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May this consistent favorite of mine be an invocation of ancient mystical powers seeded deep within you, an invitation to your multi-dimensional reality and the alchemy of rebirth, and a guide as you walk more in reverence with Nature’s rhythms and The Great Mystery of the Cosmos within your Heart gateway on this Terra portal of October 31.

10/31’s Doorway & Magickal Rabbit Connections

It’s that liminal time of year again when the boundaries are at their thinnest to the Otherworlds, offering a doorway to merge the powers of Earth and beyond, see through illusions more clearly, commune with the Fae, ancients, ancestors, and deceased, receive great insights, feel your essence pulse and sing, tune into and mirror Nature’s rhythms and cycles, and manifest things quickly by entering the in-between.

Tomorrow’s Halloween, Samhain, and Celtic New Year (there are so many names for this day and celebrations/sacred practices worldwide) is a portal that peels back veils to anyone wanting easier access to more of the realities that may at other times seem beyond grasp.

It happens to be the day my dear rabbit soulmate, Cosmo, transitioned 3 years ago. So, it’s always extra meaningful to me.

I am dedicating a large portion of tomorrow to sacred tuning in and journeying, which is why I’m posting this today. And after receiving a very direct invitation last evening to enter this doorway, it feels even more important.

white rabbit faery.jpg

In the meantime, I thought this was a fun share (below) that I received from my newsletter I subscribe to and so am posting it here. I hope you enjoy the rabbit symbolism and connections as much as I do and experience in my world and everyday life.

Faery rabbit enchantment and wonderfully witchy wishes for your Halloween and Samhain.

halloween bunny.jpg


  • “Traditionally, rabbits are the most prominent animal that is associated with witchcraft, but cats have since taken their place.
  • Rabbits are associated with lunar energy, luck, hidden knowledge, divination, love, creativity, success, sensitivity, agility, swiftness, spontaneity, abundance, rebirth, renewal, transformation, and fertility.
  • In some folklore, it is said that witches would transform into rabbits as a disguise due to their elusive and swift characteristics.
  • Rabbits are still considered to be a common familiar for witches.
  • Rabbits are symbols that represent various goddesses, such as Artemis, Hecate & Cerridwen,…
  • One of the classic 48 constellations as named by Ptolemy is Lepus, the hare.
  • Rabbits are associated with spring, the vernal equinox, and the sabbat Ostara due to the fact that cold weather is fading and flowers are beginning to bloom.
  • While rabbits are associated with luck, it’s not inherently good or bad luck – it can be either depending on the circumstances….
  • [Some] superstitions state that rabbits can dispel negativity, cleanse, and break spells….”

Credits: art – Collins;
article – & lunaesteria

Dropping More Deeply Into All of Me: Layers, Scorpio New Moon Dualities & Tools for Empowerment


Fun-lovin’ Faeries

If you’re feeling anything similar to how we’re feeling (this to include Astrid), you may be dropping deeper into all of the colors of you. What I mean by that is, we have many parts to ourselves – some that we love or hold as more ideal and some that we judge and deem of much lesser value and perhaps even don’t want to admit to because of the societal stigma they may carry. A rainbow color spectrum lives within each of us and I’ve been integrating even more layers so as to merge and harness these for even greater optimization and daily understanding. I believe this is an ongoing journey we can explore, if we’re both curious and willing. I feel it isn’t everyone’s desire to go down these paths, but I do find life so much easier, more flowing, and empowering when I do.

This definitely brings up the topic of shadow energies and the parts of our innate aspects we’re born with that can create contradictions and dualities within us when we have difficulty in transmuting them for optimization. I’m not going to go into that deeply as I’ve done a lot in the past.

I’m just going to share that alongside the very reflective, on-the-verge-of-something, conserving and pulling back energy I’m feeling, I’m also seeing how in my own experience of life and the path that is evolving in front of me, I’m really needing to work with these energies on a continual, check-in basis. That feels necessary because of collective dynamics at play, both in what comes in and what goes out from my internal home-base.

It feels to be about fine-tuning what my particular energy signature is anchoring. And this is directly navigating the changes upcoming on the work and life front.

It is interesting that shadow-talk did crop up in the last couple of days from others, including this morning with a dear friend while sharing about the world of the Fae and the variety of Faeries and Nature Spirits that aren’t limited to the idealized version of “fairytale” Tinkerbells. There are shadow energies alive and well within the Faery realm, too, which is one of the reasons not everyone may be ready to interact with them. If we can’t recognize and embrace certain energies then we can’t recognize the sacredness outside of ourselves that is present within everything either.

What we end up doing is compartmentalizing aspects of ourselves, shut some down, venerate others, suppress or completely repress some, or decide only to walk in one limited version of ourselves.

This controls and/or limits our experience of life.

I know that anytime I’ve done this in the past, it simply cropped up in other ways and forms to get my attention, or caused inner voices that created turmoil.


Mischievous Faeries

Astrid works daily with these different layers of herself too, which she also wears on her fur much like I wear tattoos on my skin. She does in fact have symbols and images that evolve, in direct reflection of my tattoo portals. Yet, these “darker” colors and energies are merged with “lighter” ones to very deliberately create a journey of walking the middle path at the forefront of our Earth-bound adventure.


