This weekend is full of great reposts shared via my magical faery twin, Laura Bruno. Today is a repost of her sharings from DL Zeta on realizing the new reality IS already here for each person who has their own awareness to see and know that. This reflects my own feelings of living in a reality of my own creation and how I always share with people that the world I experience is full of miracles and magic that doesn’t need validation from anyone, as it simply IS my reality. I love this that DL Zeta shares: “It is up to each person to access the energetic field of the new time and interact with the frequencies there to incubate and manifest their personal visions. Those who sit around waiting for ‘proof’ that the new time exists miss the point. We are the proof that the new time exists. Our expanding consciousness allows us to see through all that held us back in past times and helps us chart a course for timelines where our highest potentials exist. As we manifest our highest potentials, we help fashion a new world that reflects higher dimensional realities.” and this: “Many lightworkers are perceiving and accessing the energetic field of the new time every day. These souls are using the frequencies of the new time to awaken gifts and potentials that reside within them. In some cases, these gifts were cultivated across lifetimes. Examples of this include the artist who incorporates the frequencies of the new time into his or her artwork; the musician who encodes notes along the energetic spectrum of awakening into their compositions; and the teacher who structures workshops designed to awaken participants to their highest potentials.” Here’s to living in YOUR “new time”.

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I always enjoy DL Zeta’s posts about timelines. (Thanks, Lucas!) This one contains some excellent reminders that we really don’t need anyone’s permission or external validation in order to (know we) exist in the new reality — whatever that means for us. Though linked through All That Is, we each have our own path, hopes, dreams, desires, visions and preferences. Part of discernment comes from recognizing what does or doesn’t feel balanced, healing and/or pleasant to us. To you. To me. We may not agree on the details, and that’s really A-OK. As DL Zeta puts it, “It is up to each person to access the energetic field of the new time and interact with the frequencies there to incubate and manifest their personal visions.”

I also found the following paragraph quite synchronous, as this awareness is what prompted March’s Healing Skills Reclamation Special:

“Awakening Gifts we…

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