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Earth Rising Again & Again

All around me there are hints of new life popping in all stages of growth.

Regardless of my not having yet tended the yards and garden, nor even begun any watering, everything is flourishing, birds and animals are celebrating, and all that saw an end, is replaced with a beginning.

Eventually I’ll get around to some clean up and easy planting, but for now I just placed a new rabbit friend for my forest gnome, along with a couple of vibrant mushrooms, a new, magickal bird

bath, and strands of solar butterflies for the rock garden to oversee the coming of a new generation of happy plants, blossoms, and forest creatures.

I even just added a reflection of me and Astrid in the garden – this faery and rabbit queen duo who reside over it all and merge their love as an anchoring to natural harmony within and without.

They join our little family that weathered the storms, and replace those we lost to the spiraling of cycles.

I have yet to mindfully place all the new raw crystals that Nature gifted me, but I know the faeries and forest friends will be excited when I do.

And in the meantime garden wellies await getting down and dirty with the underbelly of complex, creative focuses to come, as I ready to sink into the nitty gritty of new trajectories. This puts my cosmic wellies into visionary orbit as full-time overseers of the other realms where less grunge work is in store – a way to keep life balanced on the wild ride ahead.

In the meantime, everything is alive and thriving just by my loving them and nothing less.

It’s amazing that just a few days ago it was all covered in April snow.

And now there are beds, pots, and large plots full of wild flowers, daffodils and my first tulips on the way.

It’s fun to watch everyone rise to meet the Sun’s rays and to see how my ideas have come to fruition.

Driven by love to enrich the land here, wanting to help the pollinators, satisfying my imagination with creative beauty and blossoms, desiring ease and freedom, and making due on promises to the faeries of the land, things are taking the organic form of wild with intent that I hoped for.

And like my garden has journeyed through cycles and trials to arrive here, so too have I come to anchor where the light of my inner star’s navigational pull has been guiding me.

Time away helps clarify things for me and just like the rabbit and tortoise friends above merge their gifts and wisdom, I deepen into understanding how to merge different parts of myself in optimizing and enriching ways from the inside out.

The wheel of life goes round and round, but never journeys back to the same exact point ever.

Our conscious partnering enables nutrient-rich forces to move more fluidly through our veins and create expansive potentials along the way.

Cellular renewal processes are in motion even when you can’t see it.

Earth rises, again and again and so, too, do we.

This week will end with a powerful Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse (although partial, is potent) on the 30th, which speaks to opportunity for you to embrace the cosmic invitation to your heart’s desires.

I’ve heard that cosmic whisper for some time and it’s taken several spirals to figure out the most expansive way to integrate the invitation.

Rising again, I join Earth’s Spring song as a form of liberating grace.

In celebration of this energy and upcoming New Moon, we introduce two new crystal skull friends that have been curated and energetically prepared for their new homes – Flower Agate Twin Heart Skulls and Rock Quartz Blossoming Skull (SOLD) – on our page: Magickal Crystal Friends

And for anyone who would like to experience a bi-monthly hour of mindfulness and peace, I’ve just accepted on as one of three hosts for the Restorative Meditation Circle Meetups that will gather via Zoom beginning May 9th. More info available at: Restorative Meditation Circle Meetup

Your Energy Signature Expression Serves the Collective

This post with a video share from my time period living in the Magick Bus popped up when I was searching for something else and it felt resonant and aligned as a message for the now still, even though it’s from over six years ago. It’s never an accident how things show up.

Tania Marie

Wow, the winds of change are blowing like crazy since last evening! Warm, wild winds welcomed us not long after we landed back in Malibu yesterday and continue rolling through this morning.

They are aligning with the transitions I’ve made, and supporting a clean slate, and swift tail wind of energy to move forward in. Thank you!

I announced some big changes for me in my February Newsletter on Saturday – you can sign up for these here with a message of your desire: Contact Tania Marie

Here is a video that I included, which summarizes the current theme I was inspired to share.

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A Blooming Reseed

Gosh where to begin with this return post after being away for over a couple of weeks and with all that has and continues to transpire. I mostly wanted to touch in with you all to see how you’re doing (please feel free to drop a comment below) and share a small update from my neck of the woods in case you’re experiencing things in a similar vein unfolding – that collective energy connection that is comforting to know. Perhaps, even, you might receive nourishing energy or some kind of inspiration from the photos I captured, even if you don’t read the words in between.

However, things ARE still in an in between stage for me, so I’ll just share generally what has transpired over the last few weeks and not get into great details on everything.

