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You may recall my interview at the end of 2018 with the inspirational author and shining light in this world, Jean Brannon, who brought us the wonderful novel, Atlantis Writhing. Well, I’m joined by Jean once again, and what a perfect time to share her latest book on this first day of Autumn that heralds a period of less “light out there” so that you can find the source of true “light in here” – within you. Jean’s latest work takes you on a journey of the lesser known chakras in order to “bring to light’ ways to make friends with your own inner world, much like this time of year nudges you to lovingly embrace and integrate your own shadows for optimal well being and empowerment.

I truly admire Jean and am grateful to have the chance to read her important work that is part of anchoring a new collective paradigm. So much is pointing to the importance of revealing what lies beneath, as I recently shared in a blog post recap, and I’m so grateful to courageous leaders like Jean who are bringing to the surface the key elements and tools that can support greater wholeness and vitality.

Although, as Jean pointed out to me in a recent conversation, we haven’t yet sat down over a cup of tea, I feel as if we already have over the course of reconnecting and these interviews always make me feel right at home with her.

I hope you enjoy our interview with your own cup of tea, while Jean helps to make the inner journey more tangible and accessible through a mythical adventure.


1. First off, congratulations on another wonderful book. I love the title – Pants Down – which is so perfect in my opinion! You sure are in a flow with your writing and I think that is very inspirational for many writers and creatives out there. While this book focuses on a lesser known chakra system, I love that the self-empowerment techniques are tied in with what your Atlantis Writhing characters use to heal and how people can bring these tools into real life. Were they the inspiration for bringing this information forth, or were you inspired by something else?

I appreciate your kind words so much, Tania! And many thanks for this opportunity to share once again with you and your readers. To answer your question, the idea for “Pants Down” first came about as a way of showing how the “Atlantis Writhing” characters are being. Since the lower body chakras represent metaphorically a descent through the Hell Realms, I felt a nonfiction book detailing that journey could become essentially an AW “How To Deal With Lesser Light” companion guide. And so “Pants Down” was written to provide, in essence, an “instruction manual” for the healing tips and tools initially revealed in “Atlantis Writhing” as key elements of the unfolding plot.

2. I love that you focus on the lower leg chakras, as so much right now really feels centered on a need to know how to ground things in life and manifest more of what we do want. You share about some of the changes you experienced in your feet and lower back challenges by experimenting with barefoot shoes. What other big life changes have you noticed by incorporating an holistic approach with the lower leg chakras for yourself and other clients that really stick out in your mind?

Coupling acupressure with a glass jar of salt water at the ankles as described in “Pants Down” has become one of my favorite ways to end a day of working with patients, as this ritual allows for opening all of the trousers-to-toes chakras so that cleansing and clearing may readily occur. I’ve been finding a lot of the empaths as well as the practitioners who come to me for acupuncture are benefitting from this routine as well, since it’s particularly effective at discharging any dense or toxic energies one may pick up from others. I really love how this technique leaves me feeling recharged and refreshed – and it only takes a little more than five minutes, so it’s quick and easy, too!

3. Why do you think that these lower chakras aren’t focused on much? Do you think this is a fear-based reason because of what they represent?

Yes, I do believe that fear-based thinking is at the heart of why these lower body chakras haven’t traditionally been focused on much. Translations of the original Hindu myths from Sanskrit to English are rare, and all of these myths I studied while researching “Pants Down” describe what could be called a fearful way of looking at these chakras. Mostly what’s detailed are the negative emotions and behaviors one may experience upon descending into these denser, darker energies within that are associated with the Hindu Hell Realms. Although the parallel I kept seeing was between these wild and beautifully detailed legends and the untamed, instinctual energies inherent in the Divine Feminine. Energies our mostly patriarchal world has taught us to fear and even shun because they’re commonly perceived as overly emotional and out of control. And so in “Pants Down”, I wanted to help people see these lower body chakras not as aspects of ourselves to be feared – but as opportunities to reclaim and reintegrate the Divine Feminine into daily life for a greater sense of balanced wholeness.

