A New Wave of Crystal Magick & Quick Updates

While another, explorative and thought-provoking blog post is still formulating in the ethers, I felt to share a lighter one based on both my own experiences and those coming in from some of the group in the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum, as well as a couple of other people I’ve been in communication with.

The theme is around crystals, but also includes the subject of vibrational shifts and life transformations.

There have been questions about why crystals have been showing up a lot more for some people, even in dreams that reflect past life work they’ve shared with them, which crystals may be supportive for these current times, and then a lot of curiosity about understanding the relationship you can have with crystals, and how to discern which are for you.

While I may not cover all of the details here, I did want to just touch on some things that have been coming through. I’ll start by sharing a little about my evolving crystal journey, as of recently.

Crystals have been a big part of my life/lives and I’d say became much more consciously integrated just a few years before and around 2000 even though I was drawn to stones, crystals, and gemstones when younger, but in sporadic and just feel-good ways that any faery would naturally experience. 😉

Once I opened the door, there was then a huge surge that took place and crystals became very excited I was now an open vessel for them. I went through cycles of bringing in many crystals over the years, and also recognizing when some were ready to move on, or that had come through me in order for them to find their new homes. It became a process of discernment and knowing the difference between ones I needed as support or wanted out of simply my love for crystals. For instance, sometimes you think you need one, but in fact you don’t and there’s simply something about the experience that you gain. Or, sometimes the one in front of your nose is the one for you with hidden gifts to be revealed, but you’re attracted by ideas or esthetics of another you don’t need. Also remember that size doesn’t equate to more powerful and ideas of perfect looks don’t make it better. One way you can find out the difference is through the use of a pendulum and ask! I like to use that, with differentiation between ego and higher self for answers, as it helps if you feel unable to make decisions in the moment. You can use this technique for any choices you face in life.

Anyway, while crystals kept rolling into my life, I would cleanse, nurture, and support them into their clarity of strength again, while also working with them as partners. (In fact, I currently have one of the newest and largest family members out in the garden actually, nestled in the dirt and rubbed with some all over to cleanse, recharge, and receive the energies of the Devas, forest animals, plants, and minerals of the land and the stars, Moon and Sun above from now through Spring Equinox.)

For quite some time I haven’t brought many, if any new crystals home, until recently when I received a huge download that it was time again. This made sense given the transformation my life path was undergoing, as well as what is on the table in terms of the collective energy field to navigate.

So, some very specific new friends have joined me…some that sit by me daily at my creative work space or are worn in jewelry, and others that are being gridded in a new space I’ve created during redecorating for specific, focused work, which includes the formation of a council of what has been coming to me are the Mystics – think Mystics from the movie, The Dark Crystal. It’s a wow factor for me to witness this coming together and will be complete here shortly, as we await just a few last friends making their journey home.

Anyway all this to say that I, like some people recently, had definitely noticed a surge of crystal refocus again. Not that they ever left my experience or side, but are speaking even stronger again and in a new way for the shifts in motion. There’s a huge evolutionary transition taking place and I know that is a reason for this new wave.

Perhaps some of you are noticing this as well, especially if you’re going through major life transformations or simply are working with intent to anchor in new energies and hold a specific vibrational frequency for the collective.

So these are some of the simple reasons I feel crystals are showing up more for some people – either for the first time, or in a new relationship kind of way – because of the major changes taking places within and without, which energetic support, guidance, and wisdom from our crystal family can assist with.

And as I mentioned in the CEDF session, the dreaming of crystals speaks to me about integrating those past lives where this was a prevalent factor then and even working with crystals in dreamtime to receive information or help that anchoring in of energy that will trickle into waking life – personally and collectively.

Then another layer to this that has been showing up is speaking to me about not trying to make a square peg fit a round hole in terms of forcing a connection to a crystal simply because it’s the “new” or “newer” find, a crystal the “New Age” community is hyping, or because it’s more exotic than some of the well known ones.

While some of these more exotic and rarer crystals may very well be for you to work with, don’t overlook some of the powerhouse, household crystal and stone names like clear or smoky quartz, amethyst, carnelian, citrine, turquoise, agate, jasper, and obsidian – to name a few. And don’t forget the incredible – and one of my most favs – lapis lazuli that feels to bridge so much like Earth and Cosmos and physical and spiritual for healing and manifestation to name a few (there’s a reason ancient Egyptians revered it). There’s also a reason these are all well known, as they do in fact have potent energy to share with us. Clear quartz of course being an overall master healer chameleon that can be worked with for anything and can even take on properties of other crystals if you ask them and work with them as such.

Then there’s raw versus polished and more earthy versus ethereal crystals. I’ve found my resonance shift in these regards as well, due to anchoring in more embodiment, creating new realities, and manifesting spirit into form.

I have found many of the more well known crystals coming to me recently, and some offshoot, intergrowth mixes combining them with other stones and crystals. These outweigh more exotics, but a couple of those are balancing things out too.

