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Let Go, Effective, In Between Times, Messengers & Updates ~ New Moon Musings

As signs of Spring continue to emerge within and without, and a New Moon cycle opens the door to another opportunity to recreate your experience, I’m finally circling back to some themes that have been coming in strong and the messages I’ve received around them.

I sometimes am told to sit with things a bit, but now feels the time to visit these briefly and what I’ve felt and seen in the airwaves strongly in case they speak to you and something you might be feeling or needing to hear right now.

Messages of “let go” and changing how we relate to ideas we’ve come to define or designate one way, keep knocking on the door as we go through reset upgrades. One of the louder ideas of the latter is centered around our definition of “effective” and/or how we are conditioned to relate to that word under one context that may not fit the new context you’ve been feeling yourself moving into.

Let me first begin with “let go,” which on the one hand speaks for itself and yet I feel we’re being taken to deeper levels of releasing, surrendering, and truly letting go like never before. It’s been popping up time and again in terms of letting go of old hurts, letting go of old patterns, letting go of unhealthy relationships, letting go of limiting beliefs, letting go of ideas, letting go of trying to change other people, letting go of trying to control situations and outcomes, letting go of unhealthy daily habits, letting go of damaging inner dialogue, letting go of resentment and guilt, letting go of how we relate to things…letting go.

Letting go is what makes way for the new to come in. It provides the open space to be creatively filled with imagination and choice that isn’t tethered by an attachment, whether past or future related. It invites the highest good to dance with us.

Letting go is where the visionary gets to envision, the inventor gets to create, and the magician gets to work wonders in boundless ways.

Letting go allows the body, mind, emotions, and soul to return to a natural state of harmony and flow because when we hold on, on any of these levels, energetic blockages emerge to remind us that this simply isn’t the state of grace All That Is vibrates from.

Letting go provides us greater peace of heart even when we journey through the challenging times, because we aren’t tightly attached to what something HAS to look like, therefore disappointment can be avoided. We instead, feel the wind between our branches and welcome the song of our rustling leaves.

Letting go reminds us that it is our relationship to things that liberates or imprisons us.

Letting go is an empowering choice to say, I alone decide how I want to feel and anytime something or someone isn’t aligned with that I will still carry on with the same feelings generated by me, to me.

Letting go points out that now is the only moment I truly have and later may not come if I remain tied to the ghosts of the past.

Here’s a song I’ve always loved and I found a video version that has words to accompany it. Perhaps it might speak to some place inside you that has been sitting on the edge of amazing.

And then there’s the word “effective.”

I can’t tell you how many times I hear this word crop up in all kinds of conversations with many people. This one is a bit more complex to understand our relationship and role with it, but I’ll try to express the aspect of it that has been showing up most.

I feel that we can use words to run circles around ourselves and also hinder us from actually ever doing anything. “Effective” is one of those words, but it also perhaps could be replaced with a different one.

When I hear someone ask or say, “How can I be most effective to such and such cause or goal?” or, “What can I do with my life that will be most effective in terms of my strengths?” I immediately feel that there’s an attachment we’ve learned to associate with the word “effective” that is both conditioned and comes from ego, rather than our higher self. It’s subtle, however, so it’s harder to detect, as it may feel well-intentioned with desire for the greatest outcome.

We hold judgments around what we think is effective or not, based on a definition or idea that has been told to us, or ingeniously implemented in a way that makes us think it’s helping, but perhaps might be hurting.

For example, I often will hear people say they want to do the most effective thing to help something going on in the world that hurts them or that they see as challenged. We’ve been patterned to believe that things like direct action, starting a campaign, lobbying, donating large sums of money, traveling directly to the place and doing hands-on work, etc. are perhaps some of the most “effective” ways to help.

Yet, we may be missing the point that anything someone does, that comes from the purity and authenticity of their gifts and their vibrational frequency of what they have to share, IS in fact the most “effective” way to help. This IS your valuable contribution as a spirit in body and anything added to that, is icing on the cake.

That may even be emanating the purity of being at your own highest frequency. I’m not going to say, “as simple as emanating the purity of your being at your own highest frequency,” as in fact to stand in and anchor the purity of your being is not so simple and very few can consistently anchor this. It’s something we each have to work on moment to moment and day to day, to cultivate, nurture, and enrich. It takes courage, commitment, and inner strength to hold your own amidst a vastly oscillating environment.

We’ve been taught that something like this is a cop out or less than, when in fact if one truly was able to hold a certain vibrational frequency, despite anything around them, this in fact has huge impact and effectiveness beyond measure.

However, the latter point “measurement” is how some people judge effectiveness. To some, what one does must be in a form that can be measured by some kind of tangible, perhaps scientific, or provable methodology that cannot be disputed.

Do we see where I’m going with this and how this can fall short?

Effectiveness has become something we’ve adopted in definition as measurable and provable to the mind and physical parameters. Anything that lies outside of these parameters that seems esoteric, is not within the realm of what a majority would deem “effective.”

And yet, you being you, or you bringing your particular gifts through things like art, a book, article, poem, or screenplay with a message, a song or music that is healing or inspirational, a sculpture that speaks volumes, a building that provides opportunity, a garden that cultivates the Earth, an invention that provides new choices, an idea that fosters growth, any form of creative expression that fosters beauty and/or contemplation of new perspectives, horizons, and potentials, a helping hand that generates kindness, a rescue that saves or nurtures a life, daily acts of compassion that trickle out like a pay-it-forward gratitude effect, a personal hurdle surmounted, a change embraced, a new layer of heart opening that spreads love….these all are “effective” even though we may not ever be able to fully measure the magnitude of their outreach.

I’ve seen people sit down for hours, days, and even years, discussing what the most effective use of their time, resources, skills, etc. would be in terms of something they want to achieve. And I’ve seen the same people become stalemated and unable to ever really make a move because they feel themselves fall short in light of the definition that has been handed down to them. I’ve seen some of these people also become depressed or angry because they can’t meet these ideals and sometimes then project that to being angry at others who aren’t changing in the way they want their messaging to have as an effect. I’ve also seen some of them put down others who do some of what I mentioned above, that don’t fall into the accepted effectiveness category.

I’m told to bring this up because it’s a prevalent theme for times like these that we find ourselves in. And it’s a loving reminder that you are enough and if you are being and bringing through you in the best way you can right now, you are indeed being effective.

The butterfly effect or hundredth monkey effect speak to some of how things like this can happen…that seemingly tiny and trivial events or even a single addition of a new awareness can significantly impact the field of awareness and have large results.

So, yes, your energy signature brought through you, doing what you do and love best, has an effect and much larger than we can immediately see.

The reason we judge these kinds of things is because ego looks for validation. And “effectiveness” is an idea that looks for validation. At least under the definition that has been adopted for it.

Looking at our relationship to things and seeing where we can tweak it to match the new trajectory we’re on and the changes we’ve been making in other areas, continues to speak loudly.

My preferred question, rather than asking “How can I be most effective?” might be something more like, “What do I feel most passion and desire to do that compliments my gifts and strengths?” – then do that!

How can you be most authentic to the frequency you came in to embody? This, in my opinion, is effectiveness in motion – being you.

If this speaks to you in some way, please drop a comment and share.

The photos laced throughout this blog post are from a hike we did this week on one of those in between kind of days. They felt energetically in line with the tone of this share, as we explore more of the spaces between our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Taking that pause and breath of curiosity and reflection is where so much is available.

The inspiration these nature windows evoked is this, which I shared on my IG:

Embrace those in between times, as the most growth and richness lies within them. I’m loving the landscape right now that is in transition from winter to spring. The sun moves behind clouds, then radiates in bursts of dewy rays. Moisture blankets the land and frogs chirp their stories from melt-off streams and newly formed wetlands between the trees. The heavy December snow has brought them back along with the stirring of so many blossoms yet to come. It should be a lovely spring, but for now the scent of juniper and moist pine lingers in the air with fresh soil and sweet hints of Earth rising.

