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My Own Little Private Idaho

I’ve been enjoying a very mellow, nurturing, and productive birthday week and all the while being grateful for the peace I’ve cultivated in my life. Part of that has come through the focus on creating balance and part of that has been a commitment to changing the patterns that really never were who I am, while putting boundaries in place that honor my needs and well being.

I’m extra grateful for this sense of peace, as the outer world increasingly throws around a lot of chaos. It helps me not only to manage my energy and not become debilitated or controlled, but it supports my ability to hold anchor for others, and have the energy reserves to send out and share with the collective.

The weather has been beautiful, although warm for this time of year, so I’ve enjoyed solo ski days and even a lovely walk down to the lake.

I enjoy and desire my own alone time so much so that I carve it out in any way I can outside of the times I spend otherwise.

For instance, on my birthday I went skiing and as I was preparing to head on the first lift I noticed this man looking at me and smiling as if he knew me. I smiled, but went on my way. I guess he got on a few chairs behind me. At the top I had to get to the next lift. I was waiting for a few people to get on the chair when someone comes swishing quickly up to my side. It was the man. I immediately didn’t like the feeling, as I sensed he wanted to ride with me and his energy was overbearing and like he ran the show. I don’t ride these two lifts with anyone, as they’re long rides of 10 minutes each and there’s never a need to because there’s no line. It’s also my favorite thing to do, because it’s so meditational. I especially wasn’t going to ride with someone on my birthday when I specifically chose to do this for my own little private Idaho time with nature.

Anyway, he proceeds to point at me and then to himself and says, “you and me?”

I immediately reply, “I’d rather go by myself, thanks.”

His reaction was one of like I should have felt privileged, although it was his way of covering up that he felt rejected – an ego blow.

He went quickly ahead of me and I waited for the next chair.

When I got on, I noticed that his chair was #69 and mine was #70. That put me in a chair that equaled 7, which matched my new birthday 7 year cycle I was entering.

This is the kind of experience that speaks to truth and boundaries, but how kindness truly is inherit in truth. I was kind to myself and my needs and kind in not being false to this man who obviously had other agendas on his mind.

It’s always a balancing act, but with mindfulness we can make highest good decisions from a grounded and centered place.

The temperatures do keep oscillating, just as the world scene does, so I take advantage of every day and opportunity…never pushing off what I can do right now and never giving away my power when I can embrace it today.

This is part of my life balance I am committed to and it extends to how I navigate even the mundane things in my life.

No more pushing or trying to cram as much in as possible out of some sense of needing to attain something false.

I embrace what I can and I flow with the rest.

One of the ways in which I’ve added to that peace, is discovering what I’ve now come to call “my own little private Idaho” while skiing.

My Own Private Idaho is the name of an older movie from 1991, and although it is a story of embarking on a journey of personal self discovery, there’s not really any other reason that would connect why I’ve adopted this name other than I like the reference to something “my own” and the reflection of the vast, expansive, solitude of some of the scenes in Idaho within the film.

It just came to me instantly when I created the space I did and it adds another layer to that peace I keep anchoring in my life – finding ways, that no matter what’s going on around me I can always create my own reality.

What it means literally is I’ve discovered a way to have peace while skiing, so I’m not in the midst of a bunch of people zooming around me and I don’t have to be on high alert all the time. I’ve carved out the most beautiful space where I get to immerse in nature, have downloads come through, experience expansive openings, and make skiing even something more to look forward to, while I continue to cultivate my experience.

So much so, I’ve continued doing my solo skiing while Dave has been away and it’s been my meditational time up high on the mountain with beautiful views all around me and flocked tree tops that whisper secrets.

And speaking of whispers…the above photo I took on my birthday is from the front yard where I have iris and daffodil bulbs planted that come up each year. The last two years my lilac irises have shown up miraculously for my birthday. This year they are slightly delayed, but as you can see I have some babies about to blossom.

This is just one of several bunches that have sprouted and I imagine within the next week I’ll see the first ones peaking their heads out.

Their timing, although slightly delayed from the last two years by a week or two, is still pretty normal to previous years. For this year, the delay feels like a perfect pause and that oscillation I spoke of where there just seems to be a little more incubation time needed before jumping ahead.

This photo of my plants sprouting creates such a sweet little bed mixture of cultivation and wild. It also feels like a little piece of peace for the in between and from the depths of winter’s slumber, new life emerges.

I can’t remember if I’ve written about this in a blog post, but I’ve been talking about it with people around me. Oh, actually it was part of a theme and space I held in the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum for the souls that have been moving on in large numbers these days both in human and animal bodies. In any event, what some of us had been noting is how the circle of souls transitioning seems to be closing in tight, increasingly.

Whereas before it seemed people were passing that we may have known of remotely, or through someone, or grew up watching on tv, or very far family removed, some of us noted in our personal lives, that that no longer was the case. People were directly connected or once-removed. And many of them without any warning. Just out of the blue.

This may not be the case for everyone, but a few of us were experiencing this at high rates and it’s added to the energy we need to navigate, but also brought the experience of death more tangible. In my feeling, to help us understand eternal existence and that life and death are but two sides of the same coin. Again, the dance of duality very loudly playing out. It also speaks to me of the energies lining up in ways that support the next phase unfolding…some of that being a rearranging of souls on and off Earth.

We had recently lost very close friends we grew up with that were like family or aunts and uncles out of the blue. And they were just two of many more.

To add to this, I just got some shocking news yesterday that a dear friend of mine since about 2005, transitioned on the eve of my birthday.

This would make the second death of someone close to me falling on my birthday – my paternal grandma and now this friend.

While I say shocking, on the one hand transitions happening out of the blue these days I do understand very deeply in the grand scheme of what is unfolding energetically. It was just more surprising because of the fact that there was no indication of anything being wrong, we had just spoken, and it aligned with my birthday.

I don’t take these things lightly, as when something happens so connected with me, I pay attention. So, I was filled with chills in receiving the news and will be taking time to integrate it all.

He had just emailed me in the morning to wish me happy birthday and I messaged him back…then he passed that same evening to the shock of everyone.

