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I Feel, Therefore I Can Be Free: Tribute to Audre Lorde


Last Day to Receive $200 Off Your Sacred Journey to Peru & Date Reminders for Savings on 1/1 & 1/11 for Crystal & Reiki Workshops

While you explore how you would like to create a more nourishing life this coming year, here are some quick reminders for 2015 that perhaps might be part of that experience:


    • Walking the Path of the Great Central Sun ~ March Equinox Sacred Journey to Peru: Receive $200 off if you register by end of today – 12/31! FREE Quartz Crystals to all who register.

All details and booking found here: Sacred Journey to Peru


  • Crystal Magick & the Journey Within ~ A Creative Exploration for Personal Alchemy: 1/1 is the last day to pre-register at $50 savings for the workshop on Sunday 1/18 or Friday 1/23 – your choice.


  • Reiki 3 Master Teacher Workshop: 1/11 is the last day to pre-register at $75 savings for the workshop on Sunday 2/8 and 2/2 is the last day to pre-register at $75 savings for the workshop on Friday 3/6 – your choice. If you haven’t taken Reiki 1 and 2 yet, and would like to with me, please contact me with enough time to schedule a workshop before either of these dates. 

    Info on both workshops found here: Crystals & Reiki 


  • Horses & Reiki: Living with Vibrational Integrity ~ A Four Day Certification & Experiential Retreat in British Columbia: limited space remains in this intimate experience. All who join will receive a FREE in-person session with me, which I don’t offer anymore except by distance.

    All details and booking found here: Horses & Reiki

    I will no longer be doing a monthly special beginning 2015, but will continue as I always do, to provide specials when ever I’m intuitively nudged and guided to do so.

Heavenly Stems & Earthly Branches ~ Rooting, Expanding & Balancing into Now Harmony

Below you’ll find one of the inspired messages I sent out to all my dear friends, clients, and readers in yesterday’s newsletter, as my closing thoughts for the year.

If you don’t already receive my monthly newsletters (which include inspired thoughts, specials, and updates) and would like to, you can sign up for them here: Newsletter Mailing List

All that keeps coming to mind is how everything RIGHT NOW IS harmony and it is only when I step out of that natural harmony ALREADY present, try to control it, attach to it, expect from it, fight it, hide from it, fear it, judge, define and fracture it from its wholeness….that I create imbalance.

I believe it is because we can’t truly remember that in activated embodiment (beyond merely a concept), that we feel lost, abandoned, broken…and in search of something, anything, to fill the void that separates us from ourselves and each other.

It is so easy to run circles around ourselves, sink deeper in quicksand, and get lost in the layers of complexity there, but perhaps we have yet to see the forest for the trees.

Our emotions provide us the ability to experience the gamut of feelings that we, as an extension of All That Is, simply choose to experience and have the freedom to experience. Yet there are no better or worse paths, as they all lead back to each other. And feelings weren’t meant to attach to and lock away in every crevice of our bodies.

They are meant to move, as we dance through our life journey while shifting with the rhythm of the beat.

We’ve heard it over and over…it’s the journey, not the destination. And the more consciously we engage the journey, the more fulfillment we experience from it all.

Yet, we lost the flow of grace that comes in that all-encompassing experience. We replaced grace with a strange, co-dependent attachment to suffering, which is inherent in our continuous feeling of being less than, when we experience anything other than what others tell us we should be feeling and doing.

And from that illusion of suffering is the reason we keep wanting to “know” THE answer that we don’t need, never satisfied until we rid ourselves of all feelings except those we deem valuable and pleasant, and until we ARRIVE to some ideal destination.

It is from that illusion of suffering that we try to control and manipulate others, that we see fear and rage blowing up all over, that we have such an increase in depression, dis-ease, extremes, and intensities amplifying as the rubber band pulls tighter and gets ready to snap, rather than softly bend and reshape itself.

Spirituality pulled tightly in concept, yet needs its roots now so that it doesn’t continue to get lost in translation and deny its parts.

