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Giving Back to the Easter Bunnies – Save A Bunny

As shared in my blog this week, Easter has varying symbolic meanings, but it also carries varying feelings for me along with this in terms of rabbits, knowing that Easter is when many people go out and purchase them for their children and that they are seen more as a novelty who, in most cases, are later neglected, forgotten, mistreated and handled, and even euthanized.

See my post Rabbits, Cosmic Eggs, Pagan Goddesses & Transition – Easter Origins & Awareness for more information about rabbit awareness involving Easter and Easter symbolism.

You can also go directly to this great post that covers the considerations to be consciously aware of in terms of our rabbit friends and making compassionate choices on their behalf: Five Reasons Not To Buy A Bunny For Easter by Julie Castle

I’ve had several discussions with people recently about rabbits and how to care for them and communicate with them, as I feel they are one of the least understood animal companions. I was happy to hear that a teacher friend of mine was going to incorporate rabbits into her curriculum of animal teaching with her students after our discussion, realizing that it would be of benefit to educate children about these dear ones.

Rabbits’  sensitive natures and need for your tender presence and intuitive care is part of the value you will receive tenfold from them if you learn how to give in these ways to them. Commitment to love them the way they need, not as you want, is a lesson of learning unconditional love and going within more in order to understand their reflections. And when taken seriously and with awareness the magic that awaits you in a friendship with one of these dear loved ones is precious and priceless.


101 South

Today, in honor of my beloved Nestor whom I celebrated a 10 year anniversary of our physical connection in this life just two days ago, my precious Joy, whom Nestor brought into my life after her passing and led me to SaveABunny, and all of the beautiful souls in rabbit form, I donated to two rabbits that have been through an enormously courageous ordeal that are residents of SaveABunny now and in need of new homes and care. These two called to my heart and I wanted as my Easter gift to give back to the beings that have given so much to me.


Heaven Lee

The bunny loves I donated to are 101 South and Heaven Lee. You can read about each of them at the links and you can see all of the bunnies that are in need of donations, fostering and adoption here: SaveABunny Rabbits

If these dear ones call to your heart perhaps you might help with a small donation, fostering, home, or at least help to educate others that rabbits are not objects of amusement, but tender and intelligent beings that deserve our love.

You can give here and even choose a rabbit you’d like to sponsor: 

Donate to the Rabbits at SaveABunny

Marcy Schaaf, head ofSaveABunny (a non-profit organization rabbit rescue and nationally recognized adoption, education and foster center) is such an endlessly giving soul to these beautiful beings.

SaveABunny was founded in 1999 following the rescue of a frightened, neglected stray rabbit. Since then, their professional reputation has grown into a nationally recognized adoption, education and foster center. Yet, at heart they are a scrappy, resourceful and volunteer-based group that walk the talk. They are recognized as a leader in rabbit rescue efforts, as well as a model for building effective partnerships with animal shelters and community groups, such as the Girl Scouts.

Return to Natural Harmony:

My hope is that people and animals will one day live in natural harmony once again. This is one of the focuses of my service. It is also a heart calling to help educate and provide support in the co-creative partnership with rabbits we have, as they truly are symbols of our cosmic origins.

Summer Solstice Bimini Retreat Update – Discounts End in 2 Weeks & Only 5 Spots on the Atlantis Vortex Trip Left

BiminiDon’t forget that if you’re feeling called to immerse yourself in a revitalizing experience that will bring you into deeper connection with yourself and the natural world, our early registration discounts deadline is fast approaching (only 2 more weeks left).

There is limited space on this retreat and now we only have 5 spots left for the Summer Solstice Atlantis Vortex trip option.

So, if you’re feeling meant to join this powerfully transformative experience, it’s time to harness that courage of heart, trust and belief in everything supporting your choice once you make it.


Register on or before Friday April 12th, 2013 and receive $100 off your retreat package price.

Bring a friend or loved one with you and you’ll each receive $100 off your retreat package price.


Register by 4/12/13 AND bring a guest along and you’ll each receive $200 off your retreat package price!

Join us in celebrating the symbolic light of our consciousness shining more brilliantly in our awareness, as we attune to the rhythms of the natural world and learn to flow with and feel the cycles of our “nature” within. All this while being daily immersed in the revitalizing energy of Reiki, high-vibrational, gourmet raw vegan or cooked vegan food, yoga, our beautiful dolphin brothers and sisters of the ocean, and the magic and mysticism of Atlantis.

All details about the retreat can be found here:

Summer Solstice Rhythm of Renewal Retreat – Bimini, Bahamas

Some more new updates to follow in the next couple of weeks about the week’s focus of experiences to look forward to.

Contact me at with questions and to register

You are the Mirror ~ What Would You Like to See Reflected?

laguna beach art

All images in this post are photos I took of random mural art with enlightening and thoughtful messages found on Laguna Beach on a walk with dear friend. She had done this walk many times, seeing some of the art and yet was grateful for me pointing out a new one and the messages she hadn’t noticed that were reflecting themes and our conversations. Love how our connection brought the fullness of these into the light for us both. Signs of beauty, magic and miracles of life and hope reflected. Whether through nature, art, another human or animal, seemingly mundane or mystical, there are consistently beautiful messages of love, trust and the promise of harmony.