Integrated Faeries

It’s no surprise that these themes are showing up given the current New Moon in Scorpio of yesterday and our quick approach to 10/31’s thinnest veil-between-worlds doorway.

The shape-shifter Scorpio is a master of shadow and purges to birth. There’s a boldness in Scorpio’s approach that welcomes a deep dive, wiggles with delight into esoteric mysticism, is a constant regenerative magician – transmuting like nobody’s business, adventures into unabashed authenticity, boldly confronts, and lives in perpetual cycles of change.

Scorpios’ counterpart is the strong and steady Taurus who luxuriates in life and comforts, tends to hold on to things and accumulates the finest of pleasures, protects that which he/she loves, and likes to build and plan safe and beautiful passages for life’s experiences on all levels.

One values holding on to life and the other values the creative impetus of life eternal.

One is about the sensuality of life, love, and sexuality and the other is fascinated with the dimensional intensity of life, love, and sexuality as a complete orgasmic experience to explore in depths.

Of course there is every shade in between since no one is simply one thing or another, but has layers of beautiful energies woven into their embodiment. Yet, this gives a general picture of dualities at play right now and energies present that you may feel moving through you.

In perfect timing, my Faery sister Laura just put out her new release: Second Chakra Healing Journal that helps guide one with working through a lot of these energies, blocks, and challenges to optimize a more passionate and creative life.

These are energies that come up a lot for both Laura and I when working with people in sessions and so I’m glad she’s put out an accessible tool for greater empowerment.

As I continue to explore, integrate, purge, reevaluate, renew and build, I respectively make corresponding changes in my life to be in greater alignment.

One of the things I’ve mentioned is that I never know how long I’ll be offering something and this includes the sessions I put out there due to feeling there was a need that merged with my ability to offer it.

I’m really sensing that like with other things I’ve put to bed, whether temporarily or permanently, that 2020 is moving me in a different direction.

I’ve also been experiencing more how others are stepping up and starting to anchor into these kinds of roles, which feels like a messaging release for moving into different roles for people who have been on their way to anchoring something else, but straddling for now.

I know people were surprised and disappointed when I stopped offering sacred tattoo designing and Reiki workshops, so I just want to put this out there ahead of time because several people have messaged me about wanting to work with me.

I’d be honored to, yet these last couple of months of 2019 are currently what I have available for certain. I can’t promise at this point how much longer it will be an option, as I am going to likely need all of my time to complete a goal of my own before I’m able to take on anything else again, and to conserve my energy for upcoming changes I feel coming.

Of course, if you’re currently working with me I will continue our work together as long as is needed. I just want to let anyone who is potentially new to working with me, or was considering more sessions for a different layer of work with me than you completed already, that two more months is what I have for sure.

That said, I will be away for 11 days in December, so I have very limited time and space and am already near capacity. This makes it important to let me know and get things scheduled now.

If you’re interested in booking a session or package to work on empowering any area of your life, here is the link that includes details and testimonials:

Also, remember that through end of this month (just 3 more days) – October 31st – there’s still a 10% discount on all individual and package phone sessions.

Please contact me directly if interested, as the prices aren’t reflected on this page:

Intuitive Energy Guide – Navigating the Inner Landscapes

Mirror of Nature ~ Narsilion

This came to mind this morning to share again. A little inspiration for you from one of my favorites. Mirror of Nature feels fitting for reflection right now, preparing for what’s to come. Hope you enjoy the stunning images and beautiful music in the video at the link.

Tania Marie

A little enchanting inspiration for your day. I love Narsilion’s music…a mainstream of my days.

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Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Self-Reflection for Connection

Reflection time has been on continuous high and I’ve already been focused on the energy of wrapping up 2019, implementing closures and rewriting new stories for 2020 on many fronts since the onset of October, especially. I’ve felt for most of this year that I was a year older than I am and kept catching myself fully believing that. Whether I have been jumping timelines, am already living there on a parallel reality, or am excited about something coming next year, I’m not fully aware of, I don’t know. In any case, I’ve been tying up everything and feeling the end of “something” taking place on larger levels than I can fully grasp or explain yet.

Astrid, of course, is mirroring this (no pun intended by the photo above). And we have both deepened into another round of self-reflecting together.

Seeing her inspired this message we shared yesterday on social media, but felt to reshare it here for those of you not on those platforms:

Do you place value on self reflection and make a little time for it each day? Or do you find yourself running around all day doing a lot of things so that you’re too tired to have some moments to reflect? Checking in with yourself doesn’t have to be an either or thing or even something that needs tons of space for. You can check in with how you feel, your thoughts, etc. in the moment. The key is to train yourself to have this be a natural part of your day and process so that you aren’t just going through the motions, but are actually engaging everything very consciously and with presence to what’s really going on… How you’re reacting, responding, how things feel moment to moment, what’s underneath it all. In this way you avoid stuffing things that can crop up on you later, as well as learn to be in each moment with all of you. You also can use those moments to understand the reflections around you and what they mean, as well as learn to be present for others and understand the difficulties they, too, are going through because they likely aren’t present with their own stuff either. Compassion grows for all encounters and people, including yourself.

