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The Magick Bus Now Available for a New Family & New Adventures

magick bus3.jpg

I’ve shared that our journey is taking a new turn and that this would involve a bitter sweet closure to our Magick Bus time, as we herald in a new era of adventure. That means that we are saying goodbye to our beloved home on wheels that has seen us through over a year of incredible change, immense beauty, and powerful experiences, and are making her available for the next loving family that is ready for their own magickal journey.

If anyone is interested in this lifestyle, has been thinking about heading off on the adventure of a lifetime, have secretly been dreaming about it, really want to create change, move energy, and reconnect with yourself, Nature, and what’s of deepest value to you, then this may be an opportunity for you and perhaps the Magick Bus will align with your essence and dream vision for the highest good of all concerned.

Whether you want to full time it or are interested in getting your feet wet and trying it out or having the option of this lifestyle part time, this might be opportunity knocking.

We’ve been so busy settling into our new place and making the transition, had family and then friends visiting, that I’ve only now had chance to post this.

Here is a link to her listing and if anyone has questions, you can direct them to the “Contact Seller” area below the specs:

2006 Fleetwood Discovery 39

Or, if you know of someone interested, please feel free to pass it along.

I know several people have been asking about her since I posted she would soon be available so I’m curious to see who she will align with.

magick bus2.jpg

We’re offering free deliver within 250 miles of Carson City, Nevada.

We actually were living in Southern California when we purchased her from her owner who was based in Arizona and drove her back.

The same happened when I sold my Toyota Highlander Hybrid and someone flew down from Northern California to purchase her and drove her home.

So, we understand that if something is meant for you and all things light up and align, that where ever you’re located will not be an issue and has a way of working itself out, but we want to help out in any way we can to make it more convenient if needed as well.

We’re currently based in Lake Tahoe, NV with expansive visions on our evolving life ventures, which may again at some point include another RV home for shorter trips in between all of what may evolve.

We love the lifestyle and this form of travel, so it feels like it will be a part of our lives again.

But for now are hunkering down, for the most part, for winter and staying focused on anchoring in the new.

I’ve shared about the amazing things that our RV lifestyle offered us in this post here, which I wrote in the beginning after only about 2 months, as we/I had already experienced the positive change from the get-go:

The Gifts RV Living Has To Offer

magick bus.jpg

And indeed the time spent was like lifetimes of huge processing and shift-leaps in just a matter of over a year, but everything I shared in the above blog still holds true.

What I’d like to add is how powerful nomadic, mobile tiny home living has been in moving energy big time. It’s like lifetimes of cycles have been processed and released.

The adventures and beauty we’ve encountered were more than we could have imagined and fuel my creative heart. It’s also provided us opportunity to explore and experience places in a way that has been conducive to our being able to truly know where the land calls to us and what aligns with our essence for our future home(s). We’ve been able to clarify what we do and don’t like, what we can and can’t live without, and to feel the resonance of finding those places that light our souls aglow.

This journey has connected me with my deepest soul passions, brought forth my soul song signature, gave me the extra precious, quality time I wanted with my beloveds and many things in my life, and has shared with me the vision of where my future is headed by realizing what’s most important to me.

There are so many gifts we’ve received from the Magick Bus lifestyle.

And while there are also challenges of RV living, that’s simply the nature of anything.

For us, the freedom, flow, and return has far outweighed any obstacles. If anything, each obstacle has presented a deepening to our gifts, greater harnessing of our personal power, and more conscious growth.

Rewired & Ready to Go! ~ A Reinvigorated Return


What a jam-packed month it has been since I went offline, making it feel SO much longer than just 30 days. With the huge movement of energy and many miles traveled in this short time, integration sped up and balanced out with clarity that feels right for returning now, rather than later. Between the New and Full Moon Eclipses, powerful Equinox, Mercury retrograde ending, and rare second New “Black” Moon this past month, alongside rapid shifts embraced, it feels like a complete rewiring and catapulting activation has rooted quite swiftly.

So I will be back online beginning today, but it will be regimented going forward, to support my goals I’ve made and the balance that is of utmost importance and key to me.

Here’s a short recap of this month’s journeys from Manitoba, Canada to Cheyenne, Wyoming where we currently are….We’ve made stops in:

  • Manitoba, Canada
  • Turtle Mountains and Dunseith, North Dakota
  • Lake of the Woods, Bemidji, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Gays Mills and Madison, Wisconsin
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Omaha, Kearney, and Big Springs, Nebraska

Yes, we’ve definitely been moving energy rapidly, coinciding with our quick, but rich travels, and it all culminated with a very potent time in a neutral, surreal, “middle way” zone in the International Peace Garden that is half in the U.S. and half in Canada on September 1st’s New Moon Solar Eclipse for a few days that rewired and clarified everything.


No coincidence this peace zone, or gray area, on the international border – the longest undefended border in the world – became such a pivotal experience. It is a place where a visitor from either country can enter without passing through customs and move throughout the park crossing the boundary without restriction, until you return to your respective country where you need to pass through immigration at that point.

It felt to be the perfect place for receiving clear guidance and it definitely was a turning point with everything.


Dave straddles the border like a balancing pendulum…swinging to the North Dakota, U.S. side


Then swinging over to the Manitoba, Canada side



And of course we partook in a powerful Druid activation ceremony on the Equinox itself that solidified things with our dear friends Laura and David.

Here’s a flashback of some of the things we’ve experienced this month.

During this past month we’ve explored an enchanting Renaissance Festival.




Toured some landmarks like the amazing James J. Hill home – Great Northern Railway tycoon.




Saw the world’s largest man-made turtle called the Wee’l Turtle (wee!) This coincided with my dearly departed, but ever-present tortoise, Gaia, coming through with messages.




Crossed paths with a rare Spotted Salamander that I emailed the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources about at their request since they are trying to track and help preserve their habitat. Potent!




Wore some “visible” Faery wings with giggly joy.




Got activated in a tree portal and emerged supercharged!




Connected with several lovely animal spirit guides.




Strolled world class sculpture parks in terms of very well known artists, and became art ourselves.


des-moines-iowa-3des-moines-iowa-9des moines iowa (4).jpg


Biked (and hiked) lots of lake, forest, and river trails including the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers.




Saw the original International Peace Tower for the last time before it gets torn down this fall due to deterioration.




Enjoyed two symphonies while dipping back into city life and discovered fun surprises along the way.




Plus, sampled an array of vegan restaurants and an amazing Herbivorous Butcher of all vegan cheeses and meats while enjoying some of the specialty goodies we’d picked up along the way.



It’s also been incredibly deepening and opening with my writing, which also culminated with new inspiration and guidance while in the International Peace Garden with the visitation of a dear soul friend from the beyond that catapulted a new direction for it.

All this to say, my time away has been fruitful and while I will be highly regimenting my time online in all ways to maintain the goals I have, I do feel harmonized in returning.

I had no idea when I went offline that it coincided with last year’s timing of my first sabbatical month away, nor did I look ahead at all of the powerful energetic occurrences that would be culminating in September’s month of purging and renewal. I only recently put it all together and said, wow!

But, like with all things, when we listen within we will always be guided in divine accordance and alignment. I’m grateful I listened and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect to support my needs and personal upgrades.

