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Tania Marie and Me: Equinox Visit and Cosmic Adventures with Our D’s ~ Part 2

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Here is the concluding Part 2 to Laura’s blog of our Equinox weekend fun and magick. So much was packed into the short weekend, which was multi-layered, that it’s impossible to share it all and some things some times are, well, things to preserve as our own little “peace” of potency.😉 You can be assured, however, that we are always intending collective reach to what we’re conjuring up with the integral threads woven. What I can say is that an incredible rush of heightened and more powerful energy is streaming in by the activations created. Wow! So grateful to have such incredible friends, so much otherworldly support, and of course lots of love and laughter filling our lives. As we head to Nebraska today and create a farther physical gap between us, I’m reminded always that the bonds shared with those we love are always close at heart. So much love to you all, until the next time something inspires a pop-in.❤

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So here it is:

Tania Marie and Me: Equinox Visit and Cosmic Adventures with Our D’s ~ Part 2


Tania Marie and Me: Equinox Visit and Cosmic Adventures with Our D’s ~ Part 1

I’m still in offline/sabbatical mode while I focus on my writing and creating the next phase of life and home adventures to come. However, I did say I may pop up when least expected if I feel so moved, and this Part 1 blog shared by Laura of our Equinox weekend adventures felt like a good time for that while in Iowa. Much love and magick to all! I’ll share Part 2 as it pops in. ❤

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Best friend and faery twin Tania Marie and I are never apart in spirit. We keep in nearly constant touch via anything from texts to telepathy, and even if we have longer times without contact, we find our lives have either synchronously paralleled or gone into exactly opposite complementary experiences. Our own mothers have mixed us up in photographs, and our lives really do seem like those stories of twins separated at birth.

We both have our North Nodes (Destiny) in Capricorn, and we both have David’s/Dave’s with Cancer North Nodes. We’re roughly the same size and height, and our haircuts seem to parallel each other. Tania’s a two-fish Pisces, and I’m a twin Gemini. Tania has a special needs bunny, and I have a special needs yard. When Tania and her Dave downsized last year to start full time RV living, I simultaneously upsized by renting the house next…

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