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Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: The Soft & Strong of Embodied Empowerment

To say I adore my soul companion in rabbit body, Astrid, is an understatement and the depth of that love is far more than snuggly sweetness we share between us (although that definitely is a big part of it). It includes how much I admire and am inspired by her agile spirit, strong heart, and wise instincts. I also love her humor and childlike innocence she so exuberantly and unabashedly displays, while the next moment standing in the unwavering power of her benevolent queen’s essence. She is so in tune with her body and feelings, and together we are like a finely tuned piano of black and white keys working in harmony. But that is something that doesn’t just happen overnight. It comes with committed patience, open-hearted presence, and willingness to be open to seeing each other as equals.

I’ve written quite a bit about animal communication, the importance of communicating everything with them, how we can share harmonious relationships with our animal companions, and in fact how important it is to keep deepening into the vortex of your heart so that possibilities in this realm will become the new norm. One of these shares was about how Astrid and our niece opened the communication channels, which you can read here: Animals Understand

And it’s just such clear communication channels between the two of us that assist during times of change.

I’ve been so very proud of this sweet, strong soul who has been fully back to having 100% free roam during our travel time away. The first week was a trial run of part-time closure within her giant, mobile pen the size of two and a half pens put together only while we were out during the day for a few hours and sleeping at night. This was for potential safety and damage control in foreign new spaces.

But after having a check-in and long conversation with her where she expressed her frustrations to me, I knew it was time to leave the door permanently open and this has continued since – she’s on three weeks of open pen and full free roam at all times.

We agreed on trust guiding things and with the freedom she would know that I honored her word and soul needs, which in turn she would reciprocate. And we’ve both kept our word.

Astrid’s soul is SO big and advanced, to contain her in more than just her physical body alone is spirit crushing – both to her and me. So it’s been back to full freedom always and that makes a happy queen and mom. She still uses her pen for the majority of the day and everything in it as her safe space and personal realm.

She’s shifted from guarding it all quite diligently from cat spies and robbers to relaxing into a new ease, while coming and going as she desires.

It’s been super interesting to watch both her old and new behaviors emerge, which have evolved to suit her temporary home life and reflect her transformation process. So far I’ve witnessed her behaviors change based on triggers from having an enclosed space, the different homes we’ve been in, the layout and space of the home, how she feels in it, the way the cats are behaving, and how she’s embracing being the traveling rabbit for the period of time I’ve told her we’ll be gone.

She’s gone from frustrated to empowered and joyful – from unsure to secure and confident.

She went from also knocking down her cardboard cabin, chewing on her mats and pen (even when it was open), tipping over hay bins and snack bowls, and being afraid someone would steal her treats, to complete peace, her usual tidy ways like back at home, and sense of security even if the cats lurk around.

The more we communicate and the more I demonstrate my trust in her, stand behind my word of never ever leaving her side, and literally holding her hand throughout every new transition of every single moment, the more she relaxes into even greater embodied empowerment.

One of the entertaining (although equally frustrating to me) behaviors she displayed was in the first home of three weeks we were in, where she became much more territorial. This was her way of asserting the need to honor her feelings while she traversed through the changes she was going through and learning how to process the new. This made her charge at or chase any cat that infringed on her realm. She was even temporarily back to charging when you put food in front of her (an old shelter response) until assured with pets and snuggles.

I especially got a giggle out of her stealth attack on our male cat Boojum. She would lay low in her cardboard cabin calmly with her amethyst, and if Boojum tried to pass (he’s known to steal her hay and water) she lunged at him with full speed and grunt, sending him on his way. She would then immediately and quickly retract back inside. This fast stealth strike and equally fast retreat back into oblivion had us calling her a little moray eel. 😉

She would also lay directly across the front of her small hay bin that is the bounty both cats will sneakily try to get, and basically like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings declared, “You shall not pass!”

There was never any violence or fight that ensued. She just asserted her boundaries and I LOVE that about her.

The cats know to back off because Queen Astrid is quite a force to reckon with energetically. You wouldn’t think so looking at her sweet silver butterfly kissed lips and twinkle toes, but she’s learned to be comfortable in her power of both strength and softness. She’s the Rabbit Queen, afterall!

In our first place she had morning moments of binkies and running laps with me in the master bedroom, but mostly processed how to integrate the new with staying in the main living area with us and asking dad for lots of extra snuggle time while he did his stretches on the floor. I loved how she looked to both of us (mom AND dad energies) for encouragement and love, as ingredients to the new she was deciding how to integrate.

And this behavior continued on the first leg of our journey until we got to our second landing spot.

Astrid in her traveling case with her amethyst and me by her side. I hold her on my lap the entire way, with my hand inside to comfort her. She has hay, herbal snacks and water as well, which I’m happy to report she nibbles and sips on during travels.

With four weeks and already three of the seven road trips under her wings, she came to a steady and more anchored place of softened confidence, encouraged by her parents. And it is in this last week where even more of her exuberant and explorative inner child also made many more appearances again. She’s had a blast exploring the entire home from the get-go and not one night did she spend contained in her pen. It was only put up to create the feeling of her having her very own, safe realm within the new space, but it was left wide open all day and night long.

It’s a very nice space where she has a beautiful winter scape view.

She’s actually evolved into being the happiest I’ve seen her, the most social ever with everyone – not just me, the most self-assured and content, and super communicative, responsive, and interactive. She literally fills the space of the room, but in a sweet way that evokes a smile and invites you to play.

She doesn’t feel the need to own the room, but shares it with everyone and really has taken her spot as a bridge for the whole family.

There’s times we’ll come downstairs to find her sitting tall on the center round ottoman like the benevolent queen who is excited for the fun to begin and to let down her hair.

