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Pleiades and Poetry

Pleiades - the right corner of a much larger (4 1/2 x 5 feet) commissioned painting I did for a private collector many years ago - revealing my passion for, and onset of my, cosmic creations

I’ve been seeing myself drawn back to my cosmic roots with the themes that are showing up in my paintings lately and what I feel resonation with in channeling onto canvas. I thought it would be fun to share a piece (this is only the right corner of a large 4 1/2 x 5 foot painting) of one of my painting commissions I did many years ago. It was really the doorway to this cosmic opening that I’ve seen always prevalent in essence in my work, and then in tangible cycles literally showing up along my artistic journey. A revealing glimpse into the depth of Tania can be discovered through the work I am passionately inspired to create.

Here are some poetic reflections from Walt Whitman on enduring love and our connection to everything.

Walt Whitman : On the Beach at Night

On the beach at night,
Stands a child with her father,
Watching the east, the autumn sky.

Up through the darkness,
While ravening clouds, the burial clouds, in black
	masses spreading,
Lower sullen and fast athwart and down the sky,
Amid a transparent clear belt of ether yet left in the
Ascends large and calm the lord-star Jupiter,
And night at hand, only a very little above,
Swim the delicate sisters the Pleiades.

From the beach the child holding the hand of her
Those burial-clouds that lower victorious soon to
	devour all,
Watching, silently weeps.

Weep not, child,
Weep not, my darling,
With these kisses let me remove your tears,
The ravening clouds shall not long be victorious,
They shall not long possess the sky, they devour the
	stars only in apparition,
Jupiter shall emerge, be patient, watch again another
	night, the Pleiades shall emerge,
They are immortal, all those stars both silvery and
	golden shall shine out again,
The great stars and the little ones shall shine out
	again, they endure,
The vast immortal suns and the long-enduring
	pensive moons shall again shine.

Then dearest child mournest thou only for Jupiter?
Considerest thou alone the burial of the stars?

Something there is,
(With my lips soothing thee, adding I whisper,
I give thee the first suggestion, the problem and
Something there is more immortal even than the
(Many the burials, many the days and nights, passing
Something that shall endure longer even than
	lustrous Jupiter,
Longer than sun or any revolving satellite,
Or the radiant sisters the Pleiades.

Through the Stargate – Custom Personal Portal Painting

I just completed a custom commission painting for a very dear Canadian client who is an amazing soul brother and light in this world. He is one of the very few people I know that is always a bright, positive and ever-giving light. Even when going through the most difficult challenges life can throw a person’s way – he still faces it all with courageous and humble joy and love. He has been a supportive gift in my life since as long as I have known him and I am grateful.

He and I have collaborated on several creations in the past and now was a chance to bring one of his ideas into creative manifestation, which I intend to be supportive to his personal journey and current processes. There are no coincidences and the timing of this synchronous creation indeed will be a portal of intention that can take him into a new vibrational experience of life.

He commissioned me to create a portal painting and had a specific cosmic theme he shared with me that I was to bring to life with a “T twist.” And so Through the Stargate that you see pictured here, was born.

This painting in person has some very cool gold metallic touches and really vibrant blues, with touches of lilac, whites and creamy pink amidst black with deep navy blue undertone.

Another cool synchronicity is the timing of the birthing of this painting, as today marks 9 years ago that I brought my dear Nestor (twin soul bunny) home for the first time with me, who is now a multi-dimensional being of the Cosmos. And I have discovered that in every one of my new paintings, my parents have pointed out that a rabbit image shows up, among so many other animal and symbolic images that can be found if you take a moment to “see.”

If you desire your own custom commissioned painting created with your unique energetic fingerprint or bringing to life a vision you have, you can contact me at with your ideas, requests and to receive a quote. Here is some more information about my painting commission services: Commission a Painting

Interesting Tattoo Fact: ‘Millennials’ Are by Far the Most Tattooed Generation

My back canvas of sacred body art

An article written by Jeremy Taylor for expounded on an interesting fact that I shared in my book, Spiritual Skin. Here’s what he had to say:

18-to-29-year-olds (aka “millennials” or “Generation Y”) lead the nation in getting tattoos.

According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, 38 percent of “millennials” have at least one tattoo. While that isn’t a huge increase over the 32 percent of 30-to-46-year-olds who have body art — only about 10 percent of those over 46 have a tat — what differentiates the younger generation is how many tattoos they get.

