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Another New Year is Upon Us ~ How Will You Harness 2021?

I know that it’s been a very intense and challenging year for so many and on a global scale we’re not only going through all the growing pains together, but we’re all learning how to navigate things one day at a time within a new framework we haven’t yet experienced. Nothing is predictable and nothing can be changed by doing the same things we’ve always done. It’s a completely new territory we’re embarking on and the best way I can see us getting through it is by inviting more kindness and compassion to anchor in our hearts toward ourselves, each other, and the planet at large.

To every one of you, know that while you may have felt isolated, you’ve never truly been alone. Not only are so many beings supporting us at this momentous time on Earth, but we’ve all shared in the collective feelings flowing through the airwaves, and like many others, I’ve also carried you in my heart through every thought and action I’ve had and taken this year.

Astrid and I want you to know that you are special, you are loved, and if you’re here with us right now, you have purpose that is needed.

Everyone has gone through different experiences this year, but even in the worst cases, I still can’t help but feel like 2020 had a gift or two for us in bringing everything to a pivotal place we can launch forward from in the coming years. I feel so strongly the support from souls who have departed, as without the confines of any limitations they once experienced, they are now able to help even more and guide us through our hearts. Let us honor and share love for the brave souls, near or far, who are giving so much to the collective.

Rather than dwell on the year, now soon to be behind us, I’d rather bring light to today and how we might focus our energies to work together toward the year ahead.

One of the things that’s stood out as an important key piece for moving forward is how chaos, challenges, and surprises have given rise to the need to create your own balance point within it all – that place within your heart, or your center. I, and many others have spoken around this quite often, and I feel it’s consistently been rooting as a message worth repeating. This is one great way to shift your focus and find your anchor of peace, rather than constantly living in reaction to the world around you or having outside influences take you off-course.

You must be your own true North – the focal point that will help navigate you through even the darkest of nights and murkiest of days. The steady guide that knows how to reframe experiences through curious observation, so as not to become them.

Trusting your own instincts, inner guidance, and higher self nudges is going to continue being important, the more things unfold and get confusing as to what or who to listen to or trust out there. So much of what is on the surface is not what it seems on any side of the spectrum, but eventually truths will be revealed. In the meantime, your own inner compass is the best gauge, and the best way to hear that is to practice consistent listening to and trusting of what comes through your heart.

I feel like we’re going to be in a process – one of transitioning from old to new – for quite some time, so finding your center will continue to be important while things adjust, come more to light, play out, and get revealed. Building strength around that inner core and finding or reaching out to supportive and aligned friends, family, guides, or systems that can assist you with that will be of great help.

So much old stuff and outmoded patterns are in process of being released and that’s like a worldwide collective detox in motion. If you’ve ever experienced any kind of cleanse or purge in your life then you know that it can be pretty turbulent and uncomfortable stuff, right? Add in a whole planet going through that cleanse at the same time, at varying degrees within a huge spectrum of possible reactions, and you’ve got quite a hot zone we’re living in.

With that bigger picture perspective, perhaps it can be a reminder when you get ready to react that everyone is going through the same challenges and pains of this change and mourning process. Perhaps that can help you to be more present and mindful in responding instead, stepping back to breathe, or simply sending love in the direction of a growing pain playing out, or a fear trying to hold on for dear life.

Maybe we can each try more to be a heart bridge for others and for circumstances that pop up. Realize that the insecurity and pain of change is what causes fear. And fear isn’t the authentic expression of anyone’s soul. It’s a temporary story trying to survive within a new framework it’s not used to. Fear is simply part of the cleansing and discomfort around the transition process, before something new anchors. Let us be the way-showers and anchors for others when they are blinded with fear. And let us be willing to reach out vulnerably for help when fear also takes over our own reactions. Communicating from the heart creates a bridge where fear can be diffused.

As I think I mentioned before, I’ve never felt more that things I and others similar to me have been working on, and even who I am/we are and my/our purpose/s, are more relevant or more applicable than they are/I am/we are, now. It’s as if that undercurrent that kept us going, kept us hoping, kept us believing and working toward for all of these years – perhaps even since we were born – is finally here. So, this isn’t the time to give up hope. On the contrary, this is the time for you to truly shine.

I used to feel like a fish out of water, which is a relevant description for my Pisces self on Earth, but no more.

We all have different roles lighting up across the grid right now, but in each of our ways and within the scope of our unique energy frequencies, we are helping to birth the new and build bridges through the heart as a way to get there together for the highest good.

Let’s continue to help raise the vibrations of the collective, by working as a team and thinking about how our thoughts, feelings, and actions affect the whole. While you focus on your individual role, keep a simultaneous vision of the bigger picture at work and how it’s all connected.

Let’s work at being more present in the now and release the need to control years down the road or trying to predict things. It’s no longer possible, even for the psychics amongst us, to predict exacts. We may get a sense of things, but the how’s and when are truly a day-to-day unfolding. So be here now. That’s what’s on the table to embrace fully and create as richly as possible. And every now moment will then create and weave the next.

By immersing your energy here, you ignite greater momentum toward manifesting things, than living in either the past or the future. Remember that anxiety and fear are based on not living in the moment.

We’re going to increasingly see the coming together of aligned groups with shared visions and purpose. When this happens it raises the collective vibration even more, simply by the merging of hearts. I have seen this happen in classes and retreats in the past, but more than ever during this year with our online group class gatherings and the soul family that merged. It creates the impetus for huge upgrades, expansion, and greater sense of essence embodiment.

And as much as I saw and felt this unfold for the people brought together in our classes, I also received through 2020’s connections, which exponentially raised life to a whole new level.

2020 definitely was a collective focused reset that called us each to embrace different immediate paths than we might have thought the year would be about. For some this meant more individual/inner time, which will create the highest good for the collective by shifting the focus of your life and the way you used to do things that has impact for the whole. For others, it was about how our individual gifts were needed for the greater good and stepping up, rather than back, was important for the highest good.

Although I’m not making any individual predictions, I do sense that 2021 for me will be another reset and a very new creative expression of my soul frequency will be in motion yet again, which will shift how things play out and look from what 2020’s surprises brought. Starting off 2021 in a different literal and creative space for 9 weeks, I feel is no coincidence – just as I had started off 2020 intuitively by taking a 3 month sabbatical.

To add to a lot of energetic collective shifts upcoming in the New Year, February 12th will ring in the Chinese New Year of Ox – which is my native Chinese Zodiac sign.

This will herald a collective year of building toward goals, solid commitment and consistency to manifesting tangible results, taking concrete steps rather than getting lost in illusions, possibility for prosperous enrichment and creative refresh, family, emotional unions, and value focus, and a rise in need of teamwork, loyalty, intuition, versatility, courage, ethics, professional discipline, solid efforts, and greater stability. Overall, it can be a good year for renewal, completing and grounding what was started, and opportunity for success in new ventures.

