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Freedom to Be ~ A Message & Offering

Life is a work of art and you are the artist, magickally and wildly weaving your web of colorful desires into being.

Shine boldly.

Shine brightly.

Don’t be afraid to do your thing mightily.

The triple series of Eclipses is soon to be book-ended with the second Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn this Sunday, July 5th. It will continue to add transformational Earth energies for the collective with dramatic shift-potentials for key things that have been messaging us for a very long time and are now at a tipping point.

The dance between Cancer and Capricorn energies we’ve been experiencing, has been and is calling attention to both our personal and work life, grooming us to understand and implement boundaries in regard to professional and self-care routines. New structures are urging us to imagine, create, and build, but first we must remove the old foundations so that they can thrive strongly.

If we haven’t been cultivating and nurturing well being as a priority, we have opportunity to do so and this last Eclipse provides the opening for any release, cleanse and purge that will ultimately serve you and others in the highest ways whether you can see the full picture of that or not right now.

Change can sometimes be painful, but it doesn’t have to be prolonged. It’s incredible what can happen once we take the leap of faith and act.

Pay attention to subtle and profound messages, constant repetitive thoughts and patterns, the dialogue and stories you continue to tell yourself and hold on to, what is being reflected to you by others or nature that you push away or refuse, and the beliefs you carry overall – these are defining your inability to change, but nothing is black and white and nothing is incapable of having a doorway out.

Things in our lives can receive a heightened illuminating quality within and without where we may have illusions revealed and our perspectives altered. It’s definitely a point of loving release and mourning for the old stories and experiences, as we embark on the possibilities of new beginnings.

The freedom to be is at your fingertips.

Although life can throw us some obstacles and twists and turns, your creative life force provides you a way to experience and mold things into better alignment. To constantly tell yourself you can’t do something is the mantra you’ve agreed to continue playing out as your life statement. There are no absolutes in life, except that life WILL change for better or worse, depending on our perspectives and how we creatively harness them.

Take a seat with me in the garden of life


I’m going to be taking a break from offering intuitive energy guide coaching sessions beginning August, so that I can focus solely on the upcoming Reiki classes, my book, and other life developments underway. I will resume these again some time later in the year, but for now you can continue to schedule sessions through July only.

I will be discontinuing the 20% discount on all email and phone sessions after July as well. So, if you have felt called to harnessing energies right now for change and would like to work with me, you have between now and end of July to request a session and receive this special.

Something new I’m going to make available JUST for July is a special freedom offering to support anyone who has the motivation, desire, accountability, and is ready to take action. This is a divinely inspired gift for these potent times.

Between July 1st and July 4th, I’m offering one hour phone sessions at an incredible $99 only!

This is meant to support major change collectively that is opportune and timely right now.

I’ve edited this section since posting, which is why if you read it when it first went up, the information is different. I reflected on how I believe consistency, commitment, and momentum is key to creating change and so I’m only going to be offering a limited number of these you can purchase within a limited timeline.

You can purchase up to 4 of these heavily discounted sessions, however they need to be used within the month of July. This equates to one session a week.

You may purchase for self or other as a gift – please just let me know in a message who it’s for. The sooner these are scheduled, the more opportunity we have to get a jump start on anchoring your intentions and creating momentum for your goals.

This special has expired, so I’ve removed the Paypal purchasing option.

I may have another special in the future when I return back to offering sessions again.


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I’m opening one more spot in the Reiki Level 1 and 3 classes to a new student.

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The Empress


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Spread your wings dear souls, live from your wild heart, fly free and dip into the nectar of life to experience more vibrant and empowered living.

Simple, Sweet & Perfectly Imperfect ~ Cracking Open Fresh Beginnings

Summer Solstice rolled around quickly, as the hours, days, and years do now, and with the longest period of daylight came the lighting up of a new beginning in my life. Saturday 6/20/2020 was our wedding day igniting at 5:55 pm, but it was also a New Moon, Solar Eclipse for us PST peeps, Astrid’s third anniversary of her adoption, and preceded 6/21’s Father’s Day, which was also Joy’s departure from the Earth plane four years ago when it happened to be Summer Solstice and a Full Moon that year. It was indeed a very packed day and weekend, which was equally enhanced by a build up of astrological influences before and after, a very full week of prep, personal monumental shifts underway, and worldwide historical events unfolding to include a pandemic that was our reason for creating a virtual experience for this mountain matrimony event.

Please bear with me in today’s longer post, as I haven’t blogged since the 15th. It seems fitting to share it on Ask Astrid Fridays’ spot since she is so intertwined with all that is igniting.

Perhaps this new “lighting up” reflects the feeling I’ve had since as far back as I can remember that the second half of my life would truly be the best years yet and when I really started living. Summer Solstice feels profound for me and telling of a new chapter I’ve long wondered would be like. I also feel that recent Eclipses and overall energy dynamics unfolding, are creating quite the collective paradigm shifts.

If Saturday was any small indication, I feel that the foreshadowing senses I’ve had for so long, are indeed underway for an exciting new adventure with unlimited potentials.

One might wonder, just as we did, how a virtual Zoom wedding broadcasted by amateurs doing it for the first time from the middle of the forest in a mountain town at 6600+ feet of elevation would turn out.

Tons of hiccups, distant, cold, and detached, disappointing, a full-on disaster?

I’m happy to report the complete opposite and then some unfolded.

It was so successful that we’ve joked about this becoming the new thing or perhaps we could support others as zoom wedding advisors lol! But all kidding aside, it’s been amazing to hear the feedback on what we had no idea until the day of, how it was actually going to go down. We’re far from the first to do this, but I have to say that it was hugely rewarding, memorable, and extremely beautiful.

Everything far exceeded our dreams and not only were we pleasantly surprised by minimal technological challenges, but were overwhelmed by the outpouring of beautiful, extremely moving, and loving energy we received. It was so powerful that I had a hard time going to sleep that night, as my energy was through the roof from all the good vibes shared between everyone. That, alongside being up while the Eclipse was happening, definitely felt like an activation and timeline leap!

I literally felt like a Solar Eclipse and Summer Solstice, myself, with all of the light from the longest day having been shared and received, creating a powerful ball of energy deep at my core that couldn’t help but still seep out with loving vibrancy and vitality around the edges of the New Moon, even when darkness was abound.

While things turned out more than what we imagined, at the same time they WERE all that I envisioned they could be in essence and then some! I’ve said from the beginning, and over and over, that the theme for the wedding would be “simple and sweet” and “perfectly imperfect.” So even the sweet little hiccups were part of that synergy, creating the innocence and purity that is reflective of our values.