Autumn here has been stunning, prompting deeper levels of gratitude for all that nature is reflecting right now. The crispness of the air, bewitching sunsets and sunrises, the turning leaf colors, mountain scents of chimneys warming their homes, savory aromas from all the baking and cooking I’ve already been doing, breaking out the layers and cozy clothes, forest critters chattering away while enjoying last moments and preparing before the snow comes…perhaps you might find yourself immersed in a new cycle of corresponding activities and experiences, as life transitions anchor in.

Fall is the beginning of the yin cycle and a time of harvest and storage. And with Fall’s presence comes a cycle that supports organizing your life and going more within your mind and body to reflect on everything, as opposed to the more external, Fire element that Summer engaged us with. The Autumn season, according to Oriental medicine, is associated with the element of Metal, which reflects the energy of organization, communication, order, the mind, and protecting boundaries. It’s a good time for putting closure to projects started and a good time to begin more introspective projects.

The beautiful fall energy and leaves provide inspiration and support personal growth, especially for developing your sense of awareness and intuition of everything within your internal environment and how that is reflecting in your external world. They also signify transformation and endings that create the opportunity for new doors of beginnings to open. They teach us about letting go more easily and trusting in the natural cycles of right time, action, and place merging.

With Sun in Scorpio’s energy present, this adds to the need to be conscious about the inner experience even more. Everything is in transition and transforming – purging if you may – in order for the new to emerge and take form. If you are going through challenges, remember you have family, friends and support systems that can assist. You need only to step out of your discomfort zone and ask. Be loving and patient with yourself through it all and of others as well, as they are going through their own relationship to change.

Things are constantly shifting and rapidly so, as you I’m sure are feeling too. There is no time to worry and expend on what has passed, if you’re busy being and creating in the moment. That energy of the moment will shift anything unpleasant that “has” been and allows everything to start anew if you choose. That does not mean you condone or forget even though you forgive, but wisdom carries over, ensuring you do not repeat certain choices and learns to process more effectively anything else that presents itself. Not only is energy shifting rapidly, but so are we. People do have the ability/choice to change overnight so it is wise to suspend conditioned judgments, which are anchored in the past.

I’ve been reflecting on the directions of my life and how that merges with what’s all around me, and like clock-work had retreated more within to explore my relationship to things in my life. I even started a new journal of daily practices that is beginning to feel and look like a little spell book for 2020. 😉

Have you found yourself feeling a shift of focus yourself recently and implementing new ways of rewriting your life?

If so, I feel that this is all aligned with our return to natural harmony, which starts within each of us and then reflects outwardly. It’s a journey and has its own unfolding perfection, but just because you don’t see the idealized end result you want happening right now doesn’t mean it’s not in process of becoming.

It also doesn’t mean you can’t find a lot to be grateful for right here and now, as the way you are is perfection despite judgments otherwise.

Impulses to create are simply natural innovative impetuses. Creative energy at work, renewing itself and imagining new dreams.

Nature does this every second around you.

Yet, it’s also okay to just surrender to the natural flow of you. This process will take place regardless of our engaging it more actively.

Perhaps they are one and the same and it’s the observer who gets to decide how to view it as either a process of being or a process of doing. Both seem, to me, to be the same. Just engaged in different ways.

We both feel that self-reflection can lead to greater connection to all things, people, and life in general.

When you stop to tune into what you feel or think about something, you can’t help but start to notice how things interrelate.

Astrid reminds me that everything is always unfolding and each delicate petal that opens, curls, and softens, is equally as valuable as the entire flower. Without each petal there is no blossom. The blossom is the unity of threaded parts. And even when the blossom merges back into the Earth, its essence lingers and becomes the blueprint for another blossom of experience to come to life.

Whimsical Wednesdays ~ The Artist’s Corner: Sweet & Affordable Stocking Stuffer & Holiday Gift Ideas


First off, Astrid and I would love to thank everyone for making our Holiday Launch of the new items in our Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop a sweet success worthy of lots of bunny thumps reverberating in our hearts. We have so enjoyed wrapping up your orders in our new holiday and seasonal whimsy packaging and are happy to hear how much you love your purchases.

If you are beginning to get the holiday gift itch and are looking for unique items for loved ones and friends, or maybe even for yourself, we worked hard at making it easy this year to bring home some good vibes and creative artistry without losing the integrity and energy we love infusing into what we create.

The items in our Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop could be wonderful for the rabbit, animal, and nature lover, or anyone wanting to have some of the enchantment and wisdom of rabbit energy in their life brought forth through one faery and her magick rabbit, Astrid.

The photo above demonstrates the way the new Magick Rabbit Talismans fall right at the heart chakra – taken in answer to people wondering what they looked like on. There are a variety of pendant sizes that run anywhere from just under one inch in circumference to up to one and a half inches – all hand painted on real birch wood rounds, hanging from a sterling silver snake chain, with genuine opal or two, depending on one of three style choices to choose from. The fourth style sold out.

You can find items starting at only $14.95 (like whimsical rabbit prints and one Magick Rabbit Talisman without chain), with new items (the new line of Serenity Silhouette Magick Rabbit Talismans and mini framed rabbit art) at just $19.95 and $21.95 that make perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas.

We have just a few rabbit journal notebooks available still for $19.95 that also make great gifts for the stocking or are supportive for this inward time of the year.

Greeting or note cards for any occasion, round out that $19.95 price point too.