50 percent of all inked millennials have more than one tattoo, and 18 percent have more than five. Among 30-to-46-year-olds with a tattoo, half only sport one; only 9 percent have more than five. 

Given that millennials still have many more years of questionable decisions in front of them, for some 18-to-29-year-olds, it could be a case of their amount of bare skin being the limit.

However, through my experiences and work as a sacred tattoo designer, I am seeing a rise in this generation, as well as others, in the increase of intentful, spiritual and symbolic sacred body art as well. So while Jeremy makes what I feel to be an unfair assessment, in stating that this generation of millennials have years of “questionable decisions”  that may only be about filling up the amount of bare skin they have, I’m pleased to see the word “questionable” replaced with “conscious” in terms of the decisions they are evolving into.

Custom Crystal Creations – Commissions that Empower

Master Healer

We, are enjoying creating custom pieces for clients, which has been a focus over the last couple of weeks. Each piece is as unique as the eclectic clients we work with.

The images you see here are of the first of these custom creations that has birthed – “Master Healer” – a radiating communicator of light Quartz Cluster crystal pendant created for a special lady in Brazil with a raw company. It is quite the piece measuring in at 3 3/8″ high (including bail) x 2.5″ wide x 1.5″ at its deepest point. We have a custom Moldavite piece on the way for a professional graphic artist and artist – he is an artist with words, known in his field for his logos and ambigrams. And we are in the midst of creating a lovely pair of energetically connected crystal pendants for two soul friends in Oregon with an amazing twin soul connection. So fun!

Master Healer

So while we create specific pieces that are like energy footprints that match the vibrational needs of the person it calls to, we can also be commissioned to create a special custom piece just for you or someone special to you.

Joyful Earth Crystals can be custom designed and chosen to tailor-fit your exact specifications and desires. Please message us with your ideas and intentions. You can email either myself at or Allison at with your requests.

Master Healer

Each Joyful Earth Crystal is created with only the highest quality materials and is imbued with Reiki healing love and individual, energetic programming specifically focused on empowering their new keeper with the supportive energies they have to share. We hand craft each piece with either pure sterling silver, pure fine silver, or pure copper, blended with the finest intuitively selected crystals available.

We intuitively hand-select each crystal and stone for its unique elemental properties, its essence and its empowering ability to help you embrace and integrate deeper connection with that desired energy by cultivating this energy and drawing it more fully into your experience. The focus being on the energies of compassionate embracing and empowered regeneration. Each piece is meticulously crafted and the designs are channeled inspirations and visions from the Heart and Spirit. No two pieces are alike and each is intended to embody a specific energy and designed with you in mind.

Joyful Earth Crystals are beautiful embodiments of raw Earth and Cosmos and make extremely memorable, unique and empowering gifts to yourself and others. They can be used in meditation, worn as beautiful, stand-out adornments for that special occasion, can lend energy and a bit of whimsical magic to daily life, or simply be worn as energetic support to help cultivate harmonic balance. Joyful Earth Crystals are a way to embrace your life as a work of art and to integrate your dreams into manifestation.

You can visit our current inventory that is available here: Joyful Earth Crystals

We have a ton more crystal pendants on the way. Their creation can’t be rushed, so we’ll keep you posted as each new piece comes into birthing.

Sacred Throat and Heart Chakra Tattoo Design

I’ve supported the co-creation of a lot of Heart Chakra and some Throat Chakra sacred tattoo designs, but this latest one is one that combines Throat and Heart in one! Yesterday was a very stormy and brrrrr day outside, with huge winds and thunder storms – almost hurricane-like! Wild and fun and an excellent day for channeling some creative inspiration through sacred tattoo design. As I danced within the inner realms this design (pictured above) is what poured through the channels. I was really inspired by the beautiful energy of my client and new friend, finding that the more open and courageously vulnerable each person is in opening up and sharing, the more divinely open the flow between us for creative channeling.

There were a lot of things my client shared of their personal journey that were all important, however for this first tattoo (of perhaps more to come) I was drawn to certain elements that were speaking loudly and felt most powerful for their path in the now.

This piece was created for their upper back area, lying center between the shoulders, with the dream catcher near the lower back of the neck, and design continuing down thymus (higher heart) and flowing down into the heart region. The size is almost 9 inches across by about 10 ½ inches long. (Whenever there is a lot of detail I recommend not going too small.)