So what do you want to create, change, heal, or complete in 2021?

Creative energy is center stage and streaming through for us to harness in each of our own unique ways. Creative life force energy is not just about drawing, painting, making music, writing, etc. It’s simply about creating or producing something – and that can be anything from an idea made tangible, starting a family, creating jobs for others, beginning a new venture or entrepreneurial business, making a new recipe, planting a garden, etc.

I know, for myself, that the visions I’ve had are calling me forth in 2021 to ground. And so that is where I’m being led, one consistent-determined-ox-like-step at a time.

Happy renewing and grounding 2021!

Remember who you are.

May all possibilities be open to you.

In love and creative magick,

Tania & Astrid

P.S. (Quick Reminders: The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop is now closed until I return in March. I have also closed the Intentional Art and Sacred Tattoo Designs, all Intuitive Energy Guide Sessions & Reiki Healing Attunements, as well as all Online Reiki Classes. February 7th’s class is Full. The only available thing you can still sign up for is March 14th’s Crystal Healing & Reiki ~ Deepening through Integrative Healing Sessions)

The next time you hear from me I’ll be in a temporary, new Winter location. See you in 2021!

Breaking Free From Restrictions & Finding Your Own Inner Snowman Reason for Change ~ 2020’s Last Full Moon & Brief Update

Have you been feeling the need for extra rest, time for yourself, or discovered a newfound sense of comfort with just being? Or, perhaps you’re feeling a surge of motivation that hasn’t been around as much until recently, coupled with the onset of ideas, inspiration, and even a hint of excitement for things ahead?

If you’re experiencing some or even all of this, it really makes sense given the energetic scene. These experiences are connected. You may be balancing out the pendulum swings from a very dramatic, revealing year, while finding a new place to land that reflects the new you you’ve been unwrapping.

This is a time for letting go – not just in theory or as a nice idea, but in actually LETTING GO.

Today, December 29th, brings us a reflective Full Moon that is sure to provide both opportunity to, and spotlight on, where change is needed and possible to break free from past restrictions. This is being aided by a well-aspected Uranus sextile, so if you have been wanting to experience a big transformation, it’s on the table, but it comes with complete release into something entirely new.

All those fixated attachments that tug and trigger the emotions, are being highlighted so that they can be moved out and not cycled through again and again. In order for the collective to have all these wonderful changes we so desire, envision, and for some – are fighting for – we must let go of the inner fight and step fully into the change we want that will have nothing to do with how things used to be.

This second Full Moon of December happens to be in the sign of Cancer, which echoes what the very first Full Moon of 2020 was in. An interesting full circle year from bookend to bookend that reflects what we embarked on to complete. Restriction can be eased on all levels by breaking those old habits once and for all. Be ready, willing, and on board with action to try on a new pair of shoes.

What ever you intended during this year, and especially this month within the opportunistic portals we had, be willing to courageously act and take steps toward your plans, especially during this next two week period until the January New Moon. Ideas are awesome, but it’s in aligned action that backs up the intentions, where manifestation happens.

If it seems overwhelming, remember, one step at a time is all it takes. Momentum is key. The nature of energy is to flow.

You don’t need to know where the path leads, as that takes you out of your heart and keeps you stuck in your head. Life is more peaceful when you merge intention with embrace so you align with the natural flow of divine grace guiding every step of the way.

With Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer, it’s all about balancing life and profession. Take a look at what you prioritize or avoid on either front and see where adjustments can be made for greater wellness and a healthier, integrated approach.

Everything is highlighted during a Full Moon, so use this doorway to acknowledge and cleanse out all the nooks and crannies of what was brought to light during this year that you no longer could hide from.

The photos above are from a recent snow shoe we did and felt reflective of the journey and energy I just shared about. Although it is the Sun in the above photos, to someone else it might appear as if the Full Moon.

Where ever and how ever you are being called to focus, your perspective is going to be a guiding force for support or trigger. Soften your gaze and breathe into your heart. The answers are always within if you truly want them.

And speaking of answers, I’ve learned one from our very own Frosty.

Although we’ve been finding SO many snow people this year when out in nature, we decided to build our very own sweet little guy in the front yard right next to one of our big guardian trees, which happens to also be at the entrance to my garden just beyond the fence gate behind him. Creating him was aided by a Christmas gift we received from Dave’s mom, which was a snowman making kit that included all the accessories you see above.

The snow was alright, but took some patience to make the process of manifestation come together as you see. Ironically, we got more fresh snow the night and morning after we made our little buddy, but we were quite proud of our friend we helped bring to life.

He’s a portly little guy with a wide, round base to keep him stable and creating him as such with a base that somewhat flows into the ground makes him appear to have just emerged and seems to make it look like he’s swooshing along the ground, as that’s how snowmen walk you know. 🙂

Our perfectly imperfect friend makes me giggle with delight. I love seeing him outside standing watch and spreading joy and hope.

Building a snowman is a free form of artistic expression that anyone can do. And yet, not everyone will stop to immerse in the snow and take time to form it into an extension of their dreams, joy, passion, creative individuality, or hopes.

Why doesn’t everyone build a snowman?

Well, likely for many reasons including it’s just not interesting enough, it’s not worth the time, they don’t like snow very much, it seems silly and childish, or maybe they hadn’t even though about it as a possibility.

But for many, it might just boil down to not being important enough, right?

Could it be that much of life comes down to this? How important something really is to you?

If it in fact is very important, you will in fact do something about it.

You’ll at least try and continue exploring ways to make it, or something similar, possible.

And if it in fact really isn’t that important, then it won’t be a priority unless something makes it a priority for you.

Sure, there are other variables that come into play and they may have their own importance we’re not always conscious of, or want to accept. Yet, when we align with the vulnerable truth of what IS at the forefront of importance, regardless of how we judge that, then we change the game.

I know that anytime I really looked at things honestly, I was able to uncover the guiding force of importance it had for me and then if I chose a new direction of importance, I was able to do it with all of me, which in turn created change.

Answer received.


Why do I make some things happen, work, or manifest or why do I change some things and not others?

Because I feel it’s important enough to do or important enough to work at changing.

May we all find our own inner snowman reason for the changes we desire seeing in our life and in the world.

A quick update:

We’re heading out for the winter so I’ll have one more end-of-year blog before then. As mentioned, I’ll be cutting back on services for a while to complete what I already have on hand and to focus elsewhere. Currently there’s only two classes scheduled for 2021 and besides them, the last few client sessions, and the current roster of designs and custom paintings, I’m not taking on anything else while I’m away. I may even close the last remaining intentional art or sacred tattoo design spaces come 12/31, so if that’s been of interest you may want to let me know today or tomorrow. I will still be blogging when inspiration hits and working in terms of these things I’m already invested in, but that’s it.