I’m sending huge supportive love and energy to his family and friends, as he was a beloved soul to many. He and I shared a spiritual connection that has been very special over the years. I’m also going to be tuning in more with him to see what he has to share.

So, I’m extra present around gratitude for the peace I’ve carved out in my life, as it definitely supports me in holding space for these kinds of things, for the people it affects, and for just navigating it all.

I feel that cultivating your own little private Idaho in any and/or all areas of your life can truly be a life saver and in these wild times, doesn’t really feel to be a luxury. We need that sense of peace in order to maintain momentum in other directions.

I continue to have harmony and peace as my motivators. It’s not to me about the extremes of feelings…so while joy and happiness, and all those ecstatic bliss experiences can be nice…they’re fleeting and not sustainable. Just as we also wouldn’t and likely couldn’t always be in a space of sadness, anger, and resentment. Peace provides us the ability to move in and out of experiences and always know our way back.

It’s that balance that unifies and harmonizes.

On a lighter note, thank you to Astrid for peeking out and shifting things through her peaceful anchor. She’s been nudging my ankles and feet while writing this post. Let me just add a huge burst of gratitude to her, as it bears noting. Astrid has been an increasingly powerful partner in all of my energy work lately. She actually just nudged my ankle while I wrote that! LOL! She’s been coming behind me like Nestor would, and nosing the backs of both of my ankles when I do Reiki Healing Attunements. This infusion of her and my energy together has been extra potent. She’s always helped, but she’s been much more physically engaged than doing it energetically alone. I so love and appreciate her!

Okay, so now that I shared that very important acknowledgment, if you think Astrid looks curious in the above photo, she too is enjoying all the new founded peace we’ve been cultivating together, but also has an announcement about our new:

Curiosities Corner of Curated Items

We’ll let you explore, but as you may notice, we’ve been anchoring some pages of offerings, one-by-one on our site where you can explore things like workshops, magickal, and power pieces that align with your timing and readiness.

Eventually we’ll be doing a makeover of our site, but that’s still down the road. In the meantime the Curiosities Corner has several very unique and special pieces to include hand-crafted enchanted beings, original paintings, framed prints, and crystal singing bowls. At least that’s to start…and may grow in time.

You can read all about these and how they’ve gone through interesting journeys nearly finding new homes, but hanging around for the perfect alignments.

Also, some people said the new:

Spring Fae Magick Bundles page

wasn’t loading fully for them. I hope that wasn’t the case for everyone. It should be fine, but if you haven’t gone there to explore, it’s a space you’ll discover some bundles of crystals, nature, and other magickal little things Astrid, the Fae, and I put together very specifically chosen and prepared with energies for the now. All of the details on each bundle is included there, just as on the Curiosities Corner page.

I’m trying to not have that info taking over my blog posts, so each page is its own story.

Today is the last day to register for the:

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I may open it up another time down the road, but I’m keeping the energetics of the group for now aligned with current messages that will come through.

We did sell out of the extra Perspective hat (I was wearing in my last birthday blog) and apparently it was well received, so I’m putting in an order for a few more (this is the only way to get it is by contacting me). If you’re interested in it, I can get it in red as was seen, but also hot pink, a creamy off-white, royal blue, green, brown, or navy.

Sending out peaceful energy and hoping that peace will fill your hearts a little more each day. We have to want it and work toward it though. It’s not something that happens on its own.

Celebrating My Last Birthday in My Forties

Yep, this is the end cycle before the big 5-0 next year and I truly don’t have any concept of what that actually means except a number. All I know is that life is what I make it and for me, it’s getting extra juicy in terms of feeling like finally things I felt as a little girl are actualizing into reality. The potentials are limitless from where I go from here. The same goes for us all.

The above photo is me celebrating in T style and wearing my new “Perspective” Trucker Hat that arrived in time for the birthday bunny girl bash – that is, a party of me and three fur babies.

I made one extra and added it to The Enchanted Realms Collection page, as a ready-to-ship item that can’t be found in The Magick Rabbit Zazzle Store. So, that’s the first surprise for today. (UPDATE SOLD)

There are a few items only available through me like the hat, tote bags, and keepsake box. So if you love this happy hat as much as I do, and enjoy adventuring through life from new perspectives, you can hop onto the page link above and grab it for yourself. I deleted all the ready-to-ship items that were sold, to make it easy to navigate. Some people have gone straight to the store online to purchase, but remember if you would rather not wait, you can order the items on my page and they’ll go out immediately.

And speaking of bunnies, but also in line with the double pairs I and others have seen in the last couple of days….look at this sweet duo!

It was a little birthday gifty surprise from Dave before he headed out, found in the car glove compartment.

I’m really loving this union of two that continues confirming and reflecting key themes of how duality exists within unity and finding common ground as a team.

And looky here at this faery cake!

My dad baked me a vegan carrot cake with faery dust sparkle all over its AMAZING light and creamy icing! YUM!

The top reminds me of what Cosmic dreams are made of.

A burst of weeeeee for sure!

And speaking of weeeeee, this new cycle activates a 7 personal year for me, which is so in alignment with how things have been flowing.

That means more quiet is a-comin’ for this Pisces girl, a new devotional way of life, potential for fast strides towards goals and visions, making headway with any obstacles that may have been there, more life-altering spiritual experiences, new dimensions of depth and meaning integrated in all areas of life, growing in ways I didn’t even know would happen, uncovering deeper purpose, and expecting some unexpected transformations through reflection and focused energy. It will look one way outwardly with a lot actually coming together inwardly to emerge next cycle.

At least, that’s the energy potential of this cycle igniting…and so far it feels like this is the track I’ve jumped on. I’m curious to see how it will actually unfold.

So, now onto the second surprise for today. I love sharing surprises with others even when it’s my birthday….what a gift!

Astrid and I were able to get our sparkly offerings up just in time to celebrate! And, we were floored when there ended up being 7 to offer! That’s right, 7 to match my 7 year.

So without further ado, I’ll let you explore the page below of items hand-chosen to support your own experience of creative potential.

Spring Fae Magick Bundles

Could there be more surprises upcoming? Why of course! I live for surprises!

In the meantime, don’t forget to make a wish! Even if it’s not your birthday, every day you can make as many wishes as you want. The more you do from your creative heart and imagination, the more you invite potential to dance with you.