I feel the energy being so fertile right now, beyond just it simply being Spring and an Aries New Moon. We have dredged up so much of the old and it’s up to us how we mold it into something altogether visionary, yet rich in layers of transmutation. It’s also up to us how we want to experience that journey – again that relationship we have to something makes a difference.

I’m going to conclude my musings portion of this blog with an encounter and a dream because they feel both personal and collective.

Just a few days ago a large coyote ran across the hiking trail we were on, just as we were approaching. Shapeshifting coyotes speak to our adaptability, instincts, cleverness, creativity, and playfulness. They bring the hidden to light, help us look at our defense mechanisms we use, and balance wisdom with trickery – showing us the paradox inherent in everything. How we face the things around us or that might come at us can be tempered with seeing things from a different perspective, adding more laughter, and letting go of fears so the new gets a fresh start.

In what ways does coyote speak to what you’re navigating right now?

And three nights ago I had what started as a strange dream and then ended with me walking into a very large, new garden that someone had just prepared. There were rows upon rows of seeded new plants that were both in process of being sowed, as well as just starting to sprout. At one end I came to a deep pit in the garden that was a rectangular hole that went down like 20 feet. Someone had hand built the walls with stone blocks held together with soil as mortar. At the bottom were tomato plants that eventually would grow up the walls. I stepped away from the hole and noticed a sleeping snake near my foot. I then took notice that there were actually peacefully sleeping snakes all around me in the garden, which I hadn’t noticed before. They weren’t any kind of snakes I’ve seen, but were all different and different colors – mostly subtle, pastel colors. I didn’t know if they were poisonous or not, but one had just woken up and was coming toward me. I did a little hop-scotch dance back and forth and on angles and twisting, etc. to avoid both that snake that was kind of dancing with me, and the ones all around me, as I didn’t want to step on them. Some seemed to be starting to stir and wake, as I danced around the ground almost like a tribal ritual dance to safely see myself out and without disturbing them.

Major rebirth, growth, and healing on multiple layers in that dream. There’s also a hint of overcoming adversity and awakening an expanded consciousness. Snakes do in fact embody ancient memories of the collective consciousness and speak to cellular memories we are working with. Snakes also represent our shadow aspects and indeed we are seeing them awaken more and more, and it’s up to us how we dance with the alchemy of this energy. They represent wisdom, immortality, and healing, while also teach us how to purify and transform our lives from a shamanic perspective. They are the cord that keeps our body and soul merged. 

The relationship we have with snakes (for some a fearful one) will determine the messaging. I happen to love them and they are one of my spirit animals. I do wear one as a sacred tattoo, after all, and Rainbow Serpent Teacher is one of my guides. I’m grateful whenever snake shows up.

How do you relate with snake?

What ever your take-aways from these shares, inviting a bit of curiosity in and softening your edges a bit might invite a new experience to start growing.

You may have noticed the pair of mallards also included in the photos. These two are getting ready to start a family and were very inquisitive.

Duck encourages us to nurture more balance where things feel weighted, so we can glide with greater grace across the waters of life.

In what ways might you work with the inner reflections of what you experience out of balance in the world?

This is likely my last blog post until the week of April the 18th, as I will be immersed in other things, some journeys, family, and friends. For this reason today’s blog is a fuller share of musings and messages that are ready to channel through. For this reason, also, I’m concluding with some updates, but of course you can message with questions even though I might not be blogging.

In the meantime, if you place an order for anything before or on the morning of April 4th, your items will ship out right away. Otherwise any orders placed after the morning of the 4th will ship out the week of April the 18th. There is currently one crystal remaining, 4 read-to-ship Enchanted Realms items (great for Easter) left, and some specialty, one-of-a-kind items including art at the Curiosities Corner – we’re SO excited and grateful that The Child In Us porcupine spirit animal original finally found its heart home.

If you registered for the first offering of Everyday Reiki, you will be seeing your email link for the recorded class arriving in this window of the New Moon energies. So stay tuned!

Those of you in the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum, your last session will be out to you by end of this weekend/Monday at latest. This bitter sweet conclusion brings our six month journey together, full circle. Thank you dearly for being a part of shifting the collective energies together.

The Transcending Duality class recording will be coming out around the end of April to beginning of May and the Reiki level 1 class recording around the same time with levels 2 and 3 in May. If you’re interested in any of these classes to accompany the shifts you’re making and to help raise your vibration, you can register at Reiki Certification Training.

Soon after my return I’m excited to share a collection of ready-to-ship Magick Wands available, which will feature some potent energies while being super affordable for anyone, too. There will also be one or two new crystal offerings.

And that about wraps things up on my end. Astrid says, “phew!” now I can have my snacks mom, to replenish after all that channeling. She’s the best partner ever. I’m so grateful.

If you have any questions, please send your thoughts here: CONTACT TANIA or email me.

Happy New Moon cycle!

Subtle Reflections of Shifts in Motion

As the Aries New Moon approaches late night on the 31st PST here for us and early morning on April 1st EST, I continue to see those signs of new arising that comes with this cosmic clean slate energetically resetting. It can sometimes take time for that to fully manifest outwardly, but there may be subtle hints around you that reflect the shifts happening molecularly and within the vibrational frequencies of your being.

Here, my onion is sprouting, along with many other plants in the garden, even though I’m allowing everything its time to organically unfold before I immerse in cocultivating.

My very first daffodils blossomed and I love that it is a single pair. But I’ve counted over 40 daffodil and iris plants that are all fully reaching for the sun, so the air AND ground is fertile with potential.

Two days ago we heard frogs return for the first time in a while on our long hike. Listen to their beautiful songs across the forest along the creek. It is both enchanting and mysterious. Comforting and eerie. Just like the threshold of new can feel both exciting at times and scary.

We haven’t heard them in quite some time so this was a gift at the end of our hike just before a weather front rolled in. We made it to the car before small hail and mixed rain and wet snow came down. With the moisture and snow melt, mushrooms are appearing and yesterday morning we woke to a fresh dusting of snow.

It melted quickly and off we trekked. Raven once again was present, gifting me this large feather and then appearing overhead. He landed at the top of a tree next to his companion and the two of them called down to us – again being very deliberate in having me know it is raven who is messaging.

I can’t tell you how many raw crystals I’ve been led to out in nature since Spring Equinox and the most amazing ones – some huge! There is a whole other vibration in motion and I feel that is what they are assisting with, bridging Earth and Cosmos in a way that will help create the new. The largest I gifted to Astrid and our gridding work together is almost complete here, which means the next phase will soon be in motion.

I’ve been focused on different things here and delayed in being able to do all of the recordings for classes and sessions because of noisy bathroom renovations, but they will be coming to you shortly and the energy is reflecting all that I’m feeling and seeing unfold.

It’s the next phase in motion, indeed and speaks to me of how the collective IS shifting even if you don’t think so, as the essence of what is channeling through is on a different level of readiness.

This nature landscape above from our hike yesterday speaks to me of the landscape within. Perhaps you can feel it without me describing it.

I am feeling future and past variables from the present, more cohesively and this invites creative power to really dance.

I hope this New Moon lights a spark in your life and sets a new tone for the song you want to sing this season.

With a lot going on and time away upcoming, I’m focused on getting things out for everyone and have been also packaging up items so they get to you right away. If you end up feeling called to something on one of our pages of offerings here and want it by Easter, if it’s a gift, or for any specific energetic need, just a heads up that the 4th is the last day I’ll be able to ship off things until later in April. I am working on recordings and house stuff, along with my own personal needs, so that’s all I can manage right now. Thank you so much for your understanding with everything. It’s so appreciated.

All of the Spring Fae Crystal Bundles found homes, but we still have the two incredible flames – amethyst and lapis lazuli – and flower agate crystal skull that I’m surprised haven’t yet connected to their new family. The crystal skull has become a duo and they are the sweetest together. I kept getting that a friend was wanted and then found her (rose quartz). Yay! (Update: just the incredible amethyst awaits her home)

You can find them and read about their energy at the link above. Also, for these 3 items we added a 12-20% discount that is already reflected in their offering price for Easter and New Moon celebrations.