I’ll be putting The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop on vacation hold, as I can’t fulfill orders during that time. That will go into effect on 12/31 as well. So, if there’s something you’ve wanted or a custom piece you’re envisioning, you have today and tomorrow to place orders so that I have time to get them shipped off or take with me what I need to create your piece.

I may or may not reopen the shop upon return, but likely if I do it will only be when I am inspired to create something and add to the shop.

Wishing you all an illuminating and transformational Full Moon.

A Different Yet Rich Christmas

This year has been very different for everyone, shifting even the way many of us celebrate the holidays. While distancing became the passing norm, experiences that invited our creativity became the connective new.

Although 2020 dealt a mixed bag of surprises, one of the key themes Dave and I deepened into was how precious and fragile life and every moment is. So finding ways to make the most of everything and seeing only what there was to be grateful for, kept hitting home as the important reminder.

This year saw us sharing online gatherings with friends and family afar that we otherwise never would have had so much time with.

And personally, this year saw me being able to support and connect with so many incredible souls with online classes and events, that otherwise would never have felt possible. This in turn opened me to much more expansive possibilities I once had felt the doors close on. It also helped to raise the vibrations for others that were ready to take the next leap on their journey – and that simultaneously helps the collective.

Portals are becoming more evident as the veils continue lifting. A new doorway of experience is available as the collective shifts into accelerated being. When I’m in nature, I can feel the layers of richness evolving before my eyes and the possibilities stir under the surface.

This year, while challenging for so many, has offered us an incredible fertile ground for new growth and potential. Where we may have felt freedoms infringed upon, we had the ability to deepen into the most important freedoms no one could ever take away from us – and these include the way we choose to create our reality through perception and reflection and how we experience our inner world that no one can master for us, but ourselves.

We also have always had the music of our hearts to listen to, and our imaginations where we can harness creative energy toward manifesting our hopes and dreams. These are gifts of our spirit in body where we are always free to roam and explore.

It’s one reason I feel it’s important to never lose our innocence, because it’s in that purity of curiosity, wonder, and belief, that so much is possible.

This year we have been spending the holidays on our own. It’s been a year of feeling the connection and love, despite not being with others because that is a bond that can’t be broken by distance.

Love transcends all boundaries and I know this very well with the passing of so many who have been the most dearest to me. There truly is no separation within the vortex of our heart bridges.

Usually we’d be at my parents’ home celebrating Christmas, if we aren’t away on travels. This year we are having an intimate holiday instead, which goes with the theme of our year that also included a wedding on our own.

On some level this feels important for something we have yet to see the why’s of, and even if that’s just about anchoring more into our embodiment, essence, empowerment, and new relationship to everything and everyone through the relationship we have nurtured within over 2020, then that is good enough for me.

If it’s simply to know love more through the dance of our own parts merging as one, then this feels rich with possibility for experiencing a more expansive kind of love with all of creation.

Although we are sharing a sweet Christmas at home, I did get to have a wonder-filled visit exploring my parents’ Christmas realm that is the most elaborate of all years yet.

I didn’t photograph everything, but since it’s been kind of a tradition to take you on a journey through my parents’ ever-childlike-hearts that mirror my own, I thought I’d share some peeks into their gingerbread wonderland that can warm anyone’s heart.

The photos you have seen throughout the post so far are of their creative imaginations come to life.

My parents know how to create warmth and magick all throughout the year and it’s no wonder that I have followed in their footsteps with my own sacred space, as you saw in yesterday’s share of my Wonderland room.

Astrid’s holiday surprise box of her favorite hay with a special hay mix wreath, jute Christmas stocking, wood snowman ornament, Christmas tree multi hay/grass mobile, pinecone snack, Holiday Herbal Medley snack, and cranberry apple holiday snackers

The next photos are of my dear Queen Astrid enjoying her Solstice, Christmas Eve, and Christmas surprises, as every Faery Rabbit Queen deserves sparkly fun to tickle her heart too.

And it’s also part of my path to share how every soul is important, has consciousness, intelligence, feelings, personality, and their own purpose in life.

Sweet Jellycat snuggle bunny gifted by our dear friends in Vegas

I may not live any kind of conventional life, nor do I have any resemblance to that kind of family or cocreative business partnerships, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Astrid enjoying her wreath snack
Astrid’s stocking hanging on her castle tower

It’s taken me a lifetime to fully embody, in peace and transparency, my human expression of essence. And while this feels like the beginning still, it’s pure harmony to me.

Astrid’s Christmas tree mobile hanger of yummy hay and grass mix

My dear soul mate in rabbit body – Astrid – The Queen of this realm and my heart, keeps me on my toes, centered, focused, and balanced, while helping to channel the work that we do.

Astrid’s Christmas Eve surprise – a foraging mat with veggies that have hidden pockets for snacks and hay to mimic natural foraging behaviors. Got this for her to enjoy both at home and on our trip away this winter.
Astrid finding snacks in her bell pepper
Astrid finding snacks in her cabbage

Everything I do, create, and move through me is all done with a Magick Rabbit by my side.

Gourmet organic bunny truffles gifted by our faery family in Vermont – includes Raspberry Blast, Red Clover Rose, Blueberry Lavender, and Carrot Chamomile
Checking out her gourmet truffle surprise in her special magick Botanic Garden bowl with flowers and butterfly on the bottom also from our faery family in Vermont

“Creating life as a work of art with a Magick Rabbit by my side” isn’t my motto for nothing. It’s the reality of my life. It’s who I am.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Me in our Wonderland room in my Christmas Eve magick cardigan – front and back it showcases every woodland creature possible, all uniting together to decorate the Yuletide tree of the forest. I’m also wearing my magick rabbit necklace. 🙂

This is me in my harmony, heart zone.

And the Winter Solstice and Christmas season is part of that harmony, heart zone…the pieces of me that are most meaningful, find ease and grace during this sparkly and enchanted season of pure potential.

Sending out magickal wishes, sprinkles of pixie dust, and bunny nose twitches of energetic potency and love! 

May your hearts grow in depth and size with each embracive breath taken.

Then What to Their Wondering Eyes Should Appear

This magickal Yuletide rendition of one of the most famous Christmas poems has become a favorite of mine. When it was originally shared with me in 2018 by a sweet friend, I did post it here on my blog. Today, I share it again with all of my friends, new and old, to ignite an extra bit of enchantment to stir in your heart as we edge to the end of 2020. The poem speaks to the spirit of the season and reminds us of its true nature and reason. It’s thought to be written by C.C. Williford.

Since Christmas Eve holds a most wondrous place in my heart and happens to be Joy’s birthday – my rabbit companion now a star in the bright sky – I felt to share it today, accompanied by a visual delight of our seasonal lights and simple, nature-inspired decorations here in our cozy mountain home on the forest. I’m also adding photos of the office and creative space I share with Astrid – however these lights are what enchant our room year-round. Hehe! Astrid and I love having wonder as our daily partner.

