When Crystals Have “Accidents” – What Does it Mean?

UPDATED NOTE 2017: This blog article I shared back in 2012 is one of my most popular ones and continues to receive an influx of comments and messages, including personal stories and inquiries due to experiencing “accidents” or even loss of crystal friends. I’m so happy the share has been so supportive to many, as it seems that a lot of people are having experiences that are drawing them to the article, indicating a shared experience of shifts and crystal re-gridding work taking place collectively. I also want to add that while I’m so pleased that many have found peaceful solace in this share (my original intention), it was meant as a simple share of my personal experience prompted by an actual client’s question that others may find comfort and connection with for their own. Although many ask my advice, I am not offering readings, intuitive sessions/coaching via this article, nor do I claim to have all the answers or to be psychic. Every case is individual and relative to your experience. While I, or anyone else may be able to intuit something, take time to reflect and review all aspects of your experience to retrieve a pattern, theme, or a possibility, I highly always encourage you to trust your own instincts, as within most all of the questions I receive, I also see the answers you are overlooking because of that lack of self-trust we all go through along our journey or perhaps not investing the valuable time to reflect upon and ask those questions to yourself and your crystal. If I’m able to support anything, I hope it is a support of that self-trust and cultivating learning to listen to the answers you have within you. I get tons of questions, not just from this article, but others and other aspects of my work, that I hope you can understand that I can’t possibly answer everything nor in any full length, besides the fact that a lot of questions imply what would normally be an official, paid, intuitive session by someone like myself or another who offers that kind of work. I love helping others, but I feel the best way to do that is to empower you. I’ve seen this post become a wonderful collective community for sharing experiences that are wide-spread, but also seems to have become a place people may feel is an offering of more than the scope of what the share was and how it was intended. Sending you all so much love to self-nurture you into your highest potentials and empowered embodiment of trust for the truth you have within.

And now on to the original blog article:

I receive questions often about the effects of “damage” to a crystal, as we all now and then can have what appear to be “accidents” or wake up to new discoveries with our crystal friends. Today, after receiving another loving inquiry, I felt it important to share a little on this and what I imparted to my client to support her with the answers she was seeking. I hope what I share will be helpful to others also seeking sense of peace with their dear crystalline companions who may have recently gone through a transition.

The question I received was regarding a new crystal pendant that this sweet client purchased and “accidentally” dropped, leaving a small scratch in the crystal. She noticed the crystal seemed to be vibrating after and she felt sad and very bad that perhaps the fall had disorganized her energy.

What I shared with her was this:

I know that things like this can be devastating to us (I have had several precious crystals fall and crack, chip, break, etc.), but I learned over the years that these are not coincidences and that there is purpose and meaning to why this happens and that there is actually nothing wrong.

Crystals are like us..they have personalities and they go through transitions and shifts in their experience of life. Some crystals will change color, form, chip on their own without a trigger by us, or grow new inclusions inside. This is because they, too, are changing and growing and they need a new form to match. Sometimes they also create a fracture or opening so that they can draw in energy through that fissure, like a portal or gateway, to help them vibrate at a new energy level – that in turn provides us with the ability to access the same, as they support us in our lives. Sometimes it’s to release pressure, and other times it’s because they are correcting their form, feeling a different one is more suitable and comfortable for their energy and may not have liked the form they were cut into or outgrew it. Like we grow out of a pair of pants if they become too tight or too loose, for instance and need to get a new pair of pants that feel comfortable. Or when we cut our hair to match our energy and new style.

And in relation to us, when they do something like this it can many times mean that we are working with the energy of forgiveness or perfection, for instance, in our lives and they are mirroring this for us, as they are our reflective, loving friends. They may also be trying to get our attention about something needing change in our life. So you can take a look at your life and see where you might be shifting yourself or have disregarded a nudge, where you may be needing to let off some steam (interesting my client was headed to the sauna as this happened) and release things, or needing a little extra love, letting go and relaxing, or forgiving – whether of self or others.

I don’t fix crystals, as in smoothing out scratches, rebuffing them or shaping them. There are those out there that can, but I wouldn’t necessarily trust just anyone to be doing what is in the best interest of the crystal unless they are in tune with and can communicate with them, otherwise they may create “actual” damage. It’s best when we can learn to accept and love the perfection within imperfection and receive the gifts that are hidden to those unable to “see.” My take is that there is purpose in their doing so and they are happy in their new form. It’s only we who need to learn to accept and love ourselves and others as unconditionally as they do.

hope this helps a little. I’ve been through this a lot, as I said, and coming to understand this has made a great deal of difference for me in embracing that everything happens for a reason and then I just find more love in my heart to give.

I have shared photos of one of the several crystal friends I have that has gone through this. These are images of a very beloved and special Lemurian I have that slightly slid out of my hands and hit the corner of my nightstand, then fell to the carpeted ground. When I picked her up to check her out, I found this newly created rainbow reflective portal. She previously had none, just like the other corners you see. The area did not break off, or chip, but the impact created a rainbow fracture or platelet (that to me feels to be like a new growth she birthed) that now acts as this doorway to a whole other level of experience and energy. It could very well have completely broken off, but instead she created a new layer to her vibration.

I have others that have chipped and broken off and know others who have completely shattered into pieces. They are living beings just like us and go through shifts same as we do. Life is about the experience.

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  1. LOVE this information! Thanks for writing it! Would love to read more of what you have to share about crystals! Huge Love! ~Adrianna

    • thank you adrianna! i’m so happy you enjoyed it and resonated with the information. i have written many posts on crystals in my blog, which you can peruse if interested, and will continue to do so. so stay tuned 🙂 crystals are very special to me and to aid in the service they are here to do is a joy. that is why i started a line of crystal healing jewelry to assist others in making connections with their own crystal friends and to support energetic shifts collectively. we have also started to include larger pieces in our collection called “joyful earth crystals” http://www.etsy.com/shop/JoyfulEarthCrystals

      thank you for sharing your feelings. i hope to provide more insightful and inspirational words as i am guided.

      love and hugs! xoox

  2. This was a very nice read Tania and I thank you for sharing your insights with us 🙂 You made me think of my favourite Rose Quartz dowser. It has been with me since 2010 and it does indeed feel like we both grow together day after day and our energies keep syncing and matching. Loveliest feeling ever.

    Blessings to you.

  3. It’s interesting because the Lemurians in my life seem particularly prone to this. My two handheld Lemurians that I used to use every day for meditation suddenly had developed many nicks and dents that I know weren’t there before. Oddly enough, I had not held them in several months, so I don’t know when it happened, but curious synchronicities led me to recognize the Divine Perfection in all of this. On the day I found the nicks, I had “randomly” picked up the crystals right before a phone call that I intuitively knew would come through. It was a friend I hadn’t spoken with in over year — a friend who had never shown any interest in crystals. The second sentence out of her mouth was all about Lemurian Seed Crystals and how her new neighbor was “really into crystals, especially the Lemurians.” We ended up talking about crystals for most of the conversation.

    Then, more recently, David had bought me one of the LOVE little Lemurian pendants. We were out and he wanted to take my photo on a bridge. I leaned into the bridge and kind of smashed the pendant against it, but the Lemurian seemed fine. It still looks fine, but if you feel it, you can tell there’s a chip out of the sphere. I think it looks even more powerful now, though, as this chip makes it glow with light and rainbows. It didn’t look so alive before it’s “accident.” Anyway, great article. Those crystals are up to some major regridding these days!
    xoxo and love,

  4. yes, that IS interesting that it is happening a lot with lemurians. the pendant that my client was asking about and had dropped, was also a lemurian l.o.v.e. seed crystal pendant just like yours 🙂 the lemurians are super active right now. i’ve been working with the lemurian i shared in this blog, a giant 8″ diameter lemurian sphere (like the grand momma to all the little l.o.v.e. seeds), and one of my giant lemurians that channels archangel chamuel, to do healing sessions recently, along with my quartz/fossil healing tool – (remember that one i showed you?), but i feel the quartz on top is both lemurian and atlantean.

    very cool synchronicities with your lemurian and the client. i love to hear stories like that. and yay on your pendant! i’m glad it is safe and even more alive and potent!!! similar to the one i showed in the post – creating beautiful displays of light and rainbows!

    yeah, really…they are up to some major work right now!

    xoox love and big hugs!

    • My twinflame lemurian crystal broke after I had dropped it… Is this an omen? I was thinking of gifted my twin with the broken piece when the time is right. We are in separation right now.