The alchemy of this day seemed evident in the dance of light codes and elemental energies that were present during the ceremony – we even had a lizard couple playing and perching on the pyramid rock altar that sat directly between and behind us, throughout the whole thing. Although this was a day to share our union, it truly felt like much more than that. Everyone present created a beautiful energy beam of collective intention on such an auspicious portal day.

And on our end, this intention was harnessed by an incredible Herkimer Diamond crystal that came to me just a week before the wedding through a dear crystal and cosmic friend of mine who had just received a new shipment of exquisite Herkimers. The clarity of these Herkimer Diamonds was incredible alone. I had only seen one photo of the one I had him send me, and its description. I immediately asked if it was taken and he said, “It’s yours!” What made this one special was that it is a sharp, clean, direct, and mystical Dow or Trans-Channeler crystal, which is unique in itself, but to have a Dow Herkimer Diamond is extremely rare. And when she arrived I discovered big rainbows inside (an exciting added surprise) and that it is a record keeper (with triangles etched on the face)! I call her a she, but she is very balanced between her sacred feminine and masculine energies. I look forward to exploring more with her and finding out what other surprises she has in store, but I knew without a doubt that she should anchor the center of our ceremony and union, as a way to channel the energy from this sacred experience out to the collective.

A quick explanation of a Dow/Trans-Channeler crystal is that it has three perfect seven-sided faces in between three perfect three-sided triangle faces – 7-3-7-3-7-3. It’s considered a being of perfect light, energy, and physical form, accesses all planes of existence, splits light into all colors (rainbow comes to mind with the rainbow inclusions this one has), they activate higher chakras, but strengthen and open energy via all chakras between you and the Universe for greater Source connection, truth, and higher wisdom/guidance, exist in enlightened reality alone where love heals and transcends all challenges, accelerates conscious re-programming, and embody divine balance and connection. I placed the crystal directly center of our gold wedding bands sitting atop a Selenite charging plate between us (from another dear crystal friend), not only to charge the energy of our rings that symbolically would bring union between us, but would charge the merging energies of sacred feminine and masculine energies (Yin and Yang) that we could transmit out via this potent channeler, for the collective through our love.

It literally turned 11:11 am here, as I wrote that. 😉 I’m writing in parts when I have time.

Other auspicious happenings just before the wedding included seeing a baby Sierra Garter Snake two days before the wedding on a distanced hike with our only two wedding attendees (officiate and witness).

This little one literally glided in such a light way, she appeared to be flying or swimming across the blade of grass tips in the meadow.

Then, a large coyote running through the wedding site on the day before, while we were prepping and testing out the setup and connection. Then, a rare marmot sighting popping out from the forest to greet me, on the same day, as I drove away after dropping off Dave and Paul (our friend/one wedding witness/photographer/helper) to tackle a mountain bike ride for the first time on the most extreme, black diamond trail known as “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” (cool reference to life and foreshadowing to symbolism that showed up yesterday).

Snake, coyote and marmot all carrying their own powerful symbolism.

And then, two dead chipmunks I found and buried (one, three days before wedding and one directly after the ceremony) – more on their significance to me in a bit.

We were very lucky to have our friend Paul able to join us. All three of us had been diligent with quarantine precautions in order to make it possible for him to come. We needed one witness alongside our officiant in order to seal the ceremony officially and still maintained distancing for the event. But with Paul around, it was a huge help on many levels, and offered some fun before and after the wedding with nature immersions.

This offered Dave and Paul time to do some mountain biking they love, which helped let off steam with all the prep going on, and me, some alone time in nature, as I would often hike the trail they were doing, on my own. We also did hikes together and sometimes I stayed home in order to do things like bake the wedding cake and make flower arrangements, while getting in some downtime too.

Something interesting took place upon the very first hike I did alone, the day after Paul’s arrival, and has continued since. I’ve always been a decent hiker, but suddenly I noticed transforming into a power hiker and I can only pin it to some form of rebirth taking place.

The guys did a long bike ride, while I hiked ten miles that first day – the most I’ve done alone. I always clock the hikes on my Sports Tracker, as I like to know how far we’ve gone and how much we have left. Well, on this day I had gone three miles, up nearly 1600 elevation gain, in only one hour (a personal best!). I’m usually a bit slower on the inclines, as I am mindful of my breathing so I don’t get my EIB cough. But I powered through it and ended up doing the full ten miles in nearly exactly three hours (3:01 to be precise). That included a stop to bury the first chipmunk I mentioned. I stopped my tracker in order to take a twenty minute picnic lunch break at the top overlooking Lake Tahoe and resumed it upon beginning again so only my hiking was timed. At the speed I went, I also got to see the boys twice – once going up and once going back – as I was in line with their speed of biking to the point of intersection our trails had, even though they were doing nearly three times the mileage.

I mention this because something around this new beginning, Solstice, New Moon, and Eclipse really physically shifted something. There were other physical changes that took place for me too, which included losing nearly two and a half pounds in a week to add to the already transformational physical shifts intermittent fasting has done over the last six months of losing twelve and a half pounds and saying goodbye to some of the imbalances experienced. This includes my no longer experiencing the EIB coughing (exercise induced broncho-constriction), having greater vitality and endurance, my peri-menopausal body/hormones balancing out on their own without herbal supplements anymore, and in general feeling clearer, lighter, and more inspired. I never set out to lose any weight, as I always feel perfect at the weight I’m at being reflective of the energy needed – ex: more grounded and embodied or lighter and mutable, etc. Lifestyle intermittent fasting was something Dave and I started (it was actually his idea) for all of the health benefits and we’ve ended up really liking how we feel physically with it. Yet, this time period in my life seems to be refreshing things and the added embodiment/weight that I previously needed to ground, manifest, and anchor things, is finding its new equilibrium. So, rather than having to physically have that to bring my once very wispy self back to Earth, I seem to be energetically embodying the balance I need to be in both places – Cosmos and Earth. That’s a huge deal for me!

But I’d like to circle back briefly to the two chipmunks and their connection to my bunny, Joy, who passed four years ago on the 21st of June (Summer Solstice that year), as I feel this theme speaks most loudly, to me, amidst all that has unfolded.

It’s the theme of how grief and death can crack you open to joy and rebirth, which speaks to the seamless connection of everything that creates wholeness. Endings are beginnings and beginnings are endings.

At the same time that we were experiencing a big heart and life opening with increased depth, and subtle, but profound expansion, also present were endings, death, mourning reminders, and contractions simultaneously – the celebration of the circle of life and the Universe’s nonjudgment around these cycles.