The physical over-extended itself in the pursuit of acquiring, amassing, and indulging, yet needs expansion that comes from integrating wisely and consciously, so as to align with the Earth it’s been overburdening, destroying, and denying.

Harmony and balance are needed.

Harmony and balance is present within each of us to invoke and recognize.

See it in Nature all around you, immerse in and honor Nature, and you return to the Nature within You.


Current Energies to Close Out 2014 & Kick Start 2015 ~ Astrology for the Soul with Tom Lescher

Some thoughts to reflect on from Tom Lescher/Kaypacha, as we put closure to 2014 and prepare for the new energies of 2015.

Here is a short summary of the highlights:

Anything holding you back, now needs to go.

All sense of known, familiar, security, and who you think you are is being stripped away.

Freedom and liberation from the known, past, and familiar is at hand from this letting go.

Birthing of new identity, relationship, job, paradigm…all requires liberation from the old and that is happening now for us all. It can be scary, but that’s only because you can’t see what’s on the other side of the birth canal, which is greater expansiveness and fulfillment.

Everything is happening in the now, not in the future, so be very present and feel into your body because it knows what’s good for you.

This all calls for decision, change, planning, and doing! So it’s time to design your new future and let go!

January heralds a huge time of change…should you stay or should you go? You CAN’T take it ALL with you.

When you get deeper into your authenticity, you have to release, make tough choices, and cut chords in order to create your highest, fullest, truest future.

Take only the most nourishing with you.

Color My World

I LOVE colors and feel that they represent the power of our creative energy and potentials.

As an artist I have always used vibrant blends of colors, much like these found in the amazing photos included in the article.

Thank you Sindy for posting this article from Margaret Ann Lembo.

We can each be more conscious about “creating life as a work of art” (my motto) indeed.


cosmic rainbowCOLORcosmic rainbow

The 7 Secrets of Color

by Margaret Ann Lembo

OM Times

The secrets of color are right in front of you in the full spectrum of the rainbow in everything you do daily! Every day you choose clothes to wear, food to eat, and all types of choices that involve color.

What would happen if you started to make all your choices with conscious intention using the 7 secrets of color? What would happen is that you will transform your life into one that is charmed, relaxed, flowing and full of grace and ease. It simply takes a little knowledge about the secrets of color along with focus and intention.

Everything is Energy

Everything that is created is created through intention. We create our lives with our thoughts, actions, words and deeds. Our thoughts vibrate out and return back to us in the form of our personal reality. For example…

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Making Waves

making waves

Middle Earth Experience in Incredible Chilean Hotel



What a wonder-full experience this would be!

Will keep this in mind for future travels indeed. 🙂

You can view more photos and information on this Middle Earth fantastical hotel in Patagonia, Chile here:

Incredible Magic Mountain Like Chilean Hotel

Thank you Kelly for sharing this with me and for your insights on the energy in Patagonia and Chile from your personal time living there.


Soaring Spirit

soaring spirit


Don’t think in terms of comfort; think in terms of freedom. Don’t think in terms of safety, think in terms of being more alive. And the only way to be more alive is to live dangerously, is to risk, is to go on an adventure. And the greatest adventure is not going to the moon – the greatest adventure is going to your own innermost core. ~Osho

The most adventurous journey to embark on; is the journey to yourself, the most exciting thing to discover; is who you really are, the most treasured pieces that you can find; are all the pieces of you, the most special portrait you can recognize; is the portrait of your soul. ~C. JoyBell C

About Those Shadows ….

Perfect and synchronous post. Thank you Laura!! I was literally conveying the same exact message in both of these quotes when Laura chimed in with these powerful Nietzsche quotes that explained what I was saying to the “t” and so beautifully! I love that. Great post!

Laura Bruno's Blog

Please remember balance in all things.