      • you may have answered your own question 😉 perhaps it split in order to go to you both, or maybe there is something more to the message. i always encourage others to look at what is going on in their lives when these events happen, as only you hold the key to the meaning. i’m not a psychic, but i imagine if you meditate with your crystal, you will receive the answer. ❤ much love

  5. Yes, and AA Chamuel seems to be very active lately, too. He keeps coming up in sessions as being there for clients to turn to in their own seeking for answers and healing. xoxo love and hugs!

  6. LOVE it!!! wooooo…lots of synchronicities…and guess what?! sorry to say, but in doing some online investigating into something, i received a fun message in doing so and guess what that sign came through as? as i was researching, in the most seemingly arbitrary place “back in the saddle” – that specific line, used in a different context of an actual physical entity, popped up! LOL!! 😉

  7. Hi Tania Marie,

    Great to discover your blog with so much great content. I recently accidentally dropped a small to medium rose quartz I usually carry with me. It now has a crack across the middle. I was wondering should I discard or keep it since I’m not sure how this may affect my energy. Is there a healing crystal method for these situations? Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide. Thanks!


    • i really appreciate that maria and glad you have found my blog and this particular post to be of value. i hope you have come to the conclusion to keep your beautiful rose quartz crystal, as its energy is just as perfect in its imperfection, as are you and as are we all. there may be methods people would use out there. for me, i would just provide my crystal the love and appreciation that i myself would also want to hear and feel. sharing your gratitude and continued honor for its gifts and seeing it in its wholeness as it is. if you did any kind of energy work or reiki, you could also infuse it with energetic love and charge it. maybe you can put it in the sunlight or moonlight. forgive yourself for any feelings you may have of guilt or feeling bad for what happened and realize the beauty of the journey together.


      • I am so happy to visit your site.. I have been carrying 2″ sized quartz crystal with a Dragon etched in it on my person daily for more than a year now, this morning the stone fell out of my clothing onto the tiled floor and broke, for the most part into (4) pieces off of the back of the Crystal only… hmmm: (2) small pieces, (1) medium sized piece and the front 2″ inches of oval shaped crystal, which is intact. The dragon etching is what broke away from this quartz crystal…. and the larger piece (front) is vibrating like crazy.
        Any thoughts on this ?
        I know of a coworker that is going through some difficulties so I just gave her the medium fragment, which has quite a bit of the dragon etching on it today.
        Thank you in advance ;

      • interesting leah…thank you for sharing. my first feeling when i read that the dragon broke away from it, is that it did not resonate with having the dragon etched on it. not all people may be diligent in asking crystals what “they” want and therefore potentially the person who etched it/or had it made, was not as in tune with the crystals, as say a crystal keeper may be. or they had their own agenda. it could also be that at first the crystal was fine with it, but as the crystal has shifted, just as we do, and in mirror to your own changes, that it was ready to let that part go, as well as is shifting and birthing into new aspects of itself. it could also be that there is a message in all of this for you to ask it, and it will give you, if you engage it. much love to you. i think that’s wonderful you shared one of the pieces with your coworker in need….perhaps part of the journey here that was meant to be in its fragmenting. xoox

      • Thank you for your thoughts and as I reflect, I originally chose the Dragon etcjed stone for the symbolic protection, maybe the negative “vibes” that at the time surrounded me have disapated or I am much stronger and they no longer effect me.

      • very powerful insight..you’re welcome. i’m glad you are receiving more connection to the personal meaning for you.

      • Thought you would find this interesting.. Do my Dragon etched 2″ Quartz crystal fell and broke yesterday, I put on a Smokey Quartz Dragon etched pendant last night and it fell off of the bale into my lap this morning. Hmmmm – thoughts ?

      • interesting…what do you feel about this leah? i think your energy is shifting. this can happen when we are going through change and expanding…crystals will reflect the energy.

      • I was able to put it back on the bale and have put it on, though now, suddenly with the other crystals that I wear on my body,I feel like I put a wet finger in a light socket. Also a business contact thay I haven’t seen in quite awhile (Dec 2013) shows up out of the blue and I feel myself working for him

      • lol! i know what you mean. very cool on the business contact. sounds like a lot of shifting and newness coming in for you

  8. Why do my crystals that I wear everyday are starting to get red specks on them? ?

  9. Thanks for your article! I am very new to using crystals and tonight I purchased a beautiful quartz crystal with lots of internal rainbow and fluorite sparkles in it. I brought it home, and before I even had a chance to cleanse or energize it, a small chip came off the side. I was devastated reading articles that this meant the crystal isn’t for me. After reading your article I feel better about maybe the chip happening for a reason (whether to let energy in, or out). My plan now is to properly cleanse it with sage and energize it in the sun. My hope is that this will heal the crystal and it will be ok to use. Any recommendations on what to do with the tiny chipped off piece? My intuition is telling me to somehow put it near my husband. Haha is that weird?

    • you’re welcome cristina! everyone seems to have their own opinions and insights when it comes to anything really, not just crystals. i feel we need to exercise our own intuition with everything and find what resonates with us as an answer. that said, i think that you should follow your intuition about giving the chip to your husband or having it near him by his bed or where ever he works. so, no, not weird at all that the crystal may want to work with both of you, since you are connected. blessings

  10. What happens when cystals get red are brown specks of color on them ?? Are turn three different colors ?

  11. *Crystals

  12. again, i’d like to share that it’s good to check in with your own intuition and see what the changes might mean for you. you can also meditate with your crystal and ask questions, listening for the answer that comes to you. or you can observe what is going on in your life and if the changes mirror anything for you. the crystals also have their own unique journey and transformations so their changes are part of their experience. how might the colors represent changing colors within your own life and personality? are you revealing your true colors?

  13. Hello Tania Marie, is it okay to charge your crystals on full moon even if it Friday the 13th ??

  14. I had bought a clear crystal pendant during my major part of my spiritual awakening and 4 days after wearing it I woke up and it now has violet in the middle 🙂

  15. Hi Tania, I recently bought a rose quartz crystal. I just wore it for 1 night, and the day after I was talking with it about my love life and hopes. Not so long after that, the crystal cracked. I am confused. Is that means the crystal doesn’t want to work with me, or it just transformed as its response to me? Should I keep it or just replace it? Thank you in advance 🙂

    • hi liza, there can be several possible reasons, and as always i feel it is best to trust your intuition on things, but i don’t feel it has anything to do with the crystal not wanting to work with you, but rather that it is working with you and mirroring the shifts and growth needed that will support you with your intents, as you yourself will need to be shifting in order to bring in the hopes you have. definitely a keeper in my opinion. ❤

  16. Hi there.. I purchased a rainbow fluorite crystal that’s mainly green with some purple and I was holding it in my hand and it literally broke in half! Is this some kind of sign?? Is it that it should not be with me, or that the connection between us is so strong that it split?
    Thank you

    • truthfully only can be the judge of that. i always encourage people to check in with their own intuition, meditate with the crystal for answers and be very observant and conscious about what is going on in your life that may be mirrored by the experience. perhaps you are in a time period of major change and the crystal is mirroring this growth and/or need for a shift to happen.

  17. Wonderful article. I too feel it is most often about accepting imperfections, and change.
    However I have an interesting situation, I own a lightly colored beautiful Amethyst carved into the shape of a wolf head, (my power animal) it has a hole drilled through the sides and I put it on a necklace of white bamboo cord (purity/luck) with Rainbow Moonstone beads.
    (my favorite stone of all generally speaking is Rainbow Moonstone and it connected a lot with the wolf symbology and shares intuition attributes also known with Amethyst so I went with it.)
    The Amethyst has lots of beautiful veil inclusions. However I admit that I worry it makes the crystal weaker physically. I am very careful with it as it is one of my most favorite pieces,
    I often sleep with a chosen crystal or a few at my bedside, with the Amethyst all my dreams are remembered and vivid, I had 2 dreams maybe 3 days apart where my wolf head broke into pieces. And I was very saddened by it, and upset. And since, I have been EXTRA careful with it taking all precautions. I’d say no more than a week went by and as my fiance was trying to close our kitchen window my potted spider plant sat which had 2 Clear Quartz Crystals and an Apache Tear in the pot, the plant got knocked to the floor as the window caught the rim of the pot coming down, but all 3 stones were sitting lined up on the window ledge somehow. Upon closer inspection only one of the stones (a Twin Crystal which was my favorite out of both Quartz points) had chipped a tiny piece near the point of the larger crystal and a good chunk off the base, the chips couldn’t be located so are probably under my fridge or something. I was SO upset at first, and was already having a bad two days, but then I accepted that the crystal still felt the same and was still beautiful and everything is ok.
    Do you think the dream of the amethyst breaking related to the quartz breaking? I wonder if my sadness about the bad dreams may have made the Twin Clear Quartz sacrifice itself in the Amethyst’s place? Or is it just a misinterpreted dream prediction that A crystal would break not necessarily my Amethyst? (my mother has gift of dream predictions and I have been having a few in the past 2 years)
    Or is it a preview to prepare me for my Amethyst breaking?