While I was filled with vitality hiking, my attention was drawn to be present to honoring the sacred dance of life and death when the sweet, peacefully positioned chipmunk laid directly on my path. I’m convinced he’d been accidentally hit by an oncoming mountain bike at some point recently and it felt like a quick death. I still sent Reiki to the time of impact and gave him love, then proceeded to bury him, and created a little marker around his burial place. Interestingly, after I did this many chipmunks chattered at me along the way back, as if they knew I took care of one of them. I was grateful for nature’s way of teaching me.

Then, the second chipmunk I discovered on the hike back, after the wedding ceremony was complete. I stopped to honor him and felt the potent synergy of this meeting once again. It was late and I was carrying a load of things from the ceremony with a ways to go, so I placed him safely under a bush next to a pine cone, telling him I’d return to bury him the next morning. I followed through with that promise, hiking back to where he was and decided to carry him home with me this time, to bury him by a special old natural sculpture tree trunk behind the house. Again, grateful for the full circle ending and new beginning teaching and realizing the sacredness of life these dear ones were celebrating with me.

It all mirrored the bitter and sweet of Joy and Astrid – my two rabbit companions I adopted from SaveABunny. Four years ago, Joy departed this Earth plane on the Solstice and one year minus a day later on the Solstice of three years ago, Astrid came into our lives. We both mourned, honored, and celebrated the lives of these two dear souls in rabbit bodies on our wedding day and all around me reflections continued of the sacred circle of life.

It was the same with all of my animal companions’ transitions – the first major one being Nestor’s whose departure did literally crack my heart and soul wide open to experience the Cosmic depths of everything possible all at once.

Death cracks us open to life.

Mourning cracks us open to heart expansion.

Sadness cracks us open to joy.

And the spiraling of life continues as a single thread with no true ending or beginning, although there are many such continuous sparks igniting simultaneously.

And all of this echoed loudly to me through the personal and the collective experience we’re creating right now and always.

The bunnies, animals and nature always teach me the most and I’m not surprised their energy would be framing this important day in our lives.

I was surprised, though, at how astoundingly the souls in human bodies enveloped us with such a magnitude of loving support on our Solstice wedding. It truly was overwhelming to us and really created a most memorable experience of collective togetherness that deepened bonds in beautiful ways.

From our very dear friends, Reid, who so beautifully accepted and honored us with conducting our ceremony and Paul, who stood up for us and took on many wedding hats for us to bring it all together, to all of our family members that gave readings and toasts, and extended family and beloved friends who joined us….it was a day to remember.

In Dave’s dad’s words, “I was extremely skeptical of a zoom wedding, actually quite disappointed it was going down that way.  But it turned out to be quite spectacular, more dramatic, amusing and above all moving than any other I’ve ever seen.”

Although we didn’t have a big in-person wedding to coordinate, it still had a lot of little details, mostly technologically, that had to be worked out and until the moment of truth we really didn’t know what would happen. Here are some day-before practice shots in the forest at our site.

Dave was brilliant in his execution of fine-tuning everything and I know it was a huge relief for him when it all DID come together, as I just knew it would in perfect imperfection. He deserved this little break after setting up, while we waited to begin.

He was quite stressed by the technology aspect of pulling this off in the middle of the forest with us hooked up to his phone’s hot spot alone and wondering if all parts would work. I kept telling him it was going to be just fine, sent energy to the day, and released it for the highest good – however that was meant to be.

Here’s a little look at what was going on behind the scenes. It was a perfect merging of nature and technology – harnessing the best of each in harmonious partnership.

I believe that having no attachments really helped, and it made it possible for me to focus on some of the smaller, more fun details like the flowers, wedding cake, attire, and tiny touches that were energetically important like the Herkimer Diamond as a source of broadcasting and channeling the love out into the world from our tiny point at center of the forest.

It was a simple, but enchanted Woodland Wedding faery dream and I could feel the presence of the otherworldly beings, whom of course had personal invites to join too.

My dress also arrived just eight days before the wedding. I had it custom made by a clothing artisan friend who creates slow, eco fashion with all natural components.

The dress is a take-off of a new upcoming style called the butterfly dress because of the little flutter sleeves and is organic cotton and hemp, hand-dyed in a natural indigo dye that slightly shifts from lighter to darker, just at the bottom and two-layered skirt edge. Together, we dreamed up this two-piece ensemble – dress with underskirt – and is something I can and will use for many years to come.

I wanted to keep in line with simple and sweet, natural, and having a light faery touch in the blue family, which is my favorite.

Everything about it was exactly what I envisioned and to the ensemble I added a pair of vegan Faery/Elven shoes I’ve had for a while, but never felt right until now to wear.

Everything about it was exactly what I envisioned and to the ensemble I added a pair of vegan Faery/Elven shoes I’ve had for a while, but never felt right until now to wear.

My bouquet and one flower arrangement were my creation done on the morning of the big day.

I put together a mix of flowers I picked both from the forest (lavender lupine) and my garden (purple salvia) and found the exact flowers I wanted just down the street at our local supermarket. Two musts were sunflowers (my favorite) and I wanted pink Gerbera daisies.

I had a vision of the other color frequencies and types to reflect Summer Solstice joy and pure vitality and there they all were! I used a round vase with crystals in it for the arrangement (a vase I saved from this year’s birthday arrangement my dear friend Dawn sent me) and my bouquet I arranged, rubber-banded, wrapped the long stems in soaked paper towels inside a baggie with some water, and then wrapped that in a gauzy blue, white, gray and green material I had with flower and butterfly motif, and then spiral-tied it up with a satiny green leaf vine ribbon that had ribbon vines hanging from it.

And then there was the cake. I knew I wanted something with an infusion of lavender, so I could use my dried garden lavender I have from last year’s fall harvest.

Then blackberry came to mind to blend in somehow. And in the end, the evening before the wedding, I created a vegan blackberry lavender chocolate cake using the inspiration of a recipe I found that I tweaked into my own creation, as always. I doubled the recipe and baked one very high cake.

While it baked I made a blackberry lavender jam mixed with a fluffy butter-creamy-like whip. I then sliced the cake in half once cooled and layered the jam in between.

I whipped up a batch of butter-cream icing that I drizzled with some of the blackberry lavender liquid from the jam I made in a pot, so that the icing would turn lilac when mixed together. It worked! And then I played around with white and green icing decorations simply guided by inspiration into a sweet little design.

I photographed the cake with these gifts that actually arrived just the day before the wedding! Two hand-painted chalice glasses from the ever-sweet and magickal Laura that arrived all the way from England just in time. She actually ordered them on the Lunar Eclipse, preceding this Solar Eclipse. The stag for Dave and the rabbit of course for me. We used these for toasting after the wedding.

