things relative and valid to our journey and there is no judgment in that. What I do believe is that for those of you who feel more balanced, peaceful, and hopeful, that your thread of the tapestry is much needed right now. And to you, I extend extra gratitude for the strength of embodiment you are holding as way-showers and anchors for many who may find themselves struggling to keep their heads above the murky waters right now.

I don’t presume to know what you’re each going through, but I can feel the tumultuous nature of energy right now swirling and understandably it will be confusing, to say the least. This is something none of us in this lifetime have really ever had to go through and so, together, we are navigating our way one day at a time.

“TOGETHER” being the unifying point.

I don’t have the answers, nor do I believe anyone does, but I feel with all of my heart that there’s a collective acceleration in motion that has the potential of sparking new pathways like none we’ve yet to experience.

Much is revealing itself and each person is going to experience that unveiling at varying levels. If you’re one who has gone through the stripping away of things and remembers how challenging the repatterning process was, then perhaps you can lend extra compassion for others newly experiencing this.

While we are being forced inward, I would say that on some level we knew this inner journey was needed. We simply now aren’t able to run away from it as easily.

There is opportunity in what seems to be a challenge. There are answers within what poses a “problem”.

We each have tools, gifts, unique aspects of ourselves that we can call upon now. If you’ve been avoiding, repressing, forgetting, not utilizing, or waiting for a “better” time to use what you have, “now” is that better time.

Many of you have prepared all your life and this is opportunity to “walk the talk” and shine your incredible light. Many of you have wished to have time to work on things or wanted to make changes and now you can. And some of you may not know where to start, in which case I might say, try by engaging your imagination and doing something within your own experience of channeling creative energy in some way.

Creative energy harnessed, will open the airwaves to creative solutions on many fronts.

Let’s also not forget to bring some lightness into our lives and the lives of others right now. Humor, curiosity, and playfulness can go a long way in healing pains. Love can transform and so tenderness toward self and others is vital.

When you find yourself worrying, remember that worry takes you away from being present to the now and what you do have to be grateful for. Worry won’t change outcomes, but may make you more vulnerable to them or more receptive and magnetic to them.

You can only control your reaction to something and by shifting your reaction and vibrational frequency, you not only accelerate your own, but accelerate the collective’s potential to create new realities as well.

What you do with now is what truly matters. Now is all you really have.

The past and future are all shaped and reframed right here and now.

I’m reminded by my own journey of extreme adversity I experienced over my lifetime and it brings to mind the resiliency it taught me, which got stronger each time.

I learned that the lows don’t last forever.

I learned that any slight tweak of curiosity shifted my perspective.

I learned that I could get back up no matter how many times I got knocked down.

I learned that I received inspiration in my darkest hours.

I learned that I could create anew in ways I wasn’t able to see at the start of the pain and confusion.

I learned that an open mind and heart can do wonders.

I learned that like nature, I had the the ability to surrender to the rhythm and discover my truest potential within every mini death cycle.

I’d like to share these ironic paradoxes with you.

During this time away I celebrated my birthday and on my birthday eight purple irises bloomed out of no where in the front yard. My birthday is at the end of February, so this is completely out of character, especially given we live at high altitude where the temperatures are much colder, despite not having snow that month.

birthday irises

My parents who have irises and daffodils down 2000+ feet from us in Reno didn’t even see anything close to starting to bloom in their yard, nor did any of my neighbors who all have daffodils and irises in their front yards, too, every year. Not a single one bloomed except mine.

twin irises

And yet they bloomed, nonetheless, in the face of adversity.

They felt like a gift and symbol of hope and renewal on my birth-day.

In fact irises symbolize faith, hope, purity, and wisdom.


During this time away we’ve had a very peculiar winter.

Last year was our biggest ever. This year was awful in terms of snow pack and precipitation. We only got spurts of snow on random occasions and in fact February saw not one drop of rain or snow – the driest February here in 150 years with the least snow in this month, which was zero.

