One Step Back, Two Steps Forward ~ Balance for Resiliency

I took these photos yesterday on St. Patrick’s Day, just four days after the initial ones I shared on the 13th of my mushroom babies. Look at them grow!

Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Giant Pink Oysters here we come!

Watching the hourly and daily growth of these mushies is truly a way to be present with all the unacknowledged miracles of life that unfold around us moment to moment.

And as I shared in a previous post: “They feel part of the ritual unfolding here and a deliberate working with the under and other worlds as breakthrough elements to assist in finding the alchemy that will manifest consistent transcendence. Mycelium is an interwoven network, much like our inner network of fascia, with great resiliency and adaptability. Rebirth and transformation is at hand for the whole of humanity. And we can access it through the physical and symbolic fascia holding everything together. Fascia are connective fibers in spiraled helixes that support flexibility and resiliency. We, too, are spiraling into a new terrain where breakthrough possibilities await us and regeneration is the power of our creatorship.”

The mystical, micro world of mushrooms carries a lot of symbolism and turns our attention to the underworkings that help us understand the foundations things are built upon. And the soil and minerals are the heart womb for life on Earth.

I mentioned that I have one big crystal nestled in the soil of my garden right now since the 16th and will remain there through Spring Equinox. A smaller one accompanies it and this is part of a renewal and reset both for the crystals themselves and for what they will be supporting as well. Garden work is being put on hold until mid-April, as the weather is too unpredictable right now and I keep getting the message to let things unfold organically and then once we’re further into Spring I’ll then know better what to focus on. So, planting my 19 new seed packets and mini greenhouse containers keeps getting pushed back (as I’m called to start them outdoors), but feels in alignment with other things in motion. I sense once I get things going it will go quickly, just like energy right now feels to be in fast motion on all fronts. Even my irises and daffodils are in alignment with my feeling to hold for a little while longer. By now, in previous years, I have had my birthday irises and first daffodils bloom, but there are only a few buds that have debuted and still holding even though our yard and garden is the only one in the neighborhood fully without snow, as we get the most all-day sunlight here. So, my and nature’s instincts feel in alignment. I am also waiting to do the major after-Winter cleanup of the yards and decided the only replacement I will be doing in terms of broken items that have moved on, will be a new bird bath (I already have my eye on the perfect one). The heavy snow broke the last one that had withstood every other Winter until now. Time for change indeed. I’ve also done focused energy work in communion with the elements for weather and Earth patterns and continue to deep dive with those parts that are within me as well.

A lot of grounding practices are in process, readying and anchoring peace and balance for the rapid changes ahead. So, even though I’m not fully immersed in the soil as of yet, I’m still working with the deeper and underlying energies that have been incubating beneath the snowy Winter months.

The Virgo Full Worm Moon is upon us and as its name indicates, it’s a time of wriggling worms deep beneath the renewed soil awakening for the new season. Their appearance brings robins and then we know Spring change is in motion. Synchronously, I just saw the first robin a few days ago as I was having my latte looking out at the forest. It flew in and landed on the deck bannister peering toward me. I mentioned to Dave right then, “Spring is here,” as this chubby orange chested robin sat looking at me and energetically winked.

Full Moons are about reflection and shine a light on all the crevices of our life so we can bring things to conscious awareness and make adjustments. This one is all about balancing the Virgo/Pisces axis, which in effect can highlight supporting your intuition, backing up and expressing your feelings, bringing awareness and anchoring of wellness practices for greater wholeness, and spotlights personal growth and self-love that supports alignment with your authenticity and gifts that become your innately organic service to others.

Some questions to ponder…..How might you recalibrate your habitual routines to both align with collective changes and honor your own personal changes and needs? What might serve you better toward the fulfillment you seek to let go of? Have you recognized how far you’ve come and honored that? Where might you create more balance around ideas of pressure versus flow so that you find your sense of purpose contributing its natural motivation?

