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Dancing on the Wind

I’ve always loved and felt inspired by this song, but when a sweet friend today shared this video of it synched with a beautiful kite ballet on the wind it nudged me to share it with others as well. To me, it speaks to our unique abilities to gracefully soar to great heights, flow and dance with the winds of change, rather than fight them, and how in doing so we unite and align with our divine selves and the collective experience.

Let your heart soar and enjoy the dance of life!

Flower Duet from Lakme by Delibes danced by the kite ballet from Ray Bethell (one of the most famous kite flyers in the world) – he controls all 3 at once – one by his right leg and the other two by his hands.

Returning to the Origins of Innocence

Me with my new faery cut, au naturale, sans makeup

About 6 weeks ago, I posted about a lot of changes taking place personally for me, which included a major energetic shift that resulted in the manifestation of a whole new outward, to reflect inward, image. I chopped off all of my hair – about 14″ + to be exact, which I donated to Locks of Love. While I loved the new liberating hair, there was still something slightly energetically off and I’ve been itching for the last few weeks before my next hair appointment, to embrace an even more dramatic energetic shift.

So, just two days ago, I chopped away again and had my hair stylist give me a pixie/faery cut. We chopped off like another 3″ +. LOL! I also went from my very black color, which I’ve had for several years, to a dark brown that shows medium brown in the sunlight, which lightened things up and emulated what my natural adult hair would be like. And VOILA! instant YES!! The result was an energetic match and I can’t share how immensely authentic and good it feels. LOVE it!

It wasn’t something I’ve pondered and been trying to figure out…it was me following my intuition and supporting and trusting what I kept sensing felt right to replace what felt off. It feels to me that this is energetically a “return to my origins,” which may hold deeper meaning and connotation for me than it might to others, as it goes further than the literal sense of simply mirroring my child essence from little girl days – although that definitely is part of the bigger picture and what I naturally was expressing and knowing at that young age.

I remember clearly as a very young child that everything I was, in essence, was in its fullness upon entering this experience of life – it was then a journey to remember that, after forgetting and being conditioned differently through the “human” experience. We each go through this in different ways. While in human embodiment; souls must relearn their innate powers and understanding that is accessible to all in the universe. But it always was and is there right within you awaiting the reopening of all your energy systems to once again have direct access, which cannot be done for us or interfered with by anyone.

My previous first short cut had longer layers and bangs and this new one has no layers and without bangs, keeping things fresh, clean, very light, open and revealing in a very emanating and vulnerable way – and that feels amazing. It is so short, it reveals a very special birthmark I have at the back of my neck where the bottom of my skull connects to the top of it. This has a powerful symbolism for me that feels extra empowering to be revealing.

Me and my mom at Niagara Falls

Every time I see myself in the mirror I see myself as a little girl when I used to have the same hair cut and was most connected to my authenticity until now. It has added extra magical and light energy to my experience as well.

I find that everything in my experience is continually returning to this “innocence” of embodying the essence I’m remembering entering in with and of my origins. It chokes me up a bit as I write this, as I’ve never felt more groundedly clear than I have recently about this bigger picture connection.

I also have never felt complete in terms of the sacred tattoo designs I wear as my “Spiritual Skin” until now and this all seems to mirror a wholeness that has been coming into being along this journey – pages of the story kept being written with each addition and that book has come to an end. This has created a sense of closure for me with my last tattoo….On to a new book 🙂

Even my creative expression through paintings has been harnessing the natural energy in my heart in a very pure and flowing way. This is coming through in my newest pieces of my series, Universal ARKitecture. And in totality, each facet of my work/service are evolving into what is most naturally mirroring of this remembrance.

Needless to say, energy always shifts and there will always be transformational new legs of the journey to evolve into and embrace. It feels, at least in my own experience and those of others I speak to and hear from, that the first leg of the journey has come, or is in process of coming, full circle and a new slate of reality is being laid where anything is possible and goes. You merely need to listen, trust and know what it is you want to create and poof, it can and will be!

What evolves from here is a whole new playing field that is nothing like what has been until now, where an enormously unlimited new experience can be created. And each of us are going through this in our own unique ways. We follow our own paths and while the themes may all be connected, the process and how that manifests for each is an individual experience relative to, and based upon, your story. We will get there in our own ways and timing. It is a powerfully exciting time holding amazing opportunities at every corner of personal choice.

Fear or love, still to me feel to, hold the crux of these choices.

I know so many are at pivotal points in their own journeys and some times it can be exciting with all these magical synchronicities that take place, and at other times it feels like you just can’t take anymore and want to give up or feel completely discouraged and defeated. Please hang in there, be gentle, nonjudgmental, unconditional and supportive with yourself and others. Everyone is going through their own story and knowing how challenged you may feel might, in the presence of your awareness of how connected we all are and how we mirror to each other what each of us most needs to assist us in our evolution, provide you with the ability to lend a helping hand, even if simply to be in your heart and share love.

The more present in love you can be, the more you honor and trust yourself – as you have all the answers within, without need to look elsewhere – the more your heart will reveal its truth to you and the veils of fear will drop – fear of self, fear of external factors, fear of others, fear of illusions that have only the power you give to them.

You will always receive help if you ask for it, but to recognize the help you will need to see everything in your life from the second you ask for help on, as a part of the answer to your prayer. Remember that when we ask for help, we DO receive answers in perhaps less than obvious ways sometimes and perhaps wearing different packaging or clothing than we thought it might come in. Keep your awareness at an all-time high and your vibes untainted by ingenious distractions or densities. Every thing around you has a gift to give you, from the mirror of yourself within, and will support your growth along this journey if viewed from the perspective of gratitude, presence, responding rather than reacting, and loving detachment.

It is up to you to embrace and put things into motion by being the new choices that will create the things you have asked for, as no one else and no other “help” can do this for you. The law of free will supports choice and it is up to you to choose a new path, if that is the path you desire to create.

There is truly nothing to fear. Fear really IS an illusion that is unnatural to who you are at the heart of hearts. You are where you are supposed to be and in every moment there’s an opportunity to serve another or to receive support.

We each have the ability to embrace life as an exuberant, vibrant, fearless, innocent child of wonder and dream our experiences alive!

In keeping with the theme of this “return to innocence” and embracing the symbolism of the child within as guidance in the now, I hope you enjoy the messages and energy of these Enigma songs, which I’ve posted before, but seem to come full circle again. The first being one of my all-time favorites. In love, XOOX!!

What You Can Look Forward To Experiencing: The Magic of Bimini 12-21-12

The Stones of Atlantis, Bimini

Cosmic Heart Activation with Reiki, Raw Food, and Wild Dolphin Communion ~ Birthing the New Earth in Bimini, Bahamas – all details of this amazing retreat and how to secure your spot, can be found here. 

The excitement is building as we edge closer and closer to December and the powerful energies of what many know as the Mayan End of Days and 12/21/12. Everyone is feeling the shifting energies in their own way, as we collectively embark on a new journey of experience. I’m honored and thrilled to be part of an amazing offering, this December, in support of this new reality.

If you haven’t decided yet on how you will choose to anchor in the energies personally and collectively, but are feeling drawn to be part of something that is heart empowering, perhaps immersing yourself in the Atlantean energies of Bimini may be your calling.