Then the wedding fiasco happened, as there must be at least one or more to remember days like this by, right?

I had placed the cake on my new cake platter that sits high atop the cutest little bunny pedestal who is on his back holding the cake up with his nose and thumpers. I literally had just finished and went to pick up the platter when the bunny came unglued! LOL! The bunny broke off of the bottom and the top platter went down, with the cake sliding backwards onto the counter. As it did, the top layer slid across the jam and there was a puddle of jam at the back that was no longer between the cake. I yelled out, “Paul, Dave, grab the cake!” And we all somehow pushed the back of the layers back together the best we could very gingerly so as not to break the cake. We couldn’t get it perfectly aligned without damage, so there was a one inch gap at the front. I was able to get most of the jam back in and some in the gap and then went to work on remaking icing to try to camouflage the difference and fixing the design that got partially smooshed.

I still remember my sweet faery friend KC (aka Bean Bunny) texting me “It’s always a mess when the bunny comes unglued! – sorry I had to.” LOL! And it was the perfect punctuation from my bunny family to ensure that not only I keep things light, innocent, and fun, but to remind me that everything would be “perfectly imperfect” and they were there to oversee that.

So I experienced about 30 seconds of freaking out, followed by a rush of peace and deciding it was exactly as meant to be, to laugh about it, and to trust I’d be able to put things back together in a meaningful way.

I don’t know how I did it, but I did get it back about 98% with only part of the back where it slid having a little bit of jam mixed with the icing.

Originally we were going to try to see if it was possible to hike the cake to the wedding site, but after this I knew it was meant to stay home and enjoy after the wedding to create a second celebration.

Rather than be upset about anything, as even our rehearsal tech-check dinner done the Monday before the wedding hadn’t gone so smooth, we just kept trucking along, trusting all would come together…and it did. Again, beyond our wildest imaginations.

It was perfect in every way and even though we couldn’t have people there in person, it actually ended up being better because people we likely would never have had the joy to share it with, were able to, more people than usual got the chance to give toasts and share, and for some reason the whole thing created a depth of connection and intimacy that everyone was surprised about.

We were floored by the powerful energy of the event and the feedback from the people sharing how it was one of, if not the most meaningful, inspirational, and moving weddings they’ve experienced. Some even said it was the best. Wow! We’re just floored and speechless, as we had no idea. We just wanted it to be authentic to us and let the rest unfold the way it was meant to be.

To say we feel humbled is an understatement. There were many a tear being shed for sure – most of them by me! LOL! I was smart and had a package of tissues ready and one in hand right off the bat.

There were also many funny moments, including my inability to remember some of the ring lines while placing Dave’s on his finger and pushing the ring on with all my might because his knuckle had swelled with the warmer temperatures while hiking to the site with equipment to set up two hours ahead.

Dave didn’t disappoint with his touching and humorous vows either and guests chimed in with laughter and tears of their own.

There were many moving and sweet moments – too many to write about, but I did want to share some of how this day and the days leading up and following have unfolded. It’s both a way to create a memory log for myself and a way to share what felt like so much more than just something between us that had many layers of symbolic significance.

We had an extraordinary showing of loved ones that would never have happened if in person. Apparently there were 80+ attendees, which included dear family members from Australia and all areas between coast to coast of the U.S. Our Europe-based family and close friends were unable to make it due to time differences and some friends had internet challenges leaving them unable to get on, but we felt every single one of them and all of you, who have all sent so many heartfelt wishes and made your presence in spirit known.

The wedding ceremony also included five different readings by family members and a fun toasting celebration after.

The entire ceremony was written originally by us, the readings hand-picked and reworded by us, our vows written by us and not shared with each other until the day, and we included a twelve minute video at the beginning chronicling our nearly twelve years together that included photos of us with loved ones.

I did want to mention one lovely full circle attendee, my sweet friend Marcy – the founder of SaveABunny – who shared a sweet toast that highlighted Astrid. I so wished we could have had her and the kitty babies there, but she was strongly connecting and a part of the ceremony nonetheless. We also told everyone that we didn’t need any gifts, but that if anyone wanted to, they could donate to one of two non-profit animal organizations that are dear to us. My choice was SaveABunny and Dave’s was APRL (Animal Protection & Rescue League). We don’t have official word yet, but so far the generous gifts raised are totaling a very generous over $2000 in donations. We can’t thank everyone enough for supporting the bunnies and animals. Again, it’s all overwhelming and our hearts are overflowing.

I wanted to end with some of the wonderful things that have taken place since the wedding that all feel very richly interwoven with the theme of cracking open through the continuity of endings and beginnings.

After the wedding we continued to enjoy some beautiful nature immersion on some of our favorite hikes while Dave still had some days off. We didn’t officially take a honeymoon due to the state of things making travel not possible, but every day here we feel is a honeymoon. We’ll look into travels later down the road for continued celebrations.

The day after the wedding we did one of our favorite hikes in Hope Valley – a perfect name for current energies – and while picnicking on some rocks over one of the three lakes’ water you see on this hike, my cell phone decided to take a swim.

My astrologer sister-in-law later pointed out – “Haha that is SO Mercury retrograde in Cancer!” And indeed it was! Miraculously, after being immersed in foot deep water for several seconds, it continues to work just fine! Right after it happened, I bubbled it in Reiki when I sent energy backwards to the point of time when it fell in the water and supercharged it too. After that I shut it down for the rest of the hike and took out the SIM card overnight when we got home, to ensure it would dry. I’m grateful it’s okay so no new phone is in order. Perhaps it just wanted a refresh/rebirth like me! Hehe!

Three days after the wedding my incredibly beautiful irises made their debut with two blooms and three more on the way! My first small purple irises, as you might recall, bloomed miraculously for my birthday at the end of February and now these beauties blooming as a wedding gift.

Other garden delight wedding gifts include my bubblegum pink rose bush blooming right after the wedding, my wildflower seedling plants suddenly flourishing strong, and a new lilac pompom bloom emerging with delphinium, salvia, and my fuschia foxgloves on the way soon.

And one of the sweetest garden nature gifts is our front and side clover lawns! 

I’m so in love with the lush clover that rolls in billowy pillows of little white and yellow blossoms now, looking like the faery meadow I envisioned.

It buzzes with pollinator excitement all day and look at the other wild flowers that are popping up on our faery clover meadow, too!

It’s exactly what I had hoped for – so dreamy! I’m in love!

Then Wednesday was Dave’s last day off so we decided to hike around Chickadee Ridge and Tahoe Meadows where we got engaged. We found a different trail on the Tahoe Rim Trail we haven’t done that circled around the mountain tops at nearly 9000 elevation. We then climbed off-trail enjoying the magick both below and above us.

