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Orca Update: Orcas Could Become Extinct in the Next 20 Years or Less



Perhaps this is part of why I had the dream about the Orcas the other night that then prompted me to share their plea and a cry for help and support.

Thank you Laura for finding this article and sharing it with me:

West Coast Orcas Experiencing 100% Infant Mortality Rate As Radiation From Fukushima Drifts Across Ocean

Regardless of whether or not this is the cause, it’s definitely evident that changes are happening both in the waters of our oceans, and on land, due to effects of shifts on many levels taking place that include reckless abuse, neglect, dishonor, and unconscious behaviors on the parts of humanity.

Our Earth Mother and her children are providing us the messages. It is up to us to listen and take conscious action to work in harmony with her and to be present and accountable for the difference we each are able to make.

This led Laura and I to discuss a movie about traveling back in time to Earth’s past to contact the now-extinct humpback whales for their help to assist with something threatening Earth in the present/future – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Let’s learn from these messages so as not to create similar dire circumstances.


Upcoming & Potentially Some of the Last Reiki Workshops in Costa Mesa, California

reiki cats

If you’re local to the Orange County and Los Angeles area of Southern California, just a reminder that my time is limited for teaching workshops in this area. I won’t know my timing for sure until likely some time in March, but keep this in mind if you’ve been wanting to review a Reiki workshop you’ve already taken, or if you’ve been wanting to take the next step on your path and felt drawn to any of my workshops.

The April workshop has the potential to be my last one taught here locally.

If one of the dates below don’t work for you, you are always able to schedule a private workshop with me on any day that aligns with both of us. Many times private workshops turn into group ones when others are also able to come on that day, and if you’re open to the group dynamic. I offer workshops both privately and in groups in order to support individual needs.

However, my availability is very limited right now, as I have a lot of travels coming up, a full schedule, and workshops already set up both privately and in groups.

As always, if you are a student who has already taken a workshop with me, you are welcome to join for FREE as a refreshing review, to deepen your practice, or to co-teach, provided there is room.

The Reiki workshops that I offer are part of the Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Certification Training.

I’ve been practicing and teaching both within and outside the U.S. since 2007 with clients and students internationally, many of which are themselves practicing practitioners and teachers, but also many who have simply integrated Reiki into their every day lives and experience enhancement and support as a direct result.


Here are the current group workshops available in Costa Mesa:


  • Reiki Level 3 Master Teacher Workshop ~ Sunday, February 8th: 9 am – 6 pm – Only 1 Spot Remaining

Reiki Level III Master Teacher Class involves learning 3 Reiki Master Symbols including Tibetan, Anthakarana and Usui Master Symbols, Violet Breath, Hui Yin exercise, healing attunement instruction, receiving a third attunement, learn advanced techniques and more. You will also be given instruction on how to give attunements for all levels and how to teach them as well. You learn what it means to be a teacher, while helping to nurture more confidence, commitment and responsibility to your service. We will review Reiki Levels 1 and 2 for anyone interested in going over questions from previous training.


  • Reiki 1 & 2 Accelerated Workshop ~ Sunday, April 12th: 9 am – 6 pm – 5 Spots Remaining

The focus is on learning, sharing, supporting and expanding your heart through Reiki (pronounced ray-key). The practice of channeling Reiki (spiritually guided Universal Life Force Energy) is an easy-to-learn, gentle and powerful system of natural healing that reduces stress, induces relaxation, supports intentions, and provides many other healing benefits. As a very powerful aid to personal growth, Reiki works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, and can be refined for personal use and in our service to others, animals, and the collective at large.

  • Early registration discounts available if registered by February 28th
  • Payment plans available


Please contact me with questions and to register: Contact Tania

The Miracle of Life ~ Sacred Tattoo Design

Sacred Tattoo DesignThis design was such a joy to create and the timing on its channeled creation was also quite beautiful when it took place. As always, it’s so fun to see what is going to come through as I experience each piece creating itself in the moment. This happens by allowing the energy flow to carry me along the journey, rather than dictating it.

There were a few main elements my amazing client wanted me to incorporate (and she included some things she really resonated with as possible choices), but she was open to the way it would unfold, which is always such a blessing to the process.

I interpreted things in a somewhat whimsical, but sacred, empowered feminine way, and found additional elements making themselves known as things unraveled.

Included in this design you’ll find a sparrow, my version of a tree of life, butterflies, Tibetan Fire Serpent Reiki symbol, a seven pointed star, sacred geometry, DNA, flower of life, spirals, hearts, feather, diamond star, and my version of old-fashioned bleeding hearts (heart shaped blossoms on trailing stems with single dangling pendulous drops). There is even the hint of snake energy in the way the tree branches and trunk curve and flow – an element she was drawn to, if it worked itself in.

Here is the description I shared with my client that helps tell the story of this design and how to find all the hidden elements:

It may be hard to follow, but if you look closely you’ll see that the root of the tree begins at an upward spiral at the bottom that roots, anchors, and grounds “below”, to the right of the large flower of life within a blossoming sun/lotus. It curves up and around to a larger area of the trunk that then is home to the DNA strand at its core (the life giving uniqueness from which all is birthing). And then from this trunk three branches emerge.