As shared, this piece will be empowering for both the Throat and Heart Chakras. My client has a strong spiritual connection with a healer/teacher path, as well an affinity to native spiritual traditions and shamanism, and a connection with Mother Earth, crystals, nature, and the Faeries. There are many symbols present in this design that are subtle, but imbued within it.

We have the encircling wreath of flowers and leaves that crisscross at bottom – integrating, but also represent that connection of Oneness, eternal cycling of energy, etc. and of course the Earth energy in abundant blossom for manifestation and grounding. Then we have the shaman/healer/Mother Earth/Faery Queen representation at center. She wears a gown of leaves, flowers and spirals with a large unfurling leaf at her Solar Plexus Chakra extending in all directions and with a crystal at its center that is revealed. She wears a spiral necklace and spirals in her hair – the cosmic spiral and journey of life. She wears two feathers and leaves also in her hair, as well as a crystal head band that lies on her Third Eye Chakra. Her gown also at top is designed as a heart, which is subtly mirrored also below it – mirroring of a twin soul connection for them and also of an integrated heart both grounded and divinely opened. It is made of feathers, and leaves and with almost firey feather edges to be like that subtle sacred firey heart symbol. She stands centered, grounded and balance, in peaceful grace, courageously and vulnerably opening her heart to the world and revealing her true nature of giving and love – arms wide open to the flow of giving and receiving, palms open to embrace life and offer her love in service. The four directions are represented by flowers and leaves at each, and of course the dream catcher, with one sacred feather hanging from it, above the Crown Chakra of the woman at center, but will lay over the Throat Chakra of client – supporting their truth and authenticity to be communicated and shared with the world from their heart center, which the design connects through. Both hands reach out and are met with fully blossomed flowers, giving and receiving the nurturing abundance of life, as well as from her right hand, a beautiful bird emerges, representing freedom, joy of life both personally and collectively and flying courageously out into the world to spread their gifts to share with others. And rather than literal wings, I have the energy of emanating heart energy shown in the markings of almost lightning-like energy coming from center, but they also can be subtle, energetic symbolism of ethereal wings.

Here is some cool information I found on the symbolism of some of the images conveyed in this sacred tattoo design, you may find interesting.


Feathers symbolize truth, speed, lightness, flight, ascension – spiritual evolution to a higher plane. Feathers were worn by Native American Chiefs to symbolize their communication with Spirit, and to express their celestial wisdom. Also in the Native American Indian culture, feathers represented the power of the thunder gods, along with the power of air and wind. Native American Pueblo Indians would pay homage to the Feathered Sun which is a symbol of the cosmos and the center of existence. Another symbol meaning of feathers also revolves around prayer, and the Pueblo use feather sticks as they dance in prayer for rain during solstice rituals. As a Celtic Symbol meaning, the feather was worn by Druids in the form of ornate feathered robes. Celtic Druids donned these robes in ceremonies to invoke the sky gods and gain knowledge of the celestial realm. It was believed that the feathered cloak along with the presence of the sky gods would allow the Druid to transcend the earthly plane and enter the ethereal realm. The Egyptians believed that feathers were symbolic of sky gods too. Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess of justice, would weigh the hearts of the newly dead in the underworld against the weight of a feather to determine the worthiness of his or her soul. In Christianity feathers represented virtues. In fact, an image of three feathers were made into signet rings – each feather symbolizing Charity, hope, and faith. These rings were worn as a symbol of a virtuous soul – they were also used as wax seals. The ring would be dipped in warm wax then pressed against documents to seal the closure. The recipient would know the documents came from a virtuous man by the indication of the three-feather symbol in the wax. In dreams feathers mean travel or the ability to move more freely in life.


