Divine Mission – Possible ~ Litebeing Chronicles Blog Challenge 2018


Today we take another break from our regular scheduled program to share my thoughts to another blog challenge – this time from sweet Linda of Litebeing. The title is Divine Mission – Possible Blog Challenge  where Linda asks us to “write about what we feel our spiritual mission here on Gaia is” to include answers to the following questions.

Are you a lightworker, Starseed, forerunner, Indigo, or none of the above?

What have you incarnated to do or to be?

Describe your mission and your journey to achieve it.

Are you delighted to be here? 

I chose 11/11/11 as the portal date to share mine, as somehow that felt particularly potent for this declaration and expression, as I’ve come to understand it so far.

Mission is a mixed bag of chips for me, as I do feel we each have focuses, but for me it boils down to the creative expression we are deciding to experience and a frequency we feel resonant with in cultivating more of.

While I feel we make spirit contracts in the way of a committed focus – hence mission – I feel we are also learning how to temper this “mission above all else” idea with love – Cosmic love, that is. One might think that love would naturally be the mission, but in fact there are many times, on bigger picture and smaller picture levels, we will follow a “mission” and forego love on many levels for our idea of the most compassionate, greater good choice.

I don’t agree with this – or at least, not anymore – although don’t have a simple answer to convey. And while it can be tough to find that balance, it leads me on further exploration of how I can best bring through my own example of how I’m coming to see this experience on Earth and beyond looking like to me.

In which case, a more nebulous answer is the best I can muster, as I find myself in continual exploration, excavation, and experimentation.

Was it always that way for me?


In fact, I was caught up so much in needing to “know” my path, my purpose, my reason for being here…my mission, that I got lost in the details and strayed more from the natural way I birthed into being. Everything seemed to be about defining myself more and having to create labels or have a specific focus, otherwise I guess I wouldn’t be good enough?

It seems we’ve all been through that story.

Searching and searching I have done most of my life. But the more I searched, the farther I felt myself to be from satisfied with the results of my research. And if something didn’t fit into my and the collective’s idea/l of how that “should” look, then search some more I would or would wander off into inability to manifest in the way I wanted, or knew was possible, because ultimately I was an idea and not an embodiment.

So, am I a lightworker, Starseed, Indigo, etc.?

I would likely fall into the definitions of what we think of these to be, but I’d rather loosely describe myself as a pilgrim of the Cosmos singing my song and sharing that harmony from the farthest depths of love in my heart I continue to discover, as I dance with All That Is.

I’ve definitely never felt at home here since I was born, although have a huge love and reverence for Mother Earth – Terra. Here was seeded possibility and greater creative expression, and I uphold that origin in the countless lifetimes of incarnating here. And yet, in doing so, I remained trapped in an endless spiral of mission desiring to “correct” things, and misunderstood the scope of that commitment.

Perhaps the fight, and plight for that matter, is an illusion and liberation lies in our innocence.

So while in the past I would have said something like, “my mission is to help, empower, heal, etc. others”….life here has now become an experience.

An experience of what?

I guess if I have to describe it, it would be something like discovering more ways of how I can simply and most purely sing of the love in my heart and more clearly bring through Cosmic harmony as an Earth frequency embodiment – what ever that means – through every encounter I share here.

I dance in the magickal and am enraptured with enchantment, but it’s not the kind that blinds you under a spell, but rather invites and activates a brighter version of experience.

I used to be deeply in pain over my being here again on Earth. I never felt understood and likely still don’t, as there is so much I can’t explain of my experience and why I do and feel as I do, but the difference now from then is that I don’t care and it doesn’t hurt me anymore. I’m also not attached to an outcome and I could easily enjoy being here doing what I’m doing, or be elsewhere because the bottom line will be the same.

Everything I do in one reality, affects the others.

I’ve already shared about going through a profound transformation that, for me, erased all of these ideas and took me to the deepest peace I’ve known yet in this life. It cut away the cords to perpetual cycles I kept recreating in different ways, but same Emperor’s clothing.