Here is one of the unique experiences you can look forward to having on this amazing retreat as you commune with our cetacean brothers and sisters, the wild dolphins – an experience that easily could become your most cherished and magical of your life:

Swimming with Dolphins at the ARC:

If still unsure and would like to explore this option more to find out if this is where your heart is meant to be, here is an inside look from Jenny Yemaya Cook, my dear friend and the founder of the ARC – The Atlantis Rejuvenation Center where our retreat will take place in December – shared in the latest article in Get Fresh Magazine, Autumn 2012…All about the manifestation of creating the raw retreat center in the Bahamas. It not only provides an amazing unfolding story of its birthing and the energies around it, but is an inspiring story to all on living  your dreams, doing everything it takes to bring them into fruition, and trusting in the magic of your intuitive heart guidance:

Looking for Atlantis

And here is a beautiful article by freelance writer and lover of all things wild and natural, Amy Lesser, who recently swam in Bimini with the wild dolphins while on retreat at the ARC that offers an inside look from the perspective of someone just recently having experienced all that Bimini and the ARC have to share. See for more information about Amy:

Raise Your Vibrational Energy: Swimming with the Wild Dolphins of Bimini by Amy Lesser

Bimini, Bahamas

At the edge of the horizon, where the blue turquoise sea meets with the sky, are the sharp curls of impressionistic waves. They wiggle and wave at the end of our vision as though cut from construction paper by a child. They remind us of the books we read as a child, filled with poems of the sea. Always present, those blue curling waves beckon of adventure and speak of distant lands.

It is no wonder, then, that our first trip to this sparkling waters yielded up a buried and lost child-self. The intuitive side of us that has always been connected to the higher vibrational light, but unable to find its way back, resurfaced.

We were scheduled for a one week stay at the Atlantis Rejuvenation Center (the ARC) on the island of Bimini, in the Bahamas, to meet up with friends, complete some last minute construction to their newly refurbished retreat, and ultimately, to soothe our own jagged waves by immersing ourselves in the healing Bahamian waters to swim with wild dolphins.

Bimini is one of only five places in the world where a swim in the ocean consistently guarantees a swim with wild dolphins. It is home to the playful and social Atlantic spotted dolphins, as well as many pods of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Wild dolphins swim right up to you in the water and encourage you to join in their pod by swirling, twirling, and frolicking in the waters of paradise. When you are in the water with the dolphins, they immediately begin to heal your cellular structure through their echolocation and sonar. Studies have shown that dolphins activate cellular healing in us by spontaneously encouraging our bodies to create more T-cells and ‘feel good’ endorphins. The echolocation from dolphins can be felt in our skeletal structure, and ultimately reverberates through our spinal cord and into our brain. Dolphins impart their high frequency sonar and highest intelligence vibrations upon our cells and DNA.

We had come to swim with the dolphins, to heal our bodies with wholesome raw vegan food, and to meditate and stretch with yoga in the mystical land of the Atlantean energies. Bimini is known to be the home of the Atlantean stones, an underwater road of manmade ancient stones. The lost civilization of Atlantis, prophesied to be located off the shores of Bimini by the late Edgar Cayce, American psychic and medical clairvoyant, were located in 1968, just as Cayce had predicted. You can snorkel and explore the Atlantean road, as we did during our stay in Bimini.

The vibrational energies of Bimini’s waters are impossible to ignore. Situated directly in the vortex of the Bermuda Triangle, Bimini simply rolls with powerful emotions and clarity. This energy is enhanced to an unmistakable level when we join pods of wild dolphins in the sea.

Our dolphin boat, which left the bay at 2:00 and returned each evening at 8:00, floated us like winged flying fish directly out to the mirror clear waters of the dolphin grounds. Cheerful starfish dotted our path in the crystal waters below. Here we entered the land of the dolphins by donning our snorkeling gear, slipping into the silky ocean, and becoming one with the watery blue sea. There are no words to describe the energizing epiphany that one experiences upon first swimming with wild dolphins. You could describe it as a mixture between pure joy and the ultimate love of the universe. It is a life milestone that redirects us back to what is essential and true, and inexplicably imbeds itself in our very cells. Some react to their first swim with dolphins with exuberant smiles or laughter, similar to the joy and carefree feelings of childhood. Some cry uncontrollable tears of pure joy. Some are completely overwhelmed at the beauty of it. All come away with a new door opened that lets in the most dazzling luminous light into the cortex of our souls.

The Atlantis Rejuvenation Center is the dream-child of Jenny Yemaya Cook. Jenny, who grew up in England, first came to Bimini 14 years ago in her quest to visit the greater vortex/grid lines of our planet. She described arriving in Bimini as, “Feeling as though I had come home.” Though she did not know how to swim and had a tremendous fear of the deep water, she was soon relaxed and twirling in the deep with the dolphins. Bimini has a way of doing this. Whether it is the high mineral content in the beautifully clear Caribbean water, or the energy of the place itself, we felt like agile fish alongside the dolphins in the lovely blue world of sparkling Atlantean energies. Adding in the pure clean raw vegan food we ate that week, prepared with care by raw chef Amanda Russcol, our entire systems were cleansed, recharged and elevated. Beautiful verdant salads, four-star entrees, and bursting-with-life raw soups are part of your daily experience. You will forage for sea vegetables such as sea purslane, prickly pear fruit, and kelp, that are then cleansed and added to our raw soups, juices, and salads. The intense energy shift and vibrational realignment from the dolphins is greatly assisted by a diet that is clean and pure. This helps you to raise the body light energy that you contain, even further

While at the ARC, you can soothe yourself, as we did, through yoga sessions in the restorative sea air. Every afternoon you will be privileged to head out to swim with the wild dolphins in the ultra pure waters of Bimini. It is here, at the joining of our world and the dolphin world, that the dolphins will invite you into their sacred ground. Once you arrive at this border, simply practice respect, reverence and most of all, remembrance.

If you are looking for a way to quickly increase your energy vibration, to heal your body, or to reconnect with the pure joy of life that seems so lost in our busy world, you owe it to yourself to visit the quiet and healing island of Bimini, and to reconnect with your child-self through playful swims with the wild dolphins.


Our Bimini Retreat in December over the potent 12/21/12 date, is filling so you may not want to wait until the last minute to book your space. This is time to reach into your heart and see what it is sharing with you in terms of its resonance and path. This will be a beautiful, memorable and powerful experience to share together for those who are meant to join. We will not only work with the energies in ways to align and support your individual path, but anchor that in with a collective highest good. I get more excited, the closer the dates approach, which now is only less than 3 months away!

The dates of our journey are 12/16-12/21. We have had an amazing response and influx of inquiries about the trip. On our Facebook event page alone there are 16 Yes RSVP’s and 32 Maybes, but only 20 spots total and are a 1/4 filled. We are booked full for the boat vortex trip on 12/21, but still have spots for the land vortex trip on the same day.

Remember, however, that if you would like to join us, the only way to officially secure your spot, like the others have, is with a deposit. We love all of the supportive love and excitement about the trip, but don’t forget to book your space so you won’t miss out.

