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Diverse Nature Encounters ~ Listening to the Messages of Pronghorn & Steller’s Jay


The wildlife encounters, connecting, and sightings continue…wow we are feeling so blessed!

One of the things we cherish about our lifestyle right now, living in an RV and enjoying the simple life, is our access to all of Nature where ever we go and the opportunities to see and experience incredible and diverse natural surroundings and animals we would never otherwise have.

The trees, rocks, waters, mountains, all creatures great and small whisper a message to us.

Timely alignment has been on our side for so many amazing encounters.

Yesterday we decided on a relaxed day, mostly at home and stepping out for some grocery shopping and picking up a space heater.


This proved to be the perfect thing, as that brought us our encounter with the Pronghorn since they enjoy foraging in the open fields between us and the General Store. Although this was the first day we saw them there and right close to the road…all because we decided on a different day than our usual.

We spent the first part of the day doing more spring cleaning alongside our work and later in the late afternoon enjoyed some quiet time with vegan peppermint hot chocolate – Dave reading and me a fun painting project.

Since we’re in the forest, Nature is still abound, but it felt like a perfect time to cleanse and refresh more.

Even our pipes that had frozen are thawed out and we figured out how to keep them so, so we don’t have to leave early like the other RVers that were all making a beeline out of the park yesterday because of the snow.

So some cleaning of the inside of the RV, cleaning out more clothes, and tending to my plants filled my morning, which made things feel more refreshed and open for creating.

If you haven’t already, some Spring cleaning of your literal and energetic life might be just the thing to refresh and recharge.

Where in your life can you release things, people, and situations?

What is no longer serving you in small and large ways?

Is your space clean and organized? Clutter won’t assist you in feeling focused and having clarity for your intentions, dreams, and things you are trying to create.

Even if it’s as simple as making a commitment to spend less time worrying and thinking and more time relaxing and feeling…that’s renewing too and will attract new experiences in your life that mirror the change.

Taking stock of what is helping or hindering you is key…there IS more time and energy available to you than you think there is for all that you desire to create.

And one of the things we wanted to create was opportunity to experience and see the magnificent and regal-looking Pronghorn, which came to be.


We saw a few large herds (you can see more in the distance in the photo below) foraging in the open fields and I marveled at how beautifully unique these creatures are!


This is a great link to information on the Pronghorn – North America’s fastest land animal:

Nature Blows My Mind! North America’s Fastest Land Animal Can Outrun A Cheetah

Pronghorns were reintroduced into the area after almost completely being eliminated in the late 1800s and early 1900s.


Pronghorn are action oriented (this year is all about major action for me in layers of ways), masters of delicate maneuvers, are very nimble and rely solely on pure instinct that’s driven by ancient wisdom within their DNA.

They are like sentinels, always on guard, and have complete trust in their tribe, indicating a need to have like-minded souls is important.

They have adapted and evolved for survival, becoming faster than the predators that have hunted them more than 10,000 years ago.


Their symbolism is rich with psychic energy, as their horns do not shed and these horns symbolize an antennae attuned to psychic energies at the crown for receiving sacred wisdom and guidance. Their horns emanate powerful vibrations through the crown to activate Kundalini.


Pronghorn are actually a rare sighting, very elusive and quite skittish. I didn’t know that about them, but it made my encounter much more precious, as we stopped the car when we saw them and I slowly approached the fence to get closer to them and they did not run off.

In fact, a couple of them came toward me.


They were curious and listened to me, stopped with perked head and ears, but were not threatened in any way.


Their white bellies symbolize truth at the core of their – your – being. Pronghorn are true to self and others, as their lives depend on it and this pure truthfulness amplifies and strengthens psychic abilities.


I was reading up on their symbolism and loved the image of envisioning this that I found of how you can use a visualization to help activate your psychic gifts and receive the initiation that Pronghorn brings to your life upon their appearance – whether in dreams, in life, or as your Spirit Animal Totem.


Imagine strong spiraling horns that emerge from your crown chakra while you feel cosmic energies flowing and spiraling and welcome Pronghorn’s initiation into the psychic realm.

And yesterday, I also had a visit from Steller’s Jay.


Yes, even though we did not go hiking and deeper into the terrain around us, the animals came to us!

This beautiful little Steller’s Jay visited me in the tree right just outside my desk window…playing, singing, full of life out in the cold and snow…a beautiful reflection of how to approach our days with lightness of heart no matter the circumstances.


They symbolize bold, fearless energy, and the power of presence and how to use personal power effectively.

The crest on their heads connect them to the sky and above, drawing energy and wisdom through the crown and reminding us that our true power needs to be applied in a balanced way that integrates both spirit and body, mind and heart.