My guess, from what I sense, is that many of you have gone through some immense and intense transitions, magickal renewals, exciting openings, challenging releases, and pivotal points this month as well, which continue to culminate in life-changing experiences unfolding and that you’re feeling called to create in ever-new and expansive ways.

I’ve had dreams of many people I know during this time away, since I pick up on the collective, and they did in fact indicate big changes for everyone.

As you can imagine, I’ve taken a lot of photos during my time away, but the ones shared here are those that felt most indicative of the energy, guiding medicine, and symbolism experienced.

Especially so, is this one of the incredible hawk that sat in the tree by our Magick Bus while we received guidance and inspiration in the International Peace Garden haven we enjoyed virtually alone for a few days.


Hawks have been a guiding force in my life for several years now and this last leg of the journey has included countless other bird tribe experiences too, including several magickal owl encounters during the light of day and deep darkness of night that coincided with Cosmic experiences.

And speaking of animal friends, a quick update on the increasingly magickal Cosmo. He’s as high spirited and love filled as ever, although his legs and spine are weakening more and more. He is one of the guiding forces in directing us to our current destination and is a guiding force in my life as a great teacher and writing assistant.

That leads us to now.

As our year-long road trip winds down, we are currently on a fast-track trajectory to Lake Tahoe, Nevada where Part 1 of our extremely flexible and flowing multi-level plan begins and will continue to evolve thereafter with each choice and action taken.


T-shirt Dave and I both got while in Sedona on our road trip, perfectly mirroring the Magick Bus adventure and reflecting other perfect pieces to the puzzle


I’m feeling more focused, yet fluid than ever….and definitely anchored in the frequency of my personal integrity.

Life is a moment-to-moment creation and so it’s truly about surfing the energy stream and listening to our hearts in alignment to that flow.

With Mercury retrograde over, all the portals we’ve passed through, and yesterday’s rare, New “Black” Moon, the energy field supports greater clarity and ease of breaking free to enter new doorways of your desires, brings a magnification of changes in your life, presents opportunities abound for you to seize and help conquer fears, infuses surges of creativity to harness and manifest, and overall heralds new and deepened meaning to your life.

You might be feeling an increased drive forward to create in innovative ways that have far-reaching effects, ultimately indicating more authenticity embodied.

I can feel those strands of DNA that have been latent over the ages, lighting up more and more. And while there will be experiences of duality present, and very opposing forces and contrasts around, remaining true to you is the most powerful gift you give yourself and the collective.

Flow with that.

I look forward to hearing what has evolved for many of you during this time period and continue holding the collective in heart as I take individual steps as my threaded expression in that tapestry.



Sherwood Forest Refuge


Like Robin Hood and the Merry Men, we took refuge in the Sherwood Forest as our last haven home in Canada before re-entering the States. This seemed symbolic of this portion of our tale coming to closure and stepping into greater clarity from any illusion of “fantasy”, while also owning our power to create the faery tale of our own dreams. Nestled in an idyllic little forest oasis protected by century old elms of Sherwood Forest Golf & County Club, we have been navigating the new journey ahead by heart consciousness.

Although we’re still finishing out this last day today, I thought to share this post, as I am winding down things on my end.

We’ve had two and a half days and three nights here, which was just enough to prepare us for re-entrance into the States tomorrow.

We spent most of our time hunkered down in the quiet of this remote forest community, which is about 25 minutes from the city of Regina.


Alongside our own focuses, we spent quiet time around the pond pool at the edges of the forest overlooking trees and the rolling hills of the golf course and strolling the large grounds at dusk.


Sherwood Forest is a really unique little community and resort that hosts 268 yearly owned/leased campsite lots of residents who live in rv’s or a few mobile homes, and have their own magickal little plots of land creating an enchanted little neighborhood community of tiny mobile house living.

It was fun wandering through the streets named after things you’d find in the tale of Robin Hood and seeing the yards each person has uniquely created – some with gardens, decks, water features, and more.

Then there are the short term campsites like ours available, with use of the entire grounds.

I was able to finish my current book I’m reading (4th in a series) with so much peacefulness, but also spent time in contemplation and reflection on the path ahead, as everything is getting turned upside down again to view from a new perspective.

Makes sense with all of the major planetary dynamics unfolding including the two solar and lunar eclipses on the new and full moons this month beginning the first of September in Virgo (our first full day back in the States) and in Pisces come the 16th.

During our time here we did venture into Regina for errands, along with trying an all vegan/vegetarian restaurant called Hunter Gatherer Vegetarian Diner (quite unique and yummy) and then taking a 3 mile stroll around Wascana Lake in the 6 square mile Wascana Centre Park (simply beautiful and felt like an early Autumn day).


Regina is a lovely city with Victorian homes on some of the streets downtown near the many parks, and a host of interesting restaurants, and health food stores.

Magick was in the air, felt in that early Autumn breeze and even fun signposts like this street sign.


Elphinstone has several meanings but felt like an oracle path a faery or elf might follow in the Lord of the Rings or something, since we seem to be venturing in mythical tales lately including literally living in Sherwood Forest for a few days.


I’ve noted the shorter days and softening light.

I’ve been sensing an early and colder Winter this year.

And it’s the first year I’ve actually witnessed chipmunks hiding their acorns and have had so many run-ins with bears bulking up for their long Winter’s naps.

I feel a hibernation coming on early myself, to include a real hunkering down and need for retreat into creative madness…the kind that is intoxicating and fruitful and will manifest newness in all areas of life.


I’ll be sharing an update soon on where things are currently and upcoming changes at hand.

A Walk in the Park


Our last two stops have just been for a day and a half each, as we quickly make our way back south to be in the States again at end of the month – more on that upcoming. Sometimes even just a quick touch in can provide exactly what you need and lately I’ve been more focused on simply the present energy space the quick stop-ins create, as I know I’m seeing, receiving, integrating, and experiencing exactly what I need while passing through.

We’re off to Watrous today after our short time in Saskatoon – still in Saskatchewan – and rain has continued to walk with us, providing a thorough cleansing throughout much of our time of recent months. Although today the sun is shining and I’m feeling another layer to the new slate washed away into greater lightness of experience.


I don’t want to downplay any area we touch in with, as each place upon the Earth has its value and sacredness, just as each of us do.

So while we didn’t get a huge taste of Saskatoon, we were led to some peaceful and yummy finds worth sharing, as part of the reason behind these shares is to also simply provide information to other travelers, including fellow vegan friends and nomads, some info on what’s available.

While in Saskatoon we found two vegan friendly restaurants, which we visited in the same day.

One was “The Karma” where I enjoyed their delicious “Reconstructed Maki” dish that tasted just like vegan sushi in a bowl.


A yummy tummy satisfyer for a Pisces and in line with the “karma” theme, good city parking karma was on our side as a car pulled out directly in front when we pulled up. Yay!


After lunch we then decided to take a walk in Cosmopolitan Park on the Meewasin River Walk Trail that hugged the river, provided a view of the city, meandered through lovely tunnels of trees, journeyed under bridges, and offered us a stroll through the sculpture garden.


After, since our lunch was quite light, we decided to peek in on “The Griffin” where we found a variety of vegan desserts and baked goods asking to be sampled. 😉

And as usual, this is what happens when we hit cities with vegan finds to explore.

Uh oh!


