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Shifting Together is an Intrinsic Gift of What I Share ~ Updates & Full Moon Gratitude

The weekend ended with a true soul gift for me – being able to share something so very dear to my heart with others that has changed my life and I feel can do the same for them too.

Yesterday was our very first live online event – Intuitive Sound Healing Immersion ~ Awaken the New & Ignite Your Ancient Voice. This was an experiment on many levels, but the take-away was a huge humbling to experience the presence, cocreation, and support of everyone who joined.

This is the only live sound channeling bath I’ve shared, other than one I did in a sound healing class years ago in Bimini and an intimate sound channeling I did in the Great Pyramid in 2007 – maybe I’ll share more about that in an upcoming blog since the whole journey was life-altering.

On the technology front it’s helping to work out kinks and optimize things.

On the spirit and heart front I found it enriching in layers that I feel are going to continue to reveal their gifts.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to each of you who stood in your power and joined. It felt like the perfect way to enter this Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse taking place in the wee hours of this morning.

Sound channeling is a gift we all have and can access to more fully embody our home frequency. Remembering your song will help you understand the gift of forgetting. 

And of course Astrid was right there, as she always is, to support and cocreate with me.

These are photos of her from the night before the event, as I was getting some of my instruments together and tuning them. She was especially excited to get in on a little crystal singing bowl action and even licked the quartz bowls to make sure they had just the right magickal tone – which equates into an emanating frequency felt, even if not sound-perfect through the computer screen.

I do love the big soul inside my little Magick Rabbit.

I’m likely going to continue this immersion event on a regular basis, but want to make sure about some technical things, as well as receive full soul confirmation on moving forward.

So keep a look out for upcoming event updates.

In the meantime, we’re edging closer to our last Reiki online training courses of 2020, which are taking place over the next two beginning weekends of December. This Reiki 3 Master Teacher class is full now and you can imagine I’m a busy faery bee prepping for the incredible group of 16, alongside an enrichingly full calendar.

It’s been incredible to witness the alignments taking place with the timing on everything and I truly feel that this last class is going to ignite a major activation for all of us for our upcoming 2021 New Year, just as yesterday’s sound healing event made a big transformational impact in the subtle fields of experience.

It’s amazing to me to observe the interweavings of individual and collective shifts and how they really both share an important and integral symbiotic relationship. When each of us makes a move forward, there’s that trickle effect of benefit collectively. It’s so beautiful! And I’m grateful we live in unified connection.

2021 is going to be an interesting year and based on the sessions with clients and the art project commission themes, I sense people are ready to leave the past behind and more fully embody their essence in ways that will greatly impact the collective changes percolating.

If you are interested in a session to support the changes, I will have the discounted offer available through the end of 2020 for you without limit on how many you can register for:

Discounted Sessions

And if you are interested in commissioning an intentional art or sacred tattoo design, just a heads up that half of the spots I made available are taken. I have 5 left:

Sacred Tattoo/Intentional Art Designs

And speaking of 2021, while our Intuition & Reiki class is full, our Crystal Healing & Reiki class has 3 spaces remaining:

2021 Classes

As a last reminder, our Magick Rabbit Etsy SHOPSMALL 40% off sale ends at midnight tonight, Monday 11/30 for any last minute holiday stocking stuffer fun:

The Magick Rabbit

Although custom art listings in the shop are not part of the sale, I only have 1 Custom Magick Portal Hand Painted Basswood Plaque left if it speaks to you – it’s the only one that is a nearly perfect circle at just over 11 inches in circumference.

I’ll have an Artist’s Corner blog post upcoming in the weeks ahead to update you with some of the commissions and special projects I’ve been working on, as well as an inside look at our (Astrid and me) creative sanctuary space to support the expansion of our work in our Wonderland realm.

Until then, thank you all for your support, for so bravely taking those courageous steps, and for opening your hearts just a little bit more each day to the possibilities and to loving yourself more fully.

Wishing you an illuminating and transformational Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Small Business Saturday Sale

This is a mini shop update before we get back to regular blogging next week. I have a full plate right now with a variety of commissions, sessions, a couple of fun creations, and classes and events I’m preparing for, but Astrid and I felt to join small businesses in creating an offering to support your holiday season.

Today, Saturday 11/28 through end of Monday 11/30 we’re having a huge 40% off SHOPSMALL sale on the remaining items in our shop.

The sale excludes custom listings, but everything else is available at discount.

This is a chance to pick up some sweet, whimsical holiday gifts and stocking stuffers.

Everything will arrive gift-wrapped ready.

We have a couple notebooks left great for gratitude journals, 2021 intentions, dream journaling, etc. We also have our sweet five card greeting set left for note giving all year round. And last, some whimsical framed and unframed prints. Quantities are very limited.

Shopping small and local when possible is a way to support small businesses to keep doing what they love and to keep bringing to you the unique items you love.

Thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown us. We LOVE creating things that make you smile, inspire, or simply touch your heart in some way.

You can shop the sale here: The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop

A Grateful Day…Every Day

My dear friend, and officiant for our Summer Solstice wedding, shared this beautiful video message with me yesterday and it felt perfect to pass along to all of you today.

Whether I’ve met you in person or not, have spoken or messaged with you or not, had any interaction of any sort or not – you are felt, you are seen, you are appreciated, you are a part of me.

May we experience every day like it’s the first and the last so that each moment, every person, and every part of creative consciousness around us has a place in our hearts.

I am another yourself. You are another myself. In Lak’ech Ala K’in ~ the Mayan principle of Universal Love.

Maya priest shamans recognized us as one global human being ~ “dissolving until you are ‘NOT’, then the World enters you.” 

Alchemy of 2020

I chose this photo of me for this post, as I feel it reflects the essence of growth and change 2020 has been for me – a bunny leap into a role I was born for.

Today’s post is inspired by my sweet friend Linda of Litebeing Chronicles. I embraced the invitation to share my story of evolution during what is sure to be a year we will not forget, as part of Litebeing’s Change Challenge. While each of our journeys within 2020’s historical web will vary greatly, that is exactly why I feel that sharing how we’ve navigated an unprecedented time period can be valuable, as we continue to expand our perspectives.