Since they are very resourceful, they too symbolize adaptability and how to do so more efficiently.

They also symbolize a great amount of talent, but a talent that needs to be developed and used wisely. In this way they mirror to us, if one has also appeared for you, that this is a time in your life where you can begin to support the inherent wisdom within you to mature and come forth in a bigger way.


Interesting that my little Steller’s Jay friend was looking at me through the window, perhaps also playing with his reflection while we peered at one another and he reflected his message through the looking glass to me.

Steller’s Jay also alerts us that anything of value, spiritual growth, and relationships takes work and they show us how to activate our internal resources to do this. Communication abilities are strong, access to memories and assimilation of them come to awareness, risk taking, seizing opportunities, discovering new things to explore, balancing intelligence with silence and patience to align with divine timing all come through Steller’s Jay in message.

Their crest that reaches up also places attention at the energy centers of the head/crown, indicating an increase in new spiritual knowledge and wisdom that may become activated.


Very interesting that both the Pronghorn and Steller’s Jay are indicating a psychic channeling of information from the crown, as I was given messages that even showed up in the reading that I had in Sedona, twice (once this year and last year), that energy would no longer being moving up the spine like Kundalini usually does for most, but that I’d be channeling through my crown now in this next part of my life.

Nature has me soaring…yet in a grounded way that feels more like embodied spirit that is down to Earth.20160330_183851

Our Little Private “Peace” of Bryce


20160329_170113.jpgYesterday we decided to explore in the beautiful fresh snow that had fallen the night before.

We had another small snow storm last night and woke to our outside water and sewer pipes frozen, as well as where they connect to the RV.

We figured out hair dryers and space heaters work to thaw it….so we’re going to go out and purchase one we can keep by the pipes at night so we can stick around here and not leave early.

Everything is working now that we did so. Yay!


We keep seeing the other RVs leaving, likely for the same reason.

If you don’t have your RV winterized, which most of us don’t, then freezing temperatures aren’t a good thing and present challenges.

As long as this works, we’ll remain, but can easily leave early to our next destination if need be.

20160329_171029_resized.jpg20160329_174641_resized.jpg20160329_165951_resized.jpgBut one thing the snow does is it seems to keep people away from exploring.

Perhaps because they also aren’t prepared with clothing and equipment, or perhaps the snow, ice, and cold are foreboding.

20160329_165713_resizedLuckily we have all we need with us for all occasions and do love the snow…so off we went yesterday to do 5 miles of trails that included Mossy Cave and Hat Shop Trails at opposite ends of the park and we had the canyon to ourselves.20160329_170038.jpg

You’ll see why it’s called Hat Shop Trail, as there are balancing bounders that sit on the hoodoos that look like hats atop a person.20160329_174219_resized.jpg20160329_174419_resized.jpg20160329_174900_resized

This trail takes you down nearly 1100 feet elevation into the canyon and you can’t see the Hats until the very end of it, but the vistas along the way are amazing.

20160329_171203_resized.jpgWe saw many animal tracks on it as well…rabbit, prairie dog, mule deer, maybe pronghorn….and came upon beautiful crystals in this one rock that were so magickal!20160329_171804_resized.jpg20160329_171823_resized.jpg20160329_171843_resized.jpg

And at Mossy Cave trail we came upon little waterfalls, creeks, and the cave of moss and ice sculptures and icicles….they say these can last through June and Summer some times due to the moisture and exposure.20160329_152030_resized.jpg20160329_152046_resized.jpg20160329_152155_resized.jpg20160329_150610_resized.jpg20160329_151723_resized.jpg

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos, which give you ideas of what you can expect to see if you decide to explore this park.20160329_151518_resized20160329_172606_resized.jpg20160329_170045.jpg20160329_171915_resized.jpg

The terrain always looks different depending on the light and you never know what little animal friends may show up!


The Changes That Have Taken Place ~ All Services Ceased, Health is Great, New Creations On The Horizon To Share

For those of you who don’t receive my newsletter, this was an important announcement I made in my early April one for this coming month that felt worthy of reiterating here, as it pertains to how things have evolved with the services I was still offering.

I already announced that most of what I used to offer was being ceased for the time being, but I was still open to a set amount of hours a week of Intuitive Guidance Coaching sessions and had shifted over to offering a set amount of Private Immersive Retreats at destinations along our RV adventure.

However, while in Sedona I received the message that all of this was to cease and so I fully surrendered to that knowing that came through me. Perhaps they will return at some later time in a new way, but that’s not for me to know or wonder about right now.

