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Let’s Take a Walk

Today’s post is simply a walk through the forest so that I can share the beauty and inspiration that has been greeting us each day behind the house and just down the way. I hope they might add a little spring in your step, light up your heart, and inspire a little more hope and belief.

We stumbled upon one of the most enchanted visions I’ve ever seen – this sacred Fae mound where the lavender carpets have crawled up around the pyramid temple stone head.

A doorway, indeed, to another world. Oh my!

You can tell how happy I was there, as I stayed a while and captured many angles of this realm. I’ve visited quite a few times…including by myself. The light and energy give away the magick here as you enter another dimension.

You can’t help but be swept away and made to believe.

So, if you’re ready, let’s take a walk hand-in-hand as we breathe in the fresh, light scent of grape-infused floral aromas tickling our noses, lavender carpets that mark the entrances to other realms, faery rings where the wee ones play, golden delights warming our hearts, and snow plant lanterns that light up the trails like exotic, red flames.

You’ll even discover tri-colored wild lupine of white, yellow, and lilac…what a sight!

And to think this is just the start of a super bloom season…oh what wonders and possibilities lie ahead!

I’ll share some more blossoming updates from the Forest Portal garden here, the repetitive messengers that keep showing up, crystal magick, and maybe even a Crystals of the Fae Realm offering upcoming!

“Are not flowers the stars of the earth?” ~ Clara Lucas Balfour

June 2023 Energy Update ~ Lee Harris

I know how much many of you look forward to these, so I’m sharing this new month’s insights – yep, we’re already into a new month and nearly half through 2023!

I have a bunch of things to catch up on here until I post again and Lee’s vibrant spirit always feels like a great addition. I hope you enjoy the video, as he walks you through some of the themes of June.

I may be switching gears on these in the coming months, so please let me know if you’d like to continue to see his videos here. Subscribing on YouTube is also an option.

Also, a quick surprise – for the first person that CONTACTS ME about the Lemurian Seed Crystal we have still looking for a home, there will be a huge discount offered. This beauty really wants to get to work! I know a few of you have been eyeing her, so if you’ve been waiting, now’s your time. (UPDATE: She is on her way to her new cocreator – Thank you!)

Warm thoughts and loving energy to you, as we gear up for yet another Full Moon tomorrow – Saturday, June 3rd.

June Moon & Egypt ~ A Commemoration of Wholeness

With a Sagittarius Strawberry Full Moon coming up on the third, I’m feeling the extra vibes of truth, abundance, and optimism that it carries. This feels amplified, personally, with my natal Sagittarius Moon. I hope this Moon will illuminate a little more of these for each of you as well.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden and hiking, with my crystals and fur babies, as well as even got in a little creative painting side project – all of which always nurture my soul and helps keep things balanced in a wild and wobbly world. Dave and I also spread 500,000 mountain wildflower seeds in the forest where our tree friends were taken away so that we can help with renewal.

And speaking of renewal, here’s two friends I spent time with in the garden that brought a smile to my heart. Alongside their energy of regeneration and transformation, their appearance also messaged to me the key elements I’ve been focusing on.

I didn’t intend to, but I also just happened to pick up the very only and last strawberry plant at the store this past week – a Sequoia Strawberry. How perfect for this Strawberry Full Moon. I have a feeling one magickal rabbit had a hand in directing me to it and bringing it home.

Astrid is excited for garden fresh strawberry surprises.

It’s been exceptionally pretty outdoors, as we’ve been having ongoing afternoon thunderstorms that bring gorgeous clouds and create dramatic skies along with bringing some sprinkles, short-lived downpours, and cooling to the always-prevalent alpine rays of sunshine. It’s reminded me of our time in the Rockies while living in our Magick Bus during RV days. Without fail, every afternoon there would be thunderstorms and rain at the same time. No trace before or after, though.

A lot is in motion and I continue to mostly stay in my own little world, peeking out like a turtle when aligned and deepening in gratitude by the day.

That’s a quick little update for now. I’ll share more on things like where I’m floating along the frequency streams, garden, faery, and crystal energy upcoming, but today I was guided to share an old blog post that weaves in with this Moon’s energy.

Rather than reblog an old August 2014 post, I decided to copy and paste it into today’s so that I could link things and add to it easier. It was so old I didn’t even remember writing it! LOL!

It takes me back to echoes of Egypt, my days of intense painting, processing, and integrating, as well as reminders of the sacred tattoos I wear on my Spiritual Skin. It also reminds me of days when my personal work was detailed, complex, involved, long, and hard. Thank goodness those days are behind me.

The reason I was guided to share the post is because of learning how it ties into the upcoming Full Moon. My faery twin sister, Laura (who also just turned 50), and I were recently texting and I learned about her upcoming Full Moon forecast and how a few themes had popped out for it that both of us separately had received in our own ways. We didn’t get into any details at all, so I have no idea what her video will share. I only read the snippet from her recent blog post, below, on this Full Moon.

I am excited to see her video and interested about the elements woven synchronously between us and the collective, however, it will post tomorrow. As soon as it goes live, I’ll either embed it in this post or link it in the comments below for you. So, please check back then.

UPDATE: Here you go!

For now, Laura shares this in her June 2023 Forecast:

June 3 Full Moon in Sagittarius at 11:42 p.m. Eastern US time. The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is: (SAGITTARIUS 14°): THE GREAT PYRAMID AND THE SPHINX. KEYNOTE: The enduring power of occult knowledge and of its quasi-divine Custodians, “Seed-men” of a previous cycle of existence. … THE POWER OF SPIRITUAL ANCESTRY. Arriving with Jupiter still in tight orb with the North Node and Venus still trining mystical Neptune, this Jupiter-ruled Full Moon reaches far into the past to remind us who we are and why we came here. Allow any fixed beliefs to open and expand.

The energy she is talking about (including other astrological aspects for the month of June) is EXACTLY what my painting, Earth (shown below, from my In Lak’ech series), holds in relation to Sagittarius balancing energies I worked into the painting AND OF COURSE Egyptian key codes, including Venus, The Hathors and SO many other key Egyptian figures – one of which is Osiris, whom I speak about in the old post I’m pasting in below.

Egyptian energy has been on another recurring high for me – I’ve actually been wearing my Egyptian harem pants I got in Hawaii nearly every day while home or in the garden and have had some conversations with my parents around our time together in the King’s Chamber. Our cat, Boojum, has strong Egyptian connections as well to our time together there and he’s been a huge part of daily focuses for me while I’ve been helping to rewire him – drawing upon that time period for ways to do that. Many of my crystals have also been activating things from then, but also from many other ancient timelines and civilizations on and off Earth.

I also happen to wear sacred tattoos of an Egyptian asp and Ankh on my right hand and wrist, as well as a story-rich image on the right mid area of my back that depicts Isis wrapping her wings around Osiris – this is a rendition of Susan Seddon Boulet’s painting that I always loved.

Of course my “spiritual skin” is a way of not only remembering who I am, but embodying my wholeness spanning the ages and invoking my multi-dimensionality.

But before resharing the blog post, a quick crystal update felt in order given some other tie-ins with Laura – again, I have no idea what she’ll be sharing, but only that a few shared theme words popped through our dialogue one day.

All of the crystal skulls and crystals Astrid and I recently released have connected with their heart homes except for one amazing Lemurian Seed Crystal who’s still awaiting to be seen. Thank you dearly to everyone who has found their cocreators and given them a heart home.

I updated a few photos since this one’s a hard one to capture the internal dimensions of, as well as added layers of info about Lemurian Seed Crystals at the link. You can also find general info about crystal skulls at that page for anyone interested in what they’re about, as a way to tie in an understanding of the bigger picture at work, even if it’s not your particular path to work with crystals.

I sense a WHOLE lot more upcoming to share in this realm just as soon as, and if, I get the go-ahead. Well, I guess I’ll have to receive the full story too! I still have only an inkling about what they’re up to.

But back to Laura. It’s not surprising, given our history, that we discover so many mirroring synchronicities when we touch in, but it’s still fun to see unfold. The same goes for all the rest of the synchronicities so many of us share across the collective. There’s too many wild stories that reveal our unified connection, but they sure are beautiful to hear about and experience with others.