We sold out of all the new mini holiday trees and are almost half sold out of the new mini framed original rabbit art paintings.

wonderland tea party

We love shares like these of our rabbit mini gardens in their loving homes creating magickal energy in their new friends’ spaces. This is the Wonderland Tea Party that makes enchanting Vermont its new home and inspires inner child joy and creative imagination for their friend.

And last we have just 3 original 8″ x 10″ rabbit paintings and just 8 mini rabbit gardens left that are currently all at huge 40% clearance sale discount, putting the gardens at below cost prices. A perfect time to pick up magickal gifts to bring joy, inspiration, and hope to your or someone’s life at incredible deals.



The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop




Hand painted, wood Magick Rabbit Keepsake Chests and maybe some larger real wood round paintings might be available as shop items.

I’m considering offering one or both of these as custom items for rabbit moms and dads, where I can paint your bunnies on either a chest or wood round, or a rabbit theme of your desire for any rabbit lovers. If I do that, I can offer a small handful for this Christmas.

These Keepsake Chests are the perfect place to store special jewelry, crystals, hand written notes to yourself of nurturing and intentions, to keep keys easy to find, safe-keep special little mementos and treasures, are sweet gift boxes, and make wonderful Reiki boxes. The ways in which these can be used is only limited by your imagination. Some people use chests to store the ashes of beloved companions or other memories of their sweet babies.

Please let me know if this is of interest for Christmas. 

I’ve posted this question on social media too and if enough people find it of interest, you may already see a new custom listing in the shop for Custom Magick Rabbit Keepsake Boxes like the one pictured above.

I have 15 Keepsake Chests, 6 Wood Rounds, and 1 Wood Altar Window/Door Portal available for potential custom pieces. If any of these are of interest and you don’t see them listed in the shop, please message me with your requests.


Of 9 original paintings from the Universal ARKitecture series of animal spirits, I have 4 remaining paintings that I’ve been guided to release. I’ve been opening these one-by-one to best offers and auctions. The last one to go to its new home was Visions of Atlantis (the dolphins), which went through an interesting process of being claimed in an auction, but then the person had personal things come up that made it not possible to follow through with the payment. So I released it after the auction, to best offer, and it found its perfect home with tons of synchronous alignments including rabbit connections. I always trust and know things work out perfectly.

A similar thing happened with this original painting below, Garden of the Gods – 24″ x 36″. I recently put it for auction on social media and 2 people privately put in bids, but then both had things happen that they needed to put their money towards, and so it is now available again. The Universe always works in mysterious and beautiful ways, so I suspect it’s waiting for someone else to feel its call.

Garden of the Gods

Rather than go through this process anymore, I’ve simply created a listing for it, and the last 3 other paintings, in our Etsy Shop so they can find their new homes in perfect alignment.

The prices are based on what the last several paintings in this series have gone for in offers/auctions, rather than listing them at their original value. So the prices reflect huge savings for an original piece of art simply so that we can help raise money (1/5 to 1/6 of the prices). I’ll be donating 50% of the sales of these to rescue rabbits.

If you really love one of these, but can’t do it in one full payment, I can create a payment plan easily to fit your needs, as I’ve done with other people. Please contact me for this, as I would need to adjust the listing to reflect the payments and reserve it for you. Once full payment is received, I’ll then ship out your painting.

Note: These photos don’t do the painting justice in terms of detail, color vibrancy, and energy. They truly are something else to experience in person.

The 3 others include:

Gem of the Emerald Forest 24″ x 30″ original painting

gem of the emerald forest

The Mystic – 24″ x 24″ original painting

The Mystic

The Child In Us 24″ x 24″ original painting

The Child In Us

Because shipping them on canvas is so expensive and challenging, unless you desire them to be shipped that way, I am now able to offer these removed from the canvas and rolled in a cylinder. I just happened to find someone who can do this for me and makes it easier to send with costs of only about $20 or less, as opposed to hundreds. In this way, once received you can bring it to a frame store – even like Michaels – and have it stretched back on a wood frame, or mounted in a frame just as is.

I wouldn’t offer this for all of my paintings, but these are smaller and have less detailing around the edges, which makes it easier without losing integrity of the painting.


I’m going to be out of the country December 7th – 17th, so please keep that in mind for holiday shopping, as there will only be 5 business days of shipping availability when I return to get to its destination by Christmas Eve.

It would be better to get all orders in by the 5th of December, as I’ll be preparing for my travels.

Custom painting orders would not be an option once we get into December. So if you want a custom keepsake chest and you see a listing in the shop, that will need to be ordered right away.

And if you need to place orders while I’m away for ready-made items, just be aware I won’t be able to ship anything until the 18th or 19th, as I do need time to get settled in from my trip upon return. If I need to ship things out 2-day priority when I return in order to get to you, then adjustments with shipping costs may need to be made as well.

Bear in mind that Christmas is a crazy busy shipping time, so they never can completely guarantee packages to arrive timely. So it’s best to think ahead.

Again, thank you so much for all of the love and support for the work Astrid and I are creating. And thank you to everyone who has been helping to support rescue rabbits through your purchases. We are so very grateful, as the rabbits mean so much to us.