I will solely be focused on my creative projects and integrating the energy of all of our experiences at the destinations we arrive to, infusing what I receive into my new work, and continuing to retrieve parts of my ancient voice and essence.

This doesn’t mean I’m dropping off the face of the Earth or pulling away completely like I did when on sabbatical, but it does mean that I’m remaining focused with my energy on what I feel I need to be doing.

My life is very public and while I share much of it and doing the videos is a way to connect more intimately with you, I am being guided that I also need my/our time in a much bigger way right now that feels balanced and supportive of my own needs.

And I’m so grateful to be at a place in my life where I have manifested the ability to do so with total support, which came through a lot of hard work.

This is something I just know I need to do. And my service right now is in channeling the authenticity of me and the love I feel through my essence expression.

I’ve already returned deposits received for retreats and continue to field requests for services and products I once offered. I’m so grateful for everyone’s supportive love and understanding with all of this, as I know it has come somewhat abruptly and surprisingly.

I assure you it is a natural progression of coming to closure with cycles within my life and as a soul in general, completing contracts.

It’s been interesting, as I’ve even been receiving requests for a lot of things I have stopped doing for a while, and not just things I’ve only just recently ceased. Requests for crystal pendants, crystals, custom paintings, in-person Reiki sessions, you name it….

This is once again a sign to me of the cleansing process doing its thing, as when we are letting go of the old, we tend to call up the old as it moves through us.

This doesn’t mean we’re meant to keep doing those things since we are manifesting what seem like opportunities (although that’s for you to check in on personally and decide for yourself).

However, for me, I see it as the moving out and sometimes also as a test of my boundaries and strength to say “no” to what I don’t want and “yes” to what I do. As if I don’t, the endless cycle of stagnation would continue on as long as I let it, or until my body gives out.

A few people have inquired, asking if I am alright in terms of my health or anything else. I guess they are wondering if I am making these changes in response to a health crises and only thinking I would make such choices in the wake of serious challenges.

I understand where these questions come from, as it has been a conditioned way to decide to make changes ONLY when you’re up against a wall.

However, you DON’T have to wait until you hit a crises in order to make major changes in your life. If you embrace the flow of energy when it moves through you, shifts can happen gracefully.

We all feel the signs when that energy first appears. The challenges come when we ignore them and think we can outrun the energy stream flowing in.

I’m happy to report my health is in great condition, especially with all the outdoor exercise daily, and I’d like to keep it that way, which is why I know what the path is that I need to take to ensure it stays as such. I’ve learned my lessons!

I do know that I had lost my personal feeling of spark and with everything coming to closure on soul levels, it is why I had come to a crossroads a while ago of being able to choose if I wanted to continue here on Earth or move on.

A choice that I seriously considered.

But instead I have chosen the path of renewal, here for the time being, and this has been supported by All That Is sharing the gifts that have been manifesting in my life since – beginning with the RV, clarity, deepening into all areas of my life, manifesting the opportunity, and now the inspirations channeling through.

So, for an unknown period of time I will be channeling my energy differently and within my own experience of creation while we are on this RV adventure.

Anything can change at any moment, as it always continues to, which I will honor when it does. But for now, I remain in cultivation mode of new creations to share with you when they are ready to emerge.

In the meantime,  I will continue to share monthly newsletters that will mostly be of inspiration and messages channeling through along with any updates that manifest along the way. I will also continue with regular blog posts and videos when inspired.

I still remain on Facebook, where my newsletter, blog, and videos are uploaded for my friends there, however there will be minimal ability to interact there that much and only when it doesn’t interfere with the time and energy needed to focus on my creative projects.

That said, if you need to message me, it’s always best to email me rather than message me on Facebook. At any time I may feel to pull energetically off completely, only leaving my pages there active for the updates to be shared, since I know some people only connect via that avenue and don’t like subscribing or emailing.

If you do choose to, you can subscribe to my blog or YouTube channels here:

Tania Marie’s Blog

Tania Marie’s YouTube Channel

This is my way of remaining connected, to share the inspirations and new energy that move through me, to bring the world, nature, and the sacred closer to heart to others through the images and experiences shared, and to provide reflections that may be supportive to anyone interested.

There will be more to come via videos that won’t all make it to newsletters, as this platform continues to grow as a means of connecting what channels through me to you.

Again, I thank you all for so much loving support and for the connections we experience together.

I hope that in some small way you might find inspiration from any of the things in which I share, as I find from so many of you.

Dear Meltdown: Welcome, & Meet My Friend Mindfulness ~ Camilla Downs

This article written by my amazing friend Camilla Downs is one I just had to share, as the story I feel is one that can support and inspire so many others.