May all possibilities be open to you as we enter a new cosmic phase.

More Mushroom Magick, Tahoe Blue, Messengers & Faery Portals

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been feeling something extraordinary and rich in the air and seems to be reflected all around me, quite literally showing up in the outer landscape as it feels within my inner landscape. And I don’t get the sense that it’s just my own experience I’m sensing, but a bigger picture one.

It’s very different and it feels edgy if that makes sense – and I mean edgy in the sense of the definition that means “being at the forefront of a trend, experimental, avant-garde, or unusual in a way that is fashionable and exciting.”

Again, it’s that walking in the in between realm as creatorship is weaving a whole new web of experience into being. Although unknown, it does feel good and today’s blog shares some of the things appearing in this neck of the woods that accompany this feeling.

As always, I may not share all the detailed messaging or symbolism, but perhaps you can intuit that for yourself along the way.

I’ve been sharing and documenting indoor mushroom growing that has been rapidly unfolding in my world. Of the three mushrooms, the Giant Pink Oysters were harvested and enjoyed first and now the second bunch has been too.

I harvested my Lion’s Mane on Friday evening and Saturday’s lunch was another mushroom delight featuring these beauties.

The Latin name for Lion’s Mane is Hericium Erinaceus. Erinaceus happens to mean hedgehog and therefore they are sometimes also called Bearded Hedgehog, which I love. Some other fun names include Monkey Head, Bearded Tooth, and Pom Pom.

I think you can see why from its appearance.

Look how gorgeous and large my Lion’s Mane is. It was easy to twist off the substrate and I do hope that I will get more flushes, as they say you can get 3-4 maybe.

Fingers, toes, and wings crossed.

Lion’s Mane, or hedgie as I love to call it, has both culinary and medicinal uses. I learned that it works fantastic as a faux crab meat, which is awesome for vegans like me. And you can see from the texture above, after I broke some apart, and below in the bowl after I tore off small sections, that it actually does look like it too.

It even feels like crab meat in your hands and has a subtle fishy smell. So, I decided to make a special crab cake meal with it yesterday. The following photos share the process a bit, which was super easy.

I found an online recipe that I tweaked, of course, and look how they turned out.

Dave was actually skeptical, but when he tasted these he loved them, which is a big win since he isn’t that much of a crab cake person in the first place.

I made them in the air fryer once I blended the ingredients and formed them into cake patties. Then placed them on a bed of greens with some air fried potato wedges I coated in nutritional yeast and spices.

I then decided to chop up some sweet pickles and add them on top. They were amazing as is, but I did add a tad of shiitake sesame dressing to the mix.

These were SO good I’m definitely making them again. I still have half of the first harvest so it’s a done deal! Some of them I will also dry and blend into a powder for smoothies and baking.

So far, my experience with both the Pink Oysters and Lion’s Mane “hedgies” is DEE-LISH!

In the meantime, the third mushroom babies, my Reishi (it’s so funny that literally every time I go to time Reishi I type Reiki instead) are coming along great.

Here’s an update on their growth cycle so far. They still have a way to go, but looks like I should have quite a little Reishi forest. Yay!

And speaking of forests, we’ve been drawn to hikes lately that wind through forests along, above, and then down to the lake the last few days.

We loved the area I shared in my last post so much, that we went back to explore more. The following photos are of different little coves and areas we discovered, as we extended our hike along the web of trails.

Everything is just so vibrant and richly layered.

The outcroppings of ancient stones adding extra mystery to the mix.

It’s so beautiful it almost seems surreal.

And then we came upon this little beach, which was pure magick.

Another enchanted cove and sacred pool where of course my socks and shoes flew off so I could refresh and allow the crystalline water to wash over me for a reset.

The water is quite invigorating at this time of year, which is like an activation itself.

It will be warming up as the season goes on, but right now all that snow is adding Jack Frost’s kiss to the liquid silk.

But isn’t this little pool and view just dreamy?

As I mentioned, something feels extraordinary and rich, which is being reflected all around me.

What I feel, I am seeing.

The Tahoe blue waters are like that of tropical destinations, varying in sea green, aqua, turquoise, cerulean, and cobalt shades. They are pinch-me kind of colors that melt your entire being into surrender.

And we are definitely embracing what is showing up in this literal in between time before tourists flock to the area.

Then we set off for more desolate adventures where most people don’t go – always following our own inner navigational pull and creating our own experience and life as we go along.

I feel this is something we each can do relative to our individual desires, path, and creative expressions – become master builders of our experience.

And someone else who is a master builder of their own world is beaver.

We have a family of them not far from the house, along another hike we do on our way to the lake.

They have been expanding the wetlands in this one area and are creating quite the network of waterways. Beavers keep ecosystems healthy and increase biodiversity. You can see the fresh evidence of this family from the photos I took yesterday.

Of the many animals Astrid reminds me of and carries essence of, beaver is one of them. She has similar teeth, loves to chew wood and leaves marks just like this, and even her fur is very beaver in color. She also has the heart of a beaver with her diligent focus and master creatorship.

Beavers speak to the visionary dream makers in all of us and truly speak to that master architect within that we can call upon to make things happen. And since we are building and creating a new on and off Earth experience, the never-give-up-attitude of beaver feels like a potent message to help with that process.

Beavers have astounding foresight to envision what they want to build, are extremely resourceful and find what they need to ensure both the building and sustaining of their life, have the tenacity to round up and grind down the building blocks for their master plan, and then implement a complete change of the entire environment in order to create the vision for their new life, home, and family – in essence they build a whole new world.

Beaver reminds us that we actually have to work at making our dreams a reality. It’s great to have them and imagine what you’d like, but you have to take action in some way to make them real.

I just love that reflection for us all right now.

On this same hike I also found the softest little tuft of black, white, gray, and yellow feathers. They were in a perfect bundle that resembled a soft flame, but the wind had blown them around a bit so this is the photo I ended up with below.

I believe they are from the Western Tanager, one of the birds here that is rare to see with beautiful yellow feathers. I’ve seen one only a few times.

This beautiful song bird carries a feeling of comfort and security, as well as an abundant home and life. I love the duality feather contrast, with the gray area integrated by vibrant yellow tips of optimism, joy, creativity, sunshiny warmth, and possibility.

A song of hope is in the air.

And then I found this transitioned vole – a second deceased animal of recent (remember raven on Spring Equinox?). I seem to always be led to find things, even what is hidden away from the more traveled paths. I’ve found quite a few voles over the course of the last couple of years and its appearance now also carries a message.

Voles speak to destruction and rebirth and so they ask us to look at what we can leave behind, change, and let go of in order to have the dream life and experiences we want.

Like beaver, vole also speaks to our ability to go after our dreams and make them happen, but that we have to actually take steps, use creativity, and persistence in order to move forward. Small steps are just as powerful, as things are a process. Just as the endless tunnels and burrows vole creates underground don’t happen overnight, they will happen if you keep at building and creating.

Remember also that the process is where the magick happens and although we want the end result, don’t forget the fun of creating that happens in every moment along the way there.

Feel the bigger picture, but then enjoy the present and your creative power that is accessible now.

A whole new moment awaits each of us that we can choose to experience from a renewed sense of perspective and perhaps even wonder.

And in the essence of wonder, take a look at this little quartz I found just behind our house when we went for our hike yesterday. It was unassuming and hidden mostly in the dirt, but I was called to it and picked it up.

I took it to the beach with intention to cleanse it in the Tahoe water. And as I sat there immersing it in the invigorating renewal, I was amazed at this little one’s spectacular brilliance.

It was so sparkly with a hint of pinky hue overall and then as I turned it, a gold flash amidst the faery dust burst forth and then a rainbow that morphed in shape…at one time to a tiny butterfly.

Hope, creative magick, and the promise of a renewal of experiences seems to be the recurring pattern of messaging.