And in the evenings when we watch movies, she’ll move between laying like a bunny loaf in front of us on that ottoman, joining dad in his stretching exercises, and then jumping on and in between us on the couch, laying there awaiting pets and enjoying snuggle time.

There’ll of course be a few hops, zoomies, and teases, as she invites everyone to add play to our peaceful evenings.

You can tell by the last several photos where her favorite spot is right in the middle of all of the action and smack center of the energy in the room. It’s so endearing to see her in her essence and element and even Dave has remarked how she’s really blossomed in this new space and surprised him with how not only well she’s doing, but how she’s let out her personality even more.

It has been so fun to watch her surrender into her childlike self as she runs, jumps, binkies, and leaps with joy. The more guarded, old parts of her have relaxed again back to how she is at home, but also in a newly empowered way.

She’s jumped on every surface possible – couches, ottomans, wide adobe window sills – and had no problem running up and down the wooden stairs to the second floor so that she could explore there and also come thump by my side of the bed to tell me she’s ready for morning and morning snacks to begin!

She would run upstairs in the evenings while I’m working and tug on the comforter or the velcro attachment of my computer cord to let me know it’s dinner time.

She’s even followed me around at my feet, excitedly been coming when ever we call her name, and has been craving dad’s attention too, enjoying her teasing games with him for snuggles and carrots.

And during the day she securely rested in her cardboard cabin or sprawled out on the mat in her pen, awaiting us to return home.

She’s been finding her balance and like the collective, is mirroring how to revisit the old patterned, painful memories of her past, but realize that the now is nothing like that. So while she’s had trigger reminders of being locked up, abandoned, and badly handled come up through the experience of major change on her traveling adventure, she’s been able to revisit it safely and quickly with our loving and nurturing help, so that she can move through and beyond those old behaviors at even greater depths of clearing.

She’s realizing, through our communications and demonstrations of honor and trust for who she is – being seen and fully supported – that the old doesn’t have to define her anymore. She’s learning that it’s okay to demonstrate vulnerable frustration and have feelings come up, but she’s also realizing that they are in fact only based on what “used to be” and what “is” is something entirely different.

She understands our trust in her and she trusts that we will always be here for her.

She’s being supported into her authentic self and loved every step of the way. We don’t judge her for her actions while she processes the feelings and needs she has to draw lines. We honor her need for alone time and give her plenty of nurturing when she needs encouragement.

And she’s understanding that boundaries are healthy, but can also be bridges of understanding rather than violent separations.

In the latest new home she hasn’t had to be territorial in the same stealth way. She’s softened into a more direct line of communication because of being more at home with her feelings. She simply stands her ground with solid and sweet confidence and I’ve now found her sitting not far apart from both of the cats at any given time. In fact, they’ll all be huddled in a triangle of sorts, leaving you wondering what’s being plotted amongst them.

She’s coming into a new sense of how it is to be both soft and strong when in embodied empowerment.

There’s a whole new programming she’s undergoing within this experience, much like me and how I’m reprogramming my relationship to the old fears surrounding height edges and skiing that has more profound effects on a wide range of things beyond what meets the eye.

Never are our experiences isolated to self alone.

We’re both learning how to move through and transmute these primal patterns so that a new experience can be possible.

And this in fact also reflects what I feel the collective is moving through and rebooting as well – something I’ll likely share a little more reflections about in an upcoming post.

Astrid wanted me to remind you that her Ask Astrid Fridays are also open to any of you who might have questions for her.

Do you have something you’d like to ask Astrid?

If so, please send them along either in the comments below, or through the contact form and we’ll try to get some of them up in future posts.

Deep Winter Dreaming ~ Windows to Your Soul

While they say the eyes are the windows to the soul, dreams can be glimpses of your soul’s calling. You might even say that imagination is the way in which you can hitch a ride on a soul dream and anchor a future window to help navigate your now by. Future windows provide a map for your soul to help guide you. And the more you dance with imagination, the more Spirit will reveal the nature of your being.

Winter feels like dropping into a deep dream where you can envision any potential under her snowy blanket, that no one but you is privy to. In this way, you needn’t feel self-conscious, as Winter merely keeps your secrets safe, but never judges. In this way, you can fly on wings of expansion, as creativity has no limits.

Winter is a beautiful opportunity to softly envision and incubate the dreams and nudges calling you. She creates an enchanted realm perfect for creative brainstorming and quiet reflection on plans that will have you leaping like bunnies come Spring. 

There is something only you have to share with the world, so trying to be like others around you is a waste of time and energy. It will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but it will also diffuse your light.

You shine your brightest by bringing through your gifts, as only you can do.

Your dreams reveal your soulful heart and carry message whispers from Spirit about what only you are capable of expressing.

There’s a sweet little niche you came to fill.

There’s a sweet little niche we’ve been waiting for.

So listen to those dreams, nudges, and subtle voices and let this Winter help you root what you know is yours to blossom.

The first photo you see was taken from the window of our new landing spot in Colorado. When peering through the glass I felt a sweet serenity wash over me and a cozy intimacy of being with my vulnerable feelings and dreams in a way that was invited by the fresh snow-covered countryside. It was the crisp vision of our first morning when I woke on my own to feed Astrid and peered through the windows to see what Nature had created from the ongoing snow all night and morning. Fresh possibility invited me and I willingly dropped into that space. The dream felt more clear and tangible than it has in a while.

The last photo you see was taken through the window of our previous landing in Utah on the eve of a snow storm that lasted all day, night and into our departure morning. The landscape looked soft and dreamy, becoming the muse for this post. It felt like Winter’s lullaby inviting me to drift off into dreamland where so much richness takes place. It’s the same richness we can induce by drifting off into our imaginations and seeing where it takes us. The dream felt possible, more fun, and less intimidating.