A little background bio on Camilla and her beautiful family:

Camilla Downs is best-selling author of “D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance,” blogger at Mindful Musings, and inspirational speaker. Her passion is writing, sharing her life experiences, mindfulness, meditation, emotional connection, and nature photography. She is a single parent to 14-year-old Lillian Darnell, and 10-year-old Thomas Darnell. She and her kids call themselves Team TLC to correspond with the first letters of each of their names. They are six months into a living-in-a-tiny-home adventure. Lillian has a rare chromosome deletion called 18p-, and although Thomas has not been officially diagnosed, he struggles with sensory processing issues.

I left this comment on the article, which I’ll share here, followed by the link to Camilla’s article.

Much love and gratitude Camilla for sharing so vulnerably and to your magickal daughter Lillian and fellow Faery, whom I have come to adore through our Facebook friendship and seeing her posts of all the amazing things she continues to accomplish.

“Such a powerful and meaningful story for us all Camilla. Thank you so much for sharing this and for being such an unconditionally loving and amazingly brave mother, woman, and soul. You and Lillian are such gifts to each other and your story is a true blessing for us all to learn from and remind us of the need for mindful presence and ways in which we can practice this within our own lives, as well as with those in need of our support. Lillian is a magickal soul and with your loving guidance, is blossoming into the amazing being she came to be, with so much to offer the world. Much love to you both.”

Dear Meltdown: Welcome, & Meet My Friend Mindfulness by Camilla Downs



Snowy Enchantment at Bryce Canyon National Park


We arrived at Bryce Canyon National Park on Easter Sunday and with a week ahead of us here we are able to leisurely take in all that it has to offer.

It’s such an incredible park…so different from Zion, but equally grand in their own ways.20160327_165407_resized

Even just upon entering the Dixie National Forest at Red Canyon we were getting a glimpse of the beauty that awaited us.20160327_131102_resized20160327_131555_resized20160327_131826_resized

We spent the first two days getting acquainted with Bryce and doing some mild explorations…the first day doing several miles of the Rim Trail and stopping for some warm drinks at the lodge.20160327_160037_resized20160327_160022_resized20160327_160244_resized20160327_160918_resized20160327_160229_resized.jpg20160327_161447_resized.jpg20160327_161521_resized.jpg20160327_162440_resized20160327_165552_resized

On the way back to our home on wheels we saw a small herd of Mule Deer again that were right at the road’s edge. Such a sweet welcome.20160327_182639_resized20160327_182724_resized

And yesterday, after enjoying our first sunrise, we drove all the way to the end of the park, which takes you up to 9115 elevation while you journey through the forest on the way there.20160327_194643_resized.jpg20160327_194835_resized_1.jpg20160327_194936_resized.jpg

At the end point we did the short Bristlecone Loop Trail and then stopped at every vista point on the way back to take in the views.20160328_153907_resized.jpg20160328_154059_resized.jpg

On Bristlecone Loop Trail you wander through Blue Spruce, Douglas Fir and White Fir, go through the Dark Forest, as well as pass up to 1800 year old Bristlecone Pines while experiencing vistas reaching into the Four Corners area. This Bristlecone Pine is more than 1600 years old.20160328_154900_resized.jpg20160328_154949_resized.jpg

It was a fun little hike where we came upon a Clark’s Nutcracker, who seemed not at all bothered by us while he went about his business and even came closer when I started talking to him.20160328_155949_resized.jpg

And at one of the first vista points Raven medicine was strong. This one beautiful Raven flew down and wanted to just hang out with me. I’ve never been that close with one.

20160328_162207_resized.jpgI kept talking to him and he would cock his head and listen and come within several feet of me just connecting. If I moved away, he came closer. If I edged closer he found his comfort zone…but then edged closer.

20160328_162216_resized.jpgI was there with him for about 10 minutes and if not for us leaving he would have remained and I felt that at some point likely would have been right next to me or even come upon me.20160328_162237_resized.jpg

He was not just a Raven I felt. And he had a message, as he would not leave me.

20160328_162303_resized.jpgHe was so lovely with his purple, blue, and green sheen feathers and beautiful face.

20160328_162357_resized.jpgI was sad to leave him, as I got in the car and he came closer, not flying off until we had driven off ourselves.

When I got in the car, the song playing was called “Moving On.”

It reminds me of this post “A Message from the Raven” and also how Ravens are harbingers of messages from the Cosmos, are bearers of magick, bring clarity to the hidden, and are shapeshifters symbolizing transformation and change.

20160328_161602_resized.jpgThe weather is chillier here since we are at higher elevation than Zion so it was in the mid 50’s in the day and then 30’s at night our first day here.