We’re in a space of refreshing our relationship to everything and so we may find ourselves renewing old crystal friendships on a whole new level, which in turn assists our evolution.

But indeed, if a more exotic and rare crystal speaks to you, then by all means listen to that intuitive nudge because they are likely also assisting with upleveling and integrating parts of you that have been latent.

You could find yourself drawn to tektites like Libyan Desert Glass and Moldavite because of bringing through more of your star essence and integrating light body into embodiment, or stones like Pietersite – tempest stone of change and like lapis lazuli helps to bridge the spiritual realm into every day living.

Again, these are more known stones I’m mentioning because sometimes it’s not so much about altogether new information and things, as it is our relationship to them. There are far too many stones and crystals to touch upon and I’d rather not talk too much specifics so as not to sway people from their own inner messaging system. That’s part of why I’m also being guided not to share the crystals in my world currently or the Mystics. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes things I am being guided to do in this next phase and will take heed to any change or prompting, if and when that comes through.

But stay curious and watch for signs and messages that lead you to perhaps a new crystal friend. You may find a more exotic and newer find will actually be a perfect fit. These may come in the form of a stand alone crystal – large or small, a pocket stone, a piece of crystal jewelry, crystal skulls, crystal nature and elemental carved beings, etc.

In any event, timely appearances speak to alignment and then it’s simply about discernment. If you can’t figure out the answer of whether or not to bring one home, try your hand at a pendulum, meditate on it, or listen to that more subtle, first whisper nudge – your intuition will never steer you wrong.

You can cultivate an extraordinary relationship with your crystal friends that can take on the form of family and friendships that have just as unique personalities as all of your human friends do. And if you are one who stays more to yourself, you’ll find that they become quite chatty, nurturing, and incredibly supportive. Your animal companions will also appreciate crystal friends in the home or specifically chosen for them. Some of them are healers themselves and this supports them in being able to do their work too. And some of them, like us, would benefit from specific crystal energies to assist with the turbulent times and energies we’re all navigating.

So, keep an open heart to what might be messaging you from the crystal realm. They are not the only energetic support system for these times, but they are definitely powerhouses for those who feel the call that might simply be a reminder of who you really are.

Quick Updates

The Empowerment Series of workshops will be flying out to everyone who registered very shortly. The first installment will be Everyday Reiki. Look for a link in your emails within the next week or so. Then the next workshops will be following shortly after.

The Collective Energy Dynamics Forum 6 month cycle is coming to close – bitter sweet indeed. Our last gathering will be April. Please remember to get in your questions by the end of March and I’ll have the session link out the first week of April.

Our Spring Fae Crystal Magick Bundles page and Curiosities Corner of Curated Items page continue to receive updates as I have time and am inspired. Of the first 5 bundles there’s just 2 remaining, however a new and super potent bundle has recently been added courtesy of Astrid, me and the rabbit collective. It’s called the Spring Magick Rabbit Fae Bundle and it’s wow with a crystal that has been a huge part of my life that is ready to move on. In the days to come you may find a new little crystal skull appearing too that was just curated. Please be sure to read the descriptions of each item, as it describes the energy and what all is included with each bundle – some has been updated. Then there’s been additions in the Curiosities Corner of two of my most favorite mini magick rabbit faery gardens. You might recall the mini gardens Astrid and I created when we first opened The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop. I pulled these two because I loved them so much, but with recent renovations and redecorating, I haven’t the room anymore for them and so we’re making them available again. These two both have vintage pieces included. Details at the page link above.

We only have 3 Forest Witch Magick Broomsticks remaining and I’m currently creating a custom wand, but eventually will have crystal wands available to choose from that are ready-to-ship items. Stay tuned.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Desiree Bergeron

    I so love the synchronicity of this post!!
    Just yesterday, (the day you posted this), I was talking with this young woman at the Natural Foods Market and how new crystal companions have been coming into our lives!! She showed me her new crystal pendant with Selenite and Malachite, and I showed her my new Labradorite and Garnet Egyptian Isis ring…..etc;
    My favorite part about the whole experience of receiving my new ring is, I was able to pick out the labradorite crystal for my ring via a video clip— and I immediately felt/knew between 3 choices, the one that was reaching out to be with me; but what I didn’t see via video, and what I delightedly discovered upon receiving my new ring, was that there is a large, perfect, beautiful, round ‘full moon’ circle within the crystal cabochon!!!!! It has numerous shimmery points of crystal light reflections that look like stars/constellations, and there’s flashes of light purple too….. very cosmic and ethereal…..reminds me of a Star map!! And I never saw or suspected it was there until I had it on my finger!! I was floored and soooooo overjoyed I didn’t ‘second guess’ what my heart felt from that crystal!!

    • I love it! What a fun share between you and the young woman and confirmation this is happening a lot to others too. Love also the story of your labradorite discoveries! The same keeps happening to me when I just know a particular one is the one and then it arrives and I discover the why’s and hidden gifts. So so special!

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