Between the two bookending dream windows a soft gaze and nurturing quality becomes the road to clear and anchored potential.

If you haven’t already, perhaps the rest of Winter you can let her gently rock you into the season of dreams and see which ones light you up in ways that activate your soul.

If you don’t feel a responsibility to your dream for yourself, it can sometimes be easier to understand its importance by realizing how integral being you is to the collective. So then the responsibility might be to supporting the greater good into realizing and bringing through expressions of being by example.

You may also realize a sense of responsibility to the idea seed in your dream from Spirit and get out of your own way.

Deep Winter dreams can be the windows to your soul.

What dreams seem to keep knocking on your heart door?

Is there one in particular that feels like it won’t go away?

Is there one in particular that really lights you up when ever you imagine the possibilities?

Start there and let yourself go a little further, seeing where the dream would like to take you. There’s no harm in going on an imagination ride. You might just find that the exhilaration is something you don’t want to end.

You might just find that this Winter a new journey of being you has begun.

Acceleration, Rapid Change & Empowered Heart-Centering ~ A Collective & Personal Reflection

Days to me have felt suspended recently, like time outside of time, or as if a bubble of incubation hovers around things. We are all going through varying degrees of transformation, which is like an initiatory phase of accelerated being in motion. It feels like this acceleration is exposing so much of the dramatic experiences all around and within us that have created divide from the underlying layers of pain being exposed so rawly. Duality has been so deeply engrained that we’ve forgotten our true unified nature, and the inner conflict of reconciling these reveals being unleashed more and more is the culprit behind finger-pointing.

Change occurs with conscious responsibility and compassionate embrace. I believe that the more honesty we can incorporate into our reflections, the greater the potential for empowered experiences.

I can feel how fertile the energetic landscape is right now to support new beginnings. Our very DNA is undergoing profound activations streaming through at the cosmic levels and with all of the light codes permeating at these deep levels, we’re bound to experience profound, surprising, and yet interestingly familiar waves of energy available for manifesting at new levels we haven’t yet known in this lifetime.

It feels like the more we can move with the waves, rather than resist them, the easier change will be. You know how hard it is to swim upstream or to go against the ocean’s currents. The same holds true for life. And while it might feel like a personal badge of honor to say you succeeded in bucking the flow, it might also be counterproductive to your energy reserves and where that energy could better serve the greater good.

Old patterns are no longer going to be sustainable or endurable. The more rapid things shift, the more rapidly we will see the unsustainable and misaligned fall apart. This is part of transformation and the better we become at lovingly releasing attachments to rigid and limited ideas, the better equipped we’ll be to handle the rapid change and the quicker we’ll put into place creative new systems that support humanity’s inevitable evolution.

We’re being shown that more harmonious relationships are of utmost importance to nurture with all of existence – human, animal, plant, mineral, planetary, and cosmic. Through pain and suffering, we’ve been given opportunity to rise together, realize our potentials, and live with more profound consciousness and sensitive awareness.

I believe that the more we can deepen into our hearts, the more love can anchor across Earth. And if that is the only thing we each do, it will be more than enough.

And speaking of rapid changes and alignment, I do a lot of reflection while I’m in solitude up on the mountain and because of some things I was tuning into, I felt to share this to my Instagram page recently, which also feels supportive to today’s inspired blog share:

Beautiful expanses that nurture possibility remind me that ultra presence is part of being and truly being is alignment. This state of being is powerful for manifesting, but we are still able to manifest even if we aren’t yet feeling fully in the power of our being because the energetic field of experience is accelerated. This is also why what we manifest can end up feeling like a challenge because it asks us to rise with the new and that might mean some rapid changes are in order.

Since intentions are so powerful and manifesting is more instant, it is equally as important when asking for things, to be mindful of how you would also like to receive them and to understand that what the highest good is, may be different than what you’re attached to thinking it should be.

Perhaps adding, “with gentle grace please,” would be more supportive for your process rather than saying, “bring it!”

And realize that the essence of your desire is what’s key – not the end result.

Manifesting change comes through alignment and things conspire to create that alignment, which includes bringing you what matches that in essence or can get you there in wholeness.

I’m also feeling to throw in a reminder to each of you not to forget both the tools you have available and the power of simply sharing the art of being you through the vortex of your heart. These will help with creatively manifesting the new, aligning with the rapid changes, and walking through any challenges that arise along the way with greater ease and grace.

My Reiki students are quite familiar with hearing me remind them of not only using their gift of Reiki, but more specifically (for Reiki 3 students) not to forget those Reiki Healing Attunements you learned. I still can’t tell you how many people do forget all the tools they have in their empowerment pockets. When crises hit, it’s easy to get knocked off balance and feel confused or unclear. But if you can gently remind yourself that all the years you’ve spent learning things, all the experiences you’ve gone through, and all the classes or books you’ve taken or read are always at hand and within you, you can help to shift a moment of feeling disempowered to a moment of renewed strength, hope, and cocreative influence. Even if that’s simply a moment of greater presence and pause, that can be a game changer in shifting your perspective and diffusing a trigger.

Reiki Healing Attunements continue to be one of the most powerful tools I use and they really aren’t intimidating if you practice them a little each day/week. It will make a big difference once you become familiar with the process as a bridge to support any of your goals.

Remember to be creative with any tool you utilize, including your Reiki practice, and broaden beyond the fundamentals. Allow your intuition to guide you and the natural healer and light being within you to formulate new levels of activation that have even greater potential. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and implement wider perspectives.

There’s no greater supported time to harness your gifts than now.

Remember also that with accelerated experience and instant manifestation potentials comes also the acceleration of your practices. You can achieve results from minutes of highly heart-engaged intention for the highest good. It doesn’t have to take long to be impactful.

