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September 2020 Energy Update with Lee Harris

Today is the last day of August, as we approach the Pisces Full Moon of the 1st/2nd (depending on where you live) to kick off September. A great time to check in with ourselves and review the last month, while making adjustments for the upcoming one.

Based on what I’ve heard from many of you, I think you’ll find Lee’s insights to ring in – especially those of you experiencing physical symptoms as responses to the changes being assimilated.

Lee accentuates how listening to your creative impulse is important, regardless of whether or not you can see or understand right now how it fits into things or could possibly make a difference. Creative energy is also visionary energy and ideas. It doesn’t only have to be a physical creation that you produce, yet that energy is vital to keep moving.

I also love his insights around “visionary activism,” as that is where my energy has resonated most of my life and has gone very misunderstood or even devalued by others, especially if they were more of the “reactionary activists.” This new form has felt very much needed in the world and as Lee says, “You can’t fight fire with fire…you need to do something different.” I feel this will be a welcome evolution, as it anchors more over the years to come.

And yes, there will be continued chaos showing up, but remember that chaos just IS. We’ll be moving through some more, as we can’t move beyond it without moving through it. So having your own sense of balance and center is important.

That couldn’t be more accurate, at least in my personal experience.

For most of my life I didn’t have a sense of myself, my center, my purpose, and for sure I didn’t have balance – as I was a much more extreme swinging person, largely in part because of my boundaryless existence that could easily be swayed by any underlying currents I subtly detected and as a way to counter-balance those swings.

I worked hard to stand in my own power and realize my own value, and I still work hard at maintaining that, but it has and DOES make a huge difference.

Synchronously, just a couple of days ago I had literally expressed to faery sister Laura during a different context of texting, “There’s so much happening out there…I’m grateful I’ve found my center. I’d be a mess if I hadn’t figured this out, especially with the external stuff and huge contrasting dichotomy of everything around. I definitely know my purpose is to anchor middle and I won’t sway.”

So, yes, there will be some new energies moving through us this month, but Lee shares that if you feel overwhelmed then that’s perfect and important to embrace. This, then, is a time to heal for you…not do out there.

The full theme overview Lee addresses in his video include:

  • Major Energy Shifts – Physical Symptoms
  • Twists and Turns continue – Nothing is quite as it seems
  • Creative Surge continues through September
  • Reactionary Activism to Visionary Activism – DOWNLOADS AND SHIFTS
  • Karma and Consequences for Dark Energy Intent is now at Work
  • Deep Presence Revealing itself – Relationship shifts
  • Linear timelines gone astray – multidimensionality and the power of dreams
  • Stay as steady as you can – steady is where the power lies
  • Conflict energy will be depleting – the veil is thin so the fire of conflict is disturbing to your energy field

Wishing you a deepening September.


Transitions & Upgrades ~ Shedding New Layers with the Seasonal & Moon Shifts

At the start of this week I focused on printing and sending out all of the Reiki Level 1 certificates to the group that completed their training this past weekend. Even just that process was a big energy shift on top of all the Reiki flowing through the hours of teaching and attuning the last two weekends. It’s equally transformative and recalibrating for the teacher, as it is the students that are receiving, so I’m definitely experiencing my own activation and inner triggers for reflection.

For this reason, and both because I don’t write blogs as often as I used to AND I feel that others are going through a variety of changes right now in more significant and likely conscious ways than they have in the past, I’m sharing a longer post today. It’s a way to thread connection, too.

So, I noticed that as I sealed the envelopes and sent them out in the world it felt like sending out keys to new doorways of potential that feel to be gridding and lighting up more and more on the Earth. In their own way, they are seeding new openings to wider and innovative ways we can move forward for the greatest and highest good. 

At least that was the intention I had, as I sent them out with love.

Since this unexpected teaching flow invited me to also expand wider and change the approaches I adapted until now, it ignited a whole level of reinvention on other layers as well. And it definitely amped up energies that have put into motion a domino-effect of shifts to explore.

In a nutshell, I’d say my experience is all about transitions and upgrades right now. And with all the collective change happening simultaneously, it feels aligned with acceleration at large, and needed.

So how are these shifts and upgrades translating for me?

I’ll share some of the ways I’m experiencing this, as a way of demonstrating the varied levels of life that can be affected in a naturally organic way – especially when embraced – as we go through life changes. This may also be helpful to any of my students that read this blog.

This concept of recalibrating, cleansing, upgrading, and realigning, etc. is something we discuss in training, and includes the possibilities of what that could look like.

However, even though I know this shift is getting an added boost from the Reiki teaching, I also feel it was on its way simply as a natural process of transitions – like Nature’s seasons are reflecting currently and even the upcoming Full Moon is heralding in, as it brings to full amplification and illumination the things in your life that no longer serve you.

I ended up having to upgrade to a new, larger, more powerful computer that Dave just helped set up for me (since I’m not a very tech savvy person) at the start of this new week. Interesting timing right after completion of training. Also interesting is that I always used to have very tiny laptops – like notebooks. Then after a series of those and crashing all of them, I adopted Dave’s older, bigger laptop. I’ve had that quite a while, but it finally was starting to poop out. So now I have an extremely heavy-duty, larger, powerhouse laptop that is all my own and can do likely more than I’ll ever need. But that creates space for growth and new because who knows what the future holds, right?

Likely the very near future few months may hold a new cell phone in store too. Mine seems fine, (even after falling into the water, as you may remember – going through its own rebirth), but we may be upgrading together to a different carrier for several reasons and they likely will have different options of phones than this one that goes with their plans. It’s not surprising to have all electronics go through upgrades with big changes so that what ever is coming will be supported.