The dream catcher can also be a medicine wheel and with specific intention, with all the parts of the dream catcher having meaning.  To begin, the web represent the spider forever repairing the eternal web of life.  Thus weaving your life dreams and energy in the universe when you dream.  The ring represents the earth mother and the humble walk we do upon her. As we believe that we are related to all things and that all things are part of us then the Dream Catcher and medicine wheel is a representation of such sacred belief. The ring and the woven web represent love, honesty and purity.  All of the elements of the dream catcher together represent the earth, fire and water. Things we need to live. It represents the ability to be love and to love, to take the risk and get out of the nest and fly on your own, the ability to live beyond your shadows. The web is from the spider whose web represents the cycles of life – in each time of life there are many forces that can help or can interfere with the harmony of Nature. The web is a perfect circle with a hole in the center, to be used to help yourself and others reach their goals, making good use of their ideas, dreams and visions. If you believe in the Great Spirit, the web will filter your good ideas and the bad ones will be trapped and will not pass. The legend of the Dream Catcher is that it captures the bad Spirits and filters them. Protecting us from evil and letting through only the good dreams.  It is believed that each carefully woven web will catch bad spirit dreams in the web and disappear by perishing with the first light of the morning sun. The good spirit dreams will find their way to the center and float down the sacred feather. Dream Catchers are believed to bless the “sleeping ones” with pleasant dreams, good luck, and harmony throughout their lives. It is how lessons  were remembered and where visions were received. It is said that when you get a good night sleep you can remember when the spirit has talked to you.

Temple of Creative Inspiration – Harness Your Creative Potential

I’m feeling a big flow of newly evolved and even deeper inspired, creative expression coming through again. There’s always a mirroring effect to the work that channels through, reflective of the shifting experiences embraced. I’ve been immersed in some really profound intuitive sacred designs lately that have been quite potently involved and am simultaneously ready to get back to my painting again. I find I can’t be away from it for too long anymore, having had such a huge distance last year from it. Once I reopened a new door, it now wants to stay open and lead me to inner sanctuary gateways to unexplored depths!

With all this creative inspiration flowing, I’m really excited about Joyful Earth Crystals’ newest “Temple of” pendant – Temple of Creative Inspiration. I hope that it will help others to ignite, embrace and hone in on their uniquely beautiful, creative expression in ways they have never experienced before. Harness those creative potentials for loving service to the world!

For those who haven’t read about our new line, our “Temple of” collection is a special line of intuitively chosen crystal and stone beads that embody a “sanctuary of experience” to the temple body of you. These pieces not only make gorgeous necklaces (I have one myself!) but can double as pendulums!

Some of the “Temple of” pieces to look forward to are: Temple of Loving Integrity, Temple of Powerful Presence, Temple of Integrative Healing, Temple of Manifested Abundance, Temple of Intuitive Vision, and Temple of Vitality! We are taking accepting pre-orders on any of these if you’d like to request any that speak to your needs. Many more on the way as well!

These are currently in design birthing, but you can see, read all the energetic information on the properties of each and order the piece pictured above, along with “Temple of Harmony” at our Etsy shop: Joyful Earth Crystals. Again, if you have any requests, we welcome your ideas and can create something custom made for you.



Sacred Throat Chakra Tattoo Design

Sacred Throat Chakra Tattoo Design

I’m loving the energy evolution of new designs that are channeling through. The more courageously vulnerable people are in sharing with me, the more effervescent the co-creative channel between us for flowing inspiration!

For this latest piece, a few things really stood out to me energetically from my client’s sharing, which resulted in what ended up coming through while designing. I always hone in on what would be most empowering and how can it effectively be symbolically and artistically designed to capture that very essence needed.

So this latest sacred tattoo design I created is intended to go over the back of their neck (mirroring the pit of  their throat) so it lies at the upper back area and flows out and down slightly in its graceful flow to the sides, sort of energetically framing the way the shoulders begin in curvature. I incorporated the Throat Chakra symbol and energy this time and saw how I could transpose a Peacock utilizing part of it and then flowing out from it. As some know, the Throat Chakra is how you express yourself to the world and to have it strong and healthy is signified by how openly and honestly you express yourself. Empowering it supports courageous, vulnerable and authentic creative self-expression – your voice in the world, unique to you. It aids the flow and openness of communication, telepathy, and creative expression with clear and uninhibited emotions so the energy center remains unblocked and unrestricted, allowing you to bring forth your innate, unique inner truth and beauty to the world through the gifts you have to share. It allows also for you to be humble, open, and receptive to others’ uniqueness simultaneously. I felt that this focus of empowering the truth of my client’s inner voice would help guide them in aligning their actions in accord with the times. This will help them to express themselves more and more fully, as they desired, and to back it up with their authenticity of courageous self-expression without judgment or fear. A way to also “eat life” through the energy exchange of this center in giving out and receiving as they communicate their gifts in joyous voice to the world. It will also aid and promote clarity.