I think it will also be interesting to look back on this year and so by sitting down to write this, it invites deeper reflection and acknowledgment of what feels like light years of growth dramatically taking form. I knew a lot had happened and changed, but it turns out it was even more than I realized.

So, let me just briefly share what Linda’s challenge entailed and then I’ll take you on a little walk of 2020, as seen through my eyes.

The theme of Litebeing’s Change Challenge is about highlighting the answers to these questions:

How have you changed internally? Can you share some new thoughts, ideas, projects, attitudes that have sprung up as a result of your evolution?

Basically any insights around the transformation I’ve experienced as a result of 2020’s energetic and physical landscape, are what this is about. The purpose being to highlight each individual’s unique journey and as Linda says, “owning and expressing how this journey has transformed you inside and out.”

I’ll begin with a few things that I had been internally guided to do before everything we’re experiencing now had hit in 2020. I took a three month personal sabbatical that started 1/1/2020 for three months where I was completely offline and didn’t officially return back until April Fool’s Day the 1st. Interesting timing given the landscape of what was in motion in the world.

On some level my soul knew I was needing to prepare for what was coming so that I would be able to weather it all from a place of greater strength and clarity that would enable me to support others, as well as to hold a clear anchor of my energetic frequency I’ve come to know as my part in things.

It’s interesting to read some of my words from the post I just linked to from December 30th of 2019, which include these:

“Life is rapidly evolving and it continues to be interesting to observe what we as a collective are choosing to create here on Earth. There seems to be an increase in individual experiences branching off to form new realities. But does that mean reality splits will take place, or is it simply that courageous innovators are forging new landscapes so the rest of us can journey and merge there when ready? As with all new inventions, it takes time for the collective to get on board.

My experience, ever since the Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse of Christmas, has been that of a completely new blueprint being formed in a very literal way. Although viscerally felt as well, we actually have spent time drafting this intentional blueprint in the physical and have physically experienced it root.

It feels as though DNA is rearranging and awakening – a true rebirth and renewal.”

And this:

“I know also that an increase in life transitions from this plane of existence (along with many facets of life transitioning)  have taken place this year, which has been increasingly hard for people to go through on top of the daily challenges. I sense this is going to continue to happen because of how energy is shifting rapidly and souls are finding/choosing their place in the collective experience of this. We feel it as a loss because we’re human, when Nature experiences loss every second and knows it as the fluidity of wholeness.”

The first excerpt I cited is interesting to me because one of the things I reflected upon shifting for me this year is the literal experience of a “split of realities” or timelines that is being clearly distinguished. No longer was it an idea or my private experience, but it quite literally took root and 2020 has been like walking through different worlds all separated by varying belief systems and although I know my connection with all of it, I’ve experienced that middle way becoming so much stronger. There are times I’m unseen by others and there are times that we merge – in this world, but not of it. It has felt like a rooting of the new finally taking hold and beginning to sprout.

And yes, that “rebirth and renewal” I spoke of through DNA rearrangings and awakenings I think speaks for itself. For me, although 2020 did not contain an NDE (near death experience) like a few years previous had (or quite literally was a blip in and out of a new me, this year felt more like a light-switch rebirth and renewal that suddenly flicked on a new, but more integrated me. More on that with some of the other reflections.

And the second excerpt about more souls transitioning as part of finding their place in the collective unfolding, indeed has increased and continued. I continue to hear not only of physical deaths from the virus, but an increase in surprising fatal diagnoses and unexpected or surprising transitions from many around me (including people you would never think would be departing) both in human and animal bodies. And others who are going through traumatic physical health challenges, as a result of changes wanting to root. It’s put me in a place of needing to be extra solid and strong to assist where I’m called. And the fact that I created self nurturing and recentering time before more of this all hit, put me in a place to do this from a state of greater well being, whereas in the past it would have depleted me.

And speaking of well being, that brings me to the things I intuitively implemented to aid this, before things hit, which made 2020 a year of physical shifts alongside huge inner growth spurts – likely the merging of both of these is what made things manifest as an experience of flipping a switch.

Dave and I began intermittent fasting on 12/26/2019 – the day after Christmas – which we’ve consistently integrated as our new lifestyle every day since. I have been on the 18/6 way of eating – this means I eat all of my caloric intake within a six hour window of the day and then fast for eighteen hours. One of the biggest benefits from this is said to help boost the immune system, but there are a bunch more science-based benefits (please do your own research and consult your doctor) like cellular, gene, and hormone repair, reduce inflammation and insulin resistance, greater longevity, better sleep and cognitive abilities, etc.

Everyone is different and there’s no one cookie-cutter way, but with the implementation of this way of life for me, I’ve experienced a lot of physical health benefits that nothing else had changed in the past. Granted, I didn’t have anything major going on, but we each have our things, so experiencing this was an added bit of peace and wholeness added to my life. I’ll likely not know the results of other benefits until later down the road.

However, things I had just accepted as the way my body is, disappeared this year and the only physical change was IF (intermittent fasting). Granted, things have been lining or “lighting” up in my life in a new way for the first time this year, and I’ve more solidly seen the result of my inner work of years as well, but until implementing the physical alongside this (since all levels are key to manifesting change) these things hadn’t changed.

My years of mild, sporadic hypoglycemia has completely subsided, my EIB (exercise-induced bronchoconstriction), which for me is non-asthma related, has disappeared, peri-menopausal hormonal shifts have balanced out on their own so that I no longer take any herbal supplements to support (I actually don’t take any supplements or vitamins other than intervals of a sublingual form of B12, zinc and vitamin C), my adrenal glands experience consistent happiness, without trying or having it on my radar as a goal, my body dropped extra grounding weight it no longer deemed necessary to keep me integrated (17 lbs to be exact), and there’s a more consistent level of daily energy in me and a sudden accelerated level of endurance and speed in my outdoor exercise activities. I even chopped off 15 inches of my hair this year (2 1/2 years of growth), which lightened the load and felt like its own activation and acceleration into the now me.

And the mirroring inner shifts have been the experience of being more fully embodied (despite losing the weight) and as a result, experiencing a fuller awareness and expression of my essence, my soul-chosen role, and the energy I came to help anchor and create at this time. It is as if finally my purpose has been lighting up and coming on-grid and becoming more relevant, where as it used to always be like a shadow in the background walking beside things, but just out of reach.