Luckily, I must have my energy better harnessed or something, as I don’t seem to blowing out things anymore and do have miraculous fixes like the water dunking with no ill effect. One experience that comes to mind was when I taught a large group Reiki retreat in Laguna and my phone literally sizzled and gave me an electrical shock on the morning of Reiki Master Teacher training. That was a full three levels in one weekend teaching, so it wasn’t surprising really.

The more mild experiences I have now might also speak to the more balanced life I’ve created and make a priority, and how I’ve learned to channel my energy more effectively, as well as do a lot of grounding, exercise, and nature things, along with self-care and holding center amidst contrasting dynamics all around me.

I’ve also been in home improvement project mode, which actually started last Friday before classes with working on tile prep in our shower to get it ready for Dave to seal, caulk, and fix grouting. I found myself scrubbing away with great vigor and being that the shower and water energy coincides with Pisces – my native sign, but also the sign the upcoming Full Moon is in – it seems reflective of bringing up deep subconscious and clingy stuff to the surface to observe, integrate, and move out altogether.

Improvement projects continued Saturday after class with me spending a couple of hours in the garden sanding my garden bench and restaining it to prep it for the upcoming seasons. Again, another layering process in motion, much like the shedding of old skin.

The shower tiles and the bench getting a renewed layer by removing the old one, and in effect some of my layers are coming undone too.

And the projects have continued little by little for us to include some minor redecorating in my office (still underway, but soon to be complete) and a little in the master bedroom, outdoor clean-up and fixers with the yard, pine needle removal from the roof, refilling the jacuzzi with new water, and repairing some insulation under the house. We are thinking about some other changes we may make as well, so there’s again that cleansing and renewal energy in motion.

I’ve also been completing a round of side-work projects to free up my time, along with monthly record-keeping I do.

I’m also in clean out mode and getting donation bags ready again – a favorite thing of mine to do whenever I feel change is in the air.

The weekend of teaching saw me physically drop a little weight, as any old load was lightened. And, for the first time in a while I am getting the strong feeling of lightening things with my hair as well. Since the ends of the hair are the oldest parts, it can make sense why the literal cutting away can come at significant periods of change in our lives so that we’re letting go and dropping that time period or part of our life it represents.

I have mostly just been letting it do whatever it wants and so it just consistently grows longer. Yet, I’m sensing there may be a more significant change upcoming instead of just my four-inch trim I’ve been doing every six months or so. Perhaps a more significant new cut is in store? I’m waiting to see if this is in fact the route I’ll take, or if I’m just feeling so much change that it inspires a large gamut of ideas and inspiration to flood through. In some cases like that, I’ll wait a little to see what actually feels to be the new anchoring, or if in fact energy is simply moving and may bring up other things, so it’s not about settling on the first idea that comes through.

Other changes have included seeing the potential for new possibilities with a feeling of greater flexibility I’m opening to that I wouldn’t have before, and allowing exploration in order to find the highest path that aligns with now. I’m finding myself revisiting things from about four years ago and this includes a resurgence of ancient and cosmic timelines merging and choices that were made at that time. It has brought underlying a-ha empowering moments, alongside some sadness.

There’s also been an experience of simultaneous, parallel realities. One carries the strength for the other, while it simply goes forth to explore. One dips into realizing the new challenges ahead of the unknown and is processing the stages of how to get there. At times, already being where the challenges are integrated and yet aware of the journey to get there being a step at a time and that it will ebb and flow. Then moments of the ebbs and flows. 🙂

We’re also starting to make different plans for the upcoming seasons and looking at some travels with the animals to change up energies very soon.

So, yes, there’s a lot of energy transitions taking place – even more than I’m sharing here. These may give you an idea of how when we stay in observational mode and decide to be more conscious of the active role we can also have with changes, the more things become obvious as to the levels of transformation that are actually happening, and the easier they shift.

And speaking of Nature, it’s also interesting to observe how the changes we go through can also be reflected in things like seasonal shifts, the different animals that show up for us, the things that draw our attention when we are outdoors, the types of plants and flowers that speak to us, the weather patterns, and unusual sightings in general.

As I just wrote that, a squirrel got my attention outside who is laying in an unusual rounded-over ball on a limb of the tree outside my office. Looks as if he/she is resting, but then sat up, still maintaining that ball-shape – so much so, the little tummy appears as if pregnant with tail wrapped perfectly up and around the back in a half circle. There’s a feeling of this little one resting and reflecting/pregnant with ideas and energy – and as soon as I said that he/she moved quickly on to the next task, which currently includes rubbing the entire front of its body and belly in the cutest fashion, flat all over another limb, relishing in the feeling. 🙂

But this is just a direct reflection in the moment right now.

Others have included how the smoke from the California fires have been blowing in and out of the region here. At times feeling like a veil thickening and lifting, or a transitioning taking place of transmutation. Smoke in fact is the transition of matter into spirit.

Then there’s been the increase in sightings of garter snakes that either cross my path right in front of me or lay across the path I’m approaching. Sometimes they catch my attention from the corner of my eye, and Dave is amazed I even see them since they are camouflaged in the grass. So much snake energy speaks to that shedding of skin, as layers removing for renewal. Another one was on our path while hiking down to the lake a couple of days ago, as you can see here.

This same day I also found a sweet, little dead mouse laying to the side of the trail, which I stopped to bury.