Being is our power and we’re learning to make everything an instant state of being, which includes the way we move energy through us and harness tools or practices of any kind that we choose.

Another thing I felt to address in today’s post that feels interwoven with the themes channeling through so far, is a little inside look at the process of change, moving through fears, and embracing growth.

I’ll reference my personal experience I’ve been working on since the start of this year – facing and growing through my fears associated with skiing and being on steep edges. Again, I’m going to reshare a post I did on Instagram last week, as the message feels pertinent:

There is an ebb and flow to things that is natural. Sometimes it can feel like taking two steps back amidst your momentum, but these are just moments of pause to readjust, check in with your process, go deeper, celebrate your growth, and/or prepare you for the next leap. I experienced my most challenging day last week right after my funnest and most progressed day. The terrain and icy conditions, along with “accidentally” getting on an advanced track/run I shouldn’t have, put all my fears on the table at once.

We were trying to get me across a new mountain we were skiing to something better for me, but my higher self had a plan for this. I ended up on the weirdest track I’ve ever seen that was like the bottom half of a tunnel – similar to a birth canal – that was all icy from end to end, had moguls, was narrow body width, steep, and there was even an area where a tree had fallen down across the track with a tiny opening that had been cut in it to get through. Needless to say it was my worst nightmare, but I managed to hold it together, the Universe helped out of the blue with a manifestation that helped me at one point, I was able to consciously talk myself through it, and I got down safely with the experience of a definite shift having taken place. 

In the past, this would have made me break down and cry and maybe even need serious help getting down after I likely would have froze from fear. But the experience, instead, became a chance for me to harness my process I have learned, which ended up keeping me safe and not falling, as well as able to stay focused and keep methodically present so that unconscious feelings were acknowledged, but not my guiding force.

I was able to cradle them with the loving strength of a father (productive Capricorn energies at work) and trust that I could support that part of me and inner child through. And I did.

And although the rest of the day continued in a similar fashion because of conditions and terrain, I managed to stick to it with slow encouragement and adjustments and took pause and stopped when I felt to.

By honoring and embracing these periods of change, I was able to make the most out of it and not push myself, but rather just work with what I had and not care about needing to have it be a certain way or like the day before. I embraced that different is okay and that some days these lows can actually prove to reflect my greatest growth.

I may not have looked the most graceful on the mountain, but my internal processing was one of loving grace toward self.

One might think that performing well would reflect that alone, but in fact how I embrace a challenge is to me something really worth celebrating.

It really isn’t always about transforming the experience into an idealized end result, but more about the growth you learn to implement as the new, natural, more empowered process along the way.

For me, I feel like the first two to three months of 2021 is about this integration growth process to help navigate brand new terrain with greater confidence and trust.

It’s also a winding down period in terms of completing projects and focuses from 2020, while also releasing all the old energies last year brought to the collective foreground.

And finally, it’s a time for listening so that I can continue to stay aligned with the accelerated energies at hand, flow with rapid changes, support the implementation of creative change by fine-tuning where inspiration is guiding me, and do it all through a more consciously empowered, heart-centered process.

Tomorrow finishes our time out at the first landing of our journey, as we will be heading to Colorado come Saturday morning. We’ve had a great time exploring the area here in and around Park City, Utah and are looking forward to our return to Colorado – we haven’t been there since our time in the Magick Bus on our rv adventures. It will undoubtedly bring back memories of Joy and Cosmo – my dear rabbit companions who were both with us when last we were there – and will come at synchronous timing since Monday will be the six year anniversary of when Cosmo first came home to join our family and become Joy’s bonded companion for the rest of her life. Colorado seemed to be one of the shifting points along our journey then, so I’m interested in seeing how things unfold.

It’s also in Colorado where I’ll be teaching the first new online class of 2021 – Intuition & Reiki ~ Empowered Intuitive Development. The class has been full, but I’ve been considering some ways I can shift how I’m doing things so that I could make some more spots available since people had been inquiring.

So, if you were one of the people interested, please let me know, as I’m feeling I could make it work to accommodate 1-2 more.

Info for this class, as well as March’s Crystal Healing & Reiki ~ Deepening through Integrative Healing Sessions, which still has some spots open, can be found here:

2021 Classes

In the meantime, I’m continuing to wind down like I mentioned, and not taking on any other commissions, projects, or sessions – just completing what’s on hand currently so that Spring will be a time of renewed focus for me.

Do you have creative new ideas for 2021 that you intend to put into motion? Or, are you feeling like those inner callings you’ve had for some time now are finally ready to birth?

Wishing you your own new, natural, more empowered process of loving grace toward self, as you navigate the new into being.

Opening Multi-Dimensional Doorways of Being ~ First of Its Kind Sacred Cosmic Activation Design

I was going to wait to post this design, which was completed this past Saturday the 16th of January, but felt it important to share given the collective undercurrents I have sensed in motion especially during the two days prior to finishing it.

I’ve noticed both feeling a big shift has taken place AND seeing it reflected around me in the nature landscapes I traverse here. Everything has a very vibrant, surreal look and the light and color coding it emanates is very different.

The change is a subtle experience of something profound I sense. What that is has yet to be seen, but it’s as if there’s been an opening that’s been cushioned from being something potentially much harsher.

It’s hard to explain, but recent experiences I had and that several friends have shared, all indicate something along these lines and that recreation is at hand.

I find, like many artists of all genres do, that things we work on embody both personal and collective symbolism, especially in the case of creating a deliberate and intentional portal as these sacred designs are in fact.

I never know what is going to come through, but the experience from start to finish – inspirational conception, the process, and the official birthing seal – all carry intentional seeds of activation with ripple effects.

That’s the alchemy of transformation in motion and it’s a wondrous adventure of both personal evolution and collective unfolding.