The Earth was covered with tuffets of sweet enchanting little faery flowers all around and the sky

revealed a bunny portal, a “T” and other magickal things including a dragon head and neck reaching up into the sky (didn’t get photo of it).

The bunny felt to be from my sweet Joy whose ashes had returned to me the day after this day, four years ago. It was a beautiful gift from her to connect with my bunny loves she’s flying with in the stars and to know they are supporting and guiding me/us with their love.

After the hike we decided to enjoy our very first official beach day and got our annual beach pass for the season. We picked up a to-go lunch picnic and relaxed lake-side with chairs and umbrella, soaking in vitamin D, immersing in the fresh water, and receiving a guest visitor.

Right as we walked to our spot I actually found two twin goose feathers (perfect for our wedding unity) and then this sweet one made a beeline for us! There was a ton of connecting and eye contact that took place in a very deep way with him.

It was another full circle, as one of the things Dave shared in his vows was a funny story about me protecting a goose in a very vocal way on the beach one day from an abusive guy. It was as if the goose knew and wanted to return the favor with a little sweet communion and added giggle.

And last, I’ll leave you with this sweet discovery and his message.

While I went out yesterday to water my garden and prepare a hole for our new mock orange blossom bush wedding gift, a new, sweet little one greeted me – my first mountain frog friend. He’s decided to make the top of my Garden Tower his little habitat. We don’t often see frogs here, although hear them a lot in the meadows and near creeks. Isn’t he cute?

I’ve written before about frog symbolism, but I’ll copy and paste it in here to make it easy to read:

The frog speaks of luck, purity, rebirth, renewal, fertility, healing, metamorphosis, transitions, dreaming, and opportunity. In many cultures, the frog symbolizes shamanism and magic as well, teaching us to leap swiftly from one level of consciousness to another – from this world to the Otherworlds. Frogs help us to find courage in accepting new ideas, to foster a sense of self-nurturing, and to discover connections between ideas.

When a frog jumps into your life it may be indicative of the opportunities that can be discovered in the now of your transition. The frog has a unique growth cycle and undergoes some incredible transformations in its progression and attainment of full adulthood, just as we humans do. Hence he understands what it feels like to endure some serious growing pains, and uncomfortable and even yucky feelings, along that transition. And their ability to lay enormous amounts of eggs lends to their fertility symbolism as well as being synonymous with abundance.

Different meanings are found from all over the world. The Egyptians share with us the Frog-headed Heket who is an Egyptian Goddess of birthing and creation. The Celts believed the frog represented curative and healing powers because of its connection with water and cleansing rains and to them, was deemed lord over all the Earth. Western and European views see the frog as a symbol of resurrection and spiritual evolution, deemed by the 3 stages of development (egg, tadpole, and fully formed amphibian). The 3 stages also associate the frog, for Christians, as a symbol for the holy trinity and resurrection and are found often in Christian art under this guise. To the Chinese the frog is an emblem of yin energy and good luck. Feng Shui practices recommend putting an image of a frog in the east window of your home to encourage child birth and a happy family life.

Frogs have also been considered a link between the living and dead, represented by Asian custom believing if you placed a jade frog in the mouth of the deceased, not only would this insure safe passage for their transition, but would allow the spirit to communicate more clearly with living loved ones. In Japan, frogs are especially good luck charms for travelers and wearing one was thought to provide safe passage on long voyages, particularly across waters. The frog took on a more cosmic symbolism for Ancient Hindus however, believing frogs not only signify darkness, but that they project the world into orbit in space.

Again, there’s that theme of synergy between the dead and living, or endings and beginnings all being connected, rebirth, and metamorphosis – something I spoke about in my wedding vows to Dave. My new frog companion is here to stay, as he greeted me this morning again with wide-eyed wonder. He’s a peaceful, curious, and dear little one who seems to reflect the huge quantum leap of hope, faith, and adventure underway for us all, with the promise of enriching metamorphosis and fulfilling potentials to be revealed.

Everything is connected with a sweet thread of continuity whether we realize it or not. While Summer Solstice was a portal of transformation for us, it was also one for the collective, as is everything we experience different ends of in our own ways.

I don’t know what the future looks like for any of us, but I trust it is unfolding in perfect imperfection, has simple and sweet things to value that we often overlook, and is above all, a Great Mystery to respect, marvel in, and honor that will take us on continuous adventures that mirror Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

We couldn’t be more grateful to have received and experienced such blessings and love on this day – a day that proved my receiving the date “randomly” when weddings were far from our minds, is why trusting those little nudges makes all the difference.

Here’s to cracking open fresh beginnings for all of us!

Monday Musings ~ Flower Reflections for Life

This is likely my last post until after our wedding, as this week is full of meaningful preparations. I thought that I’d leave you with some flower inspiration via thoughtful quotes and photos from yesterday’s garden tending. Everything continues to grow and bloom, reflecting the beauty of life in process.

I discovered our very first rose – this sweet pink one – was in continued awe over the vibrant

yellow lilies that are two-thirds open now, and squealed in joy over the flourishing baby clover and

the bed of wildflower plants that are joyously reaching for the sun!

Astrid was also very excited, as I took in our first Garden Tower harvest to her this weekend that overflowed the basket with her favorite delicious fragrant herbs.

A Steller’s Jay feather also wanted to join in the abundance that day.

Yesterday was a huge gift out back along our Forest Portal trail. We were discussing wedding details when suddenly a baby cub emerged from the Aspen trees. Momma bear was close behind and they were an incredibly beautiful sight to experience. Momma bear is our resident bear that we’ve seen several times here in the backyard. We know her because she wears a tagged collar for monitoring purposes. This is the first time we see her with a cub. She had only one and the sweetheart was so tiny and adorable – likely not very old at all. Both slowly walked passed us not far from the trail, with mom stopping to check us out, but continued on peacefully with baby trailing close behind.

I have SO many bear dreams in recent months (the most of any repetitive theme) that this was an added punctuation to all of those messages.

Later we saw a baby duckling paddling around the pond on our way to the lake. She was on her own, but I’m sure mom wasn’t far and likely went off to get her something while she remained safe in the brush at pond’s edge.

So much new growth, blossoming, and birthing and it all feels like beautiful symbolism for this new life beginning for us.

Let us sing in color, flourish with new growth, laugh in flowers, and imagine like little children.

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

“Like wildflowers; You must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.” ~ E.V.

