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Samhain Spells ~ A Cauldron of Metamorphosis

As I sit here stirring a pot of alchemy under the dark night sky, the scorpion’s tail ignites my root chakra, sending electric serpents up my spine.

In every twist and flick of a tail, a thousand Fae wands awaken my Cosmic roots.

I am the Snow Witch, disciple of Isis, Elemental conduit, and Cosmic Weaver conjuring up White Magick and Starry Webs to link our hearts.

As the veils part, I part them further, and honor those who’ve walked before me, alongside me, and yet to come.

Inter-dimensional whispers are loudest this Eve and I’m reminded of the sacredness of all cycles, knowing destruction is but an expression of creation.

Everything is ripe for recycling…an offering of strength in the form of surrender.

Although the invitation feels to be an unwelcome demand, softening into release opens space for creation to continue.

Nature’s miracles show us this simplicity by receiving just what is needed and not trying to take more.

Falling away and giving birth, all in the same breath of abundance and harmony.

This is wholeness within purity of being.

And in this innocence I transform that within shadows that has plagued the blood running through my veins.

With a bite of the pomegranate seeds, I taste the bittersweet and see the end and beginning as One.

Winds of change are strong right now, but not to be feared.

The zephyr of ancestral lineage speaks to us of the inevitable and the possible within the paths we are walking.

While voices are strong, listen deep.

You just might catch wind of the puzzle solved and harness the bridle of transmutation.

With a kiss and a prayer we enter the portal of resurrection and join hands and hearts to write the next pages of our creation myth together.

Shhhhh! Can you keep a secret?

Despite all efforts to steal truth away, you are STILL more powerful than you believe in this moment, and THAT’S what they fear.

Tomorrow we celebrate Samhain on the 31st day of October, the origin of Halloween with roots also in a Roman festival called Isia that honored the Goddess Isis during the end of October and beginning of November, and the Egyptian Khoiak festival (that lasted a month) held for her husband Osiris, whom her holy healing magick resurrected. Isis was the great magician (most powerful in the Universe) whose power transcended all other deities. She is the goddess of magick, death, healing, rebirth, regeneration, life-giver, fertility, and mother of all pharoahs and one of the most powerful gods, Horus.

Samhain is considered one of the most potent portals of the year for magick and is a powerful period of transition.

It’s a time outside of time, a doorway for much transformation, and infinite potential. As you know, it’s also the day my dearest soul companion in rabbit body, Cosmo, returned to the stars from which he came.

This is a great evening for any kind of sacred ritual you feel so called to do. Even if as simple as taking a moment to honor anyone who has crossed over, communicating with beloveds across the veils, or even just sharing a simple form of gratitude for all who have come before us and been a part of our evolutionary journeys as an individual and/or as a collective on this Earth plane.

You may also find this to be a great night for a tarot spread, pendulum work, candle magick, incense burning, saging and cleaning your aura and sacred space, creating and casting your own spells for intentions, placing sacred ritual items in a cauldron, lighting a jack o’lantern, communicating with loved ones and the ancient wisdom keepers, doing protection work, clearing your energy and releasing blocks and old anything, meditating and deeply reflecting, being open to answers to important questions, transitioning endings and beginnings, embracing and being honest about your fears and shadow energies, journaling and automatic writing, receiving inspiration for projects, creative visualization, giving offerings to spirits, faeries, and nature energies, and even visiting the Faery Realms. But remember to return before dawn and close all portals you open. πŸ˜‰

I put together a little visual spell for this potent day above, along with an inspired channeling to add to your day of ritual and celebrating.

This day wouldn’t be the same, however, without my dearest Astrid by my side, so here she is donning her own magickal witchy Samhain hat and beaming her sparkly essence.

These have become our favorite hats of this season we now wear each year.

Astrid is my copartner, cocreator, inhabitant of my heart, fellow Cosmic pilgrim, familiar, and most cherished treasure. It’s a privilege to be by her side and an honor to care for this important Cosmic and Royal seed I’ve been entrusted with.

I’m glad I had the foresight to get her photos ready before she needed to travel through the darker chambers of the rabbit hole tunnels. Although she’s nearly emerged from beneath ground, I wouldn’t have wanted to disrupt her journey and the importance of what she’s moving through and transmuting.

Samhain wouldn’t be complete without my powerful rabbit familiar, as I’ve shared before how rabbits are associated with lunar energy, luck, hidden knowledge, divination, love, creativity, success, sensitivity, agility, swiftness, spontaneity, abundance, rebirth, renewal, transformation, and fertility. They’re also known to dispel negativity, cleanse, and break spells.

Rabbits were the original witch familiars before cats and in fact it’s been said that witches would transform into rabbits as a disguise.

We two Cosmic Love Witches send out galaxies of stardusted magick from our hearts to yours.

May your Samhain/Halloween be mystical, wondrous, cleansing, and deeply transformative.

~ A Samhain Reminder ~

The Final Registrations for both of the new, Collective Energy Dynamics Forum offerings end at midnight this Sunday, Samhain 10/31. You can sign up through the end of weekend still for the One-Time Live Zoom Session where you can ask me anything we have time for, and/or the 6 monthly Recorded Sessions that will include answers to your submitted questions, monthly energy overview and support tips, plus a bonus gift each session. Both of these we created to make support more accessible, affordable, and so that we can delve more deeply with more people, as way to benefit from each other’s questions and energies within the group dynamics. I’m so excited about these all beginning in November!

Link is here:

Collective Energy Dynamics Forum

However, if you’re doing monthly payments for the recorded sessions, you’ll need to please CONTACT ME, as that option is not on there.

And remember that you can still register for Reiki or Phone or Email support, all being offered at big discounts, but need to be used by 12/3.

May all possibilities be open to you

In love and creative magick

An Invitation to Watery Depths

An atmospheric river hit the central Sierra Nevada and Tahoe area over the last several days, which brought snow levels to nearly four feet. Apparently this made it the second snowiest October since 1970 – trailing less than two inches behind for first place.

Here at the forest portal we received a little over a foot of fresh white purity after quite the downpour of ongoing rain. These were taken early Monday morning while snow was just slowly rising since midnight the night before.

It’s yet to be seen how the rest of Winter will go, but we’re definitely experiencing an early one this year. Something I actually had felt back at the end of Summer. I always pay attention to the way the little forest animals are behaving, since they’re so tuned in, and I felt that they knew this was coming.