And speaking of rainbows, take a look at this faery portal I discovered on Friday on the hike down to the enchanted Tahoe coves.

Rainbow veils spread across it and invited me in. It was quite large and was the perfect width on both ends for my body to fully cross through. And cross through I did.

Again, this portal was hidden out of the way so it spoke to trusting the inner voice and intuitive senses, while keeping the hope and vision of what you want to create, just like vole does underground in the darkest of depths, to navigate the journey of life by – especially these days.

It is a marriage of intuition and wisdom that will carry us through and the implementation of our creative strategies that will carve out a whole new world.

A Breath Full of Tahoe Blue ~ Visual Meditation

With busy days here, one of the ways I take breaks is breathing in all the incredible refreshing air and energy around me.

If you could use some of your own deep breaths, I thought I’d share these photos from our recent new hike along some of the hidden coves of Lake Tahoe to provide you an invigorating and calming inhale and exhale of all that expansive and crystalline energy this gem of the Sierra Nevadas gifts in abundance and splendor.

I mentioned this hike in my last post and all the incredible ancient stones embodying animal spirits, including the raven rock and tons of cetaceans. Can you see them?

Perhaps they, too, will provide you just the perfect message for what you’re navigating right now.

This circuit of coves, along a steep trail to descend, ended at one that was like a giant treasure chest of raw quartz and citrine. This included a giant mother quartz embedded deep in the sand (talk about heart womb energy), a golden healer I found behind some rocks, and tons of sparkly crystals at water’s edge.

I hope these portals of beauty and possibility provide you some inspiration and a means of resetting your day whenever you might need a little peaceful anchoring or reminder of your creative potential.

The Micro & Macro of My Spring Equinox

Between very busy days and extremely high energy and multi-layered transformations at hand pulsing through me and the house, I am writing when I feel like a break is in store and as a way to integrate the energy by putting some things to words and simply channeling in a different way than my day focuses.

I’ve been a bit more “step back,” as my attention has been called to really keep my vibration at a certain frequency. Perhaps some of you can relate in feeling like you’re creating and building new things in your life and this has just naturally evolved as being beautifully consumed with the fresh energy pulsing through you.

I’m also feeling that rather than go into full details, I can allow some photos and dots help connect the energy story that’s weaving through these days. And some things I’m being told are just not to be shared at this time, as they are simply about embodying and experiencing, as way of anchoring my end of the collective spectrum.

The depth and complexity may still be felt when one tunes in, even through simple, symbolic expressions. Kind of the same way a small, unassuming crystal can be a powerhouse although sits next to a flashy large one you’d think might steal the show.

Nonetheless, and regardless if that makes sense, I will say that there’s a constant morphing energy and pulsing seems to be the best fit of words I can use to explain how the tiniest shifts and changes of creatorship are having profound effect. There’s a chaotic brilliance creating a system of networking cohesion in motion.

And Spring Equinox has been a potent portal this year, throwing out pieces of that network that are lighting up.

In the micro of my experience on that day I harvested my first flush of Giant Pink Oysters and was SO pleasantly surprised how much I loved them!

Not only are they beautiful, but they are delicious! I made us some Just Egg vegan omelets loaded with yummies and the Pink Oysters were a fantastic compliment.

They have such a “meaty” texture and reminded me of chicken, even in look due to the pink nature of them. I only used about 1/3 for the omelets, then chopped some as pizza toppings the next day, and still have more remaining.

I’m thinking more omelets and maybe a curry dish to come. I soaked the substrate after harvesting and am awaiting if a second flush will emerge.

In the meantime, and in the continuation of micro experiences of Spring Equinox, I also noticed that my Reishi mushrooms had grown a a full body rabbit! See for yourself.

If that isn’t Ostara magick, I don’t know what is.

There’s actually a lot of rabbit action going on in the Reishi world, as I see a cottontail bunny butt poking out, as if the rabbit is going down a hole and other rabbit ears, as well as a baby bunny now forming on top of the large one.

On this day I also started growing an onion plant indoors and just planted it in some soil yesterday after the roots grew enough. The only “planting” I’ve actually done so far.

The other onion you see growing is a fluke that happened without the roots and just by soaking the top of the onion. We’ll enjoy these green onion tops with our Pink Oyster omelets today.

My containers and soil are outside on the lower deck awaiting the green light and my seeds are all ready to go as well.

This won’t take place until mid April, as there’s a lot of other focuses going on and some time away upcoming so I will wait for full focus to be with my plant babies. But I can tell you that there’s one hoppy rabbit queen sharing in mom’s green excitement.

The rest of Spring Equinox takes us more into the macro experience as we went on a new adventure that felt like a literal journey into Earth’s heart womb through the high desert ancient energy.

We had plans cancel on us, but of course that’s because Uni – as I loving call the Universe – had other ideas.

So we got to do a hike I’d been mentioning for a couple of years and had come up in conversation again just recently through people we know.

Treasures upon treasures literally lit up along the way, coming across an abundance of 2 million year old petrified wood and a variety of crystals and stones like selenite and blue chalcedony, fossilized specimens, and more.

The canyon was lined with hoodoos and we came across a raven that had transitioned.

This land where Paiute Indians once lived and an ancient lake once rested, surrounded by volcanic cliffs was where our Equinox initiation would take place.

All I can say is that it was a big energy experience full of rebirth and death cycles over and over, overlapping in that system of networking cohesion – producing pure alignment, ancient offerings, activations, and having the terrain to ourselves.

And one special soul in rabbit queen body received a gift from the spirits of the land that is part of her mini Stone Henge for the work ahead we are facing and creating together.

Ancient energies are being woven into the now and I can’t help but think of the sound channeling that came through me in the last Collective Energy Dynamics Forum that felt to shift into a tribal essence of Earth and beyond.

Both micro and macro connected, the day after Equinox I brought in the crystals that had been out in the garden since before the Full Moon, to prepare them, and the arrival of others took place that day as well. Everyone in the grid and Council of Mystics (who in fact are a mixed group of balancing energies) are adjusting frequencies together before our work will move to the next phase.

I have to add here that there is one crystal being that is part of this network that has been on an adventure – the second time this happens recently, but this time super wild. My address had been mysteriously manipulated in the system, which had it return to sender. And now, it’s on a side-bend journey – last seen taking a tour of the Mojave Desert. Desert energies seem part of the network equation right now and in even more ways than I’ve mentioned.

And, so too, does raven seem to be the messenger.

I mentioned the dead raven on our Spring Equinox hike and then yesterday we did another new hike here at the lake that was incredible, and raven again appeared quite profoundly – at least for me.

We did a circuit of trails and one led to a treasure trove of raw quartz and citrine lacing the beach and ended where many ancient stones along water’s edge spoke of animal spirits – mostly cetaceans. However, the very last stone was shaped as a tribal raven head. I saw that immediately, or at least that’s what I was supposed to see. Whether others would, is up to perspective, but that large curved beak, head and large eye were raven in my book and had the feeling of a head on a totem pole, some of the stone sculptures on Mayan temples, or a ceremonial headpiece.

That said, my personal confirmation was when a raven swooped across the beach and guess where it landed?

Yep, atop that very rock I said was, to me, of Raven Clan.

I laughed out loud because raven, the transformer, wanted to make things very clear for me. I love when stuff like that happens.

And another interesting link is that I’ve had The Dark Crystal on my mind, especially in terms of the Mystics, but also how they and the Skeksis reunite in the end – the Skeksis just so happen to have raven heads. They are part reptile, predatory bird and dragon – more energies I’m seeing connected to the chaotic brilliance weaving together lately. When they unite they become urSkeks once again – and this is what I sense will happen with the Council here once everyone arrives and transcendent creation anchors. I will then receive their integrated name.

But back to ravens…While there are indigenous groups that raven is associated with in North and South America, there is also a Raven Clan of medieval Vikings in Norway and of course Odin was known as the Raven God.