The Peacock was something they were drawn to and it felt appropriate for them and this design, as the Peacock is a possessor of some of the most admired human characteristics, and is a symbol of integrity and the beauty you can achieve when you endeavor to show your true colors. So it empowers the theme of my client’s authentic, creative self-expression. They say to contemplate the powers of the Peacock when you need more vibrancy and vitality in your experience. The Peacock can also help you on your spiritual path, and breathe new life into your walk of faith. The Peacock can rejuvenate self-esteem levels too and revive from that “blah” and blue feeling – just imagine the glorious, techno-color display the Peacock provides. So the Peacock helps support you in embracing your own nobility – again a great partnering energy with the Throat Chakra energy of courageous, authentic, creative self-expression. Peacocks also represent: glory, vision, royalty, spirituality, awakening, immortality, refinement, incorruptibility.

My client was also drawn to Mehndi inspired designs, but with more flow and less blocky-ness or primitive feel. So the design I was inspired to create to really emanate out the beauty of their personal self-expressive center is a flowing and graceful design with Mehndi influence. It includes the Peacock and I wanted to also incorporate the elemental and sort of alchemical connection they have with herbs – particularly Alchemilla that they have a strong relationship with. I incorporated five of these  (mirroring the energy of the 5th Throat Chakra) around the design. Five signifying change and transformative ability, as well as versatility and flexibility, as the Throat Chakra is also the energy center for change and removing resistances to flowing with the new. I love the reference of this lovely medicinal herb as genus “Alchemilla” that comes from Arabic Alkemelych (alchemy) meaning “little magical one”.

I feel there is a good balance of earth and spirituality energies in the “alchemy” of this sacred tattoo for my client that integrates as it empowers, within and without. The flow of the design, if you follow it, is almost spiraling, as well, which is like creating a living symbol that is moving the energy of this chakra – keeping it flowing and stimulated, abundantly lush and in full bloom. There is an organic, yet refined quality simultaneously imbued in the design too.

Another unique co-creative journey of sacred tattoo design empowerment!


Dragons and Dolphins – How They Can Assist Those Ready To Work With Them

Recently I was directed to Celia Fenn’s blog post (3/16/12) called The New Earth Energies by Laura Bruno who knows and shares my love and connection with Dragons and Dolphins. I loved this excerpt, I included below, on Dragon and Dolphin energy supporting the new paradigm of Earth energies and how they are co-assisting us in these shifts. Just today, I saw this video, also included below, which is not an isolated incidence, as many of our lovely cetacean friends have been challenged in these ways (and then some) and met with not as beautiful an outcome as this. I was a mess of emotions viewing it, feeling the powerful energy and beauty of this experience. Thank you to the loving people of Brazil for their tenderness, as our Dolphin friends are Masterful beings of love, here to assist us. It is always touching to see humans assisting in this way, as it does mirror the belief many of us hold of a return to natural harmony.

Dragons and Dolphins by Celia Fenn

Beloved Family of Light, as you begin this next phase of Connection and Re-connection, you will also make intense connections with the Awakening energy of the Dragons, and also the energy of the Dolphin Masters. These two groups of Light Beings are especially focussed on this part of the 2012 alignments and are fully ready to work with those of you who are ready.

Firstly, in the 6th Dimension you will encounter and reconnect with the Dragon energy. The Dragons are Higher Dimensional bearers of the “Cosmic Fire” or Angel Fire. This is a very basic but powerful elemental energy that you might term “nuclear” energy if you were to think of it in scientific terms, the basic “fire” that holds the holographic matrix in place.

The Dragons were the early bearers of the Cosmic Energy and were your “ancestors”. They breathed fire because they were expressions of Cosmic Fire itself. When you awaken the Dragon Fire, you reconnect with your ancient ability to work with the Cosmic Fire for co-creation with the Divine. When you live in fear of the Dragon energy, it lives in your shadow side and can emerge in destructive ways as “explosions” of rather negative fire. This happens on a large scale when humans go to war and rain fire on each other in the form of weapons, especially nuclear weapons, which are the ultimate negative use of the Dragon Fire. This is what has happened when humans have approached the Dragon Fire from a scientific point of view and tried to harness it for negative purposes. Indeed, much of the present conflict in your Middle East centers around the use of the Dragon Fire for war and who should have the right to access this power. The Dragons themselves have evolved as well, and no longer wish to be used for negative purposes, they wish to reconnect with Humanity and offer themselves in the service of Peace.