Although I’m writing, since it’s been a while, I’m still not fully back. The time away was much appreciated and provided nourishment in ways I desired, but I’m still needing more time for myself, developments, and transitioning. I do, however, enjoy indulging my creative expression needs since that feels important when it sprouts. Posts will be sporadic for now while I continue to focus on nurturing my own needs and a lot of things unfolding on this end that need my energy.

That in between energy continues to include the fluctuating weather and seasons here, as while we were away we had a pretty decent snow storm back home and upon arrival we’ve had another, with quite a bit more on the way through end of the week. Here is a photo up at Spooner Summit when I had to travel Tuesday in the new precipitation.

I’m really grateful for this, as we were so far below the snow levels needed and every bit helps. In fact, I’ve focused a couple of Reiki Healing Attunements in recent weeks to work with the Elementals to create more precipitation because it feels so important. I feel we can all do our own parts in aligning with the elements within and without to support the highest good. We can also each do our best to embrace the constant changes we are being shown would be to our benefit.

While change is in the air and anything is possible, what might you be willing to release in the vein of letting go?

The more we can willingly release and open to new energies, the less it will feel like change is being thrown at us.

I can feel the blooming within and I see it beginning without. There’s been opportunity to reseed intentions, with the slower unfoldings that provide time to rethink, reimagine, and perhaps even redo things we thought we wanted, but in fact have outgrown even in the short interim of patient holding and waiting. It feels like there will be some bunny leaps up ahead that are going to happen after the seeming holds and temporary setbacks. It all is part of the whole, perfect process and the consistent ebbs and flows. The challenges that appear feel like alchemy in disguise, preparing the way for a blooming reseed like no other yet before.

Before our travels we got to spend some quality time with a dear friend who so kindly journeyed out to house and animal sit for us while away – the best sitter ever who gave me full peace of mind.

We hadn’t seen Lynne for a couple of years, but the days in Tahoe were perfect for the reuniting, adventures, and fun.

This is the area where she and I first met – Reno/Tahoe – and it was the perfect way to ignite some new things in each of our lives, plus reunite Lynne with my mom and meet the rest of my family, as well as hike with our good friend Reid and his dog Jasmine.

I even found an incredible hawk feather on this hike, and together Lynne and I found a ton of clear quartz and citrines. The feather spoke to support, guidance, and alignment all around for what would unfold along the way.

We enjoyed quite the contrast of weather while away with temperatures rising where we journeyed (high 80’s, 90’s and even a day of 100+) and a new round of snow coming down back home with frosty nights.

The first desert blooms were yellow, which I adore, but my heart has also been feeling the glow of pink as softening continues to anchor as the lens I view things through. Perhaps reflecting the Pink Full Moon energy, but truly has been ongoing for a while.

Indeed, the contrasts build, but our responses can diminish.

I loved the variety of thriving and varied bird songs that filled the mornings and days, especially the soft calls of the quail. We have them at home here in the mountain forests, too, so they felt like a bridge between worlds.

We also experienced a rare bald eagle sighting while in the desert, a few road runners, and dramatic landscapes of a different kind of beauty.

While Spring desert vibes surrounded my days away, back home winter made a comeback. This, I feel, speaks to a slower start to new things while getting the inner more anchored for the launch. Meanwhile, watching the start of blooms, exploring the desert oasis, and receiving sunshine on the skin all felt supportive for the days ahead.

Finding that balance is a daily journey and one I am committed to support overall well being, which allows me to literally and energetically be there for those who need me.

It was so awesome to return home to find my garden and potted plants thriving even without my tending anything yet. Everything is sprouting galore and quite prolifically I might say – more new plants in each pot than were ever there before. The moisture has definitely helped out. I have the most daffodil plants growing with a slow blooming start, but many on the way with my first tulips getting ready to blossom too.

I clipped a little bunch to bring some sweet fragrance and sunshiny good vibes in the house to support our transition back and things we are moving through.

Don’t they look sweet between the Easter rabbits my mom and dad gave me?

I also came home to a second harvest of my Lion’s Mane – will I get another? They say you can get 3-4 flushes.

And my Reishi continues strong – it takes much longer to grow, but look how beautiful it is so far.

There’s even another bunny growing – can you see?

I plan to slowly get the yard and garden cleaned up in May and get my seeds going. But, like with everything, I’m not rushing anything. I’m going with the flow of what feels natural and it’s all been in alignment, as we’ve continued to have Winter snow storms and below freezing nights.

It felt key that we were away during the recent Pink (Seed) Full Moon and Easter. In fact on the Full Moon a wild desert rabbit ran out to greet me while I got in the car to go to the store.