Monday Musings ~ The Writer’s Corner: Memory Lane, but the Essence Remains

On Thursday, my mom dropped off a box of some of my old school projects, drawings, certificates, and awards for me to look through. She was cleaning out, but didn’t have the heart to get rid of these things so passed them on to me to do as I pleased with them. It’s been both interesting and cute to see some of my first drawings and stories I wrote in kindergarten, elementary and middle school. There were also some things from high school and the private creative industry-focused college, FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising), I went to after where I received my AA.

One of the things that stood out was a speech submission I sent in to be considered for valedictorian to give at the graduation ceremony that took place at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

They invited the students who had 4.0 GPA’s to send in a speech for review. They really only chose students who not only had the GPA, but also had a full time job AND did extracurricular volunteering and activities. Makes sense – to have the all-around everything going. I only had the grades and did an internship, but because I focused on my studies and not having a job, it didn’t really put me in the forefront of consideration. I was, however, chosen as one of two people that were invited on stage to introduce and hand out awards to faculty. So I did accept that – my biggest public speaking feat I somehow embraced, well before I’d even worked on that fear.

I graduated at 19 because I went to FIDM right away without taking time off and also did the two year course there straight through without any breaks. This had me finishing in a year and a half instead. The actual graduation ceremony didn’t take place until the official summer graduation schedule, so I waited six months for that and walked the ceremony at 20.

I found the speech I wrote at 19 in the box my mom dropped off. It was done on a typewriter, as I did not at the time have a computer – not for many many years after that, in fact. I used a typewriter all through high school and after. I used to type on my bed where I did all of my homework, papers, and studying. A true Pisces I am.

It’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever written, but what hit me the most about it is that it could very well have been written by me now, at nearly 47. There isn’t much in the way of difference where my voice and message are concerned. And, there are so many echoes of the same exact expressions and thoughts I’ve carried over the years.

To me, like everything else I found in the box from my past, it all spoke to my essence. I believe that the things we did naturally and expressed when we were children, speak to the heart and soul of who we are. It’s interesting to see that although I’ve grown and evolved a lot, still so much hasn’t changed – this is the core of who I am.

I thought I’d share the speech so you can see what I mean, but also because it could very well be a share for right here and now. A perfect Monday Musings I thought.

Visionary Realists

Good morning faculty, guests, parents, and fellow 1993 graduates. Every moment of life is a new beginning point as we move from the old. As graduates, we embark on a new beginning right here and right now. The foundation that we have established, here at FIDM, has served as the key that will not unlock the door to the realities our dreams have built.

One of the world’s most talented motion picture directors, Federico Fellini, once said that “Visionaries are the only true realists.” Fellini is noted for developing his story as his film is being made. His vision helps him to create the reality of each of his works.

Every graduating student is writing his or her own storyline, creating their own style, as if painting a canvas in vibrant colors, with each color representing every unique quality and expression that shapes their lives. There are many Fellinis, Valentinos, Mary McFaddens, and Cyril Magnins in the making.

Each and every one of us holds within, all the ingredients for success. We need only to allow the success formula to flow through us and manifest in our lives. The pathway is a series of stepping stones to ever greater successes. It does not matter what field you want to operate in. The principles are the same. We need to plant the “seeds” of success today, and these seeds will then grow into an abundant harvest tomorrow.

Like the old saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. This is so true. Many people feel they must be performance-perfect the first time around. Let me remind you that the purpose of the preparation, or rehearsal, so to speak, is to learn. Rehearsal is a time to make mistakes and to try new ways. Only by practicing over and over can we learn the new. And that is what our time spent here at FIDM has been. A period of preparation. A learning experience that has helped to plant the seed that will further bloom as we move into our careers. Even then, every day will be a learning experience. When you watch an accomplished professional, in any field, you are looking at innumerable hours of practice. But let that not be a set-back or deterrent in any way. Hold onto your dreams and visions with devotion, compassion, and above all, patience. Time will undoubtedly transform those visions into a reality.

All of us as graduating students approach a new and changing world unlike anything experienced before. We stand on the threshold of a dawning new century. If we apply our ability to look forward to all the potentials of all the tomorrows to come, our visionary spirit will ignite the creation of our true reality. This means that each of us, regardless of what roads we take or career vehicles we choose, are creating our true reality with each new day.

As we strive to be accomplished individuals, we must nurture a respect for forward thinking and the recognition that vision is the catalyst to great solutions. And we, as a generation entering a new centenary age, face many new challenges that will require the vision to create realistic leadership.

Our creative educational foundation established at FIDM prepares us well for the thinking we must possess in our new and changing world. And after all, creativity is the companion of vision. So as each of us ventures forward with our emerging skills and talents, we, the graduates of FIDM, design tomorrow’s reality.


As mentioned, the box contained old drawings alongside everything else. I shared this already on Instagram and Facebook, but thought to add it along with the speech.

This is a large drawing I did in art class in 6th grade. It got the teacher’s attention and at parent’s night she was anxious to express her thoughts to them. What’s fun to me is to see that all I wanted to draw and write about was animals. I not only found a lot of animal drawings and remember how much time I spent drawing animals, but I also found poems, creative stories, and reports on animals. Since I was a little girl, animals are all I adored and wanted to be around.

Some things never change.

Neither does my enjoyment for art, creative writing, and sharing things to hopefully inspire others to be the best they can be. 

Also interesting is the synchronicity of so many raccoons that have been showing up, as mentioned in previous blog posts and now this memorable, large drawing of one done by me as a child.