Both raw vegan and cooked vegan options available. This is a chance to break away from the structures and schedules of life, and immerse yourself in loving, flowing energy, not to mention a breath-taking opportunity to swim and connect with our magical dolphin friends, and to be supported by the energies of Bimini. You will also have the chance to learn and be certified in Reiki 1 and 2, participate in group meditations, take daily yoga classes and more! All activities are optional and tailored to your needs.

To read more about this empowering opportunity to connect with self, others, and support a global energy shift, please visit:

Cosmic Heart Activation with Reiki, Raw Food, and Wild Dolphin Communion ~ Birthing the New Earth in Bimini, Bahamas

You can contact me at with any questions and to book your space. Looking forward to connecting with everyone!

Live What You Love – An Interview with Musician & Photographer John William Bauld

Today kicks off the first interview in the new series of creative and healing arts visionaries I’ve newly started sharing through guest blog spots and interviews. These visionary leaders are amazing souls, each in their own way, manifesting a new and loving reality of co-creative Earth experience. I feel it important to support each other, share stories that can provide inspiration, and to honor the beautiful and empowering work so many are embracing, as we affect the collective through our embodiment of the light within each of us.

I was honored and excited when John William Bauld accepted this interview, as I believe he beautifully embodies the essence of following your heart’s passions and spreading that love to all you touch with your gifts. Not to mention, he is an inspirational example of how trusting and supporting your bliss, abundantly manifests in harmoniously satisfying ways for self and others.

John and I met via Facebook several months ago when one of my paintings caught his attention, which then began a dialogue between us. Being two creative artists with the focus of spreading love and empowerment, each in our own way, we shared an instant rapport. Synchronously, this was right as John was releasing his debut album he had just finished recording in California – the state I happen to live in. Not long after our initial connecting, did we both, the same day, honor our intuitive feeling to send the other a supportive gift of our work. I sent John a small print of the painting he had admired and John sent me a cd of his new release and since, we have followed one another’s journeys via Facebook. His cd arrived in supportive and synchronized timing of my starting the #2 painting, Temple of the Sacred Heart,  in my new series, Universal ARKitecture, as I shared in this previous post from May of this year: Activating Greater Authenticity. I am grateful for his energetic support with my creative channeling.

The web is an amazing bridge that enables us to interface and connect on many levels with those we may never otherwise have opportunity to meet. In a way, the world wide web is like the Distant Healing Symbol in Reiki that pierces the illusion of distance, separation, time, and creates a now moment of Oneness. I’m grateful for the ability to connect with so many beautiful souls across the globe via these channels of connection and energy. It provides us ability to communicate with our “family” and to be of service to many.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse into John’s story and find some seeds of inspiration that support your own beautiful journey of “living what you love.” He not only demonstrates the power of trusting your intuitive guidance and heart, but how magical synchronicities take place when you do so. For me, I find it always lovely to hear/feel how connected we all are. It’s very cool when someone speaks and taps into the same language you use and share, demonstrating the Source we are tapping into collectively. Much gratitude to you John for your thoughtful time, giving heart, and for “being” a beautiful example for others.

John William Bauld Bio:

John is a professional photographer of 18 years and a working musician of 20 years from Burlington, Ontario. He is the owner of a commercial photography business and partner in Phusion Images Photography. John performs live with various bands, kirtan for special events, workshops and retreats, and solo, light acoustic, mantra-based music at yoga studios all around Ontario and the United States. His modern acoustic, mantra-based – meaning traditional Sanskrit mantras – music is reflected in his self-titled debut album as a solo artist with Bobbyji and produced by acclaimed, Grammy-nominated Ben Leinbach (Jai Uttal/Deva Premal, Snatam Kaur, David Newman). This album also includes special guests Sabrina Marcantonio (Moksha Square One) and features the soulful sounds of violinist Genevieve Walker of Krishna Das. The intention of the John’s mantra music is simple: to create community, healing, empowerment, and well-being through the universal language/vibration of live music combined with yoga practice. 

His band “Ananda” formed in the fall of 2010 through his kirtan leading teacher, along with the Toronto Kirtan Community’s Pat and Maie, who were instrumental in introducing the lineup of Bhakti band mates. John continues to be inspired, influenced, and open to all forms of music. Recent exciting projects include being awarded the soundtrack to the Canadian independent film “The Farmer’s Sun,” creating the original soundtrack for WWE celebrity Trish Stratus’ yoga home practice DVD, and he is the co-founder/organizer of “Yogafest,” as well as “Anandafest,” Canada’s premier annual yoga retreat and festival.

Interview with John William Bauld:

Tania:  I see you started your musical journey at age 14 when your parents gifted you an acoustic guitar. Was this something you always knew in your heart you were meant to do and have your parents always been supportive of your passions?

John:  I always knew that I was connected to a space within myself where that was connected to source, and the way to express this would be through visual art, photography and music. Coming from that place these things have always been able to flow freely through me, and I had a knowing from the first music performance I witnessed at a very young age as a child that music would be something I am involved in, not as a desire, but as something that I needed to share in whatever capacity that may be. My parents from as far back as I remembered encouraged me to follow what ever call, and supported a vocation of music and arts.

Tania:  Over your 20 year career as a musician, how has the diversity of musical styles evolved into what you are intentionally creating with your music today?

John:  The fortunate thing of growing up performing so many varying genres of music in front of live audiences, has enabled me to strip down the music to be something that directly connects with the energy of the room, venue or event, and have a mutual exchange with the audience as a participating member. It is as though everything I have learned over this career, has taken me to a place where I can unlearn all of it, and I simply listen, and pay attention to that place within, which connects to that greater source in a performance.

Tania:  Who has been an inspiration to you in developing the beautiful, modern acoustic interpretations of traditional Sanskrit mantra music you are creating?

John: I have crossed paths with wonderful teachers, many who I have worked with one on one, others in groups, the list is vast, and some are to be kept unnamed – everyone is a teacher for me. Krishna Das was a big influence, the first time I met him after a performance in New York, and heard “Baba Hanuman” in Savasana at yoga class, it was the energy in music I was looking for. Tony Murdock (Vishnu Das), has been a great teacher from the very start in every capacity, and in particular with the Sanskrit mantra language/pronunciation. I was so fortunate to meet him.

Tania:  Would you consider the mantra music you are sharing to be your greatest passion? What are your hopes and intentions for it?

John:  The mantra music is what I am most passionate about in the space I am in today, and the message is simply for those who enjoy it to connect with that place of peace, bliss, or stillness within themselves where the music takes me. The practice is always coming back to the mantra every time the mind wonders, and that in it self is perfect.

Tania: I have had the pleasure of listening to your beautiful, self-titled debut album that was just released this year – congratulations again by the way! – and found it to be soulfully inspiring and your voice to carry a beautiful resonance that touches the heart. So much so that when it arrived at the divine timing of a painting I was doing titled, Temple of the Sacred Heart, I found it lovingly supportive to the energy of that piece and directly associate its manifestation with your music. Do you hear stories like this a lot and find that your music has the ability to work on unforeseen levels in healing and opening ways? Any favorite stories you’d like to share?

John:  Thank you for sharing your experience, what a beautiful story! The music comes from a place of love, and we all have that place inside of us, and that ability to create from that space in life. I do receive many emails, and talk to students, and participants after kirtan practice who express how supportive, healing, and helpful the sound vibration was to them. In essence, that place within one is always there, if the music can aid in taking listeners away to that still place inside, it’s beautiful, though it is always there and accessible.