Historically, the relationship with Dragons has been one of fear, leading to abuse and destruction. In the third-dimensional world where perception works in duality, the Dragons were feared and brought into conflict and “vanquished”. In the fifth-dimensional New Earth you recognize Polarity within Unity and so the Dragons can re-emerge as you move into Mastery and the Higher Dimensions. In Mastery, you can become Dragon Riders and direct the Dragon Fire with Consciousness and use its power in manifestation and creation for the highest good and according to the Divine Plan. This is the way that the Dragon energy wishes to connect with humans, and not in the scientific way where the energy is harnessed and used without any understanding of the Sacred Relationship between Spirit, Dragons and Humans.

The Second Group of Light Beings is the Angelic Dolphin Masters, who are the Higher Expression of the Cetacean/Dolphin energy of Earth. They come from the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun, via Sirius and the Pleaides. Their purpose is, and always has been, to guide the development of the Species on Earth, especially the emerging Human Angelic Species. The Cetaceans are Masters of Holographic Engineering, and wherever there is a need for a major evolutionary shift or recalibration, they are there to assist. Even as Earth ascends into the New and Independent role in her Solar System and Galaxy, the Dolphin Masters continue to assist in this “birthing” process.

The Dolphin Masters and Angels embody the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. They flow with the Golden Energy of the Cosmic Christ, but they also embody the Turquoise and Magenta Rays of the Christ Love. The energy of the Dolphin Masters is expressed in Dance, Music and in Joy. It is fluid and flowing and light, beautiful and harmonious. When you embody the energy of the Dolphin Masters you become as they are, fluid, graceful, joyous and able to react with grace and speed. No change of direction in the Flow is a problem, you are simply able to move with it.

With the assistance of the Dragons and the Angelic Dolphin Masters, the Fire of Creation and the Evolution of Species on the Earth will once again be aligned with the Divine Will and Divine Creative Intelligence. This will ensure that these energies are used only for Higher Purpose in the New Earth.

You can view the entire post at Celia’s blog site:

Heart Chakra Sacred Tattoo Designs and Spiritual Skin Sequel?

New Heart Chakra Sacred Tattoo Design

It matters not
Who you love
Where you love
Why you love
When you love
Or how you love
It matters only that you love.

John Lennon

Heart Chakra energy is the most powerful energy there is. In the human energy system, the source of powerful and creative, unconditional love energy lies at the center of your chest in the Heart Chakra, or “Anahata,” in Sanskrit. From its middle position as fourth in a system of seven chakras, it is the balancing integrator of opposites (between body and spirit, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity) and acts as an energetic “bridge” between the lower and upper chakras. It is symbolized by a lotus of twelve petals and the color green, with emerald as one of its associated gemstones. It is from this place of peaceful centeredness that love emanates as divine power.

Not only do I wear an empowering Heart Chakra sacred tattoo design over my own Heart on my back, but I have seen the wave of Heart Chakra sacred tattoo designs increasing among those I work with and that are drawn to my work to receive a co-created, custom sacred tattoo. I love creating all potent and symbolic designs, no matter where they are energetically needed, but I have a special place in my heart for this energetic area to channel a creation for. And what a lovely canvas of emanation the upper back is! A visionary artist’s dream to create on in ways that can really empower at the core of being!

Most of you have seen one of the recent pieces I did for a client, pictured above (the piece is still going to receive coloring and shading, but you can see the powerful presence and beauty a piece like this creates for this energetic love spot!

I’m excited to see the final results of several others I have helped to manifest into creation, as well as can’t wait to see this new one posted. I love to hear the stories of the experiences my clients go through in the process of, and after, receiving their new Spiritual Skin. It truly is powerful, which I can share from my own personal experience.

Here’s what this lovely client had to share about the design you see here that I helped create. I can’t share her personal experiences, but her testimonial she did provide:

“What a true blessing it has been to get my Sacred Tattoo designed by Tania. My gratitude cannot be described with words. I have searched for years for the perfect design, but never found anything close to what I was searching for, needed, or imagined. Yet, when Tania completed my design, it was exactly what I was seeking and needed.

