Superheroes, Teachers & Guides Come in all Forms

This weekend concluded the second installment of online training I was teaching for Reiki Level 1. As many of you know I felt like I would not be teaching anymore so I had completed a bunch of workshops a couple of years ago to make way for a new time in my life. As with anything, to say “never” is something I’ve been mindful of since I know things can surge through in a whole new way, if it’s aligned.

That took place just a few months ago when I started receiving guidance to revisit the possibility again with Reiki, as well as client sessions on a limited basis. I juggled the ideas of both for a while before putting them out there, but it was loud and clear to be open to how they wanted to come through at this time. And as always, by honoring and not judging what comes up, the reasons and magick of it all show up when embraced. Also, the ways in which would be most supportive and still honoring of my new path with things also made itself clear. That included periods of breaks in between offerings and breaking things up as well in new ways – in totality it invited me to change the approaches I’d adapted until now and being even more creative and flexible, which brought a new level of inspiration and joy for complete reinvention.

Teaching online has been extremely supportive on many levels and for me, a lot more energetically nurturing as well. Because of breaking up the classes into bite-sized morsels and having the luxury of being comfortable in my own space without having to rearrange things in anyway at home, I could work in the class times harmoniously. And this also opened up the ability to support a much larger group from all over the world, which was collectively more expansive and supportive at the same time.

When we say “yes” to things that might feel uncomfortable at first or out of place in terms of our ideas about things, etc., we make room for others to do so too. It was amazing to see how quickly a group of people formed, as if they’d been waiting for things to click in, and in fact I’m certain their higher selves added to the messages I was receiving. And it reiterated what I felt, given the shifts collectively taking place right now that are activating people into greater fullness.

That’s a little background as to how this year’s classes reopened and will be concluding with the 2nd and 3rd levels in October and December, but it also supported an opening for other powerful souls inhabiting animal bodies to be able to step into their roles and purposes as well.

This leads us to the title of this blog post, “Superheroes, Teachers & Guides Come in all Forms.”

Many of you know how my rabbit and tortoise companions have been a huge part of my journey and classes in the past. Each being trained as Reiki Master Teachers themselves, as this is something that can be done for souls in animal bodies too. Some of them received training from each other, my teacher, myself, or through their spirit mentor (which happens to be Nestor – my twin soul in rabbit body) before even coming to me and while with me.

I’ve had the privilege and honor of watching Nestor teach classes to wild rabbits, hearing of the same from her pet sitter at the time, hearing of how she showed up in so many people’s dreams and meditations worldwide, and watching Joy teach Cosmo, as well as witnessing Astrid calling all the little forest animals to her through the sliding glass door. My tortoise, Gaia, was also active in showing up for people like all of the bunnies did in their own way, but her work was a bit different, as she was always focused on working with extremely advanced energy frequencies in deep Earth and beyond.

If you follow my blog regularly you’ve heard many stories about all of them and more currently, about Astrid’s unfolding journey since she’s come to be with me and how she’s opened to reveal her true self more and more. This has included revealing her gifts, powers, and how adamantly she loves to join in with me to do work together like sessions with clients, Reiki Healing Attunements, channeling inspiration for writing, reflecting what I need to know or would be of greatest benefit to do most in the moment, bringing through messages for the collective, and yes, teaching.

Because she doesn’t have a voice like we do, although can speak telepathically, she lets me be her voice and shows me huge appreciation for how I invite her into everything I do.

When I used to hold some classes at home here, she would sometimes run upstairs to be in the same room with us. One time, while teaching out on the deck, she came to the screen door and scratched at it to let us know she was there.

There are times she holds space downstairs in her room, energetically anchoring things, but not necessarily feeling the need to actively show herself and engage physically.

And then there are times she is very much wanting to physically team up and tangibly make herself seen, felt, and heard.

This took place in our first class this weekend on Saturday. She knew it would be the first round of initiation attunements taking place and she really wanted to be a part of helping to activate things and make herself seen rather than in the background.