Yep, we ended up taking home an apple spice cake, caramel almond shortbread cake, and peanut butter brownie cake.

We had already eaten the chocolate chip cookie on the way home, which was deliciously thick and soft – my favorite kind! So, unfortunately can’t share it except to say I loved it!

Then after dinner at home, we made a sample plate for each of us to try a small bite of each goody. Yum!

Good karma, sweetness, and peace made for a swimmingly short, but enjoyable experience mirroring a continuing theme of restful integration.


Jasper Gates


After journeying through the veils we arrived at our home for the week in Jasper Gates Resort last Sunday, just outside of Jasper National Park. This past week proved to be much more quiet, restful, balancing, and clarifying from the last week’s adventures. And although the energy continued to feel odd and there was a continuation of cosmic portal and timeline themes abound, I was feeling empowered and centered, enjoying the cleansing rains that came through and the serenity of the hikes we chose that were supported by the animals that showed up.

We took our time easing into things, taking it easy throughout the week and honoring how we felt.


One of the hikes we chose included the Pocahontas Trail, which took us by Punchbowl Falls that is pretty hidden even when climbing down to them, past Pocahontas Campground, and to the Old Mine Site. It wasn’t the most exciting trail, as everything was less than extraordinary, but the forest walk and the view of the Pocahontas Ponds at top were lovely. A butterfly started this hike off, but I found it was dead upon examining if it needed help. Transmutation at hand.


We spent a lot of downtime at our rv campsite focusing on the journey ahead, getting caught up on things, resting, me painting, and also giving the Magick Bus a thorough cleaning from top to bottom to purify. It always feels incredibly shifting to clean out or do some major cleaning, which after last week’s dance with some undercurrents of challenging forces at work, felt so refreshing to move out energies.


We also made an evening out of visiting the Miette Hot Springs at the beginning of our week, to relax and receive nurturing and soothing that brings us intimately in touch with our nature – both being water signs (Pisces and Scorpio) – and aligns us with the purification and healing we feel we are here doing in this area.


It is no coincidence that there is a weather low going on in this whole area since we’ve hit Canada, which has brought a cold front and a lot of rain that they normally don’t experience.

Coincidence? I think not. There is purpose in this alignment and this shift in weather patterns.

The hot springs were deep in the canyon and we walked the short trail that takes you to the “source of the hot springs” before actually going to the pools, and to the old ruins of the original hot springs pool facility.


This felt symbolic of returning to our original source and essence, releasing the old, revisiting the past from a different perspective of release and integration, and rebuilding a new foundation for complete recreation that is in process.

Perfect before the new anchoring sets in that we are creating.

These hot springs are one of three major hot springs that emerge along the Sulphur Creek, which are the hottest springs in the Canadian Rockies. Their temperature indicates that the water descends at least 1500 meters below where we stood and then resurfaces at this source, bearing heat and dissolving minerals from the rock it encounters below.


All symbolic again, as well.

Our week continued relaxed and included two visits into the city of Jasper itself and several more hikes.

One of which was by Jasper Park Lodge, hiking the beautiful Lake Beauvert, which it sits upon. It was a rainy, but mystical day and geese were all around us again (remembering back to their presence greatly along the journey in other places). The color of the lake contrasted the pale and brilliant aquas and sea greens of the glacial lakes we’ve been seeing with rich teals, cobalts, and emeralds.


After this hike we explored the lodge itself and the beautiful rainbow flower beds.


There, I nuzzled into the bear energy out front – merging mine with theirs and receiving their nurturing empowerment as my own.


And we enjoyed some delicious vegan pizza at Famoso Neopolitan Pizzeria in Jasper, while of course stocking up on some groceries at two of the downtown stores.

We didn’t spend much time in the city, nor did we venture too deeply within the park, as we were sensing exactly what felt most aligned and nurturing and honoring that.

There was a lot of wildlife encounters though, which included our drives through the park. I shared photos of the ones I was able to capture on camera, but there were many more I couldn’t since I was driving.

It was wildlife central at times with many animals all convening at the same time and place. To see some of them you can visit my post here:

Animal Friends of Jasper

For instance, one of these times I was driving us back home and we came across an elk grazing at the highway’s edge like the messenger of what was coming just ahead. A couple of minutes later a coyote crosses the highway from where a small group of elk were enjoying dinner among the trees, while a bald eagle sat above on a branch, and school of large trout were jumping out of the lake behind. Incredible!

Some of the other hikes we did included a short one around Edith Lake, which also proved to be another incredibly rich day of wildlife encounters all packed into one including a golden eagle, elk buck, and a family of big horned sheep, including two babies.


We also hiked out in the city of Jasper of itself on the Mina – Riley Lakes Loop seeing frogs, dragonflies, loons, golden ducks and on the way, 6 male bighorn sheep all resting at the top edge of a cliff laying together as a group.


I loved seeing the frogs – two of them in fact – swimming and hanging out with me. I haven’t seen them in quite some time and recognize their potency as amphibian energy is so powerful. This felt very reflective for me to come upon this little ones and so I sat immersed in their teachings.

During our week we also ventured out to William A. Switzer Provincial Park in Hinton and did a variety of short hikes around Kelley’s Bathtub and the surrounding lakes. This area is home of the Great Gray Owl and on this hike I kept coming up on feathers in the path, including one from the owl. I was grateful for its blessing, but released it back to the forest, as I felt this particular feather was not for me to take home, but to receive its energy while I was within the forest…taking away with me a greater understanding and embodiment of the cosmic mysteries.


As you’ll see in the photos captured, there is a serenity within these images, less dramatic than some of the visuals I’ve shared in others, and this was both a welcome experience, as well as telling of the subtleties abound to consciously navigate since not all things will be obvious.

Today we are off to Edmonton, Alberta. I’ll share more soon on changes that have anchored.

Wishing you all peace and serenity as you navigate these times.


Soul Retrieval in Kootenay National Park


Our continued time in the mountains here in Kootenay National Park has further enriched my connection to the sacredness of all life, as I draw forth the roots of my beingness. I’m feeling the integration that has been percolating and shifting, taking root and although I’ve been transparent in that process, I’m really feeling most true at this time to what I’ve come to know and evolve about myself. There’s a strength I don’t believe I’ve revealed until now and it has come through this journey to integrate my human and star self.

We were home-based in Edgewater, British Columbia this past full week (Sunday through Sunday), just minutes from Kootenay National Park and Radium Hot Springs at a peaceful golf resort where there’s only 7 RV sites in the main area and 3 non-hookup sites in a different area.

We started out with a view of the playground, which brought lots of wildlife sightings each morning, then decided to move to an expansive view of the mountains, forest, and golf course for the other half of the week giving us beautiful sunrises and sunsets.


The week has continued with more deep wildlife connections, some being incredibly shifting for me.

We’ve also immersed in nature and outdoor adventures with hikes and kayaking, but also balanced out with nurturing time at the hot springs and spa…all being very symbolic and supportive.

Our first day was a gentle touch in, checking things out at Radium Hot Springs to see what we wanted to do there during the week and picking up some hiking info, then proceeded to explore Olive Lake and Cobb Lake Trails.


The water was so beautiful…Olive Lake was more like Emerald Lake with its amazing green and Cobb Lake continued with these vibrant greens merged with blue.