Two nights ago I had the most lovely dream that has lingered with me and feels important. Basically it was about me and a small koala bear. I had just moved into this new place and found the little koala bear in a cage, left behind by the people who had originally adopted her. The previous owners of the house left several trays of food they’d prepared, along with a note to please take care of her, as they couldn’t take her with them. Because of the koala bear’s sadness she hadn’t eaten and when I opened the cage to release her she immediately climbed up my arm and onto my back. She stayed nestled between my shoulder blades with arms wrapped around the base of my neck and lower legs embracing my back like angel wings cradling me. I got some different food and fed her and she took it gently with gratitude. She didn’t want to let go and remained with me no matter where I went. We were one. I can still feel her gently and lovingly around my upper back and the essence of our union is so sweet.

This felt like a very potent, integrative, and telling dream, activating the new into embodiment. Koalas are one of my many spirit animals. I used to have a koala bear stuffed animal when I was a little girl, we connected with them on our Australia trip, I always say that one of the animals Astrid reminds me of is a koala bear because of her nose markings, and I actually have a running thing with Dave that I call “koala” that makes us giggle. I’ve gathered my own messages from it personally and collectively, but if koala bear speaks to you as well, here’s two links I found particularly insightful and beautiful about them (some of it even highlighting things I’ve mentioned in this post and others):

What is My Spirit Animal ~ Koala Spirit Guide

Universe of Symbolism ~ Koala Symbolism & Meaning

While hiking on the morning after the dream, I found a hawk feather on the snow – another of my spirit animals. Hawk always confirms and supports revelations and directions I’ve understood and chosen.

We can actually experience peace within the chaos of things unfolding around us and in fact that peace we embody makes sense of it all and is the alchemy that transforms chaos into natural harmony.

Monday and Tuesday we experienced more powerful solar flare activity, which may have affected you, even if you weren’t aware this was happening. I didn’t particularly experience them the same as the last ones, on a physical level, but have noticed an increase in channeling and things lighting up, as well as seeing massive change happening rapidly in many ways in my life and other’s lives too. I have also recently been experiencing some high energy redirects and pauses to align things at the perfect timing – just like I and nature here have been slowing down to allow for organic unfolding at the perfect moment.

This has included two very potent filled packages of some of my new crystal family that have been returned to sender and then resent. The senders can’t understand what happened, as their records show one address, but the system is spitting out a different one with missing parts even if they’re someone I’ve worked with before without issue. There are energies at work on other levels for these deep dives we are preparing to create.

Like koala bear, I am embracing the slow down, going with the flow of nature, and deepening a peaceful relationship to the journey. There’s always something at work that we can’t yet see from where we’re currently standing. Yet, once we let go, we then find a mystical path of expansive potential opening before us.

So, while on the one hand there’s slowing, on the other hand there’s speeding up because the everything is a partnership of counterparts balancing and supporting the other. So, just like my mushrooms are growing rapidly behind the scenes, alongside other elements in the garden taking their time, there’s a synergy at play and it is evident also in my life that with greater pause, the leaps are simultaneously happening due to more conscious and mindful practices lining things up.

And even if you haven’t found mushrooms, nature elements, Earth’s gardens, crystals, or koala bears in your experience lately, they all still have valuable reflections for us on how to navigate life in more balance and alignment, as we go through these heightened periods of unknowns and intensities.

There’s a time for slowing and there’s a place for fast movement. Likely they’re happening at the same time on different levels of experience, but we don’t notice this unless we stop to pause and recognize it – just like watching my mushrooms makes this evident.

Growth is an ebb and flow and a balance of the elements to produce the most resilient manifestation that will weather the storms.

One step back, two steps forward.

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  1. I love your koala dream! Also, yes, to the potent and lengthy behind the scenes activity. As a friend emailed me yesterday, “Even the pieces we didn’t know needed to fall into place are falling into place!” ❤

    • Aw thank you! I’m still feeling it so strongly and it keeps replaying in my head. I love it too.
      Yep to your friend’s comment! Most of the time I can’t articulate things, but I feel everything happening nonetheless. 😘

  2. Koala bear sounds like a great spirit animal and playmate! I’m decorating and nesting in my new abode. To slowing, integrating, and nesting…

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