And that’s exactly what this sacred piece is – pure alchemy of personal and collective as One.

This is the first of its kind in terms of both elements that are integrated into it and how it will be merged with the soul who it was created for.

To say I was honored to channel this sacred design that feels also like a temple vessel is an understatement and because it is for such a pure light of cosmic love – a true soul star sister – made it all the more sweeter. We’ve both been in elated celebration mode since sharing the completed piece together and reflecting on all of the elements and collective connections.

I actually bullet-pointed everything in an email to her and there were sixteen bulletpoints that were each layered too!

I’ll let the intricate details of the design speak for itself to each person who views it. While symbolism is collective, how that translates for each individual is relative and I’d rather it reflect in the way meant for you. Perhaps even, you may sense and receive an activation it holds.

What I will say that I shared with the beautiful soul it was created for is that it is a “cosmic shamanic activation portal with doorways upon doorways being accessed simultaneously. So it’s like a multi-dimensional snapshot of these layers opening….and it’s so huge in energy that I know without doubt that collective is coming through personal in this, as I do feel like a multi dimensional doorway is/has opened and this is like one access point of it that is channeling through your frequency and hence an access point for you, while collectively an access point that is relative to each. If that makes sense.

So how is it the first of its kind?

Well, beyond the obvious of it likely being the most intricately layered piece I’ve created so far, it holds the very first language of light codes in it that I’ve channeled.

And the next way its unique is that it is not going to be literally tattooed/inked onto the skin, but rather is going to be etherically imbued onto her skin through a cosmic activation we’ll be doing in a sacred ritual together to transfer it on. Think of it as a telepathic transference merging spirit and flesh. A multi dimensional process to create a light code design on her etheric body that will integrate with her human body. It will be felt and experienced by both herself and anyone who she engages with even though not seen with the physical eyes. Sensitives with the gift of extra sensory sight may even “see” it.

The design itself is quite a large piece as well. I made it to the exact measurements, as if it were being literally inked on, as it is important to me that every part of the process is accurate and in place on the physical level because alchemy happens when all elements are present.

It stretches from a little up the back of the neck where the seven pointed star and light codes above are, the thicker part of the top sits near the base of the neck and then flows all the way down over her higher heart, heart, and somewhat extending to solar plexus and across her back.

She’ll also be keeping the design as a meditation portal in her sacred space as a remembrance of who she is and to help access even greater depths and expansive potentials.

I hope you enjoy this little inside look at the latest sacred design that has channeled through during my own expansive time away.

A little gift of light and possibility from the cosmic depths of essence.

And then this message I shared recently on social media to accompany the reflective journey while viewing the portal:

Don’t be afraid to light up your unique energy frequency and step through the doorways opening before you.

You’ve never been more needed than now in the truest expression of you being you.

Don’t be afraid to harness your strength and step into it more fully even if it’s different than what others are doing.

What ever your gifts are… share them.

What lights you up?

I was born to be a bridge – to embody peace within chaos and to let my heart be a hand to others.

“Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all the others were making ships.” Charles Simic

Creating a New Architectural Landscape of Experience ~ Rise & Transform

This New Moon carries the energy of recreation from the ground up with Capricorn and Pluto in the spotlight. Capricorn encourages us to be better versions of ourselves, to let our higher selves guide us to higher heights. In essence, Capricorn encourages, “Rise!” And with Pluto on the scene, the energetic theme is calling for a total reset and renewal from the depths of what transformation really means.

Depending on your time zone, the New Moon falls on either the 12th or 13th – for us here in Utah it was 10 pm on the 12th. This is a time for grounding intentions with full steam commitment forward because there really is NO going back. Whole new realities are not only possible, but probable right now. You can try not to change and you can keep running the old stories or focusing on the past, but the energies are moving on ahead in accelerated fashion, with or without you. Better to be on board the train than to get dragged behind it over the rugged terrain and tracks.

We may be in for some big surprises, but if you know that the incredible and shocking is possible and approach it with curiosity, then the experience of what ever emerges won’t be so jolting. If you didn’t get the chance to realign your values and shift perspectives from last year’s events, taking time with this New Moon’s energies and the days ahead in this month to do so can help a lot.

The Capricorn New Moon whispers these mantras into your heart, “You CAN do what you thought was impossible. You CAN do what seems hard. You ARE capable. DON’T give up no matter what is thrown at you or all around you.”

This is an opportune time to set a plan of action in motion with the mythical sea-goat’s tenacity, fine-tuned intuition, persistence, confidence, grounded agility, focused alignment, visionary imagination, and deep nudges that can help guide you with flow as you climb those mountains and pierce through any perceived limitations.

Keep the bigger picture in mind, but take the small, practical steps forward. Don’t sweat the little things, as you’re in it for the long haul and that’s only possible by taking one thing at a time and realizing how wasteful it is to focus energy on every little trigger or distraction from the goal. Be gentle with yourself, create positive and supportive inner dialogue – perhaps even personal mantras, stay mindful, present, and unwavering even if your goals seem big and lofty. With Capricorn and Pluto energies abound these speak to being prepared for those big dreams and unpredictable surprises, gathering all that you’ll need for the journey, and then keeping steady ahead.

Synchronously, I’ve been nose-deep into transformative Capricorn energies since the last day of 2020, as I navigate literal and metaphorical mountains. The way I’ve chosen to kick off 2021 is to face one of my greatest fears head on – that being a fear of being on high edges. It’s not your typical fear of heights, but a very specific fear of heights. I have no fear of flying, turbulence in planes, paragliding, parasailing, or being on spinning or turning high roller coasters.