Every day is an opportunity to choose differently…to choose love over fear, to choose to see from a different perspective, to choose to do one small thing that reflects  greater compassion and understanding and that challenges your courage just a little bit more, to look deeper within and to remember, and to look for the miraculous in the little things to aid in restoring hope and trust.

laguna beach The more I explore and focus on my inner realm, the more I find life to be magical beyond my ability to express in words. So even when something throws me off, I am quickly able to rebalance, as my awareness and presence keeps me able to “see” with my heart and receive. Every day I receive some small or large magical message, sign and reflection from the Universe and when things are challenging, I’m able to shift that because of staying in that inner stillness of awareness and presence that enables me to observe and experience these things.

I choose to believe that miracles are the norm and not the exception, and because of this I experience at least one miracle in my life every day. “Creating life as a work of art” is a personal motto of mine and not only is this something I consciously create in my life as a symbolic person, but this is mirrored all around me where ever I go because it is the way I choose to “see” everything like a wondrous child.

laguna beach art

There are a lot of things out in the world that we can easily find external confirmation of to reflect where we focus our attention OR “refuse” our inward attention. The secret is to finding the key to the realm of your heart’s creations and that comes from within. Things may crumble and fall apart around us, but the signs of hope within darkness and peace within chaos will shine through most loudly when you stay grounded within – then you will know you are safe and everything is in divine perfection.

As they say, you will see it when you believe it – not the other way around. 🙂

This is just a short post on keeping the faith, staying aware, and cultivating your inner realm. In the coming weeks I will delve more deeply into some ways that can assist, which seem to have been skipped over or forgotten on our journey to wholeness.

Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.
But you are eternity and your are the mirror.

~Kahlil Gibran 

What do you dream your life to feel like? When you answer this, the journey of bringing that feeling into creation of what you desire it to look like can begin. Build a new relationship with yourself, as you explore your heart. Learn to reflect your dreams into a beautiful creation of your own making – creating life as a work of art.

~Tania Marie

A good post with some quick general tips from Dolores Cannon, compliments of miss Laura Bruno, on the changes we’re going through and that are needed so that we can more easily and gently experience the new frequencies. I 100% agree with Laura on following what “you” feel and not going by what anyone else is doing or tells you, as your body will share with you its needs if you pay attention and ask. And like Laura, I also no longer feel drawn to the 100% raw or even high raw that I used to do, finding that cooked vegan foods (still sticking to very healthy, organic, and more simple foods) are much more supportive for me at this time, as well as lots of nature time and natural exercise in the outdoors only for me. I have found, as Laura shared, that with all of the healing and energy work I do and have done, for me it is balancing and healthy to do what I can to bring the energy into my lower chakras, root that energy through to the Earth’s core, and immerse in the natural, in order to feel enlivened and operating on optimal without blowing out. I’ve found myself naturally having aversions to things I used to love, which I just trust and go with despite what others around me are doing, as I have learned to listen and not go to any extreme any more. This has included having very very selective tolerance and sensitivity to only certain raw foods (and foods in general), although I do love smoothies and soups and juices, (goes along with the liquid forms Dolores speaks about that we will be moving more into) and having natural aversions to things like yoga and certain activities, even needing to spend a lot of time on my own – all in order to maintain that inner harmony and balance and not draw in any more light and expansion on my off-times, than I am already doing while I am focused on my service and personal work. Know that everything that is taking place is in divine order, perfect in its seeming imperfection, and that you are loved and being given opportunity to recalibrate and integrate at this time, in order to most optimally expand.

Laura Bruno's Blog

The only thing I would add to Dolores Cannon’s account is that some people, myself included, are actually finding a need to eat a little bit denser foods in order to remain grounded right now. I had been 100% raw vegan and then high raw for many years and vegan for 8.5 years. In early 2011, my body –and I heard this from a lot of longtime raw vegans right around the same time –suddenly started demanding some cooked vegan foods and even the addition of some organic raw dairy. I struggled with the ethics of that and tried every imaginable way around it, but adding that in brought instant relief on a variety of levels. We are all at individual frequencies, which change and make micro-adjustments as our outer world continues to shift. The important thing is to pay attention to how you feel and to notice any patterns.

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Rabbits, Cosmic Eggs, Pagan Goddesses & Transition – Easter Origins & Awareness

As we continue to move deeper into the Spring of this year and renewing cycle of life, we are also edging toward Easter this weekend, which also calls up visions, thoughts, beliefs, and energy of its own including fertile creation. Easter brings pictures to mind of spring blooms like tulips, colored eggs, baby animals, and also deep symbolism that may have varying meanings to each individual.

nestor with bunnies

Nestor with her bunny friends

Easter is also a time when a lot of people, unfortunately, give baby bunnies as gifts to their children and do not understand the commitment to these precious and extremely sensitive living beings that comes hand-in-hand with that. Rabbits are the third most euthanized animals in shelters, right behind dogs and cats – something I learned from Marcy Schaaf, head of SaveABunny (a non-profit organization rabbit rescue and nationally recognized adoption, education and foster center) when I adopted Joy from there just over 4 years ago.