Meanwhile, the Caldor Fire of our area is 100% contained – yay! Again, thank you so much to everyone who has contributed their healing prayers and energy to supporting all of the worldwide challenges. Containment is different than controlled or completely out, but all this precipitation is a good direction. There’s a lot of suppression and rehabilitation work that will be ongoing in the surrounding areas, so fire fighters will be seen for months ahead and we still have closures to some of our favorite National Forest areas for safety and rehab work being done that could last through December or even March.

That said, it’s all a lot of good stuff to celebrate and luckily we have tons of back country here we can still explore safely.

Whether people like snow and Winter, or not, one cannot deny the importance and gift that snow and water bring to the regions. We have choice in terms of where we live, but we don’t have a choice about the necessity of our source of all life – water.

And all of this watery energy feels like a good shift to be experiencing and much needed – not only in terms of actual water, but the water element itself and the gifts it can highlight with fluidity, cleansing, change, surrender, feelings, intuition, and creativity.

I feel that water is one of the most suppressed, avoided, and misunderstood energies. It rules our emotions and unconscious parts, hence our shadow energy as well. So, it’s easy to see how so much “snow” can be a bit disheartening for some, even though beautiful.

We two water signs, on the other hand, DO love snow and Winter and took advantage of this beautiful Wonderland for our first snow shoe of the season.

We also happened to be the very first on the trail, making our own fresh tracks in the very deep snow at the top of the summit above our home. It was quite the workout with our feet sinking up to our knees at times. There was a good three feet where we were and deeper in some areas.

This area is where our sweet tree friend lives. You might recall his story and how we saved him the year we first arrived back to Tahoe during the biggest Winter season we’ve ever been in.

Look how big and strong he is now! He’s the one circled in lilac. And his baby girl is doing so well too! She’s circled in pink next to him.

I love seeing the circle of life unfolding before my eyes and how one choice and action can change everything.

When out on your own in the middle of the snowy mountain forests, you can’t help but hear the stirrings within much louder.

Being in the presence of this kind of purity and stillness is something you can only experience. It’s like nothing and everything exists all at once and anything is possible.

Our timing was perfect, catching the gorgeous baby blue sunshiny skies that make everything surreal all around you.

It felt like the Cosmos was shining down upon us.

Ethereal is an understatement!

After returning home, clouds moved in.

And so the message of seizing the day, this moment…speaks loudly to us.

During this storm there’s been some things at home we’ve needed to handle that included Astrid moving through a challenge. Seems the storms and water element have asked for a deep cleanse to take place, to rid us of the old debris and make way for new ways of experiencing the world.

It’s also what this season of Scorpio points us toward – depth, shadowy cleansing, and strong rebirthing potential from the courage to travel the mysterious and richly psychic realms.

Samhain/Halloween is approaching as well and the “darker” half of the year. There’s a lot of spirt world magick to tap into, communicate with, and channel through.

The end of October is a time of celebrations and honoring for us here, with Dave’s birthday and the Samhain portal being Cosmo’s cross-over day.

The snowy landscape and crisp air feel like an invitation to something deeper that will be revealed later.

For now, I’m traveling through depths with Astrid and holding the vision of wholeness around the journey at large.

Are you feeling called to a new layer of experience in some part of your life, or in general?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you are.

As I mentioned before I’m in the midst of a watery creative flow and prepping for some expansive fun.

I’m working on a magick wand commission and while I was out, before the storms, seeing what fallen branch would speak to me to create this, I also was led to several others. I’m likely going to create an opening for some wand commissions in the next week or so, but you can also contact me if this is of interest to you for yourself or as a gift to someone for the holidays. I haven’t made some for a while, but am feeling the tug right now.

I am also working on a new wood portal painting that will be available either here or in my Etsy shop in the coming weeks – really loving the energy of it. And have a couple of other “feathered” creations upcoming that will either be readymade or commission possibilities.

Speaking of our shop, there is only one item left – the Cosmic Mermaid Curiosity Chest – UPDATE SOLD I find it very interesting that this is the last one since it’s connected to…..WATER ENERGY! Lol! It’s one of the most beautiful ones in gorgeous aqua stones. I’m actually thinking it might be meant for me. So, if it doesn’t find a home shortly, I’m making it mine.

Link to shop at:

Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop

I already shared about the upcoming change and new Collective Energy Dynamics Forum beginning November that you can still register for through end of 10/31. These are a first time offering that involve six 90 minute recorded sessions to include answers to your questions, monthly energy overview and support tips, plus a bonus gift each session.

Easy monthly payments are available to join these if you contact me.

There’s also been a development since we shifted over to the recorded sessions that I’m going to make available to only a few people.

I’ve reopened a new version of the live sessions to include only one Zoom session with a very small group. There’s currently 2 people in this (which it may remain as) and we’re feeling to open to 2, maybe 3 more. The reason for only a few is because this is going to allow me to answer a lot of questions from the participants and to keep it very intimate. Originally this was going to be a 3 session option over the course of 6 months, but now it’s a one-time session that will run 90 minutes to 2 hours and participants will have ability to ask as many questions as we have time for. The discussion will likely take on an organic flow, but it’s going to cover collective energies at large – macro – and how any of that fits into the micro – you.

These and the recorded sessions can both be registered for at the link below. The deadline for the new live session option is also 10/31 and is being offered at a special discounted price.

Once you register, you’ll be contacted about sending in questions (if for the recorded sessions) or to set up the date in November for the live interactive session.

Here’s the link:

Collective Energy Dynamics Forum

And last, I did open up some modified Reiki and Phone session support through 12/3. I was recently asked if the Phone session could also be an Email session option instead and that’s an absolute, yes! I used to offer email sessions, which make it easier time-wise for some people and create a record of things we discuss so you don’t have to spend time taking notes during calls. So, if you would prefer your session to be Email instead of Phone, please contact me after you register at the link below and we’ll make that happen:

Limited Time Reiki & Phone/Email Support

Wishing you a flowy and enrichening end of the month!

Celebrating Commitment to Evolve

As a big flow of much needed precipitation gifts us here in the mountains, we two water signs celebrate a cycle of growth and togetherness.

We began our journey thirteen years ago, and like anything worth the effort, our desire to evolve has supported what we are enjoying today.

While it took much focus, ebbs and flows, and determination, the evolution has been worth the commitment and speaks to how doing the work really does make a difference.

It also deepens and enrichens what’s shared.

Many think they need to have everything mirrored in the person, experience, job, etc. that is exactly as you are.

And yet, the fundamental shared core essence and values are truly the glue.