Even though I know how incredible she is and how powerful, she still puts me in awe. For the first group’s concluding Reiki Level 1 training she made her way upstairs, two times. She never comes upstairs at that time of day unless she’s on a mission and spent about a half hour moving about behind me to support everyone with her energy. I moved the screen so people could see her, and then she left back downstairs.

I thought that was it, but as soon as I started the initiation attunements, back upstairs she hopped and started chewing her cardboard house to help move energy, as that’s one way she moves energy is by chewing and processing through her teeth. It was also a way for her to make sound, since she can’t be heard otherwise, and to add that integration of chewing to the recalibrating taking place for everyone.

Then, she ran over behind me to combine her efforts with mine to everyone. In fact, she nose nudged the back of my ankles to let me know she was helping and to infuse and combine Reiki with me (she moves energy through her nose).

One review student was watching while the others were receiving and saw me smile down at Astrid during the process.

Afterward, she went over to a favorite spot of hers by the giraffes under the window sill and plopped down to relax after a job well done.

I love her so much and feel honored to partner with her in this life. The photo above shows Astrid’s new markings. When she is up on all fours and stretched a bit so her cute bunny tail is up off the floor they look like mountain peeks or water waves with the sun or moon above – perhaps both depending on perspective and what speaks to each.

For me it immediately was a mountain range, which speaks to the journey of climbing to ever-greater heights and that through commitment, hope and belief, there’s nothing insurmountable. I see both the sun and moon above, reflecting the phases of life and the parts of ourselves that meld together and guide the way when we let them partner with equal value.

On this day our male cat, Boojum, and female cat Sweet Pea made brief contributions – at one moment getting into a kitty brawl and then Boojum strutting behind me briefly and adding a howl. At each point there was always something in tune with what I was saying as punctuation from them.

Then yesterday, during our second group’s concluding class, Astrid decided to anchor energies directly below me in her room and stayed there, while Sweet Pea also stayed in her room and anchored.

But it was Boojum who wanted in on the group this time, having his own message for everyone. One of the beautiful souls expressed it so perfectly, that I’ll share what she reflected about it:

“And Boojum – he was a King Cat whose energy HAD to be a part of that gathering.  I LOVED that!  He was really insisting on being there, and showing off a little bit with his tail swirling around you as if to say – Show it off, ladies, don’t be afraid to come out and speak YOUR truth to YOUR hearts’ content.  Be virile!  Be masculine!  Be all sides of the Goddess, and don’t forget to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH LOUD!  Refuse to be silenced, refuse to hide and keep quiet.  Go Brother Boojum!  Thank you!”

The swirling tail she mentions was from one point where he jumps up between my upper back and the chair and all you saw was his black tail sweeping around to the front of my neck, flicking energy wildly and looking like a serpent or boa around my neck, encouraging our integration of the divine masculine parts within us to rise to the surface (this group was all female). And moving energy through the tail to everyone at the other end, not to mention, stirring up antics that only Boojum does best.

The cats have long been around my Reiki teaching and energy, so they’ve received their training by the hours of listening and engaging classes.

Each day received the exact energetic support and messaging from the resonating energies each animal had to contribute.

I’ve often heard from many people how each of the animals here have been of support or shown up for them, which is why I so openly and consistently share about them through my blogs, posts, and in classes or sessions, as it’s a way to support our copartnering and reverence for all souls, regardless of what body or form they inhabit.

All beings have something unique to offer and simply because one has chosen to show up in a different form than ours does not make them any less. In fact, they may very well be even more evolved in some areas than us, but they have chosen to come through in the way they feel would be of most benefit to a greater good.

Ways in which challenge or help expand our perspectives and limited ideas and beliefs, I believe will continue to show up more and more.

And some of those ways are through the animal, plant, and Nature realms, which you may have noticed do seem to keep revealing more unusual and blatant ways of exhibiting things that now that we have cameras and videos, are being able to get spread across the world more easily.