This is a great post that covers the considerations to be consciously aware of in terms of our rabbit friends and making compassionate choices on their behalf: Five Reasons Not To Buy A Bunny For Easter by Julie Castle

With the connection many of you know I have with rabbits and the depth of their magical presence in my life, this time of year can be especially sensitive for me and also a chance to share some of that magic with you in relation to the symbolism and connections rabbits have with Easter, along with some of the origins and meanings behind this “holyday of transition.”


Joy with our Septarian Cosmic Egg

Here are some snippets from a post I shared last year about this connection:

“….Traditionally, the Easter Bunny, actually a Hare, was said to lay eggs at Easter. This concept is of course very strange to our factual minds, but taken symbolically, the Egg is not only Potential, but it also represents the Cosmos, the very ground of Being from which we spring–no pun intended! One only need think about the Cosmic Egg and the Druid’s Egg to begin to get the full scope of this meaning. No wonder then that the Hare was at one time considered both male and female. To produce the cosmos, both must be present….

….Overall the Hare is a symbol of many things, all involving balance, Life, creative potency, regeneration, fertility, and eternity. This symbolism manifests in associations with Springtime, the Dawn, the Moon and Sacred Fire, the Egg, the Circle and Infinity symbol, Marriage, Androgyny and Hermaphroditism, as well as Madness, Genius and Inspiration (which seem to go hand in hand)….”

hareYou can read the full post here: Hare Symbolism for the New Earth – Birthing the Cosmic Egg here

Easter has Pagan origins that bring to light a deeper understanding of its meaning. Easter is connected to the Anglo-Saxon Pagan goddess Eostre (or Ostara), but was originally the celebration of Ishtar (pronounced “Easter”), the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of love, procreation, sexuality, fertility, and war. The dyed “cosmic” eggs were both “sacred Easter offerings in Egypt,” as well as are connected to the “mystic egg” that hatched Ishtar.

You can read a few of these insights to reflect on below and click the links for the whole articles.

As N.S. Gill shares in The Eostre Hares and Pagan Easter:

“An Anglo-Saxon goddess named Eostre may have had hares as attendants. If so, the hares may have held her lights, since Eostre was the goddess of Dawn, like Eos (Greek) and Aurora (Latin). The month of April was, among the Anglo-Saxons, called Eostur-monath, and during Eostur-monath, a festival was held to Eostre. This festival has, at least in name, been taken over by the Christian spring festival Easter. If Eostre did indeed have hares as companions, the association of Easter and Easter bunnies is an ancient one.”

eostreSwain Wodening adds in the article Eostre:

“Eostre is a very obscure Goddess, and uniquely Anglo-Saxon Pagan….Her name is connected for words for “east” and “shining.”  It is therefore related to the Greek godname Eos, Goddess of the dawn in their pantheon….

….Grimm in his Teutonic Mythology maintained that “Ostara, Eástre, was goddess of the growing light of spring.” The date of the holy tide would make this a reasonable conclusion. Holy water in the form of the dew or water collected from brooks was gathered at this time. Washing with it was said to restore youth. Beautiful maidens in sheer white were said to seen frolicking in the country side. Also according to Grimm, the white maiden of Osterrode, was said to appear with a large batch of keys at her belt, and stride to the brook to collect water on Easter morning.  Cross buns were of course baked and eaten.  While this could be a Christian addition, that cakes were often use in Heathen rites is apparent in any survey of the lore. And the cross may be symbolic of the rune Gebo or the buns may represent the sun wheel.  Easter eggs seem to go fairly far back in both English and continental celebrations, and of course symbolize the beginning of new life. The hare also known for its fertility appears fairly early in Easter celebrations. Bonfires and vigils also seemed to play a role in many Easter rites.

Based on this Eostre would appear to be a Goddess of purity (the holy water), youth and beauty (the young maidens), as well as one of new life beginnings….”

ishtarAnd as Mark Esposito shares in his guest blog, Happy Ishtar Day: The Origins of Easter

“….But the festival likely has origins before the Hebrew feast of Passover. Two thousand years before the accepted birth of Christ, ancient Babylonians were marking the beginning of Spring with a gala celebration honoring the resurrection of the god, Tammuz, who was killed by a wild boar. Tammuz was returned to life by his mother/wife, Ishtar (after whom the festival was named) with her tears. Ishtar was actually pronounced “Easter.”

Ishtar was quite the racy goddess, as historians Will and Ariel Durant explained in their monumental work, The Story of Civilization:

 “Ishtar …  interests us not only as analogue of the Egyptian Isis and prototype of the Grecian Aphrodite and the Roman Venus, but as the formal beneficiary of one of the strangest of Babylonian customs…known to us chiefly from a famous page in Herodotus: Every native woman is obliged, once in her life, to sit in the temple of Venus [Easter], and have intercourse with some stranger.”