I love what Avia Venefica shares about raven and her words feel like the perfect way to end this post:

Other Native North American tribes saw the raven as the bringer of light. In fact, southwestern tribes (Hopi, Navajo, Zuni) felt the raven flew out from the dark womb of the cosmos, and with it brought the light of the sun (dawning of understanding). Consequently, the raven is considered a venerated bird of creation

Dr. Carl Jung deemed raven symbolism to represent the shadow self, or the dark side of the psyche. I very much like this. Why? Because by acknowledging this dark side, we can effectively communicate with both halves of ourselves. This offers liberating balance, and facilitates tremendous wisdom (something the raven would be very pleased with).

In other words, through the consistent unveiling of inner depths, and the positive/active utilization of inner impulses the esoteric secrets become exposed to the light of our own consciousness. This is at the crux of what the raven speaks to me.

“Mystery is at the heart of creativity.” ~ Julia Cameron

I’d love to hear if any of you have had some interesting or particularly different and potent experiences since the Full Moon and Equinox too?

Hoppy Spring Equinox & Ostara Magick

Astrid and I just wanted to hop on and wish you all a magickal day as you celebrate this gateway of renewal.

I’ll let her shine her love and potent energy that is so reflective of today’s portal of potential through some photos we captured this morning as her own visual story this year to share.

You can read more about today’s enchanting energy and see my last year’s visual story at this link:

On Wings of Ostara

Astrid received new tunnel additions to her third castle setup as an Equinox gift.

She loved it immediately and keeps circling around and back through the tunnels weaving her energy along the spiral of life.

She’s received her own upgrades along with our shared ones as we’ve been redecorating. I love being able to provide her so much exciting stimulation, as well as aspects that mirror both her instinctual nature and her royal spirit.

She actually has a new two story rabbit home fit for a Magick Rabbit Queen (you’ll see what I mean) that was also part of her Spring gifties, but some of the parts are still on their way across the ocean, so we’ll share that another time.

She’s one hoppy Queen!

In the meantime Astrid and I send out a lot of love and peace, and hope that this season can inspire all of us to anchor more of these within the vortex of our hearts.

Let us embody the very things we desire to experience because it starts with us.

Hoppy Spring and Ostara Magick!

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward ~ Balance for Resiliency

I took these photos yesterday on St. Patrick’s Day, just four days after the initial ones I shared on the 13th of my mushroom babies. Look at them grow!

Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Giant Pink Oysters here we come!

Watching the hourly and daily growth of these mushies is truly a way to be present with all the unacknowledged miracles of life that unfold around us moment to moment.

And as I shared in a previous post: “They feel part of the ritual unfolding here and a deliberate working with the under and other worlds as breakthrough elements to assist in finding the alchemy that will manifest consistent transcendence. Mycelium is an interwoven network, much like our inner network of fascia, with great resiliency and adaptability. Rebirth and transformation is at hand for the whole of humanity. And we can access it through the physical and symbolic fascia holding everything together. Fascia are connective fibers in spiraled helixes that support flexibility and resiliency. We, too, are spiraling into a new terrain where breakthrough possibilities await us and regeneration is the power of our creatorship.”

The mystical, micro world of mushrooms carries a lot of symbolism and turns our attention to the underworkings that help us understand the foundations things are built upon. And the soil and minerals are the heart womb for life on Earth.

I mentioned that I have one big crystal nestled in the soil of my garden right now since the 16th and will remain there through Spring Equinox. A smaller one accompanies it and this is part of a renewal and reset both for the crystals themselves and for what they will be supporting as well. Garden work is being put on hold until mid-April, as the weather is too unpredictable right now and I keep getting the message to let things unfold organically and then once we’re further into Spring I’ll then know better what to focus on. So, planting my 19 new seed packets and mini greenhouse containers keeps getting pushed back (as I’m called to start them outdoors), but feels in alignment with other things in motion. I sense once I get things going it will go quickly, just like energy right now feels to be in fast motion on all fronts. Even my irises and daffodils are in alignment with my feeling to hold for a little while longer. By now, in previous years, I have had my birthday irises and first daffodils bloom, but there are only a few buds that have debuted and still holding even though our yard and garden is the only one in the neighborhood fully without snow, as we get the most all-day sunlight here. So, my and nature’s instincts feel in alignment. I am also waiting to do the major after-Winter cleanup of the yards and decided the only replacement I will be doing in terms of broken items that have moved on, will be a new bird bath (I already have my eye on the perfect one). The heavy snow broke the last one that had withstood every other Winter until now. Time for change indeed. I’ve also done focused energy work in communion with the elements for weather and Earth patterns and continue to deep dive with those parts that are within me as well.

A lot of grounding practices are in process, readying and anchoring peace and balance for the rapid changes ahead. So, even though I’m not fully immersed in the soil as of yet, I’m still working with the deeper and underlying energies that have been incubating beneath the snowy Winter months.

The Virgo Full Worm Moon is upon us and as its name indicates, it’s a time of wriggling worms deep beneath the renewed soil awakening for the new season. Their appearance brings robins and then we know Spring change is in motion. Synchronously, I just saw the first robin a few days ago as I was having my latte looking out at the forest. It flew in and landed on the deck bannister peering toward me. I mentioned to Dave right then, “Spring is here,” as this chubby orange chested robin sat looking at me and energetically winked.

Full Moons are about reflection and shine a light on all the crevices of our life so we can bring things to conscious awareness and make adjustments. This one is all about balancing the Virgo/Pisces axis, which in effect can highlight supporting your intuition, backing up and expressing your feelings, bringing awareness and anchoring of wellness practices for greater wholeness, and spotlights personal growth and self-love that supports alignment with your authenticity and gifts that become your innately organic service to others.

Some questions to ponder…..How might you recalibrate your habitual routines to both align with collective changes and honor your own personal changes and needs? What might serve you better toward the fulfillment you seek to let go of? Have you recognized how far you’ve come and honored that? Where might you create more balance around ideas of pressure versus flow so that you find your sense of purpose contributing its natural motivation?

Two nights ago I had the most lovely dream that has lingered with me and feels important. Basically it was about me and a small koala bear. I had just moved into this new place and found the little koala bear in a cage, left behind by the people who had originally adopted her. The previous owners of the house left several trays of food they’d prepared, along with a note to please take care of her, as they couldn’t take her with them. Because of the koala bear’s sadness she hadn’t eaten and when I opened the cage to release her she immediately climbed up my arm and onto my back. She stayed nestled between my shoulder blades with arms wrapped around the base of my neck and lower legs embracing my back like angel wings cradling me. I got some different food and fed her and she took it gently with gratitude. She didn’t want to let go and remained with me no matter where I went. We were one. I can still feel her gently and lovingly around my upper back and the essence of our union is so sweet.

This felt like a very potent, integrative, and telling dream, activating the new into embodiment. Koalas are one of my many spirit animals. I used to have a koala bear stuffed animal when I was a little girl, we connected with them on our Australia trip, I always say that one of the animals Astrid reminds me of is a koala bear because of her nose markings, and I actually have a running thing with Dave that I call “koala” that makes us giggle. I’ve gathered my own messages from it personally and collectively, but if koala bear speaks to you as well, here’s two links I found particularly insightful and beautiful about them (some of it even highlighting things I’ve mentioned in this post and others):

What is My Spirit Animal ~ Koala Spirit Guide

Universe of Symbolism ~ Koala Symbolism & Meaning

While hiking on the morning after the dream, I found a hawk feather on the snow – another of my spirit animals. Hawk always confirms and supports revelations and directions I’ve understood and chosen.

We can actually experience peace within the chaos of things unfolding around us and in fact that peace we embody makes sense of it all and is the alchemy that transforms chaos into natural harmony.

Monday and Tuesday we experienced more powerful solar flare activity, which may have affected you, even if you weren’t aware this was happening. I didn’t particularly experience them the same as the last ones, on a physical level, but have noticed an increase in channeling and things lighting up, as well as seeing massive change happening rapidly in many ways in my life and other’s lives too. I have also recently been experiencing some high energy redirects and pauses to align things at the perfect timing – just like I and nature here have been slowing down to allow for organic unfolding at the perfect moment.

