Ask Astrid Fridays ~ Parallel Realities & Reality Distortion

astrid illusion.jpg

I’m not really sure where this blog post wants to go and if it will even be meaningful to anyone, but I’m told by Astrid to just share what ever I feel coming through from her and relinquish needing to know or make sense of it.

When I saw this photo of Astrid yesterday, she reminded me of how reality is based on our perceptions and beliefs. The distortion of her body in motion creates a part in this world and part out of this world visual, also reflecting the fluidity of the bodies we think are actually solid.

The theme of parallel realities and dimensions came up twice with two different people between yesterday and today, outside of seeing this image. Then photos from yesterday’s hike reiterated to me this reflective quality of the world of perception and how there is so much more beyond our limited focus. There is so much more than the you that you think you are.

These are not new thoughts and experiences, but do feel to continue wanting to get our attention or tap on the door of our imagination so that it may lead.

I recently shared with a friend who asked me how to have the kind of meditations I shared with him that I had – I think the first step would just be to be as open as possible and invite them in, relax, and allow anything to show up without judgment. It’s almost like imagination, except you willingly go along with it like an innocent child on an adventure rather than actively trying to imagine it.

Astrid is an embodiment of Earth and Cosmos with even her fur reflective of greater depth. She wears a coat of dark, but has a silver underlining that peaks through – very merging and complimentary. And her coat also constantly shifts with different markings and symbols that seem to channel through from another reality. Yet she also helps to blur the separation between realities because to be in her frequency is to walk in different worlds at once.

She keeps me constantly present to slight shifts in energy and reminds me that the greatest instrument to tune in with is my own body.

Her body is a masterful instrument and the relationship she has to it is one of union.

I feel we as humans do not understand or honor this same kind of relating to our bodies. We disengage it, try to separate from it, abuse it, ignore it, and perhaps even have an unconscious hatred or resentment towards it feeling like a limitation to our multi-dimensionality.

We forget the partnership that this Earth dance offered.

And we tend to favor particular realities and experiences over others.

Life on Earth is taking a different turn and in reflection, different ways of approaching things are being called for.

Everything is changing rapidly and rather than get get hung up on being sad about this change, we have opportunity to instead realize the infinite creative potential inherent in everything and that even greater unlimited possibilities will be streaming in for the rest of the journey ahead.

The way we relate to ourselves and our bodies reflects in separation or unity to subtle shifts in perception, how we relate to experiences, or even, I believe, our ability to expand or contract into dimensional and reality doorways.

Astrid reminds me that if we fixate on trying to hold rigidly to one point, everything will shatter around us. But if we can be more fluid with our thoughts and feelings, then we become more mutable to the changes around us.

Rigid beliefs can create brittle and painful bodies, whereas opening our capacity to perceive differently and embrace other possibilities supports the body to experience greater peace as well.

This can take different forms, I feel, that can have us moving through life more easily, moving on into another form all together, or able to do some of both.

As we progress intellectually and spiritually, we mustn’t forget our emotions and our physical bodies and the beauty that manifests when we harmonize them into intuitive, instinctual synchronicity.

I love these photos – all from yesterday – for their subtlety of reflections, shadows, light, and illusion they each share.

When I tune into each, I feel the coded frequencies that share a wisdom not needing to be understood with the mind, but that awaken the body and heart to more.

fallen leaf lake reflections.jpg

Fallen Leaf Lake autumn and light reflections of parallel, but alternate worlds – as above, so below


I love this one of my mom leading the way on the path and how the leaves reflect on her jacket and pants like a shadow reality – a parallel work of art walking beside the one of light.

bird bath-horz.jpg

These are of a new visitor I haven’t seen to the garden and bird bath. A very beautiful, perfectly etched black and white feathered bird (some type of robust woodpecker I believe). Caught in flight, you only see an illusion of gray without form – very otherworldly. Reminds me similarly of Astrid’s photo above.


rock images

A gorgeous stone I found fascinating – picture doesn’t show quite as clearly – but there’s a reflective quality to the forest and scenery around, painted naturally onto this rock. I can even see a rabbit and so many other animals, but I also see almost a similar image to the first reflections of the trees, lake and sky, on this rock that was directly behind where I took the photo. 

May the peace of the nature of the cosmos be in each and every one of us. And may we find gentle opening to our hearts, minds, and bodies so that we may experience beyond the subtle veils being revealed to us. Where we each are guided is not wrong or right, yet we have the capability of experiencing something else if we in fact aren’t satisfied or comfortable with the current reality.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Your elusive gray/white/black jay visitor may be a Clark’s Nutcracker. Very large Jay, eats pine nuts.

    • oh thank you eliza! great suggestion. i looked up the clark’s nutcracker, but it’s in fact not that bird. this one is only black and white and a medium sized bird. became gray in flight. you made me want to search more…it looks more like the downy or hairy woodpecker, although the size of this one is not small and feather detailing a little different. will have to keep looking. i so appreciate learning about the clark’s nutcracker though! ❤

      • I love birds. Downy Woodpeckers are wonderful.

      • me too eliza! i so enjoy seeing the variety and am amazed how many different kinds come to visit this tiny garden.

      • I love birds. Downy Woodpeckers are wonderful. Another possibility is the Gray Jay, gray/black and fluffy. As a Jay, they would have a distinct ‘voice’. Happy birding!

      • love seeing all the bird types you are leading me to explore! such a cutie the gray jay is! this one is only pure black and white though. no other colors. birding fun continues! you must have a lot of bird variety where you are too!

      • I used to be a trip leader for the Seattle Mountaineers. Being an untrained naturalist, I just had an abiding love for nature, its flora and fauna. While I certainly don’t call myself a birder, I periodically find interesting birds and attempt to identify them as well as I can. Right now, I’m a long way from the magnificent forests and mountain ranges of the Pacific NW where I spent many years hiking, backpacking, and observing the natural world around me. I’m glad you’re enjoying learning about new birds. The great forests near the Tahoe Lake area were some of my first introductions into the wild world as a child. Enjoy your Autumn. BTW, your photos are lovely. ❤

      • oh that’s so awesome eliza! thank you for sharing so i can learn more about you. the life you used to have sounds amazing. like you, i just have a huge love for nature and am my own self-taught, daily learning naturalist hehe! whenever i see something interesting i will research it to find out what it is and to learn more about it. how awesome that you’ve spent so much time here as a child! what a cool synchronicity! i bet you had some amazing adventures during your childhood and trip leading times. ❤ thank you so much for the compliment. nature makes it so easy to take lovely photos. everywhere you turn is a work of art. autumn wishes to you and warm hugs ❤

  2. Wise musings and reminders Tania. I want to be more mindful of my body and connections to earth and cosmos. Beautiful photo of the mountains, lake, and fall foliage.

  3. Just saw this, as I have been working on a post with some overlap (of course!). Great sharing here. I was thinking last night of that time in Costa Mesa before you left when you kept seeing the bleedthrough of someone else living in the house, too. Veils seem to thin before we make big shifts — or maybe the thinning veils make the big shifts easier. 🙂 Love you!

    • hehe! awesome. look forward to it ❤ thank you! that's true…there does seem to be a correlation between thinning veils and changes. it feels like the thinning and shifts then came simultaneously for me. i was also much more outside of earth at the time, so multiple realities at once reviewing options – the one happening parallel, the one i was physically in, the one i was in elsewhere, and a future one forming. love you too!

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