The details and exacts of how those translate are not as important as the desire to evolve, be kind and compassionate, and find the shared keys.

In many ways we are yin and yang, but everything we embody is perfect alchemy.

I’m grateful for the challenges, as they have helped me to ground and to walk the walk.

And that is gold to me.

In Between Spaces ~ My Creative Process & Processes Created for You

This theme, of the in between, is one that so often pops up. I know I’ve written about it many times over the years and yet, here I find myself moved to share it again. Perhaps it was yesterday’s hike with Nature reflecting both Autumn and Winter in the landscape draped around me. Or, perhaps it’s feeling into the deep collective waters that run through me that speak to all things in process.

I can sense so many people wondering what’s next in their lives and in general, surprised by the changes rapidly rushing in, or worried how to get there or even if it’s possible.

Things “out there” aren’t providing the same kind of reassurances you once might have looked for. So what’s “in here” – inside of you – is going to keep asking you to trust what you feel (body and heart), despite what anyone else says or what’s playing out.

It’s getting harder, on the one hand, but clearer on another – because I KNOW you can feel when something doesn’t sit right. And with so much exploding in almost nonsensical ways, making sense within may actually become easier.

Distinction lies in vibrational resonance.

We’re in extremely shifting and unknown times that create a worldwide in between from where we’ve been as a planet, to where we’re going, and even a deep gorge in between very distinct personal and group paths unfolding before our eyes.

It all points to the here and now and the incremental steps needing your focus. Those pauses, breaths, and gratitude for anything you can stretch yourself to embrace amidst the rubble crumbling around you.

I felt called to share this sound channeling from four and a half years ago to support a deep pause and breath for the moments in between that you’re experiencing right now. Please join in the long, deep, and intent-filled breaths.

Nature’s Breath ~ The Space Between Worlds

I, too, am in a huge in between right now….with the two sides to my canyon growing wider by the day.

Yet, rather than fret about depths I keep digging my gorge in between, I take solace in knowing the strength of this new and essence-rich foundation will endure. I welcome the old to crumble away, as I do not wish to build atop the roots of the past.

In the meantime, I find creativity to be an effective dredging process that helps clear and move my energy when those steps are needed.

Creativity helps me to take steps without boundaries and enjoy the journey.

So, amidst the craze of things yet to come, and things in process, but not yet manifested, I am working with what is at hand – creative energy at large.

There are infinite ways to approach life, the steps, the paths, and to choose how to embrace it all.

I always flow with what shows up and morph where resonance magnetizes me even if it’s different than where I was first headed.

And with the Aries Full Moon today and its energy leading up to it, I’ve found things accentuated and pronounced in depth of feeling and resonance. I also feel an extra inspiration and gusto behind creativity wanting to move through me and I’m listening to that alignment of essence.

Like the Sibyls (from which the ancient heritage within me is rooted) who lived hidden and out of reach in order to filter the energies that accessed them so they could remain devoted to the sacred purity of their connection with Mother Earth and the Cosmos through sound vibrations, there is a place within…calling me there again.

This is a raw, primal, and sacredly harmonious energy that this Moon feels in many ways aligned with.

And I love that the environment and seasonal shifts outdoors feel to be singing the same song.

The dual seasons straddling one another, experiences woven into each other, old and new simultaneously alive….all in the humming of a seed within the dark, nurturing womb that knows to reach through the dirt to touch its tendrils to the light.

This is about the moments in between and the deliberate presence of breath during the transmutation.

So, I find my energy wanting to create things right now and I’m honoring that flow. In my space in between things I am enjoying a little creative upswing that I sense is supporting the evolutionary journey right now, while also gifting me joy and peace with the process of transformation.

Creating beautiful, artsy, and sacred things is its own portal opening through the vortex of my heart. That said, I may have some creations to share in the coming weeks with you, including a rare, magick crystal wand commission that felt oh so right to accept. I love when things line up in resonance when I least expect it.

With holidays coming, there’s chance some of these creations may take form as possible gift-giving art.

Today, 10/20’s Full Moon is the last day for early registration discounts on the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum. Originally there were two choices plus an option for both, but I’ve updated the page to reflect recent changes for greatest energy resonance.

In speaking with people who reached out with questions, it was interesting to see a shift as I discovered that in contrast to the energy of the online classes, the live sessions were now presenting new challenges that exposed “vulnerability” as a theme popping up, as well as time availability.

So, only the recorded sessions remain an option to support greater flexibility in joining when ever aligns with individual schedules and for complete anonymity.

You can still register by 10/31 for these, but today is the last day for early registration discounts:

Collective Energy Dynamics Forum

If you haven’t spoken with me yet and have questions about this change, please contact me to discuss.

People asked if there was any possibility of opening up individual sessions or Reiki support and so I sat with this, in light of the Forum changes.

Due to freeing up a little time with not doing the live sessions, I am opening up some modified support systems only through December 3rd.

I haven’t had chance to put these on a separate, new page on this website, so for now you can only sign up for them below – UPDATE: THERE’S NOW A DEDICATED PAGE TO REGISTER SO I REMOVED THE LINKS IN THIS POST

Limited Time Reiki & Phone Support

I want to make things as accessible as possible because from what I’m hearing there’s a lot of stuff people are moving through right now that would benefit from that added momentum, clarity, and boost.

That said, I’ll make available modified, individual phone sessions and Reiki support at discount.

You can purchase up to 4 of each, but they also need to be used between now and December 3rd of 2021.

I will customize the Reiki support to your needs when you register and share with me your intents.

I’m going to make Reiki support available at the discounted rate of $33 each instead of the $55-$85 they can run for Reiki Healing Attunements or sessions.

I’m only going to be offering 1/2 hour focused phone sessions, rather than 1 hour sessions. 1 hour sessions are normally $226 and included follow-up Reiki support, but these sessions will be straight phone sessions at the special rate of $88 each.

You can also gift any of these to others. Please contact me after registering to set up details.


Embrace your process, journey, evolution and all the spaces in between.

Starting the Week with Inspiration ~ Snow Enchantment Lights Up Our Hearts Here at the Forest Portal

Snow Rabbit Queen Astrid was filled with hoppy joy from the tips of her ears to the ends of her thumpers this morning and Faery mom mirrored the delight with giggles, sparkly eyes, and tickled-to-joy wings.

Astrid is a true snow bunny who has always found Winter Wonderlands to ignite her heart, ever since she first came home to live with us. I always find her looking out the window at the snow and excited to tell us all about it. In fact, this morning she couldn’t wait for us to wake up and peek outside.