    • hi autumn…thank you for the kind words about the article and for sharing your experiences and dreams. truly, dreams have many ways of interpreting them and while they can be literal, they can also be symbolic and reveal multilayers of things about ourselves, as well as help us process through and work out challenges and fears. i can’t say what the actual interpretation is of your dream, but if you do have a lot of projected worry and fear around that particular crystal, you could be having dreams that reflect this. it could also means something about your personal journey currently, since you identify so much with that particular crystal/wolf. perhaps you’re in a very transitional time period, big shifts happening, or transformation is needed. the other crystal falling i don’t think is related to the amethyst in the way of taking on something for it, but again all of this is pointing to something going on in your own life, as crystals mirror us. so maybe take a look and observe your experiences of late and what is going on in the inner world that is reflected outside and in relation to the energy each of these crystals reflect for where changes in your life are happening. again, only you can know the meaning. i’m simply pointing out other possible perspectives. blessings and love to you

  18. I had been given a small tumbled quartz in New Orleans to carry with me about two weeks ago. It was quite clear just a little cloudy, but yesterday I noticed it has a pinkish hue now. Can Quartz change color like that? If so, what does it mean? Thank you!

    • yes quartz, or any crystal for that matter, can change color, shape, grow new parts or inclusions, etc. perhaps take a look at things in your life currently going on and how the change may be reflecting something for you either in what is going on or a change happening/needing to happen, etc. pink is the color of compassion and love…how might you nurture more of this in your life for yourself? your crystal may be assisting these energies in your life or perhaps your crystal friend is helping you with relationships…there are many ways to interpret…it’s always best to use your own inner guidance and trust it.

    • I have a rough crystal that is foggy inside like girasol (not entirely sure what type of crystal it is) that did this too, when I noticed it I immediately washed it thinking it might be oil from my hands that tinted it but I think the crystal legitimately changed color cuz its the whole crystal and obviously doesn’t wash off lol. It also showed a rainbow when held in bright light for the first time, and then a week later the rainbow inside disappeared. But the light pink tint remains. I have an idea what the rainbow was about as I was going through some self worth issues at the time I found it, and I think once the crystal healed me it healed itself too. It wasn’t necessary for me to see the rainbow anymore. But I still don’t really know what the pink is all about. Self love/acceptance maybe? In my situation atleast.

  19. AriesIntrovert

    Thank you so much for this article.


    My gorgeous smokey Quartz merkaba fell a few inches out of my hand onto the edge of the petrified wood slab I keep it on and one of the points chipped.

    I didn’t know if I was supposed to glue it (if the merkaba shape had to be exact with all points intact) or if it was ruined… But after reading this article I asked it what it wanted me to do.

    I asked if I should give the broken piece away (no), should I return the broken piece to the Earth (no), keep it nearby in the holder with the other small crystals (yes).

    Then I asked why it needed that piece broken off and it replied that it wanted/needed to be slightly lower, to be slightly closer to the Earth from that broken point. So I will keep using it (when I asked if it needed a break it replied no) with the broken edge down towards the Earth. ❤ ❤

    – Jacqueline

    • i love this story of yours jacqueline…thank you so much for sharing it. this is exactly what i was expressing and you so beautifully demonstrated it. i hope that others will be inspired by your experience and find their own way with their crystals when things happen, as truly only you and they know the answers. together you can explore them, as you did. what a sweet expression yours had to share with you. ❤ ❤ much love!

    • How did you go about asking your stone?? do you use a pendulum, or do you feel or hear it?? Just curious

  20. So happy I found this blog! I love your energy & the way you talk about our crystal friends. I’m pretty new to crystals to be honest. I purchased a small rose quartz to carry on my person & she fell at the gym, broke into 3 pieces. I threw her out not knowing how to properly dispose of it. Ironically I purchased another bigger ride Quartz to carry on my person just the day before! So I was glad.

    I do cleanse my crystals before wearing them or placing them in my special place with a sage smudge ritual.
    I prefer to place my rose quartz in my bra bc it feels at home near my heart however even tho I know it’s there & try to remember to take it out, I seem to forget & she falls! It’s fallen 3 times, twice at the gym (coincidentally that’s the same place my initial RQ fell into 3) There are small nicks on her & im thinking to cleanse her again recharge her by my clear crystal quartz – but is this crystal trying to tell me something? I just went through a break up & am still healing so I’m curious as to what’s happening…. I may just bury her & purchase a new one. What do u think? Is it safe to still keep on my person

    My amethyst fell too at the gym FYI but nothing broke off-

    • i think you answered your own question, as your recent break up and the challenges and healing with that may be being reflected in your rose quartz…i can’t know your specifics since only you would know them, but perhaps if you look at that experience some more and/or how you are feeling about yourself, shifts and transformations you are going through, etc…you may discover some answers to what the rose quartz is saying. read some of the comments before yours. you’ll see that one person asked the crystal to give her an answer to what it was trying to share with her. i suggest you do so as well. purchasing a new one does not save the crystal from it happening again if there are things the crystals want you to see. if you prefer having your crystal on you, i also suggest you purchase a pendant rather than a small one you place you in your bra because you already know what likely will happen. love to you

      • Thank you!

        I actually buried it in this really cute garden near a pretty pink flower this morning & may I just say the entire day I have felt great! I feel like it did all the work it had to do with me so I returned it to the earth. My negative thoughts/feelings today were so minimal vs the past few days I’ve been wearing the RQ. Burying it just felt right & I’m super happy for it. I did purchase a new one (along with others) but I love the idea of getting a pendant or keeping the stone in my pocket at times too
        Much love to you – I’ll be back I’m sure 🙂

      • that sounds lovely…a perfect place to place it. glad you found what felt right to you. that’s always the thing to trust…your feelings. hugs to you

  21. I keep loosing my stone i lost one today out of mt pendent my hubby got me …

  22. Hi there I just came across your blog as I recently broke two of my crystals within two days and I’m so sad. I take such good care of them all and I don’t know what to do. My fluorite crystal broke completely into two peices and my lemurian seed crystal broke into three peices. What do I do with the peices? Please help!

  23. Wow thank you so much for this insight! I just now “accidentally” dropped my crystal heart pendent and it too adapted a beautiful rainbow this was the first thing I noticed. I also noticed a little tiny crack. My question is when these crystal develop fractures is the energy of them still the same?

  24. Wow. I found this article after searching to see if crystals can regrow or repair themselves after being chipped. Wouldn’t that be amazing?! I am feeling devastated after my housekeeper has damaged my precious lemurian starseed wand. It fits perfectly in my right hand and feels like it was made for me. The point was amazing and perfect but now is chipped. It is not chipped in an ‘enhancing’ or introducing new power kinda way. It is damaged. I feel so upset. Now anytime I look at the crystal I am filled with negative emotions. I don’t want to feel this way. 😢

    • i’m very sorry you had to experience that gregory. i can understand the feelings that you are going through. i had a similar experience with a housekeeper knocking over a jade statue of a horse i had and it splitting in two equal pieces. at first it enraged me and brought up much pain, but i quickly shifted that when i realized how that horse had represented to me, an aspect of myself and what it symbolized on many levels. and when i saw that i was ready to let that old part of me go and the way i had identified myself with that, a calm washed over me and i saw the reason why this happened and how it helped me to see and move through this…i was ready and so the experience showed up…that all to say, that there are many reasons and layers for things happening…and it teaches us things we may not be aware of on other levels besides what it is obvious. perhaps you might find a link in your life to what this means for you. blessings

  25. Oh, wow! I’m so intrigued by this article! I want to learn more. I just received a beautiful rainbow moonstone ring and was immediately drawn to it; however, I noticed some dark spots & additional inclusions in it today. I became very upset & figured I’d return it but am now having second thoughts. Do you know if additional inclusions will affect the multicolor prism reflection? I know so little about the stone but love how it glows in certain lighting. Also, do you know of a beginner’s reference to crystals? I have collected several rings & loose stones over the years without knowing much about their powers. Would love more education. Thank you.:)