One branch goes to the left and curves into a downward spiral. Another branch goes up to the right of the sparrow with a lower portion of it flowing into a downward spiral and then branching from there this stem separates into two stems that curve to create a natural heart shape.

Then there is a larger branch of the main trunk that goes to the left of the sparrow and curves around and up, ending at what almost appears to be a hand that is openly cupping “above” what is to come from Source, with a spiral thumb – always ready to embrace and receive enlightenment, new awareness, expansion, evolution.

Within the tree there are spirals and energy throughout, keeping everything fluid and in flowing motion.

The sparrow sweetly, gracefully, and peacefully sits in harmony, the Tibetan Fire Serpent flowing in balance down its resting wings, at center of its back, both anchoring/grounding as well as drawing energy up and balancing. In the tufts of its under belly there is a Seven Pointed Star (or Faery Star/Pleiadian Star):

One of the entrances to the Other Side. By following the seven steps of transformation on the ladder of the visible planets (metals), the symbol joins us with the Whole Universe, bestowing personal spiritual transformation. Also known as the Pleiadian Star or Faery Star, the 7 pointed star is one of the entrances to the spirit realm – the gateway to the Otherworld. Each point on the star represents a pathway, or the 7 rays of manifestation of the Higher Self, as follows: *1st point – Power, Personal Will and Determination. *2nd point – Unconditional Love, Wisdom and Growth. *3rd point – Knowledge and Intelligence. *4th point – Harmony and Tranquility. *5th point – the Powers of Mind and Science. *6th point – Devotion and Honesty. *7th point – Magick. The points blend with each other, nurturing and joining us as one with the Universe, bestowing personal and spiritual transformation.

The sparrow is facing/looking with soft gaze at the heart shaped branch and in between where its beak points, is a spark of life in sacred geometry blossoming in alchemical energy…creating the ability to see with clarity, bring forth your creative self expression, give and receive love and even draw in love/partner from a place of truth and pure purpose.

Sparrows symbolize joy, creativity, simplicity, protection, community, productivity, vigilance, and speaks of higher thoughts and ideals. They teach us to think outside the box, are masters of flight (freedom), share with us the need to keep burdens light so we can avoid a heavy heart, and that there is spiritual abundance always around us.

I found this in looking at sparrow symbolism that I thought you might enjoy – a hymn “His Eyes are on the Sparrow” – Why should I feel discouraged? Why should the shadows come? Why should my heart be lonely when I know with Source I am One? I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free, The Eye of Source is on the Sparrow, I know Source watches over me.”

There are three butterflies – three is the symbol of creative power, growth, magic, intuition, expression, versatility, pure joy of creativity, celebration, very goddess energy connected and reflective of the Empress in the Tarot, overcoming duality, manifestation, integration, complete cycles, flow. When I created three butterflies I didn’t realize that they also could double as symbolism for your three children, that are so dear to you. I love the hidden surprises that reveal themselves later.

Butterfly medicine symbolizes transformation, celebration, transition, lightness, soul, time, grace, elegance, freedom, joy and bliss, miracles, flexibility, cycles of life, creativity, gentleness, preciousness of life, as well as the medicine the ability and clarity of mind needed before self-transformation.

The spirals throughout symbolize creation, movement, fluidity, surrender/releasing, holistic growth, and awareness of the one within the context of the whole. It reveals the cyclical nature of life, the consciousness of nature from core center expanding outward, and the relationship between unity and multiplicity. It is the limitless spirals that move both “inward towards the Source of creation and eternally outward with Source’s continual self-creation.” In this way, the spiral reflects the contiguous journey home to who you really are and the journey to be one with Source.

The whole piece is very feminine in its graceful flow, not only creating sort of an “s” shape, but also hints at an Infinity symbol if you follow the flow of the entire design, as well.

I included two Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart vines in a whimsical design that to me not only are like hearts with a pendulous drop below, but feel like key holes which can be unlocked to access what you desire…new doorways of experience. These plants bloom in the cool of spring and into early summer – new life and blossoming creative energy.

Two is the energy of balance, duality, kindness, equalization, diversity, stability, reflection, choice, exchanges with others, partnerships, communication, desire, and asks us to exert our natural flow of judgment to do what is best for our souls. In alchemy, two are the opposites – like Sun and Moon, King and Queen, Sacred Male and Female, and also are like the Twin Flame aspect within yourself.

There are seven blossoms visible. Seven deals with magickal forces like three, the search for esoteric meaning, activation of imagination, manifesting results in our lives, and use of conscious thought and awareness. It is a very spiritual number that represents our spiritual journey, connection to Source, alchemy, ascending, completeness, perfection…

There is a feather that I placed, gracefully floating, seeming to come from the sparrow’s tail to where it points. Feathers represent flight, freedom, ascension, lightness, grace, ability to flow with winds of change, truth, speed, communication with Spirit, celestial wisdom, the power of the element air. Here, accompanied by the butterflies and surrounded with heart blossoms and heart petals, it is a reminder to release the heaviness from our hearts, to be gentle with ourselves, nurture our innocent inner child, dance with grace through change, embrace vulnerability, and be willing to flow without attachments that hinder our expansiveness.