“Open the bloom of your heart and become a gift of beauty to the world.” ~ Bryant McGill

“Every flower must grow through dirt.” ~ Laurie Jean Sennott

“Flowers are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities in the world.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

“A flower’s appeal is in its contradictions — so delicate in form yet strong in fragrance, so small in size yet big in beauty, so short in life yet long on effect.” ~ Terri Guillemets

“All the flowers of the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.” ~ Indian Proverb

“She is like a wildflower; beautiful, fierce, and free.” ~ Unknown

A last reminder that our Summer Solstice Magick Rabbit Sale ends at Midnight on June 20th. It’s been sweet to see some of the prints and greeting cards becoming favorites for people. Whimsical fun and love can be found here:

Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop

Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Anchoring the Vital

Astrid is always on top of keeping me abreast of what’s important and she does it by embodying that example. I found her centered atop her castle tower between the crystal-gridded corners, with one paw outstretched between the quartz and heart-carved lake stone. Both of these creating a balanced flow of energy she can draw upon.

She’s well aware that energies out there in the world are topsy-turvy and so she anchors herself solidly, using the tools she has to keep grounded, centered, resilient, and at peace.

When there seems like nothing you can do about the external, she reminds us that we can do everything about the internal.

What’s essential and important is to stabilize yourself, connect your root with Earth’s core, and find ways to sink more deeply into your body so that you can create greater equilibrium and strength from the inside out.

Rabbits can easily have their physical bodies and health thrown off balance by the slightest stresses or lack of attention to well being.

In many ways, so can we, although we might be able to endure things longer before they erupt.

That doesn’t necessarily make us stronger.

It may just mean that rabbits have less tolerance for habitual patterns that are out of alignment.

Whatever is key to your well being, peace of mind, joy, purposeful passion, and ability to give and receive gifts to and from the world, tend to that.

These make you a better advocate toward the changes you want to see.

Review the vital elements that are ingredients for your version of fulfillment and success and anchor these with solid heart and soul commitment and conviction. Merge the feelings around these with the actions that bring them forth. Imagine yourself as if you already are these things and feel where in your body, parts of you don’t believe or are holding you back for one reason or another.

Ask Earth to help you see clearly and to make the most beneficial shifts.

You can draw upon Earth’s support and strength, envisioning her supportive energy flowing up through your feet, helping to clear and release old patterns, and infusing you with a solid new foundation to build upon.

Astrid’s message for the week is simple.

Anchor what’s vital, as these are the fundamental ingredients to creating a new personal and collective experience.

Whimsical Wednesdays ~ The Artist’s Corner: Wondrous Gifts from the Elemental Realm

Who better an artist to highlight whimsy, magick, wisdom, and harmony all woven imaginatively together, than the Earth Spirits themselves? Today’s short share brings to light how the Elemental Realm has been so sweetly showering us with surprises here in the days leading up to our wedding, and how much delight it has been to receive these generous and thoughtful gifts.

My sweet friend Mari pointed out how our Forest Portal Faeries are having a joyous time making sure that there’s a continuation of celebrations leading up, on, and following the big day – remarking on how they enjoyed sprinkling the sparkly powdered dust to create extra snowy enchantment that they know we both love.

The magickal snow seemed to enchant the garden too, as right after, my yellow lilies began to bloom right outside of my office and shared room with Astrid.

They evoke such joy, warmth, inspiration, purity and light heartedness. Seeing them makes my heart smile and believe in happy endings.

They anchor the path along with the welcoming yellow daisies in my garden and create a beautiful aura of energy in synergy with all my pink, peach, purple and white foxgloves blooming.

I have beautiful little blue faery flowers also blooming in the rock garden to the right of the lilies creating a lovely contrast.

I can’t wait until all the rest of the flowers burst with joy. I saw my first pink rose bud pop up at the same time the yellow lilies opened and all the wildflower plants and clover we seeded are all growing wonderfully too.

It’s the little things that make a difference.

The late morning before the surprise snow fall, we went on a crisp walk along the lake where I found four large geese feathers and another beautiful great horned owl feather.

Alongside the refreshing winds of change and clarity that day, these treasures were very meaningful.

There’s also continued to be a lot of new adventure hikes revealing inspiring vistas, sweet beauties, and unusual hidden things for my wondering heart to enjoy.

This included finding the largest sugar pine cone I have yet to discover at nearly two feet long from stem to end.

It’s exactly 21 inches! I thought the one I already have sitting on my desk was big, but this one towers over it nearly 6 inches more! I learned from another friend that pine cones were the first flowers so they carry ultra ancient wisdom and energy.

I looked it up and found amazing scientific information on it dating back 130 million years ago! Incredible! Also interesting is “the likelihood that a single male cone was responsible for the world’s first flowering plants owing to the elasticity of their genetic structure.

I knew some of the symbolism of pine cones, but this info really put a new spin on them for me. I even read that in 1244 BC in Egypt they found an Osiris staff with pine cone at the top entwined by serpents rising up to meet it. The pine cone is associated with the pineal gland, spiritual consciousness, enlightenment, and eternal life. To be gifted such a huge one is something else.

The largest pine cone found according to the Guinness World Record is also a sugar pine at 22.9 inches. So, yes, I’m quite in awe by this massive cone gift that now sits beside my other one on my desk bringing in the ancient wisdom and forest energy to my creative space.

Other fun finds and sweet gifts have been little faery bell wildflowers, tons of lady bugs landing on us, swallowtail butterflies dancing between us, serene lush beauty that provided a natural healing

attunement for me during a solo hike on Sagittarius’ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, a dreamy spot

where you can swing from a tree overlooking inspiring beauty, an incredible little cabin hut

someone is building off-trail out in the middle of the forest, and a carved stump made into a mini throne/chair also found hidden in the forest.

But these Earth Spirit gifts are not just for my/our eyes alone.

Earth Spirits show up in our lives to teach, guide, nurture, heal, inspire, and so much more.

They are way-showers to self-nourishment, living in harmony, stability, and abundance, and showing up responsibly and compassionately in cocreation with all life and consciousness on Earth.

The Elementals of air, water, fire, earth, and ether are spirits that embody varying forms of energy to assist with different aspects of life. Within each Elemental family there are varying creatures, beings, tree, plant, mineral – crystals, rocks, and stones – spirits, and life forces that help us to understand our place within the rhythms of nature and this world.

We can learn and receive so much from the subtle and potent messages they bring us that ultimately fine tune us to both our Earth and Cosmic selves.

They offer us ways to feel lighter, more flexible, listen within and trust, support greater creativity, imagination and inspiration, help us to clear and balance, experience more grace and flow, learn the secrets of transformation and purification, increase our vibrancy, awaken our dynamic nature, pave a way for clearer communication with all life forms, provide soulful illumination, meld instincts with heart guidance, strengthen and ground our life force energy, and overall guide us to raise our vibration and live in greater alignment.