About a week before this I found a dead bird. In both cases the body was fully in tact and didn’t appear to have injury. Perhaps death by natural causes, but interesting at this time period.

In general, seeing a dead animal can symbolize something coming to an end in our lives through a natural cycle – a major life transition from one thing to another. It can also herald the time for a new direction or choice. It’s not necessarily a literal death upcoming, although could be and is relative to the person seeing it.

Seeing a dead animal can be a message or reiteration that a door is, or needs to be, closing. It can also be a reflection of hope in times of challenge. And depending upon the qualities of the particular animal, this can signify the areas in your life that it is highlighting. For instance, mice tend to small and tedious little things and so this could indicate an end to minor issues no longer bothering you or not allowing fears getting in the way. Could be an end to any shyness or timidity, or perhaps resourcefulness no longer being a challenge.

It’s interesting that alongside seeing snakes a lot, we’ve been humanely trapping and releasing mice under the house quite a bit before fixing the insulation, and now I see the dead mouse. Mice in Ancient Greece were considered sacred because they are associated as food for snakes, which were sacred to the Greeks as holy healers.

One thing that jumps out at me about mice is this description of their symbolism from Avia Venefica, which I shared in my blog about the little mouse named Fiver that was so transformative for me.

“Our ancient ancestors observed their affinity for ground-burrowing, and likened this to mice being ‘one with the Mother’ (Mother Earth, that is). This ground-loving behavior was also seen as a connection to the Underworlds (or Otherworlds, depending upon your source of reference). This kind of connection makes the mouse a kind of mediator between physical life and recycling life (spirit energies in transition). This Earth and Underworld connection continues in western, medieval Europe, where folk superstitions tell of mice possessing the ability to carry souls of humans who have passed from this physical life.

There’s that reference again to energies in transition, similar to the smoke and the general theme I’ve been speaking about.

And this transition has been taking place in both the garden and the entire landscape here as I watch the end of Summer move into hints of Autumn vibes.

I am really enjoying the transitioning energy showing up in different waves of blossoming and shades of colors turning, fading and warming. Especially soul-enriching to me is all of the golden sage blossoms. It speaks to something soulful coming into glowing illumination.

On the same hike down to the lake where I saw the snake and the dead mouse, we enjoyed the beautiful meadows, pond, creek, and forests full of signs that Autumn is approaching.

And even my garden continues to transition, too, with sunflowers going through life cycles (nearly

half of the 30+ buds all in bloom), prolific wildflowers popping up with more on the way, plants both growing rapidly and coming to end, roses on their last leg of flowering, a last batch of mini

strawberries ripening for Astrid, and pollinators doing their thing to ensure next year’s growth, as

well as squirrels and chipmunks beginning to hide their Winter’s stash (in my garden). 😉

I have a really tall, wild thistle plant out front that is in full fuchsia bloom and starting to turn to puffs of white dandelion-like seeds, as their maturity is during late Summer to early Autumn.

With only a few last days of August remaining, we are approaching the upcoming Pisces Full Moon of the 1st/2nd of the month (depending on where you live) and Autumn Equinox on the 22nd.

September feels like it will be a quieter month for me, full of deep exploration, decisions, and a new layer of writing upcoming. It also happens to be Astrid’s birthday month, which I know she’s been prepping for and she has her regular vet check at the start of the month, too, for her to start afresh. I have an eye appointment at the end of the month to see if any prescription updating is in order, this may be the month for hair changes, and I’ll be planting daffodil and tulip bulbs for next year.

The Full Moon means that intuition will be on an all-time high, so listening to it and trusting it will be key to support moving into your true power. It will help you to gain deeper insights and understanding about the seeds you’ve been planting in your garden, the intentions you have for them, and will illuminate what truly is guiding your life so that you have a broader grasp on the creative forces at work and how to harness them.

Establishing and recognizing boundaries will be the theme for well-being and is a lesson for the boundless Pisces energy to understand how to balance in a healthy way.

This is a powerful time for deep soul level closure, to exercise greater compassion rather than judgment, and to practice radical acceptance, which helps you to release suffering. Suffering is a refusal to accept things. It’s time to give up the suffering, do an energy cleanse, and ask how you can make the changes, then engage action to do them.

All of this is speaking to a time of transition with our relationship to things in our life and perhaps creating some kind of ritual or acknowledgment around supporting what is time to release, so that we can more fully step into the life we want, and receive those upgrades.

There is so much beauty in all stages of life.

The shifting environment reflects the shifting within.

When the time comes for change, there are many ways in which we are messaged about how we can support that process to be easier, more efficient, graceful, and peaceful.

It doesn’t feel like the energy is anchoring yet, which makes sense given the transitional stage that even nature reflects.

Yet, we may see and feel the importance of which things speak most heart and soul-fully to us that would like to take root for the season ahead.

Today happens to be my dad’s 75th birthday – so a shout out to my dad with lots of love as I acknowledge how his birthday also signifies a huge shift and transition period in life.

I know as I edge toward 50 here not too far off, these 40’s have been the biggest shifts indeed.

Superheroes, Teachers & Guides Come in all Forms

This weekend concluded the second installment of online training I was teaching for Reiki Level 1. As many of you know I felt like I would not be teaching anymore so I had completed a bunch of workshops a couple of years ago to make way for a new time in my life. As with anything, to say “never” is something I’ve been mindful of since I know things can surge through in a whole new way, if it’s aligned.