I have many stories, but one that keeps coming up is that many people have expressed how they play the music in their car on a regular basis to help reduce stress during traffic, it is a common theme.

Tania:  How was it to work with the amazing Ben Leinbach, who produced your album?

John:  Working with Ben was absolutely amazing, we had a blast. Many of the artists who inspired me had worked with him, and traveling to San Anselmo, California to create music in the comfort of his home studio was so inspiring. From the fun jams, to the serious arranging, and latte breaks in the afternoon, it was one of the best moments in music for me working with a true genius at their craft. He is hilarious at times, and has such a laid-back demeanor, he brings out the best in people. We were guests at his performance with Prajna which, was an unexpected treat and break from the concentration of the studio. It was an honor to co-write music together, and more recently we reconnected at Bhaktifest, West (Josua Tree, CA) where he played drums for the set with my band… we all had some great moments on stage together.

Tania:  I found the songs and their sequence to almost tell a story energetically and each integral to that story – one of my favorites being “The Ocean.” What were your inspirations behind choosing these 5 particular songs for your debut album?

John:  I had narrowed down over 60 potential songs to 17, and sent them out to Ben. Interestingly enough he selected four that were on my personal must have list that made the record. “The Ocean” was a personal favorite, and an interpretation of a song written by my good friends Carl & Brian from Big Blue X. It is the only song without a Sanskrit mantra. Ben really liked it as it was, and felt it would be nice to show another side on the record. It flows nicely, and the vastness of the Ocean, and driving the California coast while listening to first edition mixes is an image I’ll always have in my mind. People often ask why “The Ocean is my woman”, and “what does it mean?” The answer is always that if I give my interpretation away, that it will take from theirs, and what they are experiencing.

Tania:  Not only do you have this beautiful debut album, but you also perform live (did I read correctly – 300+ performances a year? –that’s awesome!) This includes kirtan events, workshops and retreats, performing live with various bands, and offering your music at yoga studios. Can you share more about that last one, and how you have incorporated your music with the practice of yoga?

John: I perform for classes in yoga studios daily, sometimes twice a day, with 365 days in a year, the 300 performances is a very conservative estimate. What I am doing is reading the energy, and weaving/surfing the music like being on a wave with sound dynamics. I sync the sound with the breath, and the asana, even at times coinciding with the mantra appropriate for the posture. It is a long story as to how this transpired, but the short version is that after attending the Toronto International yoga conference over three years back, there had been a few ladies who were at my gig the night before with my former pop/rock band. They recognized me, and asked me why I was there, and I explained that I had been practicing yoga for many years, and love kirtan music/practice. I said one sentence that firmly put me on this path, which was “as much as I love pop/rock music, I would love to perform at a yoga studio one day”. Those words changed everything for me. As it turned out, the three of them were yoga studio owners/teachers, and asked me to perform a few days later. I had put that intention out there, so I followed up with a yes, and 6 students at the first class tuned into 12 the following week, more studios were contacting me, it grew very fast from there. I am grateful, because in the same time teachers were coming into my life coinciding at that time on this new path to teach me in perfect synchronicity with events that were happening. Life is always a work in progress, I am still learning so much every day, and am aware that there is much more to come…

Tania:  You’ve been involved with some amazing things, including being a co-founder of Anandafest, Canada’s premier annual yoga retreat and Bhakti festival. How did this idea develop and how has it impacted others?

John:  Anandafest was amazing. It was a vision to bring people together, and give folks who always wanted to share their gift with the world, but didn’t have an outlet, or just needed that extra support to make that thing happen for them. I had such great partners on the event, Angela & Carl are amazing, and we are looking at bringing the festival back in 2013. In the final sharing circle, people didn’t want to go home, and shared how great it was to connect, and develop new relationships with like-minded people – it was beautiful.

Post performance band photo – Bhakti Fest, Joshua Tree 2012

Tania:  Speaking of Bhakti festivals, congratulations on your recent invite and performance at Bhakti Fest, Joshua Tree, California. I know you’re still beaming from the awesome posts and photos I’ve seen on Facebook. Can you share a little bit about this experience and how it has affected you?

John:  Bhaktifest was a whole new mountain peak in itself for me. To perform among artists who are leading the international Bhakti scene, and spend time with so many inspiring people… that is an article in itself, there are just no words to express that feeling, and being a part of what happens in the California desert. That energy is just very, very special. Shri Dar has built something that just brings out the best in us all as human beings, and gives us a glimpse of what the world can be..

Tania:  Why do you think music so profoundly moves people and why do you feel mantras in particular have this powerful effect?

John:  Music is an international, universal language. It comes from source, it is everywhere in the world, it is powerful beyond words, it is feeling, it is memory, it is love. I have found that I can be anywhere, and with a guitar people will start dancing, singing, or laughing and connect with people you have never met before. What other thing can do that? Music combined with the mantras, which have been spoken, chanted, said aloud, and repeated internally for thousands of years, contain a very beautiful frequency, and resonated with me before I was on this path of discovery.

Tania:  What do you hope others will take away from the experience of your music?

John:  Only that it takes them to that place within themselves that is truth, and still, and love – in whatever that may mean or be to that person.

Tania:  A few things that struck me about you, which really inspired wanting to do this interview, is how you just emanate a love for life, what you do, those around you, and that you have a naturally innate, heart-based, committed passion that knows nothing else, but to “be” and share what you love to do. Have you always felt this way and how has this made a difference in your experience of life?

John:  Wow, thank you for the question. I am on a path of self discovery, as we all are in our own way. I am only ever doing the best I can from the awareness that I have in the present moment, and putting out to the world the best possible version that is accessible, which is all that we can do in any moment – it is choice, and it is a practice. Working for the media at a young age as a photographer I quickly discovered one similar trait in all of those I met, who I respected greatly – from international success stories to next door neighbors. It was that anyone that had done great things, or achieved something wonderful, all operate from the same place of source, which is a place grander than themselves, beyond ego and of passion, commitment and unconditional love  – you can feel it. My only hope is to come from that place, and be in it while here..

Tania:  What I also resonate and share an affinity with you on is your free-spirit and multi-faceted expressions of creative and healing arts. You seem to have found a way to incorporate all of your gifts and loves into the many things you share as your service to others and have had opportunity to travel all over while doing so. Alongside your 20 years as a musician, you also have 18 years of professional photography artistry. Can you share a little about your photography businesses, what they embody for you, and how this part of your artistic expression developed?

John:  In high school I fell in love with the camera, and was so excited that one could actually obtain credits for taking an art class, where your job was to go out into the world and take pictures. My teacher Ian was a huge influence on me, he understood the place I was coming from, and we still keep in touch, and are friends to this day. Working for the media was a great experience for me, but I quickly learned that it is a choice to put out to the world what one is seeing through the lens, and how it will be interpreted. I quickly decided that I wanted to show people at their best. The work that comes in is always right for me, and photographing close to 500 weddings to date, I have played a small part in people’s lives on what is often one of the landmarks of a person’s story. It is a large responsibility, and I am thankful to do this work for those who entrusted me..