Yes to this: “One must have chaos within oneself to give birth to a dancing star.” ~ Nietzsche

But also yes to this: “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.” ~ Nietzsche

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A Walk in the Desert

heartHiking in the desert yesterday, or as I like to call it, intentional strolling (John Muir beautifully referred to it as sauntering, as you can read below), provided creative inspiration with messages and gifts along the way.

This lovely and nearly perfect heart stone was one of the whispers received in gratitude.

The Coachella Valley Preserve/Thousand Palms Oasis offered another experience different than the days preceding, with a more desolate desert walk and little oasis gems tucked way away.

desert3I really liked the contrast of yesterday’s lush and water abundant trails with today’s more stark journey across the desert with expansive mountain views, until reaching small pockets of hidden green. (as seen in above photo)

The day felt even more purposeful for clarity, flowing of ideas, and for receiving very poignant and timely attention-getters, which would not have happened as they did, had not certain things took place.

The heart stone was actually the last little whisper that appeared while, for some reason, veering off-trail. But four other things came along before this.

The first was a large stone circle pile that had been deliberately put together to create a brick-like layering effect to what would be like an altar or a place to burn something. At the top was a small cairn and wedged in three or four spots were small bouquets of now-dried wild flowers.

The next thing was approaching this very open, high, flat stony terrain, but someone, or something, had created a clear sand path that created a perfectly straight and proportionate cross inside an area that was naturally like a circle. On the way back through it later, I was called to stand center, arms open to my sides, and call upon/invoke energies for the greater good.

The next was a very white, clean and smooth, pure energy-feeling stone (my white symbolism again) I saw immediately after receiving an idea and stating to myself I would do what had come to me in that inspiration.

And the next came after going off-path and wandering way past the destination, which then caused a return to retrace steps.

While retracing, the next appearance came via a Raven. The Raven flew just ahead several feet and landed on the side of the path. He began pecking at something, or placing/moving something on the ground. Then, upon arrival where he was, he flew off and I was able to look at the ground where his attention had kept him busy.

There I discovered a mini stone (about six inches in diameter) circle of black stones that fit perfectly like a puzzle, as if carved that way, and were smooth looking like black wood in a wheel shape with perfect hole at center. They were different than all other stones around them and no one would notice it unless looking for it. At the center of the black wheel were small lighter/whitish stones piled in.

That was definitely not “just” a Raven. He was very intentional and timely, and I instantly remarked that he was trying to message me and direct my attention to what he was up to.

And last, as mentioned, was seeing the large heart stone while making a “new” way back to my car.

After that, things lightened, but pretty much the whole walk was done in silence, although much was flowing through my crown and third eye in inspiration.

desert2desert8As the sun was getting close to setting and the air became chilly, the day then ended with lovely painted vistas, an oasis, and a beautiful light.

lightAnd upon return back for the evening to the retreat area, two little rabbits were munching on grass just outside the little hobbit dwelling. They perked up and darted in a bush when I dropped my keys on the ground, but one little brave one returned, as you can see.

desert6I’m going to be integrating all of this further in the days to come.


“There are always some people in the mountains who are known as “hikers”. They rush over the trail at high speed and take great delight in being the first to reach camp and in covering the greatest number of miles in the least possible time. They measure the trail in terms of speed and distance. One day as I was resting in the shade Mr. Muir overtook me on the trail and began to chat in that friendly way in which he delights to talk with everyone he meets. I said to him: “Mr. Muir, someone told me you did not approve of the word ‘hike’. Is that so”? His blue eyes flashed, and with his Scotch accent he replied: “I don’t like either the word or the thing. People ought to saunter in the mountains – not hike”! Do you know the origin of that word ‘saunter’? It’s a beautiful word. Away back in the Middle Ages people used to go on pilgrimages to the Holy Land, and when people in the villages through which they passed asked where they were going, they would reply, “A la sainte terre’, ‘To the Holy Land’.  And so they became known as sainte-terre-ers or saunterers. Now these mountains are our Holy Land, and we ought to saunter through them reverently, not ‘hike’ through them”.

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