We see it in the unusual ways they behave together in loving, playful and supportive experiences even though are different species. We see it in the ways they will risk their lives to save humans. We see it in the ways they will take on things to alleviate us, or give of themselves to support change.

And yes, we see it in ways like I’ve described, where they exhibit highly profound healing gifts, wisdom, and connection that is unquestionable.

I feel that part of my journey and purpose is to help bridge these connections and to help bring awareness and value to all realms of life – especially the animal realms because of my close affinity with them. It just so happens that rabbits have been a more direct channel for me, but it is because of them that I learn so much about life and about all of the other beings that so courageously have chosen to be here with us through these shifting Earth times.

It is my belief that souls in animal bodies carry a level of bravery that inspires, as it isn’t the easiest of paths in a world of humans that don’t always understand that role, nor understand how we can learn so much from them and what is beyond just our own skin and bones.

We live in a world that has developed a system of values, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that those values aren’t worth reviewing to see how they are of greatest benefit to the highest good.

So, yes, superheroes, teachers, and guides do come in all forms and for me the greatest of them in my own life truly have been the souls in animal bodies and even the unseen realms are made more tangible via my connection with them.

I dedicate this blog to all of my spirit guide family who have taught and supported my greatest evolution.

Although it’s not Ask Astrid Fridays, this post didn’t feel like it could wait for the end of the week, but since she didn’t expect me to be writing this it feels better as a surprise for her today.

Thank you Astrid. I am in awe of you daily and I feel like we’ve only just begun to see your incredible contributions that will continue to surface.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

  2. I love you and all your animal friends. Your story about Boojum reminded me of that funny photo of him and me on the chair. Mischief! From both of us, LOL! Lots of love….

    • aw! and we love you too! yes, boojum is something else alright! LOL indeed! abundant mischief is always at hand when he’s around..and it goes with what someone said about me looking extra faery. 😉

  3. I’m learning to embrace animals and subtle communication from you, Astrid, and your family of animal spirits. Thanks for helping to open my mind and heart to realms that I don’t currently experience or understand. Kudos to you and all the animal teachers and guides.

    • oh gosh that’s just the sweetest thing to hear brad ❤ it really touched a special place in my heart, which you also are held in too. i sincerely believe you have natural way with animals and nature that is part of your essence and they speak through your poetry and affinity for the great outdoors. much love from astrid and me ❤

      • I’m very appreciative of nature, but not sure I feel or hear any communication.

      • i understand. i feel that it’s a subtle experience and can even simply come in the form of little nudges at first – the kind that make you turn, look, walk to, touch, admire, something at a certain time just when an animal, special flower, unusual or beautiful feature, etc. wants to get your attention. it could be a feeling that rises in you like joy, sweetness, a giggle, a chill, love, etc. when you look at and are connecting with something in nature…and from there a little invitation to more, curiosity and presence may slowly begin a journey. ❤

      • you’re welcome sweet friend ❤ love and hugs to you today and always!! and nose nudges from astrid!

  4. Do you see how Astrid’s coat patterns as shown here resemble the shell of a turtle? She looks like she’s wearing a turtle shell on her back. Now that’s kinda uncanny, given your affinity for turtles! There’s a nearly perfect black spot in her midsection which reminds me of one of the dots in the yin/yang symbol. Then I noticed the thick black line below it running from neck to tail. She’s full of surprises! But then you knew that. 🙂

    • you’re absolutely right kieron! it does look just like a turtle shell and this just adds even more layers to the symbolism, especially in connection with my tortoise, gaia, and how the earth was carried atop the back of the world or cosmic turtle, as well as the rabbit and tortoise symbolism, what shells mean and so forth and so on! lol! so many things. thank you for pointing that out. i love how everyone sees different things right off and perspective can change everything. and yes she has a perfect black spot, and actually, not seen in the photo is that she has two others – equally perfect and black, but smaller too. they were not as grown in at time of this photo, but are now. she’s really something alright! she’s taken magick to whole other level 😉 and interestingly, your comment came through at 4:44 pm my time here 🙂 thank you for chiming in with your magickal input!

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