What I do fear is standing, sitting, walking/hiking, or climbing on a steep edge, drop-off, high building, or side of a mountain. (I’ve written on this a few times in terms of skiing, hiking/climbing Angels Landing, and hiking the Grand Canyon.) So, sitting on lifts and having to ski down a steep snowy mountain slope on two narrow skis attached to my feet that I have to balance on, while navigating patches of snow or ice, and being aware of multiple things all around me at once, is quite a feat for me. It takes every bit of my Cappy (as I lovingly call all of my natal Capricorn energy) focus, determination, gentle encouragement, methodical processing, and moment-to-moment mindful presence every hour I’m out there.

I’ve committed to five days a week every day of the nine weeks we’ll be away, to working on the next levels of this for myself, which will place me at surpassing the most days I’ve been out skiing (16 was my all-time highest) in any single winter season since I’ve started learning in my 40’s. I’m already at 9 days with only a week and a half in. On the weekends we spend our time snow hiking in crampons or snow shoeing new terrain. So, I’m still out there navigating the mountains and receiving inspiration and guidance through our explorations.

I found it to be a fun reflection when I saw the lift and lodge name of the new ski resort we chose to try out yesterday in light of the New Moon that night.

Needless to say, I’m focused on embracing and walking through the fear without giving up, and so puts into motion the energetic landscape of 2021 for me – that of seeing a plan of action through and keeping focused on the goal. And all of this is big-time-aligned with the first New Moon of 2021 where I’m working with Capricorn energy on a mountain and deeply transforming core patterns with the help of Pluto.

I feel this will translate into the rest of the year ahead in terms of what I decide to commit to on all other levels in my life and how I structure things from here on. Tackling my biggest current fear feels like a door-opener to everything else I want to accomplish, as if I can walk myself through the hardest of personal feats, then anything else that might seem lofty in idea can definitely be risen to with equal focus and tenacity.

I already accomplished this over the years with my other biggest fear – public speaking – and now I’m tackling one that will unhinge literal old structures as I reprogram physical, cellular memory stored in my body by merging mind, heart, and spirit with it.

And coupled with this being the Year of the Ox as well, I’m already getting a taste of how methodical commitment and enduring focus will be my shadow partner throughout 2021 with the ability to create a complete reset within new layers of experience.

This energy is available on personal and collective levels, so we’ll each be seeing our own version and collective versions of structural change. How we each work with this in our own lives can both benefit the whole and support greater alignment with the rapid shifts in motion.

In the midst of this I’ve now had two unusual and meaningful sightings that also speak to me of significant change on the horizon and indicate this will be a very different and surprising year, but full of increased depth and potential richness.

I spoke briefly about the barn owl that made an appearance in broad daylight while we traveled and then four days ago moose showed up while we were skiing.

Synchronously, here is the new backpack I brought with me on this trip, which I’m using for the first time. There’s an owl and a moose on it! As well as a dark rabbit (Astrid) and a bear (who shows up in my dreams so much), and snow capped mountains, pine trees, lake, perhaps mushrooms, and a geometric object.

I haven’t encountered moose medicine since our nomad days living in The Magick Bus RV, so her appearance felt significant to what’s ahead. Moose are one of the most ancient and interesting solitary beings and seeing them is a rare thing. Like any animal spirit guide, they carry many gifts of symbolism specific to them, and one of them includes major transformation heading your way.

Another speaks to primal feminine energy and the moose we saw was in fact a solitary female cow, just like one we saw in Montana two days in a row in the same place. It’s almost incredible we saw her, as she wasn’t easy to spot unless you were directed or “magnetized” to see her from the ski lift.

But there she was, as you can see in the photos… standing while grazing (which we saw on 3 passes) and then laying down to rest after (on the 4th pass). I didn’t know moose were in Utah, but moose crossing signs shared otherwise.

To read more about moose energy and gifts you can visit this post from our time in Montana: Moose Magick

Alongside moose’s energy of adaptation, bravery, and strength that goes along with the Capricorn New Moon theme, they are also very connected to water (mirroring the sea-goat energies of water and earth) and have independently moving eyes. They can be watching two different things/directions at once, which speaks to being able to “keep an eye on things” and stay aware and focused. Although they are very near-sighted, their other senses make up for things and prove that faith is the guiding force even when it’s too dark to see.

This interestingly speaks to my process with skiing, as the way that is most helpful for me is to only focus on what’s right in front of me (near-sight) and to have my other senses on high rabbit (or in this case, moose) alert in all directions around me in order to hear and sense any approaching dangers (other fast and sometimes not very present skiers and snow boarders), while also intuitionally navigating the terrain for the easiest and safest path.

Then we have owl. Traditionally, owls are messengers of physical death, but also symbolic of major and important life transitions and change that are currently happening or about to happen. Since symbols are not solely personal, but also impersonal and collective, owls offer us insight about the experiences of transition at hand or that are needed. This could mean personal transformation, but since all things are connected, it is tied into collective transformation and the kind of change that will take place through intentional, creative action.

So owl’s presence assists us in being actively, co-creatively, and presently engaged with the process, rather than having things happen to us.

It’s definitely necessary to pay attention and observe what is showing up in your life, to listen to the winds of change, and flow with the ease of release owls bring to your life so that you can let go of the old that no longer serves, and welcome the new that only comes when you do so and in the form that most serves you when you are unconditionally open and detached from the form it needs to be in.

There is a definite presence of creative potency soaring through and barn owl’s daylight appearance feels to speak to the hidden coming into full light and being revealed. Unlike moose, owl has far-sighted binocular vision (focus on an object with both eyes), but like moose the barn owl has incredible other senses. Her hearing is so fine-tuned that she can hunt in complete darkness navigating by sound alone, which is unique only to her. And like moose, they are solitary creatures and a sighting of them is very rare even though they are conspicuously white.