The exhaustion I used to feel with life and having come to a natural conclusion, suddenly received a reinvigoration – that renewal I spoke of. Not like I’m reviving something old, though, but in fact experiencing it as if it’s the first day of eternal being.

Kind of like you’ve envisioned how something could be all your life, but it always stayed out of reach behind a veil or that someone kept dragging it farther away from you saying “not yet”, and now the vision is reality and it’s coming through as that future you returning to the past you and the two become a new yourself, now and as one. If that even makes sense. 🙂

Along with this I continue to experience a deepening of inner alignment – I guess you might relate that to intuitive/psychic expansion or a sense of knowing, increased telepathic dreams and messaging, more bleed-through of extraordinary experiences in the world others also can see, more consistent instant manifestation, increased realizations that momentarily suspend the 3D world into multi-dimensional reality, and increased sense of peace despite what’s going on everywhere.

There’s also been a deepening of connections with people and relationships of all kinds rearranging themselves – this included getting married on Summer Solstice of 2020, which was kind of out of the blue, but felt energetically important (I chronicled this and much more in my return-from-sabbatical blog post of April 1st Navigating New Paths ~ Individual & Collective Impact of Our Now).

I received strong guidance for this and one of those messages included a need to bring hope, love, harmony, and connection to a year full of all of the opposites. Like all cycles, there are the deaths and births and to anchor something like this, bringing together the Yin and Yang that Dave and I represent, felt like potent alchemy for 2020. This created a shift in my/our life with ripple effect on many fronts that continue to unfold.

Despite a very full and busy year of projects, reorganizing/creating life physically and inwardly, and taking on more work, I’ve continued to maintain the importance of implementing self nurturing and literal “time-outs” for me. So, this year’s collective protocol has been supportive of this where the message I had to continue these things after my sabbatical, ensured it could be done by removing many externals that could otherwise take away from that. And this has helped me to keep my well full, as this year became extra busy with my returning to things I thought I was done with and in some cases had completely left behind for years.

These including teaching, supporting others in sessions, and even taking on select art commissions. The new level of self care enabled me to be able to give from a healthy place.

And on top of that I’ve also come to see the full circle results of years of doing personal work to strengthen my boundaries, my voice, know my role, keep balanced, and overall having anchored a sanctuary space within and without, so I wasn’t afraid or uncomfortable to be with these things again or worry that I would get lost or have nothing left for me.

So a new surge came through and it has felt completely different in a very enriching, all-encompassing, full-bodied way.

That said, I will then turn to some of the challenges or disappointments I have also met – although equally growth-filled and in fact their own gift.

One of these includes not having completed my novel. On an ego level, there was disappointment around this and a constant check-in with myself about all of this nurturing time, time off, huge amounts of time in nature doing outdoor exercise my birth energies need to thrive, going back to offerings and being there for others, etc. It definitely pulled at me and where I knew this project was important, I was feeling like I might have let my soul family and guides down – and ultimately myself.

That was my initial dialoguing in wanting to make sure I was actually in alignment and that I wasn’t avoiding something.

And with everything that unfolded around me in the world, and continued signs, I eventually anchored into knowing this was the path for now. It wasn’t a detour, but a necessary part of the equation to get on board energetically with the collective.

Let me explain what I mean by that, for me personally. I’ve always felt like things I did, thought, envisioned, etc. were years out. So it always put me in a place of feeling in delay.

And although I still have the visions and ideas that may be “out there,” I’m much more solidly rooted here and now with everyone around me. I feel like things have organically sped up in the world while I’ve pulled back on the acceleration so that there’s more of a merging of time…a more relevance to “now” focuses…and that what is brought to the table can be implemented and/or accessed into creation without need for waiting.

And so, a novel that felt “out there” continues to percolate within my inner world, but the outer world and my guiding vision and expression of its message are catching up to one another. And I know now that things are in alignment.

The other challenge I’ve been facing has to do with my energetic role I know to be and in each moment, learning the alchemy of how that looks and how to relate and integrate when others are holding a very different energy. There’s no blueprint for it and within each moment I’m learning the underworkings of how that looks and how to maintain equilibrium both within and without.

I’m also learning in the moment how to merge my sense of cosmic love and mission, which is it’s own unique challenge and has it’s own day-to-day experimenting – like finding the perfect alchemical process to create a work of harmonious art from a bunch of mismatched scraps.

What I’m grateful for, again, is all the work I’ve put into learning how to create peace and balance in my life within chaos so that it no longer has debilitating effects on me. I’m grateful I listened to the calls to withdraw when I have (like my sabbaticals), to take time away this year, to strengthen my reserve and my physical body, to activate my Mars energy (which was a huge key for many things within that balance) along with getting Capricorn and Saturn placements strengthened and merged into the game, and to support my voice with a greater level of courage, clarity, and security that my Pisces self struggled with most of my life.

This has enabled me to walk amidst dramatic dichotomies of experience and chaos all around me, while maintaining what I feel and believe within and transmuting things.

Equally though, I’ve been grateful for my sensitivities, empathic unified experience of others, and the soft, dreamy, otherworldy Pisces side of me, too, because this has enabled me to walk in everyone’s shoes with greater unconditional compassion and understanding and to bring through creative expressions of possibility. It’s also helped me to maintain my hope and innocence amidst daunting circumstances.

It hasn’t been easy, but in the past it would have broken me. Now, I feel it’s what I was born for – to be a bridge – to embody peace within chaos.

And that is where I find myself now – feeling like that purpose I came for, but tormented me all my life as to when it would make sense, has arrived. Together, with many of you, we will continue to light up and I believe will work at creating new possibilities.

Rich Shifts that Create Rewarding Opportunities: End of Year Offerings to Reset Your Life

Although this year has been a mixed bag of experience for everyone, it’s also flown by quite rapidly. Some people have harnessed 2020 as a year to make the changes that have been knocking, take advantage of the more inward time, tend to heart desires and what’s of most value in life, and strengthen voices with an array of action from visionary to reactionary.

I’ve also seen my own life change in response to everything, making this a huge year of quite profound, transformational twists and turns – many of them unexpected, but very warmly received.