She was zooming around our room to get us up this morning and then followed me into the living room and zoomed around some more. While I looked out all the windows she was right at my feet, eager for me to check it all out, and then we celebrated with snuggles.

We were glad we listened to our intuition and took in all the deck furniture for the season yesterday afternoon. The day before was a beautiful, sunshiny Autumn day and we enjoyed lunch on our deck for the last time.

The winds were rolling in fast yesterday, and so after our hike down to the lake, we gathered everything up, including a last harvest of my Garden Tower for Astrid before the storm hit.

I was so surprised that even though everything had gone to sleep early this year with my being unable to tend to things while we were evacuated and then frost nights that had us needing to shut the sprinklers and water spicket off early, that my Garden Tower had a come back of a 1/3 of the herbs on it. Enough for one lucky bunny to have a few days of fresh deliciousness to add to her snow celebrations.

Last night was cozy movie time, as we heard snow hail coming down outside and this morning we find ourselves with our fireplace going.

We woke to three inches of snow at our elevation of 6600 and much more on the mountain tops above.

It’s so beautiful!

And so inspiring!

I was sad that we had missed the first dusting while we were away on our little retreat recently. It wasn’t much the first time at our house, although it stuck around at the south end of town and the upper mountain tops.

Our house and fur baby sitter had sent us a video of the snow coming down, so at least we got to see it. She told us how much the fur babies were enjoying it, especially Astrid who was at her feet watching with her.

I secretly was wishing for more that we’d be able to experience when home….and then we got it.

Hoping we get an early and big Winter this year, as the environment sure needs it and us snow bunnies sure love it. It’s such a gift and with all the droughts, it’s nothing to be taken for granted.

The change of seasons, my being home now more, and having extra time with projects completed means faery baking and cooking kitchen fun begins.

In fact, yesterday before the storm I made a simple little dish with what I had on hand – a peach, pear, apple cobbler that had the house smelling like holiday spices.

It was the perfect warm welcome to the storm, melting my vegan whipped cream upon touch.

We’re looking forward to our first snow walk today, as it kept snowing this morning and the snow isn’t melting away fast like usual.

I find surprises like these and especially nature-created wonders, to be super inspiring. It makes me feel extra productive and motivated when there’s beauty around and I add to it with creative things that I enjoy.

That’s also why my creative work space is decorated as my personal magick Wonderland sanctuary…It inspires me and nurtures my imagination. I have things in it from all four seasons, as I love what each of them does to my senses.

I hope these snowy windows and cozy, comfort and joy feelings (like this bunny latte) find their way into your heart today.

Wishing you a wondrous week of things that inspire you around each corner.

Risk Truly Feeling Alive

As we approach another Full Moon on the 20th, we open the door for a very strong Blood Moon in Aries experience, also known as the Hunter’s Moon. There are a lot of other energies adding to the mix, including Mercury going direct just a couple of days before, which I’m guessing many of you are quite happy about. πŸ™‚

As always, I leave the details to the astrologers or those of you interested in researching further. I’m drawn to more of the broader strokes, although I can easily talk detail when occasion calls. More and more I have been freeing myself of things and getting back to my simplicity. That’s likely why, for example, North Node focus was my personal golden egg, astrological discovery when leaving my teens for good ol’ twenty. After delving into the details, it was a breath of fresh air to that part of me who always believes there’s an easier way. Things my inner child felt resonance with were, and are, my guide posts. It falls into my signature energy of always bridging things in ways that I and others can more easily grasp. I look for the common points that tie things together or make things more simple.

That’s likely also because I’m an eternal child at heart. I still fall back on all my favorite childhood stories and animated cartoon messages, as they truly do shed light on the key aspects that can make all the difference. Simplicity is still potency. At least that’s my feeling about it.

So, in simplistic terms, this Moon focuses on Aries and with Sun in Libra it’s about finding the balance between personal and relationships to others, as well as how you can use your energy and personal expression to create more beauty in the world. Things that stoke your fire to react or take actions in general, but knowing when it’s time to pause before doing so with more thoughtful response. Aries is about you and knowing your personal power, but we are also learning how to allow others to be themselves and have their own personal power too.

You might be taking note of what illuminates your inner fire, gets your passion burning, and how you want to use that fire. You may also notice a lot coming to a head and the Moon energy highlighting what really is key to handle and put to rest once and for all with outmoded or dead-feeling patterns and avenues of your life. Things in the outer world will have their own mirroring quality to this as well.

I see this as that pure life force energy like when a baby has just emerged from the birth canal. Aries is impulsive, spontaneous, without inhibitions, adventurous, needs to physically move a lot, is driven by primary motivations, creates for the sake of creative expression, and plays for the sake of playing.

One question right now you might ask yourself is, “What lights me up?”

And I feel this energy will express itself differently for each of us, but you may find yourself looking at how to be more assertive about what is important to you, looking at ways to stop what you’ve been procrastinating about, what steps you can take to initiate action toward something you want to change in your life, and how you might be more self-reliant in some area of your life.

You may even just want to move that childlike energy through you. And in doing so, this helps bring clarity of feeling or thought around things you’re questioning.

And that’s what I did a lot of while I was away recently – well, I do a lot of this in general too. πŸ˜‰

We did 6-7 miles of move-that-body hiking adventures every day and then I would have me time explorations, nature being and tuning in, and play time upon returning back to our home base on the lake and forest – one of my ways of activating my Aries energy and clearing the energetic palette, so to speak.

There happened to be a private playground in the front of the house we stayed at, so of course you know you could find me there. The wild turkeys would hang out with me, too, on this lawn.

These photos were taken during one of my play days and I wrote the following little snippet that it inspired.

Giggles upon the wind made my heart flutter and tickled the truth right out of me.

No, I’ll never grow up.

I’ll never ever lose the wonder.

The little girl’s laughter and bright eyes shine through the woman before you and the two are never seen apart.

The playground is where I found myself again.

With every swing higher, the heaviness is whisked away.

With every swoosh down the slide, flow is restored.

To explore is my joy.

To play is my power.

No matter what life throws you, don’t leave your inner child behind.

Take her or him by the hand and run wild together across the field of possibility.

Dare to play, explore, laugh, love, believe and dream and you risk truly feeling alive.

I find myself looking at initiating new and deeper elements of my life and even jumping onto a whole different road with all of me, where energies have much clearer and louder voices of alignment.