Wonder is a dear friend who has been with me through thick and thin. I never ever take for granted an encounter or experience no matter how often it happens. Every time the snow falls is the first time. Every time a squirrel runs by is a tender moment. Every time I see a tree, plant, landscape, way the light hits is always a sacred encounter. Every time I come across another being is a remembrance igniting a new depth of love. May wonder wander through life with you, enchanting each moment with possibility.


Twas the night before Yuletide and all through the glen
Not a creature was stirring, not a fox, not a hen.
A mantle of snow shone brightly that night
As it lay on the ground, reflecting moonlight.

The faeries were nestled all snug in their trees,
Unmindful of flurries and a chilly north breeze.
The elves and the gnomes were down in their burrows,
Sleeping like babes in their soft earthen furrows.

When low! The earth moved with a thunderous quake,
Causing chairs to fall over and dishes to break.
The Little Folk scrambled to get on their feet
Then raced to the river where they usually meet.

“What happened?” they wondered, they questioned, they probed,
As they shivered in night clothes, some bare-armed, some robed.
“What caused the earth’s shudder? What caused her to shiver?”
They all spoke at once as they stood by the river.

Then what to their wondering eyes should appear
But a shining gold light in the shape of a sphere.
It blinked and it twinkled, it winked like an eye,
Then it flew straight up and was lost in the sky.

Before they could murmur, before they could bustle,
There emerged from the crowd, with a swish and a rustle,
A stately old crone with her hand on a cane,
Resplendent in green with a flowing white mane.

As she passed by them the old crone’s perfume,
Smelling of meadows and flowers abloom,
Made each of the fey folk think of the spring
When the earth wakes from slumber and the birds start to sing.

“My name is Gaia,” the old crone proclaimed
in a voice that at once was both wild and tamed,
“I’ve come to remind you, for you seem to forget,
that Yule is the time of re-birth, and yet…”

“I see no hearth fires, hear no music, no bells,
The air isn’t filled with rich fragrant smells
Of baking and roasting, and simmering stews,
Of cider that’s mulled or other hot brews.”

“There aren’t any children at play in the snow,
Or houses lit up by candles’ glow.
Have you forgotten, my children, the fun
Of celebrating the rebirth of the sun?”

She looked at the fey folk, her eyes going round,
As they shuffled their feet and stared at the ground.
Then she smiled the smile that brings light to the day,
“Come, my children,” she said, “Let’s play.”

They gathered the mistletoe, gathered the holly,
Threw off the drab and drew on the jolly.
They lit a big bonfire, and they danced and they sang.
They brought out the bells and clapped when they rang.

They strung lights on the trees, and bows, oh so merry,
In colors of cranberry, bayberry, cherry.
They built giant snowmen and adorned them with hats,
Then surrounded them with snow birds, and snow cats and bats.

Then just before dawn, at the end of their fest,
Before they went homeward to seek out their rest,
The fey folk they gathered ‘round their favorite oak tree
And welcomed the sun ‘neath the tree’s finery.

They were just reaching home when it suddenly came,
The gold light returned like an arrow-shot flame.
It lit on the tree top where they could see from afar
The golden-like sphere turned into a star.

The old crone just smiled at the beautiful sight,
“Happy Yuletide, my children,” she whispered. “Good night.”

Whimsical Wednesdays ~ The Artist’s Corner: Cosmic Bear Messengers of Merging

This is my latest custom original portal painting I just completed on Saturday 12/19/2020 – the day Jupiter went into Aquarius. It’s titled Autumn Light and features momma bear and her cubs enjoying the precious moments of life in their beautiful forest home, as the seasons shift. No matter how natural I’m creating something, I always love to infuse a touch of ethereal quality and a connection to the life force and consciousness within all creation. (I only have one basswood plaque custom portal left at The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop)

It was a very hard one to capture on camera in terms of reflecting the nature of blended colors and details accurately. Yet, what I love about art is that in every light, at each angle, and to the individual heart of the observer, it will always convey something different and perfect to experience.

And what I’ve been loving about my art recently is how my process of creation has completely changed so much so that it’s nearly getting to that place I dreamed of where I might be able to just project a vision and feeling onto canvas with little effort – something similar to telepathic transference. For me, colors are my favorite thing to play with, alongside infusing energy, feeling, stories, and light codes into each piece. My painting used to be much more labored and more of a process, where as now I no longer sketch ideas or map the whole thing out. It simply comes together in the moment and quite quickly. I also discovered my resonance is to paint on the natural and not canvases – wood portals are my favorite and wooden chests as well are so fun! Smaller pieces speak to me than the larger ones I used to create as well.

And all of this reflects the shifts my life has gone through and how things are so much more efficient, accessible, integrated, and about merging parts, rather than separating them. As life has become a walking meditation, so too has painting become an extension of breathing. Essence is streaming through much more clearly and for that I’m grateful.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how bear has been showing up for me so repetitively that it’s easily become the key theme to dreamscapes all year and likely the most abundant theme in general. They also show up quite a bit in person (black and grizzly bears alike), especially since our time in the Magick Bus, but we’ve had many sightings here in Tahoe over the last couple of years – several of these taking place right in our backyard forest. One of these included momma and her single, sweet little cub.

Because of the profound presence of this messenger in my life, I thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece and deepening into the relationship with bear.

While bears hold their own symbolic medicine, I’ve come to know their repetitive presence to be Cosmically connected for me. In fact, the increase in animal sightings and intimate experiences and connections I have both in person and through dream time have spoken to me much more of the stars and my origins.

What I’ve uncovered is that extraterrestrial experiences and star connections are showing up a lot more through animals, rather than the literal way they used to. I still have straight Cosmic experiences, but the majority of ways this has been translating is through Nature.

These animals are the messengers for them and manifestations of them and this speaks to how as a collective we’re needing to come back to Earth and bring the Cosmic here. That experience of spirit in body, grounding, integrating, and basically embodying the totality of our essence here and now.

These experiences used to be more separate and the way we focused was more toward what’s “out there,” rather than bringing that through “here.” Psychic and intuitive abilities were thought to be only for the perceived gifted and physicality was devalued. Meditations to leave the body, spirituality as a thing to ascend to, and maybe even for some using other kinds of mind-expanding inducements to accelerate and separate from the body’s own miraculous nature, all took prominence.

And now we are being asked to drop back into body, ground our awareness, and merge our parts so that we can be cocreative manifestors of the new realities unfolding on Earth with the surge of energy pouring through to support this.

We are learning balance within and without and this is part of the harmonic frequencies I feel coming through.

All that to say, that bear has been a way shower for me in these times and a messenger of Cosmic origins helping to activate light codes.