Amongst it all, I’ve found a new layer of richness in returning to platforms that now cycle through in a different way. It’s been hugely rewarding to be there for others taking giant leaps, while bunny hopping myself. 🙂

Today’s post introduces a few new additions to these platforms, that come in response to both what you’ve been putting out there and what higher self is guiding me to embrace.

And to add to that is this little reminder that keeps popping up through interactions with others – you have dreams for a reason. Some of that includes helping to motivate and inspire you into a momentum of forward steps. Taking action to support your dreams and intentions is a fundamental piece of the puzzle. Depending on how much you really want it and how much you’re willing to give to it, will determine the force behind your motivation and focus.

I’ve seen that direct reflection many times in my life where only what I put all of myself behind, did I actually see the changes or opportunities I desired.

It’s easy to get stuck in the dreaming, imagining and wishing mode, as it’s a way to create a fantasy version of life that temporarily removes us from the actual life right before us. But to turn fluff into tangibility, is crucial to manifesting things. It can seem daunting, but small steps will start to organically bring things together and eventually create outcomes where you won’t even recognize yourself or how you got there because it happened more easily and more enjoyably than you thought. These steps can be simple and seem almost not connected to your vision of an outcome, but make all the difference.

Here are the newly optimized offerings I’ll be available to support you with – some beginning today and others in early 2021 – that can aid the process of those momentous, yet simple steps.

  1. Sacred Tattoo or Intentional Art Designs: As you know, I used to offer sacred tattoo designs and have stepped away from that for several years now. I still do not intend to go back to this full-time like I used to, but after having recently taken on a handful of very select art commissions that have been extremely fulfilling, having to consistently turn away an influx of requests, and hearing from others how the designs I create have been hugely instrumental in supporting people with transformational phases in their lives, I am being guided to open up 10 spots for design work. This can either be for a sacred tattoo design OR a sacred, intentional art design that you can use as a portal piece for helping to support your work and/or life transformations. They will be done in pencil, as all of my designs are. So, these are not paintings, but actual, detailed designs just like you’ve seen me do in the past as templates for tattoos. I had several people, during the time period I offered sacred tattoo designs, commission the designs without intent of tattooing them, but to act as template portals for specific things in life, or even as book cover and thesis paper designs, as well as life’s work project designs – or soul logos. If this calls to you, or you’ve wanted a sacred tattoo design, this is your opportunity. Again, I am only going to take on 10 projects, so if you would like a design, you’ll find more information and can place your deposit here: Sacred Tattoo or Intentional Art Designs

2. Special Guidance/Coaching Sessions to Navigate These Times at Discounted Price: Between now and end of 2020 you can set up phone sessions with me as an individual one-off session or purchase a package of sessions to meet your needs. Repetitive numbers have been a thing for me for quite some years, but things really went crazy this last week away and since home, with many numbers showing up repetitively, but most notable is 11:11. Although I saw repetitive everything between 1’s to 5’s, the 11:11 portals were very pronounced. So, I’ll be offering these special sessions at only $111 (regular price $226 – savings of $115). These are sessions specifically to help you navigate the energies right now if you’re feeling thrown off center, chaotic, unclear, not sure what’s yours and what belongs to others, are anxious, depressed, stressed out, overwhelmed, feeling out of control or controlled, or simply are unable to hear your voice right now and have been experiencing indecision where once you felt strongly focused. We will discuss the energetic dynamics at work in the macro and micro and help you to regain clarity, focus, and greater peace and balance so you can get back on track in the vein of your own energy frequency. When we learn how to navigate our inner world, we optimize outer world manifestation. I’ll listen to guidance on what tools we might use for our work together and help devise a support system for you to get back to feeling empowered. You can sign up for a session or package of sessions here:

Special Discounted Guidance/Coaching Sessions to Navigate These Times

3. The Mentor Muse ~ Guiding Inspiration for Life’s Work Alignment: I’ve mentioned that I would be offering this and it’s looking like Spring of this new year, 2021 is going to be the launch. As I mentioned before, this would be a more intensive and exclusive one-on-one offering, to support a comprehensive approach to manifesting a new path that turns your purpose and passions into your career, while also transforming your life so you experience the fullest expression of your spirit potential right now. Because of the intensive, highly-focused, consistent work this will involve over the course of a longer period of time, it will be very limited to likely taking on just five clients to begin. As, people move through their journey, I’ll then look at opening up to a new group because I want to ensure having the time and being able to give fully to everyone in the highest way. This will include a set number of zoom and/or phone sessions over the course of our work together, weekly check-ins, and individualized processes and customized material to support each person. I’ve thought about this a lot and I don’t believe there are cookie-cutter ways and programs, as each person has their own energetic frequency that works uniquely, so this is not going to be a standardized module program. I’ll work with each person to devise our approach for helping you with your goals. Anyway, this is just a heads-up for Spring, if you were interested in this, and I’ll post more as we get into the New Year so that you’ll be able to have time to feel this out and sign up if it calls to you.

4. Etsy Final Close-Out/End of 2020 THANKYOU Sale: I’ve been feeling that at this juncture in time I am going to be closing our Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop. It may reopen in the future, but I’m needing to shift focuses for now. With that said, we only have 7 items remaining in our shop – two prints, three of our last notebook journal, six sets of greeting cards, and then three special items.

I just added a listing for framed prints of the last four of the Magick Rabbit 8″x10’s. I fell in love with a framed print of The Empress that went to someone and decided to offer these last ones gift or hang-ready. There’s just one of each to choose from.

And then the other two items are custom listings for either Magick Keepsake Chests painted by request or inspirationally guided, or commissioned Magick Portal Wood Plaques. I mentioned that I’ve been working on some art commissions and one of them was a Magick Portal. I am so in love with it and as I was creating it I reignited my pure joy of this kind of work and so it’s no wonder it just poured out in abundant fertile energy! It’s painted in acrylics on basswood and I added a star flower of opals at the top. Here’s a few peaks in different lightings, angles, and close-ups of the piece I’m so excited about:

And this is the sweet bunny model that was my muse of inspiration:

I have just four of these portal wood plaques left as numbered below:

They range in size from small, medium, large, and extra large with varying accompanying prices in our shop.

