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Deep Winter Dreaming ~ Windows to Your Soul

While they say the eyes are the windows to the soul, dreams can be glimpses of your soul’s calling. You might even say that imagination is the way in which you can hitch a ride on a soul dream and anchor a future window to help navigate your now by. Future windows provide a map for your soul to help guide you. And the more you dance with imagination, the more Spirit will reveal the nature of your being.

Winter feels like dropping into a deep dream where you can envision any potential under her snowy blanket, that no one but you is privy to. In this way, you needn’t feel self-conscious, as Winter merely keeps your secrets safe, but never judges. In this way, you can fly on wings of expansion, as creativity has no limits.

Winter is a beautiful opportunity to softly envision and incubate the dreams and nudges calling you. She creates an enchanted realm perfect for creative brainstorming and quiet reflection on plans that will have you leaping like bunnies come Spring. 

There is something only you have to share with the world, so trying to be like others around you is a waste of time and energy. It will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but it will also diffuse your light.

You shine your brightest by bringing through your gifts, as only you can do.

Your dreams reveal your soulful heart and carry message whispers from Spirit about what only you are capable of expressing.

There’s a sweet little niche you came to fill.

There’s a sweet little niche we’ve been waiting for.

So listen to those dreams, nudges, and subtle voices and let this Winter help you root what you know is yours to blossom.

The first photo you see was taken from the window of our new landing spot in Colorado. When peering through the glass I felt a sweet serenity wash over me and a cozy intimacy of being with my vulnerable feelings and dreams in a way that was invited by the fresh snow-covered countryside. It was the crisp vision of our first morning when I woke on my own to feed Astrid and peered through the windows to see what Nature had created from the ongoing snow all night and morning. Fresh possibility invited me and I willingly dropped into that space. The dream felt more clear and tangible than it has in a while.

The last photo you see was taken through the window of our previous landing in Utah on the eve of a snow storm that lasted all day, night and into our departure morning. The landscape looked soft and dreamy, becoming the muse for this post. It felt like Winter’s lullaby inviting me to drift off into dreamland where so much richness takes place. It’s the same richness we can induce by drifting off into our imaginations and seeing where it takes us. The dream felt possible, more fun, and less intimidating.

Between the two bookending dream windows a soft gaze and nurturing quality becomes the road to clear and anchored potential.

If you haven’t already, perhaps the rest of Winter you can let her gently rock you into the season of dreams and see which ones light you up in ways that activate your soul.

If you don’t feel a responsibility to your dream for yourself, it can sometimes be easier to understand its importance by realizing how integral being you is to the collective. So then the responsibility might be to supporting the greater good into realizing and bringing through expressions of being by example.

You may also realize a sense of responsibility to the idea seed in your dream from Spirit and get out of your own way.

Deep Winter dreams can be the windows to your soul.

What dreams seem to keep knocking on your heart door?

Is there one in particular that feels like it won’t go away?

Is there one in particular that really lights you up when ever you imagine the possibilities?

Start there and let yourself go a little further, seeing where the dream would like to take you. There’s no harm in going on an imagination ride. You might just find that the exhilaration is something you don’t want to end.

You might just find that this Winter a new journey of being you has begun.

Seasons of the Soul ~ Take a Hope Holiday!!

faery forest magick

Faery Forest Magick – from the park I returned to this weekend to explore more – the setting for a recent photo shoot


I just put out my July newsletter yesterday, a bit earlier than usual, as I’m going to be away the beginning of July and wanted to ensure time to get a message out.

Sometimes I’ll share the message here as well if guided to.

This is one of those times and so here is what I shared as July’s Summer reflection, which includes the inspiration that came through, as well as some insights on the energy of tomorrow’s 1st of the month, Full Moon in Capricorn.


“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Changes in light and seasons can affect your mood, energy level, health, sleep, and general behavior. For some people this can be gentle and easy, as they merge with or transcend the seasons, while others experience some or all-consuming affects.

If you haven’t paid attention to your patterns with this, perhaps you might do so, as you may discover there’s a rhythm to the madness you’ve been experiencing.

Knowing your process is key to shifting it.

That said, it’s not just the seasons that we reflect, but we also go through seasons of the soul, which will be different for each, as well as at times collectively experienced.

Alongside things like solar flares and all that is shifting planetarily, having an effect on the evolution of our DNA, we also go through periods of ups and downs, needing to be more inward or outward…all in reflection to the journey we are on and what we are either consciously engaging or subconsciously avoiding, repressing, or denying.

Energy wants to flow and move. And as a result, it will take us on an adventure with many twists and turns, roadblocks and speedways, downpours and easy breeziness.

Yet, as we know, there are ways to embrace it with the example of grace that Nature provides us. And so we, too, can flow more easily and efficiently in our lives without depleting and wasting energy resisting, fighting, blocking, and whining.

So while we have ventured into Summer with the Solstice we just celebrated, the light may feel bright, joyous, and promising for many, with hope easier to harness.

This is a time where Spirits may feel more on high and many take vacations, holidays, and breaks before they settle into Fall and Winter.

But wouldn’t it be nice to bring that light and hope with you all year round?

When things get “dark” why is it that we forget all of the experiences where the light shined again in our lives, or how good it felt when we gave ourselves the nurtured opportunity to have fun, explore, be creative, take a break, and recharge?

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” ~Desmond Tutu

I propose we each commit to taking a “Hope Holiday” on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, as seems most beneficial to your life and personal experiences.

What does that mean?