I’m still discovering keys to new doorways of potential, but I know now that I don’t need a particular way my path or mission should look to be the love I feel. It’s just an adventure and I can do that while cleaning houses, volunteering at a local shelter, being a clerk at the store, working at the local coffee shop, taking care of my family, living as a hermit on top of a mountain, or being a famous artist or multi-millionaire entrepreneur.

It may not even have to be a “mission,” but simply an expression I keep choosing from my creative heart.

What ever most draws me in to experience.

It doesn’t much matter.

I simply find more ways to dance in imagination and experience through my heart. And I enjoy it all while challenging myself to more creative depths of love and courage I know have no limit.

This is why I’m here, or rather – still here experiencing this new relationship to everything – but it’s also why this seed of my spirit simply IS.

Would I say that I am delighted to be here and love it?

Hmmm….Well, I’m not resentful of it anymore. I’m seeing it as opportunity to embrace the potentials that were seeded here and why so many have been drawn to one of the best shows in this universe – Earth.

I have decided to express the most resonant, creative version of my multi-dimensional self in this focused reality of Earth I am privy to.

I’m certain the other parts of me are doing much the same.


I have a very magickal update to add to the end of this share about what took place directly after posting it. I’ll share it here later today when I return from a new hike we’re heading out to do. So check back for photos and the sweet encounter that took place.



I’m back to continue with today’s experiences. So, as mentioned, directly after I posted this blog this morning on 11-11-11, I went upstairs to wash my coffee cup and get in my hiking clothes for a new hike we had set out to explore today. Well, as I was drying my cup and facing the forest I could see movement from the kitchen through the living room window. I was ecstatic when I realized it was a deer, as we haven’t seen any deer for the year we’ve lived here, although many live in the forest surrounding us. We have seen coyote wander behind our deck and countless little woodland creatures including rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, mice, hawks, raven, and an array of smaller bird varieties, but we had yet to see deer and bears like we saw at our previous condo home.


I ran to the window with excitement and what do my eyes see? Not one, but three deer all munching away on some bushes. Two of them were more camouflaged in the bushes and harder to catch on camera, as I did not want to open the door and scare them off.


They slowly made their way left just outside the fenced area of our side yard and so I, too, went to the side window. One was ahead of the others and she somehow knew I was there above and stopped to stare directly up and at me for a good minute.



Then the others came to join her and suddenly I discovered there were four, not three!


I watched them for a while until they made their way across the street, but knew this was no accident their showing up on 11-11-11 for the very first time since we’ve lived here – well, at least in a way of making themselves known to us that is, as I’m sure they wander through when we’re not looking – and right after I posted this blog. The photos have a glare from the sun reflecting, but make for interesting photos at this angle when the four of them showed up, creating almost windows and doorways – portals – amidst the forest.


I got chills because, like another incident I had in Montana’s Glacier National Park, when two ethereal, Pleiadean deer showed up on the path in front of me this, too, was not simply an encounter of the Earthly kind.

The one who looked me dead in the eye, through my heart and spirit felt to be an emanation of my dear Nestor (rabbit twin soul who transitioned), visiting along with Joy and Cosmo (my two partnered soul mate rabbits), and Gaia – my Russian Tortoise.

I understood their presence as a nudge of love and confirmation and their ability to come through the Forest Portal we live at was supported by this 11-11-11 gateway.

Deer have such a gentle grace about them and symbolize a magickal ability to regenerate and be in touch with life’s mysteries – not to mention are all about the heart energy.

After, we did go on a new hike to what is known as Crater Lake – a desolate, steep, off-the-beaten-track hike that few people explore and on this day we were the only ones out there ascending up the mountain overlooking dramatic Hope Valley.

We happened to take a break under a gorgeous Juniper tree overlooking a frozen-over creek and when I looked at the time it said 11:11! Around our feet were juniper berries with a small glistening quartz in the middle of them right where I stood.

We continued and came to the opening saddle where the lake lies between two peeks.