That took place just a few months ago when I started receiving guidance to revisit the possibility again with Reiki, as well as client sessions on a limited basis. I juggled the ideas of both for a while before putting them out there, but it was loud and clear to be open to how they wanted to come through at this time. And as always, by honoring and not judging what comes up, the reasons and magick of it all show up when embraced. Also, the ways in which would be most supportive and still honoring of my new path with things also made itself clear. That included periods of breaks in between offerings and breaking things up as well in new ways – in totality it invited me to change the approaches I’d adapted until now and being even more creative and flexible, which brought a new level of inspiration and joy for complete reinvention.

Teaching online has been extremely supportive on many levels and for me, a lot more energetically nurturing as well. Because of breaking up the classes into bite-sized morsels and having the luxury of being comfortable in my own space without having to rearrange things in anyway at home, I could work in the class times harmoniously. And this also opened up the ability to support a much larger group from all over the world, which was collectively more expansive and supportive at the same time.

When we say “yes” to things that might feel uncomfortable at first or out of place in terms of our ideas about things, etc., we make room for others to do so too. It was amazing to see how quickly a group of people formed, as if they’d been waiting for things to click in, and in fact I’m certain their higher selves added to the messages I was receiving. And it reiterated what I felt, given the shifts collectively taking place right now that are activating people into greater fullness.

That’s a little background as to how this year’s classes reopened and will be concluding with the 2nd and 3rd levels in October and December, but it also supported an opening for other powerful souls inhabiting animal bodies to be able to step into their roles and purposes as well.

This leads us to the title of this blog post, “Superheroes, Teachers & Guides Come in all Forms.”

Many of you know how my rabbit and tortoise companions have been a huge part of my journey and classes in the past. Each being trained as Reiki Master Teachers themselves, as this is something that can be done for souls in animal bodies too. Some of them received training from each other, my teacher, myself, or through their spirit mentor (which happens to be Nestor – my twin soul in rabbit body) before even coming to me and while with me.

I’ve had the privilege and honor of watching Nestor teach classes to wild rabbits, hearing of the same from her pet sitter at the time, hearing of how she showed up in so many people’s dreams and meditations worldwide, and watching Joy teach Cosmo, as well as witnessing Astrid calling all the little forest animals to her through the sliding glass door. My tortoise, Gaia, was also active in showing up for people like all of the bunnies did in their own way, but her work was a bit different, as she was always focused on working with extremely advanced energy frequencies in deep Earth and beyond.

If you follow my blog regularly you’ve heard many stories about all of them and more currently, about Astrid’s unfolding journey since she’s come to be with me and how she’s opened to reveal her true self more and more. This has included revealing her gifts, powers, and how adamantly she loves to join in with me to do work together like sessions with clients, Reiki Healing Attunements, channeling inspiration for writing, reflecting what I need to know or would be of greatest benefit to do most in the moment, bringing through messages for the collective, and yes, teaching.

Because she doesn’t have a voice like we do, although can speak telepathically, she lets me be her voice and shows me huge appreciation for how I invite her into everything I do.

When I used to hold some classes at home here, she would sometimes run upstairs to be in the same room with us. One time, while teaching out on the deck, she came to the screen door and scratched at it to let us know she was there.

There are times she holds space downstairs in her room, energetically anchoring things, but not necessarily feeling the need to actively show herself and engage physically.

And then there are times she is very much wanting to physically team up and tangibly make herself seen, felt, and heard.

This took place in our first class this weekend on Saturday. She knew it would be the first round of initiation attunements taking place and she really wanted to be a part of helping to activate things and make herself seen rather than in the background.

Even though I know how incredible she is and how powerful, she still puts me in awe. For the first group’s concluding Reiki Level 1 training she made her way upstairs, two times. She never comes upstairs at that time of day unless she’s on a mission and spent about a half hour moving about behind me to support everyone with her energy. I moved the screen so people could see her, and then she left back downstairs.

I thought that was it, but as soon as I started the initiation attunements, back upstairs she hopped and started chewing her cardboard house to help move energy, as that’s one way she moves energy is by chewing and processing through her teeth. It was also a way for her to make sound, since she can’t be heard otherwise, and to add that integration of chewing to the recalibrating taking place for everyone.

Then, she ran over behind me to combine her efforts with mine to everyone. In fact, she nose nudged the back of my ankles to let me know she was helping and to infuse and combine Reiki with me (she moves energy through her nose).

One review student was watching while the others were receiving and saw me smile down at Astrid during the process.

Afterward, she went over to a favorite spot of hers by the giraffes under the window sill and plopped down to relax after a job well done.

I love her so much and feel honored to partner with her in this life. The photo above shows Astrid’s new markings. When she is up on all fours and stretched a bit so her cute bunny tail is up off the floor they look like mountain peeks or water waves with the sun or moon above – perhaps both depending on perspective and what speaks to each.

For me it immediately was a mountain range, which speaks to the journey of climbing to ever-greater heights and that through commitment, hope and belief, there’s nothing insurmountable. I see both the sun and moon above, reflecting the phases of life and the parts of ourselves that meld together and guide the way when we let them partner with equal value.

On this day our male cat, Boojum, and female cat Sweet Pea made brief contributions – at one moment getting into a kitty brawl and then Boojum strutting behind me briefly and adding a howl. At each point there was always something in tune with what I was saying as punctuation from them.

Then yesterday, during our second group’s concluding class, Astrid decided to anchor energies directly below me in her room and stayed there, while Sweet Pea also stayed in her room and anchored.