Sometimes there’s just too many backstories to share about how the dots connect between all of those synchronicities, but for today’s post let’s just say Egypt, crystal skulls, crystals in general, and Lemurian Seed Crystals have been some of these current syncs. There will likely be more once I listen to Laura’s video since so many other posts and videos of hers and mine have revealed things we never talked about previous to sharing them.

It makes perfect sense to me why so many new crystals are being unearthed these days, how people are finding themselves drawn to work with crystal skulls who NEVER were drawn to them, and how boldly crystals are speaking like never before. And these are but one category of evolvements. There are many more things on the scene now, louder than ever, that once used to be more in the background because the collective energy hadn’t caught up with them yet.

The time is now.

Perhaps, even, the In Lak’ech series of Five – Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Spirit are finally catching up to their time and are more relevant now. If I shared the intricacies of each painting with you, it would be a book of key parts of the Earth collective’s integrative journey weaving past and future in the now. In fact, the notes, research, and processing for each painting I’ve kept in a journal. Perhaps one day it will be turned into something. More likely I’ll eventually burn it as a transmutational process and the paintings will stand on their own, or it will simply be found one day by someone it will have meaning for, when I’ve moved onto another dimension.

In any event, they were an integral part of how I remembered and how I got myself to where I am now.

The share below is a reflection of how each Moon cycle can represent our creative journey from seed to wholeness, over and over. We are boundless innovation in motion of being.

Here is the old post, The Moon & Egypt ~ A Commemoration of Wholeness:

As I was tuning in to the upcoming Full Super Moon in Aquarius on the 10th, I was also reminded of some Egyptian symbolism that I had delved into through integrative personal and collective work while taking my sacred journeys in Egypt and channeling one of the five paintings of my series, In Lak’ech – “Earth”.

Likely the Egyptian influences that have trickled in a bit recently, are stemming from the Egyptian pendant I released into the Bimini waters on our retreat week – all that has been released is circulating in new, integrative ways.

But the Moon and Egypt reminded me of something, which has symbolic significance, and so this share stems from that.

It’s not that the literal symbolism is important, but the value lies in what we can take away from these stories to integrate into our lives. Whether myth or not, all stories have symbolic messages for us to decipher and expand through.

As you read the symbolism and brief stories below, see what personal messages speak to you that might be of value.

The Moon has played a predominant role in many societies and ancient cultures throughout history. Her energy is equally powerful to that of her more overt brother, the Sun, yet she works in mysterious and magickal ways.

To the Egyptians she was a symbol of rejuvenation, cyclical renewal, fertility, and growth. The Ancient Egyptians commonly referred to the Moon and the Sun as “the two lights” and interpreted these lights as the eyes of the Sky God, Horus. The left eye representing the Moon and the right eye representing the Sun, while the cycles of the Moon also relating to Horus’ phases of life.

The most predominant myth of the Moon relates its cycles to the battle between Horus and Seth over the inheritance of Osiris. The moment of the Full Moon was equated with the adult Horus declaring his true voice and joy, in victory over Seth, as he assumes control of the sky, rejuvenated.

The Egyptian Lunar Calendar is the most consistently followed calendar throughout the Dynastic times. It determined most regional festivals for the temples and marked periods for making offerings at tombs. While Lunar energy is viewed as feminine energy by the Egyptian culture (and in general), the phases of the Moon are uniquely embodied in the story of Osiris; a deity and important Lunar God closely associated with the different faces of the Moon.

His resurrection was recognized in the Lunar cycles, his body was equated with the Moon, and his dismembered body parts represented the days of the waning Moon.

In other areas of Egypt, his entire life cycle is related to the Lunar cycle, from conception and birth, to murder, dismemberment, and resurrection. Specifically, his dismemberment is mourned during the dark period before the next New Moon, his reappearance celebrated at New Moon, and his restoration commemorated with the Full Moon.

Another God associated with the Moon is the Baboon and Ibis God, Thoth. Thoth who restores the Eye of Osiris, is the wisest of the Egyptian Gods and is known as the God of the Moon, magick, and writing. It is thought that the Ibis has a crescent shaped beak, which creates its link to the Moon. The magickal powers of Thoth were so great that the Egyptians had tales of a sacred “Book of Thoth” that if read, was believed to allow one to become the most powerful magician in the world.

Hence, the Moon has great significance and ties with the Egyptians.

The symbolism of commemorating the restoration of Osiris, the true voice of Horus, and the magick of Thoth on the Full Moon, directly mirrors our own personal journeys to wholeness.

We come into the journey of life at different phases, individual to each, looking to integrate wholeness and get in touch with our inner truths. And as we make the journey, one by one we piece together our own parts and open to a wider, more expansive experience. So that by the time we reach the Full Moon of each phase of our lives, we conclude our journey; the bringing together of those parts symbolically resembling our own restoration.

In honoring the energy of the Full Moon and the Ancient Egyptian commemoration of Osiris, we honor ourselves and the wholeness of our being, as everything is but a mirror of our experience.

The Lunar orb phases represent symbolic perfection of our Universal connection. The New Moon introduces enterprising beginnings and enhances the growth of new endeavors. It also represents the planting of physical “seeds” in the womb of time, which will come to fruition at the Full Moon – a time when the body is inhabited by the Spirit and Illumination takes place.

We have the opportunity to look at everything in life with greater depth and meaning. Everything is connected and everything is reflective for us, providing codes of life for us to interpret and activate once again.

Blessings to you for this Full Moon journey to wholeness.

What Color Frequency of the Rainbow are You Ambassador of?

As I look across the landscapes before me – my garden, the forests, meadows, mountains, waters, sky, and even my home, office, closet, crystals, art, people I know or come across daily, the cars on the road, photos, messages, and even the reflection of me in the mirror, I notice the array of frequencies colorfully lighting up my life and this world.

Everything emanates a vibration and embodies a bridge of experience to cross into at our choosing.

I am a bridge.

You are a bridge.

We are each bridges for every other color frequency to experience, merge with, cross through and visit, explore, observe, and be curious about.

And regardless of how we choose to interact or show up, a rainbow of creative potential is the harmonics of our symphony ever-unfolding.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what color frequency you are the ambassador of?

You might be one color, several colors, ever-changing and shapeshifting colors, or even a rainbow yourself.

Your color frequency is the unique shade of you that you came here to be, and therefore chose to be ambassador of.

Just like every child of Mother Nature astounds us with an array of colorful expressions, so too do you, sweet Earth child.

A color frequency is a vibrational essence.

Your color may be that of kindness, joy, hope, wonder, compassion, love, humor, strength, courage, confidence, vulnerability, innocence, tenderness, sensitivity, feeling, wisdom, creativity, endurance, softness, boldness, drama, feeling, shadow, light, mystery, depth, fire, sensuality, intellect, generosity, and the list goes on.

Your color is usually an experience you know well or a strength you have that either you, or others, recognize or is your potential that the colorful spectrum has provided you to strengthen on your journey of unfolding brilliance.

So even if something got shut down when you were a child or you are journeying through other colors right now of things like sadness, anger, frustration, confusion, hurt, jealousy, insecurity, etc., just remember that your frequency lives innately within you awaiting activation and cultivation via the artist journey you embark upon – a little of this and a little of that make for one incredibly unique and vivacious color frequency ambassador. These other colors you journey through are valuable ingredients and also bridges with the potential of helping you to merge with them and hence enhance and enrich the depth of color vibration you embody.

Every color expression, whether temporary or permanent, is a potential you can embrace, master, and become an ambassador for.

As we mix colors, we create brand new shades and incredible creative vibrancy that would otherwise not be possible simply with one color.

It’s like being an artist who mixes colors on their palette until they get those incredible tones, and hence enhance the overall piece of art because of the layers of richness blended together.

There is no wrong in the color we are experiencing at the moment.

There is an incredible opportunity to enhance our color frequency because of the other colors we travel through.