This has included two very potent filled packages of some of my new crystal family that have been returned to sender and then resent. The senders can’t understand what happened, as their records show one address, but the system is spitting out a different one with missing parts even if they’re someone I’ve worked with before without issue. There are energies at work on other levels for these deep dives we are preparing to create.

Like koala bear, I am embracing the slow down, going with the flow of nature, and deepening a peaceful relationship to the journey. There’s always something at work that we can’t yet see from where we’re currently standing. Yet, once we let go, we then find a mystical path of expansive potential opening before us.

So, while on the one hand there’s slowing, on the other hand there’s speeding up because the everything is a partnership of counterparts balancing and supporting the other. So, just like my mushrooms are growing rapidly behind the scenes, alongside other elements in the garden taking their time, there’s a synergy at play and it is evident also in my life that with greater pause, the leaps are simultaneously happening due to more conscious and mindful practices lining things up.

And even if you haven’t found mushrooms, nature elements, Earth’s gardens, crystals, or koala bears in your experience lately, they all still have valuable reflections for us on how to navigate life in more balance and alignment, as we go through these heightened periods of unknowns and intensities.

There’s a time for slowing and there’s a place for fast movement. Likely they’re happening at the same time on different levels of experience, but we don’t notice this unless we stop to pause and recognize it – just like watching my mushrooms makes this evident.

Growth is an ebb and flow and a balance of the elements to produce the most resilient manifestation that will weather the storms.

One step back, two steps forward.

A New Wave of Crystal Magick & Quick Updates

While another, explorative and thought-provoking blog post is still formulating in the ethers, I felt to share a lighter one based on both my own experiences and those coming in from some of the group in the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum, as well as a couple of other people I’ve been in communication with.

The theme is around crystals, but also includes the subject of vibrational shifts and life transformations.

There have been questions about why crystals have been showing up a lot more for some people, even in dreams that reflect past life work they’ve shared with them, which crystals may be supportive for these current times, and then a lot of curiosity about understanding the relationship you can have with crystals, and how to discern which are for you.

While I may not cover all of the details here, I did want to just touch on some things that have been coming through. I’ll start by sharing a little about my evolving crystal journey, as of recently.

Crystals have been a big part of my life/lives and I’d say became much more consciously integrated just a few years before and around 2000 even though I was drawn to stones, crystals, and gemstones when younger, but in sporadic and just feel-good ways that any faery would naturally experience. 😉

Once I opened the door, there was then a huge surge that took place and crystals became very excited I was now an open vessel for them. I went through cycles of bringing in many crystals over the years, and also recognizing when some were ready to move on, or that had come through me in order for them to find their new homes. It became a process of discernment and knowing the difference between ones I needed as support or wanted out of simply my love for crystals. For instance, sometimes you think you need one, but in fact you don’t and there’s simply something about the experience that you gain. Or, sometimes the one in front of your nose is the one for you with hidden gifts to be revealed, but you’re attracted by ideas or esthetics of another you don’t need. Also remember that size doesn’t equate to more powerful and ideas of perfect looks don’t make it better. One way you can find out the difference is through the use of a pendulum and ask! I like to use that, with differentiation between ego and higher self for answers, as it helps if you feel unable to make decisions in the moment. You can use this technique for any choices you face in life.

Anyway, while crystals kept rolling into my life, I would cleanse, nurture, and support them into their clarity of strength again, while also working with them as partners. (In fact, I currently have one of the newest and largest family members out in the garden actually, nestled in the dirt and rubbed with some all over to cleanse, recharge, and receive the energies of the Devas, forest animals, plants, and minerals of the land and the stars, Moon and Sun above from now through Spring Equinox.)

For quite some time I haven’t brought many, if any new crystals home, until recently when I received a huge download that it was time again. This made sense given the transformation my life path was undergoing, as well as what is on the table in terms of the collective energy field to navigate.

So, some very specific new friends have joined me…some that sit by me daily at my creative work space or are worn in jewelry, and others that are being gridded in a new space I’ve created during redecorating for specific, focused work, which includes the formation of a council of what has been coming to me are the Mystics – think Mystics from the movie, The Dark Crystal. It’s a wow factor for me to witness this coming together and will be complete here shortly, as we await just a few last friends making their journey home.

Anyway all this to say that I, like some people recently, had definitely noticed a surge of crystal refocus again. Not that they ever left my experience or side, but are speaking even stronger again and in a new way for the shifts in motion. There’s a huge evolutionary transition taking place and I know that is a reason for this new wave.

Perhaps some of you are noticing this as well, especially if you’re going through major life transformations or simply are working with intent to anchor in new energies and hold a specific vibrational frequency for the collective.

So these are some of the simple reasons I feel crystals are showing up more for some people – either for the first time, or in a new relationship kind of way – because of the major changes taking places within and without, which energetic support, guidance, and wisdom from our crystal family can assist with.

And as I mentioned in the CEDF session, the dreaming of crystals speaks to me about integrating those past lives where this was a prevalent factor then and even working with crystals in dreamtime to receive information or help that anchoring in of energy that will trickle into waking life – personally and collectively.

Then another layer to this that has been showing up is speaking to me about not trying to make a square peg fit a round hole in terms of forcing a connection to a crystal simply because it’s the “new” or “newer” find, a crystal the “New Age” community is hyping, or because it’s more exotic than some of the well known ones.

While some of these more exotic and rarer crystals may very well be for you to work with, don’t overlook some of the powerhouse, household crystal and stone names like clear or smoky quartz, amethyst, carnelian, citrine, turquoise, agate, jasper, and obsidian – to name a few. And don’t forget the incredible – and one of my most favs – lapis lazuli that feels to bridge so much like Earth and Cosmos and physical and spiritual for healing and manifestation to name a few (there’s a reason ancient Egyptians revered it). There’s also a reason these are all well known, as they do in fact have potent energy to share with us. Clear quartz of course being an overall master healer chameleon that can be worked with for anything and can even take on properties of other crystals if you ask them and work with them as such.

Then there’s raw versus polished and more earthy versus ethereal crystals. I’ve found my resonance shift in these regards as well, due to anchoring in more embodiment, creating new realities, and manifesting spirit into form.

I have found many of the more well known crystals coming to me recently, and some offshoot, intergrowth mixes combining them with other stones and crystals. These outweigh more exotics, but a couple of those are balancing things out too.

We’re in a space of refreshing our relationship to everything and so we may find ourselves renewing old crystal friendships on a whole new level, which in turn assists our evolution.

But indeed, if a more exotic and rare crystal speaks to you, then by all means listen to that intuitive nudge because they are likely also assisting with upleveling and integrating parts of you that have been latent.

You could find yourself drawn to tektites like Libyan Desert Glass and Moldavite because of bringing through more of your star essence and integrating light body into embodiment, or stones like Pietersite – tempest stone of change and like lapis lazuli helps to bridge the spiritual realm into every day living.

Again, these are more known stones I’m mentioning because sometimes it’s not so much about altogether new information and things, as it is our relationship to them. There are far too many stones and crystals to touch upon and I’d rather not talk too much specifics so as not to sway people from their own inner messaging system. That’s part of why I’m also being guided not to share the crystals in my world currently or the Mystics. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes things I am being guided to do in this next phase and will take heed to any change or prompting, if and when that comes through.

But stay curious and watch for signs and messages that lead you to perhaps a new crystal friend. You may find a more exotic and newer find will actually be a perfect fit. These may come in the form of a stand alone crystal – large or small, a pocket stone, a piece of crystal jewelry, crystal skulls, crystal nature and elemental carved beings, etc.

In any event, timely appearances speak to alignment and then it’s simply about discernment. If you can’t figure out the answer of whether or not to bring one home, try your hand at a pendulum, meditate on it, or listen to that more subtle, first whisper nudge – your intuition will never steer you wrong.