As we open our hearts more to all that is going on in the world, let us not forget we have powerful allies within the Elemental Realm, too, that show up in the most wondrous of ways.

June Forest Portal Surprises ~ Life’s Hidden Gifts

Following the Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of Friday the 5th, we experienced a weekend of mixed weather and adventures, which included yesterday evening’s June snow surprise that created a wonderland of mystical beauty.

The snow came down in faery delight for a couple of hours and left a sweet frosty blanket of powdered sugar this morning that is melting by the kiss of sunshine now.

Weather in the mountains is always unpredictable and in my book, that’s part of what makes it a beautiful, fun adventure to live here. 

Much like life on Earth has the potential to be.

Friday’s Eclipse was the first of three consecutive Eclipses this season, bringing continued life transformations to the scene.

Changing our perception reroutes our trajectory and alters the landscape of experience.

Cultivating greater courage helps us to forge new realities and question what has been.

Opening our hearts to other’s perspectives and to feeling the truth of their reality cultivates true compassion.

We each have our own version of truth and reality, but the journey is simply the journey.

No judgment.

Simple energy creating energy for divine unfolding of energy experiencing energy.

And along the way beautiful gifts can show up in the most unusual, surprising, and unexpected ways.

Whimsical Wednesdays ~ The Artist’s Corner: Creative Wedding Prep In Strange Times

It may seem odd that amidst all that is going on in the world that we’re edging closer to what is a momentous event in our lives here. In just two and a half weeks a new life adventure ignites for Dave and I, as we extend our bond in marriage. We’ve already lived this commitment in every way for nearly twelve years, but spirit guided us to anchor the energy of that commitment officially. We embraced this invitation, feeling how important it was on more than a personal level, as what the world needs more of is hope, love, cocreation, and the commitment to build greater harmony, kindness, and courageous integration.

I’m a huge empath, like many of you, and even more so these days due to clearing away veils, so I work at transmuting that energy rather than let it lead me into immobilization and fear.

Adaptation, innovation, and inspired action feel key right now on the micro and macro levels, and these are just what we’ve embraced to make this special day our own, while integrating the times we’re in.

We decided not to let circumstances define us, nor place a damper on things. Rather, we decided to embrace the gifts within this experience and highlight them in ways that reflect our own values.

In essence, becoming the artists of our own lives and creating it from our inspired hearts.

Creating life as a work of art isn’t my motto for nothin’ 😉

Doing things this way and at this time may not be for everyone, but when a universal nudge comes my way, I don’t shrug it off. When the date is downloaded and I have no idea the significance of it energetically until I discover it later, I know things are being divinely guided. And you already know that Astrid is reflecting similar with her new fur messages I posted on Friday.

I was finally able to get the photo of all three upcoming eclipses on her fur – the larger being the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse of Summer Solstice for us Pacific Timers – our special day.

Everything has been a sweet unfolding, although odd in comparison to some of the accepted “norms” associated with this kind of event. It’s always about perspective and making something your own.

We can either get upset, let outside influences scare us off from alignment showing up, and lose sight of what’s really important, or we can see the gifts and become innovative to achieve a higher good result we may not realize full potential of until we go for it.

So, we’re creating things in our own way, as we work with what we have and transmute it into something beautiful.

Challenges have presented themselves along the way, but we kept trusting in the bigger picture we saw and were guided toward.

For instance, the county clerk’s office here was closed due to quarantine and we didn’t know when they’d open. The only way to get a marriage license here is in person. We trusted, waited about a month and a half, and eventually they did make services available for only marriage licenses in mid-May. Services were moved to the larger clerk offices about thirty minutes away, were by appointment only, and had to be administered outdoors with mask safety (you can’t tell in the photo, but mine is Peter Rabbit themed). The person I spoke to had forgotten to tell us about the change of location, so we showed up at the office down the street from us, missing the appointment. I called her and she apologized, but rather than see this as a road block or bad omen, we simply got in the car and drove the extra half hour, actually arriving quicker and made it before they closed. It was a success.

We also wanted a close friend of ours to officiate and went on a distanced hike with him to ask him in person, which then took several hoops to jump through to get him registered and official, but this proved a success too.

Unable to have any large groups of people gathering, we opted for a live broadcast to unite with those dear to us, which in essence made it possible for us to share this with people who otherwise would not have been able to join anyway. And we’re implementing creative ideas to have people join in and be a part of it, despite being distanced physically. Another added plus and extra surprise success.

We’ve acquired the things needed for this and will be going through some technical tests to hopefully have things in working order for the day.

Preparations have also included scoping out the ideal outdoor setting for the wedding site that meets our requirements via hikes in the mountains. This making it a blend of the best of technology and nature merged for hopefully something beautiful that we’ll also be able to record and cherish.

Despite circumstances, we were fortunate enough to stay healthy and be spoiled with a beautiful little engagement party a couple of months ago with my parents and brother that was postponed due to distancing guidelines. We made sure to stay safe/quarantined for several weeks so as not to expose anyone and created a safe visit. It ended up being the perfect mini gathering in my most favorite decor – Spring and bunny splendor!

My parents had everything decorated in their usual perfection for the season, which just so happened to not only be symbolically perfect, but would have been my first choice of decorations anyway!

Although in general we aren’t doing any wedding gifts or wedding registries (instead we’ve shared that if anyone does want to give they can donate to one of our favorite animal non-profits), we did receive a few perfectly useful and lovely gifts from my parents – including some for these times we’re in, but also that completed the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” for me. 🙂

I’ve already shared about my rings being vintage and repurposed, coming from my Great Grandmother, my grandfather, and Dave’s Great Grandmother (all with stories connected to strange times mirroring now).

And the rest will continue in the vein of a simple and sweet theme.

I’m making my own bouquet, doing my own hair, and I have a friend making me a little eco-simplicity dress – ethically made, eco-conscious, and of natural organic cotton and hemp, in natural dyes – nature faery-perfect and trail-ready since we’ll be hiking to the site. Nothing fancy all around, but highlighting what’s near and dear to us.

Of course, any version of a honeymoon will be on hold, but we feel everyday is a honeymoon here. In general, the gift of life itself is worth celebrating and is enough celebration alone.

That said, we feel so blessed and grateful to live in such a beautiful natural environment where we’re constantly discovering new and incredible places and sights that help nurture well being.

In fact, we’ve been on a lot of new hikes and bike trails during these last few months, enjoying hidden beauties that expand our repertoire of nature fun to immerse in.

We’ve also been returning to some old favorites we haven’t done in a while. Overall, we have even more time to be the nature explorers that we are and continue to make that a daily necessity, as we know the benefits of integrating nature into our lives. And this is also why we intend to partner with nature for our wedding – a holistic commitment to natural harmony inside and out.