If you are a color frequency of enthusiasm, which maybe is orange on its own for example, you may have journeyed through despair in order to bring dusty purples to your orange that, together, create a gorgeous burnt sienna. You are still an ambassador of enthusiasm, but now you know the shades of frustration that help you to be a richly compassionate bridge that helps other to cross into their own vibrant, ambassador shade of the rainbow.

Take a look around you and let your heart wander the rainbow of color frequencies singing. Each one is a unique ambassador of specific vibrational essence.

None are better or worse. They are simply ingredients that create the alchemy of expression.

Depth, texture, richness, expansion, understanding, unconditional compassion…these are all layers we cultivate to enhance our color frequency and make us the most vibrant version of being.

Look around and see all the opportunities there are to pour love and attention into every choice you make, every experience you journey through, and every action you take.

No matter the color path you are walking this moment, you are on the discovery road of creative alchemy to become the ambassador you were born to be.

The ambassadors representing a rainbow array of color frequencies featured in this post are courtesy of my garden and yard friends and the landscapes we hiked and biked across recently.

And of course Dave and me.

Crystals are ambassadors too and this skull beauty ambassador is an all-time favorite stone – Lapis Lazuli – which I talk about a lot in Reiki classes and even devoted a section on in my Crystal Magick Workshop. I described Lapis Lazuli in its feature listing at the Creations & Crystals Closet like this: “If I had to choose just one stone to always be with me, it would be this one, as it is so versatile and integrative, bringing Earth and Cosmos within and without – together. It is both grounding and expanding.”

This lovely is the last of my skulls, at this time…I can never say never, but I don’t foresee another moving on soon…and joined by the Lemurian ambassador with its own inner realm of rainbow frequencies, they are all that currently remain for the heart that sees them – each an ambassador in their own right, as are you!

So what are you an ambassador of?

Perhaps you might reflect a moment and feel into the color frequency/ies you represent in embodiment and expression as a bridge for others to experience.

In the words of Kermit the Frog, it’s a Rainbow Connection! “And rainbows have nothing to hide.”

It Begins ~ New Moon Rebirths, Shifts & Friends

Today’s Taurus New Moon offers grounding energy and an opportunity to rebalance, anchor, slow down and smell the flowers. It’s time to prioritize the simple, yet invaluable pleasures in life. Think also self nurturing, care, values, inner security, emotional wellness, and balanced stability from the inside out. This is a wonderful time to surround ourselves with things that make us feel good and to enjoy the full abundance of being.

Within the polarity of Taurus and Scorpio we have two fixed yin signs, making it helpful to reflect upon where we might be holding tight to certain areas of life and where tension is within us to be curious about and invite a softening around. Creative spark for transformative and beautifying endeavors that can bring more fulfillment and value into our lives may knock on the door.

There’s a lot of layers to the shifting times and energies these days. I leave the more intricate details to the astrologers, as I navigate the energy channels in my own way that usually is a blend of senses, dropping into vibrational frequencies, and trust.

My garden is one way I do that and right now there’s so much to breathe in that’s wafting through the air.

I imagine that many of you have Spring beauty around whether in your or a neighbor’s garden, yard, a local park, nearby nature walk, or even just a potted friend or local store with flowers to greet you as you go about your errands. If not, check out YouTube and be swept away to a land and space where beauty is blooming. There’s also the imagination, where everything can be experienced to your desire – a place without boundaries and where no one else has power over, but you.

The still moist depths of Earth rise through the soil on scents of pine and musk, while the freshly opened petals propel sweetness from their newly exposed centers.

Just look at all the new beauties coming alive here to include a variety of colorful tulips.

The cycles of blooming are exciting to witness, as a new wave opens to the light.

The freshness of renewal is ever-prevalent, especially now after conclusion of my Spring cleaning.

The last couple of weeks have been like pages from a different book and in fact took me into a dimension unlike the one that I started off in. I am experiencing these enchancement modules in increasing frequencies and depths. Each time I think the last was the most profound yet, I eat my words and find my mind coming up empty to find a more accurate description for the current shift.

No matter, as this moment is all there is. The comparison loses importance when I step into the now fully.

Yet, I also eat my words when I think I’ve gotten to one ending, as another invitation then arrives on the next breeze passing through. This makes the next ride irresistible and is a literal way to see how unity operates as a merging of endings and beginnings together.

Another pointer to the here and now being all things and no things at once. Does it really matter whether something is ending or beginning? Nature just knows things are fluid and change is a constant. Perhaps if we drop the ideas and attachments around getting to this or that place and find peace within the potency of stages as a whole, then it doesn’t so much matter what end of the continuum we’re on. It’s just one momentous ride.

Yet, although all parts make up the whole in terms of this realm’s way of measuring time and defining things, it makes things easier to digest when taken in as bite-sized morsels.

As I mentioned, Dave was away for twelve days and I seemed to dwell in the in between of our yin and yang energy balancing of that period. We were each doing our thing, but synchronously were in unison.

Everything I experienced, was involved with, and that unfolded, felt to be in a place outside of space and time where the cauldron could be mixed. And although everything I engaged in was very somatic if one viewed me, this helped draw through what was taking place in the nontemporal realms so that it could anchor into embodiment more fully upon return.

That’s a lot of esoteric talk, but in simple terms…my day-to-day was filled with extreme physical sensations and energy movement through the body, while I was engaging other layers that nurturing and anchoring the body helped me to go off and do.

I achieved everything I set out to do, which involved a huge amount of endurance tasks as part of a huge Spring reset ritual. For astrology peeps – thank goodness for my First House Mars and Capricorn Ascendant! Woo!

Not only did I finish all the indoor cleaning and organizing, as I mentioned in a previous post that was a lot on its own, but I also completed the entire outdoor work. The last couple of years we’ve hired help for the outdoor work, but knowing I would have blocks of time to myself, wanting to get the outdoor exercise, and feeling it would be better this year to do the work in order to protect my new, sensitive plants and baby sprouts shooting up all over, I opted to take care of it myself.

This proved both fun and the perfect energetic movement and expression that is both healthy for me and was balancing to what Dave was experiencing.

He and I share puzzle piece dynamics, not just with perfect components to a most complimentary North Node evolution, but also keep the scales even with what we innately have to offer and what we daily weigh in on at any given moment – two parts demonstrating wholeness in motion.

So, while I was engaged in massive amounts of physical and outward movement of energy, Dave was immersed in the deep inner realms and stillness.

My last few days on my own saw me:

  • sweeping all of the outdoor decks, stairs, paths, driveway, and front porch
  • raking the entire perimeter of our home and land, the sides, front, and back yards, hand clearing the beds, gardens and around pots of pine needles, branches, pine cones, and old season cycle-through – 11 hours total spread between two days of 5 and 6 hours each
  • filling 21 thirty-two gallon bags and carrying them to the front
  • planting eight new perennial beauties – 3 different colored African Daisies (blue-eyed yellow, purple-eyed violet, berry-eyed pinky white, and some peachy orange Arctotis Majec Flamingo and spreading a couple of packets of wildflower seeds
  • checking and fixing driplines to ready them for water turn-on
  • placing some new statue friends in their garden home – check out Mr. Hedgehog, a wee tortoise and hare duo, a white rabbit holding flower bath I received for my birthday, and a Nestor statue I used to have indoors that made her way to the garden corner as sentinel of all things magickal (I’m awaiting 3 more to arrive to replace lost ones) I took the photo below of everyone gathered before placing them in their homes

It felt SO good and my energy was through the roof. Between that and the hours of snow shoveling this past Winter, this is the most consecutive physical labor I think I’ve ever done.

I felt SO enlivened, though, and truly haven’t felt better, which makes me extra optimistic about the collective shifts unfolding at large.

While I may have moved tons of energy during the long hours of the day, alongside any other things I worked on in the other realms of my life, I always took time to make myself really nourishing meals, enjoyed slow mornings, mixed in other fun little things I enjoyed, and relaxed in evenings with my fur friends, just being and catching an hour of movie time together.

The usual, nightly position was me wrapped up in a blanket cocoon with Sweet Pea sleeping on my chest, Boojum curled up and resting into my thigh, with Astrid on the ground next to the couch where my arm could reach her head and back for pets. Where ever mom was, the babies were close at hand, as you can see here with me working on my computer at the couch and kitties wanting in on things too.