Whether one believes in these kinds of things or not, at the very basic nature of it all, bears, animals, plants, trees, and Nature at large, are all reminders to us of the natural cycles and how we can align more consciously in ways that will support, rather than destroy this planet we call home.

But I’ll go a step further, even if just to seed possibility.

Arcturus has been quite prominent in communications over the years and so it isn’t surprising that bear shows up so much at this shift-point for humanity. My understanding has been that Arcturians are strong guardians and supporters of Earth and her inhabitants. A bridge for that Golden Age of transformation people speak of, or the future selves we can access to bring through that fuller embodiment of spirit and body merged.

Arcturus has Ancient Greek roots, coming from the name Arktouros and carries several meanings to include “guardian of the bear,” “keeper of the bear,” “bear follower,” “the bear watcher,” and others.

Mythology speaks to the story of Arcas nearly shooting and killing his mother Callisto who Zeus transformed into a bear. Zeus prevented this tragedy by transforming the boy into the Boötes constellation called Arctophylax “bear guardian” by the Greeks (Arcturus is a red giant star and the brightest star of this constellation) and turned his mother into Ursa Major (Greek: Arctos “the bear” and in Latin the name means “greater she-bear”).

So, again, at the least….it’s an interesting connection linking bears to the stars and prompts the expansion potentials that curiosity can have – including the awakening of latent parts of ourselves.

May all possibilities be open to you.

A Winter Solstice Visual Spell to Activate the Light Within

Today’s Winter Solstice (for the Northern Hemisphere – Summer Solstice for the Southern Hemisphere) is imbued with rich possibility, accentuated by the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn forming a rare Christmas Star. These two planets will be the closest they’ve been in 800 years. Innovative Aquarian energy has anchored as well, and so there is a fresh reset for humanity at hand.

Winter Solstice celebrates a return to light and provides a regenerative portal to honor the remembrance of this light that you are, for making those leaps in consciousness by moving within to shine your own light even when no one else around you is, and to “see the light” even when things get dark and you’re unsure of what to do, where to go, or even how to think or feel.

Through inward focus you can receive insightful guidance on the months and year ahead. Perhaps you might envision the light and inner fire of your heart and soul expanding and filling your entire body and emanating out and joining with the light of our Great Central Sun, allowing yourself to take up more space and be who you really are.

We need each of you standing in essence, more than ever.

This quietude and dreamtime mirrors the germinating seeds lying under Earth’s winter-kissed skin. Nature awaits renewal in the stillness of brisk air and clear stars. While much seems asleep, everything is percolating.

Today I offer you this visual spell I was guided to create as a way to help activate the light within. I stepped into essence and the child I was born on Earth to be, recapturing the dance and song I used to share as a little girl to all who visited us. There was a time I would tell stories through my dance and the music moving through my spirit – it was an energetic dance shared heart to heart.

The root of my name, Tania, comes from Titania – The Faery Queen. I was born a Winter February baby and with Jupiter and Venus in Aquarius, the energetic landscape upon us feels right at home.

From the essence of which I was named and that I be, I drop into my heart and spread love and harmony throughout the land.

It is my hope we remember and embody the nature of kindness and compassion, come to live with each other, every living being, and Earth’s realms in true cocreative partnership, and open our hearts to the creative magick within each of us to manifest new realities for the highest good of all concerned.

Along with the visual spell, here is a Winter Solstice Spell from Ben and Christina of Wytch Wood (my favorite Vermont Magick Maple Creators):

Winter Solstice Spell

Winter is here, and as I light my space,

Bring forth only love and peace in my place.

Accept my Yuletide offerings to help my wishes come true,

May there be wisdom in all I do.

Abundance flows generously, to me and through me,

I place blessings and love to all beings on land and sea.

Earth Spirit, this is the year’s last cycle learning,

And I welcome the next season turning.

My candles are burning free,

as the sun returns, so it shall be.

Blessed Be and So it is.

Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Where Heaven & Earth Meet – A Story of Becoming

Let me tell you a little story about a girl who was born looking human like many of you, but what pulsed through her blood was something quite different. Her brother always told her she was more animal (amongst other things) and it made sense given her connection with them. He also used to play telepathic games with her to test his intuition about these “other” parts he felt her to be. It was a bit unnerving when she discovered the game.

At age 12 her first rabbit companion came into her life and this changed everything. No longer did she feel quite so alone when looking at the stars. Her rapid heart rate when under duress or moving her body physically, mirrored that of rabbit. In rabbit, she found solace. Where there had not been an anchor to Earth, rabbit became the way shower to deepen into her chosen embodiment.

Life grew more challenging and at every turn of greater intensity and needed transformation, another rabbit companion would find her. The relationships deepened beyond outside human understanding. And it made sense to the little girl, now woman, that these souls in rabbit bodies were the only ones who could reach her.

Their starry essence was disguised to outsiders, but to the woman stardust was all she saw. And although quite Cosmic, these rabbits were so connected to Earth’s womb that it supported the woman’s journey to the union of spirit and body.

As the years went on, and through deep loss of her soul family in rabbit bodies, she came to know herself even more. Through pain she grew. To her surprise, her heart expanded with every trauma and, again, it was rabbit that taught her the gift within every experience.

When offered the invitation to be with them forever, she chose to stay and be as they had been for her – a way shower to unify spirit and body and bridge peace and harmony on Earth. Through that choice life changed in every way, beyond what she could have imagined possible.

Through that choice, I found her, and was also supported into greater alignment I had been waiting for.

Nature became the cathedral where essence was easily accessible. Here she could hear the whispers of all remnants of stars within every creation before her. And that included herself.

It became easy to drop into her own nature, by listening to the stories within every cycle unraveling before her. And as rabbits do, she found her joy playing in Earth’s realm. Her senses heightened, her body strengthened, and agility of being increased. There were times to go deeper underground and times to leap with elation. Times to be on high alert and times to lay still and listen. Even the foods she ate and loved, mirrored her rabbit friends and her world made sense through these new eyes.

Rabbit and woman were one.

It’s been incredible to watch this unfolding and with every day of her transformation comes a deepening to our bond as well.

I am able to go with her on every adventure she takes because we have merged through this evolution, too.

There is no separation. Essence brings Unity.

I love the journeys she takes me on daily in the mountainous forests where we live. I can feel the snowflakes on my nose, as they kiss hers. I hear the chickadees in my large ears, as they sing to her. I smell the fresh pine through my twitching nose, as she luxuriates in their aroma. I binky with joy when she becomes elated with wonder. I feel nurtured by the vibrations beneath my large thumpers, as she walks with deliberate and present footsteps.

And most of all my heart expands as hers does, every time she drops into essence and becomes both Heaven and Earth.


Clarifying & Reimagining with the Help of the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

I woke this morning to a magickal paradise scene surrounding our home on the forest.