I share my birthday candles with you, to invite your own visionary to dream up fantastical possibilities into being!

What might I have wished for?

A rabbit faery never tells hehe!!

Thank you to all of you for the love and support you have so generously shared with me. I am one blessed girl who’s grateful, grateful, GRATEFUL! I love you!

Now off for some private celebrations. There’s a rabbit queen I have much mischief to share with and a kitty prince and princess that want in on some of the action too.

Creatorship of Choice

A lot of things have been in motion and shifting since Twosday in the micro and macro worlds. And here at the Forest Portal things have been soft, but stirring. 2/22/2022 brought in our third snow storm, leaving a new blanket of white over the snow that still hasn’t melted since our huge December storms. We got nearly a foot by us and at the tops of the mountains there was just under two feet of extra coverage.

I’m fascinated by the oscillating back and forth between melting and feeling like Spring to dropping temps fast and pulling the snow blankets back over, as it feels reflective of the collective pendulum that continues to swing. It also feels reflective of there being a need for more inside action before fully throwing ourselves into things out there.

There’s no doubt a continuation of contrasting experiences with both intensities rising and relief flowing is still playing out.

The above photo was sunset on the 23rd, reminding me of an all-seeing golden eye peering through the veils.

This next photo was the morning of 2/22/2022 with everything reduced to nearly black and white, which is the dance the collective is currently playing out quite masterfully.

However, I do see the shades of gray within this contrast and this still remains the field of potential we individually get to create in.

Creatorship has been a word that keeps popping into my head. And something I shared in our recent Collective Energy Dynamics Forum for February was how I sense that any choice we make is truly of the highest rather than there being the feeling or idea of right or wrong, better or worse…

While everyone’s experience will be different, I still do feel that there’s a stable energy of peace anchoring and available to us that will be integrated more fully and create realization that anything you choose will be for your best. Pressure around choice is tethered to the old or conditioned behaviors, rather than flowing freely from truth and creating from pure potential.

Interestingly, about a week ago Dave and I saw two huge ravens peacefully sitting wing-to-wing on a branch. We both remarked not having seen that before.

Then Thursday, the 23rd, I saw two bald eagles peacefully sitting side-by-side on a tree limb. Again, something I had never seen before. I’ve seen more than one eagle in a day, but not this partnership anchored in harmony.

And the next morning, on the 24th, my mom texted saying that she saw two large hawks out her window peacefully sitting side-by-side. Again, she stated it was nothing she’d ever seen before.

It’s not that two avian beings don’t ever sit together, but to actually see these moments and so many of them for the first time within a small window, all feel important…promising…reflective of achieving new creative potentials…. highlighting teamwork and finding common ground….perhaps even reiterating how duality exists within unity.

Birthday celebrations have already been in motion here. I always feel the energy shift before my birthday kicks in and this year is no exception. I’m on my own for a week, which feels connected to all the transformation I’ve been undergoing from the inside out – supportive for my own peaceful anchoring.

I even stepped out solo to ski, which of course as you all know, is a huge deal. Yes, T is a “big girl skier now!” as a dear friend texted to me.

I have a lot on my radar to do over the next days and weeks, but you can bet I’ll be immersed in this new cycle’s energy and what it means for me and looks like. I like to be ever-present with what’s coming through me, as I know it’s mostly subtle and when I’m present I am able to hear and act upon those feelings that would otherwise be ignored.

With everything unfolding all around us worldwide, there’s never been more underscoring to the statement, “tend to your inner world and make sure your cup is full.”

That’s my continued plan for this “me” time.

This weekend, perhaps even on my birthday if things align for us (Astrid, me and our rabbit family in the stars), I may have the magickal offerings available so keep a rabbit ear perked and a twitching nose and whiskers raised to the energetic waves.

In the meantime, don’t forget that the end of this month, February 28th is the registration cut-off for the Empowerment Series of online workshops coming in March. Everyday Reiki, The Magick of Sound & Transcending Duality are the featured topics and yep, I’m excited. Can you guess which are standouts?

You can register here: Empowerment Series

Also, remember that Reiki Certification Training is also open for registration

Twosday, Two Mutable Girls & Twonifying a New Chapter

Some are calling this day, 2/22/2022, Twosday since it falls on a Tuesday and showcases repetitive two’s. That’s a mega load of 2 vibes in high dose of divine feminine energy (think the second card in Tarot – the High Priestess) and sheer manifestation of (no surprise here, given the loud themes pervading) duality at its finest.

Messaging seems to point at weighing all sides, looking for common ground, and working toward unification as we focus more on stillness, inner illumination, and the hidden being revealed if you’re willing to look within and trust what whispers from the mysterious depths.

Key words: harmony, cooperation, and balance.

But numerology always asks us to reduce numbers so if you add 2/22/2022 it gives you 12 and then that reduces to 3. Three just happens to be my birth number as well, when reduced.

I love how before you get the 3, you have 12…so the numbers are in sequence…1….2….3. Things falling into place, step-by-step, cycling through in stages, things being on track and divinely unfolding, and signaling the entering into of a new beginning that includes expanding into more boundless creative self-expression.

And speaking of boundless creative self-expression, take a look at Astrid and her new markings she’s manifesting on her fur.

Hmmm! What could it be?

I feel they are still morphing, but once again she’s using her fur as a messaging system to bring through codes for these stages we keep entering into.

She even has a triangle forming at her crown that points down to her third eye.

Nestor once manifested a triangle in the same spot – a super clear one – I wish I could find the photo, but the timing of her doing it was also connected to a significant part of our journeys together. Both Astrid and Nestor are my only rabbit companions who have had this ability to bring through symbols on their spiritual fur as way of communicating and embodying codes and messaging. It’s no wonder I did this in my own way with my sacred tattoos, creating Spiritual Skin.

Triangles are the number 3 personified. They merge duality into a transcendent state of unification.

Triangles, or pyramids, are powerful symbols that focus energy and represent manifestation, enlightenment, and revelation. It’s no wonder the ancient Egyptians connected pyramids to the higher realms, to the Sun’s descending rays (solar luminescence), to eternal life, to primordial energy, and pointing to a cosmic gateway or access point.