And the way I’m approaching it all is with childlike curiosity, wonder, and excitement, rather than allowing all of the steps to get there be daunting. I sing my way through each day and activity – literally – and I back up the little girl’s dreams, trusting she knew better all along, and telling her so.

Sending each of you inspiring energy to do any little thing that makes you feel more alive in the moment. It doesn’t need to have any big goal in mind to reach, as a result. It doesn’t need to be done in order to achieve anything.

It simply can be playing for the sake of playing.

I feel it can make all the difference.

~A quick reminder that 10/20 – the day of the Aries Full Moon – is the last day to get in early registrations for any of the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum options. I may close deadline registrations altogether, even sooner than 10/31. So if you don’t see the page link up some time after 10/20, this is why. There may be some changes as well to options, based on what I’m seeing, but I’ll let you know. Please contact me if you have anymore questions and yes, payments are available too.

Animal Medicine ~ Nature Guidance for Conscious Evolution

One message that always reiterates and was clearly evident on my retreat time away – nature is where I thrive and belong. Since I first arrived on Earth this time around, the animals were always there to comfort and guide me. This is actually a soul history pattern for so many of my lives in this realm. Whether conditioning grabbed hold around me at any point in life, the whispers of the animal kingdom never stopped calling me back. Their language is the language of my heart, where truth resides alone. They helped remind me of who I really was – the nature of me – and how to organically unfold the petals of that Cosmic blossom here on Earth. In essence, they have always reflected evolutionary and harmonious alignment and how to be with peace as the center of my compass. The reason being because they match my wild heart’s innocence.

So while I’m keeping most of my time away to myself and Dave, I did feel guided to share the animal messengers that showed up to surround me in their medicine and serve as confirmation of alignment – ultimately adding activational inspiration to the path ahead that I’m leaning into creating anew.

This being because I know the power of collective symbolism and I feel that sharing our individual experiences can be beneficial. Also because I feel that nature and the animals are wisdom keepers of organic being and the closest thing to pure energy flow that can provide us invaluable pages of answers to the many questions running through us.

To reiterate past shares just briefly, I refrain from labeling things higher, lower, better, worse, positive or negative to describe paths across the board because they feel to create a definitive right or wrong simply by implication of their meaning. And in using these phrases we unknowingly can taint, manipulate and limit someone’s perspective, rather than support a widening perspective or openness of heart.

Simply put, there’s choice and what is your heart’s truth. If you choose from awareness of your intuitive heart resonance, then that is the most valuable gauge you’ll have. Even with splits and dramatic contrasts to what’s unfolding on Earth there’s still that choice alone to make, no matter the path you choose. The only thing that makes a difference is if you desire to make choices free of outside interference, then you move into personal awareness, which puts the focus on being present to your inner world’s response to things and not what others are doing or saying at you, no matter what group they belong to. And we, of course, have choice whether or not to be present in the first place as well, which is also perfect.

I can fully admit that I haven’t always been present in my life, or at least didn’t want to recognize what was presently before me. I’m grateful I choose to experience consistent presence now and it is because of this supporting greater attunement to frequencies, elements, and vibrations that I experience what seems like magick. My awareness fine tunes all my senses in ways that I feel I become much like an animal myself with extreme clarity of vision, sense of navigation and environmental awareness, telepathic communication, and more. And this is available to all of us.

I believe that’s a big part of why I find or encounter things the way I do. The other part has to do with my soul signature. Curiosity underscores the experience so that I’m open to any message or reflection the encounter imparts.

I’m steering more and more away from sharing the symbolism of things, as it’s very easy these days to research that online about specific animals or other symbols that show up, but more so it’s to encourage each of us to find our own way and messages from things reflected to us. Also to support trusting our intuition. I think you can likely draw forth some of what these meant for me, if you are familiar with these animals even in the most simple of ways. And in your own life, I also know you can draw from an experience of seeing a particular animal, element of nature, or something that catches your eye, attention, or heart in a different way, what meaning it might have for you at that moment, or what answer or message it is mirroring for what you’re currently experiencing or have been wondering about in life.

For this reason, I am moved to simply sharing these encounters and sightings as my own thread in the collective tapestry. They were particularly meaningful for my own conscious evolution at this time in my life and being that some of them were extremely rare, made them that much more potent. The timing of how and when they showed up also spoke volumes.

I do feel that nature is our closest ally right now in supporting each of us toward more of our own authenticity, empowerment, and heart communication. I feel that development of our senses and awareness, overall, can be enhanced by time in and with nature. I believe our physical well being and immune systems can be strengthened and experienced with greater peace and grace by time in and with nature. I believe clarity of connection with our intuitive messaging systems and with the Cosmos at large can be opened by time in and with nature. I believe hope, inspiration, and creative flow can be nurtured by time in and with nature. I believe our capacity for kindness, tenderness, vulnerability, compassion and nurturing can be nurtured itself by time in and with nature.

Nature has the natural ingredients to support conscious evolution on an individual and collective level if we open ourselves to her. And the best thing is, she’s free and she welcomes you with open arms no matter who you are or where you come from.

From micro to macro, nature shows us daily alchemy at work and how we each have the innate ability as alchemists by nature of being as well.

Our retreat time away began enchanting from the get-go and every single day was no exception. In fact, on the day we first embarked, we got a send off from the biggest herd of wild horses we’ve ever seen – including little foals – and a bald eagle majestically gazing out on the herd and us from a tree.

Whether it was multiple, daily animal encounters or gifts, nature and I were in sacred communion the whole way.

I already mentioned the abundance of wild turkey feathers, which were literally a daily discovery in the most hidden of places that are almost unbelievable I could “see,” as well as the two naturally shed, complimentary deer antlers in separate places miles apart that were also nearly undetectable on the forest floor covered in branches, twigs, and Autumn leaves.

Every single day we’d see multiple deer (most of the time in small groups with occasional single sightings like these), morning and evening, and nearly everyday we’d see wild turkey.

From grazing to curled up and resting, playing with each other to leaping gracefully with ease across the trail, the deer were prancing into our lives with their gentle and innocent presence. And two turkey flocks would sweetly gobble along the outskirts of forests and homesteads with curious, at-ease presence and beautiful feather displays.

Some of the more rare sightings included moose, great horned owl, swimming turtles, and bald eagle.

There’s a story behind the moose that is personally incredible for us and connected to our past, but let me just say that her appearance not only was pure alignment and magick, but confirmed why I have felt moose to be one of my key totem animals. She is SO much like me.

My experience with the great horned owl was also incredible. Again, almost a miracle I saw him. I woke one morning and as I passed the window in the bedroom I noticed a dark mass in a tree across the way.