But it was Boojum who wanted in on the group this time, having his own message for everyone. One of the beautiful souls expressed it so perfectly, that I’ll share what she reflected about it:

“And Boojum – he was a King Cat whose energy HAD to be a part of that gathering.  I LOVED that!  He was really insisting on being there, and showing off a little bit with his tail swirling around you as if to say – Show it off, ladies, don’t be afraid to come out and speak YOUR truth to YOUR hearts’ content.  Be virile!  Be masculine!  Be all sides of the Goddess, and don’t forget to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH LOUD!  Refuse to be silenced, refuse to hide and keep quiet.  Go Brother Boojum!  Thank you!”

The swirling tail she mentions was from one point where he jumps up between my upper back and the chair and all you saw was his black tail sweeping around to the front of my neck, flicking energy wildly and looking like a serpent or boa around my neck, encouraging our integration of the divine masculine parts within us to rise to the surface (this group was all female). And moving energy through the tail to everyone at the other end, not to mention, stirring up antics that only Boojum does best.

The cats have long been around my Reiki teaching and energy, so they’ve received their training by the hours of listening and engaging classes.

Each day received the exact energetic support and messaging from the resonating energies each animal had to contribute.

I’ve often heard from many people how each of the animals here have been of support or shown up for them, which is why I so openly and consistently share about them through my blogs, posts, and in classes or sessions, as it’s a way to support our copartnering and reverence for all souls, regardless of what body or form they inhabit.

All beings have something unique to offer and simply because one has chosen to show up in a different form than ours does not make them any less. In fact, they may very well be even more evolved in some areas than us, but they have chosen to come through in the way they feel would be of most benefit to a greater good.

Ways in which challenge or help expand our perspectives and limited ideas and beliefs, I believe will continue to show up more and more.

And some of those ways are through the animal, plant, and Nature realms, which you may have noticed do seem to keep revealing more unusual and blatant ways of exhibiting things that now that we have cameras and videos, are being able to get spread across the world more easily.

We see it in the unusual ways they behave together in loving, playful and supportive experiences even though are different species. We see it in the ways they will risk their lives to save humans. We see it in the ways they will take on things to alleviate us, or give of themselves to support change.

And yes, we see it in ways like I’ve described, where they exhibit highly profound healing gifts, wisdom, and connection that is unquestionable.

I feel that part of my journey and purpose is to help bridge these connections and to help bring awareness and value to all realms of life – especially the animal realms because of my close affinity with them. It just so happens that rabbits have been a more direct channel for me, but it is because of them that I learn so much about life and about all of the other beings that so courageously have chosen to be here with us through these shifting Earth times.

It is my belief that souls in animal bodies carry a level of bravery that inspires, as it isn’t the easiest of paths in a world of humans that don’t always understand that role, nor understand how we can learn so much from them and what is beyond just our own skin and bones.

We live in a world that has developed a system of values, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that those values aren’t worth reviewing to see how they are of greatest benefit to the highest good.

So, yes, superheroes, teachers, and guides do come in all forms and for me the greatest of them in my own life truly have been the souls in animal bodies and even the unseen realms are made more tangible via my connection with them.

I dedicate this blog to all of my spirit guide family who have taught and supported my greatest evolution.

Although it’s not Ask Astrid Fridays, this post didn’t feel like it could wait for the end of the week, but since she didn’t expect me to be writing this it feels better as a surprise for her today.

Thank you Astrid. I am in awe of you daily and I feel like we’ve only just begun to see your incredible contributions that will continue to surface.

Wildflower Anthesis ~ Hope for New Beginnings

Today’s blog is simply to uplift the spirits and inspire hope with some wildflower inspiration. So for anyone who needs a little boost, a cheery burst of sweetness, or a reminder that there is beauty and potential even amidst the darker times and challenges, this is a little love note from Nature and my garden for you to know you’re not alone, to encourage strength and belief, and that from the pressures of life, you have opportunity to shine.

You might recall that this year I decided to seed my garden bed with wildflower perennials to return each year with the other flowering plants I already established both in the garden and in pots.

I also have seven beautiful lush bushes that return each year too. For veggies, I opted again to only do herbs in my Garden Tower, but it’s been supplying a bounty of aromatic herbs continuously for one sweet bunny Queen named Astrid.

I also save some to dry and have for baking and cooking during Autumn and Winter seasons. I think I’ll also make some vinegar infusions, since we use a lot of flavored vinegar, and a rose petal and crystal water blend for misting on hikes or throughout the day. My little mason jars are nearly all full.

And every week or so I create little mini faery bouquets bringing different color therapies for inside the house with some of the blooms that are lighting up the garden with joy.

I love garden time, but also like to keep things simple and manageable for my full life. Down the road I’ll likely do a lot more, as I envision a greenhouse at some point, which is optimal for being able to grow year round.

For now I just picked up 150 tulip and daffodil bulbs I’ll be planting around Autumn Equinox. Little by little I expand and envision new ideas to bring beauty that blends with the mountain wild and provides both the forest creatures, Astrid and us with some fresh goodness. I also like to keep the Faeries and Elementals of the land happy, as promised.

I intuited that my wildflower plants would likely start blooming in August, and I was right. New varieties continue to pop up with more on the way, which likely will continue through September and perhaps even October.

Anthesis is the flowering period of a plant, or the act of expansion and blooming into a fully open flower.

And now my favorite – sunflowers – have emerged in all their sunshiney glory. There are over thirty buds on this one plant!