Need anyone wonder why the ancient Hebrews would want to amend this legend and the Puritans to forget about it all together. They didn’t consider Babylon “the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth” for nothing.

Another theory, adopted by the Roman Catholic Church, is that Easter celebrations have their linguistic origins in the Anglo-Saxon fertility rites of the goddess, Eastre. “Since Bede the Venerable (De ratione temporum 1:5) the origin of the term for the feast of Christ’s Resurrection has been popularly considered to be from the Anglo-Saxon Eastre, a goddess of spring…the Old High German plural for dawn, eostarun; whence has come the German Ostern, and our English Easter” (The New Catholic Encyclopedia, 1967, Vol. 5, p. 6).

But what about Easter eggs? How did they enter the mix? Christians have always used the egg to symbolize the rock tomb from which Jesus emerged into new life. But the symbolism predates the Christian era. Pagan theology considered the egg as a symbol of Spring’s rebirth from Winter. (Francis X. Weiser, Handbook of Christian Feasts and Customs, p. 233). The Egyptians had a slightly different spin considering the egg the symbol of the passage of life from one generation to the next.

“Eggs were hung up in the Egyptian temples. Bunsen calls attention to the mundane egg, the emblem of generative life, proceeding from the mouth of the great god of Egypt. The mystic egg of Babylon, hatching the Venus Ishtar, fell from heaven to the Euphrates. Dyed eggs were sacred Easter offerings in Egypt, as they are still in China and Europe. Easter, or spring, was the season of birth, terrestrial and celestial.” (Egyptian Belief and Modern Thought, James Bonwick, pp. 211-212)

The pagan tales of gods and goddesses was quite an ecumenical affair with many civilizations sharing the same deity but branding each with a different name that suited their populations. Thus Ishtar became Astarte to the Greeks and Ashtoreth to the Jews. Nimrod, the Biblical figure who built the city of Babylon, and was mentioned in Genesis is another example. He was worshipped as Saturn, Vulcan, Kronos, Baal,  and Tammuz by succeeding civilizations but the story remained more or less intact for centuries.

Easter thus is an international affair going back centuries and spanning civilizations from the Babylonians to ourselves. Who says things really change?”

Wishing you a regenerative, abundantly creative, and cosmically enlightening Easter.

The fasts are done; the Aves said;
The moon has filled her horn
And in the solemn night I watch
Before the Easter morn.
So pure, so still the starry heaven,
So hushed the brooding air,
I could hear the sweep of an angel’s wings
If one should earthward fare.
~Edna Dean Proctor, “Easter Morning”

Dedicated to my beloved and departed angel, Nestor, who embodies the Cosmic Egg of my heart.

Radio Interview with John Fortuna: “That’s What He Said” Explores the World of Sacred Tattoos

radio interviewToday I had the honor and pleasure to be a guest on That’s What He Said with John Fortuna, “World’s Most Honest Psychic,” intuitive, author, and teacher who has helped thousands with his special intuitive gifts and professional counseling experience over the last 26 years.

I really enjoyed connecting with John, as he has such a lovely energy. I found the timing of our radio interview falling on the Libra Full Moon to be a beautiful and synchronous reflection of creating harmonious relationships between self and others. Very fortuitous indeed and one of those Universal winks. 😉

I also loved the synchronicity of John’s family and their connection with tattoos, as his wife is contemplating a second now at 43 after her first (at 40) intentful design, his daughter has the desire to be a tattoo artist and practices on her parents with tattoo sharpies, and John has been considering his own sacred design as well. How beautiful is that?!

You can catch our show at this archived link: That’s What He Said

The title of the show will include his two guests today, myself and Belinda Farrell, a Certified Master NLP Practitioner, a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, a Reconnective Healing™ Practitioner Level III, and a Huna practitioner and healer.

It is a two-hour show starting off with John and Belinda discussing her transformational work and book, “Find Your Friggin’ Joy” for the first hour, followed by the interview with me. You can listen to the whole show, as there are valuable things to learn from Belinda’s sharings, or you can also fast forward to 58:36 for the start of the second half where you will jump right in with John and I discussing “Spiritual Skin.”

Here is another direct link to today’s show as well, without looking through the archives: That’s What He Said

Loving gratitude to John for sharing his time and interest in this sacred art and for such a beautiful interview. I hope you enjoy it.

john fortunaA Little About John:

John Fortuna has known he was different since age 6, when he found a fortune telling deck in his parent’s room and began using them to read people and discern their futures. At age seven, John was involved in a hit and run accident; while unconscious he had a near death experience in which a woman in all white appeared and gave him the option to go back to his mother or stay with her.

John chose to return home, but her final words inspire him to this day, “ Now that you know the truth, you can never live your life the same.”