Spotting both of these animal spirit messengers speaks to being able to pinpoint and find or align with what is needed, when others might not see the possibilities or in fact see nothing at all. So what seems like the unknown, suddenly feels very tangible because of being connected to the dots of the bigger picture. A message around having the courage to navigate or bring light to fears speaks through from both the mythic moose and owl in a way that makes it possible if we harness the bravery within.

All in all, the energies abound right now on the cosmic scene and of cosmic energies speaking through these two guides point to this being a productive period offering great potential if we can embrace timing when it presents itself, and open and tune into our senses beyond only logic and reason, or what is easily grasped.

And doing this without proof or immediate gratification of grander results will reveal the gifts if we can surrender into the flow because the journey is what’s important. The moment and what’s here and now is where we begin and make the committed steps. The goal is not the point. Knowing that each moment provides richness to embrace, is.

After taking much of the first week of 2021 off to have some peaceful integration time to myself, I’ve been slowly getting back into the swing of things and finding my rhythm with projects, while still balancing my days. The ski reprogramming process takes a lot out of me, so I have to keep things simple and manageable right now. I work in small bursts when I feel inspired and rested. I’m currently working on a new sacred tattoo design that is the first of it’s kind – more on that soon – and such a perfect energy to be completing during the window of the New Moon energies.

Thank you for your patience on commissions and sessions. I am working on completing each in the order received, while finishing the last intuitive energy guidance coaching sessions with current clients, and preparing for the new February and March online classes I’ll be teaching around empowered intuition and integrative crystal healing. I’ll post more about these again soon, as I’m seeing if I can open more spots in the already full class.

Everything else has been closed, as I’m unable to take on anything new right now since I’m away and have limited time. But also because I’m needing time to tune into the new directions I’m going this year with things, while I also balance my days with Capricorn fear-processing and deep transformation to create a new architectural landscape of experience.

Thank you so much for your support and patience. I’m looking forward to the possibilities ahead that we can create.

A Little New Year Check-In & Travel Reflections

How have you been finding 2021’s energy so far? When you draw awareness to your present moment do you find yourself having walked through the doorway fully, not at all, or with each foot straddling the threshold – half in and half still trailing behind reluctantly?

What fears might be holding you back from stepping into the potentials that invite you and how might you create greater peace and nurturing for yourself so that you feel more supported to move in the direction you would like to?

It’s okay to feel some trepidation around the new and it’s okay to feel confused, overwhelmed, or even needing to slow down. There’s a lot of energy in motion and where ever you find yourself is the perfect place to begin – again. And however you choose to move forward, inviting more awareness and love to walk with you can make all the difference.

Remember that with creative energy we are given the power not only to create, but to recreate. So it isn’t a focus of healing a particular thing, but in realizing the perfection of each creative moment and accessing your ability to start over just as nature renews within her seasonal cycles.

We’re moving away from New Age ideologies and spiritual fluff and into an era or frequency of being, which is not about “love and light” alone or learning how to intellectually be versed in a prescribed dialogue to fit into specific glorified niches. It’s about fuller embodiment, loving, consciously choosing, and moving with aligned actions that reflect your heart’s truth.

My sweet friend Brad shared a powerful and resonating blog post yesterday titled The End of Self-Improvement. I am sharing the link because it is a great partner to today’s message that I was in the middle of writing when I saw his, and teamwork is part of the Aquarian new energy we’re embarking on. Perhaps you’ll find some pearls of wisdom that unlock something for you in it.

I wanted to touch in now that we’re settled. Dave and I spent the last day of 2020 and first day of 2021 on the slopes of Heavenly Mountain in Tahoe before we headed out. These were my first ski days of the season warming up for the winter ahead. It felt symbolic to be up on the mountain at this precipice of yearly changes, facing and embracing some of my greatest challenges – continuing to work with certain fears I have of heights and steep edges, as well as deepening into my ski-learning process that I’ve written about before.

We were in transit January 2nd and 3rd, but have been nesting the last few days in our first, temporary winter base of Utah. We broke up our road trip into two days to make things less stressful on the fur babies. Although our cats, Sweet Pea and Boojum are seasoned travelers, having journeyed and lived in The Magick Bus during our rv life for a couple of years and joining on several other road trips, this was Astrid’s first big travel adventure.

I’ve been super lucky to have such great rabbit travel companions since rabbits stress very easily, especially when in transit. Nestor traveled on the plane with me from California to Seattle, on ferry across Puget Sound, and on car trip from Washington to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Joy and Cosmo both traveled on The Magick Bus and accompanied us on road trips, too, with the kitties. And now Astrid has proven herself to be super bunny traveler extraordinaire, as well. In fact, Astrid actually nibbled on some food and drank water while in transit, which is amazing given stress usually shuts down that desire.

It’s not that I would say any of them “love” the traveling, but they do quite well.

The cats immediately forget that they even traveled, once we touch down anywhere, and Astrid hasn’t had any disruptions in her normal eating and eliminating behavior, which is the main concern for bunnies who have sensitive GI tracts and can go into stasis easily under stress.

Her resiliency speaks to her flexibility and although it isn’t that she wouldn’t rather be in her queenly realm back at home, but she’s open to change because she knows it offers creative expansion for the choosing AND she prefers being with me than being left behind.

Love trumps all and because she and I share a fully transparent relationship, I make sure to have conversations around the changes upcoming and explaining to her what to expect and how we will both be working together through it all. I make sure she knows I’ll be by her side the whole way and that anything that happens, I’m right there. I also let her know of the things to look forward to like both being able to experience the energies of new places and taking in the inspiration together – that we’re stronger as a team, rather than separate on our own.

I believe fully in communicating everything with our animal companions because they understand and appreciate it. You can help your animals get through things by sharing with them just as you would anyone else.

