Jasper Gates


After journeying through the veils we arrived at our home for the week in Jasper Gates Resort last Sunday, just outside of Jasper National Park. This past week proved to be much more quiet, restful, balancing, and clarifying from the last week’s adventures. And although the energy continued to feel odd and there was a continuation of cosmic portal and timeline themes abound, I was feeling empowered and centered, enjoying the cleansing rains that came through and the serenity of the hikes we chose that were supported by the animals that showed up.

We took our time easing into things, taking it easy throughout the week and honoring how we felt.


One of the hikes we chose included the Pocahontas Trail, which took us by Punchbowl Falls that is pretty hidden even when climbing down to them, past Pocahontas Campground, and to the Old Mine Site. It wasn’t the most exciting trail, as everything was less than extraordinary, but the forest walk and the view of the Pocahontas Ponds at top were lovely. A butterfly started this hike off, but I found it was dead upon examining if it needed help. Transmutation at hand.


We spent a lot of downtime at our rv campsite focusing on the journey ahead, getting caught up on things, resting, me painting, and also giving the Magick Bus a thorough cleaning from top to bottom to purify. It always feels incredibly shifting to clean out or do some major cleaning, which after last week’s dance with some undercurrents of challenging forces at work, felt so refreshing to move out energies.


We also made an evening out of visiting the Miette Hot Springs at the beginning of our week, to relax and receive nurturing and soothing that brings us intimately in touch with our nature – both being water signs (Pisces and Scorpio) – and aligns us with the purification and healing we feel we are here doing in this area.


It is no coincidence that there is a weather low going on in this whole area since we’ve hit Canada, which has brought a cold front and a lot of rain that they normally don’t experience.

Coincidence? I think not. There is purpose in this alignment and this shift in weather patterns.

The hot springs were deep in the canyon and we walked the short trail that takes you to the “source of the hot springs” before actually going to the pools, and to the old ruins of the original hot springs pool facility.


This felt symbolic of returning to our original source and essence, releasing the old, revisiting the past from a different perspective of release and integration, and rebuilding a new foundation for complete recreation that is in process.

Perfect before the new anchoring sets in that we are creating.

These hot springs are one of three major hot springs that emerge along the Sulphur Creek, which are the hottest springs in the Canadian Rockies. Their temperature indicates that the water descends at least 1500 meters below where we stood and then resurfaces at this source, bearing heat and dissolving minerals from the rock it encounters below.


All symbolic again, as well.

Our week continued relaxed and included two visits into the city of Jasper itself and several more hikes.

One of which was by Jasper Park Lodge, hiking the beautiful Lake Beauvert, which it sits upon. It was a rainy, but mystical day and geese were all around us again (remembering back to their presence greatly along the journey in other places). The color of the lake contrasted the pale and brilliant aquas and sea greens of the glacial lakes we’ve been seeing with rich teals, cobalts, and emeralds.


After this hike we explored the lodge itself and the beautiful rainbow flower beds.


There, I nuzzled into the bear energy out front – merging mine with theirs and receiving their nurturing empowerment as my own.


And we enjoyed some delicious vegan pizza at Famoso Neopolitan Pizzeria in Jasper, while of course stocking up on some groceries at two of the downtown stores.

We didn’t spend much time in the city, nor did we venture too deeply within the park, as we were sensing exactly what felt most aligned and nurturing and honoring that.

There was a lot of wildlife encounters though, which included our drives through the park. I shared photos of the ones I was able to capture on camera, but there were many more I couldn’t since I was driving.

It was wildlife central at times with many animals all convening at the same time and place. To see some of them you can visit my post here:

Animal Friends of Jasper

For instance, one of these times I was driving us back home and we came across an elk grazing at the highway’s edge like the messenger of what was coming just ahead. A couple of minutes later a coyote crosses the highway from where a small group of elk were enjoying dinner among the trees, while a bald eagle sat above on a branch, and school of large trout were jumping out of the lake behind. Incredible!

Some of the other hikes we did included a short one around Edith Lake, which also proved to be another incredibly rich day of wildlife encounters all packed into one including a golden eagle, elk buck, and a family of big horned sheep, including two babies.


We also hiked out in the city of Jasper of itself on the Mina – Riley Lakes Loop seeing frogs, dragonflies, loons, golden ducks and on the way, 6 male bighorn sheep all resting at the top edge of a cliff laying together as a group.


I loved seeing the frogs – two of them in fact – swimming and hanging out with me. I haven’t seen them in quite some time and recognize their potency as amphibian energy is so powerful. This felt very reflective for me to come upon this little ones and so I sat immersed in their teachings.

During our week we also ventured out to William A. Switzer Provincial Park in Hinton and did a variety of short hikes around Kelley’s Bathtub and the surrounding lakes. This area is home of the Great Gray Owl and on this hike I kept coming up on feathers in the path, including one from the owl. I was grateful for its blessing, but released it back to the forest, as I felt this particular feather was not for me to take home, but to receive its energy while I was within the forest…taking away with me a greater understanding and embodiment of the cosmic mysteries.


As you’ll see in the photos captured, there is a serenity within these images, less dramatic than some of the visuals I’ve shared in others, and this was both a welcome experience, as well as telling of the subtleties abound to consciously navigate since not all things will be obvious.

Today we are off to Edmonton, Alberta. I’ll share more soon on changes that have anchored.

Wishing you all peace and serenity as you navigate these times.


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  1. What an amazing and unspoiled place! Thank you for sharing it! 🙂

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