You can cultivate an extraordinary relationship with your crystal friends that can take on the form of family and friendships that have just as unique personalities as all of your human friends do. And if you are one who stays more to yourself, you’ll find that they become quite chatty, nurturing, and incredibly supportive. Your animal companions will also appreciate crystal friends in the home or specifically chosen for them. Some of them are healers themselves and this supports them in being able to do their work too. And some of them, like us, would benefit from specific crystal energies to assist with the turbulent times and energies we’re all navigating.

So, keep an open heart to what might be messaging you from the crystal realm. They are not the only energetic support system for these times, but they are definitely powerhouses for those who feel the call that might simply be a reminder of who you really are.

Quick Updates

The Empowerment Series of workshops will be flying out to everyone who registered very shortly. The first installment will be Everyday Reiki. Look for a link in your emails within the next week or so. Then the next workshops will be following shortly after.

The Collective Energy Dynamics Forum 6 month cycle is coming to close – bitter sweet indeed. Our last gathering will be April. Please remember to get in your questions by the end of March and I’ll have the session link out the first week of April.

Our Spring Fae Crystal Magick Bundles page and Curiosities Corner of Curated Items page continue to receive updates as I have time and am inspired. Of the first 5 bundles there’s just 2 remaining, however a new and super potent bundle has recently been added courtesy of Astrid, me and the rabbit collective. It’s called the Spring Magick Rabbit Fae Bundle and it’s wow with a crystal that has been a huge part of my life that is ready to move on. In the days to come you may find a new little crystal skull appearing too that was just curated. Please be sure to read the descriptions of each item, as it describes the energy and what all is included with each bundle – some has been updated. Then there’s been additions in the Curiosities Corner of two of my most favorite mini magick rabbit faery gardens. You might recall the mini gardens Astrid and I created when we first opened The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop. I pulled these two because I loved them so much, but with recent renovations and redecorating, I haven’t the room anymore for them and so we’re making them available again. These two both have vintage pieces included. Details at the page link above.

We only have 3 Forest Witch Magick Broomsticks remaining and I’m currently creating a custom wand, but eventually will have crystal wands available to choose from that are ready-to-ship items. Stay tuned.

Bluebird, Birth & Breakthrough Blessings

Thursday the 10th was a Bluebird Day, which followed a surprise snowfall the night before that gifted us almost 3 inches of fresh powder here in the forest and 4+ inches at the top of the mountain the next morning.

What is a Bluebird Day, you ask?

Well, it’s a new phrase to me too, but Dave told me that it’s used by excited skiers waking up in the morning to the most perfect day imaginable that consists of fresh white powder set against cloudless blue skies, and highlighted by bright, warm rays of sunshine – all following a night of snowfall.

And it was just that – the most gorgeous, pinch-me, kind of day so we did in fact head out skiing while the Moon celebrated with us.

That day just happened to be our 44th day skiing this season, which was a nice angel number to highlight the energy. And the next day, our 45th, was just as incredible. Amazing conditions, perfect elements, and peace on the mountain without many people. These two days also just happened to feel like a personal up-leveling for me in terms of my skiing – and in essence a newfound anchoring in my journey.

I felt at my best yet, from the inside out. Confident with my anchoring of skills I had nurtured and stuck to developing, and feeling a sense of breakthrough energy finally happening with something that had been hard for me. And all of this followed the Bluebird energy. It was like a birthing into a new sense of flow, balance, and celebration, just like that elation more seasoned skiers feel on a Bluebird Day.

Bluebirds carry a lot of positivity in the form of hope, happiness, renewal, love, and the essence of life and beauty – and indeed they herald those warm and sunny, blue sky days.

Perhaps a little inner Bluebird had emerged from within me that would carry me on wings through even the more challenged or darker sky days.

That seems to be the theme I’m experiencing, even beyond just skiing.

In fact I mentioned in the Sacred Circle group we gather in monthly saying that despite the chaos on the worldwide scene, I felt this irony, but also synergy to the fact I actually was experiencing more peace, greater fulfillment, and a literal transcendence. The more dramatic the duality plays out, the more I am experiencing calm. I described it in the only way I knew how – as if I was being shot through the tube of the duality funnel and out the other end. A spiraling of alchemy that merges it all as it flows into a new form.

There was agreement from others in what I was sharing, as a similar experience, and I know there are more going through this too.

It really does speak to me about our learning to harness creatorship and merging all the fundamental ingredients to do so, which include things like unconditional love.

There is a continued unfolding of different realities and timelines all dancing around this Earth experience and I do believe we are teaching ourselves how to be the calm in the eye of the storm.

With double synchronicity, yesterday was my 21 year anniversary of legally changing my name to Tania Marie – making my middle name my official last name – and this came the day after a friend told me about their being in the process of legally changing their name and in the continued 3 day flow of another astoundingly beautiful no cloud, sunshiny, blue sky day.

So in many ways March 12th is a second birthing for me that celebrates my embodiment of personal frequency I choose to anchor as. And I love that it comes within the Pisces season, but at the precipice of the Aries one, as well as so close to the Spring Equinox.

We decided on a hike down at lower elevations on my birth day and although near 65 degrees, there was a wind that whipped through and felt enlivening and renewing. We stopped at some of my favorite rocks I like to look out at the valley from and I snapped some photos.

One of Dave on the rocks – take a look at that lime green orb in the shadow of the bottom of the rocks.

Another of the vista framed by the rocks – take a look at that violet energy over the tree.

And then I turned the camera on myself as the wind swept through, wanting to capture this celebratory day.

The wind took my hair on a twirl, as its energy danced through me. It was like a stirring up of the interwoven network of energies into what appears like a mess, but then opens the gateway of consciousness to experience from a whole new, regenerative, and fresh space.

I later noticed that in each photo there’s a rainbow energy to the upper left that in some photos appears like an eye.

And in this last photo, the rainbow is more subtle, but there’s this odd dark curve extending from the mountain into the sky. It’s not my hair and it’s not in the other two photos.

What it all is and means, I don’t know. But it reflects more of the things that continue to come through, as we continue to be ready for it.

I did also find two raw quartz on this hike and was grateful for the gifts, including Moon continuing to celebrate these beautiful and renewing days leading up to the potent and strong Virgo Full Moon on the 18th just before the Spring Equinox of the 20th.

There’s a close trine to Pluto with this Full Moon, which speaks to rebirth and regeneration possibilities for those willing to do the work Virgo supports in order to transform your reality to a whole new level. How we each embrace this may play out differently, but wellness and the way in which you bring yourself in greater wholeness to the table of how you show up is spotlighted and ultimately becomes your service to the collective.

In my corner of the world much continues to evolve in the inner realms and gratitude grows by the minute. I’m very aware of the dynamics taking place in the world and I focus on working with those dynamics inside of me – as within, so without – while sending energy from the seat of greater peace I anchor.

I can’t begin to tell you how many things have been changing overnight in terms of trajectories I/we were on because of the deepening of beyond rich things that have been evolving. They are on the more personal side, but I can say that the garden of my life has definitely blossomed within Winter.

I’ve already shared having jump started Spring cleaning and redecorating, but this has come to include some pretty big renovations within our home involving all of the bathrooms. This speaks to me of a real purification and profound, intimate transformation of the watery realms of feelings and deep inner worlds..the old within the subconscious and shadow coming to surface and being recreated into something fresh and productive.

I’ve also been gridding a new crystal realm for a council that clarified into birthing on the Bluebird Day.

And speaking of the garden of life, I was able to get out in my garden to clean up the broken pieces of some of my enchanted friends that didn’t make it through the heavy snow storms of this Winter. I haven’t done the big clean up yet, but this felt important to move out the old so that there was space for the new.

I mentioned in the latest Collective Energy Dynamics Forum, how I was reimagining things for the garden and yard, as this year would be different. I’ll leave that for another time, but while I was out in the garden saying hi to all of my friends, straightening them up, anchoring them stronger in the ground, and removing old friends with gratitude, I noticed that there was rabbit droppings everywhere.