I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane, where the essence was, is, and never waned.

I believe if we were to look at the things that came naturally to us and that we were drawn to as children, we would discover the core guiding forces in our life of joy to bring through, if in fact we’re not.

Ask Astrid Fridays ~ Parallel Realities & Reality Distortion

astrid illusion.jpg

I’m not really sure where this blog post wants to go and if it will even be meaningful to anyone, but I’m told by Astrid to just share what ever I feel coming through from her and relinquish needing to know or make sense of it.

When I saw this photo of Astrid yesterday, she reminded me of how reality is based on our perceptions and beliefs. The distortion of her body in motion creates a part in this world and part out of this world visual, also reflecting the fluidity of the bodies we think are actually solid.

The theme of parallel realities and dimensions came up twice with two different people between yesterday and today, outside of seeing this image. Then photos from yesterday’s hike reiterated to me this reflective quality of the world of perception and how there is so much more beyond our limited focus. There is so much more than the you that you think you are.

These are not new thoughts and experiences, but do feel to continue wanting to get our attention or tap on the door of our imagination so that it may lead.

I recently shared with a friend who asked me how to have the kind of meditations I shared with him that I had – I think the first step would just be to be as open as possible and invite them in, relax, and allow anything to show up without judgment. It’s almost like imagination, except you willingly go along with it like an innocent child on an adventure rather than actively trying to imagine it.

Astrid is an embodiment of Earth and Cosmos with even her fur reflective of greater depth. She wears a coat of dark, but has a silver underlining that peaks through – very merging and complimentary. And her coat also constantly shifts with different markings and symbols that seem to channel through from another reality. Yet she also helps to blur the separation between realities because to be in her frequency is to walk in different worlds at once.

She keeps me constantly present to slight shifts in energy and reminds me that the greatest instrument to tune in with is my own body.

Her body is a masterful instrument and the relationship she has to it is one of union.

I feel we as humans do not understand or honor this same kind of relating to our bodies. We disengage it, try to separate from it, abuse it, ignore it, and perhaps even have an unconscious hatred or resentment towards it feeling like a limitation to our multi-dimensionality.

We forget the partnership that this Earth dance offered.

And we tend to favor particular realities and experiences over others.

Life on Earth is taking a different turn and in reflection, different ways of approaching things are being called for.

Everything is changing rapidly and rather than get get hung up on being sad about this change, we have opportunity to instead realize the infinite creative potential inherent in everything and that even greater unlimited possibilities will be streaming in for the rest of the journey ahead.

The way we relate to ourselves and our bodies reflects in separation or unity to subtle shifts in perception, how we relate to experiences, or even, I believe, our ability to expand or contract into dimensional and reality doorways.

Astrid reminds me that if we fixate on trying to hold rigidly to one point, everything will shatter around us. But if we can be more fluid with our thoughts and feelings, then we become more mutable to the changes around us.

Rigid beliefs can create brittle and painful bodies, whereas opening our capacity to perceive differently and embrace other possibilities supports the body to experience greater peace as well.

This can take different forms, I feel, that can have us moving through life more easily, moving on into another form all together, or able to do some of both.

As we progress intellectually and spiritually, we mustn’t forget our emotions and our physical bodies and the beauty that manifests when we harmonize them into intuitive, instinctual synchronicity.

I love these photos – all from yesterday – for their subtlety of reflections, shadows, light, and illusion they each share.

When I tune into each, I feel the coded frequencies that share a wisdom not needing to be understood with the mind, but that awaken the body and heart to more.

fallen leaf lake reflections.jpg

Fallen Leaf Lake autumn and light reflections of parallel, but alternate worlds – as above, so below


I love this one of my mom leading the way on the path and how the leaves reflect on her jacket and pants like a shadow reality – a parallel work of art walking beside the one of light.

bird bath-horz.jpg

These are of a new visitor I haven’t seen to the garden and bird bath. A very beautiful, perfectly etched black and white feathered bird (some type of robust woodpecker I believe). Caught in flight, you only see an illusion of gray without form – very otherworldly. Reminds me similarly of Astrid’s photo above.


rock images

A gorgeous stone I found fascinating – picture doesn’t show quite as clearly – but there’s a reflective quality to the forest and scenery around, painted naturally onto this rock. I can even see a rabbit and so many other animals, but I also see almost a similar image to the first reflections of the trees, lake and sky, on this rock that was directly behind where I took the photo. 

May the peace of the nature of the cosmos be in each and every one of us. And may we find gentle opening to our hearts, minds, and bodies so that we may experience beyond the subtle veils being revealed to us. Where we each are guided is not wrong or right, yet we have the capability of experiencing something else if we in fact aren’t satisfied or comfortable with the current reality.

Emergence of Transformative Energy & Embodied Action Plus Updates

The Aries Full Hunter Moon may have brought rise to feelings below the surface, which could both be clarifying or trying right now. The challenge is always about whether we will react and fight blindly out of survival mode alone, or initiate transformative change and find reflective response and embodiment to guide our actions.

Either way, it does feel to me to be a time of action, however that manifests relative to each person, and dealing with things. The time of pushing things aside, waiting out of insecurity, fear-based reactions, or passive aggressiveness seem to be some of the patterns worth looking at and shifting.

