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Take a Leap of Heart

A little mid-day inspiration…

I’ve posted this song before, but I’m listening to this right now while I work and this particular video for it is my favorite.

All of the imagery is stunning, inspiring, and reflects the seasons of change, but my favorite part (absolutely love) is between the 2:00 and 2:52 mark. The footage speaks volumes for itself.

Let go and jump in with the fullness of your heart.

Returning to the Origins of Innocence

Me with my new faery cut, au naturale, sans makeup

About 6 weeks ago, I posted about a lot of changes taking place personally for me, which included a major energetic shift that resulted in the manifestation of a whole new outward, to reflect inward, image. I chopped off all of my hair – about 14″ + to be exact, which I donated to Locks of Love. While I loved the new liberating hair, there was still something slightly energetically off and I’ve been itching for the last few weeks before my next hair appointment, to embrace an even more dramatic energetic shift.

So, just two days ago, I chopped away again and had my hair stylist give me a pixie/faery cut. We chopped off like another 3″ +. LOL! I also went from my very black color, which I’ve had for several years, to a dark brown that shows medium brown in the sunlight, which lightened things up and emulated what my natural adult hair would be like. And VOILA! instant YES!! The result was an energetic match and I can’t share how immensely authentic and good it feels. LOVE it!

It wasn’t something I’ve pondered and been trying to figure out…it was me following my intuition and supporting and trusting what I kept sensing felt right to replace what felt off. It feels to me that this is energetically a “return to my origins,” which may hold deeper meaning and connotation for me than it might to others, as it goes further than the literal sense of simply mirroring my child essence from little girl days – although that definitely is part of the bigger picture and what I naturally was expressing and knowing at that young age.

I remember clearly as a very young child that everything I was, in essence, was in its fullness upon entering this experience of life – it was then a journey to remember that, after forgetting and being conditioned differently through the “human” experience. We each go through this in different ways. While in human embodiment; souls must relearn their innate powers and understanding that is accessible to all in the universe. But it always was and is there right within you awaiting the reopening of all your energy systems to once again have direct access, which cannot be done for us or interfered with by anyone.

My previous first short cut had longer layers and bangs and this new one has no layers and without bangs, keeping things fresh, clean, very light, open and revealing in a very emanating and vulnerable way – and that feels amazing. It is so short, it reveals a very special birthmark I have at the back of my neck where the bottom of my skull connects to the top of it. This has a powerful symbolism for me that feels extra empowering to be revealing.

Me and my mom at Niagara Falls

Every time I see myself in the mirror I see myself as a little girl when I used to have the same hair cut and was most connected to my authenticity until now. It has added extra magical and light energy to my experience as well.

I find that everything in my experience is continually returning to this “innocence” of embodying the essence I’m remembering entering in with and of my origins. It chokes me up a bit as I write this, as I’ve never felt more groundedly clear than I have recently about this bigger picture connection.

I also have never felt complete in terms of the sacred tattoo designs I wear as my “Spiritual Skin” until now and this all seems to mirror a wholeness that has been coming into being along this journey – pages of the story kept being written with each addition and that book has come to an end. This has created a sense of closure for me with my last tattoo….On to a new book 🙂

Even my creative expression through paintings has been harnessing the natural energy in my heart in a very pure and flowing way. This is coming through in my newest pieces of my series, Universal ARKitecture. And in totality, each facet of my work/service are evolving into what is most naturally mirroring of this remembrance.

Needless to say, energy always shifts and there will always be transformational new legs of the journey to evolve into and embrace. It feels, at least in my own experience and those of others I speak to and hear from, that the first leg of the journey has come, or is in process of coming, full circle and a new slate of reality is being laid where anything is possible and goes. You merely need to listen, trust and know what it is you want to create and poof, it can and will be!

What evolves from here is a whole new playing field that is nothing like what has been until now, where an enormously unlimited new experience can be created. And each of us are going through this in our own unique ways. We follow our own paths and while the themes may all be connected, the process and how that manifests for each is an individual experience relative to, and based upon, your story. We will get there in our own ways and timing. It is a powerfully exciting time holding amazing opportunities at every corner of personal choice.

Fear or love, still to me feel to, hold the crux of these choices.

I know so many are at pivotal points in their own journeys and some times it can be exciting with all these magical synchronicities that take place, and at other times it feels like you just can’t take anymore and want to give up or feel completely discouraged and defeated. Please hang in there, be gentle, nonjudgmental, unconditional and supportive with yourself and others. Everyone is going through their own story and knowing how challenged you may feel might, in the presence of your awareness of how connected we all are and how we mirror to each other what each of us most needs to assist us in our evolution, provide you with the ability to lend a helping hand, even if simply to be in your heart and share love.

The more present in love you can be, the more you honor and trust yourself – as you have all the answers within, without need to look elsewhere – the more your heart will reveal its truth to you and the veils of fear will drop – fear of self, fear of external factors, fear of others, fear of illusions that have only the power you give to them.

You will always receive help if you ask for it, but to recognize the help you will need to see everything in your life from the second you ask for help on, as a part of the answer to your prayer. Remember that when we ask for help, we DO receive answers in perhaps less than obvious ways sometimes and perhaps wearing different packaging or clothing than we thought it might come in. Keep your awareness at an all-time high and your vibes untainted by ingenious distractions or densities. Every thing around you has a gift to give you, from the mirror of yourself within, and will support your growth along this journey if viewed from the perspective of gratitude, presence, responding rather than reacting, and loving detachment.

It is up to you to embrace and put things into motion by being the new choices that will create the things you have asked for, as no one else and no other “help” can do this for you. The law of free will supports choice and it is up to you to choose a new path, if that is the path you desire to create.

There is truly nothing to fear. Fear really IS an illusion that is unnatural to who you are at the heart of hearts. You are where you are supposed to be and in every moment there’s an opportunity to serve another or to receive support.

We each have the ability to embrace life as an exuberant, vibrant, fearless, innocent child of wonder and dream our experiences alive!

In keeping with the theme of this “return to innocence” and embracing the symbolism of the child within as guidance in the now, I hope you enjoy the messages and energy of these Enigma songs, which I’ve posted before, but seem to come full circle again. The first being one of my all-time favorites. In love, XOOX!!

Integrative Music – Enigma

Have been listening to Enigma all day today and I find myself constantly reaching for their CDs when I am working and moreso recently it’s what I instantly fall back on when in doubt of what music would suit the energy best.

Likely it’s because I find their music to be very integrating for me in ways I can feel on all levels. There is a very primal, yet progressively consciousness raising essence to the vibrations. Enigma was precedent-setting with their unique blends of New Age with chants and old world culture, bringing this genre to the forefront of dance clubs, as well as being very radio-friendly. The etheric essence, penetrating beats and culturally eclectic vibes of the music not only make me soar, but one can’t help but start moving the body in resonance with the vibrations that are felt on deep levels.

I love the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional places this music takes me to. I am very sensitive to vibrational tones and I find many of Enigma’s creations to be balancing to all of the Chakras. At least, for me.

So I wanted to share these two songs/videos. The message symbolism of both represent the present and our return to innocence and natural harmony with the pure and free child essence within that is much needed on our evolutionary journeys. The second is one of my, and current, Enigma fav, which I’ve been playing repetitively today.



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