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A Quick Hello from Sequoia National Park

As I slowly peek my head out from my self-induced cocoon, I felt guided to connect in a more personal way.

I have been on a three-month sabbatical, as many of you know, so this is my first emergence online and it will be brief, as a quick way to just touch in.

I’m actually in transit, as I share this, making our way back to Newport Beach, California from our time away in the enchanted Sequoia Giant Forest.

Again, this is just a brief touch-in, as I will be sharing more likely tomorrow about my time away and what has been evolving.

Much to share, as I’m sure all of you have also gone through a lot in these last few months.

Until then, I hope you enjoy this little video from yesterday.

I’m not a techy person in any way and prefer things natural, so this is just what flowed in the moment I was guided to share in this way. My camera shut off mid-way, but I managed to merge the two videos without too much weirdness in between. 😉

Anyway, hello to you all and warm hugs from the snowy forest!

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