It’s no surprise this transcendent state and portal has been our main focus lately – Astrid and me, that is.

Astrid is a Virgo and I am a Pisces.

Virgo and Pisces are contrasting opposites on the astrological wheel, but that is what also makes them/us perfect counterpart halves of a whole.

Each are mutable – mutable Earth and mutable Water – and each are therefore capable of going with the flow in different ways, relative to their elements.

Virgo can channel practical and natural magick and Pisces swims in the world of supernatural magick.

We are two mutable girls merging two into one – a third point that is both and more.

Our own version of a pyramid we are building together as a team.

And teamwork is the way we, as a collective, are going to weave a new experience into being too.

The two of us girls are twonifying a new chapter – unifying by way of alchemizing both (two) contrasting parts of ourselves within and without into harmony in order to begin writing a new chapter that takes us into the realm of infinite potential.

And I mean that quite literally…the writing.

From the vortex of our merged hearts we share with you the seeds of potential.

May all possibilities be open to you.

The photo above is from my first of two, this lifetime, sacred journeys in Egypt – both in 2007. I thought it was the perfect accompaniment to the energy of this blog post having me standing between the pyramids.

A “3” energy embodiment – me – between two “3” energy pyramids = triple 3 cosmic dance of creation.


Keep an eye out for some sweet Spring bundles to support your own experience of creative potential. I think they might blossom on or around my “rebirth” Saturday.


Curiously, our third blow in of weather came as 2/22/2022 rolled around – quite a bit of fresh snow we have since just before the clock struck Twosday and continuing.

It’s So Amazing Here…at the Edge of Boundlessness

Breathe in the expanse.

Nature helps to revitalize your soul and heighten your sense of aliveness.

As boundlessly creative as nature is, so too is your innate state.

Stir the pot of curiosity and play in the field of possibility more.

There is a whole new potential awaiting your command.

(Photos and message inspired by these vistas from our 8 mile hike up the mountain yesterday)

Little Bits Of Magick That Blow In & Ever-Evolving Surprises – Hint: The Reiki Portal Is Open

As the week winds down I wanted to send a little magick to you for a touch of inspiration and added infusion of hope and wonder, as I know many of you have been navigating some rough patches lately. I know it can be a wild rides these days, but I can feel the impetus of change and things releasing in the underbelly of it all.

I’ve been pretty immersed in stuff over here, but it all feels tied into that release happening and making way for the new.

In the meantime, pure little bits of wonder consistently blow in, highlighting the bits of magick going on behind the scenes that I feel.

This included these incredible, perfect specimens…two tiny snowflakes.

As I mentioned in my last post, it snowed for the first time since our December storms on Valentine’s night and then gently through the 15th as well. We took advantage of the new powder with a ski day, which turned out to be a gift because the mountain was quiet. It turned out that most people weren’t drawn to skiing in the snowy and much colder conditions than our Spring warmth we’ve been having – all the better for people like me who prefer the silence.

Upon returning to the car and sitting down, these two little flakes came to rest on the seat between my legs. If you can believe it, they were literally only 1/16 of an inch in size, but you could see them so clearly even without having to take a close up photo!

Two beautiful cosmic light codes within water molecules forming ice crystals that floated in like snow faeries upon the breeze.

Those ice crystals forming in the sky were echoed again when we came upon this sun dog over a moonscape with a white wolf-looking dog on the 5th of February, just before the transcendent experience the next day that I shared about in my last blog.

Interesting that last month I captured a moon dog for the Wolf Moon and this month there was a sun dog a week and a half before the Snow Moon.

In both cases, it’s interesting that they each reflected the Moon Tarot card that depicts a dog and a wolf. January having both the “dog” and “moon” symbolism in it and February having a double “dog” in it – the sun dog and our dear friend’s dog who actually looks like a white wolf.

We were on an awesome trek that day in Spring-like weather doing a trail others don’t normally think of doing in the Winter, which gifted us having the whole wilderness to ourselves, again.

And stumbling upon wise beings like this incredible, elder juniper tree hidden in the forest, as we forged a trail:

Once again, the reflections were appreciated and they spoke to gifts that await the adventurous at heart to unwrap.

I hope these glimpses of enchantment speak to your heart and whisper what ever you need this day.

And speaking of the adventurous at heart, for anyone interested in embarking on the next leg of your journey in expansive ways, don’t forget that you can still sign up for the new Empowerment Series of workshops during the next 10 days through February 28th.

I’m excited about these, especially as you can guess, the Transcending Duality immersion. 🙂

I also have a surprise for some of you who had messaged me last year about Reiki workshops when I simply wasn’t in the space to be able to support this on the heels of a big year of Reiki training that came out of the blue.

I’m going to be making these available beginning April 4th, 2022, but as with all things, these are taking on the energy of the new and transitioning to mirror these times.

Because I know the importance of supporting the collective shifts, even more so these days, I do still want to provide what I can as my piece in this. That said, I also need to honor my shifting path and the time I need for huge upcoming projects, and so I’m merging these two in a way that is balanced, more flexible, and organic without compromising quality.

Just as the latest offerings have turned into recorded online immersions – as with the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum monthly sessions and the latest Empowerment series of workshops – I am fully transitioning Reiki training into a recorded module series as well.

Everything these days is about empowered freedom and transformation, while providing expansive and flexible options for personal growth, ease, and flow.

You can review the Reiki details and register at this link to begin your training come 4/4/2022:

Reiki Certification Training

For the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum group, I will have your new session out to you in the next few days. Thank you for your patience!

Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for some upcoming Spring bundles and more.

Also, The Magick Rabbit Zazzle Store has a few new items, which include some cute, blank note card sets. You can hop on to check them out here:

The Magick Rabbit Zazzle Store

Thank you for being here. Your presence is so needed!

