Crystal & Clothing Closet

Currently we’re sold out of our crystal offerings, but please check back as we may post more as we have time.

As always, everything is lovingly cleansed, charged, and nurtured here at the Forest Portal by myself and Astrid to make ready for you.

That’s it for now with crystals and if you enjoy fashion, you might find it fun to explore the recent additions – perhaps even finding some seasonal wardrobe enhancements – at Tania’s Closet. You’ll also find beautiful and unique jewelry accessories and other items like rare-find shoes, and more. I’ll post as I have time, so keep an eye out.

Here’s details about that:

Because I continue to receive a lot of questions about where I get my clothing, I decided to post the link to my page on Poshmark where I offer discounted, quality, eco/artisan clothing. Poshmark is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell new and secondhand everything. I have a small closet there I’ve created that features several of my favorite designers. It’s a place where you can make offers, as well as feel free to ask questions directly in the comment sections under the listings.

I donate a LOT of things when I am refreshing my closet and redecorating, but many of my items are in such perfect condition and of beautiful, quality materials and uniqueness that I’ve started sharing them there – so it’s opportunity to bring home some special items at discount. I love supporting women entrepreneurs who are artisans on every front and the clothing offered is what’s known as slow fashion, which is sustainable, ethical, made by hand, and using natural fibers (much of which is organic) and recycled materials, and eco-dyeing processes from plant sources. They are also created in small batches and each is unique – sometimes being the only piece ever made and sometimes just one of a small grouping made and could even be a discontinued design.

Anyway, if you’re curious or looking for some unique pieces to your wardrobe I have a variety of seasonal items currently available and will be/am continuing to update it as I have time. So, you can check in later too. Sizes will vary from xs – large, as each piece fits differently and is very versatile, or may be One Size like some of the cardigans.

Here’s the direct link for anyone potentially interested in a new splash to your wardrobe energy and I’ll likely put a separate page up on this website with the link so that it’s easy to find over time as well:

Tania’s Closet

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