White Jaguar and a Dream

white jaguarWhat a difference a night can make. Two nights ago, on the 17th of September I had another of my fascinating active “dream” experiences.

Leading up to this in the days prior, I had been feeling a bit out of sorts, which happens when change is upon me and a lot of things come at me at once. It’s that void space where things are processing – old and new, you sift through these voices in order to weigh and balance with discernment, explore new feelings that challenge the old, travel the realms of possibilities, and even experience the temporary confusion, dissolution, and throwing up of your hands in surrender.

It made perfect sense to me, as I know myself and my cycles, hence I do not get anxious or worry when things get turned upside down. I’m also aware that I’ve been following the nudge to pull back more, detach, and to be deeply within my experience for greater amplification of my essence energy. Plus, there’d been the acknowledgment of Gaia’s transition and feeling a bit like a fish out of water since I tend to live in the new before it happens. So when I look at the current reality it can be temporarily disheartening, wishing the physical to catch up with the non-physical. Not to mention, I just “know” this very large transformation is happening and feeling it in every ounce of my being – changes that include the transmutation process into a new vibrational experience.

How it all is to look, I’m not fully sure, nor is it necessary that I know. Just taking the steps that I am able to, each day, toward it.

Are they simply foreshadowing these times of change and all that is evolving into a new experience “here”?

Or am I receiving a personal message of timeliness and the presence as “this me” in “this life” is riding the sands of the hour glass…sifting almost fully through to the other side before a complete transition and paradigm/dimensional shift takes place into “there”?

All that is clear is change. And right now, that’s all I’m privy to with clarity, and all I need to do is to make sure I’m living fully as the vibration of my essence in every moment.

I’m grateful to understand my processes, as well as for the assistance I receive from beyond Earth to align with, and anchor, the change. And in the meantime, it’s about embracing and loving the colorful process, while keeping on top of remaining balanced for well being.

That brings me back to the interesting “waking” dream of two nights ago. When a significant dream shows up, I feel drawn to acknowledge and document it, as layers continue to reveal themselves in that process. I’m still deciphering and interpreting this one, as there can be many meanings to it. However, where the journey of exploring some of the symbolism took me, was very interesting. And while they may not be “the” meaning, they definitely are shedding some insight I was meant to see in the process.

Whether this actually happened (I believe so), or was simply a symbolic journey, I have had many dreams where really positive work is taking place that helps to shift my vibration, physically remove obstructions in my ethereal/physical body, assist in new upgrades, downloads, and spiritual surgery. Then waking up remembering, physically feeling the shift, or sometimes waking in the process of a physical purge to remove the old. All of which has always been hugely beneficial and of course only happens because I choose so.

Wednesday night’s dream was one of these.

It still lingers quite clearly for me, so I know I am to remember. I recall I was to have a procedure done (which was multi-layered in effect) and was being escorted in some sort of a facility where something was going to take place with my brain and crown chakra, connected with higher self. It was a small place..seems like I remember darkness in the doorways behind, but the rooms were lit..smallish, square rooms. I was taken into one for some kind of scanning of my brain and what I recognized to be not only similar to receiving a CAT scan, but then some sort of surgery thereafter.

I do not remember the procedure itself, but remember after it, my head was bald and I had this sense of “rewiring” haven taken place and feeling refreshed. I don’t remember leaving the facility, but do then remember being escorted to another place to recuperate and rest/integrate after it. There were several around me, leading me to this larger towering structure that felt otherworldly, although reminded me of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah luxury hotel in Dubai. I was taken to the highest and, what I heard them say, was the best room in the entire facility. This is where I was to rest and renew from the procedure and felt I might be there a while.

This place was vast, expansive, and very light and pure in energy. It was to be my home for a while and did feel very much like that. A place of transition and renewal. How long I was to be there, I’m not sure, as I never saw the end of it, but I remember feeling like a child in terms of explorative, high energy, although with all my accumulated soul knowledge. Of course I was feeling fine and wanted to be up and about, but was told I was to rest and stay off my feet. Interestingly, my mom was in the dream, but felt more like her presence, energy, rather than the her now. And she was there to see that I’d get my rest as prescribed in order for the changes to take root. I had a lot of pure, vibrant, active energy, but I was needing to just relax and so she told me so and took me to the large bed of white sheets by the expansive windows, and tucked me in (much like she had when I was growing up).