Since then, people of all ages, cultures, and religions have sought his wisdom and counsel. People wait months to speak with him in private sessions and leave with a sense of calm serenity and hope. People from every continent look to John for answers about their relationships, careers, and even their spiritual paths.

John Fortuna’s unique perspective is enhanced by his spiritual beliefs, professional experience as a family counselor and child protective services social worker, and his commitment to his wife and children.

John believes it is through the choices we make with our free will, we set in motion a pattern of events. It is up to you to follow that path through to the end or make a change and break the cycle.

“That’s What He Said…” explores people’s most pertinent questions about relationships, finances, career, health, family and spirituality. His honest answers, sharp wit, and accurate readings amaze his fans week after week.

To Contact Me And For More Information:

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle and PDF formats here: Spiritual Skin

Hope, Balance, Harmony, Deepening, and a Lot of Love – Navigating Change with the Libra Full Moon

fullmoonlibraToday’s Full Moon in Libra focuses a lot on relationships (both personal and business) including friendships, marriages, partnerships, and collaborations of any kind, but this also includes the relationship you have with yourself (first and foremost), as this will affect your outer relationships in direct reflection of your inner one. So as you work with the energies shared from the following astrologers, remember to cultivate and strengthen your inner relationship within and go to the heart and root of the matter to create the empowered and enlivening experiences that are available to you when you do so. While you may be involved in some Spring cleaning of your house, don’t forget to do the same for your inner realm as well. It is easy to forget to fully anchor the process of integration when we’ve been taught to focus on the love and the light. Doing the important work within will shift your entire experience in foundational and lasting ways.

Wishing you an enlightening Full Moon. I hope you enjoy this Mystic Mamma‘s post of sharings from several astrologers and their insights on today’s Libra Full Moon:

“The Libra Full Moon on March 27 could be the most intense and significant Full Moon in 2013. The winds of change are blowing strong at the Libra Full Moon.  This Full Moon is action packed…
♦ What do you need to release and let go of?
♦ What is complete for you?
♦ What new insights and visions did you receive at the Pisces New Moon?”
 ”The Libra Full Moon triggers the powerful life-changing Pluto/Uranus square. We need to practice conscious awareness in our lives. Be awake in what we are choosing and doing. Change is the only constant in transitional 2013.”
“We want to be open and flexible to what is being asked of us. Being controlling and/or rigid will not bring us what we want. Make friends with change…We are the masters of our destiny. We are the empowered ones…”
“Relationships are front and center at the Libra Full Moon. We have Venus, Sun, Uranus, and Mars in Aries opposing the Moon in Libra all challenging (T-squaring) Pluto in Capricorn. Reinventing relationships is a strong theme.  Old ones may need to be released, as new relationships emerge.”
“Watch out for emotional power struggles. For instance, people who use manipulation, hidden agendas, guilt and jealousy to control us. These are the lower energies of Pluto. This is not love. This is fear. Own your power.  Love Self more than the need for a relationship. Love Self more than the need to keep people in your life.”
“…There is a Yod (finger of God) pointing to Jupiter in Gemini at the Full Moon. This Yod involves the heavyweights — serious Saturn and pernicious Pluto. Creator is saying to us. ‘Cleanse and purge your life of self-limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and attitudes.‘ Remember that, we create our reality with our thoughts, words, feelings and actions. What do you want to create? Take charge of your mind and life.”
“We end March with the Sun in Aries challenged by Pluto. Resistance is futile with purging Pluto. We are to move from breakdown to breakthrough. We may need to make radical changes in our lives. Where ever things are not working well. Keep the faith and trust that a new and better life will replace the old.”
♦ Are you ready to move ahead?
♦ Are you open to new friendships and love?
♦ Where do you need to take a giant step forward?
“Remember that, these planets only take that which is obsolete. They will not take what you need for your personal evolution.  In fact, the main purpose of the Libra Full Moon and the Sun/Pluto transit is to empower you. So that you are ready to receive the positive creative changes that can take place now.”
“Clean out the closets in your home and in your mind.  Use the Libra Full Moon to clear out the past and to get organized.  In this way, you are sending a powerful message to Creator. You are letting the universe know that you are ready for the new opportunities that are coming into your life.”
“We are in the new paradigm. Creating wealth and manifesting our heart’s desire will require us to live from our Soul-Self.  We are to come from love not fear. We are to release and let go. Our soul knows that the best is yet to come. Make sure you are sleeping, resting and taking time for yourself. These powerful ascension energies raising our vibrations can be exhausting at times. Take a time out when you need it.  Come back re-energized. Get ready for action in April.”
“Nobody else knows your reason for being. You do. Your bliss guides you to it. When you follow your bliss, when you follow your path to joy, your conversation is of joy, your feelings are of joy — you’re right on the path of that which you intended when you came forth into this physical body.  ~ Abraham
Copyright ©2013 Kelly Rosano All Rights Reserved.
 From astrologer Diane Lang at Libra Seeking Balance:
“If there ever was a time to get serious about agreeing to disagree, this Full Moon at 06° 52′ Libra on 27 March 2013, 02:28 AM PDT is it. Maintaining a sense of perspective promises to be a real challenge.”
“…The stressful side of this Full Moon comes from Mars, Aries’ ruler, who is currently at home in Aries. Direct, forceful and forthright, Mars in Aries is still within shouting distance of Uranus though, in my opinion, is far enough ahead of the Sun we have more say in how we express our anger. Those with personal planets and the Ascendant from 8° to 11° in the cardinal signs however may not escape so easily. The desire to push ahead at all costs may be very powerful…”
“With all those planets in Aries stirring the pot and bringing tempers to a boil, it is a good time to contemplate anger management. When we get angry do we claim our anger or point to something or someone else as the cause? If we claim our anger we stand a far better chance of dealing with it in a constructive manner.“
“The string of squares to Pluto in Capricorn starting with Mars the day before the Full Moon and both Venus and the Sun on Easter Sunday after it bring control issues to the forefront. Are we mad at ourselves for choices we’ve made or do we feel like it is all someone else’s fault? Something worth taking a look at in my opinion.”
“This was not the easiest lunation to write about because peaceful soul that I am, I wanted to see if I could find something hopeful to say. As a Libra, I usually love this Full Moon and it was hard to see all the stressful aspects in this chart. If I have succeeded in bringing a little light into the picture, then I am happy. Choose peace and practice kindness, people!”
Copyright ©2013 Diane Lang All Rights Reserved.
From Sarah Varcas from her site :
“So this Full Moon in Libra reminds us that our relationships with others and the world around us are not just about our own needs, but how we define and meet our own needs is integral to their success…”
“This Full Moon speaks some uncomfortable truths, but it also holds a positive message of hope and change. Because the more that we can remember our place in the entirety of this universe, our insignificance in the face of an infinite universe the likes of which our tiny minds cannot even comprehend, the better able we’ll be to regulate our desires and recognize when our personal wants are becoming an obstacle to our gratitude for the blessings with which we’re already endowed.” 
“This week we all have the opportunity to question our needs and desires a bit more deeply. To ask ourselves why we want what we want, and how that desire really took root within us in the first place. And in contemplating these questions we can begin to encounter the deeper and more enduring comfort that arises out of knowing we can pull together to meet our basic needs, to create workable communities that protect and support all their members, regardless of material status. Because there’s quite enough of everything to go around, if we all receive only what we need and pass on the excess to others.”
Copyright ©2013 Sarah Varcas All Rights Reserved.
 Wonderful as always advice and assessment from Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology Blog:
“It will be wise to compromise and be mindful of your part in things during the Full Moon in Libra at 06° 52′ on March 27th, 2013. Practicing the art of conflict resolution will be essential now. The astrological sign of Libra prefers peace and harmony, yet this full moon phase may be anything but that. Though there is potential for harmony to be restored and for us to remember we are peace itself as our true nature, as Soul. We can take that into any situation that arises.” 
“…The key during the Full Moon in Libra is expanding and deepening self-awareness through relating with others.
“The Sun in Aries makes an opposition to the Moon in Libra. This suggests the potential to harmonize both the conscious and subconscious so there is a united front of peaceful assertive expression. There is an art to compromise and with the foundation of Spiritual values in place, negotiation is done with mutual respect and honor rather than competition and being manipulative.”