I created a burst of nine heart shaped petals or leaves at the bottom that are emerging from the root of the tree…rooting the loving connection you share with Mother Earth, your ability to create from the source of this grounded love and connection with the rhythm of nature, and to represent the balance needed of also going deep, not just reaching up. There are nine of these. Nine representing attainment, accomplishment, the end of a cycle before a new one begins, contentment, the inner journey, inventiveness, drawing from our inner resources, gifts, and abilities to bring them out into the world for service, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, humanitarianism, destiny, soul purpose/mission, inner strength, intuition, inner wisdom, freedom, visionary mysticism, and strength of character.

I created the large flower of life to the left as the source of what is birthing and cradled it in an unfurling/blossoming lotus with petals that almost create the flames of the sun (inner illumination and clarity). This flower of life balances the star-like rendition of one at the top right, so that there is always an equality in working “As Above, So Below” and never forgetting parts of ourselves or over-developing one aspect over another.

And where a spiral tree root and blossoming heart petals birth and journey forth below, a simple diamond star at the top, brings crystalline clarity and wisdom that transcends into limitlessness and is the essence inclusive of and beyond light and dark.

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred visionary piece of artwork or tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

There is currently a waiting list, but you can easily make your deposit at the link provided below to embark on this journey in partnership with me. I’m currently booked out until mid-April.

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: Life Changing Tattoos

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle format here: Spiritual Skin


Contrasting Sunset Sky

Tonight’s sunset sky was nothing short of amazing.

I was teaching a Reiki Level 1 & 2 Accelerated Workshop and after cleaning up, I stepped out front to take in some air and check the mail.

What greeted me was such an interesting contrast, which mirrored the very interesting day.

Reiki always weaves its own unique energy in how the days, events, etc. will evolve.

One of the students ended up having to leave abruptly, with grave disappointment, from suddenly getting tremendous headaches and upset stomach half way through the workshop. She said she hasn’t been sick in ages and couldn’t remember when the last headache she had was. The headache began slightly just after arriving and just continued increasing in severity, to then becoming an upset stomach.

She was definitely going through huge shifts (not to mention some deep activations) with all that she was embracing on her opening path – so brave she is! And sometimes things also shift to have the perfect synergy of energy in the workshop.

She’ll be returning to complete training next week, as she also is on a fast track to have her Reiki 3 Master Teacher training next Sunday. Again, what a courageous one she is, not to mention a total sweetheart! She has been having a very rapid opening in her life and it’s awesome to witness that kind of commitment.

I’m happy to report that after she got home and ate a little, and napped, she is feeling good again.

So after the day ended, to find the sky as you see in the photos (although they don’t capture half the vibrancy and true richness of color), I was just in awe.

sunsetThe sky to the right of the house where the sun was setting was passionately on fire.

pink rainbowAnd the sky to the left was soft and gentle, splashed with not only pink clouds, but a FULL pink rainbow. I couldn’t capture the whole thing, but it was a complete pink rainbow that framed the driveway.

So, so spectacular and unusual!! Wow!

It was also my first workshop to teach with both of my little bunny loves supporting me that represent the Sacred Feminine and Masculine (hmmm seem familiar in the sky contrasts?).

They both hung out in my office while teaching, but they were both helping mom prepare yesterday.

I have to admit, I was really missing them, even though I was just in the other room teaching! It was the first day not being right next to Cosmo. He did make an appearance at lunch break though, when I went to pick him up to give him some love and introduce him to the others.

I’m a love sick mommy indeed.

But what a sky tonight. The contrast was so symbolic and powerful. And the full pink rainbow….magick and love abound! MMMMMMMMMM!

How to Host Reiki Certification Training Where You Live & Receive Your Training Free Plus Discounts For Your Group

reiki3As promised, since several people have been asking again about Reiki training with me in person where they live, since they are unable to travel, I put together the updated information on the possibility of my teaching in your city with the ability to receive your Reiki training free.

Even if you don’t ever see yourself practicing Reiki as a profession, learning Reiki and receiving an initiation attunement will completely transform your life in beautifully supportive and opening ways, drawing in mirroring experiences and opportunities that reflect your new vibration.

You will also be able to support yourself with ANY thing – helping to put you back in control of your own life – AND you will be able to effectively support your friends, animal companions, loved ones, global peace and healing…all while tapping into a bit of magick to infuse your life with and help to create more balance all around.

As with anything, the key is to make it a natural part of your life and to practice it so you can refine your skills and learn to make it uniquely your own. Cultivating it in combination with any other gifts and healing modalities you already use will not only be fun and empowering, but you will also come to understand how everything is a tool you can mold into unlimited creation to mirror you.

Foundations provide you a place to build upon, but then your heart will lead the way.

I can customize the teaching and add any additions as well, based on what the needs of your group are. A lot of people have been wanting to combine crystals with Reiki, so that is just one example.

I love co-creating if the energy is in alignment, so if you would like to combine the workshops into a fun weekend event that fuses with your own offerings, that is something that can also be put together. You can contact me to discuss possibilities and see if there’s an energetic synergy to what we might be able to create.

Examples (some of which I’ve already enjoyed combining) might be Reiki with yoga, crystals, animals, conscious eating, meditation, nature immersions, shamanism, etc.

The Reiki workshops that I offer are part of the Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Certification Training.