These would make incredibly unique and memorable Christmas gifts, but if you want one in time for the holiday, then I would need to get your request in right away to ensure I can complete and ship it off timely.

I just happened to have a bunny commission, which we know I love, but I also love painting faeries, gnomes, animals, flowers, plants, mushrooms, butterflies, dragonflies, and anything Nature, Cosmic, faery tale, or magickally themed. I’ve done many animal companion portraits in the past, so any animal can be painted – one that is with you, or an angel watching over you. A way to celebrate, honor, and cherish them forever. They could also be created for someone else you love. I have also loved creating crystal illumination portals that are painted around a particular crystal or crystals as a way to harness and focus the crystal’s energy into your space and life. Other ideas include adorning the perimeter of the plaques with crystals and creating an amplified portal or looking glass into another world or energetic experience. I have the ability to create a mirror and crystal portal on the wood as well – so mixed media is possible for a mosaic-like portal or combined with painting, as I have mini mirror tiles as an option.

Anyway, you get the idea…hehe! I love these kinds of creations!

There’s a 25% off THANKYOU sale going on for the next week through Thanksgiving for any holiday gift-giving ideas on all items except the commissioned custom art pieces here at our shop:

The Magick Rabbit

5. 2020/2021 Class Schedule Reminder & Spaces: And last, we’re edging close to our very last online Reiki class of 2020. It’s been an amazing year and incredible group I’ve been honored to support. This last class is sure to be potent, given everything. I can only take one more person in the upcoming Reiki 3 Master Teacher class. It will be held on two days: December 6th for the entire group together and then either December 12th or 13th, depending on which group you’re in to complete your training. If this speaks to you, you can register for it at this link:

Online Reiki Classes

At this point only registering in full is an option, as opposed to a deposit, since we’re so close to class time and I need to get material out to you quickly too. So, if you’re wanting to join, please let me know as soon as possible.

And for the 2021 classes, again the February Intuition & Reiki class is full, but you can contact me if you were interested to see about a future class possibility.

The March Crystal Healing & Reiki class has 3 spots available.

And our end of month Intuitive Sound Healing Immersion Event has 1 spot available.

All the dates and details for these classes/events can be found here:

2021 Classes & Upcoming Events

And a last reminder I shared on my Instagram page while away, but deserves repeating.

Don’t underestimate the importance of self nurturing. I know first hand how the desire to help others can be the driving force of our lives. Being of service is a beautiful thing, but you can only give out for so long before it catches up to you and potentially might debilitate you fully to do anything anymore, let alone keep giving.

We’ve been taught and conditioned that self care or listening to our needs is selfish and that martyr roles are the image to aspire to. I learned that image well and it took years to untangle myself out of that pattern.

We each have our own journeys with this, but I’ll just share that until I balanced the relationship I had with myself and to others and truly embraced the essence of abundance being a flow in and out of giving AND receiving, I didn’t live a healthy life and I didn’t really have the best of me to give. The more I understood this balance, the richer the exchanges have been and the more vibrant my energy thrives to keep on giving because I also give to me and open to receiving too.

Recently I’ve been taking mini personal renewal vacations and these have helped make a huge difference in my ability to return back to things like teaching, coaching, taking on art commissions, and doing healing work that I stepped away from because I’m no longer just putting energy out in one direction.

I’ve created a daily well-being practice of balance whether home or away, to keep my well full. Sometimes that literally is served best by fully stepping away, though, which is where I found myself the last week. It’s something we’ll each explore and journey with in our own way, but for me I know it’s what my soul needs to be able to keep an authentic heart presence in all that I do, to be able to withstand the chaos, crazy energy all around, and tugs at me from every direction, and STILL remain centered and at peace, AND to continue to be able to say yes when I receive the nudge to offer new ways of support and inspiration to others.

Memories of a Forest

I returned home Tuesday evening from a very nurturing time away, but have been immersed in settling back, completing some projects, and getting a lot of year-end things in place.

Although a second beautiful snow storm was the welcome home here, weather while away saw lots of sunshine and warmth providing my skin with an autumn tan to carry me over through winter.

One of the late afternoon hikes we did, however, took us through this enchanted forest you see pictured throughout this post where a pocket of fall magick awaited, nestled in its own vortex-like zone separate from everything else around.

I shared this little snippet of prose (below) on my Instagram page, but since I’m unable to post anything new yet (hopefully in the next day or two), I thought I’d share it here as well.

I was literally swept away by how the landscape of leaves and scents all around made me feel. The photos don’t do it all justice, but hopefully it might provide you a little bit of the inspiration it did for me.

I literally felt like I was flying on a magick carpet throughout this realm with layers upon layers of floating leaves. The veils were like a magickal web encircling me in a womb of creation. I wonder what was in motion. I guess we’ll see.

Wandering through forests laced with delicate veils of sweet floating leaves suspended in time and nestled in a timeless slumber is pure enchantment.

The landscape felt like a thousand pastel faeries on parade and the scents coddled the heart in warm embrace of memory-laden feelings floating gently in the air.

The nostalgic aroma merged that of an ancient wooden chest of old, eclectic tea leaves with holiday mesquite burning a warming calm in the solar plexus. 

Small Acts of Kindness ~ Spreading Seed Messages from the Heart

It doesn’t take much to make an impact. Small acts of kindness go along way – even farther than you’ll ever know, nor need to. A simple smile, hello, or telling someone they’re beautiful or that you appreciate them can change the course of that person’s life just when they need it most.

You might never know how your little bit of heartfelt compassion will affect someone, but doing something “just because” is where the most value is. Only the ego needs to understand the result. The higher self and heart already know the intrinsic value that goes without mention.

Just recently, as Dave’s life has shifted tremendously with his work coming to closure, he’s been exploring and discovering new parts of himself that desire an outlet of expression. Like many of us, life shifts are anchoring and taking on new meaning and so, too, has he been enjoying the organic process of how that is evolving.

It’s been heart-warming and sweet to watch Dave’s unfolding creative soul finding a new voice. And while this will continue to shift, as they always do once we embrace and take action on what is showing up in the moment, the joy he is experiencing is the same I know others are and will from what he’s putting out.