20160328_161926_resized.jpgWhen we arrived there was still patches of snow scattered on the multi-colored hoodoos, or spire-shaped rock formations, which is just incredibly beautiful.20160328_162044_resized.jpg20160328_163751_resized.jpg20160328_165047_resized.jpg

It’s truly spectacular and the colors are always changing…crimson, orange, red, white, pink, and even some gray-greens. It’s all so fantastic, it’s almost overwhelming.


The temperatures dropped quickly on our second day and we found ourselves bundled up in our winter gear (looking like E.T. meets Sleestak of The Land of the Lost – omg we laughed so hard), experiencing snow flurries at the higher elevations, and then last night we had a snow storm blow through, which was fun to hear and magickal to wake up to with about 5 inches of fresh snow and is still gently falling.20160329_070723_resized.jpg20160329_070728_resized.jpg20160329_070812_resized

Good thing we have everything we need aboard the Magick Bus come rain, shine, snow, heat, water and outdoor activity bound and all!

But how wonderful to have this little snow treat, reminding us of our beloved home in Lake Tahoe.

We woke up to a Winter wonderland, feeling quite cozy inside as we enjoy vegan lattes and feeling the excitement. It felt like Christmas this morning waking before sunrise and seeing the mystical surroundings and then watching the sun rise, opening to baby blue skies.20160329_080349_resized.jpg20160329_080413_resized

The RV park is nearly empty too and so it’s like having this magickal forest all to ourselves.

These are views from inside the Magick Bus from very early when things were mystical and then as the sun rose.

Perhaps some snow shoeing is in store today, or hiking one of the other trails we have our hearts set on exploring, which will take us down into the canyon and walking amidst the hoodoos on 5- 8 mile hikes….one of which is called Fairyland Loop (the longest one at 8 miles) and of course you know I was all over that one right away. We also intend to do one or two bike trails as well during our stay here.

I hope you enjoy these looks at another amazing place on Earth. Will share more as we venture into the canyon over the days to come.20160328_162905_resized.jpg20160328_162945_resized.jpg

Mule Deer & Bighorn Sheep In Action

I thought these would be fun to share.

I took a very short video of both the Mule Deer and the Bighorn Sheep one day in Zion National Park so that you could get a feel of them in action.

We happened to be listening to some Trance/Electronic music when driving through the park a few of the days and that music was playing while the Mule Deer were prancing through the meadow. I couldn’t stop giggling.

Dave realized the music was on after I started the video, so he thought he should shut it to have silence…I told him it went so great with it and he should keep it on, so he put it back. LOL!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy some snippets of Nature, live in action.

I couldn’t get enough of these beautiful creatures.










Climbing, Challenging, Centering & Soaring ~ Making Peace With Fear at Angels Landing, Zion


Saturday was our last day in Zion National Park and we decided to end our time there with a bang by taking on Angels Landing.

This is one of the most famous and thrilling hikes not just in Zion, but in the national park system.


It is a stunning 5.4 mile roundtrip trail with views from the top of the Virgin River and Zion Canyon below. Doesn’t sound like much, but it rises 1500 feet steeply and quite rapidly in the 2.7 miles, which for some can be quite strenuous in and of itself.

Then the last half mile is the truly gut-wrenching part, which is not for the faint of heart.

20160326_15062920160326_150756Six people have died on the trail since 2004, which indicates the need for confidence and presence.20160326_151821

Many will just stop at the top, where you can still enjoy wonderful views, without trekking the half mile of more challenging trail that has anchored support chains to assist you up and around the fin where you have 1000 plus foot drops on both sides of you.20160326_15251720160326_152919

In most of the literature they say the round trip hike takes 4 – 5 hours. That day I heard some people say it took them 5 1/2 hours.20160326_15542820160326_155222

Somehow we managed to do it in 3 hours, which included waiting at the congested areas along the scary parts, since only one person in a line at a time can pass safely.20160326_155319

To give you an idea on timing for this if you decide to do take it on as well at some point, we hiked up the switchbacks in 45 minutes to the top before the last half mile of craziness. And we hiked back down in 45 minutes after we finished the chained area.20160326_15160120160326_155814

So it took an hour and a half to do the normal trekking and an hour and a half to do the last half mile roundtrip, carefully and even with the waiting time.20160326_155932

But it was so worth it in so many ways for me, helping me to embrace my inner Capricorn.20160326_160632

I have Capricorn Rising and a Capricorn North Node, the latter indicating this is what I’m working into empowering and grounding for the next part of my life.20160326_160700

And that is just the energy I called upon in order to accomplish this hike, as normally it would be terribly fearful, perhaps to the point of paralyzed fear at times, and maybe not something I’d have wanted to even try.