    • so glad you found this article helpful erin. how wonderful that you have a rainbow moonstone ring…i have one too. it is such a wonderful stone. here is info i shared on it from another article on my blog: This acts as a prism that diffuses energy throughout the aura. It assists in clearing the psychic senses and the mind and brings the frequency of joy to the energy field. It is a positive protection stone, helping to deflect negativity before entering the energy field. It is particularly good for psychic protection and for maintaining clarity of energy while working on an intuitive level. Rainbow Moonstone can be helpful in clearing the emotional body, as well as can be useful to ease emotional trauma and create balance in your life. It is a stone of new beginnings, balancing the psychic centers and grounding negative energies. It helps one to recognize that new beginnings are in fact the fruition of each ending. It allows one to accept gracefully the ups and downs and supports a calmness during the process. Connected to the water element and lunar cycles, it is specifically helpful at opening one up to their spiritual gifts, getting in touch with intuition, empathy, and feminine energy. Rainbow moonstone is a wonderful stone when used in Reiki healing sessions, by placing it at the crown chakra it helps to open the crown up.

      i believe that we are drawn to things for a reason and there is always a purpose and message in the types of crystals we are drawn to. inclusions are not bad things…it adds an extra element of energy, as the inclusions will carry another vibration that adds to your crystal’s vibration. a good beginner reference crystal book is The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. I hope you enjoy your new crystal friend and come to appreciate all the wonderful qualities she is reflecting for you to embrace about yourself. in crystal magick and love!

      • I would also like to recommend the Crystal Bible !! It is a great reference for the properties of each stone. I use mine almost on a daily basis !!

      • yes! thank you for sharing this with the readers here. i completely agree! i, too, recommend “the crystal bible” to my students in my crystal magick workshop as well as “love is in the earth” by melody..the latter doesn’t have photos, but is a great and extensive book that really delves deeper into the metaphysical aspects of crystals

      • I have been told by various people that I am very intuitive and a healer. I have also been told that I just need to accept this gift and decide what I want to do with them. I tend to feel things more so than hear or see things. I also have the possibility of a new venture in my work. Don’t know if there is a link there or not. I am thinking that maybe the wings are angel wings from my twin sister that passed away at birth, and that the veils are the joining of her to me. Your thoughts??

      • i am a feeler too…although get some touches of other senses as well. i would start trusting your feelings more, regardless of what others say. if you want any individual support i do offer intuitive and spiritual coaching sessions. i can’t possibly provide answers to all of the emails and messages i receive. i hope you understand. that said, i do believe you have the insight already and just need to trust it ❤ much love and blessings

      • Thank you so much for your insight to this. I really do appreciate it. I may be interested in your classes. I will look into that !! Thank you, Love and Peace for you.

      • my pleasure. ❤ sounds good. either way, i know you'll be led perfectly

  26. Hello and thank you so much for what you shared with the world. It made me feel so relieved when I found it as I just had an accident with one of mine. I was carrying a piece of angelite on me today and it slipped from under my clothes, fell on a very hard floor and had a few dents and cracks. My first reaction was to cry and feel like it is my fault and I don’t deserve having it. But when I calmed down and started looking at it from the curious point of view I realised the little cracks on it were in the form of a pentacle star and this got me really wondering about hidden meanings and messages maybe.
    Have you ever seen or heard of anything like this?
    One more time – thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experience. You helped me a lot into the transition from sadness and regret to curiosity and bigger love for my beautiful angelite piece with star-shaped cracks. 🙂

    • you’re so welcome vivi! i’m glad it helped you with your experience. how amazingly beautiful your angelite sounds with her new pentacle star! that’s magickal! i have heard and seen of crystals carrying many symbols within them…some starting out that way, and some growing/creating them later. it is a very special thing to have happen, as you have. quite a gift! perhaps you can do some research on the pentacle and look how it is messaging you and where your path is leading. love and crystal magick to you!

      • Thank yo so much for replying so quickly to me. 🙂
        If possible, I would love to hear your thoughts on some pictures of my angelite piece as my mother just shattered me to pieces by saying that me seeing a star is a nonsence and if I want to believe in silly things that is alright. :/ If you have an email that I can send pics to or an option to attach to the coment part, I would really appreciate it !!! 🙂 Thank you in advance. 🙂

      • you’re welcome. i’m sorry that happened and yet it’s part of your evolution in finding once again the opportunity to see things from a different perspective and find strength in trusting your own guidance, regardless of what others believe. that is something no one can take away from you, except you.

  27. My 5 year old grandson dropped my crystal and caused a sharp edge. He later was playing and fell on the sharpe edge and got a deep cut in the palm of his hand that might need stitches. I feel so bad that I didn’t put the crystal away before he got hurt. I am trying to look for anything positive that could come from this. I just feel so guilty.

    • i’m really sorry to hear that this happened mary. i can imagine how that would make you feel like this. while i don’t know any personal circumstances around the event and things in both of your lives, from a simple perspective of observer there may actually be a message or sign here of several things. one that jumped out was that your grandson may have healing gifts he will be developing and using in service in life, which may include work with crystals, or simply the use of his hands through the healing arts. and there’s a message of paying attention to signs and things that may come through your grandson, which is indicated in your “regret” in not having put the crystal away. perhaps you can even sit with your crystal and meditate with it to ask for a message and clarity on this…you may be a big force in his life of supporting him into his gifts. some crystals are self healers, where they break off and will smooth over and create more growth. your grandson is resilient and he may find his own self healing abilities through his life, and be a compassionate source for others he works with through his own challenges overcome. much love to you both ❤

  28. Hi,

    I’m new to working with different stones. I recently lost my crystal Quartz and (I loved it) purchased a rose quartz and I’ve dropped it twice already. It has now shattered into three pieces (due to me dropping it) and I’m scared to touch it. I don’t know if I should give it up and buy a new one. I also don’t know if me dropping it was a mistake.

    It seemed to fall and break after thinking of a particular person…..

    Thank you for the info and hoping this new year provides you with many, many blessings.

    • you’re very welcome bonniboo. i would suggest meditating on it and asking our crystal if it has any message for you. also look at what’s going on in your life to see if there is any reflection of perhaps change happening or needed, and/or what the crystal might be sharing.

  29. Last night I had a dream that my macrame necklace that holds my Rose Quartz pyramid broke, once thru the actual pouch that holds the actual stone and another 3 or 4 places along the part that loops around my neck. The Rose Quartz wasn’t damaged at all. Can u help me decipher this? The Rose Quartz actually has the tiniest chip on the very tip as well, it’s barely noticeable, but that happened ages ago. Not at the time of this dream. I would love to know how this is all connected and what relevance it has to me if you can help please?

    • hi jo…i always like to direct people to focus on what might be going on in their lives currently, as our dreams message us in symbolic and literal ways, just as much as something that happens with our crystal friends directly reflects a message to us as well. there are so many things it could mean and so you need to trust your gut/intuition on what feels right. could it foreshadow that your necklace may actually break and so your crystal would be safer at this time elsewhere? could it be that some big change is about to occur in your life, with your relationships, in the work that you do that is in service of others, a new passion coming forth on the scene to follow…take a look at relevant things that may coincide with the energy of rose quartz or anything wanting to shift in a big way.

  30. This reminds me of an incident that happened in one of Kim Russo’s “The Haunting Of…: shows during which she had entered Fairuza Balk’s work apartment to investigate spirit activity and the black tourmaline chunk she was carrying for protection slipped from her hand and shattered on the floor. Rather than regard this as a misfortune she recognized that her guardians had actually magnified the power of the stone by scattering it in smaller pieces across the floor, and she let it lay as it was for the duration of her visit.

  31. I recently had a stone that shattered. I have quite a few stones that I store in little bags for when I need to use them. This one stone in particular was in a bag in my dresser drawer and was fine when I put it in there. The other day, I went to get all my stones and when I took this stone out, it was shattered. Was fine when I put it in there, and shattered into about 7 pieces when I took it out. It is amazing what these stones can do, all on their own.

    Karla Smith

    • it truly is amazing! thank you for sharing this karla! another great story and example of the miraculous nature of crystals to shift and transform just as we do.