Just recently, on his own, he supported the nudge he got to start painting rocks and pieces of wood he found with simple messages and joyous images to leave on the trails we hike daily.

He was looking into buying some paints, but I told him he could just share mine. I was excited to supply him with the tools, including some inside pointers on using them and a lot of encouraging support with his idea. I happen to be working on two commissioned art projects currently, so we’re both in artsy mode, together, right now.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen him paint, let alone draw. And how sweet it was to watch!

I love what he’s created so far. He even made two rocks inspired by our rabbits, Cosmo and Joy, and some inspired by our Russian tortoise, Gaia.

He even included a bear, which is interesting because bear energy, as you might recall me sharing has been so prominent in my life this year both in the most recurring dream themes and in real-life sightings. And, just a couple of nights ago, bear returned again in an interesting unfolding that included a specific interaction with Dave – unbeknownst to him until I told him, but he’d already created the bear rock above.

So far he’s left two on a recent trail we did before the snow storm. I just had to document it for him, as you can see in these photos of him placing them for people to see along the trail.

Part of the fun, he said, is that the rocks will go to whom they are meant to be with. Being observant is part of that process and the rest is about alignment.

Some people may even just receive the message in heart, but decide to leave them there for other fellow explorers to discover as well.

It was almost like an Easter egg hunt with him placing them in different spots, except the rocks are not hidden. They are deliberate in terms of passing along a message and a smile.

I won’t say where these first ones were placed, but if you’re local to the area, you just might find one along a trail you explore.

He painted several more, some of which we’re taking with us on our upcoming road trip we’re leaving for tomorrow, so that he can place them on trails at our destination, too.

Spreading small acts of kindness through the creative heart is one way you can add a little light in someone’s life.

You might recall that while on our Magick Bus adventure, while gypsy-living in an rv for nearly two years, I started creating Magick Stones from the beautiful rock beings that spoke to me on our journeys.

I love that Dave came up with his own expression of rock art and how he wanted to share joy, peace, patience, and love with others – who knows what other messages he will add too! It’s fun seeing him having fun and letting his inner child out more and more.

I want this to be his project, but I did find just one rock that spoke to me while he was gathering rocks and wood for himself – it was a heart-shaped rock that felt important to share too.

And so I painted this stone yesterday before working on a mini wood portal painting, to add to his that we’ll be dispersing along trails on our mini vacation away.

I love the idea of merging our creative, child-like hearts.

So, yes, I’ll be away between the 12th (tomorrow) and 17th of this month, which put a short delay on sharing the new offerings I mentioned because of preparations and work I needed to get done. I’ve also been working on a couple of commissioned art projects and so my days have been full alongside enjoying snow shoeing adventures from our recent storm. I’m actually going to be doing a little fun work on this trip, as the energy of where we’re headed feels to be inspiring for both painting and idea-flow. So, there’s potential I might share a blog one time while I’m away. Otherwise, we’ll be immersing in our own personal journey this week to both celebrate and receive guidance on what’s to come.

Never underestimate the power of a simple act or expression. If your heart is nudging you to do something, do it. It could change someone’s life, including your own.

Happy 11/11!

First Snow & Enchanted Encounters ~ Magick You Can Believe In

Snow, to me, is magickal. There’s something mysterious and enchanted about the way it looks, feels, falls, tickles your nose with crystalline snowflakes, and drapes the Earth with a blanket of refreshing purity. It creates a white wonderland that makes you believe in Jack Frost and his mischievous ways – especially when you stumble upon unusual snow creations, frosted trees and stones, and hand sculpted icicles. You can almost feel him lurking in the dense forest that closes behind you.

Yesterday morning we woke to an overnight enchanted white forest from our first snow storm. There was about eight inches after a continued morning fall and much more at the tops of the mountains. Everything draped in white was a sure sign Jack Frost had whistled his song of Winter through the Autumn painted trees that have been quickly letting the wind put them to Earth slumber.

I’m like a little kid on Christmas every time I see snow and run around from window to window to take all the beauty in. There’s nothing like spending a cozy morning by the fireplace watching the snow and enjoying a vegan latte and my homemade muffins with the fur babies and Dave.

It’s like Christmas everyday. And it’s so good for the environment to get all the moisture we and nature need. I hope this is a good snow year.

Having grown up in southern California where weather was year-round moderate, living in the mountains with the four seasons is such a gift to me and nurtures my Faery heart. I’m a Winter baby, born in February, and until I moved to the mountains I didn’t know what that truly meant.

Of course we decided to immerse in the beautiful stillness and grace of wandering powdered forests with our first snow shoeing adventure of the season.

It was as if Jack Frost set it all up with us in mind, as the mountain top vistas were full of mystery and shifting light, and the dense forests would drape around us with snowy arms that kissed my skin. It was all so silent you could only hear the song of the mountain chickadees and the tiny tussle of snow from the Unseens.

Each new terrain we looked out over and journeyed through was ethereal and dreamy…and yet it was all so very tangible by every one of the senses.

Wandering a snow-covered mountain through forests and meadows is enough to make you believe that magick is real.

And to add to the surreal made real, were the above experiences I caught on video of chickadee magick.

I’ve shared before about the gifts they have given me in being able to commune with them so close. They always fly around me when I’m in their presence and talking to them and they often visit me when I’m working in the garden – even briefly landing on my shoulder. There’s something so beautiful in feeling their fragile wild touch. It’s what my Faery heart is made of.

I normally haven’t been able to capture this experience, but yesterday was unique, as you can see in the videos. I wasn’t feeding them, nor had food on me because I never feed wild animals, but look how playful, curious and brave they are.

Mountain chickadees have become so special to me, living here, and I love their bold, spunky and sweet, innocent essence around me when I’m in the garden and out in the forest. They are very social and playful, filled with joy, and although tiny and fragile in appearance, they are tough and adaptable to the harshest of cold winter elements. Many believe them to bring good fortune and to be keepers of wisdom. I love their sweet songs that remind us that beauty and riches are found in the simplest of things and that hope and love is worthy of always nurturing and believing in.

I hope you enjoy their purity and the magick of these moments that nurture the heart to believe and encourage continued hope.

I find that the incredible and unbelievable are happening more and more these days and refuse to keep hidden any longer for any of us.