20160326_161154But I have been working diligently on integrating this energy, processing and facing my fears in the way I know how to work with them, and ready to step into the next phase of my life.

The interesting thing is that my fear isn’t consistent. I have no fear of paragliding, sky diving, or flying…I go on big roller coasters and all. I love high altitudes and my desire is to live in high altitude and alpine areas.

20160326_154602However, when it comes to standing at the edge of a cliff or climbing something steep with drop offs, it’s a whole other thing.

I feel it boils down to self trust and feeling grounded and fully Earthbound. I’m very comfortable with flying and lightness…so for me, it has been a process to come fully into my body and ground and integrate the physical and spiritual. Something that is really balancing out more and more now for me and especially with all of the Nature time we’ve been spending and integrating the energies.

20160326_162608And being with the animals and deepening into the Earth experience on this adventure of ours is supporting all of that quickly.

So synchronously, every single day of the three days we were in Zion, we saw the Bighorn Sheep twice a day, which is incredible. They embody the energy of that steadfast goat/Capricorn that I have within me to embrace.

Interestingly also, at the ancient ruins in Page Springs where we stayed outside of Sedona, I had received a vision of a white Mountain Goat alongside an ancient Indian – the Rocky Mountain Goat of the alpines that is a sure-footed climber on cliffs and ice.

So I know the spirit of the goat has been with me, especially with all of the hiking and climbing we have been doing, but also because it symbolizes the energy of my new path in life.

20160326_161249_resizedAnd so, when Dave told me about this hike (he did it 26 years ago with his dad) and how challenging it was, I knew I should prepare myself.20160326_161302_resized

Oddly, this day I had felt called to braid my hair, which made me feel like a Native Indian – we kept calling me Pocahontas and Sacagawea – and also seemed to connect me with my ancient roots for integrating further Earth connection to keep me grounded and call up my strengths.

I was determined to face it and so I did a lot of Reiki energy work, not only protecting myself, but strengthening myself and with intent to embody the sure-footedness of the Mountain Goat. I called upon the white Rocky Mountain Goat and the Bighorn Sheep to be with me and then worked with the fear as I have done with the skiing and the mountain biking.

I not only steadily and consistently went up the switchbacks without need to stop for a break (which has become normal now for me), but when we reached the top where the people not continuing further on to the chained steep last half mile, I was given a choice.

When we saw the amount of people trying to make their way to the top and asked how long it took some coming down, we were contemplating if it was worth going up.

Maybe since Dave already did it, he said to me that we could just as well hike the other side and see nice views without wading through that last part, or we could just do it.

He left it up to me.

That was perfect, as I got to make the empowering choice. And I said, “Let’s do it. I didn’t come up all this way and prepare myself for nothing.”

So we did.

And along the way there were a few people that did become paralyzed with fear and couldn’t move, and needed supportive help back down even from only having gone a tiny way.

I understood their fear and felt the best thing I could do for the collective pool of energy would be to work through the energy myself in order to help shift things.

And so I stayed completely focused, present, and in the moment. Once again, blocking out everything except what was only right in front of me, taking one step at a time. I didn’t focus on the drops to both of my sides, didn’t let anything around me into my experience.

But I also allowed myself to enjoy and praise myself for each part.

I didn’t try to rush. I didn’t have to stop. I kept steady, focused, centered, consistent, and present. Every step counting. Calculating the rocks in front of me and the best way my feet would securely support myself.

And yes, when there were chains, I indeed held on. But the chains were also needed to climb up and pull with your arm strength, as you pushed off with your legs. Full body workout indeed.

I really enjoyed that and got into the climbing, which took me out of thinking about the edge of the cliff I was hanging off of, or what was below.

The other thing I really appreciated was the fact that there were many others around – which also was interesting to us that so many did brave this area.

Many I’m sure had no issue with it at all. Others were likely similar to me.

There weren’t any children, as that isn’t recommended and they really can’t do it. There were mostly a younger and mid-aged group of people.

And what I loved was humanity again shining through, as everyone was working together like a team.

There wasn’t anyone to stop those coming down and up from pushing their way through.

There wasn’t anyone to coordinate anything.

And yet everyone worked together seamlessly waiting, helping, supporting, one another.20160326_160232

A helping hand was always outstretched to help everyone, especially in areas where you had to go around people waiting up against the stones and you were cradling the edge of the cliff to get around. There were also helping hands up and down if needed and just extended even if you didn’t. People would said you can hold on or grab on to me….no one knowing each other or afraid to be close.

So much camaraderie…so much care for one another.