There’s a definite and dramatic contrast being experienced across the globe including the very scary and sad heatwaves, lightning fires and smoke-filled skies enveloping much of the land west of us.

I keep sending Reiki and prayers that relief, understanding, and productive change will come from everything. Even right now we, here, have had smokey skies the last three days from the winds blowing it in from the California fires.

The energy feels heavy, but I’m also feeling the impetus for potential change and that’s what I choose to focus on so that I can be of greater help to others because my well is full and not depleted. I’m working on deeper, vulnerable transmutation and understanding of the emotional and energetic layers so I can continue to walk a middle path best I can.

I’m reminded that all cycles of life exist simultaneously and within all of this I continue to up my gratitude practice. Interestingly, I’ve been experiencing a big thrust of increased energy and abilities integrate into my life and it’s made me explore further retrieval of the rest.

Now is here for each of us to be and bring all of us to the forefront.

Remember that the thickest cloud just might bring the heaviest shower of blessings.

If we widen our perspective and open to more possibilities, this makes room for what seems hidden to suddenly come through.

It can be challenging to think that something that hurts could in any way help us.

No one ever asked a plant if it hurts to grow so rapidly and produce a bud or unfurl a leaf.

It just is.

Maybe within each unfolding, new life awaits, regardless of what package it comes in at first.

Garden surprises continue to burst forth here from the seeds I planted this year. 

May hope guide a new beginning.

Origins Renewed

After teaching Reiki yesterday morning where a group of sixteen of us gathered together to intentionally raise vibrations, the water energy called. We shared a most beautiful synergy together and I’m still in awe of the incredible energy that was threaded together by everyone who embraced the invitation to another opening on their journey that has far-reaching potential.

As we stand in the doorway of Leo’s New Moon tomorrow, it’s no wonder to me that this group gathered at this time to anchor in a new level of visionary leadership with bravery, integrity, and inspired creativity. These souls are people who are not afraid to step up, show up, and help guide the way. They are bridge workers who I see forging connections for others to cross and move into a more essence and truth filled life.

Awakening is a return to alignment and the gridding of energies from across the globe yesterday was a declaration of arising new potentials being seeded. I love it!

It’s also, to me, about origins and reclaiming this in a more conscious and embodied way.

After class and a little lunch nourishment, we felt called to Fallen Leaf Lake, which was the perfect way to keep the energies fluid and integrated. I spent a lot of good earthing time leading up to the class and continued moving that energy through me to encourage continued integration, balance, and merging of experiences as one and not separate.

I can’t explain it, but being in and around these waters was like a return to origins. The alpine lake temperatures were perfect to me and I spent prolonged time floating in the crystalline-activated lake while soaking in mountain sunshine.

The feeling was freeing, expansive, fluid, and connective.

There was no separation and I experienced the realization of how merged life has become. More effortless instead of a struggle or split between realities.

I mentioned to a dear friend who shared a reflection with me this morning of how she saw a big shift in me. I responded “there’s definitely been an increased dropping into embodiment shift for me, able to more consistently bring through the ‘other’ here and now….whereas I used to feel much more anchored elsewhere.”

There is an increased fluidity of worlds – human and spirit as one…Terra and Cosmos living in unity and harmony.

I am seeing this as a new reality potential emerging on a grander scale, as we continue to crack open.

I found this feather and stone while I laid on the pebble-laced beach.

They speak to me of this integration. Ancient and timeless…Earth and Spirit…a new vision and more freeing way of navigating…of possibilities…

I’ve continued to have a lot of different animal spirit guides showing up, but I’d have to say that coyote and snake medicine has been the most profound and frequent lately.

Sweetly my big lizard friend, Fantasia, ran by the door and is sun bathing right now on a rock as if to say – “Hey, don’t forget me!”

I shared about these spirit guides already. This is just one of them in the photo above – more of a youngster – but we have larger ones in the back forest (one of which I just saw again this morning) and both morning and night we can hear packs of them howling that soul-haunting sound that is both mysterious and eerie.

An ancient call of origins.

I’ve also seen more garter snakes than I ever have. There’s one that continues to show up in the garden and front yard when I’m out watering and she literally stopped to stare at me with her little neck and head up as I spoke to her. Her sweet little red tongue ssssslithering in and out. She even opened her mouth as if to speak and just kept it open, revealing her fangless mouth, while she looked at me.

I felt a message of change through authentic voice was whispered.

So yes, significant and dramatic change continues to unfold and it’s not isolated to my experience, as I see and hear it all around to some degree or another in relative ways, reflective of each soul’s journey.

Origins, is the word that came through for me yesterday while at the lake, immersed in the water of life all around and within me.

I sense a continued deepening into accessing those roots and remembrance is coming alive and more to the surface for many.

It’s much more than an integration process, but seems to be almost like opening a time capsule that is now aligned to access as keys to what was once behind closed doors. And this creates an organic merging that for some, unless you stop to recognize it, can go almost undetectable.

It’s been an ongoing journey, but things have been showing up more and lighting up an intuitive treasure map. It’s definitely more on an esoteric level so it’s hard to put into words, but that percolation is igniting subtle seeds of activation into being.

The things we’ve envisioned or felt were happening or coming, are now starting to take form and it’s subtle, but profound. There’s a lot of richness in the overall experience of it, although still is blossoming.

I saw and felt it yesterday with the group as well. And I marveled at the courage and energy that was all gathered in one place. My sense is that not everyone saw that about themselves, but did in each other.