      • I also have a smoky quartz that I am trying to figure out what is going on with it. When I purchased it, it was very, very clear. Purchased it because of that. Now it has two brownish orange (wings) in it. another is forming right next to the other, making a total of 3. There is also some cloudy lines going from one wing to the other. These clouds are whitish in nature. Just trying to figure out what is going on with this stone. Is it shielding me from something, or is it more about what is going on with the stone?? Any input would be appreciated. This stone also has a rainbow in a different spot and several little black flecks in it as well.


      • well, wings sounds like a connection to birds, butterflies, angels, faeries…..how does that energy speak to you and things shifting in your life? the cloudy white appearances sound like veils….all of these, along with the other aspects you shared don’t sound like shielding, but taking you into another level of you. veils can be things that we have over ourselves not to see things or to hide things….or that need a new perspective to see through…how might that relate for you? is new freedom awaiting you or just ignited in your life? new guides or protection showing up? sounds like a fun and very reflective crystal…you just need to think creatively and ask for guidance with the messages

  32. It really is a cool stone. I have been told by several that I have some intuitive and healing abilities, I just need to accept them. I am also thinking of doing something a little different on the job front. Self-employment?? Possibly?? I also had a thought just pop into my head that one of the wings could be my twin sister that passed away at birth, and the other wing might be me with the veils between us. Any thoughts??

  33. Hi Tania,

    Thank you very much for this informative article. It really helped me.

    I bought a manifestation quartz yesterday and it is a stunning piece. It is crystal clear and has quite a few natural geological fractures that reflect rainbows. A rainbow fracture at the bottom looks like a butterfly sitting on a flower in a grass field from one angle and looks like a goldfish swimming at the bottom of a pond amongst waterweeds from another angle. The rainbow fractures near the top look like strange but beautiful wave patterns and amongst them, a small crystal(the manifestation) floats.

    I am quite a collector and I love collecting unique looking stones and minerals. When I saw it in a crystal shop yesterday, I was impressed by its perfect look; crystal clear clarity, perfectly smooth surfaces and perfectly sharp edges. I bought it even though it was quite expensive. Anyway, I had to hop on a train on my way home and, when I was close to the train station, the train I needed to catch arrived and I had to run in order to catch it. And that was when I heard my manifestation quartz clashed with my stainless steel vacuum-insulated thermo flask in my bag. I was greatly troubled. I really couldn’t understand how that could happen when the stone was properly wrapped to protect it from impact. I couldn’t unwrap the stone to check it in the train on my way home because the train was packed full people and I had no place to sit. When I arrived home, unwrapping and checking the stone was the first thing I did. It looked perfectly fine, except one of its edges is chipped. I was devastated, and I felt guilty as well. I couldn’t help kept thinking how I could have avoided this if only I was patient and didn’t rush just to catch a train to get home. I held the quartz and stared at it in regret for the most part last night. But I noticed something different. The manifestation quartz started emanating a loving energy, something I have not felt when I first saw it in the crystal shop and something I have never experienced in my life.

    I was still bothered by this when I woke up in the morning, and I decided to search online to see if quartz crystals can heal their injuries on their own and if not, if there is anything we can do to heal them. And the first thing I saw on Google page was this article of yours! And I learned that such thing happened for a reason. I looked at the chipped edge again and I noticed the four tiny indentations are aligned in perfect symmetry; the two inner indentations are close to each other and the outer two are quite far apart, and their distances are perfectly symmetrical. I don’t know what this means, but I now know it didn’t happen by chance or accident, something I hadn’t noticed in my devastation last night.

    I held it in my hands again and once again, I felt an unconditional love emanating from it. Now I know what it is trying to tell me; I deserve to be loved. I deserve love(kindness and compassion) like everyone else, and it is willing to love me. I had self-worth issues and I had come to accept that I am not worthy of love because I constantly experienced prejudices and racial discrimination from other people a lot. But this manifestation quartz, this little thing has changed me in an instant. I cried when it made me realise this, and I kissed it and I really love it. This is the first time in my life that I have an unusual and life changing experience with a mineral. Now I appreciate myself and I do believe I deserve love, even if most people out there are nasty towards me.

    It’s truly amazing how a small thing can make such a big difference to us. And of course, if you hadn’t shared your beautiful wisdom with us through this article, I wouldn’t have come to this realisation. Now I do believe that rocks and minerals are living things with souls and personalities like us. And my beloved manifestation quartz is a small thing with a big heart who can love unconditionally.

    Once again, you have my deepest gratitude for writing and sharing this article. And I wish you the best in all areas of your life.


    • what a beautiful share vernon…thank you so so much for writing this. a perfect example of how our crystal friends are such powerful teachers and guides for us. i think you expressed everything so perfectly and the experience you had is a testament of your own empowerment to embrace and integrate your crystal’s message and reflection. you’re most welcome and thank YOU. much love to you dear soul ❤ i'm so glad this article was supportive for you

  34. Hi! I’ve always wanted a large rock Quartz (Palm sized) for meditation and increased clarity. Today I purchased one in a gift shop- not any place particularly spiritual….
    Should I be concerned about any negativity that may have been absorbed during processing and/or sale? How can I cleanse/energize/program my new Quartz? What is the best way to incorporate it into my life to help aid in my spiritual quest? ( I’m fairly new to this…)
    Thanks for any help!!

    • hi amy, so happy for you that you found the perfect quartz friend. while i don’t have the ability to answer all of your questions, what i will say is that you can easily cleanse your crystals in the moon or sunlight, in fresh water like a stream, lake, ocean, etc., soak in salt water (sea salt), smudge with sage, sweet grass, uses energy work to do so like Reiki, and also with intention, which is how you can program them as well, but treat with honor and respect in all cases. much love

  35. Just one little caution – if the quartz has any cracks in it salt from salt water can work its way into those fissures and then eventually cause stress within because the dried salt will expand and contract with changes in ambient humidity. Over time that can be like driving a wedge into those cracks and causing the crack to spread or even cleave the crystal. It’s sort of like the effect of expanding ice being able to crack rocks.

  36. Hello Tania! I absolutely love reading your posts… I became connected after an extraordinarily beautiful Master Matrix Starbrary Strawberry Lemurian Seed crystal came into my life.I too,adore my crystal companions!!! This post was very poignant to me; a couple weeks ago on the day my (18 year old) son left for a two year voluntary service mission, I came home to find that my magnificent and dearly treasured Lemurian Starbrary laser wand crystal had broken in half!!! My son and I have a very special/close bond and relationship and the day he flew away on that plane,was the hardest of my life; it was a mutual heart break-yet such a beautiful time-as we both know that this is the right thing and will bring such powerful growth to him in his life… (and mine)still, we will not see each other for two whole years!!! And so, to come home and find my crystal friend had broken just as my heart,was a truly amazing experience! I was initially saddened,but she has since brought me great strength…. The currents of energy flowing through her now broken body, are even stronger and more beautiful and intense than ever before-so much so that it moves me tears and reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Rumi- “The wound is where the light enters you” There are reasons for everything in our lives! If we seek the deeper meaning,we will learn. Namaste… Des

    • thank you des!! so happy you’re a crystal lover too…wow a very beautiful and powerful experience indeed you had! i love your insights on this…perfect!! much love and namaste. thank you for sharing

  37. Hi
    I have a small flat pale tumble amethyst.
    I keep it in my bra during the day.
    Yesterday morning I had a scary incident with a horse spooking and bolting flat out. Both of us ok.
    Yesterday evening after a shower I put on a baggy t shirt no bra and transfer my piece of amethyst to my pants (like ladies boxer shorts),
    I’ve been doing this like that for s week or so.
    Last night, after crashing asleep on the sofa I got up to go to the bathroom, and then to bed half asleep and the crystal came tumbling out and hit the tiled floor and broke!!!
    A slither the size of a thumbnail has come off.
    What do I do ?
    How do I move forward?
    Was it a sign?
    What do I take from this.
    Cani still use the larger bit of crystal and what do I do with this tiny piece?

    • hi vaisha, thank you for sharing. from the article i wrote you should be able to take away that there’s nothing wrong with your crystal and yes you can still work with it. i shared my own experience of this in it. only you can pinpoint the message and sign, as you are the only one who knows what is going on in your life at this time. i suggest meditating on it and asking for answers. ask your crystal if it has a message…and trust what you receive. there may be something in your life it is drawing your attention to.

    • The energy will be slightly different, but that is a good thing since you have probably already absorbed the original vibe. The new vibe will be a different adventure and a different lesson.

  38. http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/the-haunting-of/season-1/episode-8

    I am reminded of my earlier post in this thread about the medium Kim Russo explaining the dynamics of a dropped and shattered piece of black tourmaline which occurred during her exploration of Fairuza Balk’s haunted apartment. see above.