That was really a gift to experience, besides the personal triumphs I was experiencing.

I won’t say I wasn’t scared, as I was, but I felt confident in my ability to do it and that I knew my process.

And I did do it. And was quite proud of myself.

Even Dave said he had fears at times with the shear drop offs and seeing people so close to at any moment falling off with one wrong move, or that others could fall off due to someone’s wrong move.

He said he remembered it being challenging, but not quite like this.

Yet, he had less fears than I to work through, so he took tons of photos of me, while I was too focused to take photos until we were at the top and once we were heading down.

I’m grateful he did, as I’ll always have these to show myself of what I’ve accomplished.

To some it may be nothing, as we all have different fears, but to me it was huge and I am very proud of myself for working through and overcoming it.

I did become that Mountain Goat and embraced my inner Capricorn a big step more on that day.

20160326_154646And when we reached the top to take in the view, it was as if the Angels were shining down upon us, as this amazing rainbow light was all around us when I shot this photo from our place of accomplishment – where we were soaring in our integrated embodiment of human and spirit merged and in synergy.20160326_153812_resized

The photos Dave took don’t really even show how steep the edges are and how challenging parts of this really are, but they give you an idea.

I do remember on our way up that this tiny butterflies were flying around us. Ones like I’ve never seen before. They had three white wings and one yellow wing. Incredible! All of them were like this. And even a Swallowtail once made an appearance before we headed off on the last challenging half mile.

I definitely felt the support and know that we were being watched over and supported.

20160326_153636_resizedThe views were stunning at top and all along the trail, including down below at the Virgin River.20160326_164515_resized20160326_170022_resized20160326_170541_resized20160326_170550_resized20160326_170657_resized20160326_170815_resized

I was feeling quite refreshed and renewed as we returned to our car…this is me beaming.20160326_175432

And on our way out of the park another gift.

We had seen many Bighorn Sheep, as mentioned, twice a day.

20160326_110247 We’d seen some that morning on the way in, but I said as my intention out loud to Dave that I wanted to see them up close right by us on the road.

And so it was that that is what took place.

20160326_182752_resized20160326_182836_resized20160326_182834_resized20160326_182839_resizedThe Bighorn Sheep were right at the edge of the road coming down off the rocks right when we were coming through. So we stopped the car and took it all in. Some of them crossing in front and behind us and then we got out and some right next to us on the other side of the road.20160326_182805_resized20160326_18283320160326_182744_resized

It felt like they were celebrating with me and I felt like one of them.20160326_182748_resized

Rabbits, Cosmic Eggs, Pagan Goddesses & Transition – Easter Origins & Awareness

Reblogging this post on Easter origins and awareness and I want to add a reiteration to the part about not giving bunnies as Easter gifts.

Remember that rabbits are not toys… they are precious, extremely sensitive living beings.

Please don’t give rabbits as gifts on Easter to your children unless your family is committed for the long haul of making them a family member for life and ready to take on the responsibility required.

And if so, please adopt, as rabbits are the third most euthanized animals in shelters.

Tons of rabbits are dropped at shelters not long after the Easter novelty wears off.

Please help stop this sad trend.

You can also sponsor a bunny for Easter instead or decide to love one for life.

If you do, the rewards are invaluable.

But please educate yourself on rabbit care. I, Joy, and Cosmo (both adopted) thank you.

Bunny love to all from Joy and Cosmo on this Easter day.

Here are some captures of my little bundles of love and joy this morning.


Tania Marie

As we continue to move deeper into the Spring of this year and renewing cycle of life, we are also edging toward Easter this weekend, which also calls up visions, thoughts, beliefs, and energy of its own including fertile creation. Easter brings pictures to mind of spring blooms like tulips, colored eggs, baby animals, and also deep symbolism that may have varying meanings to each individual.

nestor with bunnies Nestor with her bunny friends

Easter is also a time when a lot of people, unfortunately, give baby bunnies as gifts to their children and do not understand the commitment to these precious and extremely sensitive living beings that comes hand-in-hand with that. Rabbits are the third most euthanized animals in shelters, right behind dogs and cats – something I learned from Marcy Schaaf, head of SaveABunny (a non-profit organization rabbit rescue and nationally recognized adoption, education and foster center) when I adopted Joy from there…

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Calling Up The Wind

When we reached the top of Watchman Trail in Zion National Park, I felt a sudden inspiration bubble up from within wanting through as a song.

This is a snippet of what Nature’s vista all around me, the majestic peaks in front of me, and what I was feeling, gently brought forth.

The short sound channeling of the organic song within my heart that I just allowed to flow as it wanted, suddenly called up the wind in a major way.