My hope is that everyone will feel the beauty I and others did, and know the value of who they are, how far they’ve come, and what a gift they are being for others in their own way.

May the origin of your soul song be the voice that carries your frequency into everything and to everyone you touch.

Time Well Spent ~ Nourishing Your Soul Well to Draw Upon When Needed

This weekend’s time was time spent well and exactly the energy needed to fuel this new week ahead. We never know what adventure the day will bring, but we follow where inspiration leads and it takes us where we need to be. It was one of my favorite weekends filled with new explorations beginning with a new hike up a river and waterfall on Friday, returning the next day to relax and read, riverside and lakeside, and then finishing off with yesterday’s epic new trail of ancient and expansive energies.

Mystical, magickal and majestic were just some of the words to describe yesterday’s discovery, although words don’t do what was seen and felt justice. To say it was otherworldly, ancient and transporting is an understatement too, but these Sentinels (the name given to these ancient rocks) were amazing and have much to share.

The trail heading up was full of wildflowers, mysterious forest, and the epic vistas were incredible. This area and these ancient stones are amazing. We’ll definitely return to spend more time soaking in the energies and visions, dive deeper, and extend the hike for the even larger loop, but glad we went now as the wildflowers were in full bloom, which added to the enchantment.

Talk about rich, deep Terra energy and retrieving embedded parts. I actually saw a super sparkly spot atop these rocks that was reflecting like a mirror to the sun’s rays. It radiated like a small beacon and I knew something was there and calling to me, but I decided to leave it a mystery for now and return to explore again or in dream time. I will not forget.

However, it also reminded me that the gems of wisdom lie within us and are there when we need them to draw upon. We have a well of yet unearthed treasures awaiting our invitation to dance with them.

After some deep earthing on the trail yesterday, we then enjoyed another new spot that was a perfect balance to the potent core energies. It was refreshing to soak my dirt-enriched feet in and nourishing for a lakeside picnic.

I find that spirit always guides us to where is most supportive to be and where the perfect blend of energies can be received in our soul well to draw upon for upcoming experiences.

This is certainly true for the full week ahead, as I handle some goals, clear the way for new energies, but also draw upon that soul well for this weekend’s first online Reiki training installment with the fifteen beautiful people ready to go that next step.

These times have been challenging for many to feel rooted because so much is up in the air around us. It has also been hard to remain centered and have that sense of peaceful connection and alignment with the heart and soul guidance you may have felt more clearly before.

Once again, Nature can help with all of this and every time I’m out immersed in the different energies, it is very easy to feel the difference and see where things can be adjusted to keep in balance and flow.

And especially for those of you who feel more inward right now, or in general as your life preference, as well as those of you who struggle to find the external outlets for your more active and fiery drives, Nature isn’t a luxury, but as important as the food and water you need.

You can experience the unseen universal life force that flows between everything when you engage in nature with presence and heart awareness. It isn’t the only way, but it is one way of making the subtle and visceral, more tangible and conscious.

This universal life force energy is Reiki and it’s no wonder that I’m drawn to immerse so much in Nature to support and anchor alignment to this way of life consistently.

It’s also no wonder that such deep Nature experiences were drawn our way this weekend before diving into the upcoming Reiki training.

I always find that these experiences, when embraced, can help to open another layer within us and it is just such a layer I feel is needed for supporting the group during these strange, but potentially rich times.

There is no coincidence that so many are feeling called to open new layers within and step up and into the world in more empowered ways.

I’m grateful and honored to be a part of the activation taking place across the globe through Reiki, which not only is such a powerful tool for personal support, but its collective reach can be astounding. And in these days of distancing, there couldn’t be a greater time for tapping into a channel for embodied activism, which Reiki can support so that we don’t feel helpless and we can offer our gifts to others regardless of where and who we are in the world.

I love seeing people ready to raise their vibration and I get excited to see people actively tapping into their gifts and toolbox (like with Reiki), engaging them to create the world they want to see.

AND I get super excited when people courageously step into an active teaching role to support others to be empowered. This is an example of the ripple effect of how one can touch the many.

It’s how we remember who we are and the Source from which we are expressions of.

I’m reminded of Friday’s trail that took us up the river and waterfall. I shared this on Instagram, but will end by resharing it here.

The rock steps we ascended next to the waterfall reminded me of steps I once climbed to the high temples atop cliffs overlooking the ocean and of incredible stellar architecture high above cratered water passageways. The waters around us here are infused with the essence of long ago. It’s a reason I feel such resonance, as the water carries parts of me I retrieve when in and with them. Water is life and as a Pisces it soothes my soul to hear the whispers it carries and washes over me. And then the visions and memories begin.

From the stars their liquid minds converge with mine. I can hear their songs inside my heart. Their enormity envelops me like a nebula bursting with interstellar brilliance and yet their deep and elusive howls, although eerie like the planets themselves, are light and ethereal like a feather floating at my center. Like whistling helium their spouts blow cosmic essence into the atmosphere, infusing harmony for all to breathe. As I feel each silky mass move with grace through the space between worlds, I hear them whisper, “come back to us.”

I likely won’t post again until next week, as I have things calling my attention to focus on, especially in attuning to the group class beginning Sunday. But I wanted to share the inspiration of the weekend as visual and/or energetic support for your week as well.

Wishing everyone a day and week ahead of new possibilities.

