What Lies Beneath

With intensities on the collective scene, tipping points continuing to take place, and a Full Moon in Pisces, I felt to reshare some of this information on shadow energies, real emotions, and spiritual masks I have often written about in the past. These are the things running the show from behind the scenes and creating what we are seeing and experiencing “out there,” as a result of not having the support and teaching on how to work with the core things that have been conditionally stuffed inside.


Because raw honesty and feelings have been deemed scary, bad, and perhaps even “unholy,” which is interesting because, in my opinion, it is the ticket to wholeness.

The avoidance takes place constantly, as ignoring or blissing-out takes precedence.

Yet, it’s actually what can take things to the next level of actualization, manifestation, and full conscious and deepened embodiment, which creates a state of harmony where triggers don’t yank you off your anchor.

Commitment to consistently really living the core of what your new beliefs are is what helps things to manifest because you embody it.

But if you haven’t yet uncovered the old conditioned beliefs and feelings that came first, then efforts can seem futile or fall apart because the new beliefs were only reconfigured on the surface and in thought alone.

These can be some of the reasons why we stay stuck in survival mode and struggles because those base chakras are holding a lot of old stuff, or are unable to fully manifest because we ran to the other end to get away, desiring more of the bliss states and spending time and focus in the upper chakras solely.

There is no right or wrong in any of this, yet this may all point to an opportunity in your evolution to another part of your experience to look at and embrace.

Life is experience for experience sake – all of the so-called icky and nice – it’s all perfect. And, what works for one is not the same for others.

But if you, yourself, behind closed doors are not happy and intending for something more, then maybe there is something being overlooked.

And that being said, I get the sense of new structures being built upon old and weak foundations and this can only go so far. It can even take up much more energy to try to maintain than simply coming back down to Earth and into the body and emotions to really move the energy through in its entirety – not just stopping at the mental level. It also is about coming into truth and not hiding from yourself anymore, nor feeling the need to defend yourself or place blame elsewhere.

The deepest truth does not require defense.

There is an energetic, nonverbal portion of experience that sends out its own frequency and it may be very different than the frequency we “think” we are emanating.

What comes hand-in-hand with this theme is not just about speaking truth to others, but in being completely honest with ourselves – and this can be done with humor and gentleness, so as to make the process more supportive rather than punishing. This opens an inner dialogue within that initiates a new journey of exploration for you.

You are loved and always will be for all of who you are. It’s now time to shine even brighter.

I honor the parts you can’t see.

The parts you’ve shared are not fulfilled.

The parts you may not want to see.

Here are some links to old posts that may help in revisiting your natural feelings in a deeper, more holistic way:

It’s Okay to Feel ~ Allowing Your Humanness to be the Reflection of Divinity it Is

This MindBodyGreen article by Aimee Dufresne I’ve shared before titled: Stop Being “Positive” and Start Getting Real (Joy) in Your Life – a favorite passage from this article shares that just being positive is

“like trying to fit into the cutest pair of shoes that you want so badly but the only size available is a half size smaller than your feet. So you push and prod and tell yourself you can do it. You can bend your big toe and walk at an odd angle. Maybe the shoes will stretch if you wear them long enough. That chaffing isn’t so bad, is it?

Yes, it is. The further you push and force yourself into something that doesn’t fit, the more struggle and angst you will feel.”

Do You Wear a Spiritual Disguise? ~ Losing the Mask and Finding Your Truth

Shadow energies and feelings are crucial and cannot be bypassed. As much as we try to avoid them, they will inevitably stalk us until we face them.

What ever shows up is exactly what is needed.

Change will happen, one way or another, with us on board or not. The reflections and triggers we experience “out there” will only increase so if we want the changes then we need to do something about it.

Complaining or utilizing energy to point fingers and accusations is a waste of that energy and time.

Let’s fuel it into productive ways to embody and create that which we want and to empower ourselves. Let’s take wise action in place of verbal and physical attack.

It’s time to look at what our fears share with us and what our anger is truly about.

It’s also time to look past the surface. We can’t avoid diving deep anymore.

It’s not a bad thing when shadow hits us over the head or smacks us in the face.

It may feel really icky and uncomfortable, but heck, if we won’t listen any other way, maybe that deep discomfort or fear is the way we will?

Perhaps it beckons us simply because it wants our love, much like the inner child we’ve left behind.

Acknowledgment is powerful.

The tipping point is up to us as a collective, which places individual responsibility at the forefront.

We each affect the whole.

The key being, again, focus on the self and what things are reflecting.

Where are we hiding and playing charades from the truth within?

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” ~Pema Chodron

Wishing everyone peaceful balance and harmony within to help create that balance without.

The Pisces Full Moon approaching tomorrow, the night of Friday the 13th/14th depending on your time zone will continue to bring a lot of emotions, feelings, and illusions/delusions to surface.

I hope this helps shed a little light on ways to navigate the undercurrents so you can realize the synergy of the two fish that swim in opposite directions, rather than feel it as a tug-of-war within.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Desiree Bergeron

    Whoa….! Yes…..! (to everything ), this is soooo helpful- so good- just tremendously powerful truth!! Thank you Tania…. my heart is brimming with the desire to evolve into my highest self tonight… and the energy is running strong and beautiful. As I’m painting and Channeling all the energies coming forth from different parts of myself, I could feel that very tricky Pisces thing bobbing up- one way pulling me this way, one way pulling me that- but then I decided not to cling to either, or ANYTHING and just flow! That wholeness, is what I’m aiming for now-☺️ no matter what my circumstances may be…knowing, loving, living my wholeness-my truth, and being in that flow of pure love at all times! xx
    You are the best. 🙏🏻💞✨

    • i’m so glad you find this supportive with everything. you’re most welcome ❤ i love that we had such a powerful movement together on the pisces full moon of friday the 13th! another divine alignment 😉 i know very well what you speak of, with that pull of the two pisces fish – being a pisces, i've had this all of my life and it was at war, rather than peace…as if i was two different people. at one point i pretty much felt like someone clinically would have thought i had multiple personality disorder or was schizophrenic! lol! i'm so grateful to have seen the other side of these opposite fish potential to harmony. sounds like you are dropping more and more into that zone too! yay! i love hearing this from you. much love ❤

  2. Zuzana Stefkova

    Hello Tania.

    I have only discovered this email a few days back.
    I have read it a few times and coming back to it.
    As I love how amazingly you have expressed it and
    I am soooo very astonished by how I can feel my truth in it. When I had signed up to your news letters a few years back I have tried to read them, but most of the time I could not fully understand what you were writing … I liked what I read but then most of the time I was tired reading it as I could not really get it. I do not know why I read one of your news letters… went back into reading it and it touched me a lot – it put peace in to me. By chance I still have this one in my email, and I love it very much !! Sorry if I am writing too much. Only wanted to express to you how beautifully it is written. Thank you!

    Wishing you all the best.


    Sent from my iPhone

    • i really appreciate your message Zuzana ❤ thank you so much for sharing this. it speaks to me of timing and how when we are ready, things click. so grateful for your supportive words and reflections. it means a lot to me. warmest wishes, love, and blessings

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