  39. Wow! I feel better after reading your article. Thank you for sharing.

  40. Hi,
    I had a rise quartz in a shape of a heart bought to me by my mum. Quite large ir day in size. I kept it inHimalayan rock salt water for few hours to cleanse. After couple of weeks or so I say down and held it in my hand for almost an hour and afterwards I freaked out I noticed I was covered in red patches throughout my body my scars became intense red and some places were slightly burning .
    Ir like to know if there’s a possibility for this stone to be clashing with my energy or the opposite?

  41. That sounds like a classic “healing reaction”

  42. I was meditating tonight on the base chakra and was holding a pyrite crystal gently in my hand. The shape was more or less oval. When I opened my eyes after the meditation it had changed to a very distinct heart shape. Blew my mind…can you explain this please..

    • i haven’t all the answers and don’t know everyone’s full personal experiences, but my guess is it had to do with reflecting self love to you based on your meditation and needs at this time in your life. your stone is mirroring the need to bring more love into your life and so was sharing that love with you

  43. Thank you for sharing this information. I do accept that things happen for a reason. Let me share what happened with my polished malachite. I wear it close to my body and when taking off my clothes it fell on a ceramic tile floor. It ended up with several chips and a fair size one on one side of it. What concerns me is that malachite is copper ore and toxic to humans. Is my stone still safe to use? As long as it is polished it is safe. As well it has become quite dull even though I cleanse it often. Any thoughts will be appreciated on this.

    • you’re welcome leslie. thank you for sharing your experience. i’m not an expert in terms of being able to advise with that, but always feel that your intuition is the best source to turn to for meaning and answers. i understand that in large quantities of exposure to cut malachite, breathing in dust, ingesting etc. definitely would be of concern. if you’re not doing any of that or rubbing it into your skin or open wounds, then it likely wouldn’t be threatening. that said, everyone is different in sensitivities and you could very well have reactions or adverse effects that maybe someone else might not even in doing that. if concerned perhaps you can just have your malachite as a stone of support that sits on your altar or special area. just be sure it is away from animals or children who might get a hold of it. or maybe have it set into a setting that covers the chipped area. or, you could ask the stone about polishing it and have that done professionally.

  44. I was put my crystal away for the night . One of them drop down the AC unit. I try to receive but I can’t get it. The reason iam use them is because am going out with a guy . Our relationship is complicated the funny thing is he’s a maintenance person who works on air conditioners and Heating units and he’s electrician you know that type of deal so I don’t know if this is sign please tell me if this is a sign or something.

    • hi laura, i’m sorry to hear of your experiences and what seems to be causing you some level of stress. unfortunately, i am not a psychic and feel that we each have our own intuition that if trusted, will provide the answers. the fact that you connect these things seems to indicate something for you to look at with this. my guess is that you know the answer, but perhaps are afraid to look at it or follow the feelings you have, which is very common for everyone. in any case, your crystal seems to be getting your attention. i suggest you meditate or get quiet and ask your higher self some questions and trust the answer. sending you love and peace during this time.

  45. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:

    This blog article I shared back in 2012 is one of my most popular ones and continues to receive an influx of comments and messages, including personal stories and inquiries due to experiencing “accidents” or even loss of crystal friends. I’m so happy the share has been so supportive to many and I’m resharing it because of my own recent experiences again with this (https://taniamarieartist.wordpress.com/2016/10/28/joyous-shattering-into-multi-dimensional-limitlessness/ ) and hearing a lot of these experiences that are drawing people to the article, indicating a shared experience of shifts and crystal regridding work taking place collectvely. I also want to add that while I’m so pleased that many have found peaceful solace in this share (my original intention), it was meant as a simple share of my personal experience prompted by a client’s question that others may find comfort and connection with for their own. Although many ask my advice, I am not offering readings, intuitive sessions/coaching via this article, nor do I claim to have all the answers or to be psychic. Every case is individual and relative to your experience. While I, or anyone else may be able to intuit something, take time to reflect and review all aspects of your experience to retrieve a pattern, theme, or a possibility, I highly always encourage you to trust your own instincts, as within most all of the questions I receive, I also see the answers you are overlooking because of that lack of self-trust we all go through along our journey or perhaps not investing the valuable time to reflect upon and ask those questions to yourself and your crystal. If I’m able to support anything, I hope it is a support of that self-trust and cultivating learning to listen to the answers you have within you. I get tons of questions, not just from this article, but others and other aspects of my work, that I hope you can understand that I can’t possibly answer everything nor in any full length, besides the fact that a lot of questions imply what would normally be an official intuitive session by someone like myself or another who offers that kind of work. I love helping others, but I feel the best way to do that is to empower you. I’ve seen this post become a wonderful collective community for sharing experiences that are wide-spread, but also seems to have become a place people may feel is an offering of more than the scope of what the share was and how it was intended. Sending you all so much love to self-nurture you into your highest potentials and empowered embodiment of trust for the truth you have within.

  46. Recently, I bought a yellow saffire ring. I realised that when the gemstone vendor had shown me the stone it was transparent and in there were no broken side. It’s oval circular in shape. But after he got it the ring done with the stone, I can see a cut break in one side but I still wore it and did not go back to that shop to ask about it. Should i continue wearing it? Will it have a effect in my life positively still? Please advise.

  47. What about when a stone ” takes a hit for you? My carnelian it spekled with black now and i was told it took a few hits for me. Im looking for a further explanation on this.

    • i’m not the expert on this jemma, i work intuitively and encourage the same in everyone. this definitely happens since our crystals are so connected with us, that they can definitely shield us from things and protect any oncoming energies so that we don’t. with your statement of knowing yours “took a hit for you” that speaks to me that you intuitively get this already. i would look at the circumstances and what surrounded the experience, to see where any messages or adjustments in your life might be pointed to that your crystal is helping you to see. yes, they love us that much

  48. I know this is an old thread but i have had a selenite crystal wand break in half and even a solid glass christmas tree ornament of 4 inch by 3 inch “collapse” in to chunks while resting on the mantle of my fireplace. The fireplace in inoperable so it could not have been the heat. Is there perhaps some energy or vortex associated with this spot and how do I correct it? We do not live in an old home I an wondering if it is an energy line. I clear energy regularly with my crystals and with sage etc. I just was shocked by this finding in relation to one spot in my home. The glass ornament was solid glass and the chunks it broke into were the size of a nickel. It would take some force to do this. It was like it was obliterated.

    • i actually wouldn’t know the energetic dynamics of your place, but sounds like you’re in tune with things by everything you do and your even sensing this possibility. i would meditate on it and ask for answers and trust what comes. i know that selenite does melt easily and can disintegrate easily, but you mentioned no heat from the mantle. other potentials are something is trying to get your attention…see what’s going on in your life currently and pay attention to messages…and/or you are going through major shifts/transformations and crystals especially will mirror this by their own shifts, sometimes resulting in shattering (i’ve had this happen) or they are taking protective blows for you, or mirroring something within you that wants to surface but being held in. again, all only answered by you. trust your intuition. thank you for sharing your experienes

  49. Thank you Tania. I had made a new year’s resolution which isn’t something I usually do or believe in and it has been difficult. (no its not dieting ha ha) It sounds cliche but I am trying as many folks say to release what “no longer serves me.” I have found the hardest part of doing this is other’s reactions to what I am trying to achieve. Like they do not want me to move in my new direction because it takes me away from the “state” they currently are in. I am moving toward peace and they enjoy the chaos and drama and the negativity that brings. I have stopped trying to “take them with me” so to speak. So along with releasing what no longer serves me I vowed to also stop talking about my new found “understanding” with my old friends and family as that was not going well for me. I am so excited to share my experiences as much has opened that I never even knew existed but it is not being received well as they are not in a place to receive or understand which is OK. (that is the way I used to be)It is challenging to their belief system. So yes your intuitive part of interpreting my situation was spot on as I am holding back. I want to share but find it difficult. I will meditate on this and as you say this could be reflecting a paradign shift for me . My selenite sitting untouched on the mantle made its way into two pieces and is speaking loud and clear! Now it is my job to intuitively interpret this event and your response has helped a great deal. There is also an energy in the house that I am going to try and clear with dowsing. I am new to your site and was happy to find it as a result of my google search and so I subscribed. I thank you for your reply and for your sage advice!