~ For anyone who feels called to further your Reiki journey during these potent times, you may still be able to register for the levels you haven’t completed yet. Reiki Level 1 is full, however, and the others are close to capacity. Contact me if you have questions or to discuss your journey with this to see if it is a good fit. Remember that a tool unused is an opportunity overlooked. If you’re looking to create more peace, alignment, overall well-being, bring through more creativity and clarity, support others or global change and healing, support the creation of something new in your life, are looking to create a new soul path with your work that is supported by distancing guidelines, etc. then this may be a path for you. The link to do so is here: Online Reiki Classes

Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: More Can Be Simple

Astrid has been very active these days in helping to move and anchor energy, as well as prepare the way for all the new. She’s an amazing soul in rabbit body who so clearly isn’t afraid to let you know who she is, what her purpose is, and what her strengths and gifts are. Astrid does Astrid effortlessly, though. It’s an act of being the creative energy that moves through her.

If she wants my attention to tell me she’s ready or to get me on point, she will run around my feet, relentlessly grab hold of my socks or pant legs with her teeth, and dig at my feet with her paws.

If I’m preparing for a session with a client or getting ready to send out Reiki, she runs over to me and nudges my hand (I like to sit on the floor so she has easy access), noses crystals I may have next to me, grabs hold of my pen or notebook if I happen to be making notes, and makes it clear she’s ready to tune in too.

She isn’t afraid to step up and take responsibility for her gifts, nor does she hold herself back from using them.

She simply follows the energy stream that is Astrid, which involves her parts moving together and not leaving any behind.

As you can see in the photos laced throughout this post, she spends tons of time cozied up in her crystal nest, which my dear friend Dawn pointed out is like her version of a Tahoe Stonehenge. It’s made up of now five (my favorite/magickal number) raw giant Tahoe Quartz I found and trekked back home, a giant piece of the Master Rabbit Amethyst, and a Twin Lemurian Seed Crystal, which was once part of a giant Master Lemurian Seed Cathedral Crystal. On the pedestals of the sleigh she lays under, next to the mini Tahoe Stonehenge, are a South African Spirit (or Faery) Quartz and a Rose Quartz tree that sits atop another Amethyst. Of course we have other crystals gridding our room, but these anchor the center where she spends much time.

Astrid has been excited for me to wind down some things so we could harness the next couple of months for greater refining and deepening. She loves a clear slate, just as I do, and so everything we accomplish, she celebrates. She also celebrates when we get ready to dive into things, so she’s preparing with me for next week’s first group, online Reiki training, as well as tuning into our next writing installments.

We have a couple of big clearing projects to do alongside work-related projects, but she sees them all equally important and brings all of her to the table with me, to help.

She never leaves parts of her behind and never gives only a percentage of herself to any task.

She also doesn’t hold herself back, stop midway of her intents, nor put things off for any countless number of reasons she so easily could come up with – as she does live a pretty charmed life where she has the option not to step into more if she wanted.

Astrid doesn’t see it that way, however. She consistently is on high, being all she knows she can be, enjoying life to the fullest, and moving toward the next evolutionary phase.

Not out of dissatisfaction or feeling less than, but because it’s the gift she recognizes as being an expression of All That Is – to always consciously create and say “yes” to the next adventure she takes part in imagining.

She treats everything as valuable, enriching, and worthy of stepping into as her highest possible potential she can in each moment.

Astrid is such an inspiration to me and it’s no mystery why she chose me, as equally as I did her. She reminds me to continue the momentum of consistent recreation and deepening commitment and embodiment.

I know she appreciates how I reflect the same values, as she would otherwise likely not be with me given how strongly she stands in who she is.

And together, she says, we help create this space holder for others in our own way.

Astrid wonders where you might be holding yourself back?

Do you realize the gifts and potentials within and all around you?

Do you find yourself missing opportunities or telling yourself excuses for why you can’t be happy right now?

Do you embrace what IS actually right in front of you? – nature, connection, a new friendship or relationship, a different path to walk or drive home or to work on, an urge that calls, a bird that sings to get your attention, the step to take your work to a new level or ignite a new path that could open up more for you, using your tools (we’ve both spoken about this before), enjoying life more right now and not “when this or that happens,” moving your body to move energy, seeing the value of your unique gifts and expressing them, opening your heart or perspectives a crack more, being a little more kind, laughing a little bit more, dancing in the dark, receiving just as much as giving, stepping outside the box and daily patterned routines to invite in enriching surprises….

Astrid isn’t reflecting that more has a definition or way that it is more valuable or meaningful.

Astrid reflects that more may simply be a way to take the hand of both your soul and heart and go where they lead you.

Be the Bridge

The Bridge…..

See what someone can become – their wholeness of being, not solely what they appear to be.

See the magnificence of possibility in an individual. Then you can see what they are attached to as a current reality – their pain, their tragedies, their story of incompleteness.

By doing this you create the space between – an immeasurable void of enlightenment.

You see what is and what could be.

This place is the origin and return where the stars of the Cosmos are alive within.

When you meet someone in this void and infuse intent into the starry constellations of the heart center, a shift will occur and becoming is activated.

Stars move and form anew.

Love is the Bridge.


The Heart Chakra is where unconditional love resides. It is the balancing integrator of opposites (between body and spirit, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity) and acts as an energetic “bridge” between the lower and upper chakras.

Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe and is a vital energy to be focusing on every moment of every day, more so now than ever. Holding your hand over your heart with conscious connection, for even just minutes a day, can help you to stay present in your heart, help heal and open it to greater depths. It can help you to see with eyes of love and choose, respond, and act from love. Ask for help in doing so from your guides, angels, your Source connection and even ask your essence to be present in your higher heart always.

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