I also stopped to smell the flowers – literally.

After a downpour of rain one day that weakened the stems of three of my hyacinth beauties, I moved them indoors and brought their incredible scents into every corner of the main living space upstairs. They are thriving there still and lighting up the kitchen island, as well as invigorating every deep breath with their heavenly aroma.

While finalizing yard and garden work, one of the last things I did was to bury that precious mouse you might remember me finding during Winter. She was laying in the snow outside our back door near the jacuzzi and looked as perfect as can be. I placed her in a little box inside my outdoor mini greenhouse to keep her “on ice” and when I opened the box, she was still a perfect little angel that merely looked like she was sleeping with the tiny amethyst shard I gave her.

As I started to bury her in the garden area where I have buried other forest friends, a raven began to caw and then as I finished saying a little prayer while covering her in a blanket of dirt, the raven stopped.

I later learned of a very potent experience and messenger that Dave had while away, upon asking for a sign. He had a raven show up and when he wondered if it was his answer and for him, the raven literally followed him for several minutes.

Another parallel Dave and I shared was Dave’s seeing four deer in a miraculous unfolding, and I saw a transitioned one.

We both went through our own rebirthing and the reflections around us supported the inner knowing we felt, as well as guided us through the doorways.

During the time on my own I also supported some major shifts that those dear to me went through, and facilitated the most impactful key and important energetic dynamics work of my life thus far.

There are many personal elements that I won’t share here, but I will say that it more fully activated my North Node as never before and so on down the line.

And that is something worth celebrating for it means much more than an individual evolution.

How many rebirths can one have?

As unlimited as creative life force is.

If Nature can continually renew, so can we.

And part of that renewal can be aided and cocreated by us.

Now that there’s a fresh slate here at our home, we are looking at ways to revitalize and aid the steps forward within this new landscape we find ourselves in. So we enlisted a favorite landscaper/contractor of ours to look into moving and securing some trees, planting some new ones, and creating a special area in the open space right of the garden we’ve been saving for a while.

As always, when we make shifts, things become more clear. We finally figured out what we want to do there so we’ll be leveling it out to get it ready and are excited that something we had as a vision years ago, is now going to root.

Creative energy in motion indeed and the perfection of timeless continuum bringing it all together in the now!

This week has been interesting, but in a super fun way. I’ve enjoyed breakthrough energies and welcome, but potent surprises, as well as heart-warming enrichment and deepening connections. Relationships at all levels have been in the spotlight and expanding in exponential ways. I’ve noticed a sweetness emanating like never before and a profound clarity and fluidity of energy moving through me and between me and others.

I even found this tuft of feathers from a very potent messenger on a recent hike a couple of days ago. Can you guess who they’re from?

It all makes me extra revved to get some new plant babies and kiss the Earth with their fresh roots. So, off I go to gather some perennials to add to the garden mix during the perfect energy elixir of this Taurus New Moon.

And while I do that, perhaps you might enjoy this short, impromptu, four minute video of a sound channeling that took place the evening of major energy movement. Again, if you’re reading this through your email then you won’t see the link to the video. You’ll need to click through to the post on my site and from there you can listen or click on the title to go to YouTube and listen and comment there.

It’s from a much longer harmony that channeled through, but I was guided to just share the focal harmony as a quick access key. There is actually a star coded language that accompanies, but for this video I’m just doing the melody as sound movement through.

It’s titled “It Begins.”

As the video description says:

Feel the codes of this new terrain welcome and invite you on to a space where exponential creative doorways lie before you. Your new frequency becomes the key to any dimension you choose to explore. A short snippet of a much longer sound channeling repeating the focal harmony to awaken the starseed within.

This Taurus New Moon also prompted some new crystal friends that wanted to align with the energies of this doorway. I did not have time to get them on the page yet, but some of them wanted to be introduced here today that are incredible to say the least.

These include three new and amazing skull friends that will be more fully discussed and shown in the next couple of days at the link:

Creations & Crystals Closet

There you’ll currently find the one remaining crystal friend still awaiting her person. She asked that new photos be taken that reflected more of this time of year, the Taurus New Moon, and reflected her essence more purely.

I can’t express how much more beautiful these crystal beings are in person. I always smile when I hear people united with them and share the happy reunion.

Wishing you a fresh and nurturing New Moon!

Checking In, Some Thoughts & New Guided Meditation

I was guided to pop on and do a check-in with everyone. How are you all doing and feeling?

I’ve heard from so many, directly and indirectly, about how the current energies, especially tied in with the Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, have been quite a wild ride and intense on various levels.

One person told me that this has been “the strangest year so far for me” after experiencing back-to-back challenges and others have chimed in with similar. I’ve also heard about a lot of injuries and illnesses, or experiences of difficulty where normally manifesting has been easy.

So please take care out there. High presence as a priority feels vital.

It’s interesting that bear energy has continued to be around – I’ve heard from two friends who had very big messaging from in-person bears and I’ve been feeling them strongly. One evening even our female cat felt the one I did in the forest, as she and I both sat up on alert, looking toward the window. I never saw it, but she sensed it, and we both heard movement out in the brush.

Trusting instincts, deepening into intuitive guidance, opening a new primal connection within, learning how to navigate the limitless and nondefinitive path, having the courage to surrender to your true creative freedom and both balancing and transmuting duality, stand out with these versions of bear coming forward. True, there is also the nurturing, boundaries, and leadership aspects as well, but I’m seeing different layers speaking.

Overall continued messages seem to point to slowing down, checking in, and grounding with the guidance of your heart and spirit, rather than operating on cruise control patterns dictated by other forces.

These days I focus a lot on lifestyle crafting to match the now me. This includes aligning myself, decreasing stress and sources of stress, nurturing self, resting and being as much as I need, tons of nature time and connecting with my animal companions and crystals, exercising and moving energy – mostly outdoors and only fluid forms like rowing indoors, eating healthy and delicious food, practicing intentional and organic processes, expressing creatively, deepening presence, and moderating anything in my day that seems heightened or sped up, returning it back to a harmonious place of balance that feels in line with the nature of me.

Making something a practice is about your own creation of reality from moment to moment. The vehicles you use and the awareness you implement are all tools to support your process of practice.

Everything that I think, believe, and do can be, and is, an intention placed in motion – and for some that could even be described as casting a spell. One needn’t be or identify with witchyness, to cast spells. Our clear intentions, accompanied with heart-matched backing, and any process you implement that feels creatively potent, can become a sacred ritual or spell.

Life can be an organic meditation that you refine as an intentional practice.

And when you’re able to find a way to even make things that you don’t like doing into a meditational practice, or at least see the potential there to shift something into an intentional process, you shift your relationship to things and start to integrate the contrasts and potential conflicts in your life into a more merged and blended experience that isn’t so “this or that.”

Your perception shifts and that always makes a huge difference.

I’ll use cleaning and organizing as an example. Even though I happen to love these processes, I know not everyone does. So, I’ll share briefly how I make them enjoyable and potent.

Not only do I see how cleaning and organizing literally clears my sacred space for living and creating, but it also is a vehicle to do the same in other areas of my life by intentionally holding that connection around it, as I move the energy.

As I clear out what is no longer needed or being used, keep, repurpose, or redecorate/recreate the things that are useful, scrub away and organize the build-up and confusion, wash and refresh things to new perspective, and beautify and change the feel of areas, I am making space for the new and letting go of or transmuting the old.

There is room to breathe, feel spacious, inspired, lighter, and more liberated.

I also love how cleaning and organizing inherently makes me ultra present and in the moment while I focus on the tasks at hand. I also find ways to activate and infuse it with fun like singing and dancing along the way. I don’t need to necessarily hold every detail in my mind of what I’m moving energy about in terms of my life while I am in process. I can simply have that intent at the start, or I can understand that my willingness to actively go through these motions is my invitation to those other areas of life to step forward and partner with me.

In the end, I feel so good. And even though it takes time and effort to do all of the tasks, I know that it’s a simple way to activate energy in my life and make the other parts I may have even less affinity to want to work on, easier to join the dance.

