Intuition Support & How Vision Has Aligned Outer & Inner Seeing For Me

There have been a few themes I’ve felt circling the collective recently and I plan to briefly touch base on each as I have time. You may notice my blog posts being few and far between these days and that’s because life has been speeding up, time is flying, and that time I do have has become fuller. Today’s focus, however, is on intuition because it seems to be a constant struggle for many to listen to and support.

We all have intuition, but it may need to be cultivated since logic has easily become the forerunner of most of our lives. Logic has been deemed of greater value, but merging it with intuition creates optimal results.

We don’t have both sides of the coin for nothing. Yet, we often tend to favor one more than the other and in many cases, tend to devalue the things that seem more esoteric.

Intuition brings together inner and outer vision, as it assimilates the undercurrents in and around us. This leads to a sense of knowing, rather than understanding and becomes the experience of alignment.

Distractions keep us from hearing it and there are many around us both naturally, conditioned, and self-induced. We tend to avoid quieting the mind, creating space for stillness or simple presence. We also tend to numb ourselves because the outer voices and pressures are so strong, finding ways to drown out everything, which ends up drowning even our own voices out.

We know if we’re not following our intuition because life gets wildly out of balance, our health can decline, and a lot of things just don’t come together easily. These may point to lifestyle changes we know on some level we need to make, but avoid.

If you feel tension in your body, clenched jaw, or tight gut for instance, these point to the body messaging us to listen within and trust what we’re feeling.

But how do you feel if feeling is scary? If you fill up your time and avoid getting quiet and listening?

And how do we trust what we feel when everything and everyone has taught us that feeling isn’t important or is simply too painful to go there? That only what makes sense is what matters.

Well, it’s a process we need to nurture and reteach ourselves so that it can become more natural again and far less feared. It comes with consistent and committed practice.

The more veils inevitably keep coming down in the world – and they WILL continue like it or not – the more the internal landscape of self-awareness becomes important for navigating all that will be revealed.

Reconnecting with all of your parts is going to establish a healthier relationship with yourself. Learning to listen to and follow intuition doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach.

Take small steps in following that inner voice, even if it’s telling you to change something big. Any little support it gets and action to back it up, is going to make it easier to listen and follow in the long run. Ask yourself what little things you can do each day to put you in a momentum on course of the result you want.

Pay attention to the things that really ignite you and make you feel excited, energized, and inspired. These are give-aways that speak to your intuition guiding you.

Clear the clutter both literally and symbolically. Cleaning your space, getting rid of and donating things you don’t use or need, and organizing can create fresh energy where something out of place can be recognized more. You can experience what feels right and doesn’t when doing a brush off of energy accumulation. So whether that’s in your environment, having absorbed and attached to others’ ideas and energy, or running an inner dialogue battle, if you step back and refresh, this helps to hear the voice of your intuition more. Take a moment to walk outside, to breathe, to feel….these, too, can help you to hear.

Listen to your inner dialogue and the words you use to speak to yourself and about things. This can also provide a compass for which voice is speaking. Your intuition won’t dialogue in negative vibes. It will steer you to your heart’s joy. Only the mind runs circles around you, filled with judgmental and analytical thoughts that divert you, rather than align you.

And feel. Where in your body does it feel tight and anxious? Breathe into that area with intention of it revealing to you its message. Giving love to the parts of us being neglected or ignored helps them to express more freely what they have to impart.

All of our senses are connected to intuition, which creates a sixth sense of which I feel merges all of these and beyond these. We each have our own connections we can make to ways in which our intuition might be supported and enhanced more.

One of the ways for me is the relationship I’ve seen between my intuition and vision and how they have been connected.

I’ve noted for myself that the less my eyes could see, the stronger my intuition, but the level of trust in it wasn’t always equal to that strength. The non-clarity without connected with a distrust within and confusion or second-guessing.

This also created a separation between inner and outer worlds and an inability to fully merge those worlds and support intuition into being – taking action for manifestation. Likely because one judged the other and if my eyes shut down not wanting to see, then my intuition could be compromised with a similar sense of fear around it.

I’ve mentioned my vision in past posts and how it related to my shutting down parts of myself and things around me that were too challenging or painful to see from a very early age (4th grade). And while that put me more in touch with the inner world, it also didn’t give me the support to “see” those feelings and nudges through.