I was feeling very much in dragonfly mode and this was mirrored by the huge amount of small blue dragonfly nymphs and much larger royal dragonflies fluttering all about me and the water.

Once again I was in awe at how what I’m wearing and how I’m feeling seems to merge with nature around me, finding myself looking and emanating much of that blue dragonfly nymph energy as you can see.


Was it I reflecting them, or them reflecting me?

I believe it was a mutual dance we’d aligned in harmony together with.

A lot of dragonfly energy on this day was around….even while driving there we had dragonflies flying at the window of the Magick Bus.


As mentioned, energy started off gently and also with this lightness, but as the week progressed the energy took a turn into a very strong presence I felt had been activated and another part of me revealed.

This shedding was both literal and symbolic, as the next day would reveal.

It started off with three animal spirit guide visitations in the morning without having to venture out hiking for the day.

First, a young mule deer buck said hi just as I woke up at 6 am and peeked outside.


Then, not too much later, miss snowshoe hare and and a mule deer doe said good morning.


All of them curiously exploring this whole rv living thing up close for themselves, but also with no one else up and about, felt very much as an encounter for me.

I was so excited that this time the snoeshoe hare lingered long and I was able to capture a photo of her. Such an amazingly powerful presence these snoeshoe hares carry, which is very different from other rabbits. Quite bold, confident, and with great sense of their magick I feel. Definitely like my Nestor.

We decided it would be our spa and soak day, so after an errand to the local post office in Radium, we headed for Radium Hot Springs and went to the Pleiades!

The Pleiades Spa and Wellness that is. 😉


But it did feel to be quite the “out of this world” journey that continued into dream time that night that was induced by a wild lightning and thunder storm in the middle of the night that felt like it was activating a portal of dreaming.

That night I dreamed of different things including a dream in which I was known and recognized by others as a medicine woman and another with these three magickal white and almost painted, other worldly hawk feathers – one of which I was gifted.

At the Pleiades I was drawn to choose an exfoliating body glow treatment with a combo hydrating massage following.

As I mentioned, I felt this was important and key for my literal shedding of old skin that was energetically taking place. I even mentioned to the therapist I was in snake mode.

And so I had this amazing treatment, which left my skin the softest, most glowing, dewy, and renewed I can ever remember it looking and feeling. It didn’t hurt that she used these awesome Om Organics products (I chose the orange blossom and ylang ylang for invigoration) from a local company just 15 or so minutes from where we were staying. The effects of these products continued for days and I even noticed that as I my skin tanned throughout the week with all the time in the sun, it was this new color I haven’t seen it – reminding me of native skin.

I ended up getting some products on our return visit because I loved them so much and want to be able to continue the renewing and shedding when desired.


Anyway, it was a day of invigorating renewal and sinking into myself more deeply, which I started off by putting together a light rainbow infused salad before heading to the spa/hot springs of baby romaine, grape tomatoes, avocado, smoky jalapeno sauerkraut, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, hemp seeds, and balsamic vinaigrette.


I wanted a full inside and out experience.

Before and after our treatments we spent the afternoon and evening hot and cold soaking in the outdoor hot springs pools, as well as the indoor private hot jet tub and steam room – all feeling symbolic of different aspects of the process I was inducing.


It felt perfectly symbolic of that snake shedding layers of old skin that I felt drawn to literally let go of.

It’s amazing how we can invoke literal experiences by engaging intention with action.

The spa also has Glow raw organic gluten free superfood offerings of juices, smoothies, and grab-and-go goodies. So there’s a lot of pure goodness here to experience for all around nurturing.

Our next day we kayaked down the Columbia River starting in Invermere, BC taking us 10 1/2 miles. The Columbia River is the “largest river in the Pacific Northwest region of North America at 1243 miles long and is the 4th largest river in the U.S. by volume, having the greatest flow of any North American river draining into the Pacific.” ~ (from Wikipedia)


This was an incredibly peaceful day, as we were completely alone on the river, which was a gentle flowing one, creating a state of being in total peace and solitude, as one with nature, and no other sounds but occasional birds, bald eagles, and one train that went by and tooted a hello from the tracks that run adjacent to the river.


I had a huge revelation this day that shifted things deeply and it opened an emotional connection that felt detoxing and purifying.

This day of kayaking in serenity was perfect after our light immersing and renewing day to gently transition into the new while surrendering and allowing that new energy to take form.

We were gifted connection with 4 bald eagles, three baby osprey, a bald eagle and osprey nest, and one doe on this river journey.


The next day was a quiet day solely for creative channeling and painting of Magick Stones. During this sacred experience, two new does visited, which were very interesting to me.

Each had distinct and unique physical attributes – one with what was like a birthmark on her face…the other having a smaller version of this, more like freckles, but with one ear bent backwards. Either this was from an injury or she was born this way.


They were very different than the two cosmic does in East Glacier that showed up as manifestations of Joy and Nestor, and yet these two were very special to me, reflecting a vulnerable and authentic, very Earthy nature and reminding me of Cosmo and his unique qualities who is still hugely powerful for a little guy with special needs.

It was nice to allow all of the energies experienced to work their magick through my painting. I’ve been awed by how the energy is revving in this batch of Magick Stones and what people are sharing in their experiences with them has been nothing short of incredible. I’m deeply honored to be sharing this sacred exchange with others and for the experiences that are helping to make the channeling possible.

Our days continued with more deer – lots of deer energy this week! – when the next morning brought a new group of them by. This time it was a mother with two spotted fawns.


I loved these little ones that reminded me of twin energy. I have continued thoroughly enjoying the interaction and connections between mother and babies in the wild. Such a sacred bond that is driven by a deep connection that transcends all. I feel the same thing with Cosmo, and the way we communicate mirroring so much of what I see with these mothers and little ones.

We decided on a hike this day and headed to Redstreak Creek Trail.

On the way we saw a mountain goat. Mountain goats have been so important for me lately in terms of my Capricorn energy I’ve been invoking more literally.


Plus, I’d had a vision of one of those white shaggy mountain goats at one of the sacred places we’ve visited, unknowing that they actually live in the area we’re in now. I have not seen one of them yet, but that energy has been strongly with me and I’ve been intending to see mountain goats so I was super excited by this sighting and connection.

Synchronously, the mountain goat is Kootenay National Park’s wildlife symbol since there is a large population of goats here. Perfect for the energy I am invoking currently!

We then continued on the hike, which was very lush, wet, and feeling like a vernal womb. Rebirthing in action for sure.


Our day finished out relaxing at our site where I caught some rays even though it was 6:30 in the evening, as the sun is out long and is powerful through to the night.

It was a beautifully expansive sky that enveloped me in its magick above…the subtle rainbow rays reflecting the creative power surging through.


Another day of hiking followed, which took us to Dog Lake and crossing two bridges over Kootenay River, which we would end our time with the last day by being on it, instead of traversing over it.


Two golden eagles began this day – our first sightings of these – then another mountain goat. Yay!


We’d driven past this second mountain goat after I pointed it out, but I wanted to connect more so asked Dave to drive back. This proved timely, as because we’d done so it brought us in divine alignment with a baby moose after.

After the goat connecting we headed back up the highway when I eyed the little one. She was going to try to cross the highway and I feel it was lucky we were there, as perhaps she’d have met with a different outcome.