I have been practicing and teaching both within and outside the U.S. since 2007 with clients and students internationally, many of which are themselves practicing practitioners and teachers, but also many who have simply integrated Reiki into their every day lives and experience enhancement and support as a direct result.

reiki share

To Host a group Reiki workshop/event in your home town, whether out of state or out of country, here are the details:


What I contribute:

  • The host receives FREE Reiki training up to the level I am teaching for the event (worth $1000 by taking all 3 levels at once – or $1175 if they had been taken separately)
  • Thorough manuals and certification to each participant
  • Personalized workshop to meet the needs of your group (any additional things you’d like to focus on)
  • Special rate packages and payment plans created for your group
  • In-person ability to experience Reiki with me, since I only offer sessions by distance

What you contribute:

  • Book the workshop/event at least 2 months in advance (the further in advance, the more opportunity for offering payment plans to your group)
  • Have a group of people ready to register (depending on where you’re located and the associated travel expenses we can discuss size of group needed to make it feasible)
  • A space to hold the workshop/event
  • Registration fees collected from your group in full by no later than 1 week ahead of event (fees are non-refundable since I am booking travel and preparing material, but fully credited toward future workshops if I’m asked to return to your area or for Reiki certification training by distance)


Further details:

For the out-of-state workshops, I have tiered discount options depending on the number of people that pre-register. It also depends on my travel expenses for the location I’m traveling to.

Of course, the more people, the more discounts I am able to provide and it makes it more accessible for others. Pre-registration is needed because of my having to make travel arrangements ahead of time, as well as having to put together the manuals/materials.

This constitutes the fees being non-refundable. If someone does have to cancel for some reason, I offer a full credit for workshops that we can set up for another time, or for distance certification training.

I hope you understand my policy on this, which I have to be stringent on due to too many incidences in the past occurring. There is a level of responsible commitment that comes with embarking on your Reiki path. I do understand that there are things that occur and this is why I do offer the credit toward future workshops or training by distance.

A registration deadline will be decided upon and full payment will be needed no later than 1 week before the workshop. Depending on when the workshop/s are set up for, there is the option to offer payment plans if that would be of assistance to someone. More payments are possible in a payment plan, depending on how long in advance the workshops are booked, but however much you have paid up until the day of cancelling, will not be refundable.

Full balance will be needed one week before the start of the workshops, at latest, but can also be paid in full ahead.

There would need to be a decision about offering all three levels of Reiki, or just the first two levels.

I teach Reiki 1 & 2 together on one day and Reiki 3 on another. Usually people like to go through all three while I’m there, so that they don’t have to schedule another time. However, I’ve also had people just interested in the first two levels and a later time could be arranged at another future date.

A space to hold the workshop/event is needed. Most people that host these offer their home space, as long as there is room for everyone, but that is to your discretion. Again, you are responsible for the space and if there is space to host me without need for a hotel room, that assists in cutting down my travel expenses as well, which provides more flexibility with everything too.



The tiered options I offer for all 3 levels of Reiki certification training, within the U.S. (2 full days of workshops) are as follows (subject to travel expenses involved, which will determine how many people ultimately are needed to make it feasible to cover those and my time):

(If interested in workshops and you reside outside of the U.S., please message me to discuss options)

The maximum group is 12 people that I can teach


3 people minimum required = $1000 per person (this is the regular, already discounted rate (savings of $175) for taking all 3 at once)

4-7 people = $800 per person ($200 discount)

8-10 people = $600 per person ($400 discount)

11-12 people = $500 per person ($500 discount)


* If someone wants to join your group that is taking all 3 levels, but is only interested in Reiki 1 & 2 certification training, then the rate is $400 ($100 discount off regular $500 rate) – this rate only applies if there is a minimum group of at least 3 people taking all 3 levels in addition


* If someone wants to join your group that is taking all 3 levels, but is only interested in Reiki 3 Master Teacher certification training, the rate is $550 ($100 discount off regular $650 rate) – this rate only applies if there is a minimum group of at least 3 people taking all 3 levels in addition


If your entire group is only interested in Reiki 1 & 2 certification training, the following tiered options apply:


6 people minimum required = $500 per person (this is the regular, already discounted rate (savings of $25) for taking the 2 together)

7-9 people = $400 per person ($100 discount)

10-12 people = $300 per person ($200 discount)


If your entire group is only interested in Reiki Level 3 Master Teacher certification training, the following tiered options apply:


5 people minimum required = $650 per person (no discount – this is regular rate)

6-9 people = $550 per person ($100 discount)

10-12 people = $350 per person ($200 discount)


If you have any questions or would like to discuss possibilities of arranging workshops in your area, please message me here: Contact Tania


And for more information about Reiki, the workshops I teach, and sessions I offer, please visit: Reiki


One Little Rabbit With One Giant Heart, Helping To Change The World & Each Life He Touches

cosmoMy life has changed over night, since the arrival of a new bunny love. Just this Sunday I went to pick up Blizzy (his rescue name), a nine year old special needs rabbit, from the adoption event at Petco in Pasadena, facilitated by Bunny World Foundation.

His previous foster family brought him to the event so that I could take over his care.

This has all been sudden, but as change is a constant in life (more so in mine I think because I welcome and flow with it) once again I find everything evolving in beautiful and unexpected ways.