This room had wall to wall windows with an amazing view of water all around, although didn’t feel like an ocean necessarily, but more like rivers and lakes. There seemed to be different passageways in the water that went off in different directions from the main source. The way this building was positioned, was like at the center of it all…the nucleus. There was a sense of motion, although not sure that things were actually moving.

After my mom tucked me in and went off to do things, I remember a smallish white cat appearing and jumping on the bed to lay with me. Her body directly against mine and with half of her body across mine. When I say smallish, I don’t mean like a normal small cat…I mean smallish in comparison to a large adult jaguar, which I then realized this cat was. She was white with black spots and I knew it was a wild cat. Much larger than a domestic cat, but smaller than a full grown wild cat. I’d say she was likely about three feet long.

At first I thought her an odd cat, when I’d only briefly watched her appear and then make her way to me. But I soon realized she was no ordinary cat, and in fact was a small white jaguar. It had kind of a thinner sleek coat, but then later I remember these very plush paws on me and some areas that reminded me of the snow leopards and their thicker coats. But I believe it was evidence of it being a younger jaguar and still having more of that plushy baby’s coat.

The dream ends, well at least from where my memory leaves me of details, at me laying in bed recuperating with my white jaguar companion nuzzled into me. She was very loving and playful and was going to be watching over me.

I started this share off with “what a difference a night can make,” which I’ll now expound on.

I mentioned how I’d been in an off place and feeling out of sorts, as well as some disillusionment and sadness, but when I woke up the next morning (yesterday) I was feeling like something had lifted and felt new invigoration and renewed peace/optimism. It carried forth throughout the day, and continues today, and I acknowledged it directly was related to this dream. On top of that, the weather shifted the same day I felt this refreshing switch flip on, going from the daily, so-very-hot 90’s (hard to work at home without an a/c) to cooling down to high 70’s and low to mid 80’s between then and now.

So this was an interesting reflection of the internal and external mirroring and balancing out.

But of course I’ve been exploring the personal meaning for me of this dream and saw the reflections of things I’ve been feeling and even mentioned above, including foreshadowing big change, transmutation, turning within, and even a physical transition, as I felt like me, but not the me now – an expanded, reinvigorated version.

Everyone will have their own interpretations, but remember that the meaning of most importance is what resonates for you.

I’m not going to go into all of what I’ve received personally here, but I will explore one aspect of the dream, which is the white jaguar and the interesting places it took me.

I’m very connected to animals, as you may already know, but I’m also very connected to jaguar energy. Afterall, I wear two as my own sacred tattoos (one each on my left and right ankles – a male and a female) – representing the ways I walk through life. Coincidentally, when I hike, I feel very much like a jaguar especially on downhills and have noted this often.

I found it interesting that in the last few months I’ve had significant dreams with one very connected animal showing up, and they turn out to be Nestor’s essence. I’m guessing this jaguar was too.

But a white jaguar!? This is very new to me, as mostly the ones I’ve associated with are black. So I really wasn’t sure of the meaning, other than knowing what white can usually symbolize, such as purity, cleansing, innocence, clarity, new beginnings, wholeness, truth, enlightenment, awakening, and protection.

However, the journey of exploring this revealed an interesting web of a story for me, along with interesting thoughts on the symbolism. Some of which I knew, and much I did not. I’ll only concentrate on the symbolism that stood out and spoke to me in relation to the personal meanings from my dream, rather than expound on all of the jaguar symbolism, which you can Google for yourself.

White cats represent heightened spiritual awareness and “cats”, in general, represent feminine power, esoteric knowledge, and spiritual guardianship. White cats also symbolize tender love that you feel for a person and dreaming of them can signify good luck in creativity and spiritual matters.