Tania:  What inspires and moves you most in life and how has this manifested into what you express as your passions and gifts in offering to others?

John:  Passion is everything, and those who follow their bliss, their dream, their goals inspire me tremendously. I love to see anyone who is living the experience that they wanted to have in their life, especially when it benefits many… In all of the heroes I was drawn to as a kid growing up, I was always most inspired by those who brought out the best in people through what they do, and through their actions. In music, there were people like Bob Marley and John Lennon, in martial arts Bruce Lee, and his journey to make it to the top, writers like Joseph Campbell, and politically, many great leaders who shared a message of: all people, sharing one earth, and that there is enough to go around if we want/choose it to be that way. They were always able to come from a place within themselves that was authentic, and committed to the path that was presented before them in their lives. My parents were like that growing up, and these types of people inspire me tremendously. The list is very long beyond the obvious legends, as many are men and woman I have crossed paths with who’s names will never be known. They are often as much, if not more poignant, due to the fact that one learns from those folks first hand, and directly. Their creativity is often limitless, and coming from that place which is as vast and as wide as the ocean.. Rather than residing in a state of competition, competing for that which has already been created, those that have inspired so many often believe that creativity is infinite and ever-expanding, the same way that our universe is, and are able to reach that place within themselves. It’s thrilling to see anyone in that space..

Tania:  What are some of the most memorable experiences you’ve had and why?

John:  There have been so many experiences on this journey, memories from stages while performing, stories while working with the newspaper that are so vividly imprinted.. sunny days metaphorically, and those times when you have to hang on to the mast, and hope that the ship will sail you through to the next day. We all have them, and the list is very long on both pages. In this time, I do feel that if I can play a small part in making somebody’s day a little better for them through the music that is all I ask.

Tania:  This is an amazing and powerful time of shifts for everyone.What would you share with others that are struggling to make their dreams a reality, are challenged and on the fence about pursuing their passions and leaving behind jobs they don’t like, and are facing fear about taking that leap of faith?

John:  In my experience, I have found that fear is a blockage, and everything works out when we trust. We are here to be the best that we can be, and when we are still, aware, and pay attention the answers come.

Tania:  What are your dreams and visions for your work? And are there any exciting new projects you’re currently working on that you’d like to share?

John:  I am really excited about Anandafest 2013, and bringing that back again. There are more tours planned with the music, a video shoot scheduled for next year, and to keep pressing on with this path with those who enjoy this.

Tania:  Is there one vulnerable thing you can share about yourself that you feel others would relate to and find comfort in hearing, coming from someone who is “living” their dreams?

John:  There are always mountains to climb, and every time you reach the top of one, another one is revealed. Concentration, commitment and focus is everything, and quite often I have seen those who are concentrating on a past story that becomes a blockage in their life. Often you are not going back that way, so make a new story, and follow whatever that thing is that you are passionate about. It’s always a choice. It takes a lot of courage and flexibility to live your dream, the work is always just beginning. In regards to vulnerability, sometimes people who don’t know you (or who do), will make assumptions, and opinions that are unwarranted – maybe they don’t want you to succeed, or are just not supportive. In the beginning it can be difficult to understand this – why wouldn’t someone want you to succeed, and live your dream? Everyone is operating from the filter of their experience, and coming from the very best place that is possible at that time, as to the space they are in. This was difficult at first for me, and I am still learning, but I have personally learned to send love, press on in life, and stay true to the path that is ahead…

Tania:  If someone else wants to interview you, book you for photography services, or book you for performances at yoga studios, workshops and events, how can they reach you?





Twitter: @jwbauld


YouTube Channel:

Seeing with the Heart – A Way to Perceive Energy & Bring in More Light

Temple of the Sacred Heart by Tania Marie – available here:

I hardly read books anymore, unless I receive a big message it’s important I do so, but I used to read a ton. I currently only have two books I’ve been led to read, after quite the hiatus. Lately, however, I keep getting these nudges to share passages, excerpts and quotes from past books I’ve read.

Since information isn’t new, but recycled, and in most cases “ahead of its time” I find, the information seems very relevant to recurring patterns and themes that I see and feel come up for the collective.

And seems natural, since many of the things repeating are the most challenging to wrap ourselves around and to practice on a consistent basis. Ironically, they also hold valuable gifts that can be the key to unlocking doors of experience we are wanting to, and about to, enter.

It’s about timing and perspective, as to what we are ready to hear, embrace, or actually put into practice.

Today I’m sharing some passages again from Sanaya Roman’s channeled book, Personal Power through Awareness, coming through Orin. Several things kept jumping out at me this week from her book and I’ve let them unfold as they wanted.

Here are some quick insights from her book that may hold some gems of wisdom currently for you in your relations with others and yourself:

As you tune into others, open your heart, and embrace them with a thought of love, not criticism. Imagine an unloving, critical person tuning into someone’s energy. The other person would not open (even subconsciously or on an energy level) to reveal any information, for that critical energy would feel like an intrusion. Then imagine a gentle, caring, and loving soul seeking information. The other person would open to that warmth and bask in that love. As you start to sense energy, you will discover not only the pain and confusion in others, but also different reality systems that may not fit into your own. If you approach people with compassion and tolerance, you will be able to gather much more useful data. Many people are very aware of energy, and yet when they sense something that does not fit with their known reality, with life the way they believe it to be, they tune it out. You will need to be willing to see that many people think differently and believe in different things than you without making them wrong, if you want to accurately perceive their energy.

Tolerance means you can accept many different viewpoints and love people for who they are. If you are willing to be tolerant, you can embark on an enormous adventure. Each person has a unique way of looking at the world. If you can discover what is unique, is free, open, and loving about everyone you know and meet, you will discover new ways that you yourself may become more free, open and loving. It is fascinating to discover the ways people perceive the world. As you open to many beliefs, you will become more fluid and less rigid yourself. To grow lighter yourself, be flexible and adopt whatever viewpoints are appropriate to the outcomes you desire. Most people are fixed within their own being. They have been taught the world operates in a certain way, and that is how they see it. This inflexibility leaves them with fewer and fewer areas of freedom and choice. You have seen people who are stuck in certain ruts. They are unwilling to change even though their lives don’t work for them…If you want to direct the energy in your life, if you want to see clearly the world you live in, you will need to be willing to see life from other people’s perspectives, which may be quite different from your own. As you do so, remain open and nonjudgmental, keeping a sense of discovery, love, and adventure.

Pain is only triggered by another person when there is already pain within you.

Every time another person creates pain in you it is a gift. It is showing you an area in which your heart has not yet learned to be open. It is showing you a place where you may bring more light into yourself. You have drawn certain people into your life to show you the places where you need to become more open. Part of your lesson will be to stay open and loving even when they are acting in a way that used to cause you pain.

Before you approach the other person with recrimination, closing your heart and pulling away, creating more separateness and pain, stop. Ask yourself if you are willing to bring in light.

Bring Some More Fun, L.O.V.E. & Trust in Your Life! – Lemurian Seed Crystal Pendulums & Class

Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Crystal Pendulum

If you’ve loved our Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Crystal Pendants (that are currently sold out), you will also fall in love with our Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Crystal Pendulums.

We have 17 remaining of these beautiful pendulums that have become a favorite for many, including myself and Allison.