How did this all come about? Well, I would say magickally. I’ll share a little on why.

I mentioned in earlier posts how rabbit energy has increasingly been showing up and due to several dreams, I knew that I wanted to do more for rabbits, as they are so dear to my heart. I do already have an amazing little one, Joy, who is a powerful healer and potent being all around. And I have had two other bunnies in my life, including the magickal Nestor.

After the dreams I knew I wanted to be more active in helping rabbits, so I started volunteer work at a local rescue just a few minutes from my house. Rabbit energy continued to expand and envelope my life from there. Then one day, a week and a half ago, a friend tagged me in a post on Facebook from another rabbit rescue in Los Angeles, Bunny World Foundation.

They had just come into receiving two infant rabbits that were in need of care, with a traumatic story as to how they were now there on their own without mother and two siblings that are no longer on this physical plane.

My friend, like most people, knows that I’m a bunny person, or crazy rabbit lady 😉 I constantly see posts like these and normally I will focus my action in sending healing energy, but for some reason I felt compelled to contact the organization and offer even more direct help. I felt drawn to care for them to help them get strong and healthy so they could then be adopted. I sat there and wrote my email, but hesitated hitting send.

On some level I felt something more from this action I was taking and it was like a soul pause taking a moment to check in on making the definitive decision of responsible commitment on a level I was unaware of consciously, as I’m an all or nothing person. I don’t know the meaning of half a–sing things.

So after a minute or two I finally hit send.

It took a couple of days, but I then received an email from the head of Bunny World Foundation, and the rest unfolded from there.

They had found a woman that specialized in infant care, as the infants needed special tube feeding you have to be trained for, but Lejla (the head of Bunny World Foundation) and I ended up having a long conversation connecting about so many mutual things, including knowing the woman who runs Save A Bunny, where I adopted Joy from. We concluded the call by my saying I’d love to help out in any way I can and asked if there was anything special she needed help with.

And then she told me about Blizzy (named this because he reminded his rescuer person who was caring for him when he came to the Human Society of an Oreo Blizzard).

Blizzy was in need of a new foster home, as his current foster family was no longer able to care for him. They’d been looking for the last few months for someone and it was crucial he find a home that week.

And of course, here I come along at the right time….I now know that he had called out to me, just as Joy, Nestor, and Gaia had, and I heard his call.

A little about Blizzy’s background – He was dumped at the doorsteps of Humane Society’s Hollywood Office in a cardboard box with NOTHING in it. He had some physical issues that they took care of right away. Everyone said he was the sweetest bunny they’d ever met because he loves being held and giving love.

He became somewhat of a celebrity bunny, as the new ambassador for the Humane Society International – End Animal Testing Campaign in China with actress Zhu Zhu as the first Chinese celebrity to ever speak out about animal testing in China – with Blizzy in her arms.

blizzy3Then Blizzy became paralyzed from the lower back down about five months ago and is without use of his back legs. The extent of what happened and what his condition is, is something I am looking into, as I have a first appointment today to help get a handle on his situation and how best I can help him.

For now, we do have a long and patient journey ahead, not just in getting him strong again, but also in integrating him with my bunny, Joy.

I am not at liberty to go into more background on him, but needless to say I realize why he is with me, and I promise to give him the best care and love possible. If all goes well with the bunny bondingg, he will find himself a forever home here with us, and I will officially adopt him. But my first concern is to get him in the best possible shape and understand what is possible in terms of treatment, rehabilitation, surgery, etc.

He is in need of daily baths since he has lost ability and training in using his litter box, so he pees on himself. I am devising several creative ways to assist with this and perhaps at some point may be able to train him back into litter box use, or there are other options I’m working on right now for him. For now, he just pulls himself along with his front legs and his back legs twist under him to the left, dragging behind. I do see some slight movement in his little legs though, and he spreads his toes when I wash him, so I am hopeful that something could shift, as spontaneously as it shifted to where it is currently.

Either way, I will provide the best care I can give him and ensure he has the happiest life possible, full of love.

I’m also needing to get him on a normal feeding regime, and helping him to feel peaceful in the transition.

Joy is on soldier patrol, since she isn’t used to another bunny infringing on her boundaries, but I have to say she’s handling things still quite well despite her expected aggressive behavior and she is getting more calm as they spend time sharing space.

She will often sleep right by his pen near my stereo where the music is playing. And she is eating normally and behaving normally otherwise, but she has a lot to integrate too.

For now I have Blizzy in a pen in my office so that he is safe and out of harm from her or the cats, and the protective cover on the bottom handles his inability to use his litter box. In this way Joy and Blizzy can see each other and smell each other, but they can’t get at each other. I did have to get ingenious however, as they need to be able to see each other, but not interact yet in terms of being able to get paws and teeth at each other through the bars.

It took me some frustrated-to-tears moments yesterday to creatively figure this out, as I tried some things. I needed to fix this issue right away so that the bunnies weren’t getting stressed, as when Blizzy was curious to see Joy, she was aggressively attacking at the bar. So, I surrendered and had a good cry, asking for an idea.

joy and cosmoI then got the idea to devise an outer perimeter with the second pen I had (good thing I had these on hand from years ago when I was training Joy). So I formed a geometric shape around the already octagon shaped pen (a bunny bagua), tying it at corners to create distance in areas that separated them from contact and at the few corners they meet, they have double bars making it not possible to get at each other. Phew!