Of course jaguars are sacred to the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas and I have strong ancient ties to Mayan and Incan times. Supposedly, jaguar women were known to be at the “top of the pyramid of power” and the jaguar symbolizes getting “to the heart” of things – Mayan art depicts jaguars as holding the human heart.

Interestingly, white, more than black, is often traditionally associated with death in many cultures around the world, as well as mourning. These are cultures where death means the end of one life and the beginning of another. So this moving forward to a new experience of life could be symbolic of completion of a cycle in life, or referencing an actual transition into the eternal soul life beyond this particular life.

Interesting that a lot of “white” clothing has been drawing me to wear it recently. Actually, lol, I’m wearing a white tank top and white shorts right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

But these changes can be about new travels ahead, a physical move to a new home or area, change in career direction, and new relationships.

White is also considered sacred to certain gods and is associated with the male/yang energy. Black is the female/yin energy – this I knew.

White was the symbol of the soul, especially in Egypt. It was also the color of the great serpent. To Norse the white worm was the one chewing the tree of life, Fafnir.

Jaguar medicine carries clarity of vision and the ability to “see” the roads within chaos and understand the patterns of chaos. It has the ability to face fears and to move without fear in the darkness. Because of its very keen vision, they can move into unknown places and see beyond what the physical eyes perceive, which speaks to psychic vision. This is where their association with getting to the heart of things comes from, as their ability to see during the night imparts their ability to look into the depths and shadows of the human heart. And with the binocular vision that cats have to have each eye work itself independently, this offers depth of perception and to see with balanced perception.

They also carry shape shifting energy, herald deep soul work, and personal empowerment as you reclaim your power. Jaguars share with you the foreknowledge of things to come.

In Mayan mythology, the jaguar was the ruler of the Underworld, night sun, and darkness. The Mayans built temples to the jaguar god, as it was second in the pantheon only to the serpent god. There is a Temple of the Jaguar at Chichen Itza, which I only make note of because last night’s dream took me to Cancun, Mexico where Chichen Itza is, as well as specifically named Playa del Carmen (love when I get specifics in dreams), which is directly across from Cozumel and where I’ve taken buses from to get to Tulum. So the Mayan energy ties of this area were prevalent in dream time. (this will make sense as I continue)

This seemed also to be a continuation dream to the jaguar symbolism and where it led me in my explorations today, AFTER both dreams. Also interesting to note is that the temples in Cancun I’ve visited three times in this life, which is one of the most repeat travel areas I’ve journeyed to in this life.

To Mayans, the jaguar’s spotted skin represents the stars shining in the night sky, perhaps speaking to the illumination they provide when you embrace the integrative journey into the darkness. ย The Mayans saw jaguar as the earth father, calling him “Jaguar Sun” – the hidden sun – that reigned over the animals and all that is sacred on earth.

The Mayan word for Jaguar is “Ix”, pronounced ‘eesh’. And here took another personal twist.

You can calculate your Mayan sacred glyph (astrological sign) in terms of “count” (for example “Tzolkin”). In terms of the Tzolkin calendar I’m “Caban” or “Red Earth”. But, in terms of the “Dreamspell” calendar that Jose Arguelles created in 1987 through a reinterpretation of the Mayan cycles in a modern context to get an energetic map or “Galactic signature”, I am “Ix” or the “White Cosmic Wizard”. I have connected with the meaning and energetic signature of both, hence I wear both sacred glyphs on my skin as sacred tattoos, but I have always felt an inner resonance with “Ix” placing the glyph on my throat chakra, as the empowered way I uniquely and creatively expressive myself.

Herein lies the connection, as the sign “Ix” is represented by the jaguar, as shared above.

Without going into all of the symbolism of “Ix”, this particular connection seemed key and of course represents the same things above about prophecy, clairvoyance and the ability to see in the dark like jaguars. Is it no wonder, I shared that physical vision is the sense I would be willing to give up if I had to choose, as I feel I truly “see” without my eyes.