And on Easter, another wild desert rabbit ran across the road in front of me as I was driving us on the way to a hike. Then on my first morning back home guess who greeted me outside in the garden?

None other than my sweet, grown up, bunny friend, Hope. And what perfect, divine timing she had, as usual. I recognized her instantly by those soulful, cosmic eyes.

That made three days in a row of very deliberate, get-my-attention encounters with wild rabbits, which feels like no random thing their showing up on these particular days.

The trip away was also full-circle-creating memories-with-loved-ones-time – something that feels ever-more important these days, as we never know how long we have with those we care about.

Seeing family that are getting on in age and health, deepening the relationship with my cousin-in-law who’s like a sister, as well as connecting with dear friends we don’t get to see very often, all were meaningful highlights.

I even got to see my cutie godson Nova! Thanks to my ever-sweet sis Laura for the “Crazy Bunny Lady” birthday t-shirt that fits me to a “T.” Nova seemed to like it too!

There’s been a lot of unusual energies this month, but despite how they come in they still feel like resets that carry the seeds of new.

April heralds great promise for the evolution of new directions. All that blooming goodness whispers to us about our own opening petals, as we release the baggage flowers aren’t meant to carry while they reach for the sunshine.

I hear the words reseed and reset, as well as regenerate over and over in my mind. They’ve become somewhat of a mantra.

Whether you plant literal or metaphorical seeds, perhaps you feel that nesting call of the birds to prepare for what you are intending to birth. Things feel super fertile, but its’ up to us to activate these in partnership.

My time away brought some new insights and definite closures, as well as so many more raw crystal treasures onto my path to support it all. I’m actually writing this from my double desks that are literally covered in crystals to the point of not one bit of open space because I haven’t had time to go through them and find their place in the rock garden and gridded spaces.

I am floored by the crystal beings that have been finding me and vice versa, me them. This has been likely the most crystal prolific period I can remember in a long time (the most from Nature for sure) and I feel it’s due to all the resetting they are wanting to support. It’s as if they are literally jumping out of the Earth as I pass through. Literally, I was on trails lined in raw crystals, minerals and stones that were a treasure trove of energies to support reseeding incredible potentials.

I also was called to get a hair reset since my special faery friend and fellow bun mom is an incredible hairstylist with her own salon. It was fun to help baptize her special space, as she only opened it just under a year ago.

I decided to go bold, with a new look I’ve been wanting to do for some time. I told her to just go for it and cut my bangs super short and just trim the bottom with the same blunt boldness of my new bangs. Two cuts across and two lengths…super short and moderate, with no layers in between.

I can’t tell you how good this has felt, was needed, and ended up being so perfect for the hot temperatures I was in and the seasons ahead.

It also provides great versatility to go super Egyptian…

Soft faery…

and reveal those Cosmic features more boldly…

It also has felt more reflective of the current me, provided a fresh revitalizing, literally feels to have changed my whole vibe, feels like it opened things and is lighter and brighter, and gives me room to have every color of style in between as they grow. My hair grows fast, so this also remedies not having to cut my bangs for a while. My hair was feeling heavy and my grown out, long bangs were feeling like a veil…now that’s lifted and clarity restored.

I’m ever the chameleon Pisces.

This created a big energetic shift without really doing much at all to my hair. There’s always a way we can work with energies to help the new along. Find what you’re drawn to changing from small to large, and you too will experience a greater alignment and shift. It could be as simple as a new accessory, wearing a new color, a new outfit, moving furniture around, redecorating, a hair trim or cut, or even a new behavior or routine.

And since returning home there’s been a lot continuing to unfold. I’m reminded by Hope, the rabbit, that it all holds promise, despite what it appears.

When life throws you the unexpected, you can choose to embrace it and ride the waves or fight the current and exert more energy than necessary. I love riding the waves with this guy.

I’ll be balancing my time back between projects and commitments I need to complete and taking some time off to be with the currents flowing through right now.

Wishing everyone the promise of new possibilities and the hope of a brighter renewal. 

What calls to you to create through the blooming reseed of your heart?

Energy Update for April 2022 with Lee Harris

I know I said the last blog was the last for a couple of weeks, but this one just came out and I know how much many of you love and find support from these Energy Updates that Lee generously shares. Plus, it feels in alignment to post today on the New Moon. I love how there are always energetic tie-ins with things that have come through on my end and in general with what others pick up as well. You might find some exact words and themes that connect with my last posts hidden in today’s message from Lee.

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