Mystical Wings & New Frontiers

There’s been quite a lot of interesting, strange, expansive, and potent energy and experiences in the last few weeks that feel to indicate an initiation into a whole new arena of life. Of course, the collective is sharing a wild ride of swift and unknown changes as well. So, the two are definitely mirroring one another – individual and collective, that is.

Some very rare physical encounters have been taking place for me, which have involved the avian clan of spirit messengers. I always have a lot of bird energy around me and find feathers literally every time I’m outdoors hiking. Some special feathers have been part of that mix, including a variety of owl, hawk, osprey, sooty grouse, wild turkey, pheasant, and most recently, bald eagle for the first time. But actual physical encounters add an extra powerful punch since some of these birds are quite rare to see in the wild unless divinely in alignment.

However, as I shared in a recent post, last week great horned owl made a very prominent and deliberate appearance while we ventured through her slot canyon lair with feathers arriving in conjunction with her grand entrance. This took place the day after burrowing owl showed up for us, which I haven’t seen since being in the Galapagos Islands several years back, synchronously as we had just been talking about dreams of a potential future revisit to these special islands.

And just recently I found my first bald eagle feather, but we hadn’t actually seen one in maybe a year. That dry run came to an end on Wednesday the fourth when one made another deliberate appearance for us and my parents, whom we were taking on a walk by the river. You can see him captured here in the photo and video.

We also had just seen osprey the day after great horned owl and yesterday a most gorgeous, giant hawk (largest I’ve seen in some time) made a deliberate glide across the front of our car as we were driving to a hike, and came to rest on a light post to stop and make visual contact. Interestingly, the eagle seemed to do the same, as after he flew overhead he came to rest on the tree you see him in and waited for us all to get under that tree to have a little eye-to-eye before flying off again. Since Dave had missed seeing him fly and couldn’t make him out, this pause the eagle did, ensured very clear sight of him once we reached where he was. No one was to meant to miss him.

Although back in Costa Mesa I’ve seen great horned owl in the physical, when no one else had, sitting on the roof of a house in the distance, a barn owl that flew across my windshield while on the freeway, and bald and golden eagles in extremely rare moments since 2006 living in Tahoe and on our Alaska trip, these new encounters have been bunched up all at once – one after the other – and accompany energies that feel vastly different.

Being that these are all very large and rarely seen birds – at least for us here – and their symbolism is quite powerful and filled with insightful wisdom and higher consciousness and cosmic connection, they feel significant to the shifting path ahead. I thought it also quite interesting to see bald eagle right after election day, continuing to unfold its direction.

But alongside the actual birds and feathers, there have been other mystical wing encounters.

I found an actual small bird’s wing feather on a hike this last weekend. This, on a day that was quite still and calm, followed by several days of extreme calm, nearly no wind, placid water on every lake we hiked by, and a loud stillness in the air. Similar to the calm before a storm, which in fact literally is happening here as we today had our first rain in a while and winds that are preparing for our first snow storm on the way this weekend.

The timing of everything is always fascinating.

Another incredulous “mystical wing” encounter, took place on Saturday’s Halloween/Samhain Full Blue Moon. While we were sitting by the river enjoying a distanced picnic lunch, I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my left elbow.

I immediately brushed at it, feeling some kind of creature, and then looked at my elbow to find an odd stinger in it that looked three-pronged. It hurt and burned a lot and I had Dave immediately yank out the stinger.

No one saw what it was except one friend who said, “I saw something with very large wings, but couldn’t make it out.”

I’ve never “randomly” been stung like that on purpose. Only two times in my life did I get stung, but they were my own unfortunate doing. Each of those were from bees. Once when I was a little girl and stepped on one on the grass by accident. And once, incidentally, when I sat on a bee on the seat of the boat we were on in the Galapagos Islands. Each time giving me crazy skin reactions lasting a long time. I was actually told when I was a child that the only thing I was allergic to was bee stings, so this made sense.

But my skin reacts hugely from stings or bug bites of any kind. Luckily I’m not allergic in terms of getting anaphylactic shock, serious illness or sick feelings, etc., but my body goes on major localized attack of anything foreign introduced.

So, the sting burned and hurt quite a bit and in the days to follow it swelled like a small tumor, hurt like a bad bruise to the touch, and got very red and itchy. It’s currently just a bit blotchy red and itchy, but is healing.

The strangeness though is the auspicious timing/day of the incident and that no one can identify what got me. It wasn’t a bee, nor a wasp or yellow jacket – neither of these fit the large winged description nor do any of them leave a stinger, let alone a three pronged stinger. Our friend that got a glimpse said the only thing he could find online to somewhat mirror it was an Asian Giant Hornet. That’s highly unlikely, but apparently even hornets don’t leave stingers.

Something that large is nothing we’ve ever seen around here, but otherwordly visitors coming through dimensions is a whole other thing. 😉

I’m convinced it was a cosmic faery initiation that came through the thin veils that day to activate a new crossroads. Even my faery sister, Laura, reiterated the same sense when we were talking about it and our shared bee allergies.

The potent Full Blue Moon Samhain zap seems to indicate big shifts and combined with the rare, powerful avian sightings, I’m curious to see what’s in motion.

“The elbow represents the capacity for radical change in direction in what we do in our lives regarding our own path, our goals. It represents a professional change or one that concerns our objectives.”

And, since elbows also symbolize our flexibility, there’s an increased focus on expanding that to incorporate even more possibility and an intention around changes involving freedom to act in accordance with our identity, drive, and dreams. The left elbow is also yin/feminine, so there’s a shift with all things of this essence taking place.

Synchronously during the time period of all of these experiences, I have actually been reviewing and receiving a lot of inspired guidance and nudges. This led to a big redo of my office and shared Wonderland room with Astrid.

I’ve expanded and revamped my creation space with two side-by-side matching desks to have one elongated area to work. When I first got my desk it had arrived partially damaged, so the company ended up sending me another. That one also had partial damage and so they sent me a third. So I ended up with three for the price of one and with a little transfer of parts from one to another had two perfect desks out of it.