4. You tie in so many wonderful examples, ancient myths, and tangible tools throughout this book. Do you have a favorite ritual or process that you personally use in your own life that you have found especially supportive with wholeness and empowerment during challenging times.

Whenever I feel particularly challenged with remembering how all is one and everything is truly unfolding according to the Divine Plan, I look to Nature for rebalancing. Specifically, I will take an “earthing break” and spend at least half an hour with my bare feet on the ground – or with my back against a tree. I’ll set a conscious intention to let go gracefully of anything that needs to be released, and welcome with open arms anything that needs to come. I find that by combining this sacred Mother Earth communion time with deep belly breathing, I am able to refocus on all the positivity life has to offer. And that uplifted shift in perception allows me to move forward with a renewed sense of calm and ease, even in the midst of any unfolding external turmoil.

5. So little is touched on in the world around the subjects of healthy sexuality, sensuality, creative personal power, and working with the shadowy and material realms. I love that you integrate these as key to wellness. Can you share why you feel these are so important not to neglect?

What my 20-plus years of holistic clinical experience has shown me – over and over again –  is that the single greatest stumbling block most people have with their health and happiness is a disconnect from personal power. And nearly always, that break occurs in childhood and within these lower body chakras. What often happens is well-meaning parents and other adults are looking to create well-mannered children who follow rules and societal norms. This form of conditioning is usually applauded by society as creating a solid foundation for a successful life. Yet once we stop thinking for ourselves – once we become afraid to color outside the lines, the way we so naturally do as toddlers before we are repeatedly told “no” – we have effectively shut ourselves off from our inner knowing, from our own personal power. From our passions and our playfulness. And we have essentially stopped the natural flow of energy and intuition that is our birthright – the very vibrations that reside within these lower body chakras. These wilder, instinctive energies that ironically still govern subconsciously our relationship to sensuality, sexuality, and our “shadow side”, despite our parents’ best efforts to spare us these experiences. And the result often is we haven’t been protected from pain or grown up to have a more successful life by not talking about or acknowledging these energies; we have instead been shackled with the task of moving forward without the full benefit of knowing what it’s like to feel powerfully and vibrantly alive. Of course, it’s important to remember everyone is doing the best he or she can at all times – and our parents were no exception to this truth when they were raising us. Yet babies don’t come with instruction manuals, and so most of our parents were winging it to some degree to figure out how to make us “behave”. And that means most of us on a spiritual path as adults will spend a lot of time relearning how to “misbehave” – which, in this sense, means remembering how to reconnect with these untamed Divine Feminine energies. That’s why I feel it’s so important to nurture these deep frequencies within, and to welcome them back as a fully functional part of our essence. Because to ignore or deny these instincts is to turn away from all we truly are. And unless we embrace these aspects of ourselves, we can never really experience the full alchemical beauty and wonder of being alive.

6. It’s interesting you mentioned that many Reiki practitioners you’ve encountered have not been as focused on the feet and lower chakra areas, as for some reason I’ve always felt an innate draw to the feet when I’ve worked with my Reiki clients in the past. Yet, I’ve also noticed that a lot of spiritual healers are still much more focused on the upper chakras or esoteric knowledge, and still have an aversion to getting really deep into the unconscious and raw emotions and primitive instincts locked in the DNA. Do you think that we are going to start seeing more of this energy come to light, as things shift in the world?

Yes, I believe we will see and hear more about these raw, untamed frequencies as current events continue to unfold. For example, all the secrecy and abuse coming to light around sexual misconduct and child trafficking have the collective consciousness beginning to ask at large how these atrocities can happen. And because traditional psychology seems mostly unable to satisfy those questions, people are opening to deeper meanings – and reasons rooted in metaphysical shadow work. Explanations that make sense when we consider all the dense, dark energies in the lower body chakras that can compel us toward unspeakable acts if we’re deeply wounded ourselves. It’s truly my hope that we can foster global healing through awareness that reintegration of all these energies is not only possible, but necessary, if we are to embrace wholeness and peaceful coexistence with all sentient life.