The lake has a very other-planet kind of feel the way it sits in the crater surrounded by steep rocky escarpments and because of its eastern exposure gets only cool morning sun, which has it covered in sheets of ice and the waterfall above turned to ice as well.

It was a little piece of private cosmic Earth and we felt as if we’d entered a timeline vortex. (This being accentuated by two tree branches on the way back down along the trail whose arms held out in each, a different men’s long sleeved shirt. Both of which we did not see on the way up).

We also found deer tracks! They were moving across the trail, but we had not seen them going up either. Something was afoot and the deer were making themselves known.


Above the lake is a rock field of what appears to be beautifully colorful slate. I made my way around a small cluster of three trees sitting atop the stones, and over a very Faery little world of a different smooth stone covered in moss, to catch the above photo of the lake and it’s there that I found an unusual stone that has a quartz matrix growing in it and these pockets of rainbow sheen with sparkle I discovered later, as well as what appears like fossilized lichen. It’s otherworldly really and I was told to take it home, as it would assist with the next leg of the journey and be a portal access when needed. I couldn’t capture any of the detail mentioned, but this still gives you a feel for its energy.


The rest of the day was sprinkled with alignments including such things as sitting down for lunch at 1:11 and finding exactly the perfect pair of ski boots at Goodwill that I needed to replace my too small boots that hurt my feet that I fractured and since have healed, at 1/4 – 1/5 the cost. These boots were in nearly perfect condition, exactly the 2 sizes larger I wanted, and the same style and brand I currently have. We also found two white candelabra we had just the night before talked about wanting while we prepped for a dinner party we hosted.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share what unfolded after.

Did anyone else experience interesting little winks, messages, and magickal appearances?

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Thank you Tania. Those are the only words I have right now. This has placed me in profound stillness.

  2. Thank you Tania for your enthusiasm for this challenge and your lovely share. As predicted, I learn so much from reading your post about the topic of life mission and incarnation to Terra. A theme is beginning to emerge that living moment to moment and taking it all in is a great way to do this gig 🙂 I also appreciate your candor about your journey. I can relate personally to feeling different and wanting to be somewhere else.

    You are a great model for how to live embodied/spirit with magick, humility, gratitude, and flexibility.

    love and lots of 11-11-11 light, Linda

    • aw, linda you’re so welcome, but really thank you for inviting us into this dance with you to reflect on and share with others our experiences around life on earth and what has us here together. i so appreciate your words and the feelings behind them. it’s been really lovely to read everyone’s shares so far and i’ll continue to look forward to everyone who has yet to share. i agree…it seems we’re tapping into deeper truths and it makes sense at this stage in things that we’re cracking open the simplicity we forgot along the way. this denser plane can do that ya know. i know we share similar feelings, as i have resonated much with things you’ve shared as well. i’m hugely moved by your words and am beaming out a big huge hug of love to you right now. magickal blessings on this 11-11-11 to you as well. today has been such a gift here. i am ever-grateful. i’ll post a little of that here shortly at the end of the blog.

  3. This is such a lovely share, Tanya. I appreciate the candor and depth, thank you!🙏💗 I can relate with much of your experiences and have gotten a lot of validations and insights.

    Much L💜ve, Big Hug, & Magical Blessings to you!🙏🌟🌝🌺🤗

  4. Nice work Tania!
    Those thoughts and feelings are representative of so many people’s experience and especially so many young people I have the privilege of meeting. I used to get caught up in the mind think about why am I here. I figured I wasn’t listening when the mission was read out and subsequently, I had to fake it until I made it. Not a good feel living on the edge all of the time, even when I was ‘happy’ I was missing something.

    I still don’t know if I have the answer, or if there is one answer, but I do have an answer. And it allows me to feel more at one with myself – my Divine Self. Amongst all of the baggage I carried or carry, there is one that all ways and always caused me grief. That is the core belief that I am separate from Sophia/Source/God-the-Mother-Father.