The same holds true for dreams.

Dreams are activated by action and guess what? Action needs dreams.

When we couple lifestyle changes and intentions to our days, we inherently create cohesive practices that support all areas of our experience.

If you want more of something, find a few minutes a day to invite it in. Even if that is through the routines you find less exciting.

You can make things a game where each task you complete is one step closer to an intention and each thing you clear away, is one less block hindering you. You feel more empowered with each move.

Empowerment is also about changing priorities and placing your hopes, dreams and wishes closer to the top of your list rather than on the bottom for when you have time or get such-and-such in place in order to feel you can focus on it.

Empowerment is also about honoring the authenticity of your heart where the true sugar sweetness is, without sugar-coating the rest.

These are just some things that came to me to share today in the current energy field of experience.

I’ve accomplished so much this past week with my cleaning and organizing intentions and got everything done indoors – including organized the garage and cleaned the winter-ridden floors from the caked on stuff this big season brought in on our tires. What a refresh indeed!

The so-called “delay” of outdoor yard work, due to ongoing moisture, was the perfect window aligned with focusing on all of this indoor stuff. However, I did get the party started there, as yesterday I swept all the outdoor decks, stairs, paths, and front porch clean and clear.

I’m now ready to rock-n-roll outside!

In the meantime, look at some of the beauties that are just as excited with this new energy to blossom forth in.

I’m loving all the colorful hyacinths rising to meet the Sun! They, like my crocus, are new this year.

New flowers. New life songs to sing!

Earth sings in flowers and so do I, along with singing in bunnies too.

Did I mention the abundance of wild rabbit poops everywhere outside? While sweeping and clearing around pots and plants I was in awe of the most pellet droppings I’ve ever seen even though the bunnies haven’t appeared yet in the flesh.

The paths are clear and fertile indeed.

Alongside space-making and opening pathways to the new, I also saw our cat Boojum through a sudden health challenge, as I mentioned in an earlier post, that literally started the eve Dave went underground.

All is well again with Mr. B and in fact, this time with him has been enriching. We shared some powerful conversations, understandings, and I was able to connect the dots to some things as well. I even channeled a song of integration for him on the way to the vet, which was potent. So much has shifted with him and on top of that we discovered that his kidney numbers that used to be high have now reversed to normal with changes we implemented. He does have a bit of an elevated thyroid, but this gave me great insight to implement new things. I’m working on one more angle he’s demonstrating to see if I can figure out a remedy, but I’m confident I can.

For now, we have a refreshed and energized Boojum boy. You know he’s feeling better when he’s doing the humpty dance with his Humpty Bear multiple times a day. LOL!

That Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse sure was an activator for this black cat and helped me to support a rebirthing there and ignited new pathways of understanding.

Alongside the above, Monday evening I volunteered to take over hosting the Meditation Meetup group for Dave, while he is away, which put me in a different space than my recent enjoyment of being more behind-the-scenes in that regard. Something was activated through the experience and I felt a new layer of my evolution shift. I think that being in that space prompted me to act on other recent nudges.

And that brings me to one of them – a new video with a guided meditation.

This is a very simple, but potent one that has been both a favorite of mine, as well as loved by those that I’ve shared it with in retreats, sessions, classes, and even our Meetup when we first started it.

People for years – since we lived in Costa Mesa, CA actually, have been asking if I would put my guided meditations and sound channelings into a format where they could access them. I’ve sent them in written form before, but they wanted to hear my voice. Well, I did start sharing the sound channelings already, but never got around to the other stuff. Monday evening, while my throat chakra was activated, I sat down and literally put together the video you see below in one shot.

Astrid was by my side as always. I love when she gives me the side eye.

I’m not about fuss and flash. I just do things when moved and want them as natural as possible…emanating essence is key to me. So, here is the guided meditation I chose for this video share. It’s called “The Emerald Bridge” of course. Anyone who knows me and has been with me over the years, knows the connection to that for me.

I feel this guided meditation can be one of the perfect ways to center and reconnect in these times with all the challenging energies being experienced, but also and as the description at the link shares, it is:

A guided meditation for centering, peace, love, serenity, expansion, empowerment, abundance, and greater connection. Use this any time you need to destress, recharge, ground, integrate, and feel more hope and support.

I hope you enjoy it, if you feel so called to be with it.

Please drop a comment at the video link about your experience, if you do.

And if you’re reading this blog post through your email, you’ll find that the video doesn’t show up there. You’ll have to actually click through the post and then you can play the video there or click on the title to go to YouTube and listen and comment there.

We’ll see how the energy moves me the rest of this week, as I feel the moment will prompt me for some other shares I’ve felt percolating. Creative energy is like an electric spark!

And speaking of that, a new crystal friend named Elektra just joined me and I just know her timing is divine. She’s a giant smoky cathedral quartz with rainbows, lightning strikes, and so much more. Let the electricity spark!

Just like this single daffodil sparking up the kitchen space and my heart each time I see her.

And if sparking, igniting, or refreshing something in your life feels supportive, we have just four potent crystal friends still awaiting to be seen. There’s in fact a rare, giant smoky quartz and several of the crystals have starbrary etchings (these are encoded cosmic information from different star lineages) and rainbows too. I’m actually a bit curious that they haven’t anchored in with their person yet. All in divine spark indeed! Weeeee! I wish I could post the videos I shared of them on my Instagram page, as their liveliness speaks through more, but videos are too large to embed so many of on this platform. If you do want to see or know more about any of the four, please ask: Crystal Cocreators

Love and peace filled, warm hugs from my heart to yours!

5/5 Illuminating the Opportunity for Alchemy

With today’s Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ready to ignite, I’m sharing this post before I head into fuller days here, which involve more deepening and cocooning for a bit with the help of Nature and my Cosmic friends.

I feel this to be an extra opportune time for major changes to root by continuing to find ways to stay flexible, open wider to bigger picture perspectives, loosen my grip on any areas that could potentially have older approaches, ideas, or feelings lingering, and honor the voice within. Whenever I hear a voice different than mine, I drop into curiosity of how I can spread the reach of my compassion for, and realization of, wholeness.

I know in my past I was extra sensitive to lessening the blow for others, at the expense of my own feelings. Or made choices based on ingenious ways of talking myself around in circles that convinced me I knew what the highest good was, when in fact that happens naturally when we align and let go.

Things may look or unfold differently than our sneaky ego minds may want them to, or the way we hope to be seen by keeping the rosy tint on lenses for others when viewing us, yet these might just be ways to appease our fear and insecurities – not necessarily the highest good, as is within each individual’s path to approach their own way when we stop micro-managing and start being.

This may be a time for stepping away a bit more, relaxing, and taking it slow. The pause is highly underrated, but oh so very potent. Everything always feels urgent, wanting us to keep going, pushing, faster, meet those deadlines and self-imposed time restrictions, but these are unnatural frameworks that merely add layers of stress and take us out of being present and truly feeling.

I’ve found the slowing down to do wonders for me and whenever something tries to squeeze me into something other than that, I remind myself there’s no better place than right here, right now.

Sure, I may not have some visions of mine manifested yet, but that’s okay because the mere fact I can see them in my mind’s eye, imagination, and dreams and feel them so fully is because they do in fact exist on a timeline I’m tapping into. At some point this me will merge with it or won’t need to because it already is.

I feel that the slowing down is supporting retrieval and recreating from a stronger, more resilient and rooted place. A time for deepening, but not getting ahead of ourselves.

The weather, here, still keeps mirroring those steps back and leaps forward I keep talking about.

On Monday night – 5/1 – snow hit once again and persisted all day Tuesday – 5/2.

This followed gorgeous Spring to almost Summer-like days and a “calm before the storm” Monday afternoon, as you can see in the before and after photos of the collage below and the images above.

They show Monday’s hiking views in the day along the beach and then Tuesday morning’s contrast of Jack Frost’s return visit that brought about seven fresh new inches to our forest home by the time he was all done exciting in yet another snow dance.

We’ve continued having rainy days mixed with flurries and even hail that are predicted to continue, now, through the 6th.