Anyway, to take this Mayan thread a bit further, I also wear the Mayan Moon Goddess, “Ix Chel”, at my heart chakra as a tattoo (she’s often depicted holding a rabbit, which my image does – some saying this may depict a YOUTHFULย Ix Chel) Long story on that connection, but when looking at white jaguar symbolism I came across this interesting information that tied this in as well.

She’s also a jaguar goddess by her name and is often depicted with jaguar claws instead of hands, and sometimes a jaguar pelt – it is said that this is the AGED version of Ix Chel. Hmmmm…

It’s assumed that if the name was of Yucatan origin, then “chel” could mean “rainbow.” Sometimes she’s called “Lady Rainbow” or “White Goddess”.

In the stories told of Ix Chel, it is said she bore the Sun God four “jaguar” sons/gods that moved through the night unseen. The story also shares that she spent many nights on her sacred island of Cozumel supporting and protecting women through their pregnancies and childbirth – a bridge for birth and rebirth. In the early 16th century, Maya women would travel to the sanctuary of Ix Chel on the island of Cozumel, which was considered the most important place of pilgrimage after Chichen Itza, seeking blessings of a fruitful marriage. The smaller island, Isla Mujeres, that is north of Cozumel (Island of Women), was devoted to the worship of Ix Chel.

What does it all mean? I’m piecing that together still, but it definitely is fascinating to connect dots and explore the rich depths that come through what may seem like nothing but a wild dream.

And for me, I in fact know this dream also DID take place on another dimensional plane, as the sensations and feelings are carried vividly and felt strongly in the present.

Again, feeling like a full circle spiral taking place in my life, as it is my Mayan remembrances that flooded in for me many, many years ago, which was a catalyst for one of the huge leaps in my spiritual journey and started to unravel the web. And having it come through this little “dreamspell” – pun intended ๐Ÿ˜‰ – was quite interesting.

Now I get to connect the dots and follow where ever the journey takes me, in what ever form that is to be in, having that peaceful knowingness from my dream of being protected, assisted, and watched over for the transitions to come.

Oh, what a beautiful web we weave, when first we practice to perceive. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency โ€“ in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Mari Braveheart-Dances

    I am thrilled for you with this dream gift. Truly beautifully given. I have had the sense while awake that I’m in water/the ocean. There are “waves” of energy I see and sense sometimes – the other day I sat in my house experiencing this. I feel that there is a place, world between worlds, where we’re under water yet also breathing air. I wonder if you were in such a similar place for your surgery and healing. – Also, sometimes people wear white clothes only to receive healing, as it is believed that healing spirits/energies work more easily with white clothing than dark. It is a powerful dream and great gift you’ve been given, and I can see you soaking in the energy right, left, and sideways. – The change coming is being helped by your dreams, awarenesses, and willingness to follow your path as an instinctual being, wherever it leads. I can see how Gaia, Nestor, and Joy are figuring in to your support hugely at this time – what sweet, strong, sure teachers and friends! Sending Peace and Love, Mari

    • thank you mari! interesting about your feelings of being in the water. i am feeling that flow in the vertigo sensations that take place, but also simply in the gentle easing off of realities to be in that nebulous motion that is not fixed. thank you for the additional “white” insights and love. it will be interesting to see what continues to evolve. love and peace!

  2. i certainly don’t wish that humanity and this planet be with out your beautiful presence….I know I’ve never met you in person, but I know you are such a special person and a blessing of a soul. So uplifting and inspirational. But you are clearly you are on you personal journey and your evolved and pure being is riding the waves of change with grace and beauty. Lot’s of love to you! <3! ~Mia

    • aw you are incredibly sweet mia. i am so grateful for you and our connection and what you share here really warms my heart. thank you for being here at this time on earth. you’re love is making such a huge difference. i’m not sure what everything i’ve been experiencing means, and it may be simply a major life shift into a new experience here, but i assure you that where ever i am, and i believe the same for anyone committed to supporting earth, will, and do, continue the work just from a different place. ๐Ÿ˜‰ lots of love to you too! โค

  3. oops, I mean: “But you are clearly on your own personal journey”…..