They hold and share the same energy as the pendants, but can be used as a tool for self-empowerment and helping to develop your intuition.

Round sphere pendulums have no point to break or chip and are ideal for utilizing the most complete and whole energy of the crystal.

Pendulums are great for receiving answers from within. It’s not about trusting the pendulum, but about trusting yourself. Using a pendulum is a path of surrender. You surrender your lower self (physical self) to your higher self and by doing that, you put aside your ego – that controlling part that wants to be right – and receive a heart answer.

These beautiful pendulums are available for only $22 each. You can order your own here: Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Pendulum 

These are the same pendulums we will be utilizing in our upcoming October pendulum class and will also be available to students to purchase after class.


Here are the class details:


Pendulum 101 – A Fun Intro to Pendulums & Trusting Your Intuition

This class will be co-facilitated with my Joyful Earth Crystals partner and fellow Reiki Master Teacher, Allison Jacobson, which is a good recipe for blending learning and fun!

You will walk away from this class with the following: 

1) An introduction & basic understanding of pendulums

2) Knowing how to choose a pendulum & learn its language

3) Understanding how to use your pendulum effectively, increase results & improvise when your pendulum isn’t with you

4) Fun exercises to practice using your pendulum

5) Understanding crystal energy

6) Learning ways to develop and trust your intuition


WHERE: Costa Mesa Private Residence (Information & directions provided upon registering)

WHEN: Sunday October 21st 10:00am – 12pm (Lunch outing after for those that want to join at a local vegan restaurant)


WHAT IS PROVIDED: Handouts & Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Crystal Pendulums (a favorite among our clients) to practice with during class. If you resonate with one, they will be available for purchase after class.

WHAT TO BRING: You may bring a pendulum of your choice to class if you have one you’d like to & prefer to work with. Bring a pencil or pen & a notebook if you would like to take extra notes. Dress comfortably & be ready for some fun!

To save your space, please contact me at I can also answer any questions you may have.

Bimini 12/21/2012 One Quarter Full – Don’t Forget to Book Your Spot!

Just a reminder that our Bimini Retreat in December over the potent 12/21/12 date, is 1/4 filled. We are booked full for the boat vortex trip on 12/21, but still have spots for the land vortex trip on the same day.

This will be a beautiful, memorable and powerful experience to share together. I get more excited, the closer the dates approach, which now is only less than 3 months away!

The dates of our journey are 12/16-12/21. We have had an amazing response and influx of inquiries about the trip. On our Facebook event page alone there are 16 Yes RSVP’s and 32 Maybes!

Remember, however, that if you would like to join us, the only way to officially secure your spot, like the others have, is with a deposit. We love all of the supportive love and excitement about the trip, but don’t forget to book your space so you won’t miss out.

Both raw vegan and cooked vegan options available. This is a chance to break away from the structures and schedules of life, and immerse yourself in loving, flowing energy, not to mention a breath-taking opportunity to swim and connect with our magical dolphin friends, and to be supported by the energies of Bimini. You will also have the chance to learn and be certified in Reiki 1 and 2, participate in group meditations, take daily yoga classes and more! All activities are optional and tailored to your needs.

To read more about this empowering opportunity to connect with self, others, and support a global energy shift, please visit:

Cosmic Heart Activation with Reiki, Raw Food, and Wild Dolphin Communion ~ Birthing the New Earth in Bimini, Bahamas

You can contact me at with any questions and to book your space. Looking forward to connecting with everyone!

Crystal Animal Spirit Wisdom

Animal spirit guides and crystals are two prominent channels of supportive love, inspirational guidance, and wisdom that I have been working a lot with. Whether via my current series Universal ARKitecture, Animal Companion Portraits, the animals and crystalline beings in my life, or the animal spirit guide intuitive readings I support others with, these are two very cherished and beloved parts of my life that I feel natural affinity to.

I have several small carved crystal animal beings that sit with me at my desk – two rabbits, a turtle, and a dolphin. The rabbits and turtle I have taken with me on many of my travels, as they each represent the lovely animal companions in my life that assist me on my sacred journeys. I recently was gifted the dolphin by my Joyful Earth Crystals‘ partner, Allison, which is representative of the dolphin energy I work with a lot and feels connected with our upcoming Bimini retreat in December.

The energy of crystals and animals are each very powerful and to bring them together adds a combined synergy of what they each have to share, working in harmony together.

Many crystals and stones are carved into animal images that can be used for meditation and to help you connect with a totem or power animal. Carved totem animals combine the attributes of the animal with that of the metaphysical and healing properties of the crystal or stone used. You can choose a carved figure made of a crystal that enhances and compliments, or balances, the energy of the crystal. So either the crystal/stone can mirror the same energy to really strengthen that specific attribute, or it can be the opposite in order to channel an enhanced quality to the energy.

For example, you could have a masculine energy crystal to balance and strengthen a feminine energy animal totem, or vice versa, a feminine energy to balance and soften a very masculine energy – each would bring enhanced qualities in the way the energy of that particular crystal and animal spirit totem expresses.

We currently have 3 such pieces as part of our Joyful Earth Crystals collection that are available, at amazing new discount prices, to the resonating crystal keeper. Each beautifully pairs a resonating crystal energy with an animal totem energy. They include Blue Quartz Carved Elephants, Marbled Agate Turtle, and 3 Raw “Dolphin Energy” Larimar.

Here is information about each of these animal spirit energies below. You can read more about the properties of the crystals themselves, their measurements, and place orders at the links provided.

Stunning Ganesha and Good Luck Energy – Blue Quartz Elephants

Marveled by the Chinese, Indians and Africans as the most auspicious symbol from the animal kingdom embodying strength, dignity, virility, fertility, prudence, wisdom and intelligence, the elephant is worshipped and honored, sacred and loved. In Buddhism, the elephant is one of the eight precious holy animals and the India God Ganesha (remover of obstacles) is pictured as having the head of an elephant – signs of revered greatness.

In Feng Shui, the Elephant is considered a sacred symbol. Although it is often used to symbolize power, wisdom, strength and fertility, it can also be used to symbolize longevity and success. It can act as the grantor of wishes and as the protector of the household. For most feng shui applications, the elephants are usually depicted with the trunk up, as this symbolizes the showering of good luck, prosperity and victory.

Elephant Wisdom:

Connection to ancient wisdom
Removal of obstacles and barriers
Using education opportunities

Giant Marbled Agate Turtle with Gaia Energy

Turtle/Tortoise Wisdom:

Symbol of the earth
Connection with the center
Navigation skills
Associated with the feminine
Power to heal female diseases
Respecting the boundaries of others
Developing new ideas
Psychically protecting oneself
Nonviolent defense

To learn more about Turtle and Gaia energy and how the two are connected you may find this article post I shared earlier this year on just that:

Gaia – Earth Mother and Turtle? Ancient Wisdom for Conscious Living

Three Natural, Large, Dolphin and Ocean Energy Larimar (these rare stones, at this size, are not literally carved into dolphins, but they are very powerfully connected to, and mirror, dolphin energy and are very connected to that unconditional and universal heart energy)

Larimar is known as the Atlantis and Dolphin stone, as it helps channel energetic connections with the ancient civilization and also aids communication with sea creatures.