Everything keeps shifting, so who knows! I don’t try to predict, I just lean into flow.

But for now, it’s perfectly supporting where I feel called indoors to complete things and also focus on our cat, Boojum who ironically is going through his own challenges since the moment Dave went underground – more on that shortly.

Momma’s boy, Boojum embodies one of the energies collectively that is misunderstood and calling us to lean into the wisdom of and how to use it effectively. During this time of nurturing him, I’m seeing so much that is supporting intricate layers of what used to be unknowns, into organic understanding. Every energy and experience, regardless of how they “seem” is so rich.

But I’ve seen this continuous theme of embracing the redirects and what ever time it takes to make the current journey I’ve embarked upon.

The In Between is a wonderly place to be.

Another example was with a recent package delivery I was expecting. It went out early April from the MidWest and I only just received it on May 3rd. It was untrackable and so I just let it be. I then was given the tracking number and called on 5/3 to see if there was any news. As things go, while I was on the phone getting help tracking it, wouldn’t you know that the package arrived literally as I was talking to the person. When I went to pick it up, I found it miraculous that the contents even arrived and were untouched, given the package went on quite the journey. One corner was torn down to showing the insides of the cushioned package and the whole top of the envelope was completely open. The only reason the contents stayed put was because the lip of the envelope had sticky stuff exposed, and the tissue paper the contents were in, was stuck to it.

It’s resiliency and determination is a great example for these times.

And goes to show you that things have their own timing, as well as their own version of experience, and yet despite outside influences they can still navigate their own alignment to maintain the integrity of authenticity and wholeness.

Relaxing around things, allowing space to breathe its own potency, not rushing or forcing, or trying to fit someone else’s expectations or prove something is a way we can see where our natural tendencies will take us.

At the same time, I’m not afraid of diving deep into those natural tendencies and the layers that can sometimes distort them.

Scorpio is quite the masterful alchemist when it comes to diving deep into the emotional, subconscious, and mystery realms, turning all that stuff we churn up – including the pain – into gold.

Scorpio is also the master of elimination, in balance to its counterpart Taurus who is the master of accumulation.

So, this Full Moon illuminates much of where we can temper these energies within us and see where things may be outweighing others in ways that tug us back or propel us forward. We can then feel into whether we like that dynamic we discover and if we would like to redistribute the energies differently.

Highlighting the hidden motivations can support a more authentic relationship within and without.

Synchronously, Dave is away on a very potent silent meditation retreat for twelve days, overlapping this potent Full Moon Eclipse – perfectly aligned with his Scorpio Sun self. I’m excited for him and the powerful journey he is so courageously embracing within. There is no outside contact, distractions, or stimulation of any sort other than the inner realms while he is away, so he’s completely unreachable. They take away your phones, there’s no reading, journaling, or personal items except for the necessities and days consist of 11 hours of meditation.

This leaves me holding down the fort completely to manage and make decisions on all aspects of life here that we normally manage together, while I focus on my own journey.

There’s a level of trust and telepathic connection, as well as honoring of the individual dynamics we are copartnering and creating in. Our shift of balancing energy focuses, along with our combined, shared focuses is a beautiful thing to witness and experience through the surrender and organic embrace.

Today, 5/5, is always a special time for me since the energy of “5” is alchemical in my life, but also because it is my Russian Tortoise, Gaia’s, birthday and the day Nestor’s powerful ashes returned home to me.

I’ll be tuning in, which simultaneously beams out, while also opening to a new relationship with All That Is.

In the mean time, it seems no accident that on this day – 5/5 – we now only have 5 (now 4) remaining crystal beings beaming out their own inner essence. I can feel my sweet soul companions in the stars working their magick! They can be found at the following link with 5/5 sweet specials built in that have “5” numerology for this resetting portal today: Crystals for these Times. It’s amazing how this whole group has been aligning in incredible ways with incredible stories and experiences continuing to unfold after they reach their heart homes. I love observing the journey of connection unfold its brilliant wings. Astrid and I can’t wait to see where these last ones land.

Rising Excitement ~ Garden & Lee Harris Energy Updates

With just a blink of the eye, so many blossom buddies continue to arrive and even since just one day of snapping these quick petal portraits while we fixed our fence, the number of guests has tripled and are filling in the floor.

The Grand Ball is underway, as everyone excites in sharing their celebration attire of colorful gowns and Spring best.

Each day my excitement rises. I can envision what things will look like over the months and it makes my faery heart do flips. I can’t wait to get my hands into fully clearing the ballroom floor for everyone here in just a few days once the incoming rain and snow moisture ceases.

As one of my favorite quotes from Willy Wonka goes, “The suspense is terrible…I hope it will last.”

That’s my sense about most things, as the fertile energy streams are creatively potent.

The thrill is wonderly to feel the portals of potential throbbing all around and within us indeed.

Anyway, this is really a post to introduce Lee’s new energy update for May, but the energy in my garden and the inner reflections it mirrors feel tied into the themes and descriptions he shares.

In fact, there are yet again so many synchronous threadings in his share that are near exact examples and stories from my last post. I just love reflections of the collective web.

That inner fire he speaks of is certainly being experienced by me in very pronounced ways. I’ll be channeling it through all the garden work in the days to come, as well as necessary creative projects. These are definitely some of my ways to ground all that powerful stuff, recenter and reset, just as Lee talks about being vital.

Electrified was a word that came to me on the 26th when I connected with a powerful new crystal friend, and I loved hearing Lee use it too. There is a great thrill uprising that cannot be contained and therefore channeling it in effective and fulfilling, life force kind of ways that speak to my authentic frequency is where I’m invested.

Perhaps you may find yourself on a similar journey. If so, you’ll enjoy Lee’s take on the current energy themes. Enjoy!

These Are The Times You Forgot You Were Excited For

Once again the great outdoors and our own backyards present us with metaphors for the journey and reflections for how we are navigating our own garden of life.

No matter where you live, the current weather you’re experiencing, and how the season is evolving where you are, you can see what Nature is trying to convey about cycles and process, relative to you and even as a piece of the collective unfolding.

Here, we’re seeing the continued melt-off of snow and warming Spring temperatures, as well as experiencing the beautiful resiliency of Earth’s children rise again.

While there is still quite a bit of snow on the mountains and in neighboring yards where sun exposure, altitude, and snow depth varies, our land and home is nearly Winter complete, with only three very small patches of snow remaining.

The same holds true for lake level areas, giving off Summertime feels and beckoning my toes and body to immerse in the sands, crystalline water, and sunbathing nourishment.

Kayaking, beach days, outdoor events, biking adventures, and long nature hikes here we come!!!

There is sacredness every step of the way.

Yes, even the in between is just as rich as the before and after, and perhaps even more so as it’s there where all of the layers reveal themselves and their perfectly chaotic synergy and harmony.

The unraveling of each thread shows us the value of every part no matter if the color is to our liking or not. You can’t have certain magnificent colors without mixing together others.

As the world rushes at us from all directions and the hidden, repressed, and unacknowledged equally gushes forth, we are seeing the melting snow packs filling creeks, rivers, and lakes with equal force.

All that we’ve held onto tightly with the illusion it provided comfort and security, is making itself known for what it truly is and supporting us into realigning with the truth of our authenticity and the integrity of our hearts.

In this way, what seems to be coming at us, is perhaps in fact being called up by us so that we can finally expand into our fullness and greatest potential yet.

We may still be straddling two worlds and seasons, but nothing can maintain its strength and integrity forever in a state of division without hindering new life from emerging that comes through the unification of surrender.

I finally felt called to get the ball rolling just a bit while Dave is around to help, so that I can then freely handle the rest on my own while he’s away. So we went about clearing the front yard where huge tree branches that looked like mini trees, bunches of medium sized ones, and other debris had been exposed by the melted snow.

This is only the first round of clearing, as there’s a ton of smaller branches and of course mounds of pine needles and brush that I’ll need to clean up, but removing all the larger things really made a difference.