When we got closer, she became alarmed by our car and it triggered her to jump back (a very healthy response in my opinion, as I constantly see wildlife continue across highways not understanding the danger, feeling they can make it with not understanding the speed and power of cars, or being disoriented and unable to react). I was glad to see this little one already knew this and had quick responses to what she perceived. As she did so, her hooves slipped on the cement and she fell. It was just temporary, as she immediately got back up and was fine. We’d slowed to a stop to ensure we weren’t in any way endangering her. She then made her way across and because of our being stopped, the cars on the other side of the highway stopped to let her pass too. And off she went into the trees.

I was just hoping that mom was waiting for her on the other side, as it was odd to see a baby moose by herself and in general rare to see a moose, especially when it’s hotter in temperature outside since they need shade without ability to regulate their body temperature.


Anyway, for some reason this experience was very powerful for me on a level I can’t explain in words. I can just say that this little, but big baby moose was special and opened and connected a part of me that was needed. I got extremely emotional, but it was beyond the incident. It touched something deep in my heart and it was like I suddenly understood something profound about myself without having to explain it.


The feeling stayed with me the rest of the day and I reflected on it as we soaked in the pools again, deciding to return to Radium Hot Springs after our hike to close out the evening.

Our last day we decided to kayak down Kootenay River. The last two times we’d kayaked, we’d had a taxi drop us at our put in spot and left our car at the end point.

This time we decided to leave our bikes at the end point and drive to the start, then bike back to get the car. A full adventure indeed.

We didn’t know much about this river, but ran into some people putting in their raft that had done this river before, while we were checking out our starting and ending points. They helped us decide on these and they said we’d be fine in our kayak.

So off we dropped our bikes and headed back to where we’d seen the people and away we went.


We ended up kayaking 15 miles down Kootenay River through class 2, but mostly 3 rapids. This is something neither of us had done on our own in terms of this level of rapids. We’ve been on rafting trips of this nature with a guide, but it was something else to navigate on our own – quite fun and invigorating.

We were alone on the river and worked like a seamless team. Me at the helm paddling my heart out – forward ho! Dave at the back steering us through the obstacle course of rocks and rapids.


I felt cell memory take over and this soul recognition became the embodiment of me in the now becoming one with the river and integrating who I once was navigating it with determined knowing.

I felt stronger than ever. I felt my native roots take hold. My Mars in Capricorn in the first house was in full activation and embodiment, and it was incredibly empowering, invigorating, and activating.


It made me think how this part of me is the one most people likely don’t know of me or see….perhaps feeling more of my Faery, cosmic, and flowing essence, but there is a strong, courageous, determined, very physical, and fierce me as well….the Earthy grit and power that merges with the soft and mutable magick.

We all have layers and, for me, it’s been about unveiling those layers and learning to integrate them into a harmonious balance that work together in partnership all the time and that aren’t hidden, but transparent. We can move in and out of each energy when the occasion arises and yet they will all always be present as the tapestry of who we are as an expression of All That Is.

Yet I intend for this to be a seamless experience.

Alchemy of the soul in action.


Needless to say, our kayaking trip down Kootenay was amazing and along the river we saw 4 does and some geese. A golden eagle flew low in front of our car, across the dirt and gravel road as we left, and right before we turned in to our rv park, a young buck showed up bringing things to full circle closure since a buck had welcomed me that first morning here.

But when we took out at the end of our kayaking trip down the river, lightning began to light up the sky behind the mountains and thunder proceeded to echo through my soul.

Recently I’ve been reading a series of medicine woman/shaman books – on my third of 5 right now – and they’ve felt to be a seamless reflection for experiences lately and shifts taking place within.

That night I was reading and came across something in the book about lightning and how it is said to be a gift from the mountain spirits, announcing its presence and protection for a new shaman. I reflected on the synchronicity of this and thinking on how this part of me feels to have been increasingly stirring through all that I’ve been calling up.


My intense connection with the mountains, forests, Earth, and animals has brought forth the parts of me I’ve been awaiting. Or perhaps All That Is has been awaiting me to bring it forth. 🙂

I went to sleep after reading for a bit and I woke in the middle of the night. I never go on my stomach, but for some reason I turned over on it and was facing the window. My eyes were parallel to the portion at the bottom that was partially open – meaning the blinds were raised up just past where my eyes reached to let in air. It was like I was being guided by some inner force that wanted me awake and looking out the window right at that moment.


Suddenly a huge flash of lightning struck so bright right into my eyes and lighting the entire black sky, followed by thunder like the drumming of the sky spirits. It was so crazy bright and instantly I remembered what I had read before going to sleep.


I turned over and went to sleep thinking on how uncanny the timing was of me being awoken, turning, and then lightning flashing in my eyes. It felt like an activation took place, and an initiation of new power I was ready for had been triggered.

I am experiencing deep retrieval of my ancient native roots for sure.


I share this from the Lake Louise Campground where we currently are for a full week to explore Banff National Park and the areas around that call. We’ve been here just two days, but already major magick is at hand. Tomorrow my friend Janet, whom you may remember from a few posts of our time in Wyoming, Grand Teton, and the start of Yellowstone, is coming to visit again with her dog Daisy. They’ll be hanging out for a few days, as she takes a break from her time at my friend Hillary’s ranch about 6 hours away.

We are staying in a dry site this time, only with electricity, and wifi is very intermittent, so I’ll do my best to update as I’m able.

For now, wishing you all peace to your hearts as you navigate these wild, but oh so promising times.

A Little Taste of a Big City ~ Dipping into City Life in Calgary


Wednesday we arrived in Calgary, Alberta after a 4+ hour drive and have been here since, departing today for Edgewater right by Kootenay National Park and Radium Hot Springs. Our time in Calgary has been balancing, adding in a little city life immersion to all of our nature time, but also integrating, relaxing, and revealing of more pieces to the puzzle. City time seems to always bring us food explorations and timely arrivals for festivals, fairs, and farmer’s markets. We found ourselves simply wanting to be, and actually spent half or more of our days at our very peaceful and lovely RV home site when not feeling led to explore city life, which I feel to be much more removed from these days, after knowing more of who I am as a nature, mountain girl.

Calgary seems like a lovely city with a lot to do and I know a lot of people love it, but we weren’t called to do that much or go out of our way to explore every nook and cranny. We were feeling more mellow and just letting ourselves be guided to what felt right. So, although this won’t be in any way a full spectrum of what Calgary has to offer, it’s simply a dip-in perspective of what it was like through our eyes and how we navigate by intuitive guidance.


Our campground was really nice, especially for being in a big city, sitting on the west end of Calgary. We were able to choose a back site, ending up with no side neighbors, nature as our back neighbor, and being up high above the other RV’s below us with a view of the city. We also had a great wide site with plenty of room to hang out outdoors on our picnic table and with our lawn chairs.

Our first day we just settled in and then did some city errands including stocking up on groceries.


We sure lucked out being just minutes from an amazing market called Planet Organic here in Calgary so that we could stock up. A Canadian friend of mine shared that this is a chain we’ll be able to find in other areas we explore while here the next few months. Cool!