    • this all makes perfect sense mary….i knew you had the answers and very clearly in fact from your response. you’re most welcome and thank you for sharing so vulnerably. i encourage you to continue this flow of expression. thank you also for sharing this so that others may understand their own processes and connect with your story. when we are willing to be transparent, it assists others to do the same. grateful you’ve connected here and for joining along in the journey we are cocreating. much love to you and peace in your heart as you continue with these powerful life transformations.thank you for your courage in doing so as it trickles out to others whether you know it or not.

  50. I absolutely love this!! I have most of my spheres on a small table in my chill/mediation room and yesterday my one smokey Quartz kept rolling off from my friend hitting the table twice. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it but I noticed it suffered a little. I felt awful. Reading this made me feel better. I also got a new citrine today and it rolled out of my hand onto that table!! Maybe it was to create a small inclusion that is meant to be a new energy for me. I also got a ring with a watermelon tourmaline and hit it super hard the first couple of days! The new inclusion bothers me but again reading this article makes me feel better. Not sure if the pattern means anything. This has all happened within a week! Kinda crazy. Thank you!

    • you’re welcome ashley…i’m so happy that this article was supportive for the challenging things you were feeling about your crystals and their changes. likely there is a pattern, as you’ve noted, since it’s all happened consistently within the week. take a look at what is going on in your life right now and what it might be reflecting or getting your attention about…maybe just mirrors your changes you’re going through in a bigger way, or something you’re overlooking and have been asking about. much love! ❤

  51. How very kind of you to explain your beliefs in this subject, in such a gentle manner. ❤️

  52. I had been given a mass of citrine (mid summer 2016) and felt it holds an extraordinary amount of energy, at points almost overwhelming. Due to this I mainly left it outside directly on top the soil, sitting by it and praying was my main interaction with it. Over time I feel I began to be more accustomed to its energy and would tend to leave it in pockets nearest to my heart. There was a particular gentleman that I felt was being drawn to this stone. Naturally I brought it out and tossed it to him to see/hold. He caught it but then shortly after, it slipped from his hands and fell upon his shin. He mentioned he felt a shock sensation and seem to be astonished with it. (Late summer early fall 2016)
    Winter (2017) the same gentleman and I got together to catch up and exchanged stones and obviously I felt the citrine was the most appropriate. He has left it out to charge for a week now and has just explained to me that when he went to pick it up he experienced another shock!

    I have a feeling that this has some symbolize and would be curious to hear your thoughts!!
    Thank you for your post about “accidental” breaks and cracks!!


    • you’re welcome kristen, and thank you for sharing your experience. perhaps others here may have insights too. unfortunately, i hadn’t written this post to offer intuitive readings on individual cases, but to be supportive. so i hope you understand. i always invite people to trust their intuition with what they experience, as basically that’s all i’m doing as well with my own and in sharing potential perspectives. in brief, seems to me that you are in touch with your intuition, as you supported your feelings about this gentelman being drawn to the stone and giving it to him to experience. for whatever he’s going through in his life and what his life path is, the citrine is activating something for him. blessings

  53. I have been wearing an Amethyst bracelet, and also an Unakite, for the past year or so. Just a couple days ago, I was having dinner at a restaurant and I felt something tight around my leg. I took a look, and noticed my Amethyst bracelet somehow ended up from my wrist to my ankle (maybe while I was changing?). Anyhow, the day after, I went swimming. As I was changing, I accidently pulled on my Amethyst bracelet and the wire broke. The beads scattered all over the floor. I picked them all up, but I was just wondering what this may mean. The crystal didn’t break but the wire that was holding it together broke.

  54. I charge my crystals by keeping them in the sun and Im afraid some of the color crystals faded, especially my amethyst and rose, I felt like getting new ones, Im sorta ocd about my magick things, Ive replaced certain tarot cards several times, ect. Ive carried my crystals together in bags before, my quartz edges on most of my prism seems like perhaps got chipped that way idk, I get really upset about that stuff and always want things back the way they were and maybe its just that I have to learn to be more accepting of those things but its hard for me to use them when I feel so guilty and upset about the ways I may have damaged them.. I feel like they’re not good anymore. Idk how to overcome this perfectionism I feel in some of my spiritual work its a real problem for me. Do you have any advice, it seems like its hard for me, its hard for me to get over it.

    • i’m sorry to hear how challenging this is for you alice, and yet can understand. unfortunately there is no quick answer i can provide, nor would i try to ascertain knowing the totality of your experience around this. my sense is there is much more to this worth exploring and perhaps than simple advice can offer…as that is already what i’ve provided in the article you just read. there may be some root things to uncover and if you feel unable to on your own, perhaps finding a resonating and supportive professional who can, would be of help and revealing. love and blessings

  55. I love this article! I thought I had lost my mind when I felt compelled to “rescue” two beautiful crystal clusters from a department store in the home decor section. One is the deepest purple amethyst I have ever seen, and the other white and clear quartz crystals. The regular quartz feels like it is deciding what it wants to do, but is happy to have a home. The amethyst feels like a long lost best friend! I have honestly never been so drawn to two crystals before. This article let me know that they do indeed have personalities and that I’m not imagining it! Thank you so much!

    • you’re so welcome lynne! thank you also for sharing your story about your two crystal friends. i’m SO happy this was supportive for you. indeed! you are not imagining anything…keep trusting your feelings. much love

  56. Hi
    I brought a rose quartz crystal on a key ring about two days ago. I put it on my car keys so it is with me at all times. However today when I was putting my keys on my pocked the crystal jumped out my pocket set arching itself from the chair part. Some of the chain was still left on so I picked it up and put it in my pocket but wonders what this may mean?

    • what do you think it might mean? what was going on with your life at the time? anything you were thinking, pondering, things you’ve been afraid of doing, suppressing, or excited about but not yet putting into motion? since rose quartz centers around love, which includes love for self…that will be the theme in any of these scenarios to ponder where changes could be helpful

      • Hi
        I am not sure as I was at work and had just got out of my car to meet another colleague. It was like it was trying to escape from me. Had I not been with my friend I might have not known it had come off however it did bounce away from me and made quite a loud bang as it hit the floor. Maybe I need to love myself more before, I carry it around with me.

  57. Soooo i bought a beautiful howlite wand yesterday and when i was reading The Four Agreements this morning on my balcony it fell out of my pocket onto the tiles, and broke in two. I just googled what it means when you break a crystal. and clicked randomly on one of the results. It brought me here. I read the article without looking much at the site at all. Then scrolled up to the top of the page. Then I see my name – exactly – Tania Marie – it was spelled wrong on my birth certificate so I became “Tanya”. I have no idea what that means but there’s gotta be something freaky going on here! The universe definitely bought me here for a reason! So nice to meet you Tania Marie, from Tanya Marie Love. 🙂

    • love things like that…synchronicity and alignments at work…wonderful to meet you tanya marie! perhaps it’s simply a wink or nudge to something in your life right now you’re pondering or about to do and have wondered about ❤

  58. Hi Tania Marie, great article! I read your introduction about not intending the post as a way for indiviudal readings etc. However, I wonder if you or any of your readers might be able to share some suggestions or insight.
    I have a slightly bizarre situation. I was working with my citrine tumblestone this morning (charging some water by the light of the sun). About an hour later I was in the bathroom and the citrine flew into the bottom of the toilet bowl! Hahaha It’s still there, I can see it. But I’m not sure, does this mean that the crystal is ready to move on? Should I fish it out and bury it in the garden or just leave it where it is?
    I never imagined I’d have this predicament!
    Sharing your life with crystals can be so strangely wonderful!

    • thank you suzanne and thanks for sharing your life and love with our crystal family! as always, i encourage people to check in with themselves and even to ask the crystal for anything it has to share. trust your intuition. my guess is there is something very clear that you were working on or that is going on in your life that will provide the answers when we are willing to embrace them. anyone’s advice will only be suggestions or their own interpretations. you hold the key. trust that.

      • Thanks, Tania Marie. Well, I can confirm that when I went back to check on it, the crystal was gone. I have done some reflection and think I know what’s going on – the work I need to be doing is not with Citrine at all! I was focusing on bringing in abundance but that’s already there, it’s allowing myself to access it is the problem. And Malachite is the stone I need to work with for that. That must be why Citrine took itself out of the situation so that I can concentrate on the real work at hand – that which I’m avoiding! Better get down to work so! 🙂

      • awesome!! i so love hearing that you pieced it together. such an empowering experience! thank you for sharing this for others too!