Dolphin Wisdom:

Includes change, wisdom, balance, harmony, playfulness, transcendence, gentleness, communication skills, contentment, freedom, trust, friendship, community, generosity, understanding the power of rhythm in your life, use of breath to release intense emotions, water element magick…to name a few. The protective, stabilizing, compassionate demeanor of the dolphin is a message of well being to the pure of heart.

Dolphins can express a need to embrace more playfulness and joy of life into your experience and to be in balance and harmony with yourself and others while reaching to connect more vulnerably and share of yourself. They are masters of the water element and hence, speak to the emotional and intuitive aspects of ourselves and to hone those energies more in order to create balance with the intellect and mind that is used more often…flowing, feeling more rather than over-analyzing. This trust of emotions takes practice, but will reveal where your heart’s joy and gifts are leading you.

If you have any questions about these or would like assistance in procuring a special piece you have in mind, you may contact me at

Gem of the Emerald Forest – Panda Gifts of Wisdom

Gem of the Emerald Forest by Tania Marie

I just completed the 6th painting in my series Universal ARKitecture last evening, which will be available in prints soon, like the first 5. To purchase the original you can contact me.

This new painting is titled, Gem of the Emerald Forest, and honors our sacred and endangered panda brothers and sisters. Each painting in this series conveys a theme reflected through animal spirit wisdom. I am guided by intuitively listening to messages I receive that reveal which animal spirit and energy will come through next. I have found that each always synchronously mirrors a collective theme.

Before I share some of panda’s wisdom, I found it serendipitous that a good friend of mine yesterday shared the news that Mei Xiang, a giant panda at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington D.C., just gave birth two her second cub on Sunday night. I had no idea, not ever watching or reading news unless someone brings it to my attention, but found it synchronous my friend shared this with me, just as I was putting the final touches on the painting.

I feel this painting not only conveys valuable wisdom, but is connected with the birth of this new cub that is an ambassador for conservation, diplomacy and peaceful relations. As the news report from Anthony Castellano shares:

“With only 300 pandas left in breeding zones and zoos around the world, Mei Xiang and the father of the new cub have become public symbols for endangered species and conservation efforts.”

You can read more and watch the video here: Panda Mei Xiang Gives Birth to Cub

Gem of the Emerald Forest by Tania Marie – A little better detail close-up of the panda. I’ll have professional images done soon of this painting, but this helps give you a better idea for now

I had only just started this painting on Friday evening (the first day I was “able” to begin channeling it), working a couple hours then and Saturday, but doing the bulk of the work Sunday and finalizing it yesterday on Monday. It’s sitting in my office/studio right now, as I am loving the energy emanating from it. Being that my company is named Emerald Bridge, due to my resonance with, and focus on, the Heart Chakra energy, this one reflects a resonance for me in relation to that.

The Heart Chakra has the ability to be the balancing integrator of opposites (between body and spirit, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity) and acts as an energetic “bridge” between the lower and upper chakras. It is from this place of peaceful centeredness that love emanates as divine power. As you will see by panda’s wisdom, this energy is very much reflected in what it has to teach.

Panda’s have much wisdom to share with us. They are a rare gem that symbolize many valuable things we can learn from. Being generally solitary, they teach us the importance of solitude, going within and understanding the value of slowness and being still to receive. They are very agile tree climbers giving them the unique ability as a totem to tap into higher knowledge and teach us soul development. They teach us balance and finding that center that learns to integrate opposites in harmony. Their black and white colors depict the energy of the Yin Yang Symbol, indicating the importance of this balance between masculine and feminine energies, East and West, and anything of duality. They also draw our attention to the need to create more balance in our immediate lives. These contrasting colors represent differences in cultures and how we can break the barriers and boundaries, realizing we are one global community. They also teach us adaptability, connection to the Plant Kingdom, and Eastern beliefs.

Pandas are also masters of being elusive, despite their bold, contrasting colors and so they point us to where we are feeling a lot of inner conflict that may be causing us to “hide” rather than allow ourselves to shine and be seen. In this way they remind us to nurture self-encouragement and cultivate soul nourishment in order to reach our fullest potentials – basically, to realize the gifts of your uniqueness and to stop hiding.

Pandas are adorable and make you just want to run up and cuddle them, however they are also very strong and not to be messed with. In this way they teach us to be mindful of making judgments and not to judge a book by the cover. There is always more than meets than eye and by taking panda’s advice of going within, you will find the heart answers you need.

As a very exotic being, panda cultivates our love for the exploration of exotic lands and appreciation of different cultures.

And as mentioned earlier, pandas have always been highly treasured in China and because of their history of China gifting Giant Pandas as diplomatic gifts to other countries, they represent diplomacy, peaceful relations and have also come to be ambassadors of good will and conservation.

Pandas hold many hidden treasures for us to embrace. It is clear to me why this lovely being has channeled through in painting #6. Many of us are working with these aspects of integration, balance, working through inner conflicts to find peace, revealing our authenticity with courageous vulnerability, honoring inner wisdom and realizing the importance of times to withdraw in order to reconnect, seeing things with unconditionally loving hearts, and uniting as Global Human Beings.

I am always so excited and honored to see which animal will come through next, never knowing until the divinely perfect unfolding moment. 27 more of these lovely ones to come!

Thank you Panda for your gifts of wisdom and many blessings to the dear little one that has just entered the world via her mother Mei Xiang.

To commission a painting you can contact me at I offer animal companion portraits alongside the originals I create and custom paintings that mirror your desires.

Learning Unconditional Love

In keeping with the flow of themes I see/feel come up collectively and honoring what wants to come through in support of that, today’s post is inspired by the sharings of Orin, channeled by Sanaya Roman. In her easy-to-follow book, Personal Power through Awareness, Orin shares a chapter on Learning Unconditional Love.

This chapter has some very simple gems of wisdom, yet these can also be some of the most challenging to actually put into consistent practice. Our minds would like to say, “Oh yes, I get that,” but then we find difficulty in the follow-through. We can even easily avoid situations, create ingenious excuses that seem “spiritually” sound, deny the value of what we are showing ourselves, or stuff down feelings without embracing and processing through them.

We have the ability in each moment and each experience or interaction, to practice unconditional love and create magically empowered moments of healing alchemy. And this is exactly what you will experience, when you in fullness ARE BEING unconditional love in every moment.

I can’t begin to share the ways I’ve seen some of the most challenging of experiences in my own life transform. Where I may have before been frustrated by my illusion of things that felt “powering over” me, I’ve become grateful for, seeing how each of the experiences I call up are there to help me to exercise greater depth of love, and to realize my own “power of” these things in that moment to change my experience instantly – and at the same time transform things collectively.

Rather than fight things or people, if I feel uncomfortable and not so great feelings come up, I press pause and ask myself what I’ve decided to teach myself today that will help me grow in bigger ways. I know that what I just had mirrored to me, was exactly the thing I needed most along my evolutionary trajectory to work on and that when I do embrace and integrate it, it will reveal and gift me with empowered peace and balance.

Unconditional love is a continuous journey to a natural way of “being” we will challenge ourselves to practice throughout life, as since love is limitless, there is no end to how vast it can reach. Radiating the pure intensity of love and integrity, coupled with the ageless wonders of faith, hope, and charity will awaken the mysteries of the universe when we understand the true value of their meaning.