This market sure made shopping easy when everything in the store is organic. We found a bunch of good stuff including these non gmo sprouted rappleberry bagels made with a blend of apple, raisin, and cranberry, which went perfect with our wild huckleberry jam from Montana for a little morning indulgence.


Our second day we were still taking it easy and slowly getting back into city life after a morning of hanging out at home working/painting.

We had some mailing errands, then took in lunch at an Ethiopian restaurant in the cool Kensington area, a friend of mine that lives in Calgary had mentioned worth checking out.

ethiopian food in the kensington area

We hadn’t had Ethiopian food for a while, so it was a fun and yummy treat. I do love eating with my hands! We ended up having a late lunch, which made us the only ones in the restaurant. I found that an interesting theme here that continued.

The Kensington district of Calgary is a great walking and bike friendly community with a village feel and lots (250 +) of shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, and the nearby Peace Bridge.

peace bridge

After lunch we decided to take in the Riverwalk in Calgary’s new downtown and lively urban village called East Village with more walkable streets, services, unique entertainment, and merging with nature.


This Riverwalk gave “riverwalk” a literal meaning, as there’s a little walkway that takes you across the water, where you actually ARE walking the river in about a foot of water. A fun place for kids and the kids at heart indeed!


The Riverwalk takes you past where the Bow and Elbow Rivers meet, which is rich with Blackfeet history.


We then gave our car a much needed car wash and then gave each of us a much needed hair trim (me) and hair cut (Dave). We just wanted something quick and inexpensive, so we found ourselves a Supercuts.

I have never actually been to one in my life, but I would have to say my first time going to one in Calgary was a more than pleasant experience. I did a wash, trim, and blowdry, but the head massage I received during conditioning was more like a cranial sacral, energy, and massage all built into one. I haven’t had my hair washed and trimmed since Moab, Utah, so it was a welcome treat and now my hair will look nice for a few days at least and be fresh with the one inch off the ends trim. 😉

Seems I was in need of a little nurtured self care other than by myself, so this was a nice little treat.

As mentioned, we’ve spent more time at our RV site at this location, as we have a big one and nice grassy area to work or relax on, so we’ve taken advantage of it more as a dip-in city stop, but only taking in city life that merged the outdoors and nature in some way. At other stops we have so much outdoor nature to explore, we tend to mostly only spend time at our site for work, eating, and sleeping.

Friday we were at it again with the food fun, trying a new place called It’s All Good Organic, which is an all vegan, all organic kitchen and vendor sharing their vegan foods, juices, smoothies, and produce for sale inside The Market on Macleod Thursdays – Sundays.


This is a year round indoor Farmer’s Market dedicated to building community through local food and culture. Not only can you get fresh local and organic foods and produce there, but you can also enjoy a variety of ethnic restaurants, cafes, meals to go, and goodies. They even have some unique items for sale.

We didn’t know what to expect, but omgosh was this place amazing! Some of the best vegan food ever.

garbanzo coconut curry and salad.jpg


I had the garbanzo coconut curry and Dave had their famous vegan burger.

I was not only astounded by the beautiful attention to presentation, but the amount you got, not to mention variety of fresh goodness, quality, tasty blends, and array of veggie, fruit, and herb delights per dish, for the money. Wow!

I overheard the owner talking to someone about their burger saying they have plans to get it out commercially. So glad to hear that, as it was delicious – Dave let me try his, which is how I know. 😉

And mine was incredible, every single beautiful bite.

After our delicious lunch, we explored the market a bit and ended up walking out with a box of two vegan cupcakes, two vegan pies (apple and peach), and a new comfy and versatile outfit for outdoor, relaxing, and recreational fun. We didn’t end up with produce, as I’d already stocked up majorly at Planet Organic. So a little fun indulgences were our focus. 😉


It started to sprinkle and although it ended up not lasting we were feeling this as an inviting time to relax. For some reason I was very tired this day, chalking it up to different energies of the city I was feeling, compared to all the nature time I’d been immersed in. It also indicated to me, a time of surrendering into letting all of the energies and changes process through and take root.

This all made it very clear for me how much I am a nature girl and how, at this point in my life, small mountain village living suits me most supportively.

City is fun to dip into and have around when we want to do something different or check out music, symphony, restaurants, but overall, I’m much happier and nurtured in nature. Makes sense to me, as this truly is my roots and nature and animals have been the strongest calling to me from birth forward.

So we stayed in the rest of the day, but did venture out again, for you guessed it!! Food!

We tried the Village Flatbread Co., which makes gourmet flatbread pizzas with natural and organic ingredients sourced locally. They also give part of their proceeds back to the community. They are 100% gluten free, dairy free, and have vegetarian and vegan options.

Once again, other than a table of two outside for just the first portion of our being there, we were completely alone in the restaurant, which is more of an order and pick up or quick stop in place.

This theme of being on our own in the restaurants, or just ordering food and taking it to eat at a little side table or area in our own little worlds wasn’t something we purposefully were doing, but seemed to be supportive of what we needed while in the city immersed in so much energy around us.

Or, it was a reflection of our being in our own reality bubble and world and this carrying forward very obviously and literally when around a lot of people and not just something we thought was happening while in nature, away from a lot of people.

Anyway, back to food!

At the Village Flatbread Co. we started off with the Knob Hill nachos – vegan style, which were light and yummy with all the chips laced with toppings (no extra ones hidden underneath that were naked). Then this 12″ pizza with Rise kombuchas, which are from Quebec. I had the Rose and Schizandra flavor and Dave had the Blueberry and Maple. Super yum!


Our city ventures seem to usually end up in food explorations, as I mentioned, because we like to sample the vegan offerings around and it becomes a fun indulgence and change.

After our yummy dinner we came home to a beautiful sunset and just took it easy again. The colors and display in the sky felt mirroring of renewal and something new on the horizon opening.


Our days in Calgary have been a resting point for us to reflect on much in a subtle, in-the-background kind of way without effort of analyzing and figuring things out. It also has been good for catching up on things and embracing that in between void space before the next big shift hits. In this way, relaxing into change and allowing the natural process to unfold in the best supported experience of that.

Basically surrendering and not trying to DO anything about it, one way or the other.

I thought wearing my magick rabbit butterfly pants would be a way to support that process by wearing something that is so me, second-skin like, and yet my real skin, to melt into and flow with the transmutation unfolding.

magick rabbit pants

And so I did wear them on our last day (and actually twice during our time here perhaps as another nature connection), which was a literally flowing day, as we decided to take the Magick Boat for a float.


We parked at Prince’s Island Park, got our inflatable kayak together, called a taxi, got dropped off at Baker’s Park, inflated our kayak, and then enjoyed the Bow River through Calgary for 9 and a quarter miles of floating and light paddling.


It took us just under 2 hours to go the whole way, but it was a beautiful day and perfect way to just “be” and flow with the currents of life right now.

There were some areas of rippling waves and up to 1 class rapid-like fun, but basically low key and complete serenity…nothing to worry about, no stress, and lots of “being” time.

At the end, after deflating and loading the kayak back in our cargo box atop our car, we decided to walk the Prince’s Island Bridge over to Prince’s Island Park where a huge music festival (Calgary Folk Music Festival) just happened to be going on with some great bands playing at three stages, along with Pet-A-Palooza outdoor festival at the Eau Claire Market just on the other side of the park.