I do believe in balance being key, which is why I’ve spent the last few years really focused on that – sometimes above all else – to create more synergy and harmony in my life. AND, to bring together the gifts of both/all worlds so that what’s within can be without.

For fifteen plus years I’ve had better than 20/20 vision because of having lasik surgery done on my eyes. I was one of the lucky ones who had amazing and lasting results, but this came only after I really embraced “seeing” everything again. I remember the fear I had around this both in messing with my eyes, but also about what seeing would actually do for my life and not let me avoid and hide from.

Last summer was the first time I went to an eye doctor since that successful surgery, just to check my eyes, as I had noticed slight shifts.

And I was correct that they were slight, with only a tiny bit of both near and far shifting, but wouldn’t much be noticed by most people. I only notice because I had such “clear” vision. I also had started having slight astigmatism, which explained the odd difference in my eyes I kept having to adjust.

These are natural progressions that can happen with age eventually after lasik, although mine continue to hold very strong for so long. I also connect small shifts to reflect my inner world wanting even greater support.

Once I was told about the astigmatism (something I’ve never had before now), the ache in my eyes dissipated, as I relaxed into finding balance between them – as if my brain readjusted in making the connection. I could literally feel that one eye was almost seeing more out there and ahead and one eye felt like it was seeing more from behind, or within and with this knowledge they weren’t fighting anymore, but found their place together more easily.

I went again this summer to check my eyes, as I felt an increase in that distinction happening and found that I had slight shifts with all of the same again. At first I had thought to wait it out again and not get any glasses other than having some very low readers on hand, but then I realized the connection.


And so, I decided to fill my prescription even though it isn’t necessary. I was told it would help make everything a bit more crisp, defined, and clear, and balance out the astigmatism my brain had been working on managing and handling.

This felt right to me, as that balance is what I want and to create ease would be supportive. It’s not that I wouldn’t still do the inner work it reveals, but to have the ability to go to that smooth and seamless place when ever I reach for my glasses, felt like opportunity to translate this as an overall more graceful experience.

I recognize that I’m not wanting to have to manage and strain around clarity.

I recognize that I increasingly want ease and clarity around my intuitive nudges.

I can see that the next phase of life requires this relationship of authentic feeling and supporting those feelings with actions goes to a new level.

To support my outer “seeing” equates to supporting my inner “seeing”.

This may not be the case for everyone, but for me I want to up my game, so to speak, and fine-tune the way I am processing, interpreting, and executing my intuition.

And so I find myself fine-tuning my outer vision to support and bring through what I’m feeling into clarified being.

Sometimes the challenge for highly intuitive and creative people is to bring the same amount of strong trust and spontaneous action into the world outside of the bounds of your art form. But the good news is, since the gift is already obviously present, it’s just a matter of allowing it to spread through all other areas of life by erasing the imaginary boundaries between the two worlds – your art form and your experiences outside of your art form.

Vision can also be equated to knowing who you are – your purpose, where it is you are headed, and what underlying values are going to be driving that journey.

Intuition connects these dots for you without need for logic because it heightens all of your senses.

Intuition is your inner guidance mapping out the landscape for you that vision – both literally and creatively experienced, interprets.


Intuition and vision have both been about embracing something for me. A fear, my own power, responsibility, going bigger, unconditional compassion, self-love, and authenticity. And these have translated into greater peace and harmony experienced.

For me, I know that every time I’ve embraced something, it provides greater sense of clarity, depth, strength and lightness for the new chapter to begin.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  2. Thank you Tania. I believe there is much here for me. I would like to embrace this wisdom and integrate it so that I might develop my intuition and clarity. Hugs…

  3. Super Faery cute, magical one! It also reminds me of that Vision and Visions course I used to teach. There is definitely a big connection. Here’s to upping the game! ❤️🧚‍♀️

  4. I called my latest painting “Trellis”. There is no actual trellis in it, but the support is there nonetheless. I feel like the painting named itself. 🙂 As I thought about it, I realized that although a trellis is not a part of the plant it supports, it helps to bring out the beauty of that plant. Your glasses are like the Trellis. You don’t really need a “trellis” to be more beautiful, because you are already that, Sweet Faerie Tania. Your very cute new glasses are like that trellis. ❤

    • I love this comment ❤️ thank you so very much for such a sweet share and for explaining about your new painting. As I mentioned on Facebook, your description read like a children’s story with a message. Really touched my heart. Can’t wait to see the new creation ✨🧚‍♀️

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