Session Bundles, October Spaces & Kunzite Love

This week may be a fuller week than recently for blog shares, as I’ve felt guided to put out more inspiration with all that I feel people are going through collectively and with what is showing up with clients I’m working with. Today is just a brief update in between blog musings because people have been asking about the client sessions I offer, and if there were packages and options besides the ones originally posted on my Intuitive Energy Guide page.

I did mention packages to fit client needs are an option, but I felt I would make some of those easily available on the page, so you can explore what fits your needs. Of course, you may contact me to discuss things and what feels to be most supportive for you right now or if you need any clarification on the options.

Alongside the three phone session options, I’ve now included phone session bundles, email sessions and bundles, and phone/email combo bundles. Bundles provide savings, which I include in the info. Please read the details involved with each.

Phone sessions are the most comprehensive, but both phone and email sessions have their advantages. If you have really wanted a session, emails can be a more affordable option to make that a reality sooner. Details about what’s included in each session type can be found on the page below.

The email sessions are being offered at an introductory price for now, in order to support these challenging times.

All info can be found here: Intuitive Energy Guide

September has been very full for me on all fronts and so I limited my ability to take in more clients for the month.

I’m starting to move through things and opening up more time in my schedule now by finishing projects, so I’ll be able to start taking on a few new clients beginning next week of September 16th.

If you were on the waiting list for October, feel free to contact me, or I’ll reach out and see if you would like to begin in the last two weeks of September. Otherwise, you can still have a place for October.

I’m still maintaining a healthy schedule to allow me time for my writing and balance in life, but have a little more flexibility right now while I feel there’s need out there for support to help others with those big transitions in life, challenges that are cropping up on the scene, or getting you over those tipping points into the new.


And last, due to the huge theme of self-love and self-worth that keeps coming to the forefront, this Kunzite pendant literally jumped out at me to offer up as a tool of support.

I love the photo above, as this piece so much reminds me of Foxglove blossoms – the Faery lanterns lighting the way – and, to me, even shares some of their symbolism.

This has been a special piece in my personal collection, but in all honesty, it’s just been sitting in my jewelry box for quite some time after initially being a go-to piece. I prefer that it be out there supporting the energy it was created for.

Just yesterday I was looking for something else and when I lifted the top of the jewelry box, the sun through the window hit this pendant and just like my sweet bunny friend, Hope, has “lit” up my life with messages, this pendant beamed a message of wanting to light up someone else’s life.

I knew it wasn’t about my need to have it still, but that the light beam was like a stream or channel to the collective and I was being told someone may find it supportive, as I did when first it came into my life at a pivotal transitioning period for me.

It’s definitely a stone for deepening into self love and enhances romantic love, but truly works on a different level than Rose Quartz. Each beautifully powerful and supportive, but I find another octave, so to speak, available when working with Kunzite that fine tunes things.

It is just over 2 1/2 inches long, 1 inch at its widest, and 1/4 of an inch to 3/4 of an inch thick, depending on the depth of the stones at any given point. A substantial, but elegant pendant with full, thick and heavy 925 stamped silver. Incredibly, I never noticed that above the 925 stamp it is actually stamped “Starborn”. This isn’t the artist who I got it from, nor the store from which it came through him, so I’m not really sure about this, although of course find it magickal.

It has two Kunzite stones – one that is very pink (almost slightly violet at times depending on the light) and one that is clear like quartz. Both stones are of great clarity with the top one very softly polished and the bottom one being diamond faceted.

When I first discovered Kunzite years ago, I fell in love. It is a very high vibration stone that, like Rose Quartz, emanates unconditional love and activates the Heart Chakra, but it also connects and aligns it to the Third Eye and Throat Chakras to bring through clarity of loving communication, compassionate and enlightened insight, and enhanced creative self-expression.

There’s an innocence and purity about the pink stone that will support more inner peace, self trust, a healthy synergy between heart and mind for loving thought and action, draw in more fortunate experiences, build confidence toward career endeavors and dreams, encourage emotional freedom, healthy relationships with self and others, support removal of blockages and emotional baggage, and help strengthen and clear one’s personal aura, as well as the energy of your space. It’s also supportive for healing heartbreak, releasing resentment, sadness, and anger, while restoring emotional balance.

Humility is a word that comes to mind with Kunzite, as well as depth – depth of peace, depth of insight, depth of compassion.

Clear Kunzite has been known to add to the above qualities, support for soul retrieval and reintegration. While lilac hues add the ability to draw upon timelessness and bridging past and future in the now, while creating doorways during all forms of transitioning.

If this pendant calls to work with you it is available in my Etsy Shop here with more photos:

The Magick Rabbit


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