Even though we didn’t have tickets it was easy to hang out in the park and listen to which ever band you wanted to hear or just stroll and take in the lovely surroundings.

There were tons of people enjoying the beautiful day, park, and music and I’d never seen so many bikes! There was a huge bike area and there had to have been like a thousand bikes or more in it. At least that’s what it looked like. So cool so many people biked there.

Calgary is a very outdoor friendly city with lots of parks, river walks, biking and walking trails galore. A lot of people were enjoying floating down the river in rafts and kayaks too, which was great to see.


We ended up picking up some yummy Thai food we found and brought it back to the park to enjoy, then took a relaxing nap in the grass under a tree, listening to the music.


After which we returned home for a relaxing late afternoon and evening with the “kids’ – our fur babies – and downtime.

Dave wanted to try another pizza place – he LOVES pizza – and if I ask him what he would like me to make he will also say pizza…so I don’t ask. 😉 Anyway, we indulged his joy since we’ll be back to daily meals at home likely for a while, and went out for yet another pizza evening at a place just minutes from us for vegan pizza so he could compare.

This one was called Avatara Pizza, which is a little place that also makes fire-roasted healthy gourmet, 100% gluten free flatbread pizzas with vegan and vegetarian options (70% of their menu is vegetarian).

We started off with the Popeye salad which was a mix of spinach, with sun-dried tomatoes, organic sweet peppers, red onions, green olives, artichokes, pine nuts, and balsamic vinaigrette.


We ordered the Rise kombuchas again, this time both trying the Mint and Chlorophyll flavor – again really delicious.


Our pizza choice this night was the Crusty Cowboy, which combines chili-lime bbq sauce, vegan cheese, mushrooms, crushed pineapple, in-house made bruschetta, and crushed cashews.


And once again we were alone in the restaurant. Hmmmmm! 😉

I’m now officially all pizza’d  out, myself, and ready for home cooked meals again, but it WAS good and fun to try what’s available and popping up in terms of vegan options all over.

Again our evening ended with another different, soft and lovely sunset and our day today began with a fresh sunrise, putting our time here in Calgary at closure and kicking off another new start, as every moment is a new beginning.


Our city time has wound down and been supportive. It was a softer immersion that felt right for us at this time without overkill and still enough balance of nature, outdoors, and good food.

But it is interesting how our time has been like we were figments just floating through, much like our river experience.

We were in the city, but not of it. 🙂

Off to dreamland we went to rest before our journey to our next stop in British Columbia where we’ll be just 10 minutes from Kootenay National Park and Radium Hot Springs at a peaceful resort where there’s only 7 RV sites. I can’t wait!

Basking in the Beauty & Soul Enrichment of Northwest Montana


We are currently in Northern Montana, stationed in Kalispell on the Flathead River where this past week has proven to be an explorative, expansive, and potentially life changing experience discovering this area, Whitefish, and West Glacier National Park. Today we moved over to East Glacier for the next week before heading into Canada for the next nearly 4 months.

I continue to love this incredibly rich experience and am grateful for how it is literally helping to move the energy in my/our lives, bringing greater clarity, solidifying things, helping to return me back to my true nature, drawing forth my most sparkly self again, deepening my relationship to Mother Earth and my loved ones, and connecting me with friends and transformative experiences along the way.


I didn’t have any expectations for this journey, but it has far exceeded what I could have possibly imagined.

I so highly recommend this way of life, even if just for a while, as it truly shifts you on deeper levels if totally embraced.

We had a last minute inspiration to shift the two cities we were traveling to in Montana, to another area…and boy has it revealed a lot for us in embracing that change.

There were so many magickal things that came about with following that inner guidance to shift from Missoula and Great Falls to Kalispell, Whitefish, and West Glacier. And so many supportive signs that reiterated that follow-through.

We have all of our reservations booked through 9/11 since the Summer is crazy busy, but when we changed everything for this stop (two previous reservations), literally last minute…it all fell into place. Not only were we able to do so without any financial penalty, of which we were okay with if there had been, but we also got the only spot available in the RV park we stayed at, which ended up a great site on an end, overlooking the river, with only low tent campsites in front of us, filled just half of the time.



And, our site was #44 with much angelic support all around.


We enjoyed exploring this area and from the moment we set down I was feeling incredibly excited and inspired. Our home on the river was very peaceful and gave us a good home base for much.


Everyday, from our drive in and our drives about, we got to go through the spectacular canola fields of yellow blossoms that were just so “Joy” filled to me and invigorating to my heart and soul. I love the yellow blankets of pure inspiration that wrapped me in warmth and liquid sunshine energy.


I also loved exploring some of West Glacier and was just in awe of the beauty of the waters here with all of the layers of aqua colors (my favorite) because of the glacial silt, but also the clarity of the water was just stunning.

20160708_154717_resized 20160704_163004_resized20160704_171031_resized20160704_171101_resized20160708_154134_resized20160708_154416_resized20160708_155308_resized

We did a few hikes near lakes, rivers, and falls that just were simply invigorating and filled me with so much love.

Returning here after 20 years of what was just a brief, but memorable choo choo through on the train as my first intro was a full circle anchoring. And today, on our way to East Glacier, we were following the path of the train tracks I traveled then to my end point all those years ago, which was incredibly potent in soul retrieval and understanding the meaning behind this.

The vistas and energy here are stunning and gave me chills.


The forests were dense and mystical with tons of mossy Faery energy.


Deer showed up at magickal moments and hiked along with us alongside and in front (one kept following me), butterflies were in huge abundance more than anywhere so far, moths, crystalline dragonfly, sweet insects, and bumble bees abound, and even Bald Eagles were making their appearance known.

20160704_145344(0)_resized20160709_165104_resized20160709_165110_resized20160709_165155_resized20160709_165241_resized20160704_155826_resized20160704_163616_resized20160704_163635_resized20160704_163738_resized20160704_163721_resized20160704_163813_resized20160708_152733_resized20160708_094818_resized20160708_111228_resizeddragonfly2dragonfly3bald eagle

I was gifted a Grouse feather too in an auspicious place, which has amazingly potent symbolism I’ve just discovered.


So much potent medicine from the winged ones indeed.

I finally picked up some wild huckleberry jam I’d been wanting to try (yum!) and the day after found myself foraging for wild huckleberries and enjoying the harvest on a trail we happened to be on.


The alpine lakes were breathtaking. And the waterfalls at Avalanche Lake (6 in all that I could see and count from where I was) were incredible.

We enjoyed Johns Lake Trail (at 3333 elevation), Trail of the Cedars, Avalanche Lake Trail, and Lake McDonald while in West Glacier.

Loved all the ancient Cedars we wandered through and connected with.


On our first day of arrival, however, we enjoyed Whitefish Trail.


This trail was so lovely, meandering through the forest bringing you through the same areas over the course of the loops, but from different perspectives and elevations, which reminded me about the journey and how you never return back to the same place you were, but arrive at it from a different frame of “now moment” perspective, on another layer of the spiral of life.

It took us to an overlook of Skyles Lake (there are SO many lakes here! I love it!) where two flying-free rabbit clouds (one behind the other and one more abstract than the other – Nestor and Joy) showed up at the overlook to greet me with a message.


This area is full of nature’s beauty and we didn’t even scratch the surface of things, although did get briefly into Bigfork as well.

