Nirvana Quartz – Perfect Imperfection Mirroring Your Own Inner Radiance

nirvana quartz3

Nirvana Quartz is a very high-vibrational, ancient Quartz crystal that I’ve shared about a bit before, but since a new pair had recently come into my life, I felt guided to share some more again.

Nirvana Quartz belongs to a specific group of Quartz crystals that lay under the glacial ice and are known also as Growth Interference Quartz because they don’t grow in a normal way. I’ll share more on that in a bit. But they also are known as Himalayan Ice Quartz (because they come from the Himalayas and resemble pieces of ice), Ice Quartz, and Lemurian Scalar Quartz.

nirvana quartz

Male Nirvana Quartz flat, textured side

They are ancient crystals, more newly discovered (in 2006) in the Himalayan high altitudes of 18,000+ feet in India, where glaciers are receding due to global warming. Where the melting is occurring, these sleeping crystals are being exposed and awakening from their slumber to assist us with our readiness for furthering illumination, spiritual awakening, and connection to our destiny.

Because they support these, they are known as crystals of enlightenment, as their mission is to attune us to the not yet formed potential of what we can be – who we really are.

They also help you to achieve a profound sense of inner peace, stillness, and silence – hence are wonderful if you are too heady and your mental chatter runs a muck.

The reason they are called Growth Interference Quartz is because of their irregular growth pattern that shares its growth with another crystal that dissolves completely before the next phase of its growth. They are considered possibly the most radical looking of the Growth Interference Quartz, with extreme textured etching  that creates strange forms of rugged and jagged shapes. These unique shapes are due to the growth of calcite, fluorite, anhydrite, and other minerals that grow within and during their formation, then eventually disappear.

They are rough, wand-shaped crystals with very deep recesses and strange contours. Some of the Nirvana Quartz do also have sections that are smooth and with natural facets, including some clear windows to support greater clarity along your journey. Again, they are very unique, with hexagonal structure, and have no normal Quartz structure, which makes no two alike.

nirvana quartz2

Female Nirvana Quartz

These Nirvana Quartz are either clear white or pink, but a few may have tinges of purple or green in them. Each color is very powerful, but using them together will more fully reveal their power to you. Working with both the white and pink variety is highly recommended and beneficially balancing. The white crystals are connected to the masculine energy and to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, while the pink crystals are connected to the feminine energy and the Heart Chakra and Thymus, encouraging deeper and higher heart-based experiences.

So together, this connection creates a bridge between the Heart and Higher Chakras that provides benefit both physically and spiritually.

You should use your intuition in how to use them and where to place them. You can place them in any of the upper or lower Chakras to support healing in these areas, as they work powerfully to bring/bridge together the energies of each, to move energy through the body, and unify the Chakras. People find them to help release limitations, embrace self acceptance, and see their life path more clearly.

It’s not recommended to wear one however, as they are very ungrounding. You can become blissfully disoriented and not be aware of the fact you are no longer fully present on the Earth plane. It’s recommended to work with a grounding crystal or stone after working with one of the Nirvana Quartz because of this.

They are easily felt in both the higher Chakras and lower Chakras, if you choose to use them there, as they will provide a heart-loving energy and strong bond to go deeper where is needed.

Nirvana Quartz are wonderful for meditation and their revealing themselves at this time is supportive for the next phase of our highest destiny in terms of evolutionary transformation, as they attune us to what is possible from the process of transmutation occurring.

They have the ability to be conduits of inner illumination to help facilitate the incarnation of enlightenment, as beings of light, and are a bridge between past and future, bringing us into the heart of now.

nirvana quartz4

Female Nirvana Quartz flat, smooth side

They also help us to overcome patterns of judging a book by its cover, so that we can recognize the true beauty that is inherent in everything. Just like the Nirvana Quartz evolve as Growth Interference beings, so too do we. And the many scars, twists and tribulations of experience along the journey are simply a part of the wholeness and true beauty that we are, regardless of the incomplete outward appearance of things. We gain much strength, wisdom, and perseverance, as we overcome challenges. And what we’ve judged to have stopped or hindered our growth, may actually reveal itself as a gift of temperance to our spirit.

In working with Nirvana Quartz you realize that you are not a victim and find yourself able to move through traumas, blocks, and barriers with greater understanding. You begin to see the limitless possibilities and how you can engage your imagination and intuition more, as well as achieve greater or even complete inner silence.

They help you to open your senses more to find where areas of shift and release would benefit you, which are currently restricting and constricting your body and experiences. It is a protective Quartz that will support you into deeper relationship with your spiritual destiny, helping to reveal things that keep you from it.

Nirvana Quartz carries the wisdom of the Ancient Ones that move in and out of physical form, which reflects to us the ability we have to easily shift our experiences quickly with conscious shifts made in word, feeling, and action. They also teach us self guidance through this process, with patience and precision.

They have an inner light that reflects on their surface and mirrors the importance of our own inner radiance.

nirvana quartz5

Male Nirvana Quartz

The two that came to me, came as a pair. They were actually the only ones of their Nirvana Quartz family where I picked them up, or rather, where they called to me. Although you can purchase them individually, based on what you resonate with and your personal needs are, they are recommended together, as shared before. This increases their already powerful energy, and brings the work they have to support you with, to more fullness.

I’ve only begun my journey with them, but as soon as I saw them I knew they were perfect for where I am at this time and the focused work of balance and integrating Divine Male and Female energy that I am intent on, so as not to leave parts of me behind. And that is exactly what they feel to represent, is that Divine Masculine and Feminine energy that creates Unity.

They have such an unusual feel to them, both texture-wise when you hold them, but also energetically. It’s very deep Earth and Other-World feeling. They like being with each other and I love that they both have one side that is flat, although the male’s flat side has texture and the female’s flat side is smooth, with the exception of Lemurian ridges, which also are present on the male, but texturized.

I also love how the male has one tiny area of pink in an inner recess and the female has a tiny area of lighter white, which connects them.

They are really lovely crystals and I did notice dream time with them under my pillow was definitely a deeper experience. I feel they assist with helping the physical to partner with the ethereal.

Another gift of Mother Earth and beyond to be grateful for.

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