“There is a dynamic energy forming with the Full Moon in Libra making a tense connection to Uranus in Aries. and Pluto in Capricorn. Venus, Sun, Mars and Uranus traveling through the fiery sign of Aries. See the beauty in the chaos as the Divine is in the midst of it all. There is a strong emphasis on using the “Spiritual Compassionate Warrior” energy for freedom of expression rather than battle of egos to be hurtful of others or even to oneself.”
“The Scales Tip
“As highly pressurized conditions or situations boil over or bubble beneath the surface during the Full Moon in Libra, some of the stagnant emotions may rumble, tumble and whatever has been stuffed may flood out. But let’s face it, holding in emotions for a long time may feel like you are smothering yourself from the inside.  If something gets triggered, that area or spot may require healing and understanding. Go with it. It is possible for disagreements to manifest in relationships creating conflict and possible friction.  Interacting with others gives us the opportunity to gather more insight into self.”
“Sometimes the right jolt or two reveals to us where love is missing or where we are tipping the scales of self-respect too much or overly compromising for the sake of peace.  While other times, the energy strongly pushes on the heavy denial or wall of pain so healing and transformation may occur.”
“Let it be a healthy release. Do not project things at another or others. Take responsibility for your role or part in things. Shift your perspective, see the issue or situation through the lens of Soul or wisdom and you will find the deeper meaning and purpose of whatever is happening.”
With Mars/Pluto symbolism, it’s possible for people to act in odd ways, spew anger, fury and other not so pleasant emotions and even make power plays that may be manipulative and strategic for self-gain. A feeling of betrayal is possible or something from the past may surface for healing. Instead of going into duality ‘me versus them, good versus bad’ – ask yourself what is the lesson, what is it you can practice, how can you remain assertive and empowered.  Shift your perspective about the issue or situation. This keeps you get out of the ego-power struggle and on the course of evolving as a conscious individual.”
“For some situations, it may be best to agree to disagree and give the whole thing some breathing room and come back to resolve it in a few days. The situation or issue is a catalyst for your healing, growth and awareness. It may reveal where you feel powerless or stuck and where you need to practice being empowered and trusting Soul and the Universe to guide you.”
“What manifests around this time may be startling, shocking, surprising.”
“The combination of Moon in Libra “opposes” the Sun, Venus and Uranus in Aries and Mars in Aries ‘Square’ Pluto in Capricorn – It is possible hidden information or insight may present itself as truth and clarity emerges. Be open, curious and stay empowered.”
“There is potential for old relationships (both personal and business), marriages, partnerships, collaborations, alliances to become obsolete and permanently exit now. Or relationships will feel the push to grow and evolve to the next stage. This leaves an open space for something new to be born and emerge. New partnerships or relationship may require regular nurturing to strengthen for long-term.”
Intention: “I AM Peace in the midst of chaos
 Copyright 2013  Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved
 From Patricia Liles from The Power
“With Pluto, God of the Underworld and holder of the shadow, exactly squaring Mars and this Aries group, as well as the Full Moon, we have the potential for eruption of buried material, frustrated power issues, secrets, toxic materials of all sorts.Certainly freeing of the shadow reveals the power and light available and this is what we seek in order to evolve, but when we pass through this kind of portal as we do now, the crisis-provoking square energy in the hands of those who at their core feel utterly powerless in these challenging times of dissolution of what had been believed to be stability can be a notably impulsive, destructive, self-righteous energy.”
This activation of ‘revolutionary power’ used by the creative, shamanic and those who have the discipline and knowledge to handle these energies skillfully is a powerful opportunity. The Full Moon is collective energy and each one is called on to acknowledge and release those lines and pools of powerlessness within that are up surging with the energy of Spring and this most powerful of Full Moons. This energy began in the days before Full Moon and continues through the end of the month and beyond.”
“The Finger of God triangular formation created by Pluto and Saturn at the base with Jupiter at the apex is still active with Jupiter also exactly square Chiron at 11º (Gemini-Pisces) lending deep support and catalyzing energy for healing and urging us to work with the beliefs and mental constructs that hold old wounding experiences in place. Every where I look people seem to be turning over the old rocks in their psychological lives and seeing what dark, creepy-crawler things lie beneath (pain and suffering be gone!).Much collective healing is taking place. What you do for yourself, you do in support of healing for all.” 
 Copyright 2013  Patricia Liles. All Rights Reserved
From Molly Hall from 
“The Libra Full Moon chart suggests things coming to a head. Full Moons are harvest time, and with Libra comes in the instincts of the Judge. There can be a great re-balancing, with brave acts that flip the story drastically. This is not a time to provoke an “enemy” or pull a power move — it could backfire bigtime.”
This could be the moment to overcome inertia. To bravely move with the energies of life, freedom, physical vitality and creative risks. It’s a tipping point moment, of action, to forge ahead fully engaged in the moment.”
“Great and amazing strides are made, but only when we’re aware of the need for timing, and to stay rooted in the real. Some rude awakenings happen now, especially if we’ve got blind spots to what’s really going on.”
“Full Moons are about illumination, and what’s revealed now helps us balance the surging urge to act, with the demand to deal with ‘what is.’ This is a testing time. Will we keep sight of our dreams, in the midst of great struggle? It’s said we gain strength of character through adversity. And this then fuels our ability to take risks, and put the full weight of our being behind what we’re doing.”
“It’s also the astro weather of a relationship being tested — how solid is it? What’s been repressed or denied is confronted. This can be ultimately freeing, even if events happen that seem devastating in the short term. The specter of force/aggression/violence here makes it one to err on the side of caution for personal safety.”
“Energetically, this Full Moon can be like a cosmic judgment day, a harvest of sorts….a time of reaping what’s been sown. A sorry situation, something rotten at the core, can no longer be ignored. Inner passions and knowings surge to the fore, demanding expression. The future and life will win ultimately — what needs to be put right for new growth to happen?
“There could be dramatic experiences that quicken that process of birthing the new. The forces could serve it up as a break-up or other loss, or a great gain. There’s also the promise of paradigms shattering…so that there can be a fresh start…”
“This Full Moon is a catalyst for earth-shattering moments that wake us up to who we really are! And in the process, a new path of possibility is perceived…”
“There are stunning mercurial aspects, to be able to see deeply and from many angles. If you find yourself in a seemingly impossible situation, ask for a miracle of altered thinking. The way forward is to be flexible and adapt quickly as your perception changes.”
“An attitude of compassion is a light if you’re walking through shadows. This draws our attention to core wounds or emotional pools we emerged from. In such deep depths, we’re close to what’s meaningful, and with that, the sense of mystery and the divine.” 
Copyright 2013  Molly Hall. All Rights Reserved