I felt immediately this was an owl. I slipped on my tennies while still in my jammies, and made my away across the forest floor to confirm what my heart felt. And there he was, still half asleep, but aware because two magpies had just been yelling loudly at him to leave the area. It was still dimly lit outside, so he peered at me with half moon slit eyes, turning his head toward me to let me know he heard me when I spoke to him.

We then left for the day and upon returning in the evening, hours later, I decided to go look at the tree again. To my surprise he was still there, but now fully awake.

I felt he waited for me to continue our conversation and connecting. He would let me come close and just turned his head with wide eyes to make sure we were directly locking ours together.

He was never bothered by me from start to end. I spoke to him gently and each time thanked him for his sacred presence, message, and gift.

He felt to be much more than an owl and yet even as an owl this creature of the night was a Cosmic gift to me.

The swimming turtles actually surprised me while I was deeply communing with nature and receiving. I heard a noise in the water, then taps under the floating mini dock I was laying on that brought me fully back from melting into everything.

When I peered over I saw a larger and smaller turtle swimming sweetly and then disappeared below.

Not long after, a giant grasshopper whizzed at me and stopped so we could gaze into each other’s eyes.

We also saw a couple of voles run across trails, a fun and spunky little guy that leaped onto a branch like a flying squirrel and then stopped to comically pose for me with a pinecone in his mouth, and one chipmunk in particular caught our attention. While they are not rare at all to see, this one was so deliberate and unafraid. She decided she was going to continue nibbling regardless of our presence and sat a foot away just “being” with us and enjoying her lunch.

She had the most beautiful, thick little chipmunk tail either of us had ever seen and she was like a little character straight out of a novel, come to life – full of sweet personality and completely at peace without the usual twitches, fast movements or breathing. Not long after her another one did similar and let Dave go within inches as he crouched down beside him. He wasn’t as fully calm in embodiment as the first one, but still indicated that he was open to being more of that.

My take away from these two, and in general the animal encounters, was that these beings were waiting for us to meet them in that same curiosity and peaceful presence.

Nature’s invitation is increasingly being extended as a form of support even more so these days. Not only inviting our conscious interaction and understanding, but extending an added effort by way of demonstrating a reflection of humanity that we’ve forgotten.

And while we didn’t see this one, we were told that a mountain lion had come into the neighborhood just a few days after our arrival by our house host. Since mountain lion are so reclusive, it’s not usual to see one, but just feeling that presence at the time we were here meant something to me. Another invitation and messaging to go deeper within and be present to the inner messaging always speaking to us in a variety of ways. I’ve only once seen a mountain lion slinking down the wall of a canyon from the other side in Colorado. That felt like a comfortable physical distance to me. πŸ™‚

I discovered two of the largest wasp nests I’ve ever found – well actually four, but two of them were scattered in pieces – plus a smaller one still attached to a tree limb sitting next to just the top of one of the other two large ones I found that had dropped to the floor.

Although these two nests are big, as you can see by my hand as reference to size, they were still only half of the nests.

They are all abandoned nests that have served their purpose for the season. In fact, I found two dead wasps inside of the one you see above.

I just LOVE nests, whether bird or insect, I find nests and hives so incredible in artistry. I explore the intricacies and sacred geometry of these nests and am fascinated. The inside of these giant ones are just amazing! And I love the honeycomb centers, as well as the tunnel holes in and out.

I also kept seeing an array of enchanting little mushroom worlds everywhere (these are just some of the enchanted little realms I captured). They, too, were hidden across the forest floor and my eye would always find them.

They took me even further within, since these micro worlds direct us into the tiny underworking and value of every little thread to the whole.

Mushrooms have been around for ages and their ancient presence not only shamanically and spiritually have value, but are essential to Earth’s biosphere.

Therefore their wisdom is mighty, although part of the mini worlds you might often overlook. Just like your unique light and presence of being is impactful although you feel you’re just one of billions of humans on earth.

It’s been an incredibly enriching time away and every single moment has been cherished and remembered. This was one of the most magickal times for me – more than I could have imagined it to be. I’m beyond grateful and in many ways awe-struck at what has unfolded, how it has, what it’s put in motion, and feels to be indicating for the road ahead.

Everyday I would have what I called Faery T time, after our full nature days, where I immersed myself in my own little world with nature. On my last day, after having received more gifts and saying my thanks and farewells for everything, Grandfather and Grandmother turkey came to see me off. Every other day it’s always been the flock, but to have the two largest and oldest, alone, meet me was just perfection in every sense of the word “sacred“.

It’s also been meaningful being away during the change of seasons. Not only did we get to immerse in Autumn splendor, but also felt Winter’s breath begin to touch the land.

Temperatures dropped, some rain refreshed everything, and snow kissed the mountain tops. We even had a short fall of sweet hail snow drops coming through sun shiny skies to bid us a magickal farewell.

This apparently was happening back home at the same time, with some needed rain coming in along with Winter snow kisses to follow. Our house sitter sent us a video of our first snow dusting the Forest Portal floor. The fire that once knocked on the door also experienced 98% containment while we were away (the projection has been 10/16 for 100%) and so returning feels like a nearly full refresh from this magick bubble we dipped into the last 11 days that is and always will be dear to my heart.

May we each receive the guidance we desire and that supports the conscious choices that align with our hearts for evolution.

Collective Energy Dynamics Forum

This offering has been sitting in the background for a while and today is the day to share it. I’m currently on personal retreat still through the 12th and gratefully having the most soul nourishing and magickal time away – just what I needed. It feels like the perfect segue from old to new that is also being reflected in the seasonal shifts that remind us to reflect, release, and renew.

And after having reached the end of a cycle with everything I had on my last trajectory, I’m now moving into a different phase of life. Within this new cycle comes this offering, as I follow guidance to present it.

It’s called the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum and here’s a little about how it came to be and why it feels important in these more challenging times.

I’ve seen the power of community and togetherness and these are a couple of the anchoring foundations for this offering that are also key for how we move forward as a collective in general.

I’ve also received powerful feedback about how much people have gotten from the one-on-one intuitive energy guidance sessions and this is a way to offer support with wider reach. Something that has been evident from online classes is that people benefit from the questions others ask. They tend to be something someone else was curious about and help with greater understanding that they may have been afraid to ask, or didn’t know how to ask. Another highlight has been the comradery and sense of soul family that is created – some people have found new friendships, as well as rekindled soul relationships from other times that have been extra supportive for traveling the days ahead.