I have never actually seen rabbit poop in the yard or garden ever, even though I see the rabbits come through. I do see it and other droppings on hikes, but never here. And it was literally laced all over the garden, by the garden tower and along the deck.

I took these three photos to show Dave and was wide-eyed when I discovered that by each of these piles something else was there. Do you see it?

Yep, the Algiz Rune.

I can’t tell you how many of these I consistently find and that they were by each larger pile of rabbit droppings was really something.

I’ll leave that to you to unravel, but I took it as a blessing for sure.

Rabbits all over the garden just before Spring Equinox reiterated that birthing energy, blessings of abundant enrichment, and there’s definitely some big, divinely guided and protected breakthroughs on the levels of experience I’ve been focused energetically on, coming into being.

And in the meantime, indoors I’ve also been growing mushrooms, which carries its own symbolic energy. Mushrooms have been big on the scene for me, not only coming through in many forms I intake – as whole foods in meals, part of salad dressings, powders in smoothies, hot chocolate mixes, in baked goods, and more, but my whole office is decked out in mushrooms including crystal mushrooms (similar to the ones in the bundles we made available).

There’s a shamanic quality to all of the things being woven into my life and through my life out into the web of the collective. Just as we all are weaving our threads, in unique ways relative to each.

I have three types in process, which were delayed by their arrival time to me. These are photos of my Giant Pink Oysters, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane in their first stages of growth. I will share them when they fully develop, but it’s been an extraordinary experience to nurture them and watch them literally grow by the hour.

The growth period is different for each, and as you can see the Lion’s Mane is just making its breakthrough. But I’m happy to say they are all beautifully doing their thing on the exact timing the instructions shared and look healthy and happy.

I get so excited checking in on them…they’re my babies I’m helping to birth!

The mushrooms feel part of the ritual unfolding here and a deliberate working with the under and other worlds as breakthrough elements to assist in finding the alchemy that will manifest consistent transcendence.

Mycelium is an interwoven network, much like our inner network of fascia, with great resiliency and adaptability.

Rebirth and transformation is at hand for the whole of humanity. And we can access it through the physical and symbolic fascia holding everything together. Fascia are connective fibers in spiraled helixes that support flexibility and resiliency. We, too, are spiraling into a new terrain where breakthrough possibilities await us and regeneration is the power of our creatorship.

It Begins With the Relationship to You

Relationships have been extra highlighted over the last couple of years with recent months accentuating things. This includes who and what we are in relationship with.

I know a lot of people who are going through, and have gone through, some very heart-wrenching experiences within long-term relationships where suddenly the rug was pulled out from under them with what seemed like surprising behaviors or elevated ones. These leading to a need for personal reflection and time apart, to counseling and realizations of what was always there that no longer can be avoided, or in some cases break-ups or separations in motion.

In many of these relationships, what I have seen is that the potential for coming back together still lies in each individual deciding to want to have a healthier relationship within themselves so that they can then show up in the relationship with the ability to give from a fuller cup. And that process may or may not bring them back together, although will enrich their lives from a space of greater authenticity and loving wholeness.

With things shifting so rapidly, I’ve also seen people suddenly realize they want and need more, receiving messages it’s time to move on, and even discovering their fulfillment lies with someone else (either already known or yet to come). Even in relationships where intimacy and long-term team work has been a focus, they come to a realization their work and time together has reached natural closure and it’s healthier to let go.

At the same time, while duality increasingly separates, there’s also a mirror being held up for us to see what we are choosing to engage on a regular basis that ultimately establishes a partnership itself, as what we focus on and lend our energy to is what we are in relationship with. It also points us to where we can focus our micro life to help shift the macro.

An underlying root that may have been challenged or overlooked is a lack of an honest communication process for establishing healthy lines to bridge the separations…and that starts within ourselves.

But sometimes we are too smart for our own good.

The more work you’ve put into yourself over the years, the more books, personal growth, and perhaps even counseling and spiritual opening you’ve gone through, the more the potential lies for self sabotage. It becomes easy to talk circles around ourselves with the knowledge we’ve gained, and yet easily miss the simple points.

Admitting this is a blow to the trickster ego – the very one that is running circles around us to try and protect us from finding out we are still lovable even with vulnerable spots.

I find that even when the truth will lead us to greater joy and fulfillment, as well as ultimately allow someone else the same, if we’re used to controlling our lives, and keeping up appearances, we will find it a challenge to make the highest good choice because guilt and disappointment are louder voice patterns still running the show.

I still believe that the foremost relationship that will make the most difference in our lives is the one we have with ourselves. As after all, everyone and everything is within us since we are an expression of Source experienced in multi-faceted fractals.

And when we can honor, listen to, integrate, and celebrate both of the parts within us – the sacred female and sacred male – we will experience greater balance and harmony in our lives and with each other.

Again, nature is our greatest role model and wise guide for how to merge and live in the grace of union.

I can’t within one blog post cover all the facets of this or individual experiences, but I can plant seeds for you to water in your own timing.

That’s all we can each ever do, alongside doing the best we can in our own lives as an example, and the rest is up to each of us to take it from there.

However, I can say that I speak from a vast experience of having danced in and out of more relationships in this life than most might have in several.

Relationships were my unconscious way of learning about myself in the past. I was on to something, though, about messaging myself with the reflections and a desire to drive home a conscious sense of my patterns.

Eventually I turned the process into a more conscious one that I solely took responsibility for through my devotion to the relationship of the union inhabiting my inner realm. I implemented instant alchemy, using experiences as a recipe I would tweak the inner ingredients for to make it “just right,” as Goldilocks would say. Suddenly my cultivated, inner sanctum garden produced a blossom like never before from the seed of potential. An all-enriching and deeply evolving relationship without, was the gift – the icing on the cake of wholeness I had created for myself.

We find most peace within our relationships, when we are at peace with ourselves.

I know it can be a tough journey – this relationship with the sacred parts that reside within us – and yet the marriage of our sacred feminine and masculine really is the doorway to heaven on Earth.

And in the vein of this union between sacred feminine and masculine parts, I want to introduce you to the incredible Flower Agate “Harmony” Crystal Skull.

You can read about “Harmony” and crystal skulls on our page:

Spring Fae Crystal Magick Bundles

A newer arrival to the offerings there for supporting that as within, so without experience of peace and harmony – helping to bridge duality and keep you centered in the calm of the heart womb.

Look at that amazing leaf pattern in the back of the skull!

So many spirit animals and elementals hidden within the nebulae vortex.

And a very deliberate reflection of two parts merging as a whole.

You can see more about “Harmony” at the link above.

I love Flower Agate and have several pieces in my personal collection, including another crystal skull as well and some mushrooms of my own like the ones in the bundles. It’s such a beautiful and perfectly resonant stone for the now and the individual and collective journeys we are navigating. Do an online search for Flower Agate and you’ll see what I mean.

You’ll find the rest of the offerings also on that page – I deleted the sold ones to make it easier to explore – but we do have 3 bundles remaining and everything has been Reiki and Cosmically attuned and prepared for their journeys ahead.

Another incredible companion to bringing our parts into union and balance is the 432 Hz Perfect Pitch Empyrean Binaural Beat Theta Wave Pair of A Note 9 Inch Crystal Singing Bowls

They can be found on the page:

Curiosities Corner of Curated Items

I had a couple of inquiries about whether payment plans can be options for some of the larger items and yes, that is an option. Simply CONTACT ME and we can discuss, if something strongly calls to your heart.

Synchronously, I did a sound channeling for our Collective Energy Dynamics Forum April session last night and Astrid was right there helping to infuse energy into my feet, as she laid by them and even dug and nipped at my thick bear socks to ensure she added her touch. This was just with my voice, but she sure loves the power of sound and these quartz crystal bowls are no exception. She’s always ready for a deep sound and crystal dive! Hehe!

However you feel called to bridge the separations you experience, balance, and harmonize your life, please be patient and loving with yourself along the way and with others, too, realizing we are all going through the pains of feeling out of touch, fearful, or lost in forgetting that what we struggle to fight and control was within us all along desiring our love.

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