Monday Musings ~ The Writer’s Corner: Writing Versus Speaking

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A topic came up at a dinner party we hosted this weekend that I felt might be a good musing for today’s theme. While being asked about the book I am working on we started talking about the writing process since there were three writers at the table – all from different backgrounds, including also a retired librarian, and a writer of speeches. It’s no surprise we discovered that each of us have our own process and feelings around writing, but a couple of us shared the feeling that writing was our preferred form of communication over speaking. That included me.


Well, we both experience greater ease at getting out what we want to say more clearly and in a better way than if we have to explain or speak about something on the spot.

We find that the channel of writing gives form to our words in ways that just doesn’t always happen when trying to convey something in person or public speaking.

Personally, I find that when I write, the way I share something is more congruent with my essence because I am able to access my process of channeling with greater ease and without so much noise.

So, many times I’ll read something I’ve written, or someone else will, and it will sound like a different person, but it is actually more me.

That said, over time I have become much better at doing this in my speaking through the process of teaching because it has engaged more presence and ability to create that time and space for me to channel. I’ve learned to enjoy the process in settings like these and have grown enormously because of it. I just simply don’t like to be rushed, and yet when I’m writing it seems the words and inspirations come faster than I can get them down.

I have also found that if I’m moving, I also induce that channeling. This is something I’ve been known to do when on the phone with a friend or family member in need, or with a coaching client where I will pace back and forth. It moves the energy and I’m able to cut through this denser dimension and reach into the beyond.

I’ve also, as mentioned, been able to duplicate this with ultra presence and taking my time to listen and then pull out the most resonant words and expressions.

But when it comes to writing, this is a naturally built-in process for me and the stuff just flows. Same goes for my painting – another preferred method of channeling expressions through.

Writing and painting bring both presence and momentum to the experience and if I add in the perfect music with that process, it’s like pure magick for me. I am able to ride those frequencies and then grab the visions and feelings straight through.

Another way this happens is when I’m out in nature hiking. I find that so many ideas and inspirations will pop through when in this nurturing and inspiring environment and I’m moving energy in communion with Terra.

The guest who also felt she wrote so much better than the spoken work also said the same – that when out hiking in nature she will get the best ideas. She also shared that she is woken up in the middle of the night with ideas.

I haven’t personally been woken up with an idea, but I do indeed receive inspiration and messages via my dreams.

Perhaps the difference is also that writing is a more solitary experience where speaking draws upon interaction, reactions, and feedback from others. It may speak to a preferred way of being and feeling more comfortable or nurtured in one energetic space and dynamic over another.

While I feel both are challenging in their own ways, I’m much more drawn to the challenge of writing and engaging someone in the story I’m weaving as not only a form of personal growth, but in finding more intoxicating ways of storytelling.

I’m wondering if any of you experience similar with your writing?

Do you find writing to be easier than speaking for you? More resonant and clear?

Are there things you do that create greater ease of channeling ideas into words or receiving inspiration?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and I also want to welcome any fellow writers to contribute a piece of their own work, whether it be a poem, a short story, a new book you have out, or your own thoughts about your writing journey to be featured in an upcoming Monday Musings ~ The Writer’s Corner. Please send your ideas to: Contact Tania

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. I find writing to be easier than speaking, maybe because I’ve been profoundly deaf since birth. My writing seems to be more resonant and clear, especially if I take the time to sleep on it before finalizing the draft (or sending the email).

    As for finding inspiration, going outside always helps, or even just walking around a little bit, such as walking into the kitchen for another cup of coffee.

    • i completely agree with what you said about it feeling more resonant and clear to write. i see that you also find “moving energy” to create that spark of channeling 😉 it’s always interesting to read that there are many of us who share these feelings and experiences. thank you for sharing this ❤

  2. I also find it much easier to write than to speak. As you noted, I have time to make sure I am clearly stating what I actually feel, and not simply responding to others’ vibrational response or, worse, absorbing it as my own and then speaking something that is not true for ME. When I write, my true voice emerges, my own true thoughts and feelings. I am able to write in a way that is lyrical, true, and most expressive of what I see in my mind’s eye, but would sound false or stilted out loud, or perhaps I would just be too shy to speak it. Another aspect of expression that is important to me, too, is singing. I have been in choirs and choruses most of my life, and it is a valuable part of who I am. That avenue can be limiting, though, if I cannot find a song that speaks what I want to say. Writing really is my favorite form of expression, and the one that allows me to most clearly express what I mean.