I love that Astrid always lets me know how she feels. If she’s frustrated or upset about something, she tells me so – usually with a thump, or two or three. 🙂 She’s not afraid to share how she feels and then once she does, she moves through it. She’s a great example of how expressing yourself and letting feelings flow through you, is healthy. She also knows I’ll never judge her for it, which is something also that we can all work on being better at because communication is not just a one-way street.

If you want someone to be honest and transparent with you, then being as unconditionally compassionate toward them when they do, will support that and greater communication expansion and heart connection will be possible without shut-down happening.

So, thump thump took place when we arrived at our first hotel and more thumps when she was put into her pen. Astrid hasn’t been in a pen since we first moved into our house and she had to be contained due to workers fixing up the place for us. Since then, she’s had full reign and loves her freedom. I knew it would be a transition for her to go from that to part-time pen life while we’re away, so I expected her to tell me so.

At first Astrid pulled a Houdini and when I say that I mean it literally. She is much like Nestor, possessing extreme magickal qualities. Nestor did things that defied any explanation. Astrid does similar.

I put together a smaller pen just for the first hotel night stay while she was still in her carrier, so that I could have things ready for her to be released into immediately. She didn’t see me put the pen together, but it wasn’t long before she made a beeline straight to where the pen panels join together and grabbed the bottom with her teeth, lifted the pins out of their holes, and opened the pen. We had to laugh.

Dave said, “Where did she learn to do that?!”

I said, “She’s a magick rabbit. She just knows.”

And she proceeded to do it two more times after I closed it again when she went back to her food and litter box. So, I then had to tie the bottoms to contain her.

Thump, thump, thump, THUMP!

In the new place where we’ll be for three weeks, she has her giant pen enclosure now, which is a combination of two full pens and an extra three panels all put together to create a large area for her because a Queen and huge soul in bunny body needs her space! We only keep her in it when we’re sleeping at night and out skiing/snow boarding/snow shoeing or grocery shopping, and every morning and all afternoon and evening it’s open for her to roam. We have to do this in order to make sure no unusual chewing takes place on anything that isn’t ours, and to keep her safe from any potentially harmful accidents she could have from exploring while I can’t watch her.

What’s interesting is that now when I open it, she doesn’t run out right away and actually stays inside quite a bit, as well as prefers to lay in it cozily. She’s learned that it’s not a forever circumstance, there are still things she CAN do, she has a choice in how to embrace it, she can still come and go as she chooses when we’re home, and she knows mom comes to give her extra love all day long no matter where she is. She actually comes to the area I open in the morning or afternoon now to wait to receive snuggles and then goes back in. She’s learned that the pen is not meant to hurt her, it’s actually to help keep her safe and healthy, that she still does have many intrinsic freedoms, she’s able to choose how to embrace the experience, and she knows I love her incredibly much.

Interestingly, this mirrors much of what many have felt 2020 was like for them with having to be quarantined and taking precautions. Astrid has been processing the collective in many ways over this last year, and now has taken on some of the literal feelings and experiences so as to navigate transmuting them. I’m so proud of her!

As for us, we’ve been taking things easy, slow, relaxing, resting, and starting off the year with being grateful and fully embracing each day. We haven’t been trying to do a bunch other than getting out in the snow and enjoying the coziness of downtime looking out at it when we’re not in it.

The vistas on the way to our home-away-from-home were quite stunning with portal skies galore – all very interdimensional feeling.

At one point on our first travel day, a gorgeous and mystical barn owl hovered in broad daylight facing our car next to our lane right after a gorgeous brown and white marsh hawk glided by. It’s very rare to see the mythic barn owl, let alone in the day. This added to the feeling of being in another dimension and having things seep through.

A strong message to embrace the unknown and trust in the courage to navigate by the inner senses came to me. Heart clarity is where wisdom lies. Things are coming to light and profound change is imminent.

I choose to align with the changes, as Astrid is too.

Little by little, I’m starting to get organized for the year ahead, am listening to what’s showing up, putting together some plans-of-action that feel to reflect the now, and am focusing on completing the current work I have on hand before embarking on the new. My sense is that I won’t be starting on the latter until I return home in March, but will be taking in the inspiration needed for it and getting things in place so I am ready to go.

In the meantime, balance encompasses each day. I’m thoroughly enjoying the winter landscapes here and loving all the beautifully lighted trees all over town at night in every color. It all stirs the little girl’s heart in me to squeal with joy.

The morning views out the windows are the perfect backdrop for family time snuggled in with the fur babies, vegan lattes, pastries, and breakfast, while we map out what the day’s adventures will be.

I just love looking out on the open, white expanse from within the colorful coziness.

Cozy winter mornings remind you that what’s in your heart can warm any experience. Your capacity to love, express kindness, and spread and open to compassion is your super power.

I’m taking time this month to deepen into my heart even more and let it navigate my days.

Welcome 2021 ~ Lee’s January Energy Update to Help Understand the Journey

I usually would add a little summary of Lee’s energy updates, but I’m a busy bee right now packing up a household of five. So I’ll just add a few words and let you listen because I know from your feedback that you have found these video posts of support. I enjoyed listening while I’m working away here, so maybe you can listen while you’re doing things too.

Lee is always on point to me with what he shares and I always appreciate and love his nonjudgmental and very heart-bridging ways, not to mention am very grateful for his resonating confirmations. I found many reiterations with what I felt and shared in my end of year blog in both his January Energy Update and the Live Annual Energy Update.

It’s interesting I’ll be away for 9 weeks during this gestation period he speaks of – birthing is 9 months, but 9 weeks seems somehow potent as an accelerated version of this and again, an interesting unfolding that is synchronously happening for me that I’m sure I’ll see the reasons for later. I just keep trusting.

Happy 2021! May January be a reset for our collective family.

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