The plan is to let them get used to each other in this way for a couple of weeks and then we will begin the bonding process slowly introducing them in a neutral zone (first outside of the house at the founder’s home) and then working on it in neutral zones in the house), baby step by baby step.

Being that I work from home and am with them all day really makes a difference, as the three of us are in my office together and I am able to play soft, beautiful music for them, which is having a wonderful calming effect on everyone. Plus, I can take care of immediate needs.

Right now I have Blizzy on a two-times-a-day bath schedule, morning and evening where I wash him in the sink and then dry him in a towel, holding him, while singing to him and giving him Reiki and gentle strokes. Although today is a three day bath day, as any time I notice he is getting soiled I want to make him more comfortable indeed, plus he has to go to the vet soon.

He is such a lover, licking me all the time, and although I know he is frustrated and has some pain (I am getting him meds today), he is still such a happy, strong soul with an amazingly brave and beautiful spirit.

I love seeing him peacefully sleeping and love caring for him. I don’t see any of it as a burden or stressful, but rather take pure joy catering to his needs, and am grateful for the richness he is bringing to my life. I know that he has much to give and teach us. I’ve literally spent the last two and a half days fully focused on him, as taking care of him and aiding the bond with Joy is the most important thing right now to me.

He’s already helping me to shift things in my own life that I’ve been wanting to, adding another element of sweetness and grace, and is touching a chord in my heart that is once again being expanded and deepened.

I love my time bathing him and helping to keep the energetic focus on wholeness and positivity, not wishing to look backward and dwell on what has been, but focusing on what is now and what we can create together.

I will be implementing holistic care, energy work, as well as taking the steps possible, physically. Physical therapy is likely part of the protocol. We are also seeing about potentially getting him a cart/wheelchair so that when he’s stronger and the two rabbits bond, that he can get himself around.

We’re also thinking about diapers as a potential, but I want to discuss all things with the doctor first before implementing.

I’ll know more about things once I’ve done a round of doctor’s visits at the vet and get a hold of his records.

In the meantime, he’s my special little boy and I know that while Joy on a physical level is having some challenge with the energy, that she is also doing her all to integrate her own balancing and supporting him with her powerful healing energy as well to help him.

So that’s where my energy has been focused and I think I now have a good little regime in place so that the rest can all be integrated and balanced back in.

If I don’t post as much at times, you’ll know why though, as this little one and having both bunnies peaceful is priority.

I will say that, like with all things in my life, there is no randomness about it. I sensed this was something big for me…a mission in fact. And that was reiterated the day I picked him up. On my way out a hawk was sitting on the light post giving me the support, and on the way home, another. But while driving, a dear friend called that knew I was on my way to get him and she was sending me love and support. I said out loud to her, there was just something about this that I knew was so much bigger and I used the word “mission” to describe it.

And right after we got off the phone, a song came on and the words said, “it’s more than just a mission….” and at that exact simultaneous moment, I was just crossing over “Mission St.”

I got chills and knew in my heart everything was in divine grace.

On the way home, just as I did with Joy and Gaia, I put on mantras and sang to him…calming him at a cellular level.

I’ve referred to him as Blizzy in this post, but to me this is not his name.

cosmo 3I know him as Cosmo – a name that means the whole Universe (from Cosmos), as well as order, harmony, beauty, completeness…the Universe as an orderly, harmonious whole. 🙂

I knew the moment I heard what he’d been called up until now, and saw his photo, that the first thing that needed to change was his name. It was not energetically supportive.

I didn’t know the name that truly was his, feeling that would come to me when the time was right. And that time was just three days before he came home. The name actually came to me magickally through the Orcas from my dream I posted about.

And after that I remembered that Cosmo, just like Joy and Nestor, was a name I had said in my late teens in high school that I would name a little one in my life that came to me as a boy. Those were the only three names I remember stating out loud with knowingness that I would name animal companions that might come into my life.

And now here he is.

Until he is officially adopted, I don’t know that his name can be changed, but to me he is Cosmo regardless.

Cosmo is such a courageous and spirited soul. He amazes me at how his will and love has carried him through to where he is. A remarkable feat for anyone, but for a delicate and sensitive being like a rabbit, it’s truly one of those miracle stories that moves your heart in inspiring ways.

I will share more, as the journey evolves. Right now, just taking it one day at a time, and with increased love flowing each day.

Learning of his situation and also experiencing the beauty of this experience from its larger picture place, has brought both tears of deep sadness and joy. I literally feel like a different person in just a matter of two days and continue to experience the shifts this is all creating in my own life, not to mention these two sweet ones’ lives.

It’s so interesting to look at the two of them. Joy is gray and white. Cosmo is black and white. They both have spotted markings. Joy is a lop eared rabbit and doesn’t have the greatest eye sight or ability to hear (one of the effects of breeding to create lop eared rabbits by humans). However, she is super-sensitized and her sense of smell and all other extrasensory perceptions are highly, highly attuned (inner senses), although has the power and assertion when needed. Cosmo is a straight eared rabbit and highly alert with both hearing and sight (outer senses), although is a sensitive bunny and very tender.