We scoped out the front, side, back, and garden for the really big stuff and hauled them to the front where they’ll eventually be picked up by the fire department who comes and removes and chips things later in the season. The above photo is of the pile so far, which looks far larger in person and includes two giant limbs about 15-20 feet long each.

Dave lopped off the many branches to the large limbs to make them lighter so that we could move them more easily. We also lopped off all the hanging branches from trees and bushes that had been weighed down and broken by Winter’s hold. In this way, lessening their load and freeing them to renew as they see feel fit.

After all of that, we went about propping three of our large pine trees that we planted when we moved in, as the weight of the snow had pushed them on angles – one of them quite severely. With ropes, shared pulling, propping stakes, shoveling and anchoring, we managed to get them secured and straightened.

Next, I gathered debris and broken items – especially from my garden – and cleared all of that. I managed to salvage three garden friend statues with some heavy duty glue, I reanchored, straightened, and propped back up the rest. And while I did that, Dave used the blower and cleared most of the decks and pathways.

It was all reflective of the inner navigation that these days are enriched by – the old, outmoded patterns and ancestral trauma being looked at piece by piece and then cleared, refreshed, and mended with love.

Where lightning strikes, the change doesn’t have to be surprisingly traumatic and continue in the vein of the old in that version of harsh. Lightning can electrify something new into its brightest potential through the surrender and embrace of expansion.

This reminds me of my dearest twin soul in rabbit body, Nestor, who brought all of my dear soul companions in rabbit and tortoise form to me, including the incredible Astrid. And perfectly so does this memory flood through, as on the day I am writing this part it just so happens to be the day of her transition 15 years ago – April 27th. Without going into detail, when she made her transition from this world to the next it was the most impactful and altering moment of my life. She literally let out screams that cut through dimensions and worlds, and made tangible the illusion of separation by this both excruciating and exhilarating sound frequency that made sense of unity within one tone.

Through her death and transition, she taught me more than any years of study or detailed analyzation ever could.

Light carries on.

Transformation puts the illusion of chaos into perspective as brilliance dancing in precision of both a dying and birthing star.

Although our yard and garden looked like chaos struck, when we pull back we can see genius in motion of creating. The “mess” is a canvas of opportunity that deconstructs the old and supports new beauty that salvages the resilient parts into something fresh. It’s an efficient way of helping us to see the value of each piece to the whole and how each piece can be repurposed and alchemized.

Even just with this little bit of cleaning and strengthening, the canvas has room now for creating. In this way also supporting Spring to do her thing.

Fresh perspective transforms what looked like disaster had struck and left a muddy confusion and weight. Standing back, the whole picture becomes explosive opportunity.

Spring cleaning truly does help to shift things in your life…I’m doing tons of it right now, inside and out.

Next up will be some ongoing fence and dripline work. We ordered some fence posts for our smaller, simple one that runs the perimeter between our only neighbor on one side – a fence we as neighbors had newly fixed, together, before the big Winter. The weight of the snow broke about eight of the beams so we’ll redo them this weekend. We also need to fix the inner perimeter of our larger fence to the side yard where the lower pieces of wood across the bottom got yanked off their nails by the snow’s weight as well – that will come later. This is more ornamental and doesn’t affect the integrity of the fence, but still something to fix. I’ll need to check all the driplines to see if any broke and need replacing. I know for sure of one that happened at the end of Autumn and beginning of Winter – I believe a bunny friend might have done some nibbling thinking it was a plant vine (hehe!), but there could be more and that needs handling before we get Summer temperatures heating things up.

We have some time since there’s so much moisture in the ground and we actually have some more coming for a few days next week, too. There’s some rain and snow expected between the 1st and 4th of May. Nothing crazy, but they’re saying rain during the day and snow at night. We’re not expected to get more than an inch of snow accumulation each night where we are and it’s going to melt right away if we do, but that will provide more moisture and extend my ability to get out until the 5th if the forecast is correct.

That feels aligned, however, with some other things that 5/5 rings in for me personally (a special day connected to two of my transitioned powerhouse soul companions – Gaia’s birthday and the day Nestor’s ashes returned home to me), but also since it’s collectively connected with The Scorpio Full Flower Moon Lunar Eclipse of that day too. There’s also a culmination taking place then of something that’s been in the works for a while and will help me to access and maneuver into the next labyrinthian chamber of the creative vortex.

Heading outside on 5/5 makes for great garden clearing and beautifying work time to begin full-on, green-light-go with weather in the low to mid 50’s ongoing for a while, which will be perfect for it. I will be able to complete everything and also add these two small packets of Sierra Wildflower seeds (below) that we were given at the local Earth Day Festival we went to. On the same day, a friend also gifted me the beautiful crystal heart suncatcher you see next to them, with real flowers embedded inside as a belated birthday present…Little did he know I had just admired these creations at the festival right beforehand.

I love how the sun caught the crystal and flashed a different color each time, reflecting the endless creative possibilities when we shift perspective and cast light into the crevices of our hearts.

The days leading up to the upcoming moisture of the beginning of May have been and will be in the mid to upper 60’s – maybe even hitting 70 (beach time!), so Nature is indeed doing the one or two steps back, and the big leaps forward.

Just like all of us.

Everything feels really vibrant, though, and there’s this fresh energy and vitality I can feel even with the garden friend statues that survived. I can “hear” a lot of chatter and the forest and garden animals are mirroring the excitement.

Between birds singing galore – the other day I used my Merlin app (thanks Lynne) that identified six varieties of birds all around me – and chipmunks and squirrels running around like children on a sugar-high, it’s a big party going down indeed. There’s times we’ll see four baby chipmunks zipping about chasing each other and teasing our cats through the glass.

“Ha ha! You can’t catch me!”

They love checking in on Astrid, too, although it’s a different dynamic that is shared of communing and curiosity. See the little one peeking in on the resting and meditative Astrid in her bed?

They are quite fascinated with all that Astrid is up to inside, as she demonstrates a different version of potential that even souls in animal bodies can choose to experience.

There are options that lie beyond the current, defined realms of known existence.

I have yet to see our bunny friends, but boy oh boy are there piles of abundant rabbit pellets (poops) everywhere! Not only is the ground moisture rich, but talk about incredible, natural fertilizer! It’s going to be quite the fertile landscape cycling through this year.

And although I haven’t yet seen the wild rabbits, other than finding that thumper, I DID come eye-to-eye with one of our tree frog friends while I was clearing an area of the side yard.

It’s amazing I even saw him, but there he was peeking out from under a dried leaf (first photo in collage below). He then emerged slowly (second photo) when I spoke to him and I saw how healthy and plump he was (third and fourth photos) before he made his way under a bush again.

Frogs have been coming through quite a bit, as you might remember my frog dream that came around the time of all the “golden” animal dreams:

I then had a dream that I came upon a pond in the snow where many large spotted frogs were swimming and hopping about. One of them hopped into my hand and filled the size of my palm. Frogs, too, symbolize hope, good fortune, renewal, transformation, new beginnings, opportunities, making leaps, and major, personal transformation and life shifts.

Not long after that, two golden citrine frogs found their way to me by wild synchronicity through my magickal friend, Lisa. One was a large one that, of course, perfectly fills the size of my palm. The other was a little one that I knew was meant for Dave and he’s become his lucky charm, bringing him good fortune already.

So, seeing this sweet tree frog in the garden was a wonderful gift and reiteration to me of all that I shared above about their symbolism, the message of the dream frog in my hand, and how that ties into the now unfolding landscape before us.

New beginnings indeed, which our family of crocus are chanting about out front with glee, as well.

Look at the others who have joined – more golden yellow, purples, and some white with purple stripes.

No wonder crocus are known as Easter reflections…they truly are coming up Easter egg colors! And they, like frogs, also symbolize new beginnings alongside luck, prosperity, innocence, joy, immortality, and rebirth.

What a field of dreams our yard is right now with the abundance of new life sprouting EVERYWHERE between the Autumn and Winter shedding!

It feels mirroring of my internal landscape and the fresh new skin the latest layers of peeling have revealed – quite literally!

It’s synchronous that Dave will be away on an extended, very deep and invaluable spiritual journey, returning when Mercury stations direct on the 14th, while I navigate my own pivotal treasure map.