  59. Thank you, this blog helps so much. I’m new to crystal energy and I just bought a green beryl crystal to help with some issues I’m dealing with, in less than 12hrs after buying it and just after an important phone call I accidentally dropped it and it broke in two. I was upset but then I started reading advice about broken crystals online. I read about meditating on why the crystal broke and listening to its story and the top half clearly said to me that a lot of negative energy was trapped in the bottom half and it needed to be lighter and free. I’m not sure yet to keep the top half but I think I should put the bottom half back in the earth rather than passing it on.

  60. Broken crystals provide a fine opportunity to use the energy in a different and often more powerful manner. By holding the fragments in both hands simultaneously a circuit is made across the body that is sometimes more energizing than using one crystal alone, and since the fragments came from the same crystal the circuit is usually more coherent and stronger.

  61. Hi. I’ve a 5cm lemurian star seed crystal. Its my favorite beautiful crystal, very rough with an interesting little universe inside. I carry it in my bra. Use it to meditate and heal myself and others. I put it in a stone bag with some other crystals one day when I was very down and had them all in my lap while I was driving to the coast one day. When I got home I took out the crystals there was some chips off some amethyst and a chip off my beautiful lemurian friend. I was fine with that but I was also amazed that it had turned from clear to a slight golden colour. Does that mean its now a lemurian star seed golden master healer? Well I know it is myself I gets very warm to hot very quickly. Have you heard of this before?

  62. Tania I have placed my new crystals in a glass pot and a few hours later i found the pot broken in peaces and the crystals lying outside except two remaining inside the broken pot; what do you think?

  63. Stephanie Anne Jensen

    I had a bracelet made with clear quartz crystals and i noticed that the crystals went green sometimes and other times blue and pink. I thought it was soo pretty and maybe it meant something!

  64. I’m at work and my Tiger’s Eye star fell out of my pocket onto the tile floor causing a chip to come off of one of the points. I felt horrible. But after reading this, I feel so much better. Though, I did use a nail file to round it out a little bit so it doesn’t stab me in the leg while it hangs out in my pocket. I think he’ll forgive me. =)

  65. Hi I gave one of my crystals to a mate of mine and after bit of time it split into 2 peices but then split again so now its in 3 peices but apparently now its glowing blue so could you explain what that means i will be very grateful if you could help its the changing colour part what I don’t have a clue about thanks Adam

    • if you know for sure your crystal has never exhibited this color (when viewing indoors and in sunlight – as this can shift and make many things apparent that weren’t) then it may be that an energy shift has taken place due to an exchange between the crystal and its new keeper, as well as the transformations and shifts you are all sharing.

  66. Yup dropped a lemurian a couple of weeks ago. My very first crystal ever. It shattered all over the floor in a restaurant. People thought it was glass. I picked up every piece i could find and tried to hide my devastation behind a smile whilst some people kind of looked at me strangely as I don’t think they knew what it was. I did have a lady put her hand on my shoulder and she said “Oh I am so sorry”. Whether she knew what it was or not her kindness will always be remembered.I still have the main piece and put it back on my altar in its place of honor. I have given the other pieces away. Since then I have dropped 3 more pendulums. Bugger! I keep them all as they still “work”. But pendulums are like tattoos….Once you have one sometimes you start “collecting”…or new pendulum friends somehow “find” you. I am always happy to have an excuse to go pendulum hunting. As crushing as it is to experience a “Crystal Accident” I am “innerstanding” that all is as it should be! Makes me feel much better:)

  67. Thank you for your info 🙂
    I’ve been wandering if the fractions inside my quartz crystal do affect the energy they have.
    Yet, your opinion here reminded me that our friends crystals are beings who feel and change as we do. It’s all clear now 🙂

    I also remembered that a great researcher of crystals Les Brown said the same thing, that crystals are our friends and we should treat them that way.
    Here’s the link to his presentation if anyone would be interested:

    Thank you 🙂

    • thank you so much for the informational link. i’m sure readers will find it interesting and relevant! i also appreciate your comment. i’m glad this was supportive for you ❤ you're so welcome. much love!

  68. aishwaryashinde475

    Hi Tania. I read your blog and i found the answer to my question. Just this morning my amethyst pendant fell from my hand when i was going to wear it and it broke into two pieces… I felt so sad.. I was about to cry but, i controlled myself.. I love amethyst so much. It was my first crystal… I loved the energy of this crystal. It was dear to my heart… I guess it was my crystal’s wish to become two crystals.. 😊

  69. I’ve only had my crystal a month i wear it every day and hang it in the moonlight everynight, when i got it it was clear , no there is a strange design in it

  70. I have a polished heart shaped selenite that I wear in my bra near my heart chakra. As I was getting undressed I completely forgot about it and it fell to the floor and a small chip had fallen off. I immediately put the small piece into the earth of my pot plant (I don’t have a garden) and then places the heart near some more selenite, rose quartz, citrine and clear quartz. This is the second time it’s happened so the first piece my intuition told me to give it to my father, who is dying – my guides told me to. I was unsure what it meant and then I found your wonderful website explaining what to do. It will stay on my bed now, so thank you for your explanation and information

  71. Excellent post! The other night, I was feeling scared. I had felt something touch my hair and as I opened my eyes, I looked over to my piece of selenite and it was glowing green. What could be an explanation for this, in your opinion?

    • thank you for your words J! i don’t know your personal experience with this and i always encourage people to trust what they feel, any messages that come to them, and/or to meditate on the situation at hand…even to ask your crystal about it. this is the best answer you’ll receive is the one that you find within your heart. sometimes we feel fear and it’s not actually something bad or to fear, but can be something we’re just not used to and/or activates a part of our essence to remember something. perhaps your selenite was reflecting something for you…was activating healing energy and your heart chakra to open up even more. maybe there was a presence around you like a guide there to help. there are far too many reasons things might be. what do you think, given things in your life and what you felt?

  72. Beautiful! I just found that my rose quartz has an orange streak in it, which was not there previously. I got a bit worried that I was doing something wrong. 🙂 I kept it in a box with an unburned palo santo, and for some reason this rose quartz has become very dear to me.

  73. This was very helpful ♥️ I bought 2 crystals a couple of years ago. They were flat and round about the size of a half dollar. I always carry them with me. I also sleep with them. One is tiger iron and the other is snowflake obsidian. A couple of weeks ago, I woke up to find that they had changed shape. One had a point and the other had a flat side.

    • thank you so much for sharing this doris ❤ it's always fascinating to hear people's experiences with their crystals. so much is transforming these days and i'm not surprised by the stories of crystals transforming and even bursting into new embodiment.

  74. This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! This has set my mind at ease about a chip that I noticed recently in a beloved chlorite quartz point.

  75. My crystals didn’t exactly get physical damage but my mom got them a gave them a wash for me. I am aware that some of them may be toxic, so now I am unsure of what to do? I don’t feel right about getting rid of them either. But I don’t want something toxic or harmful in the home either. I would greatly appreciate some of your insight on this matter!
    Thank you.

    • i’m a big supporter of following your gut instincts/intuition. do what feels right and if in doubt, sit with your crystals and ask them…you will receive an answer. i’ve washed a crystal before by accident and still kept it with me. no problems.

    • loveinthemoonandstars

      I don’t worry about stuff like that. Follow your gut, but your mom did it with the right intentions. Too many “rules” around crystals. I do whatever strikes my fancy. One of my faves is to put them outside for the day or throw them in a freezer. They just like the attention in any form you give it!

  76. I have a Citrine Crystal that fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. I have been holding most days and nitghs for almost 2 months.
    Over the past few nights it has changed shape dramatically.
    Have you ever heard of this happening?

  77. so my cat knocked off a clear quartz i had set out on my desk and it fell onto the floor. when picking it up i noticed an internal fracture. it made me wonder if there was more to the “accident” then it seemed. i believe that cats know things we dont. i think they can sence things we cant. what do you guys think?

  78. Shaun Haberle

    what happens if you purchase one and later notice there are some flaws?? Is this a mirror or some sort of message? What I got from my calcite sphere is that everything contains flaws and that flaws are a part of growth and change.

  79. lombardtwanette055

    My small apache tear crystle fell out of my bra and shattered in fine fine pieces.

    Can you perhaps clarify if this has a meaning?

    • I sense you already know but are being asked to trust your intuition. Apache Tears help navigate emotional healing, loss, grief and forgiveness. Is it time for you to let go and move into a new cycle? Is the pain you’ve held, hindering you? You are supported and loved… change can be hard, but like nature, it’s a flowing cycle that renews.

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