It means allowing yourself to hope and dream, creatively engaging your imagination and bringing the music of your heart into your every day, even if just for a couple of minutes of day-dreaming, journaling, or visualizing. Doing this to the extent that you give yourself permission to immerse so fully into that minute or two that your body tingles and sings from your heart with that “becoming” that takes place, as you get lost in your hopes.

This isn’t to deny that you may be experiencing something very dark and restrictive feeling, as that is a valid feeling to allow yourself to explore. But it is a way to actively engage yourself into learning how to make a safe space for your heart’s desires to see the light.

The more you do this, the more that part of you feels supported and begins to expand with your cultivated love, much like a garden.

Your couple of committed minutes of daily “Hope Holiday” journeying may turn into any opportunity in the day you find yourself worrying and going over your usual mental chatter religiously. You’ll soon discover how much more productive you are because your energy is being engaged in a way that can create more of the things you want. And this starts a ripple effect into manifestation.

Small seeds of hope become blossoms of creation.

“Hope is a waking dream.” ~Aristotle

Hope is a place all to yourself that no one can take away from you. It’s like a self-induced “holiday” you can take at any time, and go anywhere you’d like with it….it’s only limited by your imagination.

It is where you are free to dream and activate your creative potential as a powerful multi-dimensional, creative being.

There are unlimited possibilities because you are an extension of a limitless Source gifted with evolutionary experiences at your will’s choice.


I’ve always loved this scene from Shawshank Redemption. There are many cool parts and lines in this movie, but this is my favorite. I’m such a water faucet when it comes to stuff like this, as while I was searching for this clip and watching it, I just kept crying with expanded excitement of possibilities, like a baby. 🙂

If you don’t know this movie, you may enjoy it. These were the best clips I could find. I only added the second one because the first cut off the full end, which I felt was important to see through fully.

“Get busy living or get busy dying.”

Enjoy and remember to hope.

“I hope…..”


I’m putting out July’s newsletter on the early end because I am going to be away the beginning of July. The last few newsletters are also longer since I’ll not be sending out any during my 3 month sabbatical.

I’ll be away July 1st – July 5th in the mountains and again July 9th – July 12th for what’s turned into a very special weekend with Hillary and the Horses in BC. So I’ll be unavailable for work during that time, although still online for emails.

Fourth of July around here is kind of crazy since our city allows fireworks. While others enjoy that, we prefer the quiet and having our animal companions feeling safe and calm. So we’re heading to the mountains of Big Bear for some peace, which is an easy trip with the animals.

I don’t plan these things, but July 1st happens to be a Full Moon and so once again I’ll be taking in that energy on the onset of this intentful recharge.

7/1’s Full Moon is in Capricorn, which I love. It’s also cool it falls on the 1st of the month. The Cancer Sun/Capricorn Moon is a powerful energy to work with and can be quite challenging for many. Cancer triggers the emotions and so one needs to be aware of this pulling that can potentially be harmful since it comes from the subconscious and from old attachments. The key is to channel that emotional energy and watery passion into being a creative force in your life with Capricorn wisely guiding it.

Full Moons provide the ability to have clarity, bring to the surface, and make aware things that are being shown to you through your experiences. This moon will illuminate your inner knowing and ancient wisdom, but provide support in solidifying and rooting with your feelings. Great time for focused energy, perseverance, and successful outcomes that come with doing the groundwork.

The other thing I find interesting from what I’ve been reading, because it has been a huge key theme for me, is there’s an emphasis on personal boundaries right now that empower you toward the things you want and have been working on. I’ve been getting that message loud and clear that it’s about saying “no” when you really mean to, and not letting guilt or any other driving force outside of your truth guide your decisions. You are being most responsibly compassionate in being authentic and saying “yes” to you. This is a mirror for others to do the same, not to enable otherse, and for energy not to be wasted.

So, do look at the places you spend your energy and time and whether it is really the most efficient use of it. Ask if it is feeding you in return or just going out one way. If you aren’t achieving your goals then you may want to change your process in a way that actually supports them, or redefine them altogether, as perhaps you’re out of alignment.

Everything not aligned with you will need to be released in order to align yourself with what you are creating, but do so with reverence and gratitude for  the role it has played in your evolution.

Are you where you want to be?

Stay focused, get back on track, and firmly ground yourself in for the challenge with trust and wise discernment – much like the mountain goats that defy gravity, as they climb sure-footedly.

Next month will be my last newsletter before I take off on sabbatical beginning September 1st. In it I’ll share more about this time for me and what has inspired it, as perhaps you may find your own soul journey reflected.

I leave you with this:

Remember to always ask if what you have around and within you, what is feeding your day, what messages you hear, read, and see, and the source, channels, and people they come through, are really helping or hurting you.

If they aren’t nurturing and nourishing, then release them from your experience, understanding their place in the bigger picture, but not in your reality you want to create.

And that doesn’t just mean the things and individuals that seem obviously out of alignment, or completely not what you’re about. That goes for the ones that are in your field of interest, that look the part, but don’t feel, or consistently act the part.

Question even the spiritual new agers and all of the messages we are bombarded with from the very accessible channels we have these days.

I shared this recently with a dear friend:

“I can’t tell you how much aversion I am also experiencing to a lot of the ‘spiritual new age group,’ yet understanding it’s all part of the bigger picture…just not MY picture and reality anymore. It’s about creating your OWN healing elixir even if that completely rocks the boats of everything you once knew or at one time felt aligned with. It’s time to create new paths and forge ahead into the unknown, but personally aligned, creative adventure!”

Here’s to YOUR creative adventure!

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