The whole time on the trail there had been no wind or just gentle canyon breezes, but suddenly with great force a huge gust came through stirring up the sandstone, as I sang, mirroring the power of the heart when we express it.

This wind stopped when I stopped singing and did not return until later when I was asking for a sign on an inspired idea that came to me.

This is the video I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I finally had time to listen to and get up on my YouTube Channel.

More sound channeling to come.

Enlivened & As One With Nature

20160325_162457_resizedWhat I love so much about this adventure we are on is how balanced our lives are by time spent immersed in nature, flow, and feeling as well as our time focused on our paths, home life, and exercising our minds with our chosen pursuits.

Life has increased tenfold in enrichment and there is instant recharge and renewal at our door.

I feel enlivened and more “me” than ever.


I do have to admit that even still I have to maintain focus, as John Muir’s words are always in my heart, “The mountains are calling and I must go.”


Nature beckons me all the time, which is supportive for the creative things I’m focused on, as ideas and inspirations come to me while I am out hiking, as well as the continual retrieval of parts of my ancient self keep on integrating.

Yesterday was one such day, as we did a little hiking and exploring. We went on the Watchman Trail and the short Archaeology Trail just below it that takes you to the site of where an old Pueblo ruin once stood on the hill overlooking the vista.20160325_164628_resized

The rest of the day was just meandering about.


We found ourselves a Collared Lizard friend and butterflies kept coming at me and flying across my path in between Dave and I, and above and around me when I was on my own. A lot of Swallowtail, but also small white and yellow butterflies, as well as one darker black one.


I definitely felt the presence and support of many souls and the connection with the elements, especially the Wind.

When we got to the top of Watchman Trail I felt called to bring forth a short song from my heart that moved through me gently, in reflection of the beauty around me, singing the song of Nature that I saw and felt…not with the same force externally, as can usually happen, but evidently had a force, as once I got deep into my heart expression with it, the Wind suddenly blew through with a force.


A short video was captured of what took place, which I haven’t listened to yet, but will likely share.

There had been no Wind until that moment. Just little gentle breezes. I felt that my song was being reflected and answered and it brought chills and a smile…feeling similar to the time when I sounded in the Great Pyramid of Egypt in the King’s Chamber.


Dave said, “What happened? The Wind suddenly came through like a crazy Wind storm blowing sand everywhere.”

I said, “I was singing.” 🙂


The second time this Wind answered me was while we descended and I was receiving some inspirations for my book and when something came to me that I was feeling out, the Wind again roared through…and I actually had to stop because it again brought up the sand, giving me an exfoliation on my back. LOL!

I said, “Okay, I got it….that’s my answer. Thanks!”

It was a lovely day and we again saw the huge herds of Mule Deer and two herds of Bighorn Sheep….which just tickles my heart and soul.


It would be easy for me to get lost outdoors and not return.

Which reminds me of Everett Ruess, the young artist, poet, and writer who was an explorer of nature and did so alone, disappearing without a trace at the age of 20.


While you explore the photos from yesterday, I’ll let you wander through the words of Everett Ruess.


“I have always been unsatisfied with life as most people live it. Always I want to live more intensely and richly. Why muck and conceal one’s true longings and loves, when by speaking of them one might find someone to understand them, and by acting on them one might discover oneself?”


“As to when I shall visit civilization, it will not be soon, I think. I have not tired of the wilderness; rather I enjoy its beauty and the vagrant life I lead, more keenly all the time. I prefer the saddle to the streetcar and star-sprinkled sky to a roof, the obscure and difficult trail, leading into the unknown, to any paved highway, and the deep peace of the wild to the discontent bred by cities. Do you blame me then for staying here, where I feel that I belong and am one with the world around me? It is true that I miss intelligent companionship, but there are so few with whom I can share the things that mean so much to me that I have learned to contain myself. It is enough that I am surrounded with beauty….Even from your scant description, I know that I could not bear the routine and humdrum of the life that you are forced to lead. I don’t think I could ever settle down. I have known too much of the depths of life already, and I would prefer anything to an anticlimax.”


“…while I am alive, I intend to live.”


“I’ll never stop wandering. And when the time comes to die, I’ll find the wildest, loneliest, most desolate spot there is.”


“I must pack my short lifer full of interesting events and creative activity. Philosophy and aesthetic contemplation are not enough. I intend to do everything possible to broaden my experiences and allow myself to reach the fullest development. Then, and before physical deterioration obtrudes, I shall go on some last wilderness trip to a place I have known and loved. I shall not return.”

And he didn’t.



A perfect hidden owl..


We found this amazing naturally carved perfect chair…so comfortable too! Like Nature’s Throne

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