Honestly, I’m not surprised at the perfection. The energy and consulting invested throughout the creation process was like no other I’ve seen or heard of; but exactly what I needed. It’s no wonder my design came out perfectly the first time. 

I even had a chance to learn about the healing aspects of tattoos which was new to me, but now makes so much sense.”

I like to sometimes share the symbolism behind the images I have helped to create, to help others to understand what goes into these pieces and the layers of depth to the energy that they embody. I can’t possibly share everything, but it gives an idea of what is encapsulated into a sacred tattoo design. The image you first saw at the start of this is about a 10” x 7” piece. It incorporated the elements this very in-tune and lovely client had shared with me, with some additions I channeled and then finely brought together to incorporate one integrated piece embodying the intended energy.

Here is a little about the image. I won’t reiterate some of the elements that I have shared in other designs that are more Universally known, like the symbolism of Ganesha (remover of obstacles, Moksha (liberation, release, to free oneself), and Lotus. But here are some insights into the way they were created:

I wanted a beautiful image of Ganesha firmly rooted, balanced and open, receiving at the gateway of the heart and sitting center of the lotus throne, as if comfortably at peace and blossoming from this sanctuary. I created a very royal and layered lotus with petals at top that come together in Namaste honoring and prayer form, which also represents a meeting of duality into harmonious integration and create a beautiful petaled throne for Ganesha. I placed Moksha in Sanskrit at the bottom on the completely open petal that is shaped like a heart. I think that speaks for itself.

I added two elements to incorporate the “grace” this client wanted to represent someone dear to them that had transitioned and the grace of their being that my client embodies as the gift received from that person through them. These elements are represented by the Konrai, or Golden Shower, blossoms to the left and right of Ganesha. In the Hindu culture this has been known as the  flowering symbol of Siva’s or Shiva’s honeyed grace in our life – cascading, abundant, golden grace. Lord Shiva is the Lord of mercy and compassion. He protects devotees from forces such as lust, greed, and anger. He grants boons, bestows grace and awakens wisdom in His devotees. Shiva is also similar to the Phoenix energy, with a primary responsibility in maintaining the life cycle, cycling  destruction and recreation always in a circle, thus maintaining order in the Cosmos. So having this symbol of the Konrai/Golden Shower in here I felt was energetically potent for imbuing that showering of grace into my client’s life, as well as embodies the embracing of experiences they have been through and the peace in knowing the Divinity of it all. I also added the butterfly gently emerging from the lotus petals. The butterfly represents metamorphosis, transformation, balance, grace and the ability to accept change and also has that connection of Source through nature. I also felt that the butterfly not only could represent these qualities and healing energies for my client, but symbolized the transitioned soul who is divinely guiding them and showering them with their presence and gifts from their ascended embodiment (butterflies have also been said and known by the ancients to represent those that have moved to a different reality, returning to us in this life). This transitioned dear soul helps my client to draw in through their petaled lotus heart, the beauty they embody and guide them with.

The image is very centered and integrated, anchored and also elevating and expansive in the way the butterfly is flying up through the Chakras to Universal Consciousness and Cosmos (from its Heart Chakra placement) and the heart petal points down through the other Chakras and to the Earth. This representing an evolutionary process of integration that takes place through the Heart Chakra that will remind my client to always be present within their own life, as well as be example in their supportive service to others. The many layers of the lotus petals are also like the many layers of our life processes and peeling them away in timely perfection, similar to the onion, where we then reveal, in vulnerable strength, our core in complete liberated, unobstructed flow and grace. The beauty this person enjoys sharing with others I believe will definitely be embodied in this image, which is why I channeled a visual interpretation of the image references I had been given, as I really wanted to mirror the qualities of my client and what they are, at essence, about – that meant interpreting it through the heart.

I really love these Heart Chakra sacred tattoo designs and look forward to more. I am about to start a new design this weekend for another client, so who knows what will channel through as the most potent area to create their very first tattoo on. It does seem that everyone can benefit from an empowered Heart experience, as love is the most powerful energy there is!