There’s a consistent momentum toward a shift of relationship to all things, which starts with ourselves of course.

So much time and choices are about relinquishing power over to what has happened in the past dictating the now, and so much energy is wasted on fears and uncertainties of the future so that we either stand still with anxiety, just repeat conditioned knowns, or trap ourselves in a waiting game.

It’s not an either or game, but one of balance.

In my earlier years I struggled with an inner fire that either tormented me from repressing it or could rage if triggered. I was a force to reckon with and my emotions could manifest things when they finally erupted like a volcano. That didn’t happen often, but after years of repression it could and would pop.

I’ve since taught myself to channel my fire in healthy and productive ways, to live in greater balance and to be the director of my energy rather than have it run amok on its own. Serenity returned and life became a series of choices I understood.

serenity and balance.jpg
It’s not impossible to experience peace and balance and to not be controlled by external or unconscious factors. 

It does take consistent commitment and desire to place effort into shifting things – perspective, reflection, and action.

Anyway, I just had these few little thoughts rolling around and with yesterday’s Aries Full Moon they felt like something to share.

It was interesting for me, personally, to note that yesterday was the four-year anniversary of moving into our Magick Bus RV full time, which that year landed exactly on the New Moon in Libra. A full circle energetic balancing and indeed I’d say that that decision and year and a half of life on the road of adventure, was truly the turning point for me with balancing this energy axis Libra and Aries represent.

These opposite signs provide a mirror reflection for each other and support what is lacking on either side.

The magick is in the merge.

Can you see how you might bring together these aspects within you so that the productive energies of each can manifest more effectively and holistically?

janet and tania.jpg

The last four days I’ve been immersed in excursions and catching up with an old friend that was here visiting. The last time being when we first returned to Lake Tahoe after deciding to, for now, conclude our Magick Bus journey. We happen to both be Pisces with birthdays just two days apart. Even after not seeing each other for a while, we always ended up with complimentary, unplanned wardrobe happening each day. Her owl shirt was also synchronous to owl and extraterrestrial discussions I’d been having with another friend just prior to her arrival.

The weather was perfect in the low 60’s or upper 50’s with full sunshine in the day, then down to the 20’s and thirties at night. The Fall colors are starting to pop and so it made for very ambient accents to our hikes. We were especially in awe of the abundant berry bushes we found at Cascade Falls that were gorgeous reds and crimsons with berries galore.

autumn enchantment.jpg

The Aries Full Hunter Moon was huge here over the mountains, glowing in orange reflections of the Autumn enchantment all around. However, even last evening’s sunset held the same mysterious energy, creating a red sunset orb through the forest portal. This was the view from our deck.

sunset orb.jpg

But it was all of the wildlife reflections that showed up during the last few days that really punctuated the energy abound.

raccoons (1).jpg

Our second night a family of four raccoons crossed our path. Raccoon energy has been on high recently between myself and Laura, but I found out just recently for Janet too. She had just told me earlier that day about 4 raccoons she saw literally exactly a month ago at the Full Moon. Then these show up at the Full Moon time again for the four of us walking back to the car after dinner.

raccoons (2).jpg

Also weird is that my phone mysteriously shut and restarted itself. This made it not possible to take photos so Janet did instead and sent these to me. When my phone came on, the day and time read August 13th at 1:10 pm, but turned to 1:11 immediately. So bizarre, as it was October 12th after 9 pm. Even restarting my phone kept it on that day. I had to manually change it. I’d seen a few unfortunately dead ones on the road recently and so had Laura seen 9 and this same day she saw a couple more on the side of the road while we saw this lively family.

raccoons (3).jpg

I feel there’s more of a collective message with the huge amount of sightings happening for a few of us, especially given dreams and other downloads. One of which we’ve felt is about the time of masks and hiding coming to closure, veils coming down and purity piercing through however it needs to. On individual levels it could be similar, but raccoons have so many other messages like playfulness, curiosity, resourcefulness, community, connection with the forest and trees, determination against all odds to get what they need and want.

raccoons (4).jpg

So perhaps these speak to ways to achieve these new energies and that some of these attributes could be useful to implement more in life – again that balance. There was also a lovely synergy between the four of us who saw the four raccoons so it felt much like sibling energy. But also I feel for me they reflect a new level of skill and focus that is developing and needs to become my fuel when things feel like they’re getting off course or slowing down. The 2020 year will be a 4-focused, collective energy and this would accompany that.


Anyway, the next day we saw black bear, salmon galore that are spawning right now and that the bears are feeding on to fatten up for the Winter, lots of evidence of a beaver family with newly cut mini forest of Aspens and a beaver lodge, lots of Blue Herons flying together (up to 3 and 4 at a time), and very deliberate Hawk sightings – including one that swooped right across my car windshield and a rare Doe experience on our hike right before Janet had arrived.

They each hold their own animal spirit medicine reflections that all feel tied together and I’m going to see how these energies merge into things for the coming months.

With the last four days being packed full, I’m just now getting back to things and want to thank everyone for the orders that came through from our Magick Rabbit Holiday Shop Update

I’ll be getting orders packaged up today and tomorrow with extra surprise gift goodies, of course.