In addition, it’s a way to create ongoing conscious conversations that lead down enlightening rabbit holes, open to more perspectives, activate latent DNA with that curiosity, keep energy circuits fluid and moving by challenging ideas, exercise things like compassion and unconditional love for differing opinions and feelings, as well as create a forum for creative strategies and solutions, while supporting real-time relevant steps we can each take relative to our parts of the whole.

An added benefit is making support more accessible and affordable while I’m able to help more people efficiently.

These are some of the intrinsic elements that the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum offers and some of what merged to create it in the first place.

You’ll see just how these come to be ingredients of the new C.E.D.F.

I have a separate page for this offering, but I’m including the details here in today’s blog as an introduction and highlighted launch. You’ll then find a link at the end that will take you to the page itself, where you can explore which if any of the options fits your needs.

What the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum is all about:

This is an online venue that, for starters, will take place over a 6 month period – I may extend it after the initial launch, but for now it’s a half year immersion to get through these crucial times.

Included will be real time group sessions and recorded video sessions.

Here’s how they work and what the 6 month immersion looks like.

There will be 3 real time group sessions that will meet once every 2 months via Zoom. Each of these sessions will run 90 minutes with a half hour at the end for wrap up discussion and connection to be a total of 2 hours. Participants will get to submit up to 2 questions per session – you’ll receive details after registering. During the live sessions, I will be choosing one question per person to discuss (this will vary depending on number of participants, in which case I may split the group in two to ensure I can get to everyone’s questions, or I may be able to do 2 questions per person if there’s a smaller group or we move through things with extra time). These aren’t meant to be psychic readings, but instead are a way for us to explore some deeper themes to help navigate the energies we’re moving into as a whole or look at things you’re navigating that underscore shared life challenges and choices. So, we can discuss the field of experience at large (macro) and/or touch on the everyday to support greater alignment and manifestation of intentions (micro). Topics are open to your interests from relationships, work/life path, life changes, creative and personal growth endeavors, nature and cosmic connection, to exploring broader topics on healing, spirituality, understanding collective dynamics at work, etc. and how they are playing out so we can feel more empowered. A lot of times in classes we end up discussing energy streams outside of the curriculum, but with limited time we can’t follow that stream as fully. This is a chance to do that more. These are some of my favorite things to discuss – delving into things deeply and esoterically – and so this excites me greatly to provide this opportunity for expansive topics and explorations and open myself up to you for what wants to channel through. The only thing I ask is that anyone who wants to participate comes with an open, non-judgmental, compassionate heart willing to listen to differing thoughts from others. Participants have the choice of having questions remain anonymous or not during discussion.

There will then be 6 recorded video sessions that participants will receive a link to. Each of these will run approximately 90 minutes. For these I will also welcome up to 2 questions per session per participant and depending on number of participants I will decide the format that supports answering one question per person or if there’s a smaller number participating, you could have both of your questions answered. These sessions will also begin with an overview for the month of what I’m sensing as themes energetically and any other pertinent information that channels through to share, along with practical ideas to help. Whom the questions come from will remain anonymous. Additional bonus gift with each session.

The timeline will be November 2021 through April 2022 for the 6 month C.E.D.F. The 6 recorded sessions will be sent out near the beginning of the months and the 3 live sessions will be set up for one of the weekends of the given months they fall in. Once all registrations are in, I’ll contact the group with time/day choices for the live gatherings.

This is an opportunity for me to connect with the community in an even more intimate way – especially if you’re someone who has been following along via this blog or any of my social media pages, or perhaps used to receive newsletter updates when I sent those out – and answer your deeper questions, which are usually collectively shared in some way.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. This is a nonjudgmental space and what I find is that questions lead down rabbit holes of discussion that end up spiraling us to exactly where the energy needs to go. We’ll discuss dynamics playing out, how to navigate the collective energy streams, and making more empowered choices. This is a way to stay connected, know that you’re not alone and have a dynamic group to unite forces with, as well as to keep a sense of accountability with what ever is important to you and maintain that energy flow. I find that many times when we don’t have a particular practice in place or way of showing up, it can be easy to let things slide or we find ourselves falling into a certain stagnant or darker place with potential of getting stuck. My hope is that this provides some momentum and supports you to keep moving through things or taking steps in some way. Perhaps even, reveals or fuels that silver lining, hope, or inspiration that can be harder to find these days.

Many have shared before that it only takes 1% of the population to create a massive wave of change and if we can induce transformation on some level via a connection like this, then we can contribute to that change on a wider scale. Regardless of the numbers or even if that statement/thought is true, what I do know is the more people who stand in the light of who they are and open their hearts as the bridges they have the strength to be, the more things shift in wondrous ways. I know that I was guided to provide this because of the importance right now for people to rise up and step into their power. Perhaps this can be one way to help us through the shifts and create an anchor and greater sense of peace and understanding through it all.

I’ve also decided to create a Pay It Forward aspect to this offering, inspired by the pay it forward gifting that took place recently with the Cosmic chests from some of you in the community to others.

The way the Pay it Forward will work:

Whether you’re interested in participating or not, you can help someone else who would like to, but may be unable. While registration is open, if there are any sales that take place, I will be donating 100% of sales profits from any of the remaining items in our Etsy shop or that I still have on hand into a community pool. This pool will be applied toward full or partial registrations for others in need. If any funds become available, I’ll reach out to let people know that are interested. Items that are available include 3 Cosmic Chest bundles – the Cosmic Woodland Faery, Blossom & Mermaid, 2 framed Magick Rabbit prints – Cosmic Voyage and The Journey, 2 original animal spirit guide paintings – The Child In Us (porcupine) and Gem of the Emerald Forest (panda), and 3 custom metal framed prints of Fire, Earth or Air. Some of these latter ones had gone through a couple of interested people, but fell through so remained with me, feeling the energy was being guided perfectly for needs at the time. I’m making them available again in case that energy has shifted for anyone. Their symbolism is included in the link below.

So, if you’re looking for holiday gifts or a treat for self, here are the links where you can purchase as a pay it forward community pool.

Link to shop is here: The Magick Rabbit (There are five items available)

Link to the paintings and custom framed prints: Artwork (Please scroll down to the bottom to see or purchase the available art mentioned above – there are five pieces available)

And here is the separate page link for the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum, which includes the info I shared here, but also includes the registration links and options: Register for Collective Energy Dynamics Forum

You have the option of registering for just one of the session choices – Real Time Group Zoom Sessions or Recorded Video Sessions – or both. Early registration savings are included in the options, so make sure to choose the option that fits both your interest and timeline of registering.