Well, I didn’t see this coming in the beginning, but have been receiving nudges since the first day my book, Spiritual Skin – Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep came out. Like with all things, shifts take place, and right now MAJOR shifting has been occurring in record speed, so these days I can truly say only that which I feel in the moment, as the next is a whole new playing field. However, it is also my experience that if I keep receiving a recurring seed idea along with the clear vision, start downloading specifics and start to feel the seed as if its already blossomed, then chances are it WILL happen. The when is the only question! With that said, I have received the hard shove that a sequel to Spiritual Skin will be birthing and as that evolves, I will keep you posted. With the embrace that the first book has been receiving, I am understanding why a second is in need of emerging to support this new paradigm of sacred and empowered body art. So stay tuned! When and how I’ll manage to get this one out, who knows! But where there is a need created, there is a way to supporting it!


If interested in your own custom sacred tattoo design, temporary tattoo, or to learn more about and order a copy of Spiritual Skin, please visit: or you may contact me at

The New “Be” and “Temple of” Collections – Don’t Miss the 10% Off Launch Ending March 20th!

Be Love - Rose Quartz Heart

It’s so lovely to see our crystal friends connecting and making their way to their new keepers. The new pieces have been moving out and channeling on quickly and that is such a joy for us, as we are focused on creating pieces for empowered living that supports a new collective experience! We realize that that also means our Joyful Earth Crystals inventory is shifting and making way for new energy! We’ll be sharing a ton more just as soon as we can birth them! So please keep checking in, as we continually are introducing new pieces, like the “Be ” collection of new hearts and the “Temple of” collection!

Be Empowered - Tiger Eye Heart

Be Energized - Red Jasper Heart

Our “Be” collection is a special line of intuitively chosen heart stones that embody specific energies that support “being” the energy they possess and imbue into your lives. A way to be present, actualized and focused in your heart, moment to moment, drawing in, integrating, embodying and emanating the energy that speaks to your needs the most. At these amazing prices, you can have your own collection of pieces to choose from that support the energy you need, day to day. Many more on the way, including “Be True” – a lovely Sodalite heart. We will continually add to the collection, those energies and pieces we feel would be most supportive, as well as will keep offering these popular pieces you see, as long as we can procure the right pieces that offer the resonating vibrations we intend.

If you have any custom requests on specific energy you’d like in a special crystal “Be” heart, please let us know and we’d be happy to procure a lovely piece intuitively chosen just for you!

Be Flexible - Mookaite Jasper Heart

We put a lot of love, care and intention into every piece we offer and extend that TLC not only to every aspect of their creation, but to each of you. We spend time with each crystal not only in listening to their call, during the design process, in hearing their message, but in infusing each piece along the way and at time of sending off to their new keepers, with cleansing, empowering, programming and love focused specifically for you and the new partnership you have welcomed and embraced into your life.

Our “Temple of” collection is a special line of intuitively chosen crystal and stone beads that embody a “sanctuary of experience” to the temple body of you. These pieces not only make gorgeous necklaces (I have one myself!) but can double as pendulums! These are currently in design birthing, but you can see the example below of “Temple of Harmony” which they will resemble, but with different crystal combinations to create, embody and imbue the intended experience. Again, if you have any requests, we welcome your ideas and can create something custom made for you.

Temple of Harmony - Well Being and Stress Relief ~ Yellow Jade, Red Agate, Labradorite and Black Obsidian

Some of the “Temple of” pieces to look forward to are: Temple of Creative Inspiration, Temple of Loving Integrity, Temple of Powerful Presence, Temple of Integrative Healing, Temple of Manifested Abundance, Temple of Intuitive Vision, and Temple of Vitality! We are taking accepting pre-orders on any of these if you’d like to request any that speak to your needs. Many more on the way as well!

L.O.V.E. Seed (Love Our Vibrant Earth) Lemurian Seed Crystal Pendulums

We also have some lovely L.O.V.E. Seed (Love Our Vibrant Earth) Lemurian Seed Crystal Pendulums available, as well as will be creating some lovely new pendulums of various crystal beads for you to choose from. Pendulums are great for receiving answers from within. It’s not about trusting the pendulum, but about trusting yourself. Using a pendulum is a path of surrender. You surrender your lower self (physical self) to your higher self and by doing that, you put aside your ego – that controlling part that wants to be right – and receive a universal heart answer. Make great gifts, for self or others, to help support a more heart centered and connected, global consciousness, while aiding individual empowerment.

To read detailed information about the energy of each of these pieces, more photos, and information on the metals used and the chains that are included with each piece, please visit the link below.

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For information about Joyful Earth Crystals you can visit here: Our Mission

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