7. I love your share about horses as masters of energy and so deeply attuned to that feminine perspective that the lower chakras represent. I’m a rabbit person, having had several rabbit companions, and have found them to mirror horses – in fact I call them tiny horses. And all of what you shared rings true to me in relating with them and what I’ve found so powerful in their wisdom. Do you feel that there’s a gateway nature and the animals can provide for us that is missing from the very technology-based and modernized world most are focused on?

Oh, I absolutely love the idea of rabbits as “tiny horses” – bunnies are certainly another wonderful example of how wise and loving and powerful our animal friends are! And I do feel all of nature provides us with a gateway to a higher level of assistance that’s beyond anything our mostly technology-based modern existence can offer. You know, one of my most profound realizations during Chinese medicine school was recognizing I had been a practicing Taoist my whole life – I’d just never had language or conscious thought around this way of being. But for centuries, Taoism has looked to Mother Nature – and all of her plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms – for wisdom and the way to move forward along one’s path that is in harmony with all that is. And I believe with all the unrest most are experiencing in today’s world, more than ever before we need an overall return to the wise ways of old that have governed inner peace and positivity amidst mayhem for millennia. For if we can remember to listen to that still, small voice within – the one that communicates effortlessly with all of nature if we allow for that – we will have continual guidance toward what’s best for our highest good. And what’s truly best for each of us individually only serves to benefit us all.

8. Do you have any upcoming book interviews and events where people can learn more? I know you have a YouTube channel too, which provides great little tips. Can you share that link with us?

I appreciate you asking about upcoming book promotions. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting about “Pants Down” in recent podcast interviews with Laureen Card on her “Women Leading Change” show and with Ageless Blissings Radio’s Brenda Pearce. I’ve also immensely enjoyed speaking with Irena Kyd on “Married Love Success” and W4CY Radio’s Daria Anne during her “Your Book, Your Brand, Your Business” show. Interviews and my YouTube channel link can all be found on my website at .  I welcome comments and questions, too – so if any of your followers wish to drop me a line, please do so at or follow me on Facebook –

9. What’s next for you? Do you have another book you’re working on?

What’s coming up for me is completing the next chakra book in the “Ancient Ways to Wellness” series – which is the sequel to “Pants Down”. In this upcoming book, the focus will be on the hands to heart chakras, where once again I will be delving into a series of little-known chakras to help people learn how to work with them so greater clarity, empowerment, and love can unfold in their lives. I’m very much looking forward to sharing this information soon! Yet right now, I am so very, very grateful for this opportunity to chat with you and to share with your followers how “Pants Down” can help them be uplifted, inspired, and empowered…naturally! Thank you as always for your example of moving through the world in a gentle, empowered, and loving way – you inspire me daily, Tania! Much love and many blessings to you.


And thank you dear Jean for always being so gracious and generous with your time and knowledge. I really appreciate what you bring to the world and am grateful you are here at this time spreading your light and wisdom.

I know Jean shared all the important links with great info, but I thought I would highlight a few again here.

If you’re interested in ordering your own download of author Jean Brannon (Atlantis Writhing) has a brand new min-e-book out for only $3.99 at various online sources here:

Pants Down ~ Absolute Love Publishing

And here is a direct link to one of the podcast interviews Jean mentioned where she shares ways that balancing the lower body chakras can help everything from working too hard and not seeing results to the opioid crisis:

Jean Brannon Presents Wellness From the Pants Down on Ageless Blissings Radio with Host Brenda Pearce

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  1. Pants Down is a great title. It sounds like an interesting book and approach. I’ve had to face many of my darker energies in the last few years.

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