Here are some passages with noteworthy insights from Orin, channeled by Sanaya Roman, from the chapter Learning Unconditional Love:

Unconditional love means keeping your heart open all the time. To do so, you may need to let go of the expectations you have of other people, of wanting them to be anything other than what they are. It means letting go of any need for people to give you things, act in certain ways, or respond with love. Many of you wait for other people to be warm and loving before you are.

Unconditional love is learning to be the source of love rather than waiting for others to be the source.

Unconditional love allows you to join with others and keep your personal boundaries intact. To be able to join with others, know your own boundaries. People desire to join with others, to have intimate connections and yet at the same time to be separate. If you are feeling suffocated in a relationship, being asked to do things you do not want to do, it is because you are not clear about your own boundaries. Although it is easier to blame the other person, it is you who needs to get clear about your boundaries. On the other hand, if there are things you want from another person that you are not getting, it is because you are trying to use the other person to fill a space within you that only you can fill.

Unconditional love transforms fear.

Fear is like a background noise that circles the planet, affecting many actions and decisions. It takes strength and courage to face what you fear. As you become aware of energy, you will also become aware of fear. The first place to examine it is in yourself, although it may be far more visible to you in other people. If, when you look at a friend or loved one, you can see clearly where he or she is closed or fearful, see if it is a reflection of a place within you that needs more love.

It is easier to see things in other people than in yourself. That is why the universe will often teach you something about yourself by putting you around people who show you what you are learning. You would not focus on that trait or part of them if you were not working on those issues yourself.

Fear can come from your thinking patterns. I see common thoughts that tell you you are bad and that if you do not watch out, you may be harmed. These are mass thoughts shared by many. You will at some point face them directly in yourself as you begin going upward into the higher levels of the universe. Fear shows up in thoughts that are very self-critical – wondering if you have disappointed someone, thinking that you aren’t trying hard enough, or that you yourself are not enough.

If you discover your fears as you open to a new relationship, do not make yourself wrong. Fear is an undercurrent and the more you can discover it and face it the more you can heal it through your unconditional love and acceptance of yourself.

How do you discover fear? Look at some area of your life where you have a decision to make. Ask yourself if there are any reasons you do not feel free to make a decision to do what you want to do. Perhaps there is a fear that there will not be enough money, a fear that you cannot make it on your own, that you will not succeed, or a fear that others do not love you and will not want you if you do not live up to their expectations, or if you stand up for yourself. As you look at the decision, ask yourself, what would you do if you knew you were totally safe and protected, guided and loved by the higher forces of the universe? If you knew your soul was assisting you in every way possible, and if you knew you could fully trust your wiser self, would you make a different decision? This is one way of uncovering fear.

Fear is a place that has not yet discovered love.

Fear is often disguised as logical and rational reasons why something cannot be done. Sometimes it comes disguised as a feeling that other people are stopping you. There are many ways to disguise fear – blame it on others, refuse to take responsibility, decide you can’t do it anyway so why try, get angry and quit, and many others. What ways do you use to cover up fear?

If you discover you are doing these things, the first step is to recognize that the reason you are avoiding something or feeling bad about another and yourself is because of fear, and that is a place that requires your unconditional love.

When you notice yourself responding to other people with fear rather than love, perhaps pulling away from them, afraid that they will reject you, make you wrong, or ask too much of you, thank yourself for becoming aware of fear. Love that part of you that is afraid, and then begin to radiate unconditional love.

When you are judgmental or critical, you are most affected by other people’s energy. If you look at people and think, “They ought to work harder, get their act together,” these thoughts pull their negative energy into you. What you see in them is what you begin to experience in them, for as you focus on something you draw it out. What you fear you draw to you. Get in touch with that gentle loving part of you, your higher and wiser self, that guides you in to being more loving.

When you experience uncomfortable barriers and boundaries between yourself and others, it is a sign that you need to transmit more love to others and to yourself….Some of you try to put on a brave and strong front, acting in ways that says, “I will not be vulnerable or hurt.” Yet, that very act creates fear and pain, attracting even more negative action from people that then requires an even braver exterior.

Look at times you want to close your heart, the times at which you say, “I have had enough, this person is not being loving enough for me, I think I am going to leave.” In every relationship, no matter how long-term or solid, there will always be a challenge to keep your heart open. How else do you learn unconditional love but by coming up against all those ares in which your heart is closed? Each time you come to a place in which you want to closer your heart, you now have the opportunity to establish a new pattern, and keep it open. You may still choose to leave or change the nature of the relationship, but you can do so with love. You may think that the best friends are those who never challenge you, who never make you want to closer your heart, and yet if you are with people who never challenge you to remain open and loving, you are not truly connecting with them in your heart. The heart always deals with issues of trusting, opening, and reaching new levels of acceptance and understanding of others.

You learn to love by putting yourself in situations that challenge you to be loving.

Tolerance is an attribute of unconditional love….The quality of tolerance is the ability to stay calm and unruffled no matter what happens, to allow people to be themselves and make their own mistakes. It allows you to provide that warm, safe harbor for them where they can bask in the steadfast light of your acceptance.

Whatever you give others is also a gift to yourself.

The ability to accept other people for who they are is a great challenge, and as you master it, so do you give that gift to yourself….

The quality of defenselessness is important. It is that feeling that you have nothing to defend, hide or apologize for. It comes from a feeling of self-acceptance, not justifying behavior that you want to improve, but knowing that making yourself wrong for it will only lock you into that behavior longer.

If you have nothing to defend, life becomes easier, for you do not have to pretend to be anything you are not.

Life is harder when you think you have to defend your beliefs, thoughts or self. I will suggest that most of the things you think you have to defend are beliefs and ideas that are not yours anyway. You rarely get offended and hurt when someone disagrees with the things you are sure about.

Forgiveness is part of unconditional love. Forgive yourself throughout the day for all the moments when you are not high, not loving and not wise. Forgive others for all the moments they are not high, loving and wise. As you forgive, you make it easier to become those things you want to be, and you make it easier for others to become them also.

People who respond to you in a way that seems to deny that you are a loving being are coming from a place of fear within themselves. If they ignore you, make you wrong, say unkind things, or act in a way that implies you are not their equal, realize that they are coming from fear. You do not need to respond to the fear within them by creating it within yourself. Instead, you can become a source of healing to those around you.

You attract situations into your life to learn from them. One way out and up is by responding with love. As you do so, every situation will change in its nature and character. By practicing, you can learn to broadcast love for longer and longer periods of time.

Love brings beauty to everything and everyone. Most of all, love brings beauty to you.

As you become filled with light, your power to affect the world around you increases.

If people in your life are sending out negative energy and not meeting your expectations, it is important to send them unconditional love. They are simply being themselves, doing the best they know how. You will find great inner peace when you do not need others to act in a certain way to be happy yourself. You will become a radiating beacon of energy and the higher you go the further you can reach with your thoughts.

Find reasons to love the unlovable, to care for people who act in destructive ways. There is not one person alive who does not grow from the broadcast of love. Whenever you give love it comes right back to you, changes your vibration and aura, and you become even more magnetic to love coming to you. It may not come from those you are sending love to, but it will come.

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