Starbrary Quartz – Fortifying The Earth By Returning To The Cosmic Foundations It Was Built Upon

starbrary5As promised, today I want to share about another new crystal discovery that has quickly become a new best friend of mine. I absolutely love this little, but powerful crystal. The information about this crystal feels very timely, so I was nudged to share it now.

And what kind of crystal is she, you ask? She is what is called a “Starbrary” Quartz Healing Crystal, but in the particular case of mine, she is also a “Lightning Strike Starbrary” Quartz.

My little one comes from Minas Gerais, Brazil, is connected to the Pleiadian Star System, and has a Lightning Strike.

What does all of this mean? Well, here is a bit about the Starbraries, so you understand why they carry this name. Perhaps you’ve already heard of them, but I hadn’t, and I’m super excited I now have! 🙂

This information is gathered, paraphrased info you can find out there, along with some of my own.

Starbrary Quartz Healing Crystals:

Starbraries are rare, precious, extraordinary, but completely natural Quartz formations that have been individually encoded by various, distant Star Systems throughout the Universe – at least 6 different ones who have left ancient crystal records of maps, histories and legends of their people. Their energy is undeniably different and I felt this immediately when I saw and first held mine – giving me an Essence chill. 🙂

lightningstrike1They hold information from the peoples of these Star Systems that positively influenced human evolution. They have come to be known as Starbraries and are identifiable by unique glyph-like symbols, markings, or sometimes geometric patterns along their shafts (occasionally also on the main face) and usually will also have a doorway/portal or key. And even if they don’t have keys, which they may not, they always have a shape that makes them very easily and comfortably held in such a way that helps to access the opening to these many layers of information stored within.

They are like encyclopedias of Cosmic knowledge.

Much like other kinds of record-keeper crystals, you unlock the doors by aligning your fingers with them and this facilitates journeying though the multiple layers of informational experience. The information received was meant to be a permanent record to help humans to rebuild Earth, in the event of catastrophe.

These Starbraries were scattered in chosen places across the globe so that a variety of people everywhere could have access to them. There are sets of these crystals that are like chapters of books, or series of books that you will want to ask the order in which to read them. Once you welcome one into your experience, you’ll likely receive more.

lightningstrike2The Star Systems these come from include Cassiopeia, Pleiades (these first two contain more philosophical information, are the basis for most of the Lemurian and Atlantean recollections, and are the most sought after), Leo (more historical and factual information), Ursa Minor (often called cosmic crystals with dots and dashes resembling a meteor shower to decode), Orion (Titanium included with very clearly defined glyphs created from deep ridges/furrows in the faces – the only Starbrary that is marked here, rather than on the sides), and Andromeda (these are DT/ET – Double Terminated Extraterrestrial) and have very tiny keys, layered sides where the ET crystals overgrew the main one, appear connected with the Cassiopeia and Pleiadian peoples pointing to collaboration among Star peoples).

Of all of these, the Orion Star System Starbraries are the only ones that need important companion crystals (which will usually come with them when gifted to you or purchased, or will show up soon after) to help to decipher the very detailed info it is encoded with, or acts as a key itself to access the other crystal. These crystals were very integral to the Native American culture. The companions apparently don’t have to be quartz.

Other Star Systems are starting to slowly become recognized (Sirius and Lyra to name a couple) and likely more will turn up, as we collectively are ready to receive them.

They all have variations of flowing, geometric, linear, or indented Morse Code-kind-of patterns to them.

Now, you may ask, how are they different from Lemurian Seed Crystals?

As in many ways they may appear similar, but in fact are not. The main difference between Starbraries and Lemurian Seed Crystals is that Starbraries have been encoded “remotely” by civilizations outside of our solar system, while Lemurians have been embedded by peoples that actually “inhabited” Earth long ago – seeding/planting them in a sand bed in Brazil for us to discover thousands of year later.

lightningstrike3They have to both be deciphered, but the Starbrary language is much more complex, partly because they contain such huge amounts of information within each, which is also considered “crucial” to the human race’s evolution and survival, along with the planet’s as a whole. Times of extreme crisis, major shifts, or global need may herald many of these showing up more and more in the hands of lightworkers, visionary leaders, bridge workers, and Earth keepers.