I had only ever had one in my office and the other we stored in the garage, but I got inspired to create an expansive and comfy work space that would be much more useful and inviting for my non-traditional ways of working. I also got rid of my desk chair and replaced it with my super cozy reading chair so that I now feel like work time is welcoming and supportive to my Pisces dreamy energy. It also puts in me in better view of seeing out to my garden.

I’ve never liked the office desk and chair concept, and throughout my school career always did my work, studying, and typing (on a type writer) of papers on my bed despite having a small desk in my room.

This new set up feels inspiring and with of course my decorative touches, it is more of an imaginarium space that happens to be work-friendly.

I am still in process of redecorating, but all the major clearing out/organizing is done and it feels good. What I love about it all is that not only is it so much more fun now to be there, but I feel this was necessary in order to do the next phase of my writing.

I hadn’t felt called to do what was next with my novel, but now this feels like the exact invitation and nurturing “someone” knew I needed, which also aligns with the energetics shifting. I’m glad I listened.

So, that’s one big change that took place and more are in process, as I’ve embraced nudges around doing work I previously felt complete with. In fact, next week I’ll likely have another update on some offerings upcoming because of this.

I also just did another big purge of clearing out things and am actually off to Goodwill as soon as this blog posts. And it looks also like another upcoming short get away is in order. It seems like a bunch of new energy activations are streaming through in overdrive.

In the midst of it all Astrid has been excited with all the changes too. She loves the new hidey space it created behind my reading chair, under the desk and the whole set up actually created more open space and an expansive look and feel to the whole room.

And speaking of Astrid, she also received her own “mystical winged” faery initiation, as you can see here.

These are photos of the night we returned home from our time away and I introduced Astrid to her very own faery bunny! The tag attached to her named her “Fiona,” but I’m sure Astrid will let me know if in fact that’s who this little one really is.

She took to her right away and gave her the usual enchanting with some energy-infused nose nudges.

No matter where I put her, Astrid was right by her side giving her magickal nose kisses.

She’s enjoying the new energy and is excited about the upgrades she’s also receiving alongside mom. This to include some brand new mats on the way for her sweet little feet and thumpers so she can lay cozy by mom through the colder seasons and have her feet cushioned with support where she likes to sit/lay most.

These new little islands of comfort and joy are like the new frontiers mom is also embarking on and together we’re excited for a very different winter experience upcoming.

Even our recent hikes since we’ve returned home have all taken us to great climbing heights overlooking expansive, more secluded vistas and anchoring with the sacred stone outcroppings in each of the areas.

These vantage points have offered me a broader perspective and nurturing nudge to open and trust even wider, despite the strangeness I sense about.

The energetic landscape of the world is shifting greatly and has many unknowns, but our personal piece of the story can be a different kind of journey if we commit to the work.

Climbing a mountain is always filled with reflections of growth. And while the view may be incredible, it’s truly how we embrace the climb that makes the difference.

And although summit may seem like a natural end, peace comes when we embrace each part of the mountain as rich and treasure-filled.

There are layers of mountainous journeys to traverse, but remember that the journey is where we discover ourselves and learn to anchor amidst anything.

I’m seeing with new eyes and feeling into things with all parts of me. One thing I know is that only I can control how I feel, or what my experience of life is like, and I refuse to let anything or anyone have reign over that domain.

It didn’t always used to be that way, as I never had boundaries to my energetic world. I used to have trouble differentiating between what was mine and others’ and I was susceptible to persuasion and telepathic undernotes. Now, I’m on high alert and am always privy to what other’s are really up to and I keep a strong sense of self even though I have a strong sense of unity-loving connection.

I love how in the photo above you can actually subtly see the red site on my left elbow where the faery initiation zap of radical new change took place. This photo feels very symbolic of the new frontiers ahead, demonstrates connection, but with different vantage points of our experience of life, and anchors a joy and strength for the unknown journey.

This is the most strenuous hike we do around here because it steeply climbs 2000 feet in only two miles. We do it in only an hour, which is a big accomplishment for me.

This is the first time we’ve done it where the air was still without a breeze and the water below was equally mirroring.

In the stillness of presence there is much to receive.

I also love that my eyes are protected by the shade of my hand – creating shadow or diffusion of light in order to see.

Yes, we are capable of clarity and finding direction even amidst seeming darkness. In fact, sometimes going through caverns of experience can be necessary in order to understand with new wisdom and bring forth greater richness.

We are traveling new frontiers of experience together, step by step, and with trust we’ll find new wings to carry us further.

Magickal Update: Today, the day after posting this, the “mystical wings” theme and symbolism continued double fold with the finding of a bird’s wings. While hiking I found the wings with the feathers in separate, but connected pieces creating sections of the wings and almost making each large wing look like many little wings. The photo above is of the gathered wings in my large vest pocket. I like to honor the energy of each being and message in special ways. The large feather in front is a separate feather I found on its own – feels like goose – along with a beautiful, tiny spotted mystery feather. They’re pictured below.

November Energy Update with Lee Harris

A supportive video from Lee highlighting what his guides share about November being a “major month for healing, personal clarity, small acts of peace and more.”

I think this will be a helpful video to revisit as needed throughout this month, while things start unraveling in the collective.

The end of the video has a clip from “Connect to the Cosmos,” which feels like an expansive invitation to more possibility – and personally perfect given this time of year is so connected to my rabbit, Cosmo, and his passing four years ago, yesterday.

As shared on his website, you’ll find these themes discussed in the update:

  • 2020 Fatigue – a lot of emotional unravelling as people get to the end of their patience and/or ability to cope with their stress.
  • Personal Clarity in the midst of Outer Confusion (The positive sides of an outer world in chaos – you learn who you REALLY are)
  • Major Month for Healing (Emotional and Physical)
  • Shockwaves and Revelations (particularly toward end of the month)
  • Painful Truths and Soothing Truths
  • Illusions and Lies Revealed, Explored and Shared in the collective – Remember that our REACTION is everything when it comes to ‘what happens next.’
  • The Quiet Magic can be found everywhere – How is your relationship to Stillness? (It’s where the power and the reset can be found.)
  • Flow or Structure? Do you create structure in order to flow, or do you flow and let structure appear through that? Many are experiencing the opposite to their norm where this is concerned.
  • Small acts of peace – they are GALVANIZING right now.
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