    Inspiration…my dreams are big inspiration, conversations with my husband are huge inspiration, meditation allows things to come through…I find inspiration in a great many things, from documentaries to Facebook memes to childhood memories. ❤

    • i’m loving to read your messages and reflections linette. i love learning more about you, our similarities, and you make a great point about writing helping you to be more thoughtful rather than only react to energies of the moment from others. in this way, i do feel that writing can be a gateway and bridge for our communicating, as we harness those skills we can then bring them forth into all of our interactions more. writing gives a safe place to practice this more, especially where vulnerability is concerned. i also love your description of your writing being more lyrical! YES! i find that both i my writing and my painting, and YES singing!!! sound channeling has become so important to me and a way to express huge amounts of feelings into sound bite frequencies that words alone don’t. another synchronicity! that’s why i love sound channeling or music without words…it allows for more nebulous and expansive stuff through.

      thank you for sharing the inspirational avenues too…..i agree…so many things can spark something within us. life becomes an adventure. i find also that talks with my partner when we are hiking always are inspirational and mind-expanding…again that movement and nature ingredients added to the mix! thank you for sharing ❤ i'm loving to learn about everyone through these

      • Thanks, Tania, I am also loving the getting-to-know-you process! It’s unusual for me to find someone with enough similarities to my own perspectives and beliefs to pull me out of my natural Super Introvert mode…lol. I have heard your sound channelings, and they are magnificent. I have found myself humming melodies in the car as I drive home from work since I began listening to your sound messages. It’s like a vocal form of doodling for me, at this point, but it really does seem to be helping me with owning my own voice. I have worked with hypothyroidism for almost 20 years, and finally seem to be making some progress in reclaiming that throat chakra energy. Thanks so much for this new series of posts, and for being a willing conduit for Spirit ❤

      • you’re so welcome! i love how things work in mysterious and wondrous ways at just the perfect timing in our lives. so love this share of yours and am thrilled to have you popping your beautiful head out of super introvert mode! yay! i’m an introvert too, despite it not appearing as such, so i do understand. ❤ i so appreciate your beautiful comments about my sound channelings, but more so and hugely touched by hearing how they have helped nurture this additional creative outlet for you and hugely excited to hear how your throat chakra is receiving the extra love through this process!! this is amazing! ❤ sending you a huge hug of love

      • ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. I find writing more thoughtful and peaceful, speaking is pointless without a purpose. How are you doing Tania 🙂

  4. What a great post! I have a mish-mashed mind when it connects to my mouth, I often blurt out the wrong word or mis-pronounce words I know well – these are all part of my anxiety and if I stumble, it merely gets worse.

    Whereas I’ve worked so hard in my writing (I struggled to both read and write when I was younger) that I know find my writing is a lot stronger than my speaking could ever be. I consider it almost a refuge, to help me give “voice” when my real voice fails to be clear. 🙂

    And I must say, I have had the odd time where an idea did raise me from sleep and I’ve been dragged to my laptop to get it down before it slipped away. 🙂

    • thank you so much Ari! you said it! that’s just what i often feel with having a jumbled space between my thoughts and the words that i speak where everything gets lost in translation despite having the best of intentions. lol!

      thank you for sharing your feelings and experiences with this. i also agree with your finding “refuge” in writing and that it gives “voice” to what you’ve always wanted, but maybe failed to express otherwise.

      it’s interesting and yet i guess not surprising that so many of us have these same experiences. it makes sense why we are drawn to certain channels of expression – either harnessing the gifts we have, or finding the most reward in cultivating those we feel most resonant with.

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