The Eyes In Your Heart with Lee Harris

Although this is an older post from Lee, it fits in beautifully with the now, as he speaks to the coming 2 years from the time of this video, which was September 2011. I just happened to come across it and some of the things reminded me of themes I was discussing today with a very special friend. 🙂

Channel for “yourself” and when you cannot “see,” remember you can move forward by “seeing” your way through the heart.

I’m looking forward to some of the things I will be posting over the next couple of weeks that I’ve been receiving as big nudges to share from my heart. While they are percolating and I’m engaged in an immense time of inner and creating here, I hope you enjoy Lee Harris and his loving energy.


This weekend is full of great reposts shared via my magical faery twin, Laura Bruno. Today is a repost of her sharings from DL Zeta on realizing the new reality IS already here for each person who has their own awareness to see and know that. This reflects my own feelings of living in a reality of my own creation and how I always share with people that the world I experience is full of miracles and magic that doesn’t need validation from anyone, as it simply IS my reality. I love this that DL Zeta shares: “It is up to each person to access the energetic field of the new time and interact with the frequencies there to incubate and manifest their personal visions. Those who sit around waiting for ‘proof’ that the new time exists miss the point. We are the proof that the new time exists. Our expanding consciousness allows us to see through all that held us back in past times and helps us chart a course for timelines where our highest potentials exist. As we manifest our highest potentials, we help fashion a new world that reflects higher dimensional realities.” and this: “Many lightworkers are perceiving and accessing the energetic field of the new time every day. These souls are using the frequencies of the new time to awaken gifts and potentials that reside within them. In some cases, these gifts were cultivated across lifetimes. Examples of this include the artist who incorporates the frequencies of the new time into his or her artwork; the musician who encodes notes along the energetic spectrum of awakening into their compositions; and the teacher who structures workshops designed to awaken participants to their highest potentials.” Here’s to living in YOUR “new time”.

Laura Bruno's Blog

I always enjoy DL Zeta’s posts about timelines. (Thanks, Lucas!) This one contains some excellent reminders that we really don’t need anyone’s permission or external validation in order to (know we) exist in the new reality — whatever that means for us. Though linked through All That Is, we each have our own path, hopes, dreams, desires, visions and preferences. Part of discernment comes from recognizing what does or doesn’t feel balanced, healing and/or pleasant to us. To you. To me. We may not agree on the details, and that’s really A-OK. As DL Zeta puts it, “It is up to each person to access the energetic field of the new time and interact with the frequencies there to incubate and manifest their personal visions.”

I also found the following paragraph quite synchronous, as this awareness is what prompted March’s Healing Skills Reclamation Special:

“Awakening Gifts we…

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Thank you Laura for sharing what I feel to be a very important key point to help support everyone to the next experience of life that they desire to be having. This video from Paige Bartholomew is a valuable resource to help you work deeply in order to fully release and heal, as well as understand why it is you aren’t and are continually being activated regardless of the spiritual work you ARE doing.

There isn’t a lot of teaching out there that addresses how to work with all your levels in order to then integrate. Positive affirmations are only a piece of the puzzle as they address only the mental and suppress the rest of what you are feeling in your body and emotions, which can cause confusion inwardly that will show up later.

Paige does a great job in simplifying things and provides a good place to begin this deeper level of healing. I LOVE this quote of hers: “The important thing to remember is that we can’t skip over the levels. We can’t just go straight to the unity level and pray and meditate all day long and expect that we’re gonna be healed, because what happens is that people who meditate a lot will be fantastic when they’re meditating or when they’ve been praying for three hours. But as soon as they go back out into the world, they become activated in their body and they don’t know why. And there’s this subtle message inside of us that says ‘What’s wrong with me? Why am I not getting better? I’m doing all this spiritual stuff.”

It becomes a destructive spiral of self-judgment. As Paige explains, the reason you’re not getting any better is because “you can’t just focus on the unity and then expect the body and the heart to know the truth about themselves. We have to work with the level of the body, the level of the heart, the level of the soul, and we heal on every level.”

Integrating means lovingly recognizing, honoring, working with, healing and bringing together each level. Going beyond the affirmations and understanding what the feelings that prompted the affirmations have to share and teach us and learning how to lovingly support and understand their process. In doing so, you also learn compassion for others, as well as realize that you are loved in all of your wholeness at every step of the journey.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Today, I’m posting a valuable video from Paige Bartholomew addressing neurological and body trauma. As individuals (and as a culture) we have so much trauma embedded in our bodies, hearts and nervous systems that it often feels difficult to remain in body due to the pain. So many addictions, distractions and the ability to detach from instead of help to heal our world, stem from this desire to avoid re-triggered trauma.

In this video, Paige gives some simple techniques to help release the original trauma from the body so that we don’t immediately go back into that trauma every time we experience a trigger. She shares techniques for individuals, but “As Within, So Without.” The more we as individuals address our own, individual wounds, the more we heal our world.

At first, Paige keeps us focused on the body, rather than the story. “Whatever it is you feel, is the…

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