They are both very sweet, highly attuned, and are simply pure love.

We are so blessed and how grateful am I to have these two angels who so beautifully embody sacred feminine and male energy.

Silliness Creates Magick!

beach joy

Me jumping for joy at Crystal Cove

I’m my own best friend, keeping myself in daily amusement and entertainment…laughing out loud, talking to myself, making up funny skits and dances, and guiding myself by gentle hand through the ups and downs of life.

As much fun as I have on my own and with my animal companions and imagination, it’s definitely a treat to share the fun and laughs with a friend who mirrors the same deliriously silly shenanigans and yet can also carry a conscious conversation.

I got a surprise message from one such friend (Lynne – you may remember her as my banana cohort) was arriving in town a few weeks ago and so we were able to share in a fun day while she was visiting on Friday – Friday Fun Day!lynne and tania

We spent a perfect day eating at a favorite vegan restaurant for lunch, then grounding ourselves on a nature stroll (aka hike) overlooking the ocean, and finishing off with a long walk and exploring on the beach.

holy smokes bowls

My favorite Holy Smokes Bowls at Seabirds – brown rice, bbq jackfruit, sautéed greens, broccolini, pickled red onion, coconut bacon, Seabirds sauce and Kentucky bbq sauce

Good nourishing food, Earth and Water energy, along with laughs every step of the way, and good conversation, made for a very balanced day.

It’s been such a full couple of months that I was so grateful for the energy boost that aligned perfectly with completion of a project.

lynne and meYou just need some good old fashioned fun in your life, and that to me is silliness and laughter, along with the ability to vulnerably tap into the little girl or boy inside. I engage in this daily with myself, but I cherish the friends that can meet me in my little girl mode because that to me is priceless.

lynne and me2There’s so much seriousness in life. If you can’t laugh at things, or yourself, I think it not only ages you very quickly, but it creates a bitterness in life that will put a damper on anything you want to create.

Approaching life with curious wonder and as if everything is magickal, creates…well….magick!dragonfly

The photos in this post are from our day – some taken by me and others by Lynne (all photos of us taken by us!).

We encountered a lot of magick, natural beauty, and wonder, alongside creating our own fun.roadrunnersea snail5rainbow cactus

I hope they bring a smile, warmth, giggles, and a little lightness to your day, perhaps inspiring a little silliness to bubble to the surface for expression and inspire you to immerse yourself in nature, as the child in you will come alive there!banana beach

banana balletbanana funlynnebanana lovebanana blazecatalinagracegolden sunsea anemonetidepoolssunset on waterlight2

Spreading the Rabbit Love

One of the things I promised myself for this year was to shift my schedule so that I could do more personal things that are the essence of who I am and my passions, in addition to the things I share in love and service. So that means creating more and more efficiency in my life, restructuring, and streamlining.

And one of those essence passions of mine is rabbits – likely no surprise for anyone who knows me.

So it was important to me to be around them and BOTH give and receive love, magick, nurturing, and gifts from and to them.

Of course I do already have a sweet bunny love, Joy (I adopted her from Save A Bunny in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California), who is my heart and soul, and I energetically support rabbits, but I knew the time was now to do even more.

This ended up manifesting as offering my services in volunteer work at a local rabbit rescue, which I found just minutes from my house. And from that one choice, things are starting to take form in larger ways I hadn’t imagined. And yet as always, when we take one step in action, we are then shown more and doors and opportunities then present themselves in response to the energy put in motion and our willingness to take that action.

My volunteer work has started out as weekly helping to clean, feed, and spend time with all of the bunnies at The Bunny Bunch here in Fountain Valley and I have so enjoyed this and truly have such a smile on my face the entire time I am working (not feeling like it is work), as I talk with the bunnies that run around and nibble at my feet, as I tidy up their pens.

They all have unique personalities and of course there are those that I immediately create an extra special bond with, but they are all so, so very precious and beautiful little souls with a ton to give, teach, and infuse your life with.

A few have been adopted out since I’ve been helping out here, which is wonderful, but they will soon be replaced with more rabbits in need, as there are far too many to count of them.



One of these souls that has touched my heart is this white beauty, Sophia. She was my first draw and of course it didn’t surprise me to learn that she was a lab rabbit before coming here to The Bunny Bunch, indicating my sense of her special needs. This saddens me, but when I am with her all I do is give her love and gentle nurturing to bring peace and healing to her heart.

What also saddens me to know is that most people don’t adopt white rabbits with red eyes, as Sophia is, which is just incredibly disheartening to me that there are these stereotypical judgments or ideas about them. Sophia has been at The Bunny Bunch for over a year awaiting a new home.

In my heart I’ve adopted her, carrying her image around on my cell phone wall paper to send her love and energy every time I use my phone.



Another precious one is this little guy, Arthur – a Dwarf bunny. He is incredibly gentle and sweet. I think that speaks through even in his photo.

fuzzy bunnyAnd there are so many others, a few of which you see pictured in the photos here.


Giant Flemish


All of these lovelies, except the giant Flemish rabbits, are available for adoption at The Bunny Bunch. The Flemish are very gentle and sweet, which makes them wonderful teachers, adding valuable contribution to the classes taught at The Bunny Bunch.