There are also apparently a number of what are called Master Starbraries and Starbrary Rosetta Stones. The Masters are decoders of other Starbraries, while the Rosetta Stones help to translate between a minimun of two Star languages.

There are also some, like mine, that are Lightning Strike Starbraries, which are very rare “spirits” of profound change that have had their information downloaded/embedded into them using the intensity of a bolt of lightning as a conduit. They are identifiable by jagged, zig-zag scars along their shafts where the lightning struck. Lightning Strike Starbraries can be from any of the Star Systems, but not all Lightning Strike crystals are Starbraries.

It’s thought that the cosmic travelers imbued their knowledge into the crystals (that were exposed or purposely placed on the surface) during electrical storms over Brazil thousands of years ago.

The Lightning Strike adds another quality to the crystal, which is easily understood by what we know of lightning to symbolize. These crystals help to connect, balance, clear, and unify all of the Chakras, as well as your energy field. They will also increase your personal vibration, taking it to a much higher frequency that actually assists access to information found on Master Starbraries. While accessing the higher dimensional frequencies, you also are supported in releasing deep, old emotional patterns at the cellular level, which helps you along your path with greater clarity.

Some of the Lightning Strikes will appear more fresh and others will have been healed through the eons – each of these also having different energies. The more fresh ones will help you to work with very traumatic and dramatic change that needs to happen quickly so it will herald rapid clearing and be experienced more intensely. The healed Lightning Strikes (like mine) are softer and more gentle, and avoid unnecessary negative effects of instant results. They assist with old beliefs, past childhood or life carry-overs and help you to repattern things at the core.

Both are all about change and herald flashes of enlightenment. If you get one of these, you are ready for, and asking for, transformation in big ways.

starbrary4In general the Starbraries are starting to appear rapidly and are being united with their guardians who will need them to work with things currently shifting and things to come, and one has to ask why that may be? I believe it is because, as in many posts I have shared before, we can no longer sit idle, no longer turn our heads, no longer straddle the fence, not take action, not walk the walk, and not take responsibility for all of our choices in support of both personal and collective well-being.

The knowledge the Starbraries hold from our cosmic elders is potent and it is thought, that just like with the Lemurian Seed Crystals, that they will experience a simultaneous awakening that will create a grid like “lighting up” across the Earth.

Now is the time to raise collective consciousness and awareness and to become aware of the truth that resides within so that you can walk through the door of the reality you really think you are walking into…not the devised parallel matrix that has all of the look, but no substance of the authenticity your existence was Sourced from.

It is time to integrate at the deepest of levels and evolve from the fear, anger, hatred, greed, jealousy… that have been allowed to run the show.

Starbraries are tools and keys to support a rise to this new level and fortify the Earth from the inside out – returning to the Cosmic knowledge and foundations it was built upon – returning to the Heart Source of All That Is.

When you become a guardian of any crystal, it is a responsibility and partnership not to be taken lightly and always to be a commitment of respect and love.

When it comes to Starbraries, I sense this raises the bar exponentially in what you are being gifted the utmost honor of partnering in. You will want to work often with your Starbrary (I am finding mine to be always with me, even when I sleep) so that you can learn its mysteries that will have great impact collectively.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Clairsentient1

    Reblogged this on Beacon of Aquarius.