I hoped for some late precipitation because the truth is, while I heard people saying they were loving not having the snow here and “dealing” with it, I know that a dry winter equates to a very dry summer, droughts, and fires. And while fires can be regenerative, as I’ll share more on below, humans have more challenge than nature to weather the extremes.

Balance is key, and while nature knows her balance, she also reflects to us where and when we’re out of balance and then corrects that.


Well, finally on Friday, March 13th we got a huge snow storm that brought several feet over four days. Such a blessing! This continued with sporadic flurries and another downfall last night that brought about eight more inches here, with a forecast of more snow starting Sunday through next week. Of course the very top of the mountains are getting twice as much as even our high elevation of 6600 feet.


We were well below the winter percentages, but this is all raising our snowpack percentage for the season to a much healthier place, which will be a great help to nature and ultimately the people. In fact, they’re calling this Miracle March.

The snow came out of the blue, right before and during the shift into Spring. Ironically, they shut down the ski resorts right when the best snow came, but it also took place right when things shifted into putting people in a distancing mode and being called back “inside.”



Snow came in the face of adversity.

Snow came in support of renewal, incubating things a little bit longer.

When the odds are stacked against things, miracles can happen – the irises bloomed and the snow gracefully covered the landscape with hopeful and pure potential.

It reminds me of another example nature has for us, which I’ll leave you with.

“Serotinous” is a scientific term for a seed that requires an environmental trigger in order to be released. Some pine cones will wait patiently for years for enough heat to activate them. And there is also the case of fire-activated seeds, meaning some seeds need fire to germinate, and also patiently lay dormant for years to bring a fire their way.


Fire is a way (or mechanism) by which a forest regenerates.

There are various types of pine trees that are stimulated into creation via lightning and drought that set forests ablaze when the heat is on. We may think the origin is outside of the tree “out there” when it is the Earth “in here” cultivating and magnetizing.

When fire is observed as taking all life, these seeds in fact are birthed.

Much like the phoenix rising from the ashes, these seed species accelerate onto a new growth course activated by forces beyond their control, but carrying inherent wisdom within.

Sometimes being burned has creative potential to activate regenerative transformation for us as well.

We may not be able to control things, but there may be something beyond current understanding that in fact knows what it is doing.

There is no black and white.

There is unlimited potential and the opportunity to choose creatively in the now, is where our power lies.

So, although today is the first day of Spring here, we in fact are immersed in a white blanket of pure grace incubating creative and unlimited potentials.


Astrid and I wanted you all to know that although we are offline and out of sight for the time being, we are very much doing what we feel to be our parts and sending out love and support. We feel strongly that it was important to connect with all of you in the midst of this challenging time, as just because we are physically distancing worldwide doesn’t mean we are not connected. We are all in this together no matter what spectrum of experience is taking place in our individual worlds.

We feel it’s so important and valuable to us to continue to embody the highest version of ourselves in these times and bring through love and compassion in everything we do, knowing that we affect the collective vibrational experience by our individual choices and actions.

Although technology isn’t always used in the highest of ways, technology right now is a beautiful gift and way of feeling that connection and being there for our collective family worldwide.

Prayer, intention, creative visualization, meditation, sound, song, healing energy, Reiki, etc. can all be wonderful ways to help support others and the planet by distance.

And nature, of course, is a reminder and bridge to our hearts, empathic intelligence, and reflection of connection amidst diversity.

You are not helpless. You are powerful beyond measure.

Remember that.

Remember who you are.

And remember the heart is the gateway and bridge between all separation perceived and experienced.

I will continue my sabbatical through the end of March, but will return April 1st. I actually felt that I would remain offline for another three to four months beyond that, but was strongly guided to come back earlier and just be mindful of keeping balanced. We each have value to embody and I plan to do what I can to deepen into that.

I’ll share more when I return to include opening up support systems again from my offerings to those in need or wanting to really catapult in these opportune times of accelerating transformation and regeneration. We’ll also have a big Magick Rabbit storewide sale running to bring creative joy into this renewing season, which you can read about here.

May all possibilities be open to you.

I love you.


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