Revisiting “Kill the Buddha” & the Journey of Untethered Creating

Back in August of 2016 I wrote a blog titled “Kill the Buddha and Become” and actually reblogged it within the same month that year. The first blog shared a dream I had and what it spoke to me about. The dream and my take-away was this:

“I was carrying two things in my hand. I don’t remember what one of them was, but the other was a small sacred box. It reminded me of, and I thought at first it was, the cedar box my Nestor’s ashes are in, but it turned out to be a different sacred box, with a handle at top and I realized I was carrying the ashes of Buddha in it. Then, someone was tattooing my face, but it felt larger than it is. What they were tattooing were giant black eyebrows in the shape you see of Buddha’s and the Buddha Eyes. So I had these larger than life black tattooed eyebrows and somehow I proportionately shifted into a much larger size to wear them. I feel this is about enlightenment being to symbolically “kill” the Buddha and BECOME. In addition, what we think of reality is an impermanent illusion and when you feel you’ve arrived at some idea or “correct” version of enlightenment, “killing” that idea, detaching from it, and continuing to creatively expand into other realms of possibility may be of great growth potential. The dream reflects on a Middle Way, or other continuously evolving potential versions and realities that exist outside of duality, which has pervaded my explorations more greatly of late.”

When I reblogged it, I was prompted by an inspiration that felt tied into the dream message and these were the additional thoughts I added:

“Presence of all multi-versions, potentials, visions, realities, past, present, future, up, down, diagonal, sideways, frontways, backways, etc….is a level of consciousness we are capable of and it can become more natural the more we engage it. This is not work. This is our very birth right of ease and grace as creative energy in harmonious motion. There is a spiraling of alchemy at work that is bringing forth new life and creative works, wisdom of senses, sacred embodiment, and more on a collective scale, right now. And that comes with observing a rise of much, seeming to be in opposition to that. This is simply consciousness naturally cycling through and asking of our observation, acceptance, personal action, and flowing implementation in response to change. There are many choices within this unfolding that one can make. Where you place your energy and focus, where you fight and take opposition, simply recognize what that inevitably manifests and where it derives from as the root of your own journey towards wholeness. Decide if a continued experience of duality is your choosing, or if you believe that there are other ways that your cellular intelligence and creative capacities could be alchemizing into new realities without repeating the same one in different clothing over and over.

The reasons I felt to share these two blog posts combined here is because they not only preface what I want to share today and actually summarize it quite well, but they foreshadowed what I feel as experience right now and even what the collective unfolding has currently been evolving into, some nearly six years later, while simultaneously mirroring an echo that Dave had in nudge to all of this.

The photo above is of our newest Buddha head we have in our home. It sits atop a hidden television lift cabinet in our living room that is motorized. In this way we don’t have to have the television in sight unless we are using it – our way of supporting feng shui in our space. When you hit a remote, the top panel opens and the tv slowly emerges. We don’t have cable or regular tv stations…just things like Netflix and Amazon Prime for movies and series, so we monitor what we’re energetically intaking too.

The reason for this new Buddha is because the last three met their demise at the hand of said television cabinet.

In each incident, Dave had gone to open the television cabinet before removing the Buddha, and the Buddha took a fall down the stairs behind the cabinet, breaking into pieces. This happened three times.

Dave would replace the Buddha each time with one that was of lighter material, just in case of more accidents, and they evolved in look and size as those “accidents” materialized – this latest one just being the head of Buddha, rather than a full-bodied Buddha like the rest. This latest one also going very well with the dream I shared above. I actually told Dave I thought it best not to replace the third Buddha, but this new one showed up a week later.

On the third fall, we had a laugh about it saying Dave killed the Buddha. We spoke about presence, breaking down of old paradigms and patterns, and inner transformation at hand too, but Dave really resonated with the “Kill the Buddha,” theme and I agreed, as we both knew it as what’s called a “koan” in Zen Buddhism – (Definition of koan ~ a paradoxical anecdote or riddle used to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enlightenment.)

This reminded me that I once wrote a blog by the same title and hence you have that full circle connection.

As Barbara O’Brien of Learn Religions writes:

“If you meet the Buddha, kill him.” this famous quote is attributed to Linji Yixuan (also spelled Lin-chi I-hsuan, d. 866), one of the most prominent masters of Zen history.

Linji also once said, “‘Buddha’ means pureness of the mind whose radiance pervades the entire dharma realm.” If you are familiar with Mahayana Buddhism, you will recognize that Linji is talking about Buddha Nature, which is the fundamental nature of all beings. In Zen, it’s generally understood that “When you meet the Buddha, kill him” refers to “killing” a Buddha you perceive as separate from yourself because such a Buddha is an illusion.

However, any conceptual understanding of “killing the Buddha” is going to fall short of what Linji was saying. To conceptualize non-duality or Buddha Nature is not the same as realization. As a Zen rule of thumb, if you can grasp it intellectually, you aren’t there yet.

The last sentence of the above excerpt has been a repetitive message I’ve been receiving for a few years now, but increasingly getting louder. I’ve noticed it in my own experiences and through my observation of other’s experiences around me. Part of why I feel everyone on some level is going through another round of their own form of healing growth at this time, even if years have been spent on personal development with a ton of amazing work under the belt, is because of not having yet penetrated all of the deeper levels as fully as the intellectual realms have been mastered. These to include the emotional realms and bridging emotional and mental into actualization.

It’s far easier to grasp concepts and understanding mentally and to talk incredible dances around things, but as the quote above shares, “to conceptualize is not the same as realization.” And realization comes through actual, embodied experience.

For this reason, I personally have felt called the past years, and increasingly so now, to move deeper into my experience of the concepts I’ve come to understand and hold as beliefs and values – truly putting them to the test on a daily basis when ever situations arise for me to move through. This isn’t a complicated process. It’s simply about awareness and being conscious of how I can apply what I’ve learned in the moment.

So if I truly hold a particular personal truth to be important, then I do my best to walk the walk and have actions correspond with words, thoughts, and authentic, conscious feelings. If I don’t immediately do so, then I rewire things directly after and realign myself once I embrace being human.

But enough on that, as this is something I have shared about before. I reiterate because of the theme that was coming through and because some things I feel bear repeating, even for myself. Also, because this concept has currently played itself out in my experience at greater depth with some of the most key things I’ve been working toward and until now had been just as frustrated as likely some of you have been with it.

So now that I’ve connected some of these dots, I can now share how all of this foreshadowed what’s been evolving for me and yet this will only be a snippet, as it’s more experience than intellect.

I wasn’t sure if I would share this or how to share this, especially since we can only each go through things for ourselves. But I kept getting the nudge it was important for some reason, regardless if it’s partially or fully understood, or if no one or only one person understood it. It’s about anchoring a frequency and, therefore, here I am sharing.

Perhaps it’s simply about perspective, which is interesting this was the one photo I captured of myself in the last month, which reminds me of one of the pieces in The Enchanted Realms Collection – titled, of course, “Perspective.”

The photo of me was from a hike, two Sundays ago on the 6th, down at lower elevations in the high desert to embrace the warm, Spring-like weather we’ve been having.

The journey took me through the lava rock terrain with the sun shining on my skin and smelling the scent of wild mustangs lingering in the air, as they roam free here. It was really enlivening and also grounding for what was to come later that day.

I had this moonscape all to myself, as the Moon edged toward fullness, and enjoyed seeing Spring pop up between the rocks, as well as the moon hanging out as my companion for the day. It was a bit otherworldly.

And now here we are at the Leo Full Snow Moon, today. It just so happened to snow for the first time, Valentine’s night and a little throughout yesterday, since our December storms.

But what I’ve experienced in the two weeks leading up pointed, for me, to a pivotal shift I’ve been long working toward and that felt pretty monumental.

Everyone’s perception, experience, understanding, and take on things will be different. So I share only with intent to anchor in potential spaces for us all each to move into, relative to the individual. And I can only do that by sharing my piece…my thread…and even more key, my frequency within it all.

That evening, after the hike, I was immersed in some deep consciousness journeying. I was exploring concepts around transcending duality – something I do quite often.

But this evening it was very different. The a-ha moment took form as a key that went past simply the mental realm. I could sense a shift, but it wasn’t until the next day – Monday the 7th – that I found the door that the key belonged to and a-ha turned into ahhhh, as in a release and relief to have journeyed beyond the incessant, heightened insight.

Things went from a lightbulb switch in the brain to a full immersive embodiment.

I was sitting on two long ski lifts on the mountain by myself on a warm, sunny day. The total ride on both lifts equals about 20 minutes and it’s one of my favorite things. That day I was still moving through the opening I felt from the night before and while peacefully gliding through the tree tops, the feeling moved through my entire being. But rather than have those expansive, beyond duality experiences merely in times of dream journeying, meditation, healing or intentional practices, or a-ha moments…I walked through the doorway and became it just by being.

It was beyond describing, in how it felt, but it was both humbling and empowering. There was no me and yet everything was me. There was a new way and I was creating it.

The reason this was significant, wasn’t just because of the experience, which I’ve had to some degree at times and at some point likely many of you have had at some time or another too. Yet this was different because I had finally gotten past the threshold of not knowing how to create the transcendent, beyond duality, next phase, but felt in every way I did know how and was moving into it without hitting a wall. There was a green light and all systems go. I knew without doubt what was possible and it was/is exciting to be on the precipice of something so fresh that I, as the Universe, am creating and experiencing for the very first moment ever.

Not everyone may be on the journey I am explaining, at this moment, as we each have different roles, timelines, and things we’re experiencing and bringing to the playground, but this is mine. And as mine, it is yours. And as yours it is mine.

In lak’ech ~ I am another yourself, you are another myself

It’s about transcending duality and yet being able to simultaneously hold all of the experiences of duality in stillness and a kind of quiet joy. It’s been about creating something that integrates and yet goes beyond. And that is something we have no blueprint for, as we’re creating it in the moment.

Until now, I’ve had ebbs and flows of frustration and release, as if I kept turning the door knob vigorously, but my key was never fitting. Then I’d pump myself back up and try again.

But on that Monday, the key fit and the door opened. And although I cannot explain exactly what I’ve experienced, nor what the next thing looks like, the difference is that I now know beyond doubt it is possible, I’ve tasted it, and I understand on deeper levels how to continue creating each step.

That may not sound like anything, but it was monumental in terms of what came through me on that ski lift, throughout my time gliding down the slopes, and has traveled with me since. Beyond words and truly beyond my needing to explain.

The reason I feel called to share what I have is because I know others are experiencing this too and because I know it means we’re collectively doing it…what the Universe, as us, hasn’t yet…we’re all doing it together…creating a new transformational cycle of consciousness, not just on Earth, but beyond.

Interestingly, near the end of last week I started to feel an energetic intensity rising. Even though I had this huge expanse come to reside within me permanently, there was the sense that this kind of transformation brought with it an integration process. And that included a kind of detoxing recalibration, as well as a deep dive into duality in order to utilize the alchemy I had accessed. I sense this will be an unfolding journey whose length is determined solely by my capacity at any given time to integrate.

Synchronously, I learned that at the same time of the week, there were geomagnetic storms that sent powerful eruptions of solar flares at the Earth. These bring an influx of new, high frequency light into the energy field of the collective consciousness that needs to be integrated into the physical body. Some people will be more sensitive to this actually happening.

Compounded with what I was moving through energetically and the solar flares, by Friday the 11th I was feeling the intensity rising and pulsing in my brain like things were being rewired. It lasted the whole day and through a Zoom session I do monthly with a sacred circle, was intensifying with our discussions until another breakthrough moment took place. This uncannily was activated after talking about Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, and I stated something along the lines of, “one can create massive impact and change simply by their presence and pure frequency of being.”

Immediately following, the intensity in my brain was released and I returned to flowing back toward the embodiment that had anchored on the mountain.

And once again, I found myself full circle with my Buddha dream, “killing the Buddha,” and just becoming theme, which had taken full-body residence in my experience beginning that Monday.

I continue to observe themes of endings and closures happening left and right on all levels for everyone. I continue to observe the dramatic contrasts around the world unfolding. And yet, now more than ever, I experience being untethered and the stillness of being and creating.

To all the frequency holders and architects of the new, thank you for all that you are contributing from the embodiment of your creative hearts.

A Little Ask Astrid Fridays & Registration Reminder

It’s been a while since we’ve shared an official “Ask Astrid Fridays Post from The Rabbit’s Corner,” but she’s always a part of cocreating and helping to channel everything I do write about, nonetheless.

That said, she wanted to pop on briefly to send everyone some love and support. She’s been busy with me, working behind the scenes stuff, as these days there’s a lot of processing and digesting of things going on there. Not to mention, we’ve been getting a head start on pre-Spring cleaning, redecorating, and completion of projects and to-do list stuff. We’re also prepping to get seeds started and planning out what needs to be done once the snow melts, as the yard and garden are quite the mess after the huge snow storms that hit in December. We even lost some of our enchanted items, but we feel it’s all part of the changes in motion.

It feels so good to be almost done! And Astrid is super excited for what comes next when we are! But then, so am I.

Some of this short message I shared on IG recently from Astrid, but she felt that it would be supportive to share again here, as we’ve both sensed so much transitioning energy going on.

Integration for embodiment and creation is in motion on micro and macro levels and while you are integrating, it’s supportive to keep those spidey senses on high to pick up any nuances that might create course corrections for greater alignment.

Astrid is so good at this with those incredible antennae ears and I’ve been doing the same in all areas of life that I am navigating through – really paying attention to the vibrations I pick up and truly making choices only on a day-to-day and moment-to-moment basis with no absolutes.

With all the over-stimulation these days from seen and unseen sources we’re needing to handle, including the vibrations coming at us, it’s no wonder we can easily feel depleted and exhausted. You might even feel confused or debilitated. It continues to be important to keep yourself nurtured, well cared for on all levels, rested, and checking in so you can release that which is not yours and maintain your highest possible frequency, moment to moment.

Pay attention to how you’re spending your time, where your focus is, what thoughts keep running circles in your mind, and if those things serve you best. It’s enough that there’s so much coming at us without our knowing always.

Shake it out and set a new course.

I’ve been doing extra energetic thrusts these days, just totally wriggling my body in fast releasing motions and it feels SO good when I do. There’s a lot of energy running through these days, and both Astrid and I have been reviewing a lot of old stuff in order to make sure we’re getting it up and out as fully as possible.

Astrid shares that it wouldn’t hurt to do your own version of bunny binkies when ever you feel stuff build up. It doesn’t just have to be the challenging and intense stuff, but also just those bursts of joy and good stuff!

We’ll likely be sharing more next week about some of the shifts we’ve been experiencing, but for now we’re both mostly just showing up and creating space for each of you, as reminder and supportive nudge that you’re not alone and you’re doing great. We can feel how much you’re all doing your best and how much you all truly are wanting to move into that next phase of your journeys.

And you can, and you will.

And lastly, a reminder that today, February 11th, is the last day to receive the $99 discount if you felt called to register for the full three part series of online workshops coming in March. You can, of course, still register for one, two, or all three of them through the end of the month – the last official day is February 28th.

This is a list and basic description of each, which you can also find at the link below. All created to support raising the frequency of your vibration:

Everyday Reiki ~ Integrating your skills naturally for daily empowerment: Many people have often asked me how I integrate Reiki into my daily life and all the ways I make it naturally part of my experience. In this workshop I will provide actual application examples to assist you in making Reiki a consistent, valuable, easy, quick, and more natural part of your life too and all the amazing ways you can be a cocreator in your experience that you may not even think about. I will also discuss more complex ways to use Reiki, important aspects of intention work, things to be aware of that may be getting in your way, introduce you to higher dimensional healers you can invite into your work, some Cosmic insights, and more.

The Magick of Sound ~ An intuitive approach to integrating ancient voice for fuller embodiment: We will explore the power of sound healing, learn about and tap into your inner oracle, discover your ancient voice to release wounds around the throat chakra, channel sound lineages, connecting breath, body and heart to be a vessel for your essence, bridge body and spirit, connect with Cosmic codes, and more.

Transcending Duality ~ Exploring boundless potentials as we create a new reality: Expansive discussion to help move you into a more transcendent state that assists you to be in this world, but not of it, move in and out of duality, but have an anchor to suspend attachment to either, be able to more consistently view and experience things from a place of integrative harmony, begin to explore the dynamics playing out from a different perspective, challenge you to expand your consciousness and the way you relate to the experience of life, some of the key things needed to create the new, and more.

Empowerment Series

And if you’re looking for upcoming Spring and Easter gifts, we still have some read-to-ship items available at the following link. But you can place an order at any time at The Magick Rabbit Zazzle Store link found at this page too:

The Enchanted Realms Collection

Sending faery wiggles and bunny binkies to your heart!

I Couldn’t Be More Grateful For A Brother Like You

This day got away from me, but I didn’t want it to pass without honoring my brother and our relationship I cherish.

We’ve been through a LOT together, and individually, and he will always be an integral and key figure in my life for some of the major points of evolution I’ve gone through.

There are too many stories to share, and wild things we’ve experienced together, but he’s always been my powerful shadow, reminding me, testing me, supporting me, and forever being my constant, never-grow-up partner in silly.

Many don’t know, but some of my most important art portals I painted, embody some of his and my past lives, in order to code a healing connected to integral, collective unfoldings.

I don’t know of anyone more committed and determined to be himself and stay the course of what he holds to be authentic and true to the frequency he knows he came to anchor.

Today is my older brother’s birthday – he turned 52. We are three years apart and there are times we both switch roles in being the older and younger sibling, depending on what we’re sharing and supporting each other with.

We’re both odd creatures, unique in our own ways, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

But regardless of any of that, we have stuck with each other through the ages and I’m grateful we found each other again to put closure to all we set out to do.

Alongside it being his birthday today, this day was truly a pivotal shift point. I feel this weekend really tipped the scales and energy moved and released hugely. I may share more about this, but for now it felt like a nice synchronicity to have such amazing energy felt on my brother’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Eric! (I’ll spare you all the crazy nicknames I call him and vice versa). 😉

Rabbits On My Mind, Transformation In Motion & New Store Now Open

February is “Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month,” to bring focus to rabbits living in shelters awaiting a forever home, which is such a sweet sync wink for me since it’s also my and Nestor’s birthday month.

In fact, I had a potent rabbit dream very early morning of Nestor’s birthday on the 1st of February that held a lot of symbolism woven through it. It featured Astrid in the first part and then Astrid and another rabbit in the last part.

The other rabbit was a black, velvety, Rex male rabbit with dark eyes – very handsome, regal in stature, and embodying shadow essence. The dream was both disturbing and alchemically powerful, but had a complexity of layers to it that spanned several depths of experience. At one point Astrid turned into a white rabbit.

Side note: Although, I don’t talk a lot about my very first rabbit when I was 12 years old, he was in fact white. His name was Twinkie, pictured below. So, I have had the honor of five (my favorite number and one of the messaging systems the rabbits use in communicating to me with repetitive 5’s) soul companions in rabbit bodies.

Without going into detail, I will say that the black, Rex male rabbit immediately reminded me of The Black Rabbit of Inlé from Watership Down – messenger and servant to Lord Frith (god figure/Sun in rabbit folklore said to have created the world), death personified, and as Wikipedia describes him:

“Known as Inlé-rah (“Prince/Chief of the Moon” or “Prince/Chief of the Dead”) to his ghostly Owsla, he is a sombre phantom servant of the god Frith who appears in rabbit folklore as a kind of analogue to the grim reaper. His duty is to ensure all rabbits die at their predestined time, and he avenges any rabbit killed without his consent. Inlé is the Lapine term for the moon/moonrise, as well as the word for the Land of the Dead”

I get chills thinking about it all and this sense of big transformation in motion with what’s about to take place in the micro and macro worlds.

Of all my rabbit companions Astrid is most similar to Nestor, although they all commune tightly, with Nestor as kind of the guiding force threading them all together. Astrid and Nestor’s similarities make me feel like sometimes they cross in spirit.

I also remember not long after I brought Joy home that she actually went into a fully surrendered state in my arms to the point I thought she was dead, and allowed Nestor to come into her body for me to feel and know Nestor’s presence was still with me. I recall this took place as I was sitting in my solarium overlooking Lake Tahoe, under the stars, and tears rushing down my face as I felt Nestor fully inhabit her body.

Joy was the rabbit Nestor led me to, after she transitioned, who helped me through the traumatic and devastating loss. Nestor chose Joy for me because Joy was so versed in telepathy, dream journeying, the ability to be a channel, and see other dimensions, amongst other gifts. It was her telepathic skills that enabled her to message me to come adopt her in the first place. Joy looked up to Nestor tremendously and had learned much from her that she also helped pass along to Cosmo, including Reiki Master training.

Oh, the stories I have about these soul companions who once inhabited rabbit bodies – most of which no one would ever believe. I know them all as masterful souls who just so happened to choose rabbit bodies this go around, because it’s closest to their nature and also in order to be with me as they are.

It’s no wonder I’ve also been busy redecorating our rabbit-themed Wonderland here during this time period, which is being directed by my rabbit companions themselves, and have heard from others how rabbits have been showing up a lot, at interesting times, but also in quite magickal ways.

All that to say that I’ve been experiencing a lot of rabbit energy, signs, and messengers coming through MORE than usual, which says A LOT. I have rabbits on my mind, and of course in my heart.

There’s been a feeling of something extra stirring with all of this.

And I’ve felt increasingly different through it all.

There’s a dichotomy of feeling more familiar and foreign to myself, at once and another round of life review and major time periods of healing and shifts that took place in my life that I’m viewing as confirmation of what’s playing out collectively now.

And interestingly, I’ve also felt more in this world, but not of it than I have before – observing things like an inquisitive visitor, reviewing things like a well-prepped researcher, experiencing things like a new-born inventor, and reporting back like a pilgrim of the Cosmos.

But all the while, as Dave has told others recently in conversation, I “bounce around like a pixie with a lot of energy to move in spontaneous ways,” and he’s in awe of “how someone could be so joyful and sing and dance around the from the moment she wakes.”

The rabbits have taught me well, as I really am SO much part rabbit.

I love the explanation of the varying aspects of rabbit behavior from My House Rabbit, all of which I relate to including:

“People unfamiliar to pet rabbits may not know that bunnies have a very dramatic way of expressing excitement and joy. They dance! Leaping in the air, contorting and twisting their bodies, and kicking their feet out, binkying rabbits are quite the spectacle. Sometimes rabbits lead up to a binky by taking a running start. Other times, a binky is a sudden burst to the side. What’s really fun is when the binkies occur in succession, creating a grand acrobatic display. I’ll submit that anyone who thinks rabbits are dull has not seen a bunny in the act of binkying.”

Although we (rabbits and me) are “relatively quiet creatures,” we both have unique ways of communicating. 😉

And that includes communication through creations, which leads me to what’s been going on behind the scenes as rabbit energy has been on extra high.

As I shared in a recent post hinting at what was upcoming, The Enchanted Realms Collection – much of which features rabbits – manifested into the form of new creations I was able to have made in the image of the originals.

This was such a well-received, magickal collection and because it’s often so bitter sweet seeing off my channelings, even though I’m so happy they go to loving homes I know they’re meant to be in, I was really pleased to be able to recreate them in sweet little ways I, and others, could also still enjoy them too. So, yes, I love them so much that I created some of these new items for myself. 🙂

These include year-round ceramic ornament shapes, a couple of keychain style options, acrylic coaster sets with holders, 100% cotton tote bags, and a golden oak with ceramic tile top and velvety lined keepsake box – all under $40.

There is a new page on this site where you can find the collection and two options for bringing home anyone that calls to your heart. Here is the link:

The Enchanted Realms Collection

The bottom of that page has ready-to-ship items that I printed to test, which can be packaged off to you right away. I’ll do my best to keep it updated with what’s available or sold, but unfortunately I have to do that manually and may not always have access to my computer. I apologize if a duplicate order happens and of course will reimburse anyone if necessary.

You can read more details at the link.

You can also go direct to our Zazzle Store here where you’ll find two extra items with another image option I didn’t have time to order for ready-to-ship:


The ready-to-ship items I have are only available for sending within the U.S.

The items at our Zazzle Store link are available for international shipping.

In any event, we (me and the rabbit collective) hope you enjoy these creations from our hearts. While simple, like anything we create, it’s always infused with much more and you can discover that meaning for yourself, each time you peer into these mini portals of transformation.

Would love to hear from anyone who also may have “rabbits on the mind” or are experiencing extra appearances or messages from these magickal creatures.

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