  4. Tania. I had set this aside this morning so I could read it later in the day. It was worth the wait. So full of embracing and reassuring love for you. So many shifts taking place. Seeing in the darkness and knowing the path to take amidst the chaos. There’s allot going on in this exquisite dream you described. Whatever the outcome I know that you will be exactly where you need to be and prepared as well as fortified for the next steps. You are open and vulnerable. You are strong and pure. You are powerful and tender. I am with you and your dear animal companions (family) in energetically supporting this beautiful and potent gooey transmutation taking place. Much love and I so appreciate this share. Always learn new things. It reminds me of my dream somewhat back in March I had that led to the changes I’ve made. I’ll be following along as you feel inclined to share this gift of change, integration and transcendence. Love you bunches Dawn

    • wow, i so appreciate all of this dawn, more than i can express. thank you, thank you! truly grateful for your loving support and presence, as i know you can understand and relate to so much.

      yes, there is an energetic resonance with your dream before your changes and all that you were moving through. i know we go through many changes throughout our lives, but some are much bigger than others catapulting us into new levels of experience indeed. currently, these are those kind of really life-altering ones that we are experiencing.

      i’m still piecing together a lot, but one main thing i did take away from the dream was a message of spiritual rebirth. like wiping the slate clean and being rewired inside and out for the next leg of the journey.

      i didn’t mention in the post that there is a cosmic family presence with this all, extraterrestrial in nature, that is assisting and where it was that i was taken to be supported.

      i have been feeling lately that my original mission is complete and now it’s time to move into the next phase with is even more aligned with essence and bringing me back more to who i really am – the emanation that is in a human body.

      i think you’ll appreciate this. as mentioned, the spiritual rebirth was the main message received, and of course i had all those interesting mayan connections that unraveled. well, yesterday when i went out, i was drawn to put on a ring. i looked at my rings and this one particular one stood out, which i haven’t worn in ages, literally years. so i put it on and saw that it is the one i had engraved with a saying: ka a yaan tah. i couldn’t remember what it meant, but it was at the beginning of a journey for me back in like 2003/4 or so. i looked it up and of course what do you think it means?

      it is mayan for “to be reborn” ๐Ÿ˜‰ wow is all i could say to myself.

      love you and sending a big hug

  5. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    This beautiful, honest and vulnerable share from Tania Marie touches on so many aspects that are happening to people around the world during these times of great change. I love how Tania fearlessly embraces the messages and is so open hearted and vulnerable to the changes processing and the transformation that is coming personally for her. She embraces the symbolism and incorporates intuitively with great love what it means to her. Lovely

  6. I love what you expounded on in your reply to post. Squealing with delight. I just love the pieces tha come into play to help bring clarity where needed with a big underline and exclamation point!

    I had a sense what you were hinting at in the original post regarding the extra terrestrial presence. It sounds like your whole light body, layers between and within were tuned to not just a higher frequency but a whole new type of frequency. I know of the connections all of the ancient civilizations had with the extra terrestrials. Incan. Mayan. Egyptian Maori. All indigenous cultures were connected to their star brothers and sisters. This sounds like a exciting leap for you. I so appreciate your invincible spirit and the peer and love you hold. Oxox. Dawn

    • Peer is supposed to be POWER :-).

    • thank you dawn! and i love your delightful squeals!! lol. i can just hear them. so fun!

      it really is all so fascinating to walk through. i figured you might have read between the lines of what i was sharing. ๐Ÿ˜‰ that’s exactly what it feels like is taking place…a whole new frequency, which is happening for many of us to assist the next phase.

      yep, we are definitely remembering and embracing that relationship we have had with our origins, awakening the library of knowledge within our dna.

      btw, i had another pretty fascinating dream just two nights ago. i may blog about it along with the tie-ins that i shared with you. there is SO much happening right now in the collective energy field!

      love you!

  7. I look forward to hearing more as the dreamscape proceeds! love you too.

  8. I love it. I had just read something I wrote September 17 when I saw yours White Jaguar, and they went together. If you want a copy of my side of it, please text / 207-231-2498.

    I donโ€™t use or check my email anymore .

    Camp Satyagraha Staff

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