Found some vegan friendly yums in the area, including an awesome sushi place with 7 varieties of unique vegan sushi and other dishes, as well as a bakery that makes not only vegan baked goods, but soy and gluten free, while also is 100% organic.


We did get a chance to drive around part of Whitefish Lake on the Fourth of July and marveled how it was nothing near as packed as Lake Tahoe would be at this time.


There are many things I have put in the back of my mind for future time here, as we had a lot on the inspirationally guided agenda as it was.


We’re currently in East Glacier for the next week (just arrived earlier today and already has proven magickal) to explore more of that side of the park and reflect on our journey so far.

We journey with our new inflatable two-person kayak we just received so that we can enjoy the lakes and rivers here and beyond. And something sacred I feel may take place while here while doing so.

Will share more as things percolate and integrate, but for now I hope you enjoy these windows into the beauty here and what I saw through my eyes.


Highlights from Helena, Montana


From Grand Tetons to Yellowstone ~ The Majesty That Heals


The journey has been beautiful and immensely transformative while the days of recent have gifted many blessings, synchronous alignments, and divinely navigated transitions. At the same time that I’ve been supporting my dear rabbit, Joy, through the end of her Earth year cycles (a testing time of my growth), I’ve also been cradled in Mother Earth’s nurturing, majesty, and abundant gifts in our adventures through Northern Wyoming and Southern Montana that have supported the process.


The bitter and sweet go hand in hand, as part of the alchemy of life. So, even though I am integrating this physical loss and moving through the transmutation of sadness, I am compelled to stay present within the world and guided to share the beauty and magick that partners in this synergy dance in order to keep balanced and not withdrawn.


Plus I know that Joy would want it that way…to focus on the gifts, wonder, beauty, and sweet memories and experiences…



To return everything to love and be in “Joy”.




Tuesday there was death and yesterday I was shown the birthing of new life in so many baby Bison and Elk that kept reflecting their joy to me.


It is the way of natural harmony.


I was literally giggling and in joyful tears watching them bounce around and play in the fields with so much life bubbling within them. There was even a very heart-tugging and literal scene out of “Bambi” experience that made me tear up with love.


There were several mother Elk and babies in a field, who all literally came bee-lining for our car when we pulled up (some coming within three feet from our window), but I noticed one without a baby. She started crying out and her cries were incessant. I recognized, as a mother myself to my little ones, that she was crying out for her baby. And that tugged at my current emotions that have cried for my sweet Joy.

At first I wondered if she had lost her altogether to some tragedy and was mourning…and of course I was seeing that reflection in myself and understanding there is nothing so strong as that bond between mother and child. I know this well.

But she kept moving across the field, fixated on one direction, crying out so I felt she was calling out to her little one that had fallen behind somewhere. She then moved faster until she was at the edge of the road and from the left suddenly her baby appeared at the other side of the road and cried back. She ran over to her mom and they touched noses in loving embrace and immediately thereafter she began suckling away.

I made up a little dialogue to go along with the scene unfolding before me. 🙂


Another car with a woman in it had stopped on the other side to watch and pulled up next to us once the baby passed and was safely with her mother. She rolled down her window and said, “That was like a scene straight out of Bambi, wasn’t it?” – saying what I was thinking.

Indeed it was.


We were both in joyous tears and I could see “Joy” in everything around me, reflecting her love and reminder of the vitality, continuity, fragility, and love of life. She also impressed to me our bond that would never be broken no matter where she is, as it runs deep and is experienced through everything within and without.


I have been doing really well at keeping balanced and surprisingly centered and grounded throughout these times and our journey in general and Nature makes that so easy and free, really providing no excuse not to stay nurtured through any situation that may arise.


Mother Earth loves to shower us with gifts and I love to reciprocate back with gratitude, immersion, and giving back.


I’ll be sharing about Joy in a future post, but for now I’d love to share this photo journal of our recent times over the last couple of weeks that reflect immense beauty and inspiration that is powerfully recharging simply through viewing them.

So, rather than share any long account, I’ll just summarize what you’re seeing and what has unfolded, followed by the photo montage at the end, in the order that they’ve been experienced.

Our journey after Green River, Wyoming through lovely drives took us to Moran, which is just a mile from the Grand Teton National Park entrance and only 32 miles from Yellowstone. It is also only 45 minutes from Jackson, Wyoming that came to be instrumental later in things and also is home to a great grocery store – Jackson Whole Grocer (always must mention food). 😉

We’re back to having some really beautiful RV sites again with views of Hebgen Lake and right on Yellowstone River.


Janet and Daisy ended up sticking around through our beginning adventures in Yellowstone, Montana. They just left yesterday after two weeks of wonderful times shared to venture off to their own continued adventures that are quite exciting in development and have been integrally connected.

We have seen a continual abundance of wildlife in these parts including Pronghorn, Mule Deer, Elk, Ospreys, Pelicans, Hawks, Bald Eagles, Wild Horses, Wild Bison, Grouse, Whistle Pigs, Marmots, River Otters, 10 giant Beavers! Great Blue Heron, Cranes, Geese, Ducks, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Coyote, Raccoons (which aren’t supposed to be native to the Grand Tetons), Squirrels, Rabbits, you name it! Bear, Moose and Wolves remain yet to see on this trip (we’ve seen plentiful Bear and Moose in Alaska), but we’ll be in their homelands for a while with many opportunities. All has its divine timing.

We’ve spent time hiking through fields, meadows, forests, along rolling water, lakes, and waterfalls, and up mountains, float rafting in the majestic Grand Tetons on Snake River’s Class 1 Rapids, white water rafting on Yellowstone River’s Class 2 and 3 Rapids, (going zip-lining tomorrow), picnicking on Firehole River, exploring geysers, mud holes, hot springs, and fumaroles at Fountain Paint Pots and Mammoth, as well as enjoyed a couple of the lodges for Happy Hours (lemonade or ice tea for me), lunch on outdoor viewing platforms with stunning views, and peaceful connecting and prayers in the Chapel of the Sacred Heart for Joy (I even signed her name in the visitor book).

I’ve been gifted 11 feathers (some of the tiny ones are spotted and one is a midnight blue), wonderful fossil and crystalline stones (you can’t see in the photo, but these stones are not only colorful, but are sparkly galore and raw crystals in many cases), three river heart stones, not to mention potent raw quartz from an abandoned quartz mine (crystal cave) we explored in Gallatin Gateway, not far from Big Sky on the Solstice (more on that in an upcoming blog as well along with photos of the quartz).


We’ve celebrated the Solstice Full Moon, activated my new quartz by moonlight on Hebgen Lake, I’ve been reconnected with another Pisces friend and dear soul brother who had joined my retreat in Peru last year and now supported me through the transition, and I’ve said goodbye to one of my bestest friends in the world and Cosmos. (Again, more on that in another post).

Full circle, heart-opening, life-enhancing experiences. Every time I wonder how it could get any richer, it does.

I hope you enjoy these photos…my favorites from our time.

I have so many, but chose the best to share with you.

We are currently in North Yellowstone – our last stop for the Yellowstone area through Sunday (we’ve been in the South and West and from here can continue to explore the North and North East), then will move forward and north on into more of Montana’s beauty before we say goodbye to the States for a while and head into Canada.