It’s been proven that forest bathing – being around trees and exposure to phytoncides they release – can boost immunity against viruses and decrease stress. This is why trees are so vital to us and need to be protected. You can also receive benefits from tree and plant essential oils with similar phytoncide elements. A friend shared this video with us that you might find interesting. The information starts at 51 seconds:

Our honeymoon is life’s daily natural adventure and we’ll be sure to include some fun explorations the days following our wedding. And who knows what surprises will arise.

Anyway, I wanted to share just a snippet of how we’re innovating a wedding during these strange times, enjoying and valuing what we do have, harnessing the gifts around us, honoring nature, and creating beauty despite challenge.

These times call for innovation and invite us to pick up the paintbrush and start being creative.

There’s still so much love you can experience and share, while embodying a voice for harmony and kindness.

Find ways to bridge the challenges and bring connection into the light.

Lee’s June 2020 Energy Update

I’m sharing Lee’s June Energy Update for the month, as I think the more guidance we can get in these challenging times, the better. Sending everyone a lot of love and a big hug of understanding for what ever you’re going through right now.

Garden of Life Peace Process

I had a garden date this weekend in celebration of completing my painting commission that will be featured on the cover of an upcoming book – I’ll share that once it’s released. Although it’s quite rare that I take on extra projects, this was a very synchronous, flowing journey that felt important and aligned. And as with all projects there’s a flurry of feelings that come with the territory, including excitement at both ends of starting and ending. Garden time felt like the perfect addition to the experience to integrate, ground, anchor, and continue the momentum of energy in motion.

But what about the process?

Most of the time we focus on the end result only and even sometimes get caught up in the adrenaline rush of the new beginning alone, yet somehow the process seems to lack in luster, can feel daunting, and even endless. That is so for not only our individual experience, but for worldwide experiences.

The process of change can feel unclear and often muddy.

I’ve actually had to do a lot of work around this idea of process being less fun and the belief that only attaining the conclusion ideal was where peace and achievement could be found.

That is, until I not only learned the perfection within process and the journey as being whole every step of the way, but really started living this as an actualized experience and brought intention and purpose to every part.

It begins with letting go of attachments, being mindful of triggers, and being more present and conscious of the reach of our actions. It involves the understanding of how life is always energy in motion, but at every moment that energy is whole and complete. It includes realizing how every piece has value and without it there can be no next step.

It’s all interwoven and any pressures around it are simply ego-based judgments that want to control what already knows the nature of this reality.

My garden has become a beautiful example for me to model after and learn from. I find beauty, joy, and value in every stage of growth and rebirth it goes through. Every time I see new little sprouts of green or a bud emerge I celebrate. I also celebrate seeding when the ground is ready and fertile, as much as I celebrate blooming in its full glory, and preparation for rest when colors have shifted and winter slumber sets in.

I have also learned to celebrate the unknowns and surprises, as there are many along the way in gardening that teach patience, presence, resiliency, adaptation, and peace with it all.

If I can find enjoyment and beauty in all of my garden’s and nature’s cycles, then why would I not enjoy and bask in the beauty of my own and that of others?

Each has meaning and purpose and each holds a very powerful presence in the process.

It’s a peace process, whereas no matter where in the cycle you decide to focus on, it’s rich with the gift of being…being what ever is necessary in that very moment.

Not one thing more than another is more valuable. It’s a unified experience that only we compartmentalize to fit our immediate gratification ideals.

But what if all of it could be gratifying?

That’s where attachments step out so that relaxing into the peace process steps in.

My garden is currently at different phases right now, where some things have already cycled through their blooming phase, others are in full bloom, some are reaching a budding phase, and still others are at varying stages of incremental growth with hopes to reach the sunshine in time to bloom for the season.

I recently brought home several new plants – six foxgloves to add to the ones I already have and are growing (because I love these faery flowers so much and wanted a variety of white, peach, pink, and purple) and a new yellow lily plant. My garden date this weekend included planting these, as well as transferring my two strawberry plants to the garden tower from indoors.

I also cleaned up and got rid of some older, smaller pots whose plants didn’t do so well after the winter, and watered (because I have new seedlings needing lots of nurturing to grow big and strong), while Dave seeded our two front lawns and one back lawn with clover seed.

It was a fun day and we finished literally as tiny raindrops began to fall from a mountain thunderstorm that helped out with lots of good moisture.

We’re in a little window of short thunderstorms that can happen at any time and so I’m glad to have gotten everything in place before then.

Everything now is in its own peace process, as we nurture and watch what unfolds.

As you can see, my garden is carpeted with varying sizes of new growth that will all turn into wildflowers once they mature. They’re at the stage where that growth is more noticeable, but even though they’re not to the flowering stage yet, it sure is fun to watch them and they sure are cute!

The same will happen with our lawn. We decided that we’re switching over the lawn to all clover, as currently it already is about 75% clover with some patches of lawn or blotchy areas the sun dried out. These areas Dave worked in new topsoil and seeded with matching clover. Tearing it all out to start over was far too much work and money, so hopefully this will do the trick.

Not only is it beautiful (especially right now with all the sweet little white blossoms), but it conserves watering, is low maintenance, and is far less expensive than full landscaping.

Check out the happy ladybugs. So many sweet little ones were flying around and doing their own creating while I was out watering.

I find it very faery and there’s already a variety of little flowers that bloom in it that are a mixture of what would be considered weeds, some fern-like beauties, and other forest plants. The dandelions already went through their bloom, which laced it in yellow flowers. If the clover takes, my next step will be to throw the same wildflower seeds I used in the garden all over it to have flowers mixing with the clover to create some extra wild beauty and draw in even more pollinators.

This also creates a wonderful sanctuary for the forest animals to enjoy and the bunnies to munch on!

I may also add more bulbs at onset of Fall to the front yard.

It’s all a process and an evolving journey that’s enjoyable to watch unfold.

So, why then, can’t our lives, change, and our endeavors be the same way?

I know that they can, as I’ve witnessed my own journey go from one of anxiety when things are in between stages, to being able to breathe and relax into each step instead of holding my breath until the end.

That doesn’t mean I don’t celebrate the beginnings and endings with excitement still, but I have removed the added stress and frustration associated with the journey. This helps me to anchor in more love, compassion, and acceptance. I continue to redefine this process for myself and write new stories that my body finds more nurturing and harmonizing.

My garden paves the way for life as a peace process.

I hope that we can each find our own guide to bring more peace into the journey, as I believe this can foster more consciousness to every choice and step.

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