  2. Hi Tania!

    I have literally found out about this crystal 2 hours ago, while searching for Lemurian Seed Crystal. I feel tremendous urge to have high vibration crystals to aid my spiritual growth and they keep coming to me 🙂 I loved your text about Starbrary Quartz, indeed I have enjoyed it as it beautifully depicts supreme potentials of the crystal.
    I wanted to ask you if you can recommend a seller, where I can order one of these beauties? I live in Denmark, would be great if its somewhere in EU 🙂

    • i share your resonance with these amazing crystal beings. 😉 unfortunately i don’t know of anyone in europe and only found these by “happenstance” through someone here in the u.s. perhaps you can try doing a search online and see if anything comes up near you? if i happen to find someone myself, i’ll let you know. i wish you lots of good vibes for your search! usually when you have the intent, you end up drawing in what you desire. so one will likely show up in your field of experience 😉 love to you!

    • if you are still interested there is a wonderful seller on Instagram under the page name LittleLemuriagems. I get mine from here through their live crystal sales and they are AMAZING. The shop owner Jess and her husband Doug are so passionate and knowledgeable about lemurians and all crystals and they are the people you should go to. The are US based but do ship internationally 🙂

  3. Hey there recently recieved my starbrary crystal I believe it to be from Ursa Minor my question is what’s the best ways/ techniques to decider/ download their ancient knowledge?

    • awesome ashley..meditating with your crystal and tuning in to allow what ever information, images, feelings, visions come through to you as you hold it…you can hold it to your third eye, run your fingers over the keys etc. trust what comes through to you, as you ask for guidance and support from the crystal spirit and cosmic ones to assist

  4. Hello! I really enjoyed reading your article about starbraries. I’ve been looking around the web for good info and thoughts about them but it all seems to be the same regurgitated information, so I am so happy to see someone write about their own personal experiences and I really hope to see more articles about yours and the growth in the future!

    I was at my regular metaphysical shop looking through their quarts and even though there were so many that were perfectly clear, I really felt a connection to a crystal that looked like every other side was dragged through a gravel pit haha after a few days with it, I noticed dozens of triangles all over each face and I realized “oh my gosh it’s a beautiful record keeper!” 😀 It’s my favorite crystal buddy by far. Then later I stumbled upon a picture of an ursa minor starbrary and realized that those weren’t just hundreds of chips on the sides like I previously thought, but were messages. I was beyond estatic and I am wondering if you have ever heard of a crystal being both a record keeper and a starbrary? I feel like my little buddy is really special, is there an email you have that can send the pictures of it to?

    Thank you and crystalline blessings!
    – Callie

    • hi callie, thank you so much for sharing this. i’m glad you found the article helpful and that you enjoyed my personal experiences as well. it’s wonderful that you allow your intuition to guide you and that you listen to what speaks to your heart, rather than going by what your eyes see or your mind might normally think. i find that the crystals that are imperfect “looking” have many surprises and gifts to share with us, but they await those that can “see” their true beauty and value. as to your question, indeed your crystal can be both a record keeper and starbrary…and then some!! 😉 you may continue finding hidden gifts when you are ready. many blessings to you and crystal magick!! ❤

  5. Hello Tania Marie,
    I read your article with much interest. I got a lightning struck Quartz and am facinated by it. I think it brought me to your page.
    I’m writing now because of a special situation, I remembered. A very known seer once told me, she was very much astonished, that I still am on this planet, as my race departed into space long ago. Do you think it is possible to communicate with my people with one of the starbraries and can you procure one for me?
    I thank you very much,

    • hi andre, thank you for your comments and taking time to absorb the information in this post. i do believe you can communicate with your star family, whether through a starbrary of the same origin, a crystal that channels cosmically and may have a stream connected there for you, through meditation, dreams, and conscious intent. unfortunately i am not able to procure crystals anymore, but i believe that once you put out the intention, that you will be led to or drawn in by what you desire. blessings to you

  6. Dear Tania!
    Thank you for sharing this insights.
    Can you advice to me how and where I can find a Sirius Starbrary?
    Much Love
    My contact is

    • so wonderful you enjoyed the blog article. thank you! unfortunately, i do not have ability to find one. they are rare and i’m not selling these crystals anymore, but when i came upon them it was by synchronicity that they found me. with intention i believe you’ll draw one in. lots of love ❤

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