Payment plans available – please CONTACT ME to set this up. Details found on separate page link above.

Pay It Forward support available if there’s a sales pool that comes in by 10/31. Feel free to email me if you would benefit from this support so that I can make note to contact anyone if that happens.

Sometimes you need some good time away to reflect on the big changes upcoming in your life, release all the old ideas and ways that could hinder the new taking form, dream wild and big, goal journal with clarity of vision, and nurture yourself with all the things you love and hold dearest. This is where I found myself this week and perhaps you are feeling similar.

This personal retreat provided confirmation on the path I’m choosing and also confirmation to open this new space and share even more deeply with you all.

And just look at the powerful medicine I was led to in the most magickal of ways – an abundance of gorgeous wild turkey feathers nearly every day and two separate, but complimentary deer antlers (left and right found in separate locations miles apart). All of them hidden and undetectable, scattered about, and a seeming miracle I even found them.

Alchemy isn’t something I need to attain, I am an alchemist by way of being a creative force. Alchemy is me taking a new path on the fork in the road and making it golden with every breath.

This is available to us all and the forum is a place to support and remind you of that, as you step more into your inner alchemist.

A Faery Tale Come True ~ Entering October with Inspiration

This sacred tattoo design has been a long time in the works, percolating behind the scenes and then emerging at just the perfect timing. It’s also the last of the commissions I took on when I reopened this creative space.

Creativity is a seen and unseen process and I find it to flow best when I align with the energy streams, rather than trying to make a round peg fit into a square hole. If the energy doesn’t fit, don’t try to force it.

I’m grateful that the beautiful souls I get to work with are as flexible as I am, as this truly supports divine unfolding with inspiration that knows just when is time to manifest into form.

The design you see in its wholeness above, and in close-up portions below, is a full left arm piece from shoulder to elbow with some of the design aspects flowing gently beyond the shoulder at top and toward the clavicle at front. I’ve had the honor of creating two other large designs for this soul and they all merge together through shoulder blade and upper back/heart chakra areas.

As always, I love to share these sacred designs because I hear how they energetically speak to others as activators for things being journeyed through or embody the unspoken they haven’t been able to put their finger on and now feel validated and confirmed by the story encoded in the creative portal.

When I share the designs with my clients they include a very long write-up about the symbolism and meaning of everything included, but for purposes of this post I’ll just share a list of what elements are part of this tapestry in case you have trouble picking out all of the details:

  1. Douglas Fir Tree sprigs and pinecones
  2. Mushrooms and magickal forest elements
  3. Teapot and cup on stack of books
  4. White swan with crown
  5. Buck with tiny flowers and mushrooms in antlersΒ  also doubles tree of life
  6. Winding river
  7. Jumping trout
  8. Narwhal
  9. Water – winding river, falls, flowing water in general, and waves and splashes throughout
  10. Hedgehog on mushroom
  11. Hexagon portal
  12. Stars throughout
  13. Red Tail Hawk
  14. Goddess and luna moth – Goddess represents my version of Creiddylad – the eternal May Queen
  15. Full Flower/Hare Moon pouring into river
  16. Peonies, leave, berries and small butterflies throughout

This one I’m calling, “A Faery Tale Come True,” as it is the alchemy of ingredients from childhood merging with my client’s future self and who she’s becoming – so in general, her essence and the ingredients that support and make up that journey of who she is.

This is the faery tale story of what once seemed only to be whispers of dreams, imagined into being.

And I find that energy to be prevalent in the field of experience right now…that of all the things we’ve wondered about, felt, came to know, or knew on some level as being our gifts or important aspects of who we are and how will form the way we show up in life in greater embodiment along the journey, becoming more accessible, tangible, and increasingly and easily manifested.

I share this design as a doorway to your own potential being affirmed, realized, and embodied in greater depths.

In the last couple of weeks since being back home I’ve noticed another uptick in manifestation taking place across the board with intents and things I’ve focused on creating and supporting for the highest good. Too many to list out, but it speaks to me of how we are so able to tune our frequencies into the kind of alignment that manifests more and more naturally these days if we make it a priority in our lives to believe and nurture that way of life with our feelings, thoughts, and actions consistently. I always use my own life as a laboratory for experiments and I like to be curious and open to how much more I can create, as I know that anything we each do becomes part of the ocean we all as a collective swim in.

Look at all these magickal Algiz Runes I found on one hike. I kept giggling each time one showed up on the trail. The faeries were giggling along with me, as I continue focusing on turning work into fun and just being. I was also very grateful for all this powerful energy they were surrounding me with.

I feel like October will be a freer feeling month of experience from what we’ve been through so far this year. Perhaps for some, even a time to rest and reflect on the energy you have at hand to mold anew with.

Here, we’ve been so grateful to have the clearest air we’ve seen in months, which provided a lot of outdoor activity in nature that we love. It’s also been a time of completion for things and freeing up space.

The fire is now 91% contained and that’s a huge gift even through a lot of fire weather warnings we’ve continued to ebb and flow through. I’ve continued sending energy to it all, which is something I do for anything I want to see more of and create more of in life….I don’t stop flowing the energy, and in doing so, more energy flows through me and the more natural this feels to be like breathing and less like work. October is a winding down month for fire watches, so the energy feels in transition while the seasons of course are changing too.

We’re actually going to be away starting tomorrow the 2nd through October 12th and having things energetically where they are makes us feel like this time away will be indicative of cultivating the path ahead we are envisioning from a clear and supportive space. It’s a space we’re keeping a bubble around, as it’s important to us to have this time.

This is kind of a belated celebration for us of markers in our life, so I’m looking forward to the clean slate to truly let go and receive all the gifts that it offers.

There’s one blog I feel might come through during my time away, which I’ve been preparing over the weeks, but holding off on until given the green light. It involves the new offering I mentioned so keep an eye out, but the rest of the time I’ll be away in my own little world.

In the meantime, here’s Lee’s October 2021 Energy Update that I think you’ll find supportive, as always.

As he mentions near the end, creativity and innovation continue on an all-time high, which speaks to me of all the potential new things I think we’re going to see light up more and more, as we each step into ourselves even more fully and embrace the energy wanting to move through us. He talks about “the importance of you bringing yourself back to creating the life you want, the world you want to see, and giving yourself to that process.”

What inspires you right now and for the month of October to invest yourself more fully into?

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