Speaking of bears, this is the last remaining mini holiday tree available in our shop – the Teddy Bear Mini Manzanita Holiday Tree. The trees seem to have touched people’s hearts and I’m happy because they truly are infused with whimsical holiday warmth. I love their versatility – I happen to have two myself. They can be used at the holidays, add ornaments, create themes for different times of the year, remove all ornaments for every day decor, use as night lights, or mini jewelry trees. They each come with decorations as seen and mini battery-operated lights.

bear tree.jpg

Link is below where you can check it out and the rest of the holiday gift ideas new to The Magick Rabbit Etsy shop that include the new Serenity Silhouettes line of Magick Rabbit Talismans and the mini framed original rabbit art that are whimsically and seasonally themed.

All new items are under $40, but you’ll find a 40% off sale on select other items – the biggest sale we’ve had to date – all in effort to make gift-giving to self and others easy this holiday season.

Here’s the link to the love we’ve created from our hearts to yours:

The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop

Also, for anyone feeling drawn to working on things in your life that have been nudging you, lingering, creating ongoing challenge, etc., remember that through end of this month – October 31st – there’s a 10% discount on all individual and package phone sessions.

Please contact me directly if interested, as the prices aren’t reflected on this page:

Intuitive Energy Guide – Navigating the Inner Landscapes

I’m never sure how long I’ll offer things, which pertains to these sessions in general. Everything is fluctuating, depending on what feels aligned.

I hope that this Full Moon energy hasn’t been to challenging for you. I truly feel there’s so much potential and emergence that is possible right now. May all possibilities be open to you.

Whimsical Wednesdays Magick Rabbit Reveal – 1st Holiday Shop Update from The Artist’s Corner


This is a photo of me revealing my new gifted scarf to Astrid (my rabbit stylist extraordinaire) that’s adorned with ever-chic rabbits. I’m hoppy to share that it received the bunny approval stamp.

And now we (Astrid and I) are excited to reveal three sets of new creations to our Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop.

That’s right! It’s time to announce a little holiday Magick Rabbit shop update. It’s been a while since we’ve had a full shop restock, but you can likely look forward to one more before Christmas too, which will feature completely different items. This shop update will activate, tomorrow, on October 10th – 10/10/19. There will only be one of each item, so if something speaks to you grab it up, as they won’t be recreated.

I worked really hard to keep everything very affordable (all under $40) so that holiday shopping can be easy and fun. This involved not only finding ways to procure materials at wholesale or very low cost, but to also be creative in how to bring it together that wouldn’t bump up prices and yet still be potent and full of inspiration, purity, joy, and love.

The shop update will include eight mini wood-framed original paintings that are sweet as can be. They are seasonally and whimsically themed.

mini frames.jpgmini frames2

There will also be five mini themed holiday manzanita trees, which can also be used as every day forest-vibed decor or as a mini jewelry tree without the ornaments. I’ve also found them to be great little night lights. A sixth mini pine cone tree is offered in this set of items as well. I was so lucky to have one of our snowfalls take place right after I created the first five, so the manzanita trees got a snow-enchanted photo shoot – be sure to check those all out! These whimsical delights tickle the inner child and bring the forest portal energy into your daily life.

mini trees.jpgpink (1).jpgpine cone (5).jpg

And last, there will be a new line of Magick Rabbit Talismans that I’m calling “Serenity Silhouettes.” They are still created on the sweet real birch wood rounds, but hang on 20″ sterling silver plated snake chains (except for one that comes as a stand-alone pendant) and all share a genuine opal (or two) as their stone of purity (you can read about its properties on the listings to see why I chose this stone). There are eleven color frequency choices to see which speaks to you, along with four different style magick rabbit silhouettes, and four cuts to the opal stones.


Included in the new Serenity Silhouettes Magick Rabbit Talismans are these four choices:

Cosmic Egg Rabbit

Heart of All Life Rabbit

Many Moons Rabbit

Serenity Rabbit – there is only 1 of these Namaste posed rabbits in the twenty-five piece line. The other styles come in a variety of color choices and some different stone cut options.

You’ll be able to read about each of their symbolism in the listings.

And in totality, all of the juicy details of each of these item sets will be embedded in the listings, so please do take a look at the information that accompanies each so you can find out about these pieces, energies, etc.

You will still find some favorite shop items from before that also would make lovely holiday gifts. There remains only eight mini rabbit faery gardens from the 50+ I first created. They just so happen to be Autumn and Winter themed, along with a few of the truly most magickal themed worlds I’m surprised haven’t been taken yet. There are a few notebooks left (ideal for all those inward times the upcoming seasons support), a few original paintings, and some prints and greeting cards still available as well – also great for sending out hand-written notes for the holidays. There may even be a chance that with tomorrow’s new shop update launch that you could find a surprise sale on some of these favorites.

I do hope to get one more shop update in before Christmas, but it all depends on the time I have available to create the two sets of new items they include.

But everything in this update will not be repeated.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new launch of shop updates hopping off tomorrow morning.

Beginning tomorrow through Sunday I will be busy entertaining a sweet friend I haven’t seen in three years, nearly to the day, so with a guest here in the house and lots of catching up, yummies, and excursions packed into the few days we have, I’ll not be posting a blog until Monday or next week some time and will ship off any purchases on Monday as well.

Hope you enjoy the new creations from my and Astrid’s heart to yours.

The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop

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