    And sometimes by the ocean, in a meditation, looking into the eyes of a child, I make that connection. That’s when the music starts playing and the song becomes the reason. Nowadays I take it note by note and love the spaces in-between the notes. I figure it isn’t about the song. It is about each note, one at a time and each space one at a time.

    Reading your expression has reminded me once again of my purpose. I love expanding, expressing, experiencing and enjoying being a spiritual being playing as a physical being.
    Thanks, mate, you are awesome!

    • hi paul and thank you so very much for expressing all of this. i sure appreciate your words of support and resonance, as well as your sharing a bit of your own experience. i especially love this part “That’s when the music starts playing and the song becomes the reason. Nowadays I take it note by note and love the spaces in-between the notes. I figure it isn’t about the song. It is about each note, one at a time and each space one at a time.” – this is so beautifully expressed and i couldn’t agree more. grateful for your honesty and allowing us to get a glimpse of your journey with this too. blessings and hugs ❤

  5. LIke the others here Tania. I appreciate your candor and insights on the idea of mission. It seems your path is mostly about being present with as much love while letting go of all the ideas, labels and shoulds we tend to put on ourselves. I would love to follow your example and simply love my life as it is while opening to more love and magic.

  6. Beautiful writing and energyscape. I too agree in the aspects of ethereal, Pleiadean deer encounters as this has been a marker in my life so many times that has enabled me to baptize myself in the awareness of being a pilgrim of innocence. The fight and plight days are over, not to say that we don’t encounter challenges, or witness them, in earthbound form but it is something I contemplate deeply – that our true awakening comes in the innocent delight of being alive. Today the message came from my Pleiadean friends. ‘roam’ … I really think it ties into the idea of being a pilgrim.

    • thank you so much kelly for sharing your reflective experiences and for your sweet words. i love your expression of these shared feelings we both have ❤ you always have the most beautiful words and way of describing things. i agree…the message you received is very connected with the pilgrim idea and resonates much with me ❤

  7. IAM so glad you decided to stay to join this great celebration of change… being your magnificent self Tania❤️ I feel your beautiful radiance and how it is naturally opening other hearts wide… attracting them to our party of life💃🏼🌈💥. I resonate with your thoughts… ‘A pilgrim of the Cosmos singing my song and sharing that harmony from the farthest depths of love in my heart I continue to discover, as I dance with All That Is.’ So happy to dance with you, much love,Barbara x

    • aw thank you so much barbara! your message touches my heart ❤ i'm so happy to feel your resonance, the love you emanate, and am filled with joy to dance in jubilee with you as well. love always!! ❤ xoox

  8. Did anyone else experience interesting little winks, messages, and magickal appearances?

    Well, yes! Hi Tania, I am back at your place and am amazed by the parallel experiences between us with deer medicine. When I consider that time is an illusion, it seems to me that you were already communicating to me that deer where in my orbit ( if you get my meaning!) It is hard for me to articulate but when I settle down, my nature encounters are among the most otherworldly mystical events that take me out of my little self and closer to Home. ❤

    So glad you commented and invited me to come back here.

    love, Linda

    • haha!! yes indeed you did! so glad you were able to drop on by again and find this additional info that so goes with your encounter. and yes, i DO very much get your meaning! 😉 when we dip into these kinds of timeless experiences, it really is hard to put into words, but isn’t necessary because it’s just happening and we get it! i share what you said about nature encounters. they truly have been the most magickal for me too and even between my rabbits and me. definitely the closest thing to home there is ❤

      a big hug to you and much love ❤

  9. Thank you, Tania. You, too!🙏😇💜

  10. Oh what a treat to read your post Tania, and the magic of the Deer at the end, I loved what you had to say.. and resonated with much of your words especially these

    “I guess if I have to describe it, it would be something like discovering more ways of how I can simply and most purely sing of the love in my heart and more clearly bring through Cosmic harmony as an Earth frequency embodiment – what ever that means – through every encounter I share here.”

    I so understand that… I think you are doing a fine job of sharing that love frequency here..
    Wishing you well Tania..
    Love and Peace..
    Sue 🙂

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