The Bunny Bunch is a non-profit, no-kill rescue and education organization run entirely by volunteers with two locations in Southern California – Montclair (the main adoption/education center) and Fountain Valley.


Sweet Nate who was adopted

It was established in 1984 by Caroline Charland to rescue rabbits in need that would otherwise be euthanized. They also help chincillas and guinea pigs. They have a classroom where they educate the public on rabbits and proper rabbit care and health and they hold a lot of events you can find at their website.

Unfortunately, I have discovered that my allergies to hay and urine mixed hay are making it not possible to work in the capacity that I am. At home with one bunny it isn’t an issue other than a quick one or two sneeze now and then that subsides immediately upon finishing clean up. However, working several hours of handling and breathing in the large concentrations of hay, has proven to be a challenge.

At first I was not going to worry about it because it was worth it to me to help out these little ones, even though my nose was running and I was sneezing nonstop. But the last time I was there, it continued and when I got home, I had a coughing fit the rest of the afternoon/evening, coughing up stuff.

So, it became apparent that wasn’t wise to continue.

But, as I shared, one thing leads to another and there are reasons things unfold that will help point you in the direction you are most meant for.

I had already been starting to discuss other possibilities with Caroline about areas I could help in. I feel that this is leading me to where my skills and gifts are best utilized, which may end up in a teaching role, helping with events, or even training to become an Adoption Manager.

I don’t know where I’ll land, but the journey is proving to be a rich process and I look forward to seeing what aligns when Caroline and I speak next.

And, because of my stepping into this part of my path more, through another synchronous chain of events (all happening at the same time), I was led to connect with Lejla Hadzimuratovic, the head of another large rabbit organization here in Los Angeles – Bunny World Foundation – that is opening more possibilities and connections.

In fact, tomorrow, I will be going to meet and bring home a sweet, special needs bunny that I will be fostering. If all goes well with integrating him into the household and connecting with the other fur babies, he may just find himself a forever home here and in my heart as well.

I will share that journey as it unfolds, as well as where this path leads.

In the meantime, if looking for a rabbit companion, please consider adopting a rabbit from your local shelter or rabbit rescue and receiving education on proper rabbit care. Rabbits are the third most euthanized animals. They are most often used in animal testing labs, are killed for fur, for meat, etc., and in general, most people simply don’t understand them or how to care for them.

If you’d like to help out, you could also become a foster mom, dad, or family to one of the rabbits in need. Look into your local rescues for more information.

Rabbits aren’t the only animals in need of this kind of support, but they may be the most misunderstood, in my opinion, of animal companions.

They make wonderful animal companions and can be litter box trained. There is no need or call to ever house your rabbit in a cage. You wouldn’t do it to your cat or dog, so why would you to your rabbit?

A large pen or protected hutch can be an option, yet they need time each day to exercise outside of the pen in a safe area or bunny-proofed room or space. They can also be free in your home, just as your other animals, with the proper rabbit proofing precautions. They should never be left alone with young children, other animals, or irresponsible individuals.

Don’t get a rabbit because they are cute and a cute idea for your children as an Easter gift. These rabbits usually find themselves in shelters when their “novelty” runs out.

Feeling eternally grateful for the gifts these magickal beings infuse my life and our Earth with, and sending love out to all souls in animal bodies ❤


Living in Harmony with the Universe


Today’s daily thought and affirmation from “Reflections in the Light” by Shakti Gawain:

Living in harmony with the universe

Although letting go of the world may seem difficult at times, it is well worth whatever it takes to make the transition into the new world. We are now learning to live in accordance with the true laws of the universe. Living in harmony with the universe is living full of joy, power, love, and abundance.

I am living in harmony with the universe.



Orca Dream Plea ~ Singing the Song of Our Cosmic Hearts

christian riese lassen swim in the moon

Swim in the Moon by Christian Riese Lassen


I posted this on Facebook, but feel guided to share it here as well.

I had such a vivid dream last night about Orcas and because of my connection with animals, I never take their messages lightly.

It definitely felt like a plea for help, with its disturbing elements, on both an individual species level and grander level collectively.

Their medicine is so potent as Animal Spirit Guides – see Spirit of Orca

While this dream felt collective in nature, there are always so many layers to dreams and I am embracing the personal through it as well.

Perhaps it also means I will be seeing them when in Iceland this February to commune in person.

Whatever it means, I have been carrying them with me all day and listening to what they have to share.

It’s interesting to note that there have been a series of Orca sightings super close to the Southern California shores this month (right where I live), I just discovered: Killer Whales Draw California Crowds Out To Sea.

There was a blessed event too this month – a baby Orca born, which is good news: Newborn Orca Spotted Near B.C.’s Gulf Islands

These “Creators of the Cosmos”, as their wisdom is said to symbolize, have the ability to convert raw matter into stars, planets, etc., to free the soul into its innate expansion, and teach the ability to seal and repair fractured souls and energy leaks (embody wholeness). They also use the vibrational energy and harmonious frequency of song to heal, while assisting humans in finding their soul’s song.

If you have a moment and feel called, please send them, our animal brothers and sisters, and Mother Earth some healing love from your heart.

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