What timing that aligns us both with some truly key destiny-level changes for shared enrichment.

So many layers of evolution are taking place, but all seem to point to simultaneous endings and beginnings.

We are continuing to shed and melt away the cocoons of incubation so we may get a truer sense of what expansion really feels like.

There may yet be more lopping, propping, clearing, and hauling to do before things start to take form and look different, but you can still envision the potential and know within your heart that grace is unfolding.

Art is a beautifully “messy” process, with each layer being integral.

The evolution of a crocus, tadpole, sprout, or garden is evidence of miracles in motion.

No more or less than the miracle of your being alive and reading this right now.

It may feel like sometimes you’re off path, but every step is a bridge to the next.

You can steady your rudder to try and steer things by intent aligning with flow, or you can lift your rudder and glide along and morph with each twist and turn of the wild ride.

Each approach is valid and you may oscillate between them.

You may also bounce back and forth with other processes and therefore find a new way for each experience that presents itself, as you go through your own evolutionary adjustments.

We’re in a time of huge transformation and to find our way is to create our own and write the storyline of our choosing. No more than now is the inner world where you’ll find true power.

There is a lot of power balancing playing out around us, yet when we reclaim the one and true power which is within the vortex of our hearts, we begin to experience the collapse of veils, illusions, and regain a sense of unwavering hope because we step into the miracle of our expansiveness.

Everyone has their own story to write and a different voice in the narrative of each moment because that’s the beauty of creativity.

One of the empowering things we may find helpful is to find ways to build inner strength, as this is invaluable in such volatile and unknown times – times that no one has a clear hold on knowing how it’s going to unfold, not even those who are most psychic. We only know of patterns, possibilities, influences, and potentials, but the collective is in the now, every moment, creating those opportunities for expansion or contraction.

The more we are willing to, or help ourselves get strong enough to, face things, the more we realize the power has always been in our own hands as the multidimensional beings that we are. Our bodies are mirrors of the Multi-verses embodied in tangible, but miraculous forms with impetus of potential within every cell, synapse, fascia, and vibrational frequency.

I also feel that merging more with Nature and the Cosmos helps us to know ourselves and our own divinity, opening powerful doorways to the dimensional labyrinth of incredible impetus within and without.

Every moment and day is providing us pivotal points for cultivating more expansive and conscious choices. And from these choices, leaps in consciousness are happening and will continue to. I feel we underestimate the a-ha moments in place of immediate physical gratification from specific manifested results we feel we need.

In any way we can invite in more expansion, I feel we will experience significant shifts in our lives. And this includes the capacity of our hearts being stretched to love more, too. The power of perspective is potent.

Endings and closure through shedding and vulnerable reflection is what I continue to welcome. There’s a definite synergy of experience between greater love and peace taking place in conjunction with strengthening boundaries and shutting doors. They needn’t be exclusive. They demonstrate unity is a simultaneous experience.

Like many of you, there are times when I’ve felt done with it all, but then I’m reminded that thoughts like that stem from an idea I’ve been conditioned to adopt and no longer need to feed.

I get over it rather quickly when I lean into the lightness of it all and how I feel it really is one big playground for creative energy experimentation, immersive experiencing, and resilient expansion.

There are times I can feel things rising to the surface and heating up, but it’s then that I understand myself to be a metalsmith and that even the toughest metal materials/experiences can be annealed – the process of heating metal and then allowing it to cool slowly, in order to remove internal stresses so that it’s easier to shape, bend and reform that involves changing the physical and sometimes chemical properties so it’s more workable. 

Indeed we are activating realization of our inner alchemist. It’s part of every experience we have, but don’t acknowledge the incredible power we engage in what seem like the tiniest and most simple of daily actions.

One step back, two steps forward. Three steps back, one leap forward.

The Aquarian Age is seeding its habitation into our lives.

This time period is one many of us have been anticipating and excitedly entered this realm for, long before we forgot why – such a fertile realm of potential.

With Jupiter and Venus in Aquarius, I recall how my experiences and expressions didn’t fit any template and that cut both ways in terms of not being met with understanding ears or being considered oddly charming, but naïve. The way I knew in my heart never felt relevant as I was growing up and learning how to navigate life. Time (at least as we learned to experience it) and Tania were on different pages of the story. I have a feeling many of you can relate.

Coupled with other personal astrological placements, I was seen as an idealistic and dreamy soul, while in fact it was the visionary in me with a strong fiery and relentless thrust that kept sticking my heart and imagination out there and has continued chipping away at architectural plans for new channels of creation.

Raven symbolizes the void – the mystery of that which is not yet formed.

Divine perfection finding these feathers…

I feel liberated in these times…the massive influx of potent Cosmic energies streaming through and the whirlwind of changes unleashing day-to-day, all feel more reflective of the rapid way in which I experience things, and also the woven synergy of what may otherwise be deemed as dichotomies.

It may yet seem far away that our visions of what could be take form, but remember that the possibility is only there because it is already being written by another version of you in a timeless space you have yet to acknowledge.

We meet upon the void of creation when we engage the imagination of our hearts….it is then that the doorways open and the curtains fall to limitless directions.

The Great Mystery is and has always been you.

I will be in garden, creation, channeling, and unearthing mode for the next couple of weeks so who knows what may come through to share with you.

Until then, Astrid and I wanted to update you on the last seven crystals we were guided to offer.

There is just one remaining crystal skull being awaiting her heart home and she and Astrid asked that I share some additional insights and peeks because of who they feel is connecting with her.

You can find all of the additional photos and information at the link below about her, but here is a snippet of that:

Since first sharing this amazing being, both she and Astrid wanted us to add additional insights about her energy and some other window portals into her essence to help you “see” her. So we’ve added that info below and you’ve likely found the new photos above – some of her out with our beloved crocus, as she’s such a Nature weaver – some with Astrid, as she’s both strong and sweet like her and because they share a connection. You can see that in how Astrid nudges her with love, how joyous they are in each other’s presence, and you can also see that in the rabbit being that sits upon her crown.

And if you’ve been on the fence about any other crystal being cocreator, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. We did not add anything new to the others, but their energy is very now-relevant.

Creations & Crystals Closet

May all possibilities be open to you.

Earth Day Garden Guests

Look who popped in just in time to celebrate Earth Day.

Yep, five purple cosmic cars joined the little golden star engine who knew he could along the crocus train.

Didn’t I say that gold and purple have been ongoing color and energy themes lately?

Uh huh!

These six little ones give a high-five confirmation to that, as the belles of the ball so far.

But wait! What’s this??

To my surprise I also discovered these lettuce varieties sprouting with glee without my doing a thing. You might remember I put together four mini greenhouse plastic containers to start veggies by seed and see how they’d do. It was a slow start with a few goodies for Astrid, but then Winter hit and they were buried for months.

I later saw that the weight of the snow broke most of the tops of the containers, but this one just had a crack through it and smaller damage than the others. Somehow this must have insulated the soil and got things going.

I had pretty much thought these were goners and would have to start over, if I chose to at all. But without my doing anything, including no watering – just what ever moisture seeped in from the melting snow, here come some yummies! I’m curious if I’ll get more surprises from these containers, and everywhere for that matter.

I have yet to touch a thing anywhere outside, as I await the last bits of snow to melt. It’s nearly all gone so my May plan still feels accurate and aligned with a large span of time I will have free. There’s SO much work to do, I don’t want to start until I have consecutive days and hours to tackle all of it.

It will give me some garden-of-life nurturing to add balance to my days during the next go-around of time to myself.

So much is stirring, pushing through, popping out, and strengthening.

Happy Earth Day indeed!

However you spend today and the days to come, perhaps you might add in a little nature connecting time as part of your new, if not already, daily crafting.

We’re off to a sunshiny Earth Day festival and vegan lunch Meetup here today, but not without first getting in a lot of fur baby snuggles! That counts too, as does plant and crystal time, culinary creating, grounding of any kind, walks or sits outdoors, and engaging your five senses – just to name a few.

Make your Earth connecting fun, as Mother Nature would love to play with you.

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