And as I shared on social media, the view had me singing Willy Wonka’s Pure Imagination…

“If you want to view paradise

Simply look around and view it

Anything you want to, do it

Wanta change the world?

There’s nothing

To it…

There is no

Life I know

To compare with

Pure imagination

Living there

You’ll be free

If you truly wish to be”

The message of this song is one I sing in my heart always. It’s what carries me through life when the rest of the world can’t hear it.

Being the Sagittarius New Moon Total Solar Eclipse and the day after concluding a very potent weekend of Reiki 3 Master Teacher initiations, it all felt like a fresh reset enveloped the forest portal here, but also collectively.

The energy is fertile, even with the blanket of snow covering the Earth’s skin.

I took intentional time off last evening and first half of today to let things integrate and settle. I also got a lot of good sleep in and slowed everything way down.

I’m glad I did.

After a slow, relaxing morning we headed off just up the road from our house to immerse in the fresh powder solitude on snow shoes. The day was incredibly surreal, as you can see.

It was the perfect thing needed, as was the enchanted landscape before me. It may even have been a manifestation of my intents, hopes, and imagination, as I had very strongly both voiced and wished for a winter wonderland the night before.

As we climbed the mountain I could feel the surge of energies from everything flowing through me. It actually made me feel slightly nauseous for about a half an hour (which is not normal for me), so I slowed my pace and deeply breathed the energy in and out, focusing on regulating the accelerated shifts. I also focused on my body and my feet merging with the snow covered ground.

Everything balanced out and as we reached our destination vista point I felt a new harmony anchor and everything has been a peaceful steady since.

While outdoors and during my integration time, I got the message to wind some things down. With the ending of full level Reiki trainings since August, this was a perfect closure point for the year. Yet, I also need to put to rest some of my offerings, as I need some more time to myself these last weeks of 2020.

So, although I had the special running until end of December on discounted sessions to navigate these challenging times, I was told to remove them early. I hope you understand, if in fact you’ve been considering these. This is why you won’t find them offered on my site anymore.

I intend to just complete sessions with clients that I already have, continue to work on custom art commissions, and then use the rest of the time for myself.

This will give me the extra balancing time I feel will be supportive for the work at hand and for continuing to integrate the changes I’m undergoing. It will also give me some good down time before the two new 2021 classes in February and March.

I’ll also be listening between now and the start of the year, as to what other changes will be implemented and how I’ll reimagine a new landscape of experience for 2021. I am feeling the percolation, just like warm seeds coddled far beneath the ground and snow. For now, the halt on these extra sessions feels supportive.

As I’ve told all of my students and clients, balance is key and balance is something I have made central to my life. So, when I get the message that things are feeling more intense than necessary, I listen. This changes things instantly.

I thank you for your understanding with this. I trust that things are always in alignment for what is most important and for the highest good.

Also, I wanted to extend gratitude that the two original, new pieces we added to The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop this morning at the maximum eclipse time went off to a wonderful new home just minutes after they got listed. This reiterated why they had been important to create, as I heard the connection that they made, which included even just having been seen and experienced by others.

Creating them also gave me, as I mentioned yesterday, the needed little surges of free expression and imagination immersion, which leads us back to Willy Wonka’s Pure Imagination.

We can use the power of our imaginations to create the world we want to see and to set ourselves free. It’s one of the things no one can take away from you, including hope.

Here’s to fresh slates for your imagination to thrive on.

I hope today’s New Moon Eclipse energies have been clarifying and renewing for you too.

Unlimited Creative Potential ~ Upgrades & Imaginative Explosions

I was going to save this post for Whimsical Wednesdays, but there’s just so much energy abound and what feels like a super surge of wild and sometimes shocking unfolding is also feeling quite fertile with incredible possibility. I’ve oscillated between pulling back and then going full steam in the last few weeks. Big surges are flaring from all angles, especially the Cosmos and even from within Earth’s core – as above, so below – and it’s also come with a mixed bag of highs and lows, tragedies and celebrations, endings and beginnings – as is the natural cycles of all things.

In the midst of it all we’ve had a lot of very close-to-home news from others that’s included losses or traumatic and/or surprising events and health crises/diagnoses that all speak to huge life-transforming shifts happening on a grand scale. There’s a sense of a grand Earth recalibration taking place, which can very well even mean the human sadness of seeing many people and animals leaving while many others arrive, or the catalysts for life-priorities and values taking center stage with huge slaps in the face so that adjustments for greater alignment take precedence. Not all of it creating that warm fuzzy feeling one craves at the holiday season, but definitely creating deepening potential and supporting a new kind of enrichment through fuller embodied gratitude.

It all makes every single moment extra meaningful because it’s all you truly have. The Earth frequencies are shifting and so will we in the way that’s relative to our soul. While I sink deeper into my heart with all that is before me, I have also been readying for many beginnings and actively supporting them every step of the way.

One of those included supporting the huge vibrational shift for an incredible (wish there was an even more potent word to describe them) soul family group helping to raise the Earth frequency. This weekend concluded a really big journey for 16 amazing souls, as we came full circle with Reiki training today. A total of 18 took the journey with us through the first two levels, which began in August and concluded in December with 16 moving on to complete the third. It was a path I hadn’t planned on when embarking on 2020, but it became ever more clear why this came about, as we continued forward.

Our last class was today, and synchronously a snow storm started just a couple of hours before class began, enveloping me in a white wonderland as I connected with everyone online. The snow felt like a blanket of purity from which all things will emerge anew. It also put to rest the old cycles, as things transmute and reset onward.

I got to share a glimpse of it all with the group through my computer screen on Zoom and even Astrid shared herself and energy with everyone too.

The upgrades we each received by these high energy gatherings and activations has been so aligned with astrological events and this conclusion was no exception coming right at the threshold of tomorrow’s Sagittarius New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse. This includes a South Node Eclipse that supports clearing of all that old “stuff”. It was no wonder people felt extra zapped today, as alongside the intense energies everyone’s been processing and releasing, this, the upcoming Winter Solstice Great Conjunction, and overall high intensity month of Eclipses and two Full Moons truly have created more direct access doorways to harness and ignite.

The two concluding group classes fell on 12/12 and 12/13 and each day has reflected some magickal things including a rainbow portal showing up in the sky on the 12th after class, the snow enchantment showing up during the 13th’s class, Astrid’s presence in high gear for both, me teaching from my Wonderland creative space for the first time in our class series where the energy is highest in the house, amazing new openings for everyone, and even one attendee who shares my birthday – talk about reflective rebirthing.

And although I’ve been helping to facilitate things, I’ve definitely received my own huge upgrades over the course of our trainings and everything else this year.

This has trickled into reflections within my tangible personal experience to include a cell phone, computer, and office upgrade. In fact, there have been a huge amount of technical and electronic crazies over the course of this year, which made it obvious the cell and computer upgrades had to happen. But also it was the first year of using so much technology to include two different online platforms – Zoom and Google Meet – as well as other new technologies in our home and daily experiences.

I mentioned to our class today that although my energy does affect electronics (blow outs, crashes, strange happenings, setting off electric sparks, etc.), this seems to happen a lot more within my personal experience rather than when I’m doing important collective things like these classes or past interviews I’ve done. It feels to be an alignment with my Aquarius energies and that this kind of platform is very much in my frequency field as a supportive and even very beneficial way of connecting. So, in that way I am grateful, as others I know can’t use these means of connection all the time due to possible blow-outs and weird happenings mixing with their energies. We each have our aligned ways that are of highest benefit.

I feel supported now with a very powerful new cell phone and computer that feel like they’ll have greater longevity to weather the shifts upcoming and I also feel very nurtured and supported by the small upgrades I did in my shared creative space/office with Astrid.

That included what you see here – adding a second duplicate desk so I have a side-by-side sweeping wall of creative space. I’m still in process of organizing and configuring everything, but the photos give you an idea of the area that will get more clearing soon. I also got a new chair to replace my other desk chair, got rid of my reading chair, and made some other fine-tunings. The only thing that remains the same is Astrid always by my side – either at my feet (above photo) or supporting from behind (second below photo).

The second desk was a free one, as when I first purchased the one, it had arrived slightly damaged. The company sent me another, which also arrived slightly damaged. Each time was a completely free shipment and desk, because of their great customer service. Between the two damaged ones, we were able to create a second perfect desk by swapping broken and good drawers/parts to create one extra desk. It was stored in the garage until I got the inspiration to have both in my room and voila!

In the midst of these changes Astrid also received some upgrades with new floor mats throughout the room. I got her bigger mats with gorgeous bunny landscapes that create magickal portals for her to lay on and dream with me. I also got her a new door mat for under one of her beds where she likes to lay and look outside and another that lays under her food dishes and water bowl.

Each with a magickal scene, cozy, and supportive. But most of all, they create doorways to realms of enchantment and possibility where the rabbit collective is close at hand. She loves her new space and uses everything she has – that makes me happy. 

She also loves having a nice sweeping area under my desks so that she can be right by my feet when I work – she actually sat the entire class (without moving) right up on my feet during the first day of Reiki 3 Master Teacher training last weekend when we had the entire group of 17 of us all together.

We’re definitely enjoying the new energy it’s all created, and for me, it feels more expansive and inspiring. I even have a work basket that keeps my daily projects, calendars, and so forth, all neatly together that’s labeled, of course, “The Magick Rabbit”.

I’ve also recently acquired a bunch of new, delicious and enchanted scented soy candles from a friend who creates them, which I burn daily as I work.

All of these space upgrades have really nurtured me into greater comfort and productivity. And from that, there’s been explosions of creative output in between the supportive work I’ve been doing. In between my full schedule and heavier-than-usual-workload, I’ve been taking small needed breaks to channel inspiration into little projects that speak to my heart and support little bursts of big creative expression.

Alongside commissioned art, I have been channeling fun ideas that call to me. These include the following you see here that are hitting The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop tomorrow – the only new creations in quite a while, just in time for Christmas.

The first is the Uniquely You Divinely One ~ Magick Wooden Faery Chest adorned in snowflakes, genuine opals, and mirrored mini tiles. This is a hand-painted multi-media piece of useable art that you can use as a keepsake box, treasure chest, altar piece, storage for crystals, jewelry, or even as a Reiki box. There are eight genuine opals on it and a snowflake made of mini mirrored tiles. It’s completely painted, inside and out, and comes with a bed of natural lichen foraged from my forest backyard that you can keep as a bed to rest any of your special items on or remove.

A lovely Winter Solstice, Yuletide, or Christmas Gift, but also beautiful all year-round, as the message is timeless and a way to harness the magick messengers of the Winter Season.

Inspired by a painting I did years ago, titled the same, Uniquely You, Divinely One speaks to the value of your creative individuality within the collective and how each of us has our own signature frequency while still being unified as One. Each snowflake reflects the uniqueness that creates the tapestry of snow – every one having purpose and beauty, but together create harmony – like a symphony of notes. The power of one is great, but the power of teamwork is astronomical.

It is signed and titled on the bottom and the opals carry their own message. Opal is of the water element like the moon, it enhances cosmic consciousness, psychic and mystical insights, supports creativity and expressing your true self, brings loyalty, peace, self worth, faithfulness, illuminates for transformation, stone of love, gentleness, kindness to all relationships, encourages freedom and independence, soothes emotional body, clears and calms, nurtures hope, heals subconscious emotions, helps resolve past life challenges with compassion for self, supports dream time and alleviates nightmares, and release trauma, tension and stress.

The second is the creative explosion Wonderland is Alive Magick Portal that’s hand painted on a Basswood plaque with genuine crystals, stones, and mini mirrored tiles imbued all around and within the magickal doorway. This is an incredibly whimsical and creatively potent piece that was pure joy to channel and pure magick to step into.

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the journey Down the Rabbit Hole, you are invited to follow the White Rabbit through a new doorway of experience where your imagination and heart can create a new reality and infinite potentials. This enchanted piece can be used to ignite deeper levels of meditative possibility for manifestation of dreams and intents, as you allow all judgments and thoughts to be suspended. The mirrored tiles create that reflective energy for one to look within. And the seven genuine crystals and stones whirling around the rainbow portal, help to activate it all. The center has a teardrop Clear Quartz – the Master Healer – to amplify all energy and thought when entering this doorway. Other stones include, Amethyst, Amazonite, Green Jade, Orange Jade, Amethyst Lace Agate, and Picture Jasper.

Other symbolism includes bumblebee, butterfly, dragonfly, ladybug, dandelions, Amanita muscaria mushrooms (magick mushrooms), flowers, and hearts.

A way to invite your inner child to join you on an adventure of your choosing so you can merge the otherworld into your daily life. A manifestation tool and a reminder that you hold the power within.

It’s truly one of my most whimsical creations that merges simplicity with potency.

Talk about fun, fun, FUN!

I decided to list the new creations on Monday 12/14’s Total Solar Eclipse – that’s tomorrow – and they’ll go up in our Etsy Shop at 8:13 am PST, which is the maximum Eclipse time here in the South Lake Tahoe region. The New Moon will be at 8:17 am.

If either calls to you, the link to our shop is here: The Magick Rabbit

And speaking of Etsy, I just had to share this sweet unfolding alignment that creative energy and expression made possible. If you recall my painting, Dance of the Twin Flames, which did find its home a couple of years ago, then you might enjoy this along with me. Things like this happen “out of the blue” quite often and when they do I just feel so much gratitude.

An incredibly gifted sculptural jewelry artist in Scotland “stumbled” upon my painting online. She was just starting to put her own Etsy shop together of her creations and as part of her nature-inspired collection she made a set of twin seahorse earrings and wanted to ask if it would be possible to add my painting to her listing of the earrings that reflected them. The inspiration behind their creation mirrored my own with nearly exact channeling of the energies we worked with to bring them to life. She was so excited to have the seahorse spirit lead her to my painting that she felt to add it, along with my description, in accompaniment to her earring listing. I, of course, agreed and we discovered a magickal connection between us that of course the seahorses had been the portal for, and the rest of that story continues to unfold with beautiful soul family alignments from present to past life weave-ins. If you are interested in exploring her lovely nature and myth inspired work, her Etsy shop is 6elementsJewellery (Six Elements Jewellery).

This speaks to cocreative energies we tap into when we are authentic with our expression of it and support its need to be actively flowing. It also speaks to honoring those inner messages and your voice, as you never know where they may lead. And, it feels reflective of my current creative explosion of energies I’ve been feeling called to channel right now on this latest wave rolling through.

And speaking of cocreative energies, here’s a collaboration that unfolded between Nature, me and a sweet little bunny named Nova.

While on a hike recently, my eyes were drawn to the forest floor only to find a perfectly Nature-etched rabbit in a piece of wood. I immediately knew it was Nova, whom you’ve seen me post about before, and that it wanted to become a special little Christmas ornament. Little did I know at the time that Nova’s mom, KC, was going to have a big healing opening around celebrating Christmas, which was profound for her. After years of not being able to celebrate it for personal reasons, she was out early shopping to bring the Christmas spirit back into her child heart once again. This ornament became the perfect addition to her nature-themed Christmas tree and decorations. I painted one side of it in his image, as you can see, and left the other side completely natural because the rabbit was so distinct and gorgeous.

It feels to me to have the essence of the rabbit collective embodied in the wood sculpture that Nova is part of – reminding me of Watership Down’s El-ahrairah – Prince of the Rabbits – and that it is a reflection of spirit and body as one. I added wire wrapping to the top of the ear to create a loop for hanging.  

And while on the topic of sweet bunnies, portals, and collaborations, you likely recall the Magick Portal Wood Plaque I created recently as one of my art commission projects. My muse was the dear Maribelle and after her mom received the portal, here is how Maribelle responded:

Maribelle was more than my muse for this. She was in fact the messenger of much healing energy, love, and activation that has unfolded more than I’m able to share here, for her mom, between she and I, and even a connection to a bunny dad who needed support.

Needless to say, the abundance of imagination I’ve been tapping into, upgraded energies I’ve been saying yes to, creative explosions I’ve embraced needing to come through in what ever form….have all been doorways of unlimited potential that continues to unfold and still has yet to reveal itself fully.

So, although my days have been full, I’ve been honoring and making time for what is under the surface whispering or knocking, as I later discover just how important those voices have proven to be and just how valuable energy is to honor, as it knows far greater than our limited ideas do…just why they’re needed.

Future Self Portal ~ Sacred Design Activations Begin Plus Updates

Today I wanted to share and celebrate the opening portal of my brief return to channeling sacred tattoo and intentional art designs. This is the first piece, outside of some painting creations I’ve been working on, that has come to life via the cocreative process shared with a very dear and magickal soul.

As I mentioned in a recent post, I was guided to open up 10 spots for design work, and part of that inspiration came from this beautiful soul who invited me into a the dance of bringing her energy into creation. Without going into detail, this design (which in fact will become a tattoo) embodies a future self aspect of her essence to help her to walk into the new and next phase of life with greater intention, integration, courage, and overall wholeness – a portal to bring her higher self parts through into the now.

It was a beautiful process for each of us, which had some twists and turns, but all of which deepened both the final piece, the energy, and even our connection. I love that she will begin the inking of her powerful piece on Winter Solstice – a way to ignite energies in a big way.

I don’t intend to offer this unlimitedly as full-time work, so once my spots are filled I will be focusing elsewhere. Of the 10 pots, there are 5 remaining and, again, this can either be for a sacred tattoo design OR a sacred, intentional art design that you can use as a portal piece for helping to support your work and/or life transformations.

They act as template portals to step into and could be perfect ways to anchor in 2021 new energies you want to empower as your individual thread of the collective tapestry.

I’m working on each design in the order of deposits received, so please be aware there is a waiting time until I get through the designs before you. These are also not creations that I can rush, as they do have their own divine unfolding.

If this speaks to you, you’ll find more information and can place your deposit here: Sacred Tattoo or Intentional Art Designs.

As for the other updates, we just had our part 1 Reiki 3 Master Teacher class this last Sunday and the energy of the group was incredible. It’s been amazing to watch and feel the transformation that has taken place for everyone over the course of each level this year. The confidence, strength, clarity, and empowerment was truly shining through and I imagine our concluding part 2 classes this weekend will anchor in that energy for each soul, as they conclude 2020 and step into 2021.

Again, the Intuition & Reiki ~ Empowered Intuitive Development Class is full for 2021, but the Crystal Healing & Reiki ~ Deepening Through Integrative Healing Sessions class for March has 4 spots open. You can register here: 2021 Classes

I’m in the process of reviewing what I will and won’t be offering come 2021, so as to create the most optimal use of my time that also taps into what is of most benefit to others. 2020 felt like a much needed boost of support due to collective things unfolding on such a grand scale and this is why you’ve seen me return to play my part in that.

However, 2021 feels to be going in different directions, which is why I’m only offering 10 design spots for instance, but I also may step away from or limit things like sessions and classes.

That said, I’m still honoring the discounted sessions through end of December 2020. At that point I have a feeling I’ll not be taking on sessions for some time. So, if you feel like you would like support with something, these discounted sessions are a great deal: Discounted Sessions

I’ve had some requests for Reiki classes next year, and so I’ll be feeling into that along with everything else. If I do offer some, then of course past students will be welcome to review any class they’ve already taken.

Once I get through next weekends last Reiki classes and a couple more projects here, I’ll be able to focus more on what 2021 is going to be looking like. I’ll share those updates as they channel through.

I hope everyone is handling the energies of this month alright. I know so many people who have lost dear ones both in human and animal bodies, are having challenges on different fronts, some disappointments and temporary halts, but also at the precipice of big change. To each of you, I send extra love and strength. You’re all doing amazing with what we have on the table right now. And it’s not unusual to have those ebbs and flows when things are in the midst of transformation. If we can each do our part to be gentle with ourselves and each other, realizing that everyone’s going through something together, then it could definitely make those dips a little bit softer. Be kind to each other, despite your differences.

There are a lot of gifts wanting to reveal themselves